Glenn Beck Trucking Supplies to Border for Illegal Immigrants, Surprising People Who Base Their Opinions on Stereotypes


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The influx of unaccompanied children crossing the border illegally and surrendering themselves to border patrol agents—more than 50,000 have reportedly crossed since October, three times the number in 2011—has turned the border into a political lightning rod.

Migration to America, illegal or otherwise, is relatively constant. During the recession, as job opportunities decreased so did immigration. In the meantime President Obama ramped up deportations. Before redeploying Department of Homeland Security (DHS) assets closer to the border, border patrolling involved document checkpoints as far as a hundred miles from the border. Since his re-election, the president's made a half-hearted attempt to negotiate immigration reform with Congress. The process was loaded with giveaways to build legislative support but ultimately died anyway, just as the process eight years ago during the tail end of the Bush administration died too, that time with the help of then-Senator Obama.

Reports indicate the increase in children crossing the border, many coming from Central America, has to do with rumors there that unaccompanied minors that make it across the border can stay—the legal process to remove them often takes years but it does not look like the law is being changed anytime soon to allow them to stay. Nevertheless, the security and economic situation in Central America is getting progressively worse—in part thanks to the U.S.'s aggressive war on drug policies as well as a hundred and fifty years of off-again on-again intervention in the region.

The influx has attracted pro- and anti-immigration protesters in Murietta, California, where the feds have been busing the children for detention and processing. President Obama has used it as cover to ask for $3 billion in funding, even though what's happening is something the Department of Homeland Security ought to be able to manage given the funding and resources they already have. Jesse Jackson wants to use the fact that the president is looking for that kind of money to argue Obama should be spending that kind of money on Chicago too (because Chicago has a crime problem). Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, formerly President Obama's chief of staff, joined in. Unlike Jackson he won't blame Obama but did blame Congress for not spending money on Chicago (seriously).

In the midst of this all comes Glenn Beck and his plan to send truckloads of water, food, clothing, and toys to the children at the border who "through no fault of their own are caught in political crossfire." The conservative television host insists people have to keep putting pressure on DC to stop the "lawlessness" at the border but that his viewers should also help. "We have to be active in the political game and we must open our hearts," he said. It shouldn't be that surprising that faced with the suffering of humans a human would act, well, human.

Yet President Obama refused to go to the border to see the problem for himself—calling it a photo opportunity, as if he's never taken advantage of one—and Beck appears to be the only prominent figure, left or right, interested enough in the crisis at the border to do something himself and not just use it as a political opportunity to push for his preferred policy solutions. It shouldn't surprise anyone who's paid attention to Beck over the years. Conservatives concerned about illegal immigration aren't all frothing-at-the-mouth nationalists like the ones who showed up in Murietta. Beck's heart comment in fact mirrors Jeb Bush's recent comments on why Republicans need to soften up on illegal immigration—actual people are involved in the problem and a political stance based on "them's the breaks" isn't a winner at the polls nor a foundation for sound policy. Supporting limited government means supporting government policies that allow humans to flourish. Demanding tougher immigration rules and that the government hunt down and forcibly remove people who took the risk and made the sacrifices necessary to cross the border illegally—a misdemeanor—and try to start a new life here has nothing to do with limited government.

Meanwhile at Breitbart John Nolte argues that Glenn Beck is wrong, his acts of charity could be exploited by drug smugglers and that because the children face a risk of sexual assault during their trek the compassionate thing to do would be "to ensure you're not doing anything that might encourage more parents to send their unaccompanied children." Given what Obama's policies have done to this economy in the last six years, and what Bush did before him, that there's still an interest in migrating to the U.S., illegally or otherwise, speaks volume to how much freer and wealthier we are than most of the rest of the world. As long as this is the land of opportunity and the home of the free, people seeking opportunity and freedom will keep wanting to come here. The compassionat act is to allow them.

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  1. I am sure Soros, Steyer and the rest of the Left Wing Compassion Brigade will follow suit!

    1. Yes, they will lobby the president to put out an executive order that spends billions of other peoples money to create a unionized bureaucracy that will distribute toys, food and blankets to the unfortunate children.

      Maybe they will even bring in UN peacekeepers to molest, I mean, protect them.

      1. “Yes, they will lobby the president to put out an executive order that spends billions of other peoples money to create a unionized bureaucracy that will distribute toys, food and blankets to the unfortunate children.”

        And sign an executive order making any “private” donations illegal of course. Because how can you trust private citizens to provide the appropriate quality of supplies. They could be donating ‘used’ clothing, or worse.

        1. Who inspected Beck’s food? It might be tainted.

    2. The left does not do charity.

      Left wing charity is government taking the wallets of people they don’t like and giving it to Democrat fundraisers and voters.

    3. That’s damn funny.

    4. What is the fucking Swiss Red Cross going to do?

  2. See, you are all just a bunch of Glenn Beck listening wingnuts /shrike

    1. Maybe we should all move to Glenbeckistan, they don’t have roadz there.

      1. Or schoolz or hospitalz. Don’t forget about those.

  3. I don’t care much for his radio show (I think the format of him and two buddies hanging out and yukking it up so to speak to not be my cup of tea), but you’d have to be pretty partisan or unfamiliar with it to conclude he’s this mean spirited fellow.

    1. I like More-On Trivia, but that’s about it.

    2. Ya. I do actually like the format. But I can see how it isn’t for everybody.

      And he is wrong about stuff all the time.

      But the statist-quo media depiction of him as Rush-Limbaugh squared with a side order of neo-nazi is ridiculous.

      1. Itonically, while I think he might be less of a nice guy, I like Rush’s show (probably the format though)

        1. Rush is entertaining and pretty funny but Michael Savage comes on afterwords and words cannot describe how much I detest him.

          1. I don’t care for him as well

            1. his troll routine is so tiresome and he never lets his guests get a word in and when they do he immediately attacks there patriotism and this happens on literally every issue. Also just looked him up and found out he is 5’4″ which is hilarious.

              1. Two things:

                1) Glen Beck using charity to try and do something “compassionate” even while trying to force a different political change … the horror Breitbrart, the horror. Everyone knows the Tea Party is full of racist so the supplies probably have pox in the blankets ….

                2) Mark Levin, smart guy, loathe his radio show. The manner in which that guy talks is why we can’t have dialogue in this country.

          2. I used to listen to Savage several years ago, then the radio station dropped him. Stumbled across him recently and thought to myself “What was I thinking?”

            1. Give a listen to Michael Berry. He’s on 940 AM out of Houston or on iHeart radio.

              Listen more than one day though because he doesn’t do politics every day.

              I have listened to him grow from a REPUBLICAN to very Libertarian ish over time.

            2. I listened to him once. I had always wondered what the left wing meant when they talked about “hate radio”. When I listened to Savage I instantly understood. He’s not a crypto-racist, he’s a full on racist who is not at all embarrassed waving his racist erection around on radio.

          3. Savage is the right wing Robert Reich.

            1. I have listened to Savage exactly once. He was railing against women wearing thong underwear. Clearly a mental illness.

              1. He is just the bearded Spock image of the stuffy prog – he just comes at liberties, phaser drawn, from the other angle.

              2. This bastard must be stopped!

              3. He’s a damn idiot.

              4. I’m opposed to women wearing any underwear.

                1. You, I’d vote for.

            1. They had him on round here for a while. I did enjoy his show. A lot. And who was his sub when he was hospitalized? Mad Murdoch from the A-Team? He was good as well. Then the station went to sports. Fuckers.

            2. I like him in part because he’s big on distinctions and how words mean things. Like the difference between react and respond, or between banning gay marriage and not recognizing it.
              Yeah, that was a good show.

              1. I still get him at 4PM.

                Meeester Garibaldi.

                He’s not quite what I’d call a “principled” libertarian, but we’d be far better off if there were more like him.

            3. Meeeeeester Garibaldi!

              1. Crap. Refresh, then post.

          4. ?.and words cannot describe how much I detest him.

            Yes they can?.you just have to let yourself get into it!

            The words will flow!

        2. Rush seems like a nice guy. The fact that he played himself on Family Guy means at the very least he’s got a decent sense of humor and doesn’t take himself super cereal

        3. I liked Rush back when he was making fun of president Clinton. Now he sounds too bitter all the time. If I want bitterness I can just watch MSNBC for 5 seconds and generate all I need on my own.

    3. Beck is obviously exploiting these unfortunate children, and if they don’t refuse his offerings in disgust the border patrol internment personnel should refuse it on their behalves.

      1. Exploiting the unfortunates instead of simply being charitable? You know that, umm, how?

        1. Only liberals are charitable and goodhearted, Homple. When conservatives give money or volunteer time, it’s to disguise their hatred for the poor and the immigrants and the poor immigrants.

          1. No, no, no. It’s because 5 old, catholic, white guys who run Exxon pay them. Sheesh, did we forget our pledge to derp AGAIN?!

        2. It’s obvious that he’s screening these young refugees to determine their monocle polishing skills. It’s the only logical explanation.

    4. I know. Civilized conversation and discourse, where is the fun in that? Bring back people shouting talking points and sound bytes at each other. Maybe an explosion or two.

    5. Does Beck still fancy himself a libertarian?

      I rolled my eyes slightly at first and remained on the skeptical side, but if he is displaying some consistency with it, I can start to respect him. This little move is worth some kudos to that effect.

  4. I’m less worried about what Beck is doing than what the govt will do. I accept Beck’s actions as driven by human compassion and it’s not like he’s forcing me at gunpoint to fund the effort. No doubt a lot folks will find fault simply because it’s Beck and they don’t like him, but it’s a bit ironic that the usual left-wing telethon crowd is silent and crazy old far right-wing Glenn is moving.

  5. Kudos to Beck. I don’t like him as an entertainer/whatever he does but he is a nice man.

    Nolte OTOH is a mongoloid who likes to write really dumb stuff about Hollywood and movies and ‘culture stuff’ that is so inept and bad he was clearly a perfect fit for Breittard.

  6. Meanwhile at Breitbart John Nolte argues that Glenn Beck is wrong, his acts of charity could be exploited by drug smugglers

    Let me set you straight on that, Mr. Nolte. It is not Glenn Beck who is wrong, it is the US government, who created the WOD. If not for that, there wouldn’t be any drug smugglers, and we wouldn’t be having that discussion.

    1. Yes, the war on drugs transformed Central America from the peaceful and prosperous Shangri-La it was to the poverty stricken violence-ridden dysfunctional region it is today.

      1. Provide proof that Central America would not be a far better place today without the WOD – or STFU.

      2. It may not have been great before, but that doesn’t mean we had to make it worse.

      3. did you even bother to hit the link??

      4. The United States has a long history of going to foreign places that are pretty awful and transforming them into places that are total shitholes.

        1. Because … freedom and ‘M’urica

  7. So, look at Beck here, he’s (trying to) growing a goatee.

    Look at this, Welch, if you would have listened to me and grew some facial hair, you would be starring in Atlas Shrugged Part 3 with Ron Paul, instead of Beck. But they only had room for one baby face, and looks like Hannity got that spot, I haz a sad.

  8. Beck’s heart is in the right place, but I’m wondering if his brain shouldn’t have chimed in and reminded him that You get more of what you reward . . . .”

    Nothing will stop this except convincing people in Central America that the risks outweight the rewards. Now, maybe you don’t want it stopped, but if you do, this is going in the wrong direction.

    1. Not sure who all agrees with me on this, but I don’t care who comes here as long as we don’t start giving them long term free shit. At that point, I’m opposed.

      But these are children, and someone has to take care of them. If that’s private families, then ok with me. If it’s the government, I’m very opposed to it.

      The sad thing about this, is that this administration has directly or indirectly caused this, or both.

      The administration said that it is happening because of violence by drug lords in the Latin American countries. Well, then it’s indirectly the fault of this administration for continuing the drug war.

      The administration was putting out all sorts of propaganda about Dream Acts and administrative action to prevent deportations. In that case, they are directly causing it.

      In both cases, now they refuse to even try to deal with it.

      1. Well, they are getting long term free shit (be definition, if they are unaccompanied minors), and the government is taking care of these people (in holding facilities and foster homes).

        So I’m guessing you are opposed to this wave of immigration, and don’t want it facilitated and encouraged?

        1. So I’m guessing you are opposed to this wave of immigration, and don’t want it facilitated and encouraged?

          That’s correct.

        2. I would rather have them getting free shit from private charity like Beck than from the government.

      2. I’d prefer some vaccinations and TB screening too.

        1. That would contaminate their precious bodily fluids.

      3. I don’t think you should be blaming this administration for violence done by drug lords. It isn’t like they armed them or did anything stupid like that. It’s not like they took guns off the streets of America and sold them to drug cartels in Mexico. Because that would be idiotic.

      4. The free shit doesn’t bother me nearly as much as their proclivity to vote for even more free shit and higher taxation when they do vote. We’ve got enough of that already. Remove their(our) ability to open endedly steal my money through the government and open the flood gates.

    2. Nope. He’s just feeding poor people. This isn’t political.

    3. These aren’t immigrants, they are refugees. Child refugees.

      The situation in Central America is so bad it would be near impossible to remove the “reward” of crossing the border. The reward they are most concerned about is not getting shot at.

      These kids should be a separate conversation from adult illegal immigrants.

  9. Of course Ed had to shoehorn some BLAME AMERICA into an article about immigration. As if intervention held back Europe or the Central American countries couldn’t say not to the WOD.

    1. You think corrupt Central American leaders are going to say no to big old sacks of dollars showing up on their door steps?

      1. No, but they should. That’s the part where their own agency comes into play. America isn’t an imperial power; it’s not forcing the WOD on any other country.

        1. Not a good excuse for what we’re doing.

        2. What part of ‘corrupt’ do you not understand?

          1. Being corrupt is part of their agency and their responsibility. Our responsibility is enabling their innate corruption for such bad ends as the WOD.

            See? You can blame foreigners for doing bad things without letting the US off the hook.

            1. This can’t be said enough: Fuck Harry Anslinger. Despicable piece of racist shit.

              1. Agreed. One of the most evil people of the 20th century. And there was plenty of competition.

        3. But it is. If a cartel refused to play ball we would suddenly have a successful offensive against them and soon a new regime would pop up in its place. Sense we can’t have a very profitable WOD without an enemy those enemies must be preserved and if at all possible empowered.

          Keeps the drug prices up, keeps crime rates up which keeps the police funded, prisons built and staffed, politic greased and middlemen everywhere employed.

          Allowing foreign drug cartels to collapse is unamerican and bad for the economy. They must be protected. Too big to fail.

      2. Perhaps corruption of the Central American leaders is part of the problem. I don’t think they ought to get a pass just because they’re corrupt.

  10. Y’know, regardless of where you fall on immigration you have to be a real piece of shit to heap abuse on these kids for our bad policy and their parents’ decisions. Bravo to Beck for not letting his politics get in the way of what is right, though I hope people don’t take the wrong idea (that citizens should be made to be on the hook for however many unaccompanied minors make it through our borders).

    1. I don’t think they should be abused.

      I think they should be housed and fed for the few weeks it takes to send them back.

      Instead, they are getting placed in American homes indefinitely. I’m wondering what will happen when they start aging out of foster care and become adults. I have a feeling that they will win the big prize on that day, and get a green card.

      1. So how do we know where to send them, and how do we get them there. What if they arrive where we think they should be and nobody claims them?

        This deserves more thought than it seems to be getting.

        1. Regan already had a plan for this called REX84 why our current admin isn’t using the hundreds of camps all over the southwest that were built and designed for this exact thing is beyond me unless they weren’t built for the illegals like they previously stated

      2. I agree, but I don’t think a temporary outpouring of voluntary charity while this mess gets sorted out is in any way inappropriate.

  11. Shrike’s favorite “libertarian”, Bill Maher, is very upset that there is a Republican who does care about Mexicans.

    1. To steal one of the regular’s words: Principals over Principles. All day, everyday.

  12. “…a political stance based on “them’s the breaks” isn’t a winner at the polls nor a foundation for sound policy.”

    Isn’t “them’s the breaks” a key ingredient of libertarianism?

    1. Hence why we win so many elections.

      1. And why our policy is on such a sound footing? =)

  13. Beck is an overpaid, utter bore. The man’s face looks like “silly clay” which can be molded to fit whatever political mood he might be in. Don’t forget that the man is also a Mormon Saint, and is earning brownie points with the General Authorities and the President of his church, as well as grooming himself for some future office as the “Apostle to The Illegal Immigrants”. A career politician and opportunist of the first water if ever I saw one. I wonder if this man has ever thought to send a few truckloads of food and water to some poor kids in our country.

    1. So the many does a good thing and all you can do is question his intentions and demand yet moar!

      Perfect proggy.

      1. He’s just getting all his talking points lined up for the Two-Minutes Hate.

        1. Rhywun

          That’s it. Anyone who does not love illegal immigrants is a hate monger.

          Perfect bullshit.

          Shove it up your ass.

          1. You’re quite unpleasant, aren’t you? Now I remember why I blocked you in reasonable.

            1. Rhywun,

              Yes indeed! I am very “unpleasant” to those (such as yourself) who bad mouth me because I have opinions different than they do. You call me a hate monger by inference because I believe illegal immigration is wrong. Now you know what to expect from me. If you want to make a counter argument to my post, that’s fine. Otherwise, expect the worst from me every time you bad mouth me. Got the message? Have a nice evening fuck cake.

              1. Listen cunt, I don’t care if you had a bad day, your slut wife is fucking another dude, or your cunt daughter called you a faggot. Why is it that every fucking comment that you post has to either be shit talking or otherwise being a useless motherfucker? Where did Rhywun call you a hate monger?

                Also is this your worst, little boy? Fuck, what a joke.

                1. Hi There Enigma Asshole.

                  Go kill yourself. That’s so I can mark your file DSAF – Did Society A Favor.

                  Question: Are you an abortion who lived?

                  Bottom line: You don’t like my opinions (original post this article) so you slam me without even posting any original opinions of your own.

                  You are the joke, fuck cake.

                  1. Mandalay, go back to fucking 8 year old boys you shit stain. Your opinion is retarded and bullshit and boils down to an insult, and when someone calls you on it, you start your bullshit like the cunt you are. Your complaining about how Beck raves about legal americans that disagree with him, and then how he helps illegals. I’m sorry fag, but maybe most of those legal americans don’t need help, aren’t hundreds if not thousands of miles away from their families, and being held in detention facilities for processing. Also, the legal americans have plenty of avenues to get help, these children don’t.

                    Bottom line: You’re looking for something to complain about since the person who’s doing this happens to be your ideological enemy.

                    “Are you an abortion who lived?”

                    No, I’m the guy who fucked your wife and gave you your first born. You’re welcome.

                    Now take your cake and fuck it, bitch.

                    1. Enigma, this Rtmandalay dude is a complete racist. I posted that I left an oppressive state and posed the question of whether I had an obligation to go back and change it. RTM went on a rant about how Hispanics feel entitled yabadabado. Never occurred to him that I’m white and the oppressive country I was talking about was the US.

                    2. straffinrun (classical piece of dung that you are)

                      Anyone who disagrees with you is a racist. Your rebuttal is typical of the undereducated slobs who post on this site. If you think the U.S. is “oppressive,” you and those of your ilk really do need to stay out of it. Have a nice day, you fucking moron.

                    3. You assumed I was Hispanic based on my views and not on any logical basis. You got busted and are lashing out. Pathetic.

                    4. Enigma,

                      Calm down and take your medications. By the way, how are things down in your Redneck Trailer Court? Your posts are just great.

                    5. Mandalay,

                      “Calm down”

                      Not even frowning. This has been more entertaining for me than you. I’m also not the one who started cursing out posters.

                      “… down in your Redneck Trailer Court?”

                      Don’t know, not a redneck, nor do I own a trailer.

                      “Your post are just great.”

                      I know, much better quality than yours.

        1. Fuck you.

          1. This is the 1st most intelligent comment I’ve ever seen Mandalay post here.

            Stick with those monosyllabic words and 2 word sentences. You’re almost coherent that way.

            1. PM,

              Eat Shit. How is that for a two word sentence, you worthless piece of shit.

              1. It was good until you screwed it up by turning it into which technically should be a paragraph since you cannot end a question with a statement and thus formed 3 sentences making a paragraph even though you used an inappropriately placed comma to make it 2 sentences.
                here is an example of how your 2 word statement should have looked
                “Eat Shit.”

      2. Franciso,

        Eat Shit!

        1. So, it was wrong for Beck to send food to kids, is that what you are saying?

          1. Francisco,

            NO! However, the man is two faced. He rants and raves about those LEGAL Americans who don’t share his fucking opinions, and then he ups and does a humanitarian for a bunch of ILLEGALS who don’t even know what the fuck he believes in. What a hypocrite the man is. Fuck him and his agenda.

            1. “Fuck him and his agenda.”

              Agenda? He’s a capitalist free market hero. There is a BIG market for BS among the idiots that populate the right in the USA….that’s his market. He can’t lose.

              The market is big enough for him, rushbo, bill O and hundreds of other hate mongers.

              What don’t you like about the free market and free speech? This guy should be made into a statue for capitalism…..not only does he relieve idiots of their money and time, but he also sells them freeze dried survival foods and Gold.

              This man IS a saint of the right….and as far as the church, they pray to money so he’s also a saint there.

              1. craiginmass,

                And your point is? Looks like you need to go back to school and concentrate on English Composition. You need a tutor for the remedial course in that subject. Quit rambling. Have a nice day, you ignorant ass hole.

        2. What a doosy for OTRTM’s last post evar !!!

          1. Have a nice evening Fuck Face.

        3. This is the 2nd most intelligent comment I’ve ever seen Mandalay post here.

          1. PM,

            Glad you enjoyed it, Anal Breath. Have a nice evening, fool.

    2. Remind me how many vacations Barry has foregone to help the border crisis. Remind me what solutions he’s come up with other than spend more tax dollars.

    3. I wonder if this man has ever thought to send a few truckloads of food and water to some poor kids in our country.

      Wonder no more! The answer is yes.

      1. You must be a fan of Beck. Nice to know he supports illegal immigrants who don’t know what the fuck he believes, while he blasts legal Americans who know what his bullshit political agenda really. The man is a career political opportunist. If his ego gets any bigger he will inflate and fly away into space. That would be nice, because then we would not hear from him again.

  14. What is Mexico doing to help its Latino Brothers and Sisters? One would think that at least the drug cartels down there would do something “humanitarian” even it was to use these kids as drug couriers. Let’s see a little of that Mexican hospitality extended to these Central American waifs.

    1. Last post ?

      1. JPyrate,

        Dream on, dick wad.

        1. Needs more ASSCHUNK IMO. =)

          1. JPyrate,

            You should know a lot about Ass Chunks, since you are one.

    2. Good question, OTRTM. Think of the billions of dollars the US has given down through the decades, and the pols in Mexico City couldn’t at least them give these people crossing the border some food and water? The drug cartels could do the same. Oh wait…maybe the cartels are the government south of the border. Be that as it may, both have money to at least give these kids something to eat and drink as they invade our once great republic. But I guess that would be too much to ask.

      1. It is certainly non-trivial to get from Central America to the Mexican border w/ the US… especially as a juvenile.

        Unwind this thing and I expect that you’ll find one or more NGO enablers at the core.

      2. Uncle Jay,

        What is your fucking point? Do you even have one?

    3. “One would think that at least the drug cartels down there would do something “humanitarian” even it was to use these kids as drug couriers”

      They only need so many couriers. You know, efficiency and everything. Also, as we legalize weed, they need fewer.

      Do those kids a favor and consume more Coke and H – you will be then hiring more of them.

  15. Obama and the Democrats admit that the push to legalize illegal aliens is to gain electoral advantage and has nothing to do with how much and what kind of immigration is good for the US:

    Obama’s warning: ‘Right-size’ immigration expectations

    Adding to the elevated hopes about what Obama will do is the feeling among Democratic strategists that immigration reform is a clear political winner: … voters whom Obama might be able to activate, both among immigrant communities and progressives overall who see this issue as a touchstone, are exactly the ones that Democrats are hoping will be there to counter a midterm year in which the map and historical trends favor GOP turnout.

    In many competitive House districts and several of the Senate races that Democrats need to hold onto to have a chance of retaining the majority ? Colorado and Iowa, and to a lesser extent, North Carolina and Arkansas ? immigrant communities make up a significant bloc of votes. Done in a way that energizes Latinos and Asians, Obama’s taking the lead on immigration could prove a margin-making move for the midterms.

    Much of the discussions have focused on what can be sold to the American public and midterm voters, with the 2012 Dreamers model very much on the participants’ minds? Hispanic and Asian voters turned out in large numbers that fall.

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  17. As long as this is the land of opportunity and the home of the free, people seeking opportunity and freedom will keep wanting to come here. The compassionat act is to allow them.

    Bullshit. “Berlin will pointed the right direction” is definitely the way to go. America, Fuck Yeah.

    1. And your point is?

  18. John Nolte thinks the drug cartels have infiltrated the Border Patrol? Seriously? Hello anyone at home HELLO!

    Freer and wealthier…hmmmm…helped to have a virgin continent to exploit and to get another 40 acres all you had to do was shoot an Indian. Then build an empire, when your over pampered children scoffed at doing working mans work, the empire sent that work overseas and the kiddies did talking work.

  19. Damien,

    Go back to school and get a tutor to help you with English Composition beginning at a remedial level. What the fuck is it you are attempting to say here?

  20. My premise is, that anyone who supports illegal immigrants in any way could be called a traitor to The United States of America. Strong words indeed, but that is my premise all the same. The idea that people can come here any time they damn well please is pure bullshit. Everyone entering The United States of America needs to do so legally. Millions who came here in the past had to go through places like Ellis Island. The philosophy that supports this flood of humanity coming here from south of our border with Mexico basically says that Hispanics are a special people don’t have to obey the same rules of entry that others do, and simply because they are Hispanic, or poor and so on. This is wrong thinking.

    1. No, the philosophy that precipated this “flood of humanity coming here from south of our border with Mexico” was authored by the Obama administration under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals memo (DACA). Google it if you really care about why this is happening… but I suspect you would reather call people names than engage in any difficult discourse.

      1. Mcgoo95,

        Read my original comments on this article. What did I say? The fucking border needs to be sealed and militarized. That’s what needs to be done. As for Beck, he is aiding and abetting illegal immigrants through his actions. That’s my message. Have a nice day butt wipe. How is that for a name call?

        1. If the “fucking border” was not “sealed and militarized”, do you think these children would have been detained at the “fucking border”. The fact that they were is pretty good evidence that “the fucking border” is “sealed and militarized”. The article was more about what to do with them now and how to help them, you know, not starve to death. “Butt wipe” is the best you could come up with? I’m guessing someone who studied Freud would have something to say about your anal fixation. Keep up the good work, Pendejo! Very entertaining, as usual.

          1. …one other thing. Like or dislike Beck, he is doing no such thing as you describe. These children are not illegal immigrtants because they are not illegally in this country. They are being detained and processed by our federal military according to the law. There is no crime in providing aid to them as they have not committed any crime. Nice try Pendejo.

  21. For anyone who does not like my position on this issue, I will tell you in advance -Tough Shit!

  22. Just for the record. It is much appreciated that the good people at Reason have allowed me to express my opinions without censure, or any other restrictions. Of course most of my opinions don’t agree with Libertarian ideas, but at least I have been heard. For those posters who cursed and insulted me and got back even worse insults, so be it. For those who read my opinions, when I was not dueling with my detractors in most profane ways, you might admit that some of my positions on issues have some value. This is especially true when it comes to immigration to The United States of America. Coming to this country is NOT a right because you belong to a certain racial group, or come from some country that is poor, or violent or whatever. Coming here is a privilege and NOT a right. The rule of law must apply. If you come here without permission, you need to wait until you have the proper papers in hand. Anyway, thanks to Reason for letting me sound off on this without banning me from the site. Beck is still wrong about what he is doing. It may pass for compassionate, but in cold reality it is aiding and abetting illegal immigrants.

    1. So your solution is to lock them up or let them starve? You are even more of a simpleton than I thought. Maybe you could go down there and hurl some insults at them…although you’ll need to learn how to say “fuck cake” or “anal breath” in spanish. To save you some time, Google translate says is “joder torta”. You’re welcome.

      1. Mcgoo,

        Your response to my comment is stupid! Your premise is that anyone who is against illegal immigration of any kind, and not just our southern border, is wrong. You are the simpleton you piece of misguided shit. You are typical of those ass holes who believe that anyone should be able to come to this country under any circumstances.

        Fuck you and all those of your ilk.

        1. Man, I love you. Every time I read your comments you make me smile. Keep up the good work, you’re far more entertaining than cable television. Now go beat your dog or whatever it is you do during the day=)

  23. A surprisingly sane gesture from the uneven Beck. Will he do the same for adults trying to cross?

    1. It’s the cheapest advertising he ever did. Paid off more than the ads to Buy Gold Now.

  24. Somehow the Feds knew that this would be happening 6 months ago.

    “Transport will be required for either category of UAC or individual juveniles, to include both male and female juveniles. There will be approximately 65,000 UAC in total”

    — in January of this year

    We’re being played, this was orchestrated, and these kids are being used as pawns. This is ultimately about the creation of a North American super-state with diminished national and local sovereignty — not something that libertarians should be supporting.…..NACrpt.pdf

  25. I am a Liberal a$$ in most Reason bloggers view. Glenn Beck is an a$$ in my view. These are CHILDREN. So, No biting back, Thank You Glenn. I still think you are an a$$! But, Thank You! Kids.

  26. Did Howard Stern show up?
    He’s about as politically important as the Clown Beckster.

    Hey. maybe now that Beck is getting unpopular with his old “followers”, he can turn to the Libertarians or even the Liberals for more cash?? After all, he admitted he was wrong about the single most important issue of the last decades…that is, the WARS.

    I wonder if he brought along his vicks vapo-rub so be can cry on demand for our country? Inquiring minds want to know….

    What a clown show!

    1. Someone is angry. Sucks when someone you hate does something good huh?

  27. YAH!…I’m sure Glenn Beck wouldn’t use this as a “political opportunity”…or at least some much-needed PR for himself…..(Snark!)

  28. We need to be compassionate, that does not mean we need to let the people stay. I am definitely for easier green cards and higher rates of immigration, but those that are here now are law breakers that need to be sent back. They they can come back legally under eased rules.

  29. Can someone give me an idea of what this statement means?

    “Given what Obama’s policies have done to this economy in the last six years,”

    Doubling of the Stock Market indices to Record highs not seen before. Reduction of the deficit he inherited of $1.4T to under $600B. Record Corporate profits for 4 of those 6 years with continued record cash on hand for U.S. corporations. Record numbers of Billionaires and Millionaires. Government spending growing at it’s lowest rate since Eisenhower, Record U.S. Oil production etc.

    Just confused on the direction of this “Obama’s policies” comments.

    1. So I guess to you the economy = the stock market.
      I guess wages, small business viability and employment statistics, among other things, aren’t part of the economy.
      Anyone who believes Obama had no hand in the deficit for 2009 isn’t much of a critical thinker. The Democrat Congress passed a few 2009 spending bills before Obama took office, then passed the rest which Obama signed. He also added to the deficit with spending of his own.

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