A.M. Links: Drone Intercepted Over Israel, Bergdahl Returns to Duty, Brutality on Rikers Island


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  1. The Israeli Army reported Monday morning that it had intercepted a drone sent from Gaza as it flew along Israel’s southern coastline.

    Probably just girl watching on the beach.

    1. Hello.

      The truth about honesty:


      From an Azzurri fan, congrats to Germany AND more importantly to our own Ted S. Well played and deserved.


      1. The truth about honesty

        And thank you, although it would have been nicer if Germany didn’t wait until the 113th minute to score.

        And even if ESPN are right about concussions in soccer, do they have to take the same obnoxious tone sportswriters do regarding the Washington Redskins?

        1. I like Billy Joel.

          But not that song.

          All I know is his name was Kramer and I couldn’t stop thinking of Cosmo.

          1. Well, Argentina did play well and darn near well took the game. Higuain my Lord.

            And the two teams were lucky Rizzoli officiated like he did. A couple of players could have been thrown out outright starting with Howedes and Mascherano later on.

            1. At least the goal was a really good one.

            2. H?wedes’ foul was bad. Schweinsteiger, I thought, shouldn’t have been carded.

              And the bitching about Neuer winning the ball early in the second half. (Although there was no foul; it only should have been a throw-in.)

  2. Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl will be returning to active military duty?likely a desk job at Fort Sam Houston in Texas…

    Next stop, Mexican drug cartel.

    1. And here I am hoping it is the Correctional Barracks at Ft. Leavenworth.

      1. Next stop, a run for House of Representatives…

      2. I think a stop at the USDB is probably in his future, but it depends on what evidence still remains. Not that precludes stops in both a cartel and Congress.

    1. “Vive l’Republique!”

      *sets Citroen on fire*

      1. I thought those things set themselves on fire?

        1. Only if the union rules permit doing chemical work at that time.

    2. Just like Bastille’s storming was based on bad information so is this.

      The French love to be deceived, n’est pas?

    3. Yes, “clashes.” This wasn’t “clashes,” it was a modern day pogrom, with the thugs trapping a bunch of Jews in a synagogue in Paris.

      I guess those European Jews who reported increased anti-Semitism a few weeks ago weren’t a bunch of oversensitive whiners, were they.

    4. Yes, “clashes.” This wasn’t “clashes,” it was a modern day pogrom, with the thugs trapping a bunch of Jews in a synagogue in Paris.

      I guess those European Jews who reported increased anti-Semitism a few weeks ago weren’t a bunch of oversensitive whiners, were they.

    5. Yes, “clashes.” This wasn’t “clashes,” it was a modern day pogrom, with the thugs trapping a bunch of Jews in a synagogue in Paris.

      I guess those European Jews who reported increased anti-Semitism a few weeks ago weren’t a bunch of oversensitive whiners, were they.

      1. If you hear something three times, you’re sure to believe it?

        1. Damn squirrels.

  3. Two years on, Costa Concordia is raised: Doomed cruise ship set to be refloated before being towed away and scrapped
    The giant liner smashed into rocks off the picturesque holiday island of Giglio in January 2012 killing 32 people
    Four decks of the ship will emerge from beneath the waves for the first time since the ship ran aground
    Official says search will be conducted for the only unrecovered body – an Indian waiter who was never found

    That’s one heck of an engineering project.

    1. Glad someone posted this. I’ve been following this. It’s a massive engineering accomplishment that any engineer should appreciate.

    2. Step 6: ServPro

  4. Walking Vagina Turns Heads in Vilnius

    The vagina, an almost body-length costume worn by an activist apparently undeterred by the summer sun, was accompanied by women handing out brochures with advice about vaginal health in downtown Vilnius.

    But some locals were not too keen about the huge vagina, with its protruding red lips and fist-sized clitoris, parading through the city’s streets on Sunday, a national holiday celebrating the coronation of a revered Lithuanian king.

    1. Next week, on the season finale of AMC’s The Walking Vagina

    2. fist-sized clitoris


      1. Even Slammer could find that.

      2. “Oh, no. It merely *tastes* like a watermelon.”

    3. “Fist sized Clitoris”

      Will it be posting before everyone else?

    4. Fist-Sized Clitoris sounds like a good band name.

    5. Are these the same women who think that men should not think of them as walking vagina’s?

      1. As a walking vagina’s what?

        1. Life support system?

          /Oh, that ain’t right, I apologize for that there…

  5. ‘It was an attack from the heavens’: The shocking moment a Siberian beach was hit by a freak hailstorm on one of the hottest days of the summer
    Bathers ran out of the Ob River clutching their heads
    One woman is heard on video saying: ‘If we die, I love you’
    Children cried and screamed in horror, cowering under trees


    1. Glooobaaaalllll Waaaarmmmmiinngggzz

  6. Attorney General Eric Holder said Sunday that that while race was not the “main driver” of animus against him and President Obama, there is “a racial component” to some people’s vehemence.


    1. That’s not all-caps you’re typing in right now, there’s definitely a racial component to it.

    2. It is easy to tell the difference. Those who oppose his policy cite policy. The racists call him a “Muslim” or a ” Kenyan socialist” or an “anti-colonial”.

        1. You’re a racist for even asking that question.

      1. But how many of his opponents make those kinds of arguments, PB? I’m guessing it’s somewhere around 8%?

        1. You’re a racist for even remembering that statistic.

      2. Whew, I only call him things like, lying shit weasel, fucking dick head, and incompetent boob.

        1. Those would not be racist.

          Calling him a Muslim is because it is an attempt to transfer racial animus reserved for Muslims to the president.

          1. “Calling him a Muslim is because it is an attempt to transfer racial animus reserved for Muslims to the president.”

            Orrrr.. maybe it’s in response to his clueless, if not intentional parade of fuck-ups in the middle east, his overt hostility towards Israel, and his favorable treatment of the Muslim Brotherhood.. at the expense of Egypt’s Christians and secularists, and the constant apology for Muslim outbutsts of violence and terror that we’ve all come to know soooo well. Whatever happened to that reckless anti-muslim firebrand, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula?

            1. Bullshit. Obama has not favored the Muslim Brotherhood in the least. Are you Sean Hannity?

              If anything he is droning them to death.

              1. Obama has not favored the Muslim Brotherhood in the least.

                Other than selling them a shitload of Stinger Missiles while they were running Egypt, you mean.

                And, of course, there’s more:


          2. Ah yes, the horrible muslim race.

          3. Or, just maybe, it could be a reference to the fact that he was raised Muslim, and his ME policy only makes sense if the goal to is to elevate and empower Muslim radicals.

          4. Or maybe people call him a muslim because he says things like this

            “The future must not belong to those who would slander the Prophet of Islam”

    3. This is why he and his boy Obama are not leaders in the true sense of the word.

      More like Ralph Malph and Potsie.

      1. You’re a racist for being from Canada.

        1. /shrugs shoulders. Picks up Hustler – Inuit edition.

        2. Well they do call it the great WHITE north up there.

    4. Everyone who can read this post is a racist for being on this website.

      1. That’s totally unfair to illiterate racists.

        1. Luckily, they won’t notice.

    5. Of course he does; this jerk sees racial animus in his bowl of Corn Flakes every morning.

      1. Of course he does. What with those golden brown flakes being drowned by the white milk.

  7. Woman, 36, who had sex with 12-year-old she groomed over Facebook is jailed for 10 years after boy’s mother finds her lewd messages
    Joy Leaann McCall, 36, had sex three times with the 12-year-old boy who was the same age as her own children
    The court heard that the 12-year-old, who has not been named, told police that he received Facebook messages from the woman
    McCall arranged to meet the boy at a local shopping mall where she picked him up and ended up having sex in the back seat of her car
    She collected him and drove him to some woods five days later, where they had sex again
    He claimed they met for a third time on February 16th and had sex in the same wooded area
    McCall, a shop worker, later admitted to police she had sex with the boy

    And she wasn’t even a teacher.

    1. Some people have that ‘crazy’ look. She’s got it.

    2. Ten fucking years? It’s probably a sexist perspective, but I seriously doubt the kid was psychologically messed up by this enough to deserve anything close to that kind of sentence.

      1. Apparently he contacted her asking for the second time 5 days later.

  8. ‘My a** is like a fine triple cr?me brie’: Sharon Stone says she hasn’t worked out in months as she discusses her cellulite

    So it’s covered in mold?

    1. Please don’t let her spread it on a cracker.

      This has been your morning nauseation.

    2. It oozes at room temperature.

    3. Joy McCall


  9. Two Florida men were busted for transporting marijuana oils and edibles?which they had legally purchased in Colorado?through Oklahoma and now face life in prison.

    This is just like getting pulled over carrying firearms in New Jersey or Illinois. It shouldn’t be a crime, but these guys should have been fully aware of how easily fucked they could be. They have my sympathies. No one can claim this is a sane consequence of the war on drugs.

    1. Question – At current, are these legal (or decriminalized) in Florida?

      1. I don’t think so. So the analogy isn’t perfect. The punishment to crime severity is staggering nonetheless.

      2. They’re actually in trouble in Oklahoma:

        The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics reports that a police officer felt the need to stop Robert Shepard and Andrew Mason last week because he believed they were driving too closely behind another vehicle. This, according to the Denver Westword, is one of many common shakedown tactics used by law enforcement in states that border Colorado — profile out of state license plates, establish a bogus traffic violation and then find a reason to rip their vehicle apart searching for marijuana.

        1. Yeah, UCS was making reference to the Firearm Owners Protection Act, which allows individuals to transport firearms which are legal in the state of origin, and the state of destination through a state where they are illegal, as long as they are kept in an inaccessable location. So, you can take your AK from VA to NH, through MD, NJ, NY, MA etc. In theory, anyway, since several of those states ignore FOPA and charge people anyway.

    2. honestly, it is this kind of case which will make marijuana legal in all 50 states in less than 5 years. All it takes is one USSC case.

    3. in what way is it in the taxpayers of Oklahoma’s interest to try, convict, and jail these men for life? what a waste of money and if the cops have nothing better to do, then apparently the taxpayers are wasting too much on them too.

  10. after a recent report showed that 3- and 4-year-olds had received 181 out-of-school suspensions last school year.

    More importantly, that’s 181 kids eating pop-tarts for lunch and that is not federally-approved nutrition.

    1. Also, firearms violations.

  11. Prairie Village ‘Committee Structure Review Committee’ recommends eliminating committees

    The city’s Committee Structure Review Committee recommended eliminating one committee, the Home Owners Associations Committee, entirely. It also recommended shifting the responsibilities of four other committees to city staff. Those committees are: the Americans with Disabilities Act Advisory committee, the Animal Control Board, the Communications Committee and the Board of Code Appeals.

    The group of city staff and City Council members who conducted the review of the city’s committee structure noted that many of these committees hadn’t met for several years, or that issues that concerned them were so infrequent that having a full committee of citizen volunteers was not efficient.

  12. Two Florida men were busted for transporting marijuana oils and edibles?which they had legally purchased in Colorado?through Oklahoma and now face life in prison.

    Fifty individual laboratories.

    1. 50 different prisons to choose from

    2. To make the entire situation exponentially worse, law enforcement officials are convinced that the marijuana-infused candies obtained in this bust are being manufactured for pushers to get kids hooked on dope.

      Or, they’re cynically using this as a justification for completely pointless prison sentences.

  13. Attorney General Eric Holder said Sunday that that while race was not the “main driver” of animus against him and President Obama, there is “a racial component” to some people’s vehemence.

    Is there a clear definition of “racial component”?

  14. there is “a racial component” to some people’s Eric Holder’s vehemence.


    1. You’re racist for pointing this out.

      1. It’s racism all the way down!

        1. And all the way up, to the very top.

  15. Selfie with the bulls: runner at famed Spanish festival faces $4,100 fine

    A man in Pamplona’s famous running of the bulls has snapped himself running just inches away from a group of the charging beasts, according to Spanish media.

    The man was taking part in the San Fermin festival, in which on eight consecutive days the bulls charge through the street of the old Spanish town.

    This year, organizers had vowed to clamp down on runners taking selfies. So the picture may cost the self-portraiter more than he bargained for: a $4,100 fine.

    1. worth.

    2. Like pigs, it’s not a good idea to film bulls in public.

  16. It wasn’t even 8:30 yet, and I had already had quite the lengthy debate with someone over whether or not orange juice is healthy.

    My opponent also considers himself to be a tree hugger, loves wind farms, recently bought a brand new Nissan Pathfinder.

      1. That will happen someday, it will be the beginning of my downward spiral where I then remove my pants, and walk the streets yelling at people.

        1. You’re not like that already? :-p

          1. Not yet, but you will know when it happens, and I want you to be the one to post the story in AM links.

            1. Fisty will probably beat me to it, the bastard.

              1. I don’t post stories. I respond to the officially posted stories, the way God set AM Links up.

    1. I’ve thought about this. I wouldn’t sit down and eat a bag of oranges so why would a drink the equivalent?

      1. Florida man wouldn’t eat a bag of oranges? I would. Orange juice is healthier than the 5lb bag of sour patch kids I could devour as a kid.

        1. I love oranges and once I ate a bag of tangerines I picked from my aunt’s tree, but I doubt that amount of sugar is “healthy”. To be fair I don’t know but the longer I live the more skeptical of nutritional “science” I become.

      2. Eating oranges also means you get fiber in addition to the vitamin C. This also probably helps slow down the digestion of sugar.

        It’s probably a “push” food. Could be better, could be worse.

    2. Orange juice is healthy if you limit don’t go overboard on other sources of sugar over the course of your day. And the nissan is probably a fine vehicle for enjoying outdoor activities. What’s the problem?

      1. Hardly, it is basically guzzling liquid sugar. Sure it has vitamin C, but that doesn’t tip the scales in favor of healthy.

        And you don’t see a problem with someone who wants to force Green energy on everyone driving around in an SUV?

        1. The path finder is probably more environmentally friendly than the Prius.

          1. I can see the argument there. More environmentally friendly would be keeping the two year old Rogue they already had.

            1. Definitely. Although he really should be riding the bus. Throw that in his smug face.

              1. Tell his fat ass to ride a bike.

        2. Guzzling liquid sugar isn’t healthy. Got it.

          From you original post I didn’t get that he want’s to force green energy on others. He could be a survivalist who uses a small personal turbine to aid in off-the-grid living. I guess I should just assume the worst.

          1. Sorry, he is a registered Democrat who likes voting Green party.

    3. 1) A glass of orange juice has the sugar of what, 10 oranges? No one eats 10 oranges.
      2) The oranges have a lot of fiber that slows the absorption of the sugar, so you don’t get the insulin surge. You know that light-headed feeling you get after you eat a lot of sugar on an empty stomach? Not good.
      3) Maybe he should squat more.

      1. If I really wanted to be a dick, I would point out that the daily orange juice and bagel has not been kind to his wife’s body.

        1. Saw one of those guys in a restaurant this weekend, watching the baby as his wife shoveled food into her face. Judging by her clothes she put on 100 pounds to gestate a 8 lb baby and gave on showering in the 2nd trimester. He’s watching her est and he disassociates a little bit more, working on his 1000 yard stare. About every fifth bite she lurches out of her chair and fill her large soda cup with Mountain Dew. The whole time she criticizes everything he does with the baby, how he’s holding her, hold he’s holding the bottle, that he should pay more attention as he tries to eat his tiny plate of food.

          I am pretty sure I was watching a suicide unfold.

          1. The absolute horror.

          2. See, men are fucked. If he kills himself, he’s an asshole. If he kills the actual source of his problems, he’s a monster, and if he files for divorce he never sees the kid again and can’t afford to spoil her if he does.

      2. “You know that light-headed feeling you get after you eat a lot of sugar on an empty stomach? Not good.”

        What do you mean,”Not good”? That’s the best part of my day (since I stopped huffing paint).

  17. Stephen Hawking joins academic boycott of Israel

    Hawking, 71, the world-renowned theoretical physicist and former Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge, had accepted an invitation to headline the fifth annual president’s conference, Facing Tomorrow, in June, which features major international personalities, attracts thousands of participants and this year will celebrate Peres’s 90th birthday.

    Hawking is in very poor health, but last week he wrote a brief letter to the Israeli president to say he had changed his mind. He has not announced his decision publicly, but a statement published by the British Committee for the Universities of Palestine with Hawking’s approval described it as “his independent decision to respect the boycott, based upon his knowledge of Palestine, and on the unanimous advice of his own academic contacts there”.

    Hawking’s decision marks another victory in the campaign for boycott, divestment and sanctions targeting Israeli academic institutions.

    1. I was going to say that’s old news, and I clicked on it and saw it is.

      The “Israel can do no wrong” side of things is ridiculous, but it can’t compare at all to the insanity of the BDS advocates.

      1. damn – don’t know how that popped in my normal searches. Meh. I blame someone.

      2. Remember that there are more than two sides to this. There is also the America-First position which advocates cutting off foreign aid to Israel (and everyone else) and letting them settle it amongst themselves.

        1. I would be OK with that option.

    2. They’re so smart, they’re fools.

    3. Sucking up to Palestinians. Makes sense for a guy in a wheelchair.

    4. At this point I think Hawking is sadly becoming Neil DeGrasse Tyson with a really cool sounding voice. And that saddens me very much.

      Beyond that, does he have something other than ALS? I am glad the man is still alive but I have never heard of anyone with ALS surviving this long. Does he have something else or is he really a miracle case?

  18. Rand Paul: Rick Perry Is Dead Wrong

    Governor Perry writes a fictionalized account of my foreign policy so mischaracterizing my views that I wonder if he’s even really read any of my policy papers.

    In fact, some of Perry’s solutions for the current chaos in Iraq aren’t much different from what I’ve proposed, something he fails to mention. His solutions also aren’t much different from President Barack Obama’s, something he also fails to mention. Because interestingly enough, there aren’t that many good choices right now in dealing with this situation in Iraq.

    Perry says there are no good options. I’ve said the same thing. President Obama has said the same thing. So what are Perry’s solutions and why does he think they are so bold and different than anyone else’s?

    1. Wait until Rick W. Perry calls Rand Paul an “appeaser” in a GOP debate and gets loud applause from the audience.

    2. The border thing is making Perry viable again. He is becoming the more attractive alternative to Cruz. If Cruz doesn’t run, then all of his supporters are likely available to Perry. And Perry is a governor which will give him a big advantage over anyone associated with Washington.

      1. Until he says something or does something so stupid that he takes himself out of the race. He would’ve been the frontrunner in 2012 as well, but he was too much of an idiot for his own good.

        1. HOw does a guy like Perry ever overcome the infamous debate performance where he couldn’t name the three things he would cut and then had to have Ron Paul whisper them to him?

          1. He’s a Bible-beater from Texass.

          2. Shh. We’ve been trying to get him out of Texas for years. This might be the only thing that works.

        2. There is that. But perhaps he had gotten better. Also, the GOP base hates the media so much that they are unlikely to give a shit about anything the media calls a “gaffe”. So I think that possibility might be a bit overblown.

        3. I can tell you from first-had experience and reliable second-hand reports:

          Rick Perry is not the brightest bulb.

      2. Don’t sleep on Romney.

        1. Sadly, no. And weirdly enough, he is much more electable this time. If you had the election again today, he would win. I could totally see the country saying “well I don’t want some radical like Paul but we should have elected Romney in 2012 so lets give him a try”. I never thought I would see the day when a major nominee who lost the general would have a shot at coming back and winning, but Romney does.

          1. Richard Nixon anyone?

        2. “Romney 2016: This time, He’s good enough!”

          1. Romney 2016; how about a doover?

            It is a delicate problem for the Republicans. A good number of soft Democrats and Independents voted for Obama realize how bad of mistake it was to make him President and really feel foolish for voting for him. The trick for the GOP is to give those people a way to vote for the Republican nominee without gloating and humiliating all of those Hope and Change supporters for being such rubes.

            People know things have to change but they have to be given some kind of peace with honor where the country repudiates Obama’s policies without repudiating those who elected him.

            1. Rand Paul is the answer. If he ran on ending the drug war, he’d have to get at least 25% of the black vote and win in a landslide, right? To say nothing of the hippie votes he’d pick up if he ran on something like withdrawing troops from Europe, too. Too bad the Republican leaders hate him.

              1. It’s a pipe dream right? Your post is just unbridled optimism, a seductive lie. Never will this come to pass.

                1. I remember making a post in 2007 about how Ron Paul needs to stop infecting me with his horrible optimism. Nothing ever changes. Dreams never die.

              2. Maybe. The only problem is that Paul has to come across as reasonable and not a radical. But yes, he could work as a peace with honor candidate since he repudiates a lot of what Bush did too. This would allow people to vote for him as a way to sort of wash away the last 16 years rather than just do it as a rejection of Obama.

              3. There’s a lotta lotta black people, including in inner cities, who love the drug war.

                They can’t see that most of what they hate about “drug abuse” is actually the black market created by the WOD.

                Its sad.

          2. “Romney 2016: The Hero we neither want or need, yet definitely deserve.

      3. The Gop Has way to many nominees which is perfectly fine with the establishment, because it keeps the outsider money from concentrating on one particular candidate. This makes it easy to ensure there guy gets the nomination as he has a huge fundraising advantage, however this backfired with Romney as he was way over exposed last yea, look to them to cut the number of debates by at least half this time around.

        1. Yeah. I think that is the plan, let Cruz, Paul and Perry split the vote and then have the entire establishment fall in behind Fatso or more likely Walker and win with a small plurality. Lets hope both Fatso and Walker fun so the establishment can’t unite behind one candidate.

      4. I don’t think tight jeans and rugged smile can win the presidency.

  19. I posted this link during the weekend, but I like it so much, I’m doing it again.

    When Police 1 and Jezebel decide to co-produce a pr0n movie:


    Very NSFW

  20. Deadliest, Rarest Form of Plague Contracted Near Denver

    A Colorado man is infected with the rarest and most fatal form of plague, an airborne version that can be spread through coughing and sneezing.

    It is the first case of pneumonic plague seen in the state since 2004, said Jennifer House, a spokeswoman for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. The man, who hasn’t been identified, may have been exposed in Adams County near Denver, health officials said in a statement. While House said the man has been hospitalized and treated, she wouldn’t release other details about his situation.

    1. Meh.

    2. You see what happens when you legalize the devil’s weed!?

    3. If it doesn’t turn him into a Zombie I’m not interested

  21. Another installment of IFH Laughs at Kiwis, or Which H&R Poster Moved to New Zealand?

    Doctor prescribed masturbation to patient

    A doctor encouraged his patient to masturbate as treatment for her eating disorder and told her he thought about her outside of work hours.

    And almost every time she saw him, he made a comment of a sexual nature and led the conversation to “self-pleasure” which he said would make her happier.


    The doctor told her he wanted to lock her in a closet with something pleasurable and mentioned a movie with a number of people masturbating in it, she said.

    The doctor admitted mentioning masturbating as a treatment to her, but said he never had any personal interest in his patient.

    He also prescribed her a laxative, despite knowing she had a history of laxative abuse, and when she accidentally overdosed on zopiclone, he continued to prescribe large doses of it.

    There are some odd kinks out there.

    1. And no, double-posting is not a kink I have. It was an accident.

    2. It would be a more interesting story if the doc had suggested that someone else fill the prescription for her.

  22. Another installment of IFH Laughs at Kiwis, or Which H&R Poster Moved to New Zealand?

    Doctor prescribed masturbation to patient

    A doctor encouraged his patient to masturbate as treatment for her eating disorder and told her he thought about her outside of work hours.

    And almost every time she saw him, he made a comment of a sexual nature and led the conversation to “self-pleasure” which he said would make her happier.


    The doctor told her he wanted to lock her in a closet with something pleasurable and mentioned a movie with a number of people masturbating in it, she said.

    The doctor admitted mentioning masturbating as a treatment to her, but said he never had any personal interest in his patient.

    He also prescribed her a laxative, despite knowing she had a history of laxative abuse, and when she accidentally overdosed on zopiclone, he continued to prescribe large doses of it.

    There are some odd kinks out there.

  23. Tarantula Might Spread Terrifying Spawn All Over Brooklyn Unless Someone Does Something Fast

    Everybody panic! According to a flyer posted in South Slope, a Mexican Red Rump tarantula named Penelope escaped from her home this week and is now creeping around somewhere. Oh, and the smallish monster is supposedly pregnant, which means that Brooklyn is going to be overrun by her terrifying spawn unless somebody does something very quickly.

    Penelope’s owner claims that she is “mostly harmless,” though it’s difficult to trust someone who chooses to live with a tarantula (or multiple tarantulas, since Penelope probably didn’t get knocked up on her own, unless spiders are somehow capable of that). This person has asked any unlucky souls who come across Penelope to “try to catch her and put her in a tupperware bowl with a few holes on the top for air. Then please call me and I will come get her.”

    You know who else was “mostly harmless?”

    1. Park Slopians?

      1. what do you expect from a bunch of hipsters?

    2. Alaric?

    3. Wouldn’t the winter kill it?

      1. Yes.

      2. Outside in the wild, maybe, but in a city there are steam grates, subways, buildings to sneak into, I imagine it would find a way. Cockroaches can’t take our winters either but manage to survive around human dwellings.

    4. Norman Bates?

    5. It’s Brooklyn, the rats have probably eaten it already.

    6. unless spiders are somehow capable of that

      If only there was a job where people looked up such things and then wrote about them.

  24. Revenge of the Busybodies.

    RALEIGH, N.C. ? IN September, Louis Cherry, an architect here, received a building permit and the necessary approvals to begin constructing a house for himself and his wife, Marsha Gordon, on an empty lot in Oakwood, a historic district in Raleigh. The neighborhood features a variety of architectural styles, from postwar bungalows to Greek Revivals, shotguns to Queen Annes. Construction began in October and the home, modern but modestly so, is nearly complete.

    But it is also at risk of demolition. Not because of a tornado or termites or some other natural disaster, but because one of his neighbors doesn’t want it there.

    Through a series of protracted appeals, the neighbor has been successful in getting the city to reverse its approval of Mr. Cherry’s permit. The house passed its building inspections and is 85 percent complete, yet sits empty, its future dependent on who finally wins a legal battle that never should have been allowed to happen.

    Another libertarian, using the force of the government to enforce somebody else’s freedom to conform.

    1. At least it named the asshole who started the suit.

    2. What a horrible shitwizard.

  25. “That’s ridiculous,” said Grosso (I-At Large), who said that he can’t fathom why a school would need to suspend such young children and that nobody has yet been able to explain to him why that would be necessary.

    Apparently Grosso has never been bitten by a toddler who already knows how to game the system.

    1. Grosso (I-At Large)

      I’ll bet he’s fat.

      1. Surprisingly, not.

        He does have somewhat unusual facial hair, however.

    2. I doubt 3-4 year-olds are gaming the system, but there are certainly children of that age that are not ready to socialize with others.

      Nobody has been able to explain why it would be necessary to suspend a 4-year old from school? Why don’t you ask, dumbass. A charter school does not operate on the FYTW principle.

      1. I doubt 3-4 year-olds are gaming the system

        Oh, ye of little faith!

        1. A 4 year-old with the reasoning capability to ‘game the system’, in 40 years, will either be in jail after years as head of a criminal enterprise, or a successful politician.

          While many will lie to avoid blame, that is the extent of their motivation.

  26. Pretty good work if you can get it.

    “Meet the the 4 NYC teachers banned from classrooms who rake in millions.”

    1. The DOE said the teachers work in offices on various tasks.

      For Top. Men., undoubtedly.

      1. The DOE said the teachers work in offices on various tasks.

        If you use the word “various” one more time, I’m having you arrested.

  27. Jealous of what? Solving polyamory’s jealousy problem

    Research on polyamory indicates that participants tend to be highly educated professionals. According to psychologist Hazel Markus, such professionals tend toward an “independent model of agency” where actions are perceived as freely chosen and independent from others (vs. working-class Americans who view their actions as interdependent with others). For instance, in a work organization, upper-middle-class employees tend to have broad networks of colleagues who work closely together but in changing configurations from one project to the next. Without a small, consistent work group, such employees tend to think of themselves as individual agents, with a sense of agency (within organizational constraints) in choosing projects and colleagues. Sounds pretty fantastic, right?

    But what happens when we apply this model of independent agency to love relationships? Polyamory both reflects and takes further the application of free-market principles to more and more spheres of our lives. Why not love? Because while shifting colleague networks are one thing, in a love and sex context, those reconfigurations are pretty hard on the heart.

    1. I am all for ordering a second wife from Ukraine or some other producer of beautiful women. And my wife is an educated professional. I am however not seeing it working very well. Even if I were fair and let her order some Latin American pool boy. It is hard enough to keep a relationship involving two parties stable. I can’t imagine doing it with three or more parties. Someone would be pissed at someone else nearly all of the time.

      1. the pool boy and the Ukranian beauty would run off together, after emptying your back account.

        1. bank account. Your bank account. Sigh

          1. *And* your bang account.

        2. There is that. Seriously, think about it for a moment. Even if the best marriages you are pissed off at each other at least some of the time. Add in a third and each of you and that person would be by virtue of you all being human pissed off at each other some of the time. Time is finite. You add all of the times that someone is pissed off at someone else, and how often would the house ever be at peace? Not that much and that is assuming everyone is really stable and compatible. This is why polymory only works in really backward male dominated societies. The only way to overcome the problem I outline is to have one party in complete control such that the other two can never object.

          1. Actually sometimes having a 3rd or more partners can help resolve those tensions either by playing mediators, smacking the guilty party(s) upside the head and telling them to straighten up, or just being there to help the aggrieved party talk through the anger.

            I’m not saying it is all peaches and roses but it can work and I have known several open or poly relationships going in their 3rd and 4th decades.

            1. That is a fair point. Again it all comes down to the people involved. I would never say these sorts of arrangements can’t work. They clearly do and have in some cases. I just think they won’t work for most people.

              Maybe it is genetic or perhaps the result of socialization, I don’t know, but most people seemed to be wired to be in a monogamous relationship as the default. Sure, they get tired of it and give into their urges and cheat and things like that, but ultimately they do those things as a supplement to their monogamous relationship not out of the desire to truly have a third. I think people who cheat do so for the thrill of doing it or to provide something they are not getting from their marriage not because they really want their lovers to be a full on third.

            2. I do think we would be better off being more tolerant of infidelity than we once were, especially where children are involved. I think it is better for a couple to discretely see others and stay in the marriage and provide their kids with a stable home than it is to divorce and leave their kids with a broken home.

              We have this weird situation where divorce is never looked down upon but infidelity is. I think, at least where children are involved that is exactly backward. Once a couple has children they need to put their kids and the home they provide to them first. If that means tolerating the other having a bit on the side in order to keep a stable and good home for their kids, well so be it. I am not endorsing infidelity. It is better if it doesn’t happen. I just think divorce and leaving your kids with a broken home is even worse.

              1. Actually divorce being looked down on is probably one of the biggest drivers of infidelity.

                You have a couple who has been married a long time, more than 10 years but for whatever reason has fallen out of love. One or both of them is literally miserable.

                From the outside however they have it all, a steady stable marriage, kids, jobs, etc. If one of them woke up one day and said “that’s it I’ve had enough I want t divorce for no particular reason” they would be crucified by their family and friends exactly because they could never explain it as there is no proximate reason for the divorce. Hell in some states they might not even be able to get one.

                So they grin and bear it and let things go along as they are because it is not so bad. Then maybe they go looking for it or maybe someone stumbles across their path who makes them feel alive and valued for the first time in decades. Bingo infidelity when what should have happened is an amicable divorce years earlier.

                1. If they have small children, a divorce is the exact thing that shouldn’t happen. Divorce fucks kids up no matter how amicable it is. They should stay together until the kids are grown and then divorce.

          2. John’s point is an interesting one. My rule of thumb is that its impossible to have office or family politics when there are only two people involved, but its inevitable when there are three or more.

      2. My best friend – who now lives down in Austin has an open relationship.

        He is married… and has a girlfriend. His wife has a boyfriend.

        It works for them… they’ve been married for over ten years now.

        1. If can work for some. But an open relationship is not polymory. I bet they don’t all live under the same roof. If he doesn’t have much interaction with the b/f and she not much with the g/f, then the calculus changes.

          There has always been couples who worked out arrangements about those sorts of things. But here is the key, the boyfriend is the boyfriend not the husband and the same with the girlfriend. In a relationship like that the two people are just supplementing their core one on one relationship. That to me is not truly polymory. I still think most people would not handle that well. But it has a better shot of succeeding than true polymory.

          1. Polyamory is not defined as “everyone living under one roof” by pretty much anyone I know. Actually, this is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone make the claim that that factor is involved. And my wife and I have been poly for the entirety of our 18 year relationship.

  28. It is interesting to read this Megan McArdle piece about liberals’ reaction to the Hobby Lobby case


    And this Brian Doherty piece about how gun controlers don’t get the stakes of gun control


    Both pieces are good descriptions of the liberal mindset on these two issues. But they both miss the larger and more disturbing point. Progs cannot accept or respect commitment to anything other than government and Prog ends. In both cases, Progs look at something outside of government other people hold dear, religion or the right to self defense and autonomy, the same way they look at any other hobby. The idea that someone could have a value or personal belief that they hold to be more important than government is completely incomprehensible to Progs. It is not so much that Progs disagree with these values, though they certainly do. It is that they can’t even understand how anyone could have any values or anything other than government could be worthy of respect. That is really scary when you think about it.

    1. Bitter clingers, you slow-wit. They are for real.

      1. Sometimes you are so stupid that the level of your cogitative disability even amazes me. Sometimes you can’t even try and paste a talking point. How do you feed yourself?

        1. The proper and less wordy argument is that bitter clingers are protected by the 1A and 2A.


          1. Not according to Progs they are not. That is the entire point.

        2. See, I thought PB was referring to the Progs, bitterly clinging to their dream of an omnibeneficent Total State in the face of millennia of contrary evidence.

    2. Everything under government control.
      Nothing outside government control.
      Only teabaggers against government control.

    3. It’s bad enough that we’ve got H&R writers recycling old H&R articles; now we’ve got posters doing it too. 😉

      1. Regurgiatated facts are the glue that hold the site together.

  29. Rand Paul’s twisted race lies: His new views on civil rights are as phony as the old ones

    If you Google “Rand Paul Civil Rights Act,” the first prompt that comes up is “unconstitutional,” so it was definitely heartening to see his apparent about-face on the act’s 50th anniversary, when he attended a local commemoration at the Shelbyville, Kentucky, home of Dr. Maurice F. Rabb, a prominent civil rights activist in the 1940s and ’50s. “Every major civil rights activist that came to the South stayed with my parents,” Chris Rabb said. “They were not allowed to stay in hotels.”

    Paul has previously voiced his objection to the Civil Rights Act precisely because it put an end to such private-sector discrimination. But on this occasion, he released a statement saying, “‘It is simply unimaginable to think what modern America would be like if it were not for the brave men and women who stood up for the rights of all Americans. The legislation changed the future of our nation by enforcing the belief that all men and women are created equal.”

    1. This “Rand Paul is a racist” crap won’t gain traction among the general populace.

      1. Why not? The Rand Paul is an isolationist crap does.

    2. Note the slite of hand there. There are two things that happened during the civil rights movement; ending of officially proscribed discrimination and ending of private discrimination in employment and public accommodations. Paul has said that we need to rethink the second. He has never said anything about the former. But of course they are lumped together when attacking. That is sophestry of the first order.

      Then there is the second element of mendacity in that statement. Paul is saying we should end these laws today, not that we shouldn’t have ever had them. If anything the guy’s point falls under its own logic. If the CRA was so essential in transforming America, then why do we need it anymore? Either it failed and hasn’t transformed the country or it succeeded as he claims and is no longer needed.

      1. There’s an element of sophistry there, sure, but I wonder how much of it is because these people don’t like to recognize a difference between public and private property.

        1. Yes there is. See my point above about Doherty and McCardle’s pieces. They view everything as part of the government. So when Paul says a business should be able to do what they want, they hear that as saying the same thing as the government should be able to deny benefits or due process based on race.

          That is a good point.

          1. I think there’s a slight difference they recognize. I’ve seen it in several arguments I’ve gotten into on this topic. Inevitably the response to “Okay, I’m coming over to your house later tonight and am not leaving your kitchen until you bake me a cupcake” is met with “That’s not the same as a business and you know it!”

            1. such private-sector discrimination.

              Said private-sector discrimination was the LAW.

    3. Because there’s absolutely no difference in the law requiring discrimination and allowing people to use their property as they choose. That which is not forbidden, is mandatory.

  30. man Salon is just a wasteland of fun and frolics

    Apple’s sexist iPad engraving policy

    According to feminist blogger Justyn Hintze, Apple has an interesting policy when it comes to what they will and won’t engrave on your iPad. Apparently, while the word “penis” is kosher, the word “vagina” is not. Geez, guys, double standard much?

    Hintze discovered Apple’s policy earlier this week, when she bought a new iPad and decided to take advantage of Apple’s free shipping/free engraving policy. But when she typed in a quote from her favorite poem by spoken word artist Alix Olson?”I’ll give myself a lube job, shake my broomstick til my clit throbs”?she received a message to call Apple based on her usage of “inappropriate language.”

    1. So why did Apple allow Hyntze to engrave “penis” on her iPad and not “vagina”? Hyntze suspects it’s because the company is “entrenched with sexism and misogyny, and frankly, is terrified of women’s bodies and women’s pleasure.” A customer service rep for Apple apparently agrees with that assessment: When Hyntze contacted Apple to complain, the rep “explicitly noted the sexism, but said there was nothing she could do.”

      Of course.

    2. The parody Salon.com twitter feed retweet that. I didn’t know it was real until now.

    3. Out of curiosity, I just tried to engrave an iPad with the word Penis and surprise, Apple did reject it.

      1. This is easily the best sentence I’ll read all week.

        1. I do what I can around here.

      2. Well, no wonder, CPA — you tried to *capitalize* it!

      3. So Salon will be posting a retraction soon right? Hahahahahah of course not.

      4. So you’re saying Apple rejected your Penis?

  31. Target security officer fired after reporting shoplifting

    Dallas Northington spent nearly eight years working for Target in loss prevention, roaming the stores and scanning the surveillance cameras. In an episode at the Leesburg Target store in May that he said was typical, a man was allegedly captured twice on video shoplifting, and Northington responded as he said he always did: He called the Leesburg police, made a report and provided them the videos of the two incidents.

    But the man in the video may have been a Fairfax County sheriff’s deputy, Northington said he soon learned. And within days, two things happened: The deputy retired from the sheriff’s office and Target fired Northington, 29, a married father of two with a third child on the way.

    1. That guy is black. If he hasn’t filed with the EEOC, he will. He is going to get a huge check out of this. Just exactly is Target’s nondiscriminatory reason for firing this guy? Their attorneys will settle this case in a heartbeat. I don’t think Target wants the publicity associated with going to court and claiming they fired a black employee because he did his job and made a local white sheriff angry.

    2. The pig got home safely; nothing else happened.

  32. damn rednecks!

    Small SC town rallies for fired gay police chief

    When openly gay police chief Crystal Moore was fired by a mayor who condemned her lifestyle as “questionable,” she feared her two decade career in law enforcement in this town was over.

    Then, this conservative, small town rebelled.

    The people of Latta, who voted overwhelmingly for a state amendment banning gay marriage eight years ago, turned against the mayor, stripped him of his powers and the town council rehired Moore. They said her dedication to the town mattered more than her sexual orientation.

    1. She did her job and didn’t run to court trying to force people to accept her lifestyle and sure enough people liked her and accepted her. What a fucking concept. Good for the people of that town. It is hard to find a good police chief and they apparently found one and want to keep her.

    2. The people of Latta, who voted overwhelmingly for a state amendment banning gay marriage eight years ago

      There is a distinction between that and making being gay illegal.

    3. When I lived in San Angelo, TX (about as Bible-belty a town you could hope for), the enormously popular mayor was universally known to be gay, although not technically out of the closet.

      He won re-election by something north of 70% of the vote, the same year Houston dislocated its shoulder patting itself on the back for having finally gotten around to electing a gay mayor. I had some fun with folks I know in Houston yanking their chain for being behind the times.

      And don’t me started on the tranny who was on our medical staff, with nary a peep from the crusty old bastards on the staff.

      Point is: even in deep SoCon bible belt country, very few people are bigoted against gays. Contrary to the fever dreams of the Progs and SJWs.

      1. even in deep SoCon bible belt country, very few people are bigoted against gays

        Not to agree or disagree with that but… they do tend to go out of their way to enact laws which express exactly that. I would imagine fewer as time goes on but still.

      2. “We’ll allow you to be gay as long as you never tell anyone you are” is still bigotry.

  33. Female Yahoo exec sued for sexual harassment.

    I don’t think the feminist blogs will talk about this one even though the plaintiff is a woman.

    1. And that is a case of no kidding “give up some sex or hit the highway” sexual harassment. What an evil bitch.

      1. Wouldn’t this be a pretty straightforward case of rape? If she got the exec on tape making these threats, it seems like it should be pretty easy to send her to jail for a long time.

        1. Rape requires some element of force. It doesn’t take much, but there has to be some physical element. So, generally threats to economic livelihood don’t count. Only threats to your physical liberty like when a cop does it counts as rape. Screw me or your fired is not generally criminal or considered rape

          1. “Screw me or you[‘re] fired”

            I believe this can be criminally charged as extortion or sexual coercion/assault/misconduct in a lot of states, but I’m not the lawyer.

            1. I think you are right Bob. But those are not “rape”.

        2. All men are rapists; women can’t be rapists.

    2. If that pic is of the offender, I don’t get it. With her looks, she should have been able to get a decent partner even being a complete bitch.

      Kind of like Elliott Roger. How messed up do you have to be when you’re that attractive, and still unable to find a partner?

  34. for anyone running Firefox, the fascr add-on has been a nice addition to my Hit ‘n’ Run experience. No more shreek posts!

    Problems: I run a script blocker but fascr doesn’t seem to have any problems with it – on my work machine. However, at home, it doesn’t seem to work properly at all. I haven’t figured out the difference yet.

    When posting, the focus always goes to my first post, instead of my last. No biggie, but annoying when doing my AM Links post-a-rama.

    1. I run Firefox and Hit and Run often has ads that run some kind of nasty plug in that freezes my browser until it gives me a dialog box to stop running the plug in. It drives me crazy.

      1. I know what you’re talking about, and I haven’t seen that since I installed NoScript.

      2. Script Blocker add-on (called NoScript) will take care of that. I have most of the ads sites shut off.

        The bad thing about NoScript – initially – is that you have to allow the sites that you visit daily. Not a big deal once you have done it, but if visiting a new place, let’s say to buy something or do some banking, it can be a pain in the ass if you forget to allow the site (and all the associated sites).

        1. Let me 3rd the thumbs up for NoScript. Very nice program.

    2. I’m amazed how much blocking PB and Bo has improved it.

      1. Your echo chamber lets no outside sound in.

        1. Auric, does it allow you to see this post? (As a reply to one of the afore-mentioned)

          1. depends on the settings – you can just see their name with no content but replies to their trolling.

            Or they’re just gone without even the replies showing up.

      2. I’m amazed how much blocking PB and Bo has improved it.


      3. Could you provide a link? Thx

        1. Search the firefox add-ons for fascr.

      4. Don’t forget to block Stormy Dragon too.

  35. “Dating Naked” reality show to debut.


    Naked blind dates? Ok, why not HBO?

  36. A private firm might do what the government shouldn’t; help you pick medical insurance:

    “Wholesale Change website helps people choose Medicare plan”

    These are the guys who cooked up the Turing test winner, so some salt is advised.

  37. Ana-Marie Cox has tasted the Reason-Rupe ‘Millenial Poll’ of the Millenium, and *found it sweet*

    “the Reason Foundation released the results of a poll about that generation, the millennials; its signature finding(*??) was the confirmation of a mass abandonment of social conservatism and the GOP. This comes at a time when the conservative movement is increasingly synonymous with mean-spirited, combative activism and self-important grand gestures.

    “‘The Rupe-Reason poll teases out some of the thinking behind the surge of young people abandoning the GOP…. Millennials don’t want to change things, apparently ? they want everyone to get along. The report observes “[m]any specifically identified LGBTQ rights as their primary reason for being liberal”; and “[o]ften, they decided they were liberals because they really didn’t like conservatives.””


    it boils down to one thing = ‘millenials are cool with gays’

    And that means “duh! LIBERAL” because the liberals OWN the gays. Hope that’s clear to everyone now.


    *Question about this ‘signature finding’…

    who figured what? in the blitz of all the articles about Why Millenials Are the Libertarian Wet Dream, I missed the money-shot.

    1. Cox is a good example of dull people who manage to make a living in the media by mouthing the right party lines.

  38. Calvin Coolidge on large governments:

    Under this weight the former accuracy of administration breaks down. The government has not at its disposal a supply of ability, honesty, and character necessary for the solution of all these problems, or an executive capacity great enough for their perfect administration. Nor is it in possession of a wisdom which enables it to take in great enterprises and manage them with no ground of criticism. We cannot rid ourselves of the human element in our affairs by an act of legislation which places them under a jurisdiction of a public commission. . . Its attempt must be accompanied with the full expectation of very many failures. . .

    1. Coolidge was a very smart guy. Read what he said in response to requests for federal aid to help victims of the great Mississippi flood sometime. He said while he would like to help he can’t because once the precedent is set that the federal government is responsible for making those who suffer from misfortune whole, there will be no end to it. And the country has spent the last 87 years proving him correct.

      Progs have created an alternative history whereby the people before FDR kept the federal government small because they were just evil racists. The reality of course is that they kept the government small because they understand once it started to expand and took on the responsibility of solving misfortune, there would be no end to it.

      1. I also like Coolidge’s quote about how most people come to the president asking for things they ought no had, and he found that if he just stared at them without saying a word, they’d usually go away after a few minutes, but if he said anything at all, even no, they’d go on for hours.

  39. All-Star week in Minneapolis. Traffic into the city was really backed up. Why? Because they decided to have cops direct traffic.

    1. I’m a commie bus rider in Mpls and even our express bus was way slower than it should have been.

      Can someone explain to me again why it is such an honor to have one of these big events in your town?

      At least the city council stood up for its rights to shake down local businesses without getting permission from MLB first:


      Now they need only confer with MLB before granting any special permits to local bars.

    1. therantguy ? 4 days ago
      Uh, because wrestling fans are generally white trash? NASCAR fans with confederate flags and few teeth? I’m kind of shocked this is even a question. Are there black NASCAR drivers? (I assume not).

      For what it’s worth, the two biggest wrestling fans I know are black guys from the hood.

      1. The black guys I knew in the army were mad wrestling fans. It is amazing how racist these people are. They assume no black person could ever root for a white guy. I guess the reverse must be true for them and they could never root for a black guy right? Or are they saying black people are too racist to be as enlightened and color blind as they are?

    2. Wasn’t The Rock, a guy who is mixed race if I am not mistaken, one of the biggest wrestling stars and good guys ever?

        1. Wait, wait, wait.

          A gay wrestler?

          I find that hard to believe.

  40. Attorney General Eric Holder said Sunday that that while race was not the “main driver” of animus against him and President Obama, there is “a racial component” to some people’s vehemence.

    He said, “The Attorney General’s near.”

    1. +1 Blazing Saddle

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