Guatemala's Ambulance Drivers: On the Frontlines of America's Drug War


A small army of volunteer firefighters and paramedics help to protect Guatemala City, a hub for the narco trade and one of the most violent places on earth. 

Originally released on June 26, 2014:

Guatemala is a major drug corridor between South America and Mexico. Narco gangs thrive in rural areas and along the southeastern border, while street gangs who profit from extortion, kidnapping, and bribery dominate the urban centers. As a result, the country's capital, Guatemala City, has one of the highest murder rates in the world.

This is the environment in which Guatemala's bomberos voluntarios—a phrase that roughly translates to "volunteer firefighters" but really encompasses a group of first responders who act as firefighters, ambulance drivers, and paramedics—operate every day.

When Reason TV visited the headquarters of Guatemala City's official, government-sanctioned and -funded first responders—the bomberos municipales—officials downplayed the city's drug and violence problems and insisted that Guatemala is a safe place to live and visit. But the voluntarios, who receive some money from the government but seemingly maintain enough independence to avoid the same level of political pressure, had a different story to tell.

"The municipal bomberos receive funding from the government and the municipality," says Herber Diaz, one of the few paid, full-time paramedics on the force. "They have more equipment, and more people. But the trust the people have in us is there because we do everything. They're selective in their job." 

Watch the above video for an intense look inside the world of Guatemala's volunteer bomberos, a group of men who on a daily basis save lives, race along treacherous roads where motorists are slow to pull over, and witness the results of cold-blooded executions on the city streets, all in a country with a government corrupted by organized crime, and all for little or no pay.

Approximately 5 minutes. Produced by Zach Weissmueller. Field Production by Ross Kenyon and Zachary Caceres. Music by Chris Zabriskie.

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  1. This looks familiar.

    1. H&R posts are created by bots.

      1. When is your pool party, and will it be in SoCal?

        1. My last day was friday. Remaining IT team left friday night, walking out the door with 20 years of tribal knowledge.

          30 minutes before I left, one of the ‘replacement’ pc techs was asking me what a switch was.

          So… my pool party is Monday. There’s going to be drinking, fighting, and loving. But I’ll be alone.

          1. Sorry to hear about work, sometimes (most times) I think I am better off working for myself, one day my attitude (ie my big fat mouth) will put that to the test.

  2. I didn’t read/watch this the first time it was posted.

    Is this now the weekend thread?

    Only her hairdresser knows for sure…

  3. Been there. Have the scars to prove it.

    Nuke it.

    1. From orbit?

      1. Yes, just to be sure.

  4. Want to see stupid progressives and stupid conservatives show you how stupid they are at the same time? Here’s a debate between whether or not we should cut spending to the military or to education. Personally I’m upset there’s no ‘all of the above’ option.

    Some truly ingenious arguments that in no way rely on platitudes or unproven assertions.

    Is Being Smart Better than Being Alive and Free? America’s education and military both need reform. The education needs less money and the military needs more in order for this reform to be successful. First, the education system needs to be simplified. The students in America are learning more than what is needed for life. I support specializing high school classes so that classes are more career oriented and simplifying the classes that have nothing to do with the students career goals. The military needs to toughen up. When America is a greater threat, other countries do not want to mess with it. The current threats from North Korea and the Middle East would be virtually nonexistent because they would be scared that they would be destroyed if they ever bombed America. Furthermore, when a country threatens America, it should respond with deadly force as opposed to diplomacy. When this is accomplished, America’s education and military would be better for all American citizens.

    1. And one from the pro-education spending side.

      Education is More Important than War If money was relocated from military spending to educational spending, it would yield a higher output of professionals in America, thus improving the economy, lowering student debt and the debt as % of GDP (which is currently 100%). Education strengthens citizens and a country as a whole, as can be witness in India, China, and Germany, all three of which have tremendously powerful economies. If America’s focus is to remain a “global superpower,” military aggression and “security” should take a slight hiatus to improve the quality of education, which is so publicly, obviously diminishing.

      Two issues:

      1. America spends more money per pupil than any country in the world.

      2. What kind of a fucking moron thinks India is an example of a well educated and tremendously successful country? I don’t consider a $2000 per capita GDP to be particularly good.

      1. Is the typo ‘as can be WITNESS in India’ in the original?

        Because that would be high irony in an essay on the importance of education.

      2. Also the nit that India has a greater proportion of private students vs the US.

        And in addition to all of the other logical, empirical and grammatical problems of the pro-educator’s argument, it’s hilarious that he/she didn’t immediately call out the false dilemma. Why would “security” need to take a “slight hiatus to improve the quality of education?”

    2. Oh god that is a dense dense field of derp.

      1. My favorite part is that the militaristic idiot apparently thinks our military isn’t strong enough to handle Middle Eastern countries or North Korea. Apparently we’re only a couple carrier groups away from the Middle East quieting down and remaining peaceful.

        1. Well to be fair I think we’re one or two Ohio class subs away from permanent peace in the Middle East.

          The Mongol/Roman approach to pacification has a certain je ne sais quoi.

          1. “Leave no stone atop another” does have an appeal, doesn’t it?

    3. The students in America are learning more than what is needed for life.

      Right on!

      *** goes back to foraging for roots and berries ***

    4. I for one, much prefer being alive to the alternative, no matter how smart I might be dead.

      1. Don’t worry – you’ll never be smart, either alive or dead.

  5. Gun grabbing morons force me to defend someone I would otherwise hate, once again.

    RICHLAND, Wash. (AP) ? A Democrat running for Congress in conservative central Washington has removed an online campaign video that showed him blasting an elephant-shaped pinata with a shotgun.

    The advertisement by Estakio Beltran generated a lot of criticism, including from a group founded former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, the Arizona Democrat who survived a gunshot wound to the head in 2011, the Tri-City Herald reported.

    “Mr. Beltran’s ad showing him shooting a stuffed elephant ? the longtime symbol of the Republican Party ? is irresponsible and offensive,” according to a statement from Americans for Responsible Solutions. “This kind of misguided imagery and rhetoric on both sides of the political spectrum just furthers the lack of balance in our nation’s debate about guns.”

    Poor, poor gun grabbers. It must make them so very sad to realize that it’s impossible for them to win on this issue when so many Democrats don’t share their comical phobia of firearms.

    1. God forbid we have interesting or provocative campaign ads.

      1. And if God won’t forbid them, the Dems will.

    2. “former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, the Arizona Democrat who survived a gunshot wound to the head”

      Objection to that phrasing.

      1. and objection to its relevance. Good grief; is she now the forever poster child of anything dealing with guns?

        1. That kid’s dad from UC Santa Barbara is trying to take the cake.

          1. I actually knew his son, who was a really good kid. In his defense (I don’t know the dad personally, but just going off what I know about him), I’m pretty sure his motivation is sincere and motivated by tragedy, and that he’s not just doing it for attention. That said, I find it odd to pick that tragedy as an example of how guns are primarily responsible for violence in America, given that half the people killed were not killed with a gun.

            1. I’m pretty sure his motivation is sincere and motivated by tragedy,

              I agree. Fuck him.

              And you have every right to tell me to fuck the hell off if I publicly demonize your rights after a personal tragedy if I ever have one, god forbid.

            2. I gave him a pass because he was grieving. But now that he has posed for a picture hugging Elliot Richard’s dad, he’s definitely up to something, and it’s not going to be good.

              1. I’ll give him a pass as well, but not the retards on the left that enable him by proclaiming him a savior that’s going to lead America to some anti-gun catharsis.

              2. That’s an odd picture. Hadn’t seen it.

            3. All the laws he could have reasonably wanted to prevent the guy from buying the guns were in place, the cops just didn’t take the parents’ concerns seriously enough to warrant putting a psychiatric hold on him.

              Lashing out at the NRA for a shooting that occurred in anti-gun Santa Barbara is utterly irrational.

  6. Rick Perry: Rand Paul Blind to Threat of ISIS

    “That’s why it’s disheartening to hear fellow Republicans, such as Sen. Rand Paul (Ky.), suggest that our nation should ignore what’s happening in Iraq. The main problem with this argument is that it means ignoring the profound threat that the group now calling itself the Islamic State poses to the United States and the world.

    In the Islamic State, which came to prominence in Syria and now controls ample territory, weapons and cash in both that country and Iraq, the world is confronting an even more radicalized version of Islamic extremism than al-Qaeda. This group is well-trained, technologically sophisticated and adept at recruitment, with thousands of people with European passports fighting on its side, as well as some Americans.

    This represents a real threat to our national security ? to which Paul seems curiously blind ? because any of these passport carriers can simply buy a plane ticket and show up in the United States without even a visa. ”…..story.html

    1. Perry went on to say there were many problems with Paul’s view, three of which were imperiling our country, undercutting our resolve, and, er, a third one, it’s, er, imperiling our country, did I say that one yet?

      1. + 2, or is it 3?

    2. Has Rand Paul actually weighed in on ISIS at all?

      1. Yes.

        “Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) told Meet the Press’ David Gregory Sunday morning that he didn’t see the U.S.’s interest in engaging in military operations against ISIS, the Sunni militant group that has plunged Iraq back into sectarian violence.”…..ting-isis/

        1. stop me if I’m wrong but “didn’t see…interest in engaging in military operations…” and “ignore what’s happening….” are NOT the same thing.

          1. You’re not suggesting a false equivalence or possibly a straw man, are you?!

            1. it’s Rick Perry and I would hate to confuse him, so I’ll just call bullshit.

              1. Best to be mono-syllabic (or close) with some folks.

    3. In the Islamic State, which came to prominence in Syria and now controls ample territory, weapons and cash in both that country and Iraq, the world is confronting an even more radicalized version of Islamic extremism than al-Qaeda. This group is well-trained, technologically sophisticated and adept at recruitment, with thousands of people with European passports fighting on its side, as well as some Americans.

      Perry seems to be ignoring the fact that ISIS is being funded by American allies or that America actually aided ISIS and other terrorist organizations when they were fighting Assad in Syria. Hell, a good number of Republicans, along with Kerry and Obama, would have gladly provided air support for the very terrorist organizations they’re now telling us we have to fight in Iraq.

      Given that Rick Perry supported the creation of a no-fly zone during the Syrian conflict, which would have helped ISIS topple Assad’s government, I don’t see how he can whine about the dangers of ISIS now when he actively supported using the US military to help them in Syria.

    4. “…any of these passport carriers can simply buy a plane ticket and show up in the United States without even a visa. ”

      Sooooo…Anyone can just pronounce themselves a nation, print up their own passports, issue their own visas, and they are good to go?

      This changes everything.

      1. The passports are from European countries and America.

        The issue is, fighting ISIS in Iraq will not have any impact on the possibility of a homegrown terrorist setting off a bomb in Chicago. It’s a total non-sequitor meant to frighten idiots.

  7. Remarks by the President on the Economy — Austin, Thursday

    Sometimes people say thank you for something I’ve done or a position I’ve taken, and some people say, “You’re an idiot.” (Laughter.) And that’s how I know that I’m getting a good representative sampling because — (laughter) — half the letters are less than impressed with me.

    That’s a real knee-slapper, Sir.

    1. That’s real retarded, sir!

      1. That’s real fucking retarded, sir!


        1. I was going for this.

          1. Mercy, I’d forgotten about her.

  8. Just so you know, there is also an equally hilarious and dead-on Twitter parody of Vox Media:


    Vox @vauxnews ? 5h
    We counted up every preposition that Fox News used last year. The results were as harrowing as you’d expect.

    “Deuce!” Does the way we score tennis reinforce the feudal system?

    Vox @vauxnews ? 6h
    Watch Matt Yglesias start to whimper as he is chased around Sea World by a flamingo.

    The black keys on a piano are used 17% less than the white keys. What this tells us about the Voting Rights Act.

    Vox @vauxnews ? Jul 11
    5 reasons LeBron is underpaid.

    1. Vox @vauxnews ? Jul 10
      Why “tax refund” is just another way of saying “stealing from the state.”

      This is a bit too realistic to be funny given that I’ve explicitly heard Yglesias refer to tax breaks as ‘government losses.’

    2. It is pretty awesome though:

      Vox @vauxnews ? Jul 3
      Exceptional? The United States is not even in the top three global producers of zinc.

      Vox @vauxnews ? Jul 3
      “I made her a promise.” Meet the eccentric Virginian who believes he should stay faithful to his wife.

      Vox @vauxnews ? Jul 4
      Why King George III’s executive orders were necessary in the face of do-nothing, obstructionist colonial assemblies.

      1. I know not what this Vox thing is, but reading the faux headlines which I assume closely parody real ones, sounds like this Buzzfeed trend which makes me grind my teeth until they chip.

        1. The bits I’ve seen haven’t been terrible, but the lefty friend that sends them and I have an ideological links detente in place.

          I read an article about how asinine the Juggaloes on a watchlist is, an article about giving a fake phone number that sends Bell Hooks quotes to the creepy dude that asked you out at the bar, and Eric Cantor’s campaign spending almost as much on steak houses as David Brat did in total.

          Mentioned but not linked was “a map of all the school shootings since Sandy Hook.”

          Agreed on the Buzzfeed thing. I really don’t need to know How Texas, California or Nevada my friends and relatives are, or 26 reasons why Clueless is more relevant today than ever illustrated with GIFs heavily featuring Tina Fey for reasons that nobody seems sure of.

          1. The “school shootings” map was thoroughly debunked.

            They weren’t accidentally wrong about the numbers either. It was willful and intentional deception.

            1. Well that’s certainly no good. Any chance there was a retraction and the author was fired/ritually sacrificed?

              Or is it a pattern of behavior with the site? I should know if he’s going to be linking things from there.

              1. They’re pro gun control. School shootings are scary. They were trying to make it seem like there were more school shootings to convince people that more gun control was necessary.

                As far as I’m concerned, if you describe one drug dealer shooter another drug dealer at 3am near a school a “school shooting”, you’re a liar.

                The term “school shooting” is specifically meant to elicit an emotional response a la Sandy Hook or Columbine. They’re lying for a political end, they know they’re lying, and they don’t care.

                1. Vox recently did a video explaining how the world is a more peaceful place. Their reasoning for such was the exact same argument as presented in Fukuyama’s The End of History and the Last Man.

                  Now let that set in for a moment. One of the foremost Progressive agitprop houses have adopted the foundational text of Neoconservativism to explain current geopolitics.

                  Charles Fort was right.

                  1. That’s real retarded, sir.

              2. And yes, it’s a pattern of behavior. It’s Ezra Klein’s site.

                1. It’s Ezra Klein’s site.

                  Well that tells me what I need to know.

    3. Vox @vauxnews ? Jul 11
      5 reasons LeBron is underpaid.

      That one is arguably true.

      1. It’s unquestionably true. The NBA has maximum salaries, which means Lebron James is worth more than they pay him because they’re basically using cartel price fixing methods to keep his pay down.

        1. Well he’s also making shit tons off endorsements. And his wealth exists largely because of the league. He wouldn’t make 72 million a year hustling at Rucker Park. Without a competitive NBA, he wouldn’t be making anywhere near that much.

          1. He’s also chosen to play there, so he accepts it, but it remains cartel pricing and it serves to reduce his income.

          2. “And his wealth exists largely because of the league. He wouldn’t make 72 million a year hustling at Rucker Park. Without a competitive NBA, he wouldn’t be making anywhere near that much.”

            He didn’t build that.

        2. sure, the NBA is using cartel pricing. Just like every other pro league. This isn’t a market where one team tries to win market share from another; it’s a collective with huge salaries.

          Commissioners talk about ‘competitive balance’ because it’s not European soccer, the games won’t survive with 3-5 top tier teams and the rest just filling out the schedule.

          1. I always point to baseball as proving that a salary cap isn’t needed to maintain parity.

            The Marlins have won two World Series and the Oakland A’s are routinely good.

            Granted, baseball benefits from having a finely-tuned minor league system that can randomly spit out talented ballplayers to any team that drafts and trades well. The NBA and NFL don’t really have that.

            1. You also can’t buy 3-4 great players and have a baseball team that no one can beat.

              I see the point that without salary caps you could just get a starting five of Chris Paul, Lebron James, Kevin Love, Dwight Howard, and Paul George and never lose.

              There’s no similar possibility in baseball. The Yankees can spend as much as they want and there’s no guarantee they’re winning anything.

              1. My handle is proof of that. Although I’m confident.

                1. I think you guys can come out of the NL this year. Last year could have gone either way, I think it’ll drop to ya’ll.

                  Just wish my Yanks could muster something. Jeter winning another one this year would be just about all I could ask for as a fan.

                  1. Wait, didn’t you just bash the northern Yankees in a previous post? And now you’re divulging that you’re a Yankee fan???? I actually don’t give a shit, seeing as how Virginia doesn’t have a baseball team. I think if Beckett can remain as superb as he’s been, we can make it. Everyone wrote him off two seasons back, but boy did he come pitching like bat out of hell this season. Almost like how he was with the Marlins.

                    1. My dad’s been a fan since he was seven years old listening to Maris and Mantle chase 61. Got it from him. The only thing I really like about New York is the Yankees, and the only thing I like about DC is the Redskins. Well that and Ben’s Chili Bowl.

                      But fun fact, the Richmond Virginians were the Yankees AAA team from the mid 50s to the mid 60s. I have a hat. Then they left for Toledo, and the Richmond Braves were here for four decades. Lotta Braves fans here for that reason. But then the city wouldn’t build them a new ballpark, so they left. Now we have the Richmond Flying Squirrels, the AA club of the SF Giants.

                    2. Fuck the giants. And I’ve yet to go to Ben’s chili bowl even though I’ve been here in DC for about a month now.

    4. Thanks, Man! That is some well-done funny stuff! 😎

    5. Vox @vauxnews ? 6h
      Watch Matt Yglesias start to whimper as he is chased around Sea World by a flamingo.

      I found that far funnier than I should have….

  9. All that needs to be said about these brave people is: God Bless Them.

    1. Agreed. This will be my one on-topic comment in this post.

  10. Watchin’ the “Amber Waves of Fuel 300”. Fuck Iowa. Fuck corn (you know they really mean “ethanol”). Fuck Indycar, too. I miss CART.


    The “Iowa Corn Indy 300”. lulz!

  11. Just took a good friend to a bad concert – the performer was a deeply earnest, deeply bad, SWPL musician.

    I am going to wash out the taste with Bruce Lee beating people up to an LL Cool J sound track.

    1. What was the musician’s name?

      1. What Irish said.

    2. What was the name of the band/performer?

      1. That would be TMI, but do you know these girls?

        The one I saw was worse.

        1. Some of their older stuff was ok. But when the head chick doubled down on her comments about W with that stupid fucking album trying to play the martyr, that was it.

        2. I think their gripe was ‘W stole the election’, which even the NYT admitted was bullshit.
          So we have performers depending on public support whinging about an election close enough to hit the courts; not real bright.
          I haven’t bothered to follow them; are they now griping that they can’t make their numbers because of a ‘great right-wing conspiracy’?

          1. Nah it was something along the lines of Bush is a moron and we’re ashamed he’s from Texas or something. Said in London. Then they refused to apologize, and started this whole martyrdom complex, in which they were gleefully aided by the media. So they pissed off their whole fanbase. I guess they thought the Grammy and the Rolling Stone cover meant they had a brand new fanbase of liberals. But that all went away.

            1. Anyway, it was worse than them.

              And more obscure.

              1. Yeah, it’s so annoying when the mainstream press gets their lefty politicking into country music. Like a month ago Rolling Stone named one of Paisley’s songs the 100th best country song of all time, because it had a positive Obama reference. Hell, you could argue Paisley even deserves to be on the list. But not with that song.

                Look, the song is utterly forgettable. George Strait alone has written a hundred better songs. But it’s pro-Obama, so Rolling Stone puts it on the list. Remember when they were anti-Establishment?

                1. “Remember when they were anti-Establishment?”

                  No, I don’t. I’d have sworn Wenner was sucking up to lefties from day one.
                  And Paisley? Why not just give him a Nobel in, uh, “Not Mentioning Bush”?

            2. Virginian|7.12.14 @ 11:40PM|#
              “Nah it was something along the lines of Bush is a moron and we’re ashamed he’s from Texas or something.”

              So it wasn’t even based on some factoid, just hubris?
              I hope their agent dropped them for someone with sense.

              1. I mean, I agree with what they said. It was just a retarded thing to do from a business perspective.

                You know who’s a lifelong Democrat who fervently supported Obama? Toby Keith. But he keeps writing his rah rah Murica songs, and counts his money.

                1. Virginian|7.12.14 @ 11:51PM|#
                  “I mean, I agree with what they said.”

                  There was some twit who posted here a while back and every time someone griped about the rethugs, we’d get a “THE REPUBLICANS MUST DIE” comment.
                  Now, most of us won’t gripe about that, but I finally asked him about the Ds, since they are doing such a wonderful job in, oh, CA.
                  Well, no so much. I’d be the DCs are in the same boat.

                2. I didn’t know about that one.

        3. TMI? Meaning you can’t tell me what concert you were at?

          What’s your damage, bro?

          1. I’m shy that way, I like staying behind my handle where people like Mary and others can’t track me.

            Suffice that it *wasn’t* the Chicks With Dicks, but someone who made them look like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

            When the time is right, I shall reveal myself. Probably when I’m selling something.

            Haven’t you seen a paranoid person on the Internet before?

            1. I get it now. You were at a “concert”, meaning free summer music in the park, and google would tell me what small town you lived in.

              I object to the term “concert”.

              1. I think you got it.


                1. Man, you’re paranoid. I know the names of 75% of the posters here. Your paranoia is making me want to focus on you.

                  1. Just give me a bit more time, maybe we could end up on a first name basis.

                    “Your paranoia is making me want to focus on you.”

                    Really? That would add a bit of a creepy buzz-kill to our interactions. And I was just trying to share an anecdote.

                    I seem to recall Mary calling people’s bosses and trying to get them fired.

                    1. I seem to recall Mary calling people’s bosses and trying to get them fired.

                      Eh, he hasn’t tried to get me fired yet. Although he is plotting to steal Sudden’s dog.

                      It’s a cute dog though, so I don’t blame him.

                    2. Come on guys, I startle easily, just don’t make loud noises or sudden moves and eventually I may come over and join your confabs.

                2. I’ll say that it was so bad I would rather have seen:


                  (TRIGGER WARNING: You don’t want to click that link, and if you do I’m not responsible for any damage)

                  1. You are responsible…..
                    …for my kids dancing.

                3. I’m in your bushes, Eduard.

                  1. I’m posting from your attic.

                    1. Yeah, I know, FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE.

    3. Was it as bad as an out of tune, Pete Seeger tribute? Guess what I had to watch tonight.

      1. You win.

        1. I didn’t mean to one up you, just had to vent. It was horrible.

  12. I usually stay out of the AGW stuff (I don’t have very strong opinions on the matter), but I thought folks might “enjoy” this: Miami, the great world city, is drowning while the powers that be look away

    Low-lying south Florida, at the front line of climate change in the US, will be swallowed as sea levels rise. Astonishingly, the population is growing, house prices are rising and building goes on. The problem is the city is run by climate change deniers

    1. The problem is the city is run by climate change deniers

      In no way is that a problem unless you feel the need to punish your ideological enemies. What the fuck is the mayor of Miami supposed to do about AGW (assuming you believe it’s real)?

    2. …”Astonishingly, the population is growing, house prices are rising and building goes on. The problem is the city is run by climate change deniers”

      So it’s the “climate change deniers” who establish the prices for homes in FL? Man, those guys are almost as powerful as W, causing OBO to do all that horrible stuff!
      I wonder if they are also the people who fix the prices of Malibu, where all the “smart set” lives?…..ibu/90265/

      1. There’s some price fixing going on in Malibu, all right. In the form of building restrictions.

        21 miles of prime coastline (20 square miles) in Los Angeles County, and only 12,000 residents. My city has 2 miles of coastline (4 square miles), and 36,000 residents.

        Malibu is a perfect example of “I’ve got mine, fuck you”.

        1. How dare you accuse the good denizens of Malibu of self-interest!

          They are clearly motivated by concern for the environment and want to keep the evil corporate developers, who sit in their corporation buildings acting all corporation-y, from exploiting the land and making money.

        2. “Malibu is a perfect example of “I’ve got mine, fuck you”.”

          It is also a prime example of revealed preference.
          Every one of those lefty twits is whining about AGW in stated preference at the same time they are bidding up shore-line property in revealed reference.
          If you’re serious about AGW, WIH are you doing buying expensive property 3′ above MSL?

          1. I dunno, Federal Flood Insurance?

            Full disclosure: I have FFI. It was so cheap, it’s stupid not to buy it.

          2. Also, I think they believe they are going to stop it with a carbon tax…

            1. “Also, I think they believe they are going to stop it with a carbon tax…

              OK, the flood insurance I can see, since there’s the presumption that the given twit will have the guanzi to recover the money.
              But do you really think the given twit bleeves a new tax is gonna save their ass?
              I live in SF, so I deal with truly stupid people on a fairly regular basis, but that’s hard to bleeve.

  13. Really OT:

    “CDC outlines 5 incidents in which deadly pathogens were mishandled ”
    Dangerous germs, including anthrax, botulism and a strain of bird flu, were improperly sent among government laboratories in five incidents during the last decade, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which said it had closed two labs and had imposed a moratorium on shipping deadly pathogens.
    The announcement of the previously undisclosed incidents comes days after the CDC said scientists had discovered six vials of the smallpox virus in an unused storage room at the National Institutes of Health campus in Bethesda, Md.”…..story.html

    I would like to ask anyone reading this (and, yes, Tony, turd, craig, commie kid, that includes your sorry asses) to consider what sort of response this would have gotten if it were a ‘FOR-PROFIT’ organization that was as pathetically sloppy as the CDC.
    I had to do a search and found it as a day-old article.

  14. SF Giants considering a list of ‘culturally insensitive’ clothing to ban from their stadium

    The San Francisco Giants are considering a policy that could prohibit fans from wearing items such as fake headdresses in what American Indian activist Suzan Shown Harjo believes would be a first for a major-league sports franchise.

    The proposed policy, which is still in the working stages, could potentially say that fans who wear culturally insensitive attire to games or use culturally insensitive language could be asked to stop by Giants security or potentially be asked to leave the stadium.

    Staci Slaughter, Giants senior vice president, communications, and senior advisor to the CEO, said the Giants have policies about obscene language and offensive signs.

    “We are considering expanding the policy to be more explicit about culturally insensitive signs and articles of clothing. I don’t want to overstate where we are. We haven’t finalized the language. We are still in the process of revising it.”

    The proposed policy comes after an incident at a Giants game last month when two Native Americans approached a group of men who were passing around a fake headdress to tell them it was disrespectful. One of the Native Americans asked for the headdress and then declined to return it. The incident occurred on Native American Heritage Night.

    Will they also crackdown on ticket scalpers?

    1. Oooh nice. As I said in a previous comment: fuck the giants. Fog fags, the lot of them.

    2. “Will they also crackdown on ticket scalpers?”
      I see what you did there, kemosabi!

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