Getting High on the Fourth of July: A Marijuana Farmers' Market


Los Angeles celebrated Independence Day non-traditionally last weekend, with a farmers' market for marijuana. Reason TV paid a visit to this bizarre bazaar to speak with participating growers and organizers.

Originally published on July 8, 2014:

Thousands celebrated their independence over the Fourth of July weekend by attending the first ever marijuana farmers' market in the Los Angeles community of Boyle Heights. 

The California Heritage Market was organized by 22-year-old Paizley Bradbury, who also serves as the executive director of the West Coast Collective, a marijuana dispensary. Bradbury became concerned that patients were losing access to medicinal marijuana after Los Angeles voters passed Proposition D in 2013—a law which restricted the number of pot shops that could operate within city limits. 

"We don't have a lot of dispensaries in Los Angeles and that kind of limits the amount of growers that people have access to," states Bradbury. 

The concept proved popular with consumers—an estimated 2,500 people attended on the first day alone to purchase goods from over 30 vendors.

Bradbury maintains that the market is legal because the collective is grandfathered in under the Prop D law. To attend the market, patients must provide documentation that shows they are able to legally purchase marijuana in the state. 

"This is exactly the way the law is written," says Bradbury. "Patients are supposed to be getting their medicine directly from the growers within the collective and that's exactly what's happening here."

Bradbury plans to continue staging the market each weekend. 

Produced and shot by Alexis Garcia. Music by The Duckers. 

Approximately 3 minutes. 

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  1. Hooray for the red, white and blazed.

  2. CNN: White gays, stop stealing black female culture.

    I agree. Personally, I have long believed that one group should never enjoy the culture of another group. We should just keep to our own kind.

    I call it ‘separate but equal.’

    1. By the way, Irish, happy Boyne-iversary!…..553dad016f

    2. Man, that’s a funny Onion video.

    3. Besides the inherent ridiculousness of most cultural appropriation BS, isn’t this, like, extremely hetero-/cis-normative?

    4. OMFG, she said “One of my best friends is Indian”


      1. By the way, I read your article about the SJW crowd descending on 4chan and getting wrecked. That was fucking hilarious. I thought everybody knew not to fuck with 4chan at this point.

        1. What thread is this in?

          1. PM links:…..nt_4630215

              1. What little sense i can glean from this =

                one group of internet yappers decided to piss all over the party of other internet yappers, the latter being more ‘SJW’ types, and the former being like, highly-evolved Trolls.

                Trolls vs. Idiotic SJWs. I’m thinking Lord of the Rings type mass-battle.

                I’m curious how much any of this actually bleeds into ‘real life’ in any way. If at all.

                1. Can’t you just be happy for 4chan?

                2. one group of internet yappers decided to piss all over the party of other internet yappers, the latter being more ‘SJW’ types, and the former being like, highly-evolved Trolls.

                  No, that is not complete. The SJWs decided to piss all over the party of the trolls, and the trolls turned around and pissed all over the party of the SJWs in retaliation.

                3. Basically, the SJWs tried to bug people on 4chan. 4chan responded by invading Tumblr and posting massive amounts of ‘triggering’ content. Suddenly half the site is flipping out about having panic attacks and claiming people were committing suicide over the images.

                  The SJWs responded by flooding /b/, a sub forum on 4chan, with lolcats. It was not a successful counterattack.

                  This is the internet version of a gazette running up to a lion, kicking it in the face, and then being surprised that it’s lunch.

                  1. Yes, it all starts to be making … well, not “sense”, but the ‘what happened’ seems clearer.

                  2. “Big Al
                    4 days ago

                    I love how I-wasnt-always-a-fallen-angel’s first response to her friend downing a bottle of pills like a shot of Jack wasn’t to call the police, it was to wait until they died to post about it on tumblr

                    5 days ago

                    I love the White House petition, pure gold. All over the world there’s famine, war, pestilence, brutality of the worst kind, and these people are using their voice to complain to the government about someone making them feel bad on the internet. Priceless.?

                    1. Now that I’ve gotten a glimpse into the lives of what people ages 13-20something get up to these days on the intertubes…

                      …i recall that someone yesterday was giving me shit for *once having punched someone in 8th grade*

                      in retrospect, i think that person is even more retarded now than i did before.

                      The internet= serious stuff.

                    2. The internet is a dark and crazy place full of the worst sort of evil.

                      Most normals like Gilmore never see it, but it’s always there, like a festering wound.

                    3. Ha, the crazed dad at the end:”I HVE CALLD TEH CYBER PUHLESE!” Who are they? Do they carry cyber guns?

                    4. The posters on that video are fucking awesome. It’s the only time I’ve ever seen a youtube video whose comments were actually funny.

                      Dewey DefeatsTruman3 days ago

                      You forgot to mention the absolute worst of the worst boards on that evil 4chan site. /m/ (which stands for Murder obviously) and /r/ (guess what? I won’t say it because I know it’ll trigger some people harder than Inferno Cop or Kill la Kill ever could.)?

                      MrQwertysystem2 days ago

                      You mean rape? Was the word you were looking for rape? I bet it was rape wasn’t it?
                      I bet /r/ stands for rape.?

                      Ostrich1606 days ago

                      Also, some nice people on /pol/ have found a way to automatically post things after a certain amount of time. E.g., they can automatically have a picture posted a week from now

                      The plan is to continue this tumblr raid for the next 10 years?

                    5. The plan is to continue this tumblr raid for the next 10 years?

                      lol 4chan

                    6. (/r/ is requests [NSFW, as in requests for porn and whatnot] and /m/ is mecha [as in anime stuff], for those not aware)

        2. Yeah, like I said, it was all pretty vile and immature.

          But watching dumb teenage and twentysomething Tumblrinas try to take down 4chan, and then have, in turn, a bunch of dumb teenage and twentysomething /b/tards come over and turn a $1B acquisition into their sick playground was pretty funny.

    5. Dang, I just came here to post the TIME article. Pure, distilled, essence-of-derp.

      1. I guess you could say I just appropriated your idea.

        You should go write a blog post about how horrible I am.

  3. Will someone explain to this east-coaster this paradox? With such a large percentage of the general U.S. population having smoked marijuana, what is the reason that California, supposedly full of “liberals” and freethinkers and live-and-let-live citizens, does not legalize pot?

    1. Because “liberals” aren’t freethinkers or ‘live-and-let-live’ citizens at all.

      Its just what they keep telling themselves.

  4. RIP Tommy Ramone

    he was probably more significant to the band’s formation and early sound development than either Johnny or Joey, and while he stopped actually playing drums with the band in 1978, he still was crucial in the production of all their records up until Rock & Roll High School (i.e. when the band was ‘good’) He was the only Ramones drummer included in their Hall of Fame induction.

  5. Der Monde? Oder ?bermonde?

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