A.M. Links: Drafting the Dead, Unconstitutional Redistricting, National Gay Blood Drive, Continued Violence in Israel and Gaza


  • gayblooddrive.com

    Rockets from both Gaza and Lebanon hit Israel Friday morning, followed by more Israeli airstrikes against Hamas militants in Gaza. Health officials there say the strikes have killed over 100 Palestinians (including about one-third two-thirds civilians) since Tuesday.

  • A circuit judge in Florida has ruled the state's congressional map unconstitutional. "Republican political consultants or operatives did in fact conspire to manipulate and influence the redistricting process," wrote Judge Terry Lewis.
  • The National Gay Blood Drive is working to change an FDA policy, enacted in 1983, that puts a lifetime ban on blood donations from any man who has, "from 1977 to the present, (had) sexual contact with another male, even once." 
  • A Washington state man who was fired from his job after appearing in the media buying legal recreational marijuana has been reinstated; the company called it all a "misunderstanding." 
  • Oregon's Full Sail Brewing Company is suing the Atlanta-based Sessions Law Firm for trademark infringement.
  • The sex trade is booming in Silicon Valley (and the FBI doesn't like it). 
  • The Pennsylvania government mistakenly sent more than 14,000 military draft notification letters to dead men, all born between 1893 and 1897. 

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  1. Rockets from both Gaza and Lebanon hit Israel Friday morning…

    Crack in the Iron Dome?

    1. The iron dome is neither a dome nor made of iron. Discuss.

      1. Boker tov.

        Let’s resurrect the Holy Roman Empire and put it in charge.

        1. yeah but what did the Roman Empire ever give us besides Roads?

          1. Sanitation?

            1. All right, but apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh-water system, and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?

              1. Sacked Jerusalem?

      2. Metaphor is a hell of a drug.

        1. Did you just slur me?

          1. Many Waffles knew what it was like to be roasted in the depths of the Slur that day, I tell you!

    2. Hello.

      1. Is it “Glee” you’re looking for?

    3. Accusing Israel of reneging on the terms of 2012, Haniyeh said it was “the occupation” that started the aggression and therefore Israel is the one that must stop it.

      Haniyeh then added “if the roast beef wasn’t cold by the time I got home, I wouldn’t have had to give the bitch a black eye.”

      1. Not to draw equivalence, because I have a clear preference for which social structure I desire to see win out, but this is one time that I think the Non-Inteverntion Doctrine would develop a stable equilibrium toot sweet.

        1. I am as non-interventionist as they come, and I agree. On their first day as a nation, one side beat back four countries who had assistance from at least four other countries. They don’t need our help.

    4. Yeah, Fist, I thought that, too. I’d be interested to see the percentage success rate for Iron Dome.

      If it was up to me, I’d set up artillery and missile parks that would return fire automatically and instantly to the site of any launch. Shoot a missile or a mortar, and a significant response comes within a minute.

      Sure, the terrorists/war criminals will shoot from hospitals, schools, etc. Tough shit. Sooner or later they will learn that they might as well blow it up themselves, because that’s whats going to happen.

      1. If it was up to me, I’d set up artillery and missile parks that would return fire automatically and instantly to the site of any launch. Shoot a missile or a mortar, and a significant response comes within a minute.

        They basically did this using counter battery fire and airstrikes and were (and are still) lambasted by haters for “disproportionate response.”

  2. A circuit judge in Florida has ruled the state’s congressional map unconstitutional.

    We can’t have both parties gerrymandering.

    1. Florida should take a lesson from Maryland.

      1. And Maryland voters fell for it in Question 5. I am so glad I no longer live in that state.

        1. But, but, the question said the redistricting was required by the constitution!

        2. They didn’t fall for anything. Maryland is a cesspool of corrupt Democrats.

          1. CPA excluded, obviously

            1. There’s at least 10 of us non-democrat folk, wait, one just left, there goes another, ok, just me and Pi guy.

              1. I left a few months ago. Maryland is the worst.

                In regards to Marylands districting map, I always found it amusing that my office and my house were in the same Congressional district, even though they were 25 miles apart, while my neighbors across the street were in a different district than me.

            2. Yeah, I don’t think he’s a democrat.

      2. I live somewhere in the light gray.

        You guys will never find me!

    2. Yeah, IL saw a hilarious Donkey redraw – the Districts around Chicago are non-Euclidean geometry, not otherwise seen outside of the architecture of R’leyh.

      1. are non-Euclidean geometry, not otherwise seen outside of the architecture of R’leyh

        ow! my brain!

        1. “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh Chicago wgah’nagl fhtagn”

      2. What do you have against Klein bottle-shaped districts?

        1. Parking….duh!

    3. At large voting. All congressional races are statewide. If your state is entitled to ten congresscritters then the top ten candidates in the race become congressmen.

      1. I think that the House having specific districts is a good thing, so I’m not wild about that idea. I think that you just need some completely fixed way of making the districts. I’d say just divide the state into a grid, or use existing municipal boundaries and then arrange the divisions into the most regular shapes possible which have roughly the same populations. Shouldn’t be hard to make a computer program to do that.

        1. I like that idea.

        2. All districts must be within 10% of the average district population (so if a state has 25 districts every district must have between 3.6 and 4.4% of the states population)

          District boundries must be drawn according to a mathematical formula that produces the sum of the ratios of district perimiter to district area.

          District demographics are not allowed to be considered.

          This completely eliminates gerrymandering and redistricting could easily be done by a computer program and could be challenged in court by simply coming up with a more efficient mathematical formula.

        3. The real issue here is the dilution of minority votes. My solution gets around that by ensuring that if a minority group votes as a bloc they can have a representative. Under the current system voters can and do sue over the way district boundaries are drawn. I’m trying to eliminate the whole expense and churning of doing that.

          1. Yeah, I suppose that is a problem that you have to consider practically. In my mind, removing all considerations of demographics from the process should make such claims irrelevant. Encouraging minority groups to vote as a bloc seems like something that should not be encouraged.

            1. I’m not encouraging that, but since the perceived problem is that voting by districts “prevents minorities from electing candidates” my solution addresses that.

          2. The real issue here is the dilution of minority votes.

            Since I don’t recognize the concept of minority voters, I don’t see an issue here.

        4. Sweep out equal areas for each of n congresspersons radially from the center of the state or the capital.

          Elections will be celebrated with a pie, having been baked in the shape of the state, carved into it’s appropriate district.

          For the states too gauche to eat pie…

        5. Divide by counties, city, and township borders as much as makes sense by the population density.

        6. 1. Reps vote how many votes were cast in the election, or how many they got, doesn’t matter.

          2. Border parcels can shift to a neighboring district if that district had fewer votes in the last election.

          3. Dump the census.

        7. All districts must be convex, except where impossible because of the state boundary.

      2. Alternatively, District X voters elect the congresscreature from District Y.

      3. That’s one way of making sure rural America doesn’t get representation in the House.

        1. Not necessarily, if the urban centers put up many candidates that split their vote and the rural centers don’t. But yes, it would really make it structurally harder for those districts.

        2. A good point, of course. Thanks for pointing that out.

          But, you’re assuming that rural people (however you define those) all vote as a bloc and that urban people (…) also vote as a bloc.

          To use the example with which I’m most familiar, in Virginia a big issue is defense (claimed), or more accurately keeping the defense budget high since so many residents are active duty military, civilian DOD employees, defense contractors and those people who depend on the presence of military bases (restaurants, tailors, etc).

      4. I’m pretty sure this would make it easier for more nuts to get into
        Congress, so therefore I’m in favor of it.

      5. Ooh, the Single non-transferrable vote.

        Somehow I have a feeling it would lead to more vote fraud here in the US.

        1. I didn’t know that’s what it was called. Thanks, Theodore.

      6. No voting. Grab them at random. Only way to stop politicians from getting elected.

    4. I don’t doubt the Republicans drew lines to favor them, but we had decades of even more blatant redistricting crap when the state was solidly Democrat. It’s all such bullshit.

      1. Well, the ultimate solution is direct democracy which is within our reach technologically. But the potential for vote system hacking is high, and the advocates for the poor would claim that the poor don’t have access to computers are unable to obtain voter registration, etc.

    5. Why don’t they just gerrymander by race, like every other state?

    6. The thing that really amazes me about how redistricting is done is that there isn’t more outrage about how everyone tries to game it to their advantage. It’s not as if they even pretend they are trying to do it in a neutral way.

      1. Nobody really gives a shit because at worst, 1 or 2 districts might swing – while everyone else just continues re-electing the incumbent like they always do.

      2. The way that is pitched, Zeb is that it’s OK if we cheat now because the other guys cheated before and we’re taking back what was stolen from us… Wash, rinse, repeat.

  3. The BBQ joint where NO ONE cuts the line… except Obama: Controversy as President becomes the first person ever to jump ahead at restaurant where customers can wait three hours
    The president visited some Austin eatery Franklin Barbecue on Thursday
    The line at Franklin can stretch several hours long, but Mr Obama skipped straight to the front of the line
    Owner Aaron Franklin says no one is allowed to cut the line at his restaurant, but he made an exception for the president
    Mr Obama paid for the order of the father and daughter who were waiting ahead of him
    Spent more than $300 on brisket, ribs, sausage and turkey to feed the legions on Air Force One
    Paid for the order with black credit card after awkwardly taking out a stack of dollar bills


    1. No class.

    2. Spent more than $300 on brisket, ribs, sausage and turkey to feed the legions on Air Force One

      And didn’t tip, I bet.

      1. President Mister Pink?

        1. I think I’ll watch that movie this weekend. Been years.

      2. I’m sure he tipped lavishly. He’s quite generous with other people’s money.

        1. It’s the government’s money. It just lets you keep some pocket money

    3. Well, the restaurant owner could have said “no cuts for you.” Of course in this particular instance s/he would have been accused of racism regardless of actual intent. I wish more restaurant owners would stop pandering to VIPs at the expense of their regulars.

      1. It’s a lifelong dream to, some day, own my own place with a policy of never serving pols. I’m sure I’d be shut down if I ever did it publicly.

      2. If the owner had said “back of the line, pal” he would have been a hero.

        1. I’d have driven down there this weekend to get some barbecue.

      3. I doubt the restaurant owner could have done that. The Secret Service seems to dictate everything when one of their protectees is involved.

        1. “Then leave.”

    4. What would have Obama ordered to be done to the business owner if he haden’t let Obama cut the line?

      1. Reminded him that he didn’t build that business.

      2. “Those are some nice permits and licenses you’ve got there. It would be a shame if something happened to them.”

        1. Barry wouldn’t have to say or do anything. Jarrett, on the other hand, would probably start making phone calls.

          1. There’s no sugar-coating it, this building won’t pass fire codes. And you need to be audited. And are all your employees documented? And there’s an OSHA inspector coming.

      3. Audit baby audit.

      4. What would have Obama ordered to be done to the business owner if he haden’t let Obama cut the line?

        There’s no way the President shows up without the whole thing being arranged in advance.

    5. What’s with flashing the credit card like that?

    6. I love that he cut the line in front of the hipsters who go to that place. There is too much good BBQ in Central Texas to wait 3 hours for it.

      1. Exactly. It is good but it is not any better than the salt lick and not as good as the Kreitz Market. Only hipster doofuses wanting to be scene wait three hours for Franklin when they can go up the street and have Stubbs or up the road and have the Salt Lick.

        Just because Antony Bordaine went there, who is from New York and doesn’t know shit about Texas BarbeQue other than what his producers told him, doesn’t mean it is even the best much less worth waiting three hours for.

        1. Hey they made a commercial about Chef Nobu going there too

        2. Only hipster doofuses wanting to be scene

          Another classic John-ism.

          BTW – no food is worth waiting 3 hours for. John is right – it’s all “scene”. Just like the hipsters who stand on line for “cronuts”.

          1. what hipster doofuses DON’T want to be “scene”?

            1. True – it is all about image.

        3. I concur. It is good BBQ.

          But just go to frickin Rudy’s for cryin out loud.

    7. Kicking the president of the United States out of your restaurant would be worse for business than letting him cut.

      1. Who said anything about kicking him out?

          1. The NSA noticed, even if Michael didn’t.

        1. I’d kick him out, at least if he insisted on cutting.

    8. Mr Franklin and his daughter took a picture with the president, who he said ‘seems like a nice dude’.

      “Mr Franklin replied that the president ‘seems like a night douche’.”

    9. BBQ. Racist!

    10. Man, fuck Franklin’s. I hear all the time how fucking great it is from hipster assholes yet the guy refuses to be “big business” and has one location that always runs out of what you want. Give me Rudy’s BBQ – excellent and 100% smug asshole-free.

      1. This. Fuck that little nerd. If you want a small place, don’t white yourself out to travel shows and Visa commercials.

        1. White yourself out. Nice.

          1. Seriously, he truly is a H&R treasure…we need to have an award named after his deft typing skill.

            1. the Accidental Pun Award?

            2. Ahem.

              We do have RC’z Law, that typos will tend to make a post more humorous or insightful.

              Really, should be John’z Law.

      2. If he regularly has people lined up for hours, I can see why he’d stick with what he has. Assuming that it will last. I’d never go there, but it’s no skin off my nose.

        1. It’s skin off mine since I have to explain why we’re not going to “that food channel place” to visitors and convince them that it’s seriously not worth it.

      3. no way dude, franklin is great. I’m not a hipster at all, the brisket is fucking amazing. Lines suck, but oh well. Fads fade.

    11. I once covered Bill Clinton’s visit to a local deli. That’s probably the day I decided to get off the news desk.

      1. “Warlords”

    12. traffic really reallty sucked yesterday too.

      I left for work, but decided against it and just went back home. Three times.

      1. apparently all of fucking Reason lives in Austin. I’m not surprised lol

        1. We should have a Austin-Reason official drinkin session(TM) sometime.

    13. Oh ya, also : Franklin’s is not a fucking “eatery”.

  4. She’s not worth it! L’Oreal cuts ties with Belgian World Cup fan whose good looks swept the Internet after controversy over her hunting trip photographs
    Axelle Despiegelaere, 17, was spotted in the crowd at the World Cup
    She was seen supporting Belgium wearing face paint and a horned hat
    Her image went viral and she was offered a contract with L’Oreal
    Photo emerged of teenager posing with rifle and a dead animal in Africa
    Now she has had contract with L’Oreal cancelled following controversy

    Fucking people…

    1. A hot chick who is into hunting? That doesn’t mean you don’t let her model, that means you change the audience you use her shots for.

    2. Why the fuck is everything political?

      People should be ashamed of letting the personal become political.

      1. It’s super prevalent in online dating profiles. Which is actually kind of nice, because it makes it obvious who would be a huge pain to be around.

      2. Because progs are totalitarians.

    3. It isn’t just cute girls either. It seems that the anti-hunting nuts are down on rich joos too.


        1. Yup. But mine was just a pic which makes it easier for the likes of Tony and PB to grok it.

          You post had too many words.

          1. You post had too many words.

            You post had too few letters. :-p

          2. To be technically correct,

            Any words = too many words for the likes of Tony and PB

      1. that can’t be real noone is that stupid. It has to be a troll job.

    4. All shall look upon her and Despiegelare!

      1. She’s the first girl in a long time that has been deemed hot by the media that is actually really fucking hot. I shall look upon her and … um … never mind.

  5. A Washington state man who was fired from his job after appearing in the media buying legal recreational marijuana has been reinstated; the company called it all a “misunderstanding.”

    “We’ll find something else to fire him for.”

    1. That schlub gets his job back and a hot 17 year old loses her modeling contract.

      Ain’t no justice in this world!

  6. Obama ‘believes he has the power to make his own laws’: Boehner puts Obamacare at the center of lawsuit against the president
    House Resolution will authorize Boehner to sue the White House for changing the Affordable Care Act without the consent of Congress
    The suit is likely to quickly land in the Supreme Court, which ruled last week that Obama has overstepped his constitutional authority
    ‘Given what we’ve seen from them lately, that can’t be good,’ worried a Democratic Senate aide
    ‘You’re going to sue me for doing my job?’ Obama asked during a speech Thursday
    Republicans say the prospect of a lawsuit represents a defense of constitutional authority that belongs to legislators
    Democrats insist that the GOP is whining about the same kinds of Obamacare delays that they demanded just a year ago

    Fake scandal! Racist! Bush did it first!

    1. ‘You’re going to sue me for doing my job?’ Obama asked during a speech

      Constitutional scholar.

      Democrats insist that the GOP is whining about the same kinds of Obamacare delays that they demanded just a year ago

      That’s true. But they would have been legal if the legislature did them. And in a bit of turnabout, doesn’t this mean that Obama is a treasonous traitor?

      1. A nation of laws, not men.

    2. “Democrats insist that the GOP is whining about the same kinds of Obamacare delays that they demanded just a year ago”

      Legislatively, you idiot Donkeys.

    3. Obama ‘believes he has the power to make his own laws’:

      It’s the Fuck You, That’s Why Clause.

    4. No, they’re going to sue you for doing their job. Scab!

  7. Spicy burger test puts two daily reporters in hospital

    Assistant news editor Arron Hendy, and trainee reporter Ruari Barratt were both taken by ambulance to the Royal Sussex County Hospital after taking one bite each.

    Ruari suffered severe stomach cramps minutes after taking a bite before he lost the feeling in his hands and his eyes rolled back in his head.

    Aaron was initially okay but within a couple of hours was suffering similar symptoms and followed his colleague to hospital.

    1. But pot edibles are the real menace to society.

    2. Well, they are brits so even a drop of tabasco would be enough to send them over the edge.

      1. They should try this

        1. Nausea, savage hallucinations, heart palpitations and rapid bowel movement ? just some of the hidden treasures that await those who take on the world’s hottest curry

          “Just *some*”?

          1. Rapid bowel movement?

            Good name for a band, or best name ever?

  8. Husband treated in hospital after sex with his ballerina wife who was famously fired from the Russian Bolshoi for being ‘fat’ left him injured
    Anastasia Volochkova said boyfriend Bakhtiyar Salimov was injured after sex
    She said he was in such pain that they were forced to call an ambulance
    Volochkova was fired from Moscow’s Bolshoi Ballet for being overweight
    The ballet argued that none of her partners wanted to carry her

    Um, uh, OK. Uh, yeah. Sure.

    1. She is fat for a ballerina.

      1. Seriously. No wonder they made her a bellydancer.

          1. Metal bellies don’t sound very sexy.

      2. I don’t think fat is the right word. She is just thicker and more athletic looking – she’d be more at home with the Rockettes.

        1. She’s more of an average size fit woman than a petite little thing.

      3. She’s got more of a gymnast’s body than a ballerina’s. She very muscular. She’s not “too fat” but she does probably weigh too much.

    2. Husband treated in hospital after sex with his ballerina wife

      Anastasia Volochkova said boyfriend Bakhtiyar Salimov

      Make up your mind, Dailymail.

      1. maybe she sent both of them to the ER. Man, she must be vigorous!

  9. More Colorado drivers in fatal crashes positive for pot, study says


    “Even though causality cannot be established, Colorado would be wise to implement prevention efforts regarding marijuana and make treatment for those with marijuana use disorders more broadly available,” the study concludes.

    We can’t prove that marijuana impairment caused any of these crashes, but we’re going to act like it did because drugs are bad m’kay.

    1. marijuana use disorders

      WTF? I don’t even..?

    2. Ima gonna speculate that they are testing for it a lot more than they used to.

  10. Dumbasses in the news:

    Portland police arrest man accused of kicking police horse


    Cops: Woman Stripped, Did Yoga In Roadway
    Floridian, 51, busted on drug charges after bizarre display


  11. ‘Pit bull’ shot dead in van by police was actually a beloved pet Labrador waiting for me to return, says devastated owner
    Craig Jones says his dog Arfee was good-natured and not a threat
    Officer claims he shot the dog because it lunged through the window


    1. Jeez Sarc, are you gunning to replace Balko and his steady stream of nut punches?

      1. I just work with what the DM and Drudge give me.

      1. Damn you; I was going to burst the bubbles of Sarcasmic and Restoras! 😉

  12. The sex trade is booming in Silicon Valley (and the FBI doesn’t like it).

    Well, that’s where the money is, and those with the money are supreme nerds, dorks and geeks that never got any in high school or college, so…

    1. Yeah they want those hookers back in DC servicing government bigwigs where they belong

  13. The National Gay Blood Drive is working to change an FDA policy, enacted in 1983, that puts a lifetime ban on blood donations from any man who has, “from 1977 to the present, (had) sexual contact with another male, even once.”

    Frat guys can’t give blood? I didn’t know that.

    1. Only brothers in “Sippa Cuppa Cum”.

    2. I understand why they have the rule, but it seems like they could just test for HIV instead (which they do anyway).

      Now, if these guys had admitted to having skipped on alt-text, ban them for life.

      1. What about test failures?

        AIDS is still No 1 with homosexuals and its still increasing in numbers. Its not the news in the US that it once was becase of better treatment but the Federal budget alone for AIDS is hitting 30 $billion and rising. Do we really need more sick people and more taxpayer subsidized health care?


        1. “AIDS is still No 1 with homosexuals”

          Uh, what does this mean?

          1. Bugchasers, dude. They’re real and just about the freakiest thing I’ve ever read about.

            1. Yes, but I’ve never met one. I’m sure they exist, but more frequently in imagination than real life.

          2. I think it’s a horribly worded way to say it’s “most common among homosexuals”?

      2. Well, the ban goes back before reliable tests were available and when eye contact was thought to be sufficient for transmission.

        I have to say that the number of deaths cause by tainted transfusions (including Isaac Asimov IIRC) makes the ban not that unreasonable.

        1. Like I said, I understand why they started doing it. I just don’t think they need to keep doing it anymore.

          1. Bureaucratic inertia more than anything else would be my guess.

        2. Yeah, and testing is much more reliable these days.

          Also, given that AIDS is now treatable the worst case scenario isn’t all that bad.

          1. Except if you are a taxpayer who is paying the 30 billion and rising Federal AIDS bill.

        3. including Isaac Asimov IIRC

          Yep. Also Arthur Ashe.

    3. I got a lifetime bad from giving blood because of a false Hep test when I donated once.

      Even after they retested the blood and it came back clean, they wouldn’t use it and forbade me from donating again forever. Apparently they came up with a new test for hep that 1% of people falsely test positive for. And rather than determine if the test was valid,their default position is to chuck all donors out that are in that 1%.

      Oh well.

      1. They don’t want my blood either. For more valid reasons than that got you banned, but I never minded donating and I have a common blood type, so they liked having me around.

        Can’t be an organ donor either.

        1. I used to give very regularly. Since I started doing a lot more working out, I find it to be way more inconvenient.

          1. I kind of liked giving blood. It balanced my humours.

            1. It’s better than using leeches.

              1. And what are we supposed to do with millions of unemployed leeches?

                1. Weaponize them.

                2. Are you suggesting being a parasite is a legitimate occupation?

                  1. Thousands of politicians think so.

      2. It’s part of the conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.

      3. It gives you a good comeback to anybody who tries to hector you into donating blood.

        1. Absolutely. And I say the same thing when I refuse to be an organ donor and the clerk at the DMV gives me shit.

          “Well, if the system that tests blood didn’t return false positives for Hep, I’d probably be willing to dominate my kidneys to somebody if I die. Mince they don’t, looks like I’ll be buried intact.”

          1. Mmm…. minced kidney.

      4. My wife has been banned because she lived in Europe in the early 90’s during the mad cow scare

      5. I do not give my blood as it is too precious for commoners and certainly too potent for most to safely bear.

        1. If figured it was blue and all the in-breeding meant it was of a phenotype that we proles don’t have anyway.

      6. Mathematically that means that after X number of donations they will have banned all possible donors in the donor pool.

      7. The same thing happened to my dad. He was retested and came up negative, but could never give blood again.

  14. The Secret War On Black Republicans

    Why are racist attacks on black Republicans so underreported by the media?

    There has been much written about the racial rhetoric that has permeated political discourse since President Obama took office, and the media often highlights the racially inflammatory language used by some of his opponents. But racially charged language targeting black Republicans rarely receives much coverage, further fueling conservative suspicion of the mainstream media.

    1. They’re not authentic blacks.

      1. BINOS? WTF . .

    2. Secret? There’s nothing secret about the war on black republicans.

      1. Perhaps “under-reported” would be more accurate.

    3. the media often highlights the racially inflammatory language used by some of his opponents

      Such as…? I’m struggling to recall a single example.

      1. Hilary Clinton and Joe Biden were once, in 2008, opponents of Barack Obama. So they are technically correct, which is the best kind of correct.

        Doesnt explain Harry Reid, tho.

  15. It appears the Chicago PD has been conspiring to ‘lowball’ the violent crime statistics of the city

    “The media might have a short memory when it comes to Chicago violence, but the city’s Police Department appears to go to great lengths to willfully forget. Chicago magazine published a two-part investigation this year that detailed how the department appeared to be using pretty much every trick in the CompStat book to artificially deflate the city’s homicide and violent crime numbers. The reporters, David Bernstein and Noah Isackson, were able to identify 10 people “who were beaten, burned, suffocated, or shot to death in 2013 and whose cases were reclassified as death investigations, downgraded to more minor crimes, or even closed as noncriminal incidents?all for illogical or, at best, unclear reasons.” Given more time and better access, the article implies, the two reporters could have found plenty more examples of what would be considered murders by everyone but the police. The magazine’s investigation likewise documented that the police used similar tricks to depress the city’s larger violent crime rate.”


    1. all for illogical or, at best, unclear reasons

      The naivete is adorable.

    2. That Chicago Magazine article is a really good read. I read it when it came out.

    3. Dead bodies aren’t a statistic.

    4. “how the department appeared to be using pretty much every trick in the CompStat book to artificially deflate the city’s homicide and violent crime numbers”

      Still makes for valid comparisons, because every other major city is using every one of these tricks as well.

    1. Do I even need to click the link to know it’s the SEIU?

      1. Close, but it’s AFSCME.

        1. Yes, close.

    2. AFSCME is adorable in their low giving and bigotry!

    3. Obligatory AFSCME parody video.

      “We got broads out there who keep your kids gettin run over by some hardon”

    4. Wait… They’re so evil that when they give money to a cause you support, you should abandon that cause?

      1. Their irrational hatred of the Kochs is nothing, if not, hilarious. I bet you could poll 1000 hardcore liberals, and maybe less than 20 of them could even articulate why the Kochs are “bad mmkay.”

        1. I bet that number falls to less than 5 if you forbid them from mentioning Bush.

      2. So, we should list a bunch of causes that the Koch’s should give money to.

        1. They give money to a shit load of non-political causes. Someone should start posting a full list to all of the insane progressive sites and see what kind of ridiculousness follows.

  16. How could Stephen Spielberg kill a Triceratops? Gullible internet users in uproar over vintage photo of Jurassic Park director posing with ‘prey’
    A photo of the Hollywood director on the set of his 1993 blockbuster Jurassic Park was posted online last Sunday
    Facebook meme-maker and wit Jay Branscomb added a jokey caption claiming the photo showed a ‘despicable’ hunter
    Not everyone was able to appreciate his sarcastic sense of humor and criticized the ‘animal killer’
    One commenter labelled Spielberg an ‘inhumane p****’ despite Triceratops being extinct for 66 million years
    To date the post has been shared more than 30,000 times and attracted more than 5,000 comments

    Wow. That’s some serious stupid. Weapons-grade stupid. Tony stupid. Wow.

    1. I blame Swiss Servator and his “they’re all rats” view of taxonomy.

        1. Good morning, Buddy. Happy Friday.

  17. County: Dome upkeep costs a lot less than we’ve been saying
    …The Harris County Sports and Convention Corp. has been telling the Chronicle and other media outlets that the cost to maintain and insure the former Eighth Wonder of the World is a few million a year (anywhere from $2 million to $4 million, depending on the report).

    On Wednesday, Harris County Budget Chief Bill Jackson revealed that the amount the county actually is spending on the dome every year is far less than that. Utility costs? About $160,000 a year, he said….

    The Astrodome: From Elvis to Evel Knievel … to Green Space?

    1. When will they finally demolish that relic? It’s sucked since the 80’s.

    2. Can’t they just put a geodesic dome over the entire city and do away with the fucking humidity?

      1. fucking humidity

        THE worst thing about Houston imo.

        1. And it’s a long list, isn’t it? 😉

        2. “THE worst thing about Houston imo.”

          Have you ever watched the Texans or the Astros play? You’re not trying very hard.

  18. Selective Service, meanwhile, didn’t catch the error until people started calling, because the fed system only uses the last two numbers of a year on its computer records ? so 93 and 97 was interpreted as 1893 and 1993, and 1897 and 1997, respectively.

    It’s a good thing that the federal government led the way in Y2K remediation.

    1. They are trying to raise an Army of the Dead!

      1. Good one.

    2. They’re just a little late on the WWI draft notices.

  19. A Harsh Climate Calls for Banishment of the Needy

    Although governed by Norway, a country that prides itself on offering cradle-to-grave state support for its needy citizens, Svalbard, an archipelago of islands in the high Arctic, embraces a model that is closer to the vision of Ayn Rand than the Scandinavian norm of generous welfare protection.

    Even Longyearbyen’s socialist mayor, Christin Kristoffersen, a member of the Labour Party, wants the town ? named after an American industrialist, John Munro Longyear, who founded it in 1906 ? to stay off limits to all but the able-bodied and gainfully employed.

    “This is a very special kind of place,” said the mayor, whose town has all the conveniences of a modern urban area, including an airport, high-speed Internet and even a high-end restaurant, but faces such a struggle to survive against the elements that it has no place for the jobless or infirm.

    1. What is the connection to Ayn Rand here? Government kicking people out of town?

      1. There is none. Bring up Rand is now just a meaningless all-purpose slur, like “fascist” became around 1954 and “racist” around 1983.

        “Libertarian” is about there.

    2. Banishment of the Needy

      Nice band name.

    3. Debating whether to do a Kris Kristofferson joke.

    4. Should anyone be surprised? The needy keep getting needier and more demand is placed on those who work.

      1. You don’t have to banish them, just don’t subsidize them. They’ll banish themselves.

    5. Even Longyearbyen’s socialist mayor, Chris Kristoffersen

      He’s still alive?

  20. “Sen. Ron Wyden: Uber should be as unfettered as Facebook”


    1. Wow. Very pleasantly surprised. I knew he was good on civil liberties, of course.

      1. I think he’s the best Democrat Party national figure (tallest midget and all that). Too bad I think his chances of something bigger than Senator in that party are small.

      2. Not so good on that Amendment to seize control of campaign spending.

        1. That said, consider he is good on a lot of issues, it might be an instance of being stupid rather than evil.

    2. He also wants to cut corporate taxes.

    3. looked him up he seems pretty okay all around. He does seem a bit retarded on some issues but no diff than most politicians.

  21. One Of The NSA’s Original Whistleblowers Says The Goal Is ‘Total Population Control’

    “At least 80% of fibre-optic cables globally go via the US”, Binney said. “This is no accident and allows the US to view all communication coming in. At least 80% of all audio calls, not just metadata, are recorded and stored in the US. The NSA lies about what it stores.”

    The NSA will soon be able to collect 966 exabytes a year, the total of internet traffic annually. Former Google head Eric Schmidt once argued that the entire amount of knowledge from the beginning of humankind until 2003 amount to only five exabytes.

    1. “The ultimate goal of the NSA is total population control”, Binney said, “but I’m a little optimistic with some recent Supreme Court decisions, such as law enforcement mostly now needing a warrant before searching a smartphone.”

      “The Fisa court has only the government’s point of view”, he argued. “There are no other views for the judges to consider. There have been at least 15-20 trillion constitutional violations for US domestic audiences and you can double that globally.”

      With evidence that there could be a second NSA leaker, the time for more aggressive reporting is now. As Binney said: “I call people who are covering up NSA crimes traitors”.

    2. Ultimately, the NSA’s problem is that their capabilities are centralized. They have taps everywhere, but their storage is in one place, making it a target. People can point to their massive facility in Utah and say, “Look at that, that’s where they store all of their info on you.” It makes them more of a political target, and in the case of a more serious uprising, a physical one as well.

      1. Somebody’s always going to want to blow up your death star.

  22. Impotent Chickens Sending Poultry Prices Up

    At a time when prices for other forms of meat are already high, consumers might have looked for refuge in poultry. Unfortunately, poultry prices are up too?and it’s partially because a major source of the nation’s chickens is having virility issues.

    Reuters reports the breed of roosters affected accounts for about a quarter of slaughtered US chickens. Before you criticize the roosters themselves (and by the way, placing blame is rarely the best way to deal with anyone’s anxieties), it’s worth knowing that breeder Aviagen Group managed to genetically modify the birds into their infertility.

  23. Scotland’s Commonwealth Games uniforms raise eyebrows

    The new gear isn’t going over well. A petition ? addressed to “The Scottish Government” ? to drop the uniforms was started on change.org. It already has more than 7,000 signatures, and that number is climbing fast.

    There’s not much time for a wardrobe switch, though. The opening ceremony is July 23, when the Scottish team plans to march into Celtic Park stadium wearing the uniforms.

    1. I think we should applaud Scotland’s bravery for stepping out of the closet and looking fabulous.

    2. Yeah, the tartan is ok, but that blue splotchy stuff…blech.

    3. The Centauri Regent has a side business apparently.

  24. News flush: Japanese toilet exhibition making a splash

    In a country known for its high-tech ‘smart loos’, a Japanese exhibition dedicated to what gets flushed down them and featuring a giant toilet slide is making a splash in Tokyo.

    Children wearing poo-shaped hats slid excitedly down a chute into a lavatory standing five metres (16 feet) high, following the “Journey of Poo” at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation.

    The aim of the exhibition, which also includes a chorus of singing toilet bowls, is to educate visitors about sewerage, health and waste.

    1. “Poo-shaped hats”, my ass.

    2. I…just…that is…

      *shakes head and walks slowly away*

      1. Forgot it, Jake… It’s Toykotown.

    3. Children wearing poo-shaped hats slid excitedly down a chute …

      Those little shits!

    4. which also includes a chorus of singing toilet bowls

      Somewhere Lady Gaga is weeping tears of jealousy and rage

      1. OK, I actually laughed aloud and almost snorted coffee up my nose at that one, ifh.

    5. An angry lavatory asked out loud what would happen if the world’s loos refused to do their jobs, encouraging toddlers to say ‘thank you’ after flushing.

      A World without Terlets. I saw that filmstrip in grade school.

      “That’s right, Jimmy. You’re going to have to take a dump behind that tree and hope no girls come by…”

      1. Perhaps Jimmy gets off on having girls see him take a dump.

      2. encouraging toddlers to say ‘thank you’ after flushing

        Yes, convincing impressionable children to talk to inanimate objects can’t possibly go wrong.

  25. A ten-year-old girl has been ordered to be raped by a village chief because her dad beat up a man trying to molest his wife in India’s latest shocking sex crime.

    Seriously, I feel like torturing this guy to death


    1. And we have to listen to the bullshit on Jezebel about microaggressions.

      As far as this case goes, there is no punishment cruel enough, as long as the punished parties are the guilty ones and not some innocent bystander. Sick fucks.

    2. Is it too much to want to see the chief’s and rapist’s heads on spikes? And not figuratively either.

      1. No. (Note difference between validating feelings and actually calling for summary executions).

        1. I, for one, am actually calling for summary executions.

          Fuck that shit.

          1. A fair trial followed by a fine hanging…

            1. Yeah, do it properly or you’re near as bad as they are (maybe not too near in this case).

      2. Let us all act according to our national customs…

  26. ‘The bear is loose’: Is Obama breaking free or running away?

    On a single day this week in Denver, President Obama scarfed down pizza and drinks with strangers, shot pool with Colorado’s governor and shook hands with a guy on the street wearing a horse mask. His top staffers are promoting these stops on Twitter with the hashtag #TheBearIsLoose ? a term one of Obama’s aides coined in 2008 when the candidate would defy his schedule.

    More than five years into his presidency, Obama is trying to free himself from the constraints of office, whether by strolling on the Mall or hopscotching the country as part of a campaign-style tour. White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer says the president “just wants to get out” and influence “our overall political conversation” by connecting with ordinary Americans.

    But to some, breaking free can also look like running away.

    1. I saw him on TV yesterday. He was hunched over the podium with his forearms on it. He looked and sounded drunk.

      1. It really was wonderful to see his spirit so thoroughly crushed. I wish I could believe that the guilt of all the dead children in Pakistan and Yemen and all the young men in jail in this country was what was weighing on him, but I think he’s just flabbergasted that everybody doesn’t love him and do whatever he says.

      2. I heard him yesterday (or maybe Wednesday) saying something about how he didn’t go to the border with Gov. Perry because he wasn’t interested in photo opportunities.

        Needless to say, I burst out laughing.

    2. I guess taking up fiddling would have been a bit too spot on.

      1. You win an interntetz for that one. It was perfect!

    3. From comments: “One can always tell if an article is a Koch brothers owned Heritage Foundation talking point because the paid commentators turn out in droves, all harping the same old tune. That’s okay boys and girls. Your days are numbered, along with the K brothers paid employees in Congress and state houses across the land. November is just around the corner.”

      They say Jesus saves. I’m not so sure.

      1. Rufus, Buddy, please learn how to use html tags for long quotes. Thanks.

      2. Jesus saves…Esposito puts in the rebound.

        *oft heard in my youth*

        1. Jesus saves…Moses invests.

      3. Wait, what was that about “paid commentators”?

    4. Two and a half years still to go and he’s already afflicted with senioritis.


    A “left wing liberal” campaigning for Virginia Rep. Eric Cantor’s House seat has put a $100,000 bounty on nude photos of Texas Tech cheerleader and big-game hunter Kendall Jones.

    Jones’ photos of the animals she’s killed in Africa made her the most-hated person on Facebook last week, and protests eventually led to the hunting images being removed from the site. Jones argues she’s a conservationist, and claims she’s developing a hunting reality show for the Sportsman Channel.

    But Mike Dickinson, a seemingly bogus write-in candidate for Virginia’s 7th District, is interested in more than Jones’s photos of dead animals. He’s after nude photos, sex tapes, and details about the 19-year-old cheerleader’s sex life, and he’s willing to pay six figures for them.


      1. next time please just link to mediate I hate giving page views to slate. But that’s a pretty terrible troll job.

        1. I got no problem giving slate views when they go full on idiotic. Hopefully it incentivises them to go further idiotic. And then, hopefully, people will see the end results of what it is the slate writers are really advocating for.

    1. any publicity is good publicity in politics.

    2. Yesterday I came across a dating profile from a girl who said how much she hated hunters and refused to date one, followed immediately by “I can’t respect anyone who doesn’t like animals.”

      … So she doesn’t know or understand any hunters at all.

      1. I can’t respect anyone who doesn’t like animals.”

        I like ’em…medium rare.

      2. A while back I was talking with some woman who described herself as an animal lover. I said that I’m an animal lover too. I love to eat them. That pretty much ended the conversation.

        1. When I hear that I have to resist the urge to arch an eyebrow and ask “But isn’t that illegal?” Sometimes I don’t resist too hard

          1. Nice.

            1. She’s got my vote for the thread.

              1. Prepare for the inbound lawyers!

        2. I still remember a philosophy class that I took as a college freshmen. It was mostly discussion, and one time we were talking about the ethics of eating meat. The only other person that was as ardently pro meat eating as I was, was also the only other person to have lived on a farm. Some of the more hippie girls thought that we should have been more inclined to “like” animals since we were taking care of them all the time.

          1. Lol trying explaining to those types of people how the endagered list and some other conservation efforts actually harm more animals than help. Spoiler you will never convince them.

            1. The greatest survival adaptation cows, chicken and pigs ever evolved was…convincing us to eat them.

              The chicken strides the earth as a colossus, laughing at condors and bellowing, “Next time taste better, losers!”

                1. Automatic mailto link when using an at. Interesting.

              1. Chickens are kind of scarce in North Korea, so the role of Capitalism in that adaptation can’t be overstated.

          2. we should have been more inclined to “like” animals since we were taking care of them all the time.

            So she was unacquainted with the concept of “familiarity breeds contempt”?

      3. I went to a furry convention last weekend as an odyssey in cultural weirdness. I told the furries I was a deer and I chose that “fursona” because I hunt deer and respect them. The reactions were some shocked and aghast, but mostly impressed. I had a lot of fun.

        1. Did you have to dress up to pass, or are these things plainclothes?

          1. Plainclothes. Only some 15% dress up, but that’s still close to 1300 costumed critters. Most wear tails or ears or something. I didn’t. But did have an artist draw me as a cartoon deer; it’s a pretty cool memento.

  28. Hey, Where’s My Corporate Dystopia?
    Flying cars never came to pass, and neither did Blade Runner.

    The fetishization of the political through regulator-heroes such as Jennifer Government relies on the point-counterpoint of corporation and state; without the threat of the monolithic, immortal, all-powerful corporation hovering silently in the cultural background, the rhetoric and philosophy of (for instance) Elizabeth Warren is faintly ridiculous. Which is not to say it is entirely indefensible in every particular ? Senator Warren is right in demanding to know, say, why nobody at HSBC has been charged with a crime as a result of the bank’s money-laundering case, which involved such worrisome entities as Mexican cartels and Saudi financiers of terrorism.


    The antagonism between the monolithic corporation and the heroic regulator-god is an attractive scenario for progressives (and for conservatives hostile to globalization), because it keeps alive the delusion that the world can be controlled. But that is not reality ? not today, and not in the future, and there is nothing that the messianic pretensions of Barack Obama and the political tendency he represents can do about that. The far-off year of 2019 is going to be a lot more unpredictable, and a lot more interesting, than Ridley Scott ever imagined.

    1. Somehow I think you got the link wrong.

  29. Europe is dying, says France’s leading demographer, and Britain would be better off with the Anglosphere

    One of this blog’s constant themes is that Britain is shackled to a corpse: the EU is the only trade bloc on the planet that is not growing economically.

    It’s important to understand that this decline is not a temporary blip. Although the euro crisis has accelerated Europe’s slide, the underlying problem is demographic. Put simply, fewer and fewer youngsters are supporting more and more retirees. Europe’s working age population peaked in 2012 at 308 million, and will fall to 265 million by 2060. The ratio of pensioners to workers will, according to The Economist, rise from 28 per cent to 58 per cent ? and even these statistics assume the arrival of a million immigrants every year.

    1. I’ve always said the Anglosphere is the best sphere.

      1. Well it is far, far better than the Angelosphere. Who wants to be tied to a bunch if silly Italians?

        1. or the Anglesphere – no matter which way you turn, there is always another direction to go.

          1. The Angelsphere, on the other hand, is heavenly.

          2. Now you are just being obtuse.

            1. Thata is acute.

          3. We have nothing to sphere but sphere itself

        2. Fuck Britain.


          All that PC crap I see there. Don’t need it.

    2. Ummm, Britain led the way; they were the first country in Europe to voluntarily walk into the spiritual, moral, and intellectual gas chamber. The two world wars broke them.

  30. Court decision looms in subsidy challenge that could unravel ObamaCare

    Some have speculated that the tone of oral arguments suggests a looming ruling against the subsidies — on the heels of the Hobby Lobby decision which limited the requirement on employers to provide contraceptive coverage.

    The tension in the chatroom is palpable!

    1. I won’t be surprised if it goes Obama’s way. Judges are part of the Governing Class, and have careers to think about.

      1. Whatyoutalkinboutwillis? The Nazgul are in for *life*.

      2. Probably. They just threw a bone to the god squad so they have to balance the books by being good little drones.

        With The Big O clearly having given up maybe the judges will want to brownnose to the Repubs or screw O’s legacy in order to make Hillary look good if she gets in. You gotta hope.

  31. Exclusive: Carl Icahn says ‘time to be cautious’ on U.S. stocks

    Billionaire activist investor Carl Icahn said on Thursday that it is time for U.S. stock market investors to tread carefully after the run-up on Wall Street.

    “In my mind, it is time to be cautious about the U.S. stock markets,” Icahn said in a telephone interview. “While we are having a great year, I am being very selective about the companies I purchase.”

  32. Does innovation lead to prosperity for everyone?

    Not all innovation is alike. Incumbent firms replacing man with machine is a kind of innovation that may lift corporate profits and boost stock prices without necessarily broadly raising prosperity. Such technological advancement and efficiency is already contributing to polarized employment markets in advanced economies. Jobs are created at the top for high-creative workers and at the bottom for high-touch workers. But jobs in the middle? especially those involving routine, repetitive, and rules-based tasks?are automated away. In other words, the executives and janitors at a bank keep their jobs, but tellers get replaced by ATMs.

    But there is another kind of innovation, termed “empowering” innovation by business consultant Clayton Christensen. This is the sort of innovation generated by fast-growing startups offering new products and services. Empowering innovation is a job creator, not a job destroyer?though some jobs may shift from uncompetitive incumbents to these aggressive new challengers.

    Both sorts of innovation have their place, of course. But right now efficiency innovation may be destroying jobs faster than empowering innovation creates them. So what is the key to generating greater levels of empowering innovation? Competition?and the more the better.

    1. Yes, all the automation of the Industrial Revolution sure led to more poverty.

      How stupid are these people?

    2. The top paragraph is by far the most mind numbing paragraph of dumb and outdated/disproved ideas/theories I’ve read today.

    3. Even if this dichotomy were valid – and it isn’t – there’s no way to discourage the former and encourage the latter, because the only reason the latter happens is because of the former.

      Those small empowering startups have markets because they’re selling innovation solutions to incumbent firms.

    4. Clearly we need a Luddite revival.

  33. Minnesota gets on the board in the dog shooting competition:


    A St. Paul police spokesman told Fox 9 News that the dogs charged at officers, and that they feared for their safety. The spokesman also explained that law enforcement has the right to eliminate potential threats with lethal force, and he pointed out that a judge signed off on the search for weapons and drugs and that investigators believed they were entering a dangerous situation.

    Prepare yourself for a shocker. The results of the raid in that “dangerous situation”?

    The only items seized during Wednesday’s raid included clothing, a glass bong and suspected marijuana remnants in a metal grinder.

    1. It’s an established fact that if there is any real threat of danger, the cops wait it out. They only rush in with guns drawn when they know that there is absolutely no threat to their safety. They do it because they get a thrill off of killing and terrorizing.

    2. Top comment:

      Charles Elias VanPoppen ? Top Commenter ? Dell Rapids High School
      You smoke cannabis? You’re putting yourself and your children in a potentially harmful environment. Here’s what we’re going to do to remedy the situation. I’m going to break into your house with about a dozen or more men armed with high powered weapons, with bullets that go through walls, ready and more than willing to use them. This is the first step in creating a safer environment. Hopefully you don’t think your having your house broken into by a crook, own a gun, and try to use it thinking your are legitimately defending yourself and your family. From here we will shoot anything that “charges us”. Hopefully its not your child trying to run past us to the door to escape our “establishing of a safe environment” because we might confuse it with a pit bull and shoot them. If it is a pit bull we will shoot it whether it is charging us or not purely our of spite and hatred for druggy scum. We will later say it charged us to save our own asses. Nothing will be done to us. We don’t have to tape what happened. Its called the Blue line. While shooting your dogs we will have a complete disregard for where our bullets are traveling. If one happens to hit you or your children you can be comforted by the fact that we are establishing a safe environment. We are making America a safer place. This is how we do it.

      1. We need to copy that and get it pasted in PoliceOne, somehow.

        1. Please no. They’ll think it’s serious, agree with it, and then I’ll have to commit suicide because I won’t be able to live in this world any longer.

  34. I found a buyer for my VPI Aries turntable – shipping the beast is going to be a pain – 25 pound platter and all.

    I only have my DIY tube amp and the massive UREI speakers left. Large speakers, unfortunately, are like herpes. No one wants ’em and they stay with you forever.

  35. “The Pennsylvania government mistakenly sent more than 14,000 military draft notification letters to dead men, all born between 1893 and 1897. ”

    And the IRS is auditing them.

    1. Well, they probably voted in the most recent elections.

      1. True, the voting dead are a very politically crucial demographic.

        1. gerrymandered cemetaries

  36. Speaking of Svalbard, don’t be a dipshit.

    One of the expedition leaders forgot to turn off the safety. He/she attempted to fire the camp Mauser 98K four or five times, each time squeezing the trigger and cycling the bolt, ejecting unfired rounds onto the ground.

    1. Does this end with the guy eaten by a lion?

      1. Young adults mauled to death by polar bears, but not him. Who did, to be fair, keep his shit together enough to poke the bear in the eye and pick up the gun and fire it.

    2. That’s some piss poor leadership; of course they’d never hire a “gun nut”.

    3. But… but … polar bears are cute and we’re killing them by mowing our lawns with gas powered mowers. I’m really confused here.

      Anyone else in the mood for a Coke all of a sudden?

    4. That’s why I never put the safety on. One more thing to go wrong, IMO. I mean, why would I turn my gun into a club?

      /kidding OFF

    5. Ive always hated the Mauser 3 position safety. Because of this.

  37. Shitty TV show that is utter shit claims another life.

    Glee actress Becca Tobin’s boyfriend Matt Bendik has been found dead in a hotel in Philadelphia.

    Nightclub owner Mr Bendik, 35, who was reportedly on a business trip at the time, is understood to have been found by a maid in his hotel room on Thursday.

    Sunday will mark the one year anniversary of the death of Ms Tobin’s co-star Cory Monteith, who died of a drug overdose at the age of 31 in July last year.

    The cause of Mr Bendik’s death is currently unknown.

    1. First her co-star, and now her boyfriend? Becca Tobin, Angel of Death

    2. You sound almost gleeful…

      1. Puns are the reason you are so lonely.

    3. I tried to watch that show twice – once when they did a Duran Duran song (which was autotuned to within an inch of its life), and once when NPH guest starred. Never again.

      On another note, I watched Welcome to Sweden last night and enjoyed it. But it’s way too quirky for the Chuck Lorre-loving public. I give it 1/2 a season.

    4. “The cause of Mr Bendik’s death is currently unknown.”

      Imma say David Carradine style.

    1. They should do that anyway.

    2. They’re not helping their case with this:

      Guns.com reports, “Several specialized units including the Incident Management Team, Sport Unit, Tactical Narcotics Team, and one of the three Special Response Teams in the city would be disbanded. The department would be forced to shutter one of its nine stations, specifically the Midwest District Station, as well as closing the Corrections Department’s “Boot Camp” rehabilitation program for young inmates.”

  38. Agriculture industry seeks to create right to farm

    JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) ? In the nation’s agricultural heartland, farming is more than a multibillion-dollar industry that feeds the world. It could be on track to become a right, written into law alongside the freedom of speech and religion.

    Some powerful agriculture interests want to declare farming a right at the state level as part of a wider campaign to fortify the ag industry against crusades by animal-welfare activists and opponents of genetically modified crops.

    1. Some powerful agriculture interests want to declare farming a right at the state level as part of a wider campaign to fortify the ag industry against crusades by animal-welfare activists and opponents of genetically modified crops.

      And maybe (hopefully!!???) against the shitwits who work for the EPA?

    2. Sheesh, next thing you know they’ll want us to subsidize or something.

  39. What LeBron James Situation Tells Us About Envy

    “at the end of the day this is purely about envy. The people complaining about LeBron opting out are, at root, complaining that he makes a very large amount of money (regardless of the fact that he is legitimately the best in the world at what he does and that there is an insane market demand for what he does, a demand that is so great that frankly the NBA salary rules are restricting LeBron from earning what he could conceivably get from teams did those rules not exist), and generally also complaining that they do not. That’s all it is. That’s all it really ever was. And it’s a bit of a problem, because when people are opposed to workers engaging with their own basic labour rights ? with workers using the terms of the contracts they negotiated to their own advantage ? it’s the beginning of a slippery slope.”


    1. Stop subsidizing sports with tax dollars and then we’ll talk about “fair” salaries. You can replace “sports” with a dozen other fields, too.

  40. ENB,

    It was the Sele tive Service which sent out the notices, based on info from the Pennsylvania govt. The Washington post blog shows a woman holding up a letter fron Selective Service, addressed to her husband.

  41. The world’s authority on Yellowstone’s Super Volcano says it’s more than twice as big as scientists once thought.

    “In my calculations [the probability of a big eruption is] point zero, zero, zero, one percent.”

    I’d like a second opinion.

    1. We have no way to know when/if it will erupt again. It’s erupted 3 times in 2.1 million years or so, so we think it’s 700,000 years between eruptions. Last erupted 640,000 years ago. It may erupt tomorrow. It may erupt in 250,000 years. It may never erupt again. We have no way of knowing when it will happen and we have no way of stopping it if it does. So why worry?

      I’ll just get to watch the chaos from south Florida in the incredibly unlikely event it erupts again in our lifetimes.

      1. Now, the bigger danger is the pacific northwest falling into the Pacific Ocean when the Cascadia Subduction Zone snaps again. That’s gonna be ugly when it happens.

        1. I saw that movie on SyFy.

          1. I watched 3 SyFy movies in a row on Saturday night with some friends (and some whiskey). That was hilarious, especially the third one, which had Jason Statham listed twice under the “starring” section.

    2. Use it for geothermal energy. Watch the greenies go nuts.

      1. More like the conservationists (pro-park people). The greenies have proven that they don’t care about destroying views, wild places or wildlife.

  42. Can I specifically request gay blood?

    1. Since (theoritically) there is no “gay” blood in the System, no. Practically, you can BYOB by having friends and family donate; I presume that they do test that blood for HIV but am also presuming that “gay” blood is allowed.

      Personally I’m boycotting donation as long as this nonsense continues.

      1. Yeah, those regulators will feel that; punish both the heteros and the homos who need to receive blood because rules!

        Beat the slaves until the master acquiesces!

  43. Pennsylvania sends draft notices to 14K dead men

    “You just never know,” he said, in the AP report. “You don’t want to mess around with the federal government.”

    It warms the cockles of my heart to see regular people recognize the federal government as the sociopathic creature that it is.

    1. Didn’t know Dunharrow was in PA

  44. $50 and almost 5 weeks later, I got a copy of Agalloch – The Mantle on double-LP. Gatefold sleeve, not quite clear vinyl, and a poster – I feel like it’s 1986 again.

  45. There’s a Kickstarter for a documentary called Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It.

  46. On the morning drive NPR was doing some segment about how bad youth unemployment is in some parts of the country. And how these kids become young adults with no work experience. It talked about education and automation, but never once did it mention the minimum wage. I wanted to reach through the radio and yell “It’s because you’ve priced inexperienced people out of the market by making it a crime for them to sell their labor for what it is actually worth you fucking fools!”

    1. I want to reach through the speaker, grab whoever is reading that shit by both lapels and scream into his shocked face

      1. IOWs, the same as you.

    2. If you look at only countries in the “developed world”, all the highest ones are socialist hellholes with unrealistic minimum wages, and labor systems that make it almost impossible to fire employees.

      1. Here’s another with slightly different data.

      2. labor systems that make it almost impossible to fire employees.

        Ah, yes. “Hard to fire, hard to hire.”

    3. Sometimes, esp. with NPR, with the air of calm professionalism and otherwise intelligence behind the news, I almost wonder if stories like this are really dog whistles that some program manager or editor can’t hear.

      I like to consider myself a well-lit bulb, but I can’t possibly be the brightest; and I can’t imagine the brightest people I know, many who listen to NPR, listening to a story like that and not blatantly realize the same thing. Especially, when it follows a blurb or from the local affiliate about a vote on minimum wage laws.

      Maybe I’m too optimistic.

      1. I know a lot of really bright people and anything on NPR is, to them, like Moses coming down from Sinai.

      2. Yeah, you’re too optimistic.

  47. I continue to live with Dear Leader’s complete disregard for process and procedure on a micro level, every fucking day. That is all.

    Happy Friday!

  48. The Pennsylvania government mistakenly sent more than 14,000 military draft notification letters to dead men, all born between 1893 and 1897.

    Old enough to vote (in precincts run by ethically challenged party hacks), old enough to fight.

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