Ground War Threatens as Rockets Fall and Israel Retaliates

Civilians targeted by both sides in latest violence.


Security cameras caught the deaths of five Hamas infiltrators near the Gaza border as rockets continued to rain down on Israel and Israeli retaliated with air strikes and a potential ground offensive.

Hamas, classified by the United States government as well as most other western countries as a terrorist organization, has governed the Gaza strip since 2007.

According to LiveLeak:

The incident was captured by Security cameras operated by Israeli Border security radar units…who guided ground and air units who neutralized the Islamic insurgents.

Five armed terrorists attempted to infiltrate Israel on Tuesday evening when they entered kibbutz Zikim through the sea. IDF troops exchanged fire with the terrorists and killed all of them.

One soldier was lightly wounded in the fire exchange.

In response to rocket fire, Israel launched aerial stries against targets in Gaza. The number of casualties on both sides is uncertain, though Israel's "Iron Dome" missile defense system has intercepted some of the inbound missiles. Both sides have struck civilian targets, including private homes.

The latest round of fighting in the region was sparked by the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers, to which the U.S. State Department linked Hamas (which had praised the kidnappings). A Palestinian teenager was burned to death by Israeli youths in apparent retaliation for the earlier killings. The crimes set off the latest cycle of violence to plague the region.

The situation shows every likelihood of escalating, with Israel massing ground troops along the border.

Below, rockets intercepted over Ashdod, Israel.