Ground War Threatens as Rockets Fall and Israel Retaliates

Civilians targeted by both sides in latest violence.


Security cameras caught the deaths of five Hamas infiltrators near the Gaza border as rockets continued to rain down on Israel and Israeli retaliated with air strikes and a potential ground offensive.

Hamas, classified by the United States government as well as most other western countries as a terrorist organization, has governed the Gaza strip since 2007.

According to LiveLeak:

The incident was captured by Security cameras operated by Israeli Border security radar units…who guided ground and air units who neutralized the Islamic insurgents.

Five armed terrorists attempted to infiltrate Israel on Tuesday evening when they entered kibbutz Zikim through the sea. IDF troops exchanged fire with the terrorists and killed all of them.

One soldier was lightly wounded in the fire exchange.

In response to rocket fire, Israel launched aerial stries against targets in Gaza. The number of casualties on both sides is uncertain, though Israel's "Iron Dome" missile defense system has intercepted some of the inbound missiles. Both sides have struck civilian targets, including private homes.

The latest round of fighting in the region was sparked by the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers, to which the U.S. State Department linked Hamas (which had praised the kidnappings). A Palestinian teenager was burned to death by Israeli youths in apparent retaliation for the earlier killings. The crimes set off the latest cycle of violence to plague the region.

The situation shows every likelihood of escalating, with Israel massing ground troops along the border.

Below, rockets intercepted over Ashdod, Israel.

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  1. Is the Iron Dome system better than the Chrome Dome system?

  2. That’s a headline to make the BBC proud. “Rockets fall,” like rain or something. Apparently nothing or nobody caused them to fall?

    1. The Jews caused it themselves for the crime of having displaced a fictitious nation. Nevermind that Jordan, Syria and Lebanon are to blame for the continued disenfranchisement of the people now called Palestinians.

  3. Ah, the passive voice. Friend of adolescents, criminals, and cheating husbands everywhere.

    If only Israeli intelligence could determine where those mystery rockets were coming from.

  4. “Five armed terrorists attempted to infiltrate Israel on Tuesday evening when they entered kibbutz Zikim through the sea. IDF troops exchanged fire with the terrorists and killed all of them.”
    That’s what I call gun control.

  5. Muslims are the ultimate xenophobes.

    1. Russians generalize too much.

      1. In this case they are generally right.

        1. If it’s soul crushing antipathy towards human freedom and dignity that you’re after, then Islam is for you.

  6. These guys are STUPID!
    It’s like the Japanese in WWII hoping the US electorate will toss FDR because of the war instead of because of his econ-ignorance.
    Don’t they know that half of Obo’s support in CA comes from someone named Feinstein, for pete’s sake?

  7. Fight it out! Damn tired of hearing about the 60 year “peace process”

  8. The misleading byline to this story on the front page states “Civilians targeted by both sides in latest violence.” Hamas targets civilians. By design they also install missile launch sites in residential neighborhoods near mosques (with ammunition sometimes stored in mosques) and schools. They have an explicit policy of using the residents of Gaza as human shields. This is a war crime. Israel does not “target civilians.”

    1. Well you see, all Palestinians are civilians, children and helpless old women when they get shot. While living Palestinians are peace-mongering flower children whose only crime is trying to lovingly murder the Jews and take the wealth they’ve built in a country the Palestinians never owned or controlled in any shape or form. Palestinians don’t have a right to exterminate the Jews you say? Why good sir, you are just filled with hate.

  9. “Civilians targeted by both sides in latest violence.”


  10. What a bunch of lies: “Civilians targeted by both sides in latest violence.” Hamas avows that it’s trying to hit civilian targets. What’s your basis for claiming the Israelis do?

    “Both sides have struck civilian targets, including private homes.” Yes, but leaves out the important fact that Hamas intends to strike civilians whereas Israel avoids it to the extent possible–and the reason it’s not possible in every case is because Hamas purposefully positions its assets in civilian areas. Palestinian civilians should in Gaza should blame their Hamas tyrants for the deaths since they could have been avoided had Hamas wanted to avoid them. The truth is that Hamas doesn’t want that. Those deaths allow Hamas to curry support from naive people like the author of this article.

    I thought Reason had more sense than this. Guess I was wrong.

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