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Tonight on The Independents: War on Women, the Mess in Ukraine, Segway Mania, and the Giant Squirrel Following Hillary Clinton



Matt Welch is out and Michael Moynihan is in—again!

Tonight's live-and-in-real-time episode of The Independents airs at 9 p.m. on the Fox Business Network with a repeat show at midnight.

Guy Benson and Rick Ungar will be on tonight's panel to talk about the never ending, possibly escalating, impossible-to-win War on Women, as well as how things are going with Israel, the government's weird blog on July 4th food, and the even odder appearance of a giant squirrel (okay, a person in a giant squirrel suit) following around Hillary Clinton. 

Sean Kendall will appear to discuss the puppy-eyed sadness of shot dogs. Michael Weiss will stop by to discuss the latest on Ukraine. Paul Sherman will segue the discussion to the topic of Segways. And Michael Moynihan will close out the show with…well, you'll find out.

Tune in! Tonight! 9 p.m. ET on the Fox Business Network. Things will be happening (and you will not want to miss them)! 

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  1. and the even odder appearance of a giant squirrel (okay, a person in a giant squirrel suit) following around Hillary Clinton.

    Can he pied-piper away our squirrels and send them to the Clinton camp?

    1. Buttercup: Westley, what about the R.O.U.S.’s?
      Westley: Rodents Of Unusual Size? I don’t think they exist.
      *Immediately, an R.O.U.S. attacks him*

      1. “Surrender!”

        “You mean you wish to surrender to me? Very well, I accept.”

  2. Facebook has been a geyser of derp these past 2 days. Featuring great prog hits like:

    Corporations are not people!

    Hobby Lobby hypocrites invest in contraceptives!

    Employers can now force employees not to get blood transfusions!

    But Viarga gets covered!

    My body, my choice! Your wallet, also my choice!

    5 men stopped contraception coverage! War on Women!

    The corporation one is by far my favorite. Do any of these fools realize the whole point of a corporation is that it is a legal entity that gets treated like a person? Namely, that it can be sued?

    1. Do any of these fools realize the whole point of a corporation is that it is a legal entity that gets treated like a person?

      You know whose comments I miss around here?


      We lost him/her/it after registration.

    2. Are you looking at my Facebook? Because people are saying the exact same things. It’s like they get a script or something. I’ve seen all 6 of those.

      1. When it comes to politics, progs are like a school of fish.

        1. I also like how they keep referencing Ginsburg’s dissent (although I doubt many of them are aware of it), despite the fact that the items they’re listing in the dissent are forbidden by the actual majority ruling.

          If dissents were the law of the land, Clarence Thomas would be emperor by now.

    3. “Corporations are not people!”

      So, by this logic, do inanimate objects and animals owe me free stuff?

    4. I’ve lost a lot of respect for some people the past couple of days. I thought they were rational, just wrong.

    5. For some real derp, head on over to the Democratic Underground. Holy shitballs, they are losing their minds over this.

      1. Including some Opus Dei conspiracy theories.

    6. The Viagra one is my favorite. Prog women think it is the only non-generic drug with no co-pay because THE PATRIARCHY!1!!

      Former-Reason employee Cathy Reisenwitz seems to think so too.

      1. I am not happy about paying for someone else’s boner pills.

        What is lost in all of this war on women fog is that the real health issues (cancer, heart disease, diabetes..etc.) aren’t being talked about. Those are the things the progs don’t want to pay for because they cost real money. Those are the people they want put on waiting lists or outright denied treatment.

        Paying for everyone’s BC is fine because it is a cheap ruse for their precious feelings, it bolsters popular support among their base. The real health issues…not so much. This isn’t about health care. They don’t give a shit about healthcare. It is a front on the culture war.

        Remember, the left never, ever, ever tells the truth. Ever.

    7. I don’t follow many people, so I only have this gem to offer:

      I know it’s said again and again, but it’s still amazing that we live in a country that consistently gives corporations more rights than women.

  3. Not the puppycide victim! Foster’s going to lose his shit.

  4. a giant squirrel (okay, a person in a giant squirrel suit)

    You know, it *could* be a giant squirrel in a giant squirrel suit.

  5. How hard should it be for an average-size male cop to defend himself against a 110-pound woman?

    1. Holy mother of pearl. Sweet litter of kitties!

    2. She.. umm, she didn’t think that through very well..

  6. “Matt Welch is out and Michael Moynihan is in?again!”


    We will grant you “reduced harshness”* all week as long as you make an effort.

    *reduced harshness does not guarantee harshness level will not be pretty damn harsh anyway. Think of it as, “white-people-spicy” at a REAL Thai restaurant.

    1. Think of it as, “white-people-spicy” at a REAL Thai restaurant.

      I laughed way too hard at this. Especially since my wife refuses to de-spice her food. You either eat the 30 bird chili peppers she puts in the dish or you don’t eat at all. Like the Soup Nazi but only with Tom Yum Goong.

      1. It’s not real Thai unless it burns going down and coming out.

      2. I had the pleasure of watching some Finns eat authentic Szechuan in Shanghai. They were immobilized on the toilet the next day. Booze they can do, spices on the other hand…

        1. Sichuan peppercorns are like crack. I’d rob a 7-11, gun down the cashier, take the money and use it to buy Sichuan peppercorns from the dealer in the projects for some good hot pot.

          1. I can’t find any good red curry Thai style around here. I’m dying for it.

            Last time I had some, they used Indian yellow curry in it, blech…

          2. I’m so with you. We had REAL mapo tofu tonight, gobs of Szechuan peppercorns added at the beginning and at the end, and cooked on my 100,000 BTU Thai wok stand. Numbing hot, floral, and medicinal, all at once.

            1. Remember, “prickly ash” used to be banned in the US from the 70s to 2005.

      3. “Heroic Mulatto|7.1.14 @ 8:10PM|#

        Think of it as, “white-people-spicy” …

        I laughed way too hard at this

        i expected you to be the only one to genuinely appreciate this remark.

        I once went to this ghetto thai place in NYC famous for sending white people to the hospital. They used the expression “white-people spicy” without the slightest humor at all. They were serious = “we no want more lawsuit!?! you get white-people OK?”

        They resisted attempts by people like me to get the ‘real stuff’. ‘you regret, you still pay? Ok?’

        1. I wish Indian restaurants were as obstinate. I’m sick of ordering vindaloo that tastes like dishwater, even after I ask for Indian spicy. (And it’s not even as if I don’t look the part.)

          1. You live in New England.

            I mean, come on man. Enjoy the chowder. Complaining the food isn’t spicy enough is like saying the beaches suck in Arizona.

            1. Yeah dude, Hew England. The place where the curry is yellow, sweet, and has raisins in it.

              I have never seen that stuff outside of a Navy messhall.

  7. USA came up short. All in all a just result I reckon.

    I mean, Belgium directed a sick, staggering, stunning 38 shots at the goal hitting the target 27 times. Heck, some hockey teams don’t even get that many shots on goal.

    Still, they had some chances to square the game but Belgium is a really good side.

    Oh well. Good showing. Good game. Good-bye.

    1. I was surprised that at some point in the second half, possession was 51-49. That was shocking.

      It was really a sort of odd game that way. It felt like 70-30, but we weren’t without chances at all. That was some brilliant defending. Howard’s going to get a ton of the credit (and he deserves it – most saves in a World Cup match since they started keeping track in 1966), but part of the reason he was able to make saves was the defensive positioning in front of him.

      1. Yeah shoulda mentioned what I said in the PM links: Howard saves America.

        The defense did perform well but way too disorganized. As good as Belgium was penetrating off the flanks, the defense was just too porous – 38 shots is surreal.

    2. I blame the fact that we ended up playing on fucking Canada day of all days.

      Fucking Canada

      1. It’s not Canada’s fault that they want their day close to but not the same as America’s. It’s just how they roll. Look at where their people live.

      2. Yeah, Blame Canada! That’s catchy.

  8. I posted this in PM links, but this is the fresher page:

    Thad Cochran accused of buying votes.

    1. Though Fielder himself has not been paid the $16,000 he claims he was promised for his services, he alleges he was given the enveloped cash to distribute amongst the black community in Mississippi in exchange for Cochran votes?and further alleges that others like him were similar given such cash.

    2. Fielder, a Democrat, says he has voted for Republicans in the past and that his motive to come forward with this information at this time is that he now thinks what he did was “wrong.” He says he was mostly motivated by the claims?which he now understands are untrue?that McDaniel was a racist, not by the money. “Definitely the election should not be allowed to stand,” Fielder said, adding that he’d support McDaniel in the event a judge orders a new runoff election as a result of alleged voter fraud. “He’s been done wrong,” Fielder said of McDaniel. “He’s not what they said that he is.”

      1. Baird is a top legislative staffer for Cochran’s Mississippi U.S. Senate colleague Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS). In 2011, Baird was arrested because a club he was the manager of allegedly featured a strip show and allegedly did not have a license to feature women stripping. The charges were later dropped and Wicker kept Baird on as an employee.

    3. I wish someone would pay me for my vote.

      1. Apparently, Cochran didn’t pay, hence all the drama.

    4. I agree. the US loss to Belgium was truly shocking.

      1. As shocking as the Spanish vid featuring the gal with big boobs?

          1. HM, you’re not getting the ad ‘Want to speak Spanish? Shocking video!’, nice looking gal for the eye-wash?
            Sometimes it’s French, sometimes a new stock-photo.

            1. I have adblock plus installed on this browser.

    5. Ratfuckers. Some McDaniel type paid this “preacher” to say that.

      Standard GOP practice.

      1. I am confused how you end up defending anything whatsoever some slimy dem does, no matter how transparently corrupt or criminal or immoral or freedom crushing, yet you claim to be a 136% pure libertarian.

        I have to say Shreek , I am starting to suspect that you may not be portraying yourself accurately.

        1. How many times do I have to say this before you guys see the obvious?

          IT’S NOT SENTIENT!!!!

          It doesn’t matter what you write; it is incapable of understanding any of the concepts being discussed!

          That’s why it writes the same nonsensical things over and over again, and never learns from its mistakes.

    1. Shit, that’s terrible. I only watched half of it. But I think he hit all the prog facebook points discussed above in song form.

    2. I’ve never been able to prove if I can get angry enough that I transform into the Incredible Hulk, but that video would probably make a pretty good test.

      1. What’s the point in being angry? These people are so miserable and pathetic. Their lives are utterly worthless and pathetic, and they seem to realize this.

  9. Carol Costello is so, so sad.

    But Costello couldn’t accept the defeat. “So as usual, Jeffrey Toobin, this is a more complicated decision,” she said. “It’s just not black and white. Cause I guess you could say the president lost . . . but did he?”

    “Yeah, he lost,” Toobin replied quickly. “There’s no doubt.”

    “Well he lost in this particular case,” she admitted plaintively. “But overall, right?”

    “Well . . . no, he lost overall,” Toobin insisted. “I mean, there’s no question this is a win for Congress and a defeat for President Obama.”

    “The interesting question is, is it a defeat for the presidency?” the legal analyst continued, explaining that it may make “gridlock” more likely by “restoring the Senate as a much more equal partner in terms of approving appointments.”

    …But he can’t have lost. 🙁

    1. Too bad she didn’t go for the trifecta and invoke the Holocaust.

  10. Meet the lucky Aussie that is dating two ‘identical’ twins

    Yeah that’s just…wow.

    1. Uggghh. That’s hideous^2

      1. Jesus H Christ, indeed.

    2. Whoa, no sharpies allowed

    3. What the heck is an ‘electrical mechanic?’

      Whatever it is, it must not pay well if that’s what it gets you.

      1. According to this page, if you’re one in San Fransisco, you’re averaging 50,000 a year.

        1. So, barely scraping by then.

    4. That’s a 4-bagger – two for each.

  11. 100% of MSNBC viewers opposed Hobby Lobby decision

    One hundred percent of MSNBC viewers early on Tuesday apparently disapproved of the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Hobby Lobby case.

    On Way Too Early on Tuesday, host Thomas Roberts wrapped up the show with a summary of a survey of viewers. According to Roberts, every single participant said they thought the Supreme Court ruled incorrectly in protecting religious freedom for private business owners.

    “This is the first time ever that we haven’t gotten anybody that’s in support of what the other side has done,” he said. “So everybody doesn’t think this is a good idea.”

    Roberts added that health plans that provide Viagra but not contraception are “kind of a contradiction.”

    But remember, only the Teabaggers who watch Faux News live in an echo chamber.

    1. Holy fuck, that’s funny. Left-wing group think is a wonderful thing.

    2. 100% of MSNBC viewers ignorant of what the actual decision was is probably more accurate.

    3. I’d be more impressed if their poll actually had more than 10 people respond.

    4. I’m amazed MSLSD is still on the air after the fake tweets incident:…..r-msnbc-sh

    5. “100% of MSNBC viewers opposed Hobby Lobby decision”

      What, like all 74 people who watch that freak show?

    6. That’s unfortunate; MSNBC has at other times achieved 1000% agreement. This is a sad day for Pluralist Democracy.

    7. Not that I even want to try to discuss anything with proglodytes, but wouldn’t a better comparison to Viagra be treatment for dyspareunia? I mean, these are both medical situations where someone is physically unable to have sex, and would make sense as a covered product if you cover illness. What would be a more relevatn comparison to Hobby Lobby would be if vasectomies were covered but female birth-control not.

      But I’ve even tried to have this Viagra-Pill conversation with my wife before, and even she gets ballistic over it. Of course, she seems to get ballistic over most things.

      1. What would be a more relevatn comparison to Hobby Lobby would be if vasectomies were covered but female birth-control not.

        Even that wouldn’t be relevant. Hobby Lobby’s complaint was that they were having to pay for abortifacients. They don’t care about birth control, since their insurance already covers several types of birth control.

    8. “One hundred percent of MSNBC viewers early on Tuesday apparently disapproved of the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Hobby Lobby case.”

      Both of them? Really?

    1. What a profoundly stupid woman. And I’m not even talking about the fact that she misspelled ‘unmistakable’ on the graphic.

      At least the Right’s equivalent, Joe the Plumber, actually knows useful skills.

      1. I still don’t understand the rallying cry “not my boss’ business.”

        It’s not your bosses business whether or not he/she pays for your birth control? That doesn’t make sense on any level.

        The correct answer to this line of reasoning should be, instead your boss should just pay you money and then wouldn’t have any business knowing how you spend it. And you can spend it on any kind of birth control you like! Boom, problem over, never would have needed SCOTUS.

    2. What a horrendous graphic. Everything about it is wrong.

  12. Man says that women who vote Republican are a pathetic embarrassment.

    What a patriarchal, mansplaining monster! I’m sure progressives are talking about what a vile, condescending fiend this guy is for wanting to control women’s voting patterns.

  13. So why no love for the O-care medley?

  14. “Tonight’s live-and-in-real-time episode”

    Oooh!. *fresh*.

    Soon they’ll be promoting the show as “Now with 37% less Irrational Screaming! And (mostly) Oberlin-Communist-Free”.

    Notify us when the show has declared itself ‘100% rid of Anthony Weiner’

    1. “Tonight’s live-and-in-real-time episode”

      I’d be excited if the show were ‘live and in prehistoric time’.

      1. oooh! Kennedy could yell at and interrupt Dinosaurs!

        1. or ride one!

  15. What, no Canadian guests to celebrate Canada/Dominion Day?

    1. They probably could not find one who wasn;t (too) drunk to appear on air.

      1. That’s a disqualification now?

  16. You know what might finally make us reach peak retard and create a derp singularity?

    If President Rand Paul appoints Ted Cruz to the Supreme Court to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

    1. derpularity would ensue

    2. If President Rand Paul appoints Ted Cruz RON PAUL to the Supreme Court to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

      1. Nice thought, but Ron’s too old.

  17. Gary Johnson named CEO of a marijuana company

    A Nevada-based startup that plans on selling medical and recreational marijuana products named former New Mexico governor and U.S. Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson as its CEO and president, the company announced Tuesday.

    The announcement came as Cannabis Sativa Inc. said it had acquired marijuana research business Kush while company officials work to navigate changing state laws on marijuana and potential challenges from the federal government, which still views marijuana as a controlled substance.

    Johnson said he hoped to expand Cannabis Sativa into a major marijuana business and intends to work out of New Mexico to help develop products that are legal in states like Colorado and Washington.

    “I generally believe this is changing the planet for the better,” said Johnson, who will be paid $1 a year and receive equity in the company. “It also is a bet on the future … We think we have the creme de la creme of marijuana products.”

    Johnson, who owned a construction company that helped build Intel Corp.’s Rio Rancho, New Mexico, plant before entering politics, said the company will make marijuana-based oils aimed at helping children with epilepsy.

    America doesn’t deserve Gary Johnson.

  18. And now for some non-political derp- I proudly present Angelina, who might possibly be the worst driver in North America:

    1. God damn…

      … look, the aforementioned ‘twins’ were scary-ugly enough for one day. This is getting abusive now.

  19. I find this a far more entertaining competition than soccer:

  20. “Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc ?. announced ? a minimum-wage increase to $14 per hour for full-time hourly employees ? The company also announced a minimum wage increase for all part-time employees to $9.50 per hour.”

    Those reprehensible so-and-so’s!

    1. I guess, since they don’t have to pay for four out of twenty contraceptives, now, that they can afford to pay their employees a living wage.

      1. Monsters!

  21. Rand Paul: Cut off all aid to PA in wake of Israeli teen murders

    The boys, Eyal Yifrach, 19; Gilad Shaar, 16; and Naftali Frenkel, a 16-year-old dual U.S.?Israeli citizen, were like any other children ? their lives ready to be lived, their dreams ahead of them. They grew up in a nation that was at war but desperately wanted peace.

    It is a peace they did not live to see, nor will others their age if action is not taken.

    The Obama administration responded with its condolences to the families and to the state of Israel, as well it should have. But it also called, as it always does in situations like this, for restraint on the part of Israel.

    How many times must Israel hear this call? Children are murdered ? please show restraint. Caf?s and buses are bombed ? please show restraint. Towns are victimized by hundreds of rockets ? please show restraint while you bury your dead once again.

    I think it is clear by now: Israel has shown remarkable restraint. It possesses a military with clear superiority over that of its Palestinian neighbors, yet it does not respond to threat after threat, provocation after provocation, with the type of force that would decisively end their conflict.

    But sometimes restraint can work against you. Sometimes you just have to say, enough is enough.

    1. Why not cut off all non-food aid to everyone in the middle east at this point?

      1. Because that would be Islamophobic.

      2. Why not cut off all non-food aid to everyone in the middle east at this point?


  22. I’m watching Blondie on Guitar Center Sessions…what a strange crew. Debbie Harry can still sing…but I can’t imagine having to listen to her talk on a daily basis.

  23. Wanna read something superficially intelligent but actually stupid?

    Yes? Great!

    …the insurance provided in lieu of wages actually has to cover things. After the ACA was enacted, contraception for women became one of those things. Women compensated by employers, in other words, have a statutory right to have contraception covered if they choose to use it. This is not, as McArdle suggests, a “side payment.” It’s part of an employee’s compensation package. What Hobby Lobby wants is to pocket the tax benefits for compensating their employees in health insurance but not to provide the full benefits to their female employees. (Mr. Plow remains very influential among contemporary Republicans.)

    So, in other words, critics of the decision are correct to note that yesterday’s opinion denies employees something they’re entitled to. Does McArdle have any defense for the Court’s proposition that Congress intended any bare assertion of religious conflict to trigger strict scrutiny for every federal regulation? Of course not; the decision reaches a pro-employer, anti-employee outcome that feels right to her, and that’s good enough.

    Emphasis mine. Somebody pointed out in the comments that the contraception mandate is regulatory, not statutory, but he’s not having any of it.

    H/T to some moron shitting all over the MR comments.

    1. So, in other words, critics of the decision are correct to note that yesterday’s opinion denies employees something they’re entitled to.

      If a conservative made it the law that my employer has to provide me with a free gun, is it wrong to argue against such a law because I’m now ‘entitled’ to my gun?

      Or would progressives rightfully point out that the government has no right to force my employer to provide me with any particular good?

    2. An excerpt from one commenter:

      The idea that sex is a luxury permeates our culture.

      Has anyone died from lack of sex?

      1. Has anyone died from lack of sex?

        No, but why take a chance?

        1. No, but why take a chance?

          Health reasons. A lot of people get diseases and stuff, or so I’ve heard.

      2. Has anyone died from lack of sex?

        Elliot Rodger and 5 others?

        Too soon?

      3. The idea that sex is a luxury permeates our culture.

        Wait, aren’t progressives always telling me that no one is entitled to sex? I mean, that’s like the only time they’re ever right.

        But now I learn that we are not only entitled to sex, but that it’s a human right?

        1. Not “we”, “they”.

    3. Another comment: Their thought experiments are strictly limited to dreaming up new things to deep fry and how to bend the world to fit into their magic story books.

      *slowly lowers the slice of pizza in his hand, and looks at it with an expression of epiphany*

      1. I’m coming over

        1. Have you unboxed your deep fryer yet?

          If you wait too long I’ll steal it while Playa distracts you by stealing your dog. It’s been too long since I’ve made tempura.

          1. Not yet.

            1. There may need to be a tempura and Japanese beer evening at your place.

    4. What Hobby Lobby wants is to pocket the tax benefits for compensating their employees in health insurance but not to provide the full benefits to their female employees.

      Oh the derp and complete lack of comprehension of how businesses and taxes actually work. Hobby Lobby does not get any tax benefits for providing insurance. Rather, the money they spend on insurance for their employees is not taxed. Ergo, if Hobby Lobby gets a cheaper health plan that doesn’t cover contraceptives they save no money from some nebulous tax benefit, its merely a smaller portion of tax-free money being spent on insurance.

      These people are so stupid. And my facebook feed was so loaded with derp that there is no point in trying to talk with anyone about it. I’m surrounded by genuine idiots. I’ve made my peace with that reality.

      1. You’re in California, aren’t you? I can imagine the insanity that would show up on Facebook out there.

        1. I was surprised by how minimal the response was on Facebook. One of my friends keeps IMing me upset about it and then I derail him with suggestions that we open an “ethical investment” company that promises high overhead and low returns because we only invest in baskets of companies that fit various ideological profiles.

  24. Prediction: Tie for Moynihan.

    1. Know jimmy hats, know peace?


    No Tie!?@

    1. Me neither.

  26. Scrotus, am I right, people?

  27. The derp on Hobby Lobby is approaching an all time high, and it’s such a small, narrow decision.

    1. The 1st law of Derpodynamics states that the level of prog derp created because of an issue is inversely proportional to the importance of the issue.

      Compare for example the reaction to the NSA scandal vs. the Hobby Lobby case.

    2. “…it’s such a small, narrow decision.”

      And over a completely fabricated non-issue. The level of histrionics is truly something to behold.

  28. More kids = more business. Hobby Lobby knows what they’re doing.

  29. There is a totalitarian dystopia coming.

  30. Midterms are coming up. They have to make hay where they can.

  31. “Intellectual Malpractice” I like it.

  32. Why does Kmele have a plastic blue flower(?) on his lapel?

  33. Kmele Foster opening salvo in his war on employees.

  34. Yes. Please make women stay home when they’re PMSy.

    1. How can you tell when that is?


      1. When they won’t go out with me.

  35. Not forcing corporations into behaving exactly like you want them to= war on all humans?

  36. War on women? More like a War on peoples intelligence.


    What the fuck?

  38. If only there was an exceptionally cheap way to protect from both pregnancy and STDs. That sure would suck the wind out of this debate.

    1. And maybe some nice people could even give it away for “free” at health depts, and colleges.

    2. There are literally millions of videos available on the internet that can help prevent pregnancy and STDs (but can cause rashes and repetitive stress injuries).

      /Just sayin’

  39. Uh, Hobby Lobby isn’t a serious topic?

    1. It doesn’t involve anything about marriage equality, so, no.

  40. Corporations and small business are not necessarily on the same side, so yes, we should be skeptical – especially considering the political clout the former carries.

  41. Going on since 1948. Maybe they’ve been under-reacting all this time.

    1. Kmele is being naive. The Arabs can lose multiple times. Israel can only lose once.

      Their position of “an eye for an eye” is understandable.

  42. Kmele, your “a pox on both houses” stance is both noble and abso-fucking-ly naive.

  43. Agreement on < i The Independents? Boring.

  44. Oh, so at least the liberal thinks we can all agree = “murdering children is *bad*”

    1. It won’t be when Obama does it.

      1. It hasn’t been when he’s done so.

  45. Yesh. Can’t believe funding is available for Hamas. Retarded.

  46. I DON’T WANT TO WATCH THE DOG THING AGAIN. But then I suppose there are some non-reason regulars watching the show and seeing it for the first time.

  47. It sure would be funny if NY went bankrupt because of these stupid tax break commercials. Oh wait:…..36603.html

    1. Ugh, everyone knows NY is only in debt because their taxes aren’t high enough, duh.

  48. Uh, a button-down collar and no tie. EFF YOU, WEISS.

  49. Kmele, the only thing the PA wants from Israel, is for them to die. They hate Israel more than they love their own children. From birth, PA children are indoctrinated to hate Israel. There will be no peace while their are both Jewish and Arab states. They simply will not stop hating each other. It’s not like Europe.

    1. Well, you are in a unique position to know.

      1. “there” not “their”. My grammar, spelling and punctuation are getting worse as I get older.

        1. Let me wish you a belated Happy 217th birthday!

          1. Thanks! I was beginning to think everyone forgot!

      2. That was an earlier relative.

    2. What is all the hate with Pennsylvania?

      I know it sucks, but at least is serves as a buffer between me an New England.

      1. Too lazy to spell out palestin… oh fuck it.

        Besides, it applied pretty well to pennsylva… shit, these names are long.

      2. You talk shit about New England again and the “Gates of Hell” will be opened on Netan…you.

    3. You expect Kmele to actually view a couple of videos on MEMRI TV? He’s a busy man! He has things to do!

      1. The situation with Palestine is kind of like North Korea, if the norks shared a border with Japan. There would be no peace, and no hope for peace, as long as that situation remained.

  50. This Mike Weiss literally *cultivates* his shitty appearance. Who the fuck wears neck-stubble in perpetuity?

    his use of a button collar is a tiny step closer to not looking like complete shit

    1. Who the fuck wears neck-stubble in perpetuity?

      *raises hand slowly and hopes nobody notices*

      1. Find a good barber. Have him shave your neck and then give you a neck massage afterwards.

        You won’t go back.

        1. I had a Merkur Futur that I loved, but my roommate’s awful ex managed to lose part of the head and I haven’t gotten around to replacing it (they don’t have a system for parts ordering and you just have to email people at the company).

          If I get the special at my barber I get a shave and a haircut with a face and neck massage. I do it once or twice a year, but it’s pricey and I don’t do it often enough for it to be my look.

      2. How do you do that? Do you have a razor that stays off the skin?
        I see these guys looking like me after 2-3 days and they ALWAYS look like that, day after day.

        1. Beard trimmer about once a week. Intentional stubble for the first few days, starts looking beardy for the next few days, rinse and repeat.

          1. This is what i’m talking about = “not shaving-shaving”

            Its using a beard-trimmer to maintain a ‘2 days gone’ look in perpetuity.

            I can almost accept that… except for the neck. one it looks like shit, two, its uncomfortable and inexplicable, and three it looks like shit.

            1. I’ve got a beard, which I go over at 9 or 11mm and then go after the neck un-guarded. I just need the neck beard to not be as bushy as the face beard.

              1. Too much trouble; razor will do fine.

  51. You can’t rattle your sabre without sending tanks across borders.

    1. I thought you could do it with fighters at supersonic, breaking windows from Tehran to Baghdad, but I suppose times have changed.

  52. Did they guy actually de-age since that video the day his dog was shot?

  53. You know what’s more annoying than the Reason Magazine commercial? The AT&T real estate ladies commercial.

  54. I still don’t understand how it is legal for the police to come onto your property, cause damages, and then not be liable for compensation.

    I know, I know, FYTW, but shouldn’t this guy have a slam dunk civil case?

  55. Holy shite that thing is huge.

  56. The chief has a very punchable face.

  57. but shouldn’t this guy have a slam dunk civil case?

    In a just world.


  59. The Independents Attire Review, 1 July 2014

    Bikini Explosion-Edition

    – Kennedy: Pink Doily! A flower has bloomed. I want to think there’s no intentional attempt to evoke some feminine subtext… but then that would be ridiculous. Of Course there is! She was like, “What do i have to wear that just screams *vagina*?” Naturally, we love it, and it gives us a rewarding “Quite-So-Fresh-Feeling”.

    – Miguelito: I can tolerate Mike’s roguish, Hitler-hairstyle; the back-to-back failure to wear a tie is verging on a Crime Against Humanity, however. Does Mike actually look pretty smooth without one? Yes. He is one of the few former Reasonoids who seems eminently comfortable in a sport coat. But you dont get paid to look Chill, Mike. Get your shit together.

    – Kmele: Another variant of the ‘plaid shirt, knit tie’ combo; and a nice one. We reiterate that what makes these work are their *judiciousness*; we’re a little weak on the green shirt/blue tie, and prefer the grey tie on blue check, and other more-neutral combos, but whatever. We grant the Win to Kennedy tonight for providing the apropos thematic feminine touch.

    ????????? ????

    1. Hit & Run allows Cyrillic now??? When did this happen? No wonder things are breaking all around us.

      Good night? I don’t think so.

      1. Only sometimes. I think if it’s a small part of a larger block of text it lets it through. It let through “????????????” when I suggested a video game based on the adventures of a Russian anarchist on the edge of the Russian revolution.

  60. The Salt Lake City Police Department is the real victim here! Everyone hates them now.

  61. Kennedy is verging on making baby talk at a picture of a dead dog

  62. Your brother was a limp dick copper if he refused to shoot dogs when given the chance.

  63. Boy scouts get a license to kill? Who knew?

    1. It’s after you get your Totin’ Chip.

  64. I’m sure he’ll give it back.

  65. You know who else said he was only going to “borrow” power?

  66. Did Moynihan just compare Obama to Pol Pot?

  67. Hey, America. It’s your Prez. Gonna borrow the power but I have this I.O.U…

  68. Al Gore?

    1. Damnit! should be a response to grand moff.

  69. In my quaint understanding of the powers of the Federal Government, I have found that powers are not to be ‘shared’.

  70. Uh, the real doctors who lost business were hurt by this.

  71. More hair on the floor than on the stripper?

  72. You should be getting the lap-dance and haircut simultaneously.

    Kmele wins.

  73. If they removed it, it wasn’t permanently installed.

  74. That’s over the line? Moynihan isn’t a regular viewer.

  75. Barbershop/Strip Club: Come for the haircut, stay for the trim.

  76. Speaking of Dr. Feel Good:

    1. M?tley Cr?e is not good enough for you?

      1. No.

    2. At the tail end of the evening
      And Dr. Feelgood comes around
      Anytime the pickings look too easy
      Hold me down

  77. I confess, Mike adds a degree of levity and spontaneity to the show that was sort of missing beforehand.

    it does not make up for lack of tie, however

  78. Do these faucets start playing the star spangled banner when turned on?

  79. That was one long commercial about faucets.

  80. You know what, Gatorade sugar would hit the spot right about now.

  81. Fruit salad is okay on Independents Day. (That’s the one with marshmallow, right?)

  82. Is that where all of my comments went?

  83. Stupid party gotta stupid.

  84. Veggie burger, tofurkey, soy sausage- Isn’t it odd that vegetarians are constantly trying to make plants look and taste like meat?

    In other news, here is the dumbest vegan I have ever seen:

    1. I’m in full support of second hand vegetarianism this 4th.

      Only eat things that eat vegetables.

      1. guuurgle palak paneer makes me happy.

        I will totally hang out with Hari Krishnas just because of the food.

    2. So did she have a shirt on in the video or not?

  85. Remington steel belted radials.

  86. Boy, angry against Belgium, Kennedy.

    Why, I get the feeling she’d invade it.

  87. Hillary is not Bill.

    Bill wasn’t even really Bill.

    Newt Gingrich had at least as much to do with the Clinton years as Bill.

    1. All that can be true.

      And Hilary can be worse than anyone can possibly imagine.

      1. You’re prolly right. I figured as bad as Obo looked to be, he was an improvement on Bush.
        (but GJ got the vote)

  88. Why All Holidays Suck Compared to the 4th of July

    1. In no other holiday are you implored to fellate your government as much as Americans are in July 4. Thats why those holidays suck and July 4 rulez. The end.

      Go wave your government colors, enjoy government-provided entertainment, and enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow subjects as you reminisce about the genesis of your government and its many deeds over the centuries.

      1. The internet is amazing.

        without it, you’d only be able to be a boring asshole around the people *you know*. Now, the sky’s the limit!

  89. What’s the after show link again?

  90. Oh really? Why haven’t I heard about this Free Speech win on reason? Probably because DC cocktail parties.

  91. Uh, if I went there and found out my tour was unlicensed, I would not be going back.

    1. “my tour”?

      What tour are you giving?

  92. Wait, so a court actually ruled for once that money changing hands doesn’t invalidate a person’s rights?

  93. Don’t give SF Chicago or Boston any ideas!

  94. You know who else was compared to Hitler?

    1. Jesus?

    2. Dr Phil

    3. SCOTUS?

    4. Chimpy McHitler Bushpig?

  95. American soccerfags suck again. Cue all the butthurt yanks and their “oh well its not like *we* really care about this sport, we did darn well given *our* lack of interest”. Basically all the soccer tards are now using those boarish guys who can’t appreciate soccer as cover for the US team sucking.

    How do you think hypothetical aliens would respond if they came to the planet and saw all the fanfare accorded soccer? Gridiron, at least there are tactics, plays that you can immediately determine whether they were executed well or poorly. Baseball, not many people have what it takes to pitch, seeing as how primates are the only animals that can throw, aliens might be impressed at a game where throwing abilities are foremost. Hockey, its very fast..reflexes are impressive in their own right. Basketball, well its some tall stupid looking fuckers jumping around… pretty dumb but soccer is even worse. Its like hockey, except played at 1/4 the speed, in an arena 6x the size, and with a puck that you can see from hundreds of feet away, and moves 1/4 the speed.

    Just wanted to get that off my chest. I’m so sick of soccer and all the manufactured interest in it on the radio and internet. Its as bad as how everybody suddenly gives a shit about running and swimming every 4 years, and turn the morons who devote their lives to it into celebrities.

    1. cool story bro

    2. Antilles?

      1. Could be good sarc.

    3. Yeah, well, we saved your ass in WWII!

    4. Dafuq?

      1. We’re sending troops there next week.

  96. There’s something sublime about this Salon comment:

    Sage4 39 minutes ago
    We seem to be back to Libertarian Utopian philosophy below here, unencumbered by real world experiences.

    And now for a joke.

    How many Libertarians does it take to change a light bulb?

    None. The very moment the light bulb burns out, the Invisible Hand of the Free Market unscrews it and screws a new one in— at the same time screwing all those people who are not rich mega-corporation owners.

    It seems to just perfectly encapsulate the stupidity attracted to Salon, Raw Story, and Gawker.

    1. Last week I proposed a 1-week moratorium of all things Slate/Salon….
      AAHHHH DOBBS!!!!

    2. As i was saying…

      … now, i have not myself helped in this ‘no salon-mocking’ thing. in fact, i did it just today.

      but it would be nice, at some point, to abandon them to *themselves*. which is the worst fate i could imagine for anyone.

  97. Where It’s Moynihan? Where it’s lame name time.

  98. Ha! Where it’s Moynihan is apparently raising collegiate standards.

  99. “Hitler had a moustache, this dumb Polack – concerning whom the only thing I know is that he said mean things about gays – had a moustache. So he’s Hitler. I don’t know what’s so controversial about that.”

  100. Raucous Penis Panel?

  101. The after show is very male-y.

    1. K called it the ‘penis panel’

  102. Moynihan doesn’t pull punches, but better than McInnes.

  103. “yes, you can get shot without trial in the dirty basement of a NKVD HQ, but come on = universal healthcare!?”

  104. They could do a whole show on university moronics.

    1. Tonight on the Independents:

      “What your $70K of student debt will get you!”

      1. “And isn’t that embarrassing?”

  105. How about naming the hall after the brave student protester?

    Silly Douche Hall!

  106. The university is Northeastern Illnois University, by the way.

  107. They’re interrupting so much, even Kennedy has to step in and stop them!

  108. Ungar = “Are you a lawyer?”
    Kmele = “no”
    Ungar = “well then let me now say something any lawyer would clearly correct me on, but which i can safely assert knowing that if you disagree, i can go, “You’re not a lawyer! Prove me wrong”….

    1. Its basically a dumbass ‘appeal to authority’ where the guy doesn’t know what they fuck he’s really saying from a legal POV, but hopes he can get away with some claims summarizing shit he read somewhere.

    2. Sounds like Buttplug, and his antics about I traded stock once so now I am a financial expert.

      1. exactly.

  109. They’re going apeshit over this ruling, narrow as it is, because it slow the march to central control of all things business.

  110. Lord, don’t die on the it’s-not-religion hill?

  111. As this ruling shows, they didn’t have to go to a sole proprietorship.

  112. So have Protestant beliefs, do you? Well, what does that have to do with this “work ethic” you want to practice?

  113. Michael Ian Black is in ISIS?

    1. He goes by Al Bahgdaddy now.

  114. This guy Ungar has zero fucking principles to stand on, but he takes on this Rhetorical Stance borrowed from a ‘tom friendman/paul krugman’ type article, and pretends to be lecturing people on the ‘misunderstood details’ here.

    The fact is this stupid fucking decision WOULDN”T BE NECESSARY if it wasn’t for the fact that the ACA FORCES everyone to buy the same insurance.

    in the ‘old’ insurance market, this was not a problem. Now it is. It is a problem invented by liberals. They simply dont like the fact that the constitution points out shit they ‘cant do’.

  115. They’re advising Iraqi military leaders how to lead. Again.

  116. Oh, hell:
    Gal posts pics of African fauna she shot; people go bat-shit crazy ’cause mud MOMMA!…..592736.php

    And she’s good looking, so our loyal turd will have a new female hunter to whom to transfer his daddy-fix.

    1. I think I’m in lust.

      1. Gal:
        “Bwana, what do you call that animal?”


    2. “I became fascinated with the culture over there and visited one of the elementary schools to deliver candy, coloring books and soccer balls to the under privileged children,” she said on her page. “This was an eye opening experience for me to see how other children my age lived in a third world country.”


    3. “One petition with more than 47,000 signatures on the site is asking Facebook to remove Jones’ page. It asks Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to remove Jones’ page that “promotes animal cruelty.”

      Another petition on addressed to “Ban and deny access for hunter Kendall Jones to African States” currently has more than 4,300 signature”

      She tranquilized animals to help create a DB to *prevent poaching*

      The internet. A Force For Stupid.

      1. Not to mention that Zuckerberg’s newest hobby is “not eating something he hasn’t killed himself

        Cool advised the Facebook founder on how best to kill his first chicken, pig, and goat, adding, “He cut the throat of the goat with a knife, which is the most kind way to do it.”

        1. His Palo Alto neighbors are gonna pitch a fit!

      2. ‘She shouldn’t be allowed to say those words, since some self-identified superior people don’t like it!’

    4. I offer this idea for free to Hollywood:

      A romantic comedy about a Texas cheerleader who likes to hunt, and the vegetarian New York City artist who falls in love with her. When the relationship at first doesn’t work out, scrawny veggie-boy comes to Texas to stalk her, falls in with some good old boys, and gradually learns about huntin’, fishin’ and chewin’ tobacco. He learns about cars and gets a job as a mechanic. With a new hairdo and new suit of clothes, he gets together with the girl, who no longer recognizes him. She tells him he’s a great guy, but she’s still heartbroken over this artist she met up North.

      1. And artist-boy breaks up with her the first time because he’s disgusted with her carnivorous ways, then he realizes what a horrible mistake he made.

      2. I think mark twain called that one the Prince and the Pauper

        1. That’s a twin story. I’m offering a transformation/disguise story, quite different.

          But sure, it’s not an *original* idea. You think I’d give away an *original* idea?

  117. a scary word.

    Introduced by the Kennedy’s namesake, ungar

  118. I agree kennnedy, this was a good aftershow.

    And you were just cut off mid-sentence…again.

    I repeat = Mike lightens the mood on the show.

    1. Agreed, he’s a positive influence.

  119. This aftershow was quite adequate. Suck on that, Welch.

    1. The aftershow does seem to be one extreme or the other.

      1. Last week had one so bad that kmele almost got up and walked in disgust.

        This guy Ungar is a twat. If they’re going to get ‘token liberals’, they need to get some fiesty young people who are less scummy-partisan, and more just ‘deluded’.

        1. Didn’t they just spin around the set in their office chairs in one?

        2. If they’re going to get ‘token liberals’, they need to get some fiesty young people who are less scummy-partisan, and more just ‘deluded’.

          Also hot. If they got a hot prog girl I could live with that.

          1. cis-hetero privilege!

            Why does hot have to be a girl?

        3. ^^This!

          Just when I thought the Independents could not get any worse…came the AFTERSHOW!

          /There’s some hate for ya!

  120. Chris Hayes: Americans don’t like soccer because we can’t assert our hegemonic dominance.

    “Part of embracing a truly worldwide competition is accepting the fact the U.S. cannot simply assert its dominance,” Hayes said. “Turns out we have to play just like everybody else.”

    Though the U.S. has been eliminated, the competition will go on, Hayes said, and “some amazing football is going to be played.”

    A good sign that someone is a pretentious asshole is when they’re an American and purposefully call soccer football in order to show how multi-cultural they are.

    1. He thinks he’s so sophisticated and multicultural with his *futbol.* You want a sport that’s *really* foreign and
      exotic? Check this out:

      “In Buzkashi, a headless carcass is placed in the center of a circle and surrounded by the players of two opposing teams. The object of the game, is to get control of the carcass and bring it to the scoring area. Although it seems like a simple task, it is not. Only the most masterful players, (called chapandaz) ever even get close to the carcass. The competition is fierce, and the winner of a match receives prizes that have been donated by a sponsor. These prizes range from money, to fine turbans and clothes. In order for someone to become a chapandaz, one must undergo a tremendous amount of difficult training. In fact, the best chapandaz, are usually over the age of forty. Buzkashi, is definitely not a game for the weak.”

      1. Now here’s a foreign sport I could enjoy.

      2. And you can play soccer with the head.

      3. There is no such thing as superior cultures.

  121. The real war on women revolves around the killing of unborn children, including millions of young girls (and boys). Of course, progressives won’t touch that, because they have no respect for the rights of unborn children. It might expose them for the proponents of genocide that they are; in reality, they’re “regressives”.

    And let’s not forget about the thousands of innocent women and girls (as well as men and boys), who have been killed by the foreign policy of Barack Obama.

    1. I love what you did with your hair.

  122. Lucy Steigerwald has a podcast with a rotating cast of somewhat boring people who aren’t awesome like Lucy. But then no one is awesome like Lucy.

    Also, you know you’re on the libertarian side of youtube when all the videos have 200 views.

    She needs to sex up the show a bit. It’s a little dry and could use some random explosions. Any libertarian podcast that doesn’t end with prostitutes smoking crack is really missing an opportunity.

    1. I think I have an idea for the next phase of Bob Ford’s career…

    2. She really does need to arrange a forum which allows easier commenting.
      For some reason, commenting on you tube takes more registering/re-registering/confirming than I’m willing to do.

      1. She also needs to get guests who have more personality. One of them’s her brother and the rest are friends, but I think if you want to put on a good show you need entertaining people, not just your buddies.

        Jesse Walker was actually on an episode, and he was easily the best person they’ve had on. He was much more eloquent and knowledgeable than most of the people on there, probably because he’s older.

  123. That Salon parody twitter is on fire. @Salondotcom ? 13h
    How Hobby Lobby hooks employees with high starting pay to deny them contraceptive rights @Salondotcom ? 23h
    Could this Baptist YouTuber that freaked out over “Ancient Aliens” be the new face of the religious right? @Salondotcom ? 8h
    NRA making government afraid of its own people: Is this really how a free society should work?

    1. Are these sarc?
      I mean “hooking people with high starting pay” has to be some capitalist trick, right?

        1. It’s a parody. “How Hobby Lobby hooks employees with high starting pay to deny them contraceptive rights”

          It’s a hilarious parody. That line ranks with The Onion’s best headlines.

          1. http://www.moonmontchronicle.c…..hulhu.html

            This is good parody too

            1. In His House at R’lyeh Dead Cthulhu waits dreaming, yet He shall rise and His kingdom shall cover the Earth!

  124. Does anyone else have to keep refreshing to get the reply function to work?

    1. It’s been like that for me for a few days. It hasn’t been that bad for the last 45 minutes or so though.

    2. Yes. Every so often.

    3. Chop that contribution. Mine is now $400 lighter than the 2013 amount. Not a whole lot left.

      1. The squirrel problem really pissed me off in 2014.

        1. Me, too and I’ll hit ’em where it hurts.

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