2 Sovereignty Is Such a Lonely Word

Two decades of promiscuous intervention softened the ground for Putin's expansionism.Matt Welch

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7 Letters and Reaction

Should vaccines be mandatory?; five gun rights cases to watch…

8 Citings Why morphine matters; outsmarting the CIA; Bitcoin for pot; work less, make more; bringing the First Amendment into the 21st century…

52 Reason TV: Government vs. the Juggalos

Why are we criminalizing music fandom? Paul Detrick


14 Pot, Poker, and Prohibitionism Do Republicans want to be the party of unprincipled killjoys? Jacob Sullum

16 Free the Horse Masseuses! Occupational licensing must go. Veronique de Rugy

18 Welcome to the Naked Future

Celebrating the death of privacy. Ronald Bailey

70 The DIY Drug Prize

The federal government should offer prize money for the creation of a safer, better high. Greg Beato


20 California's Unlikely Pot Crackdown Scenes from the federal clamp-down on medical marijuana in the Golden State after Proposition 19. Peter Hecht

28 Washington's Legal Marijuana Mess

Can pot regulators beat the law of supply and demand? Jacob Sullum

32 Marijuana Money in the Mattress

Banks remain leery of deposits from cannabusinesses.

Jacob Sullum

36 'You Can Never Drive'

Washington's new standard for drugged driving puts patients in peril. Jacob Sullum

42 How Not to Legalize a Drug

Yanking alcohol back out of the black market left America with a wicked Prohibition hangover. Garrett Peck

48 Eggheads of the World, Unite!

A frontline report on the ongoing battle to unionize college professors. Peter Bagge

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54 The Sultan of Sewers

William Burroughs' anti-authoritarian vision. Jesse WalkerCall Me Burroughs: A Life, by Barry Miles

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56 Elizabeth Nolan Brown on Doug Fine's Hemp Bound

58 Ed Krayewski on the documentary Whitey

60 Zenon Evans on the documentary Elektro Moskva

62 Brian Doherty on Holly George-Warren's A Man Called Destruction

64 Jesse Walker on the blog Historia Discordia

61 Nader Goes Around the Bend Is the anti-corporate crusader so left he's almost right? Timothy P. Carney

Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State, by Ralph Nader

65 The Financial Crisis of 1837

Trying to understand one of America's great economic downturns. Jeffrey Rogers Hummel

The Many Panics of 1837: People, Politics, and the Creation of a Transatlantic Financial Crisis, by Jessica M. Lepler

68 Why Aren't There More Unisex Bathrooms?

Blame building codes for long lines, unhappy transgender people, grumpy business owners, and more. Elizabeth Nolan Brown

72 Marijuana in Vending Machines Is the American Way Colorado will soon cut the middleman out of cannabis sales.Matthew Feeney

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