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Police in Iran have arrested three people for appearing in a video showing men and women singing and dancing in support of their national soccer team at the World Cup. A police official called the video, which showed women with their heads uncovered, "vulgar."

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  1. Forget it, reason. It’s Irantown.

    1. No worries, Sheldon Richman will be by later to explain how this is America’s fault.

      1. Because the Joooos?

        1. No, it’s because of the Internet. If we hadn’t thrown that at the world, the video would neve rhave been distributed, so it’s our fault they were arrested.

          1. China makes the phones.


      2. Thankfully, we know better, as the United States federal government has been an innocent bystander in Iran for the past two generations.

        1. Muhuhuhuwha, we made them arrest these women with out intervention-y powers!

          1. Two words:

            Jimmy. Carter.

          2. Who’s we?

  2. A police official called the video, which showed women with their heads uncovered, “vulgar.”

    “What are you doing in there? The door is locked!”

    “Nothing dear! Just looking for evidence of decadence!”

    1. The alt-text should read, “Vulgar”.

  3. Just you wait, these stories will be popping up all over the country now that Hobby Lobby is in charge.

  4. If he thinks that’s vulgar, I wonder what he would think of 2 girls 1 cup…

  5. Also, why did they shut down the comment section on yesterday’s McConnell/abortion thread? I wanted to talk Heinlein…

    1. Did they?

      Reason has been weird for me again lately. When I refresh the page, I don’t always have the option to ‘reply to this’ or leave a comment. Refresh 5 times and it is back. Weird.

      1. I’ve been finding that it takes an increasingly long time for the “reply to this” links to show up. And of course if I stop the page loading before everything is loaded, it will immediately try to reconnect to get to all that anti-social networking shit from Facebook and Google.

        1. Hooray for web filters. Social media is blocked, so I get the snark faster!

      2. Never attribute to censorship that which can be explained by squirrels?

  6. Meanwhile, in the USA…….

    “Although no drugs were found in Joseph’s system, Aronberg concluded that Joseph was exhbiting symptoms of a “cocaine psychosis” in his encounter with several victims and ultimately police.”…..7227.shtml

    1. Oh I am sure they were just trying to shoot him in the legs, to disable him, and missed. Cops are only human you know. And the district attorney is clearly a medical doctor given his ability to diagnose a condition that has no physical evidence.

      1. And the district attorney is clearly a medical doctor given his ability to diagnose a condition that has no physical evidence.

      2. Shooting someone who is on drugs is always justified, because drugs. They thought this guy was on drugs, so shooting him was justified. Even though he wasn’t on drugs. Because drugs.

    2. Brave heroes. Thank Christ they all got home that night.

    3. That’s the classic scenario that police used to justify tasers as additions to their toolbelt. Wonder why they didn’t just taser the huge, psychotic naked man who’d been assaulting random people on the street?

      If I didn’t know better, I’d say that tasers are for pain compliance and bullets are for those moments of pants-shitting panic when a pistol with a high-capacity standard magazine provides a more certain outcome.

    4. Lethal force is clearly the only option, when dealing with a drugged, chubby, naked, sweating man, especially when the evidence completely contradicts their baseless conclusions.

  7. I am uneasy about arresting women for dancing with their heads uncovered, but I am more uneasy that if we don’t it looks like we are condoning libertinism.

    1. Yeah, libertinism just the worst. Reason should be actively promoting a chaste and stoic society so libertarians can finally be taken seriously.

  8. Well, to be fair, two of the women in the photo have their heads covered.

    1. What gang symbol is the girl in front throwing up? Looks like a sea turtle…

  9. Just think how much more fun these crazy Mullahs are gonna be after they get their atom bomb on! Wooooo!

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