Baylen Linnekin Defends Dr. Oz and Free Speech

If objective truth is the new standard for permissible speech here in Washington, D.C, then we can at least bask in knowing we're not long for Congress itself.


Dr. Oz
David Shankbone / Wikimedia Commons

Last week, Dr. Oz went to Washington. That would be Dr. Mehmet Oz, medical doctor, daytime television host, advice columnist, and—many claim—huckster. Oz traveled to the nation's capital after being summoned by Congress to explain his endorsements of a variety of foods and supplements he claims are healthy.

Oz is controversial for a variety of reasons. He has claimed, for example, that foods and supplements from green coffee extract to raspberry ketones to garcinia cambogia (whatever those are) have unique fat-burning properties.

But, as Baylen Linnekin writes, Oz has absolutely zero responsibility to hold mainstream views and every right to make money off of those views. His popularity has absolutely no impact on his right to say whatever the hell he wants to say. And being hauled before Congress for saying what he wants places a tremendous burden on his, your, and my First Amendment rights, says Linnekin.