A.M. Links: Congress Blocks D.C. Pot Decriminalization, Google Starts Disappearing Search Results, Bad News for Craft Brewers


  • House Republicans are determined to keep D.C. residents going to jail for minor pot offenses, voting Wednesday to block funding for a new district decriminalization law. A spokesman for D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray said the city would proceed with implementing the law anyway. 

  • A federal appeals court ruled 2-1 against Utah's same-sex marriage ban, moving the battle a step closer to the U.S. Supreme Court. 
  • Americans' newfound love for super hoppy IPAs is leading to a serious hops shortage that's driving up prices and worrying craft brewers.
  • Reefer madness is declining globally, according to a new report from the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime. Cannabis use in the U.S., however, is reaching a new high.
  • Google has begun removing results from its search engine as required under Europe's new "right to be forgotten" law. 
  • The Iranian government's baby fever may lead to a ban on abortions and all forms of sterilization, including vasectomies and tubectomies.  
  • The Republican National Committee has narrowed down its 2016 convention choices to Cleveland and Dallas. 

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      Bummed about Aereo. I’m just far enough north of Detroit that I can’t grab OTA with my antenna. Too far east of Flint and Saginaw as well. I get three sets of the same PBS shows. So I have that going for me. What it means is that I’ll be using TVPortal or Showbox to get the network shows now. So instead of a nice legal way to watch free TV (which still included the commercials), I’ll have to use sketchy apps and cast them to my TV and get the stuff anyway. Damn Luddites.

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  2. Cannabis use in the U.S., however, is reaching a new high.


    1. All fat Jews are funny. Well, except Seth Rogan.

  3. The Republican National Committee has narrowed down its 2016 convention choices to Cleveland and Dallas.

    One of those won’t let them down.

    1. The potential for Johnny Football RNC antics surely make Cleveland the proper choice here.

      Besides, Romo era Dallas is basically guaranteed to let you down. They should go with the tremendous upside potential of Cleveland.

      1. Texas is already in the bag. Better go with Ohio.

  4. Dammit. I might have to actually work today.

    1. I might actually have to read the H&R articles today.

  5. O Brother Where Art Thou? – replay in Mississippi GOP Primary

    The Homer Stokes character and “RE-FORHM” candidate (McDaniel) lost to the old establishment incumbent Pappy O’Daniel (Cochran). Same state as the movie too. Uncanny.

    1. And much like Homer Stokes, McDaniel was a closet white supremacist who threw a racist fit after he lost.

    2. Pass the biscuits!

  6. Comments are working now?

    1. I don’t think I’d go that far.

      1. Better than yesterday.

  7. Two teenagers left in holding cells for nearly THREE DAYS with no food or water because ‘police forgot they were there’
    The teens were already in a detention center for previous crimes but were put in a holding cell awaiting transport after meeting with a judge on Friday
    Deputies didn’t notice the teenagers in the holding cells so left for the weekend and didn’t come back till Monday
    ‘As a law enforcement agency that taps itself as a professional agency, I’m as embarrassed today as I can possibly be,’ said Sheriff Phil Miller
    Miller says that there is a color-coded system that alerts deputies as to whether or not a cell is locked but that deputies didn’t follow protocol
    Other than being extremely hungry and thirsty and without access to toilet paper the teens were in otherwise good health


    Investigators are questioning deputies and if necessary the responsible parties may be fired.

    Yeah right.

    1. don’t herp the derp if you can derp the herp! ha ha ha


    2. “deputies didn’t follow protocol”

      We make jokes about how “procedures were followed”. It’s really sorry when management says that procedures weren’t followed–and nothing happens anyway.

  8. to block funding for a new district decriminalization law

    How much money could it require to NOT prosecute people criminally?

    1. Government can’t even not do something efficiently.

    2. Wod Federal dollars and asset forefeiture.

      1. Exactly. They don’t want to give marijuana prosecution because it’s a cash cow.

  9. “KHARTOUM, Sudan (AP) ? A Sudanese Christian woman whose death sentence for apostasy was overturned was freed again on Thursday after being detained on accusations of forging travel documents.”


    1. But has she left the country? Because being free, but still in Sudan, doesn’t mean shit in a country where you can face the death penalty for naming a teddy bear “Muhammad”.

      1. Still not out of the woods…

  10. “A young bear fell through an Alaska couple’s skylight while they were preparing to celebrate their child’s birthday, sending the humans scurrying out the room while he feasted on cupcakes….

    “”I was literally in the room, and I heard this cracking,” [Glenn] Merrill told the paper, describing the sound of the skylight’s plexiglass creaking under the bear. “And the next thing you know, there’s this bear that, I mean, literally, fell right from (the skylight). It was like one metre away from me.””


    1. Did they literally say “one metre away”, or did CBC literally take some liberties?

      1. They may have used the measure, but you know darn well if they did they said “meter”, not “metre”. They were Americans, after all.

    2. Gee, Yogi, could I get hurt when I fall though the skylight?

      Cup-a-cakes, Boo Boo! Cup-a-cakes! You’ll be fine!

      1. Party crasher!

  11. Koskinen is a major Democrat donor, but I am sure that won’t cloud, distort, or sway his work uncovering malfeasance at the IRS…


  12. The Republican National Committee has narrowed down its 2016 convention choices to Cleveland and Dallas.

    Definitely Cleveland.




  13. jesus, are you trying to get me to quit donating? fix this shit

  14. Americans’ newfound love for super hoppy IPAs is leading to a serious hops shortage that’s driving up prices and worrying craft brewers

    Good. More porters, browns, and stouts, please.

    1. Yes. I say this as someone who likes hoppy bears, but enough on the IPAs. Dogfish Head must go.

      1. who likes hoppy bears

        That . . . is not what I intended.

        1. http://www.jumponmarkslist.com…..srl_31.JPG


      2. I’m pretty sure IPAs are a joke that someone is playing on hipsters.

        Also, Hoppy Bears would be an excellent name for a band.

        1. No, people actually do like them. Though I’ll agree that it has become a bit too much. And I like well hopped IPAs quite a bit. But there are other kinds of hops and other styles of beer that are good too.

          Is the hop shortage why all American craft beers seem to have gone up in price by a dollar or two recently?

          1. “No, people actually do like them”

            Um, yeah, that’s the joke.

        2. Or Hoppy Beards, a hipster band.

    2. Subhead from the linked article:

      In 2004, a pound of the grain cost $1.88. Last year: $3.59. It may be headed for $10 as a shortage hits the beer industry.


      1. I’m willing to bet that comparison isn’t corrected for inflation. Whatever shortage there may be, I’m guessing is negligible.

        The media loves a good shortage scare. Remember a couple years ago when kids wouldn’t have balloons at their birthday parties because OMGZZ HELIUM SHORTUGE!!!

        1. My point was that hops aren’t grains. They’re flowers.

        2. The helium shortage was avoided because guess what else you can frack for besides natural gas?


      2. I love IPAs myself, and I don’t believe there is any real long-term shortage of hops. The stuff grows so fast you can almost see it grow with the naked eye.

        Plus something called the “price system” should bring more hops to the market without much disturbance.

        1. This. People who grow plants are going to look at that price and decide they might do well to grow some hops.

    3. Hops is the easy button for beer. Throw in enough and they no one can tell how crap your brew is because they won’t be able to taste anything.

      1. I think that applies more to roasted grains. Stouts are frequently recommended for first-time homebrewers for that reason.

        1. So are IPAs. Much as I hate to admit it, I (umm, this hurts) agree with Stormy.

        2. I would qualify that as *should* be recommended for first timers. For decades every book I read starts out first timers with a pale ale, which is about the worst style you could start with as it guarantees that off-flavors will be prominent. Personally I’d recommend either porter or even belgian (easy to mask problems behind all that belgian funk) for first timers.

    1. I, uh, also threw out a winning lottery… er… ticket.

  15. I think I’m not allowed to comment anymore. I refuse to repent for my sins so I bid you adieu adieu adieu.

    1. This is the first time in weeks I’ve been able to so…

      *sticks thumbs in ears, wiggles fingers, and sneers*
      neener neener neener!

  16. Yo, fuck reason’s commenting system

  17. Ten-year-old Caden had up to 70 seizures a day… until his family moved to Colorado so he could use medical marijuana
    Caden Clark, 10, was diagnosed with Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, an illness which causes him to suffer 10-100 seizures a day
    His family moved to Colorado in December so he could use a special strain of medical marijuana called Charlotte’s Web
    He was allowed his first dose at the end of May and his family noticed an almost immediate improvement
    Now Caden can go days without suffering a single seizure


    Chris Clark was hesitant to give his child the drug at first, however, since he has worked for the Atlanta Police Department for 26 years and currently is in charge of their drug evidence inventory.
    ‘I was real nervous about what my peers would think about me doing this,’ Mr Clark told the Guardian. ‘I finally came to the conclusion that if there is a chance that this product could help my child, then you’ve got to do it.’

    Yeah, but you’ve got no problem with putting people in prison for the very same thing. Fucker.

  18. How do you guys listen to music these days? I have a Pandora account but never use it. Usually I just pop an artist’s name into Youtube, and keep clicking on the suggested videos.

    Just ran across a surprise appearance by Morgan Freeman at some blues club (he comes onstage at about 9:20).

    1. Vinyl at home, with some occasional Spotify or even radio if I’m feeling lazy.

      MP3s at work.

      MP3/CD for car use.

      For finding new music, Youtube is pretty good too. I’ve also had some results with Spotify Radio. Or else I’ll sample recommendations on Amazon.

    2. It is hard to beat Youtube. If not for it I would never have found the extended studio version of ‘Gimme Shelter’. Yes, there is one and it is great.

    3. I mostly listen to CDs or vinyl. I like the limitations of physical media (and the sound quality of vinyl). It forces me to listen to more whole albums.

      1. Yeah, there is definitely something to be said for a well constructed album.

    4. I make Youtube playlists

    5. I listen to Pandora a lot, and have found new music (new to me, at least) that I have bought and loaded on my iPod.

    6. I used to go to Purevolume which used to be great for finding unsigned punk, prog rock, hardcore, or metal bands.

      Now it’s oversaturated with pop punk and indie and website promoted bands (read: this shitty band paid us $75 to be on the front page for a day)

      Sure they have a labeling system, but none of the content makers use it correctly.

    7. I don’t listen to music anymore. Who has 3 minutes to spare?

  19. I was on hiatus from H&R because of a job change and I come back now and you pull this shit! Fix the commenting for the love of all that is good and holy!

    1. a job change

      Not cooking up meth anymore?

      1. Now I’m doing gator and nuisance animal removal. It doesn’t pay as well as meth but I get to eat whatever I catch so I call it an upgrade.

  20. a serious hops shortage that’s driving up prices and worrying craft brewers.


    (Yell the Peanuts)

    1. *barf*

  21. it just gets worse and worse

  22. Red Nichols and his Five Pennies on the Lawrence Welk show December 29, 1959.

  23. NYPD cop found drunk and NAKED in stranger’s apartment hours after receiving department’s second-highest honor from de Blasio
    Eugene Donnelly received the Police Combat Cross on June 10 for heroic actions in a 2012 shootout with a Bronx teen
    He was reportedly found intoxicated later that evening wearing only his underwear in a woman’s apartment
    The woman claims Donnelly assaulted her, a police source said


  24. Dancing park ranger fired for ‘R-rated’ crotch-grabbing Macarena routine that had parents covering their kids’ eyes
    Deryl Nelson, 51, was captured at Coolidge Park in Chattanooga, Tennessee
    A visitor failed to see the funny side of his antics, and complained
    Officials accused him of neglecting his duties and ‘unbecoming conduct’
    He defended actions, saying: ‘It’s nothing like doing any bumping and grinding’

    Now if he’d just killed someone, then nothing else would have happened. But no. He’s got to go and do a dirty dancing routine, and get himself fired.

  25. My Reason subscription renewal is sitting on my dining room table. I’ll renew when they fix the commenting system.

  26. I logged out and logged back in… now I can comment?



    1. testing

  27. Splashing out at the shops: Hundreds of fish take over abandoned mall after it was flooded
    New World Mall in Bangkok, Thailand, flooded after fire destroyed roof
    Locals noticed water attracted mosquitoes so introduced fish to eat them
    The freshwater talapia have thrived and hundreds fill abandoned building

    Cool story.

  28. Hospital use data mining for intervention.

    Carolinas HealthCare System operates the largest group of medical centers in North Carolina and South Carolina, with more than 900 care centers, including hospitals, nursing homes, doctors’ offices and surgical centers. The health system is placing its data, which include purchases a patient has made using a credit card or store loyalty card, into predictive models that give a risk score to patients.

    Within the next two years, Dulin plans for that score to be regularly passed to doctors and nurses who can reach out to high-risk patients to suggest interventions before patients fall ill.

    “What we are looking to find are people before they end up in trouble,” said Dulin, who is also a practicing physician. “The idea is to use big data and predictive models to think about population health and drill down to the individual levels to find someone running into trouble that we can reach out to and try to help out.”

  29. Is there some reason why every publication on the internet can maintain proper commenting system and reason can’t?

    1. John,
      Hit ’em where it hurts. My 2014 donation to reason is now $310 less than my 2013.

      1. Make that $320.

    2. Reason is the Somalia of internet commenting. That’s what happens when libertarians take over!

    3. They all use Facebook now.

  30. Nothing to laugh at! Comedienne Kathy Griffin, 53, goes completely nude for raunchy new photo shoot

    Click at your own risk. Some things cannot be unseen.

    1. Not clicking that. This one was interesting. I wonder what my ancestors tribal garb looked like.

    2. Aside from the fact that it is Kathy Griffin, that’s not too bad for 53.

  31. CA Dems cannot understand “make no law…”

    “California seeks constitutional convention over Citizens United”

    It’s the stupid all the way down.

    1. At least before compulsory schooling, the stupid knew they were stupid. Now the stupid think they’re TOP MEN.

  32. Fuck Reason.

    Fuck Michigan.

  33. Reason #138 why you can ignore scare stories about ‘X going extinct!’

    “Report: Great white sharks on rise off California”
    “A 2011 study by researchers at Stanford University and UC Davis, published in the journal Biology Letters, estimated that fewer than 500 adults live along the continent’s western edge, igniting a debate over whether the genetically distinct Pacific white shark should be listed as endangered.
    The new report finds that the great white population is not only “stable” but may be growing.”

  34. …voting Wednesday to block funding for a new district decriminalization law.

    1. How exactly do you block funding for ceasing an activity?

    2. These are the actions of the party that is purportedly big fans of the Ninth Amendment?!

    3. Squirrel Solution.

  35. I don’t remember where I linked this from, but here’s a non-Balko nutpunch for you — The U.S. Supreme Court Is Marching in Lockstep with the Police State

  36. The derp and butt-hurt at hotair.com over Rand Paul is priceless.

    Purity Test fail!

    Well, the mask is slipping. Libertarians have also been another wing of GOPe. Their leanings are more with the Progressives with whom they differ on details and they hate conservatives like everybody else. They are employed by the GOPe to split conservative vote, that’s all.
    promachus on June 25, 2014 at 8:44 PM

    I would say they’re drawing a paycheck from the left in most cases, but it depends on the race.
    Missy on June 25, 2014 at 8:49 PM

    Many, if not most, Libertarians are liberals who don’t want to pay taxes.
    bw222 on June 25, 2014 at 8:54 PM

    Notice who is praising Rand Paul? The trolls.
    bw222 on June 25, 2014 at 8:59 PM

    Hmmm? I hate being 100% right on all my prognostications. Rand Paul is a closet liberal that was just screaming to get out. Now get out
    Brock Robamney on June 25, 2014 at 9:37 PM

    Scratch a Libertarian and you often get a Lefty who doesn’t feel so guilty about wanting to hang on to his money, after all.
    formwiz on June 25, 2014 at 9:41 PM

    Libertarians are just liberals who don’t like taxes. Paul will never get close to the presidency.
    peacenprosperity on June 25, 2014 at 9:56 PM

    Can’t trust libertarians.
    S.P. Link on June 26, 2014 at 9:20 AM

    1. Many, if not most, Libertarians are liberals who don’t want to pay taxes.
      bw222 on June 25, 2014 at 8:54 PM

      That might be the most sagacious comment that site has ever witnessed. I wonder whether someone should tell them what liberal means in the tradition of Locke and Smith.

    2. They forgot to add that we also like drugs.

      1. Oh wait, no, that’s what liberals say. Conservatives that like pot. I get these mixed up.

      1. Yeah, what the fuck is that?

        1. No idea. Maybe the No True Scotsman conservatives over there have come up with what they think is a clever acronym for extremists in their midst who will have no impact?

          1. It’s probably one of those things like “Red Tony” that only makes sense to the in-group over there.

        1. If I’m part of the GOP establishment, where’s my paycheck? I assume it’s lost somewhere with all that sweet Koch Brothers lucre I’m supposed to be getting.

          1. I’m not agreeing with them. I just think that’s what GOPe stand for. Because to them, the GOP establishment is the all purpose boogeyman responsible for everything bad that happens to them.

            1. Oh, I didn’t mean to imply you agreed. Sorry. I was arguing with them, not you.

    3. Can’t trust libertarians.

      Did one break his heart or something?

  37. Which is running better now? Healthcare.gov or Reason?

    1. That’s a low blow.

  38. Testing Squirrel Eradication Protocols #1.

  39. Testing Squirrel Eradication Protocols #2.

  40. Testing Squirrel Eradication Protocols #3.

  41. Testing Squirrel Eradication Protocols #4.

  42. If you are still experiencing problems commenting, as of 11:40 AM EDT or later on June 26, 2014, please let us know at webmaster@reason.com.

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      1. test passed

  43. The Iranian government’s baby fever may lead to a ban on abortions and all forms of sterilization, including vasectomies and tubectomies.

    You know who else was baby crazy?

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