Official: IRS Didn't Follow Law, Shooting in Miami, Christie Faces Another Bridge Scandal: P.M. Links


  • Don't ask her; she'll just plead the Fifth again.
    Credit: C-Span

    A top official at the National Archives said the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) did not "follow the law" when it did not follow records-keeping procedures over the allegedly lost emails of former IRS official Lois Lerner.

  • Two were killed and seven were injured in a shooting at an apartment complex in the Miami area.
  • A United Methodist Church appeals panel overturned a decision to defrock a pastor who presided over the gay wedding of his son in Pennsylvania.
  • Adam Kuhn, chief of staff of GOP Ohio Rep. Steve Stivers, has resigned because a disgruntled former girlfriend (who is also a former porn star) tweeted a picture of Kuhn's penis.
  • New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is facing a second bridge scandal, this one about possible violations with a $1.8 billion road repair agreement that may have diverted money from other projects.
  • A woman who had been sentenced to death while pregnant in Sudan for refusing to renounce her Christianity was freed from death row on Monday. Unfortunately, she was arrested again today while at an airport trying to leave the country. She gave birth to her baby while on death row.
  • In London, former newspaper editor Andy Coulson was found guilty of attempting to hack phones, while former News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks was cleared of all charges. The outrage over the revelation that journalists had hacked a missing teenager's phone resulted in the shuttering of the tabloid.

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  1. A top official at the National Archives said the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) did not “follow the law” when it did not follow records-keeping procedures over the allegedly lost emails of former IRS official Lois Lerner.

    Good thing for them there are no consequences to breaking the law.

    1. Government suing itself would be like an autoimmune disorder. That’s why they can’t and won’t do it.

      1. But it’s never lupus!

          1. Idiot. It’s Wilson’s disease.

            1. Woodrow?

              1. No, Samuel Alexander Kinnier Wilson. It’s a disease that involves copper accumulation and too many middle names.

          2. I had that a long time ago, so I was always rooting for it. It was a “bridesmaid” disease on the show about 50 times before someone actually had it.

    2. We didn’t need someone to tell us it was illegal.

    3. Hello.

      Every once in a while I have to be reminded why I like soccer.

      How Suarez stayed on the pitch is beyond me while Marchisio gets sent off?

      Very harsh.

      1. “Every once in a while I have to be reminded why I like soccer.”

        It’s the 67’23” game time, right? Or those high-scoring battles?!
        OK, it’s the acting skills.

        1. Well, the scoring isn’t the problem this WC. Lotsa those. More than hockey!

          The play acting has gradually gotten worse since 1994 in my view. It’s a problem that cuts across all leagues and nationalities. Right now, you’re seeing refs not buying it and those who totally do hence the apparent inconsistency in officiating.

          Shoot, the Brazilians and Dutch are playing very aggressively but manage to not get carded.

      2. Just the kinda scandal the cup needed. Whether he’s banned or not there will be lots of fun controversy. Totally should be banned for the rest of the cup though.

      3. His last bite got him a 10 game ban, so I am assuming this is going to pretty huge. 20 matches? If it keeps him out of his Urugauay qualifying matches for 2018, perhaps it will get to him.

        Overall, I think Italy deserved it. They were playing for the tie, wasting time and not really interested in scoring. If they had played for 3 points, they might have a win and we would have had a much more attractive game.

        1. They began playing for the tie after Marchisio was sent off. Before then it was a cautious attack seeing they only needed a draw. That strategy was working fine. So don’t agree with the ‘deserved’ line.

          1. WRONG! They deserved to be bitten!

            1. Yeah, that’ll learn them for playing that way!

  2. Adam Kuhn, chief of staff of GOP Ohio Rep. Steve Stivers, has resigned because a disgruntled former girlfriend (who is also a former porn star) tweeted a picture of Kuhn’s penis.

    Never stick it in crazy.

    1. Also, never send pics.

      1. So what am I supposed to send? Pics of my face? No one wants to see that.

        1. Your penis is probably less identifiable, too.

          1. I wonder why he didn’t just deny it was his penis.

            1. I was wondering that too. There must have been a notarized signature guarantee in the background.

              1. She had to get his signed consent to take the picture. Where have you been in the Sex Wars?

                1. Porn stars are such sticklers for protocol.

        2. Send Kuhn’s pics next time.

    2. Well you know, sometimes (often? most of the time?) the crazy doesn’t appear until AFTER you’ve stuck it in.

      1. It’s there, you just aren’t looking for it. Yet.

        1. That also.

    3. This appears to be her. Probably not worth it.

      1. 212 films? She probably had mad skills, yo!

        1. 212

          It’s not my normal oeveure, but…that cunt gettin eaten.

      2. Pro: humiliated a politician’s chief of staff, looks good for 42

        Con: ginormous (presumably) fake tits

    4. What’s with all these dick pic scandals? I don’t have time to track these images down.

      1. People are apparently unable to get laid based on the merits of their conversational skills.

        1. Stand up, say hello, shake hands has been replaced with “I’ll text you a pic of my dick”

      2. To be fair, there have been a bunch of no-panties shots of starlets in the last few years too.

    5. Never stick it in crazy give crazy your actual contact information.

      /Carlos Danger

    6. It is shameful that a public servant like Ruby would have anything to do with a whore like Adam Kuhn

  3. A United Methodist Church appeals panel overturned a decision to defrock a pastor who presided over the gay wedding of his son in Pennsylvania.

    So the Methodists are okay with nepotism, eh?

  4. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is facing a second bridge scandal, this one about possible violations with a $1.8 billion road repair agreement that may have diverted money from other projects.

    See Teatards, this is a real scandal, not that IRS crap.

    1. I’m glad to see him keep coming under fire, if only because it means he won’t be the Presidential nominee. *looks worried* RIGHT?

      1. he won’t be the Presidential nominee

        Correct: Hillary/Christie 2016

        1. So will we all be committing suicide or are you guys gonna leave me hanging again?

          1. Well, if all the men committed suicide, you could become the founder of a female-dominated libertarian movement.

            1. Note she said “founder,” not “leader.” The knives will come out, mark my words.

        2. The Urkobold once predicted she would be the GOP nominee. Maybe he was right, just not about the year.

    2. Impeach Guido Mantits, disband the IRS and imprison Lerner and Koskinen for obstruction of justice, for a start. Bipartisan!

  5. Two were killed and seven were injured in a shooting at an apartment complex in the Miami area.

    Gun control calls begin in 3, 2, 1…

    1. Why, isn’t that a typical day in Miami?

      1. We must ban Miami. For the children. No European country allows Miami.

        1. BAN APARTMENTS!!1

  6. …this one about possible violations with a $1.8 billion road repair agreement that may have diverted money from other projects.

    Chris Christie does whatever it takes to get the job done for taxpayers!

  7. You have to love the irony of this. DC proggies love taxes, vote for more, and then whine when it’s on them.

    Yoga Tax

    1. The outrage machine has been redlining since the “fitness tax” was first announced. But remember: The rest of the time, we can boost tax rates in to the ionosphere because tax disincentives are a teathuglican myth.

  8. Philly cop arrested for provoking kid-fights.

    A Philadelphia cop who allegedly pushed her own children to fight other kids ? and who, on at least one occasion, jumped in a fight to punch a 14-year-old girl herself ? – was arrested today on numerous assault and endangerment charges, according to the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office.

    Ofc. Tamika Gross’ propensity for fighting has twice been detailed by the Daily News, once in 2009 when she got into a street fight with another woman while she was on duty in West Philly and once in 2013, when she allegedly brought her 16-year-old suspended daughter back to Lincoln High School to fight a 14-year-old girl over a boy.

    In the latter instance, which prosecutors said was caught on cell phone video, Gross, 35, is accused of jumping into the fight when her daughter started losing and punching her daughter’s rival in her eye.

    Read more at…..boRsgyI.99

    1. Also, one of the ladies she fought has an excellent name: LATEEFAH SAVAGE

      1. Now, in the Octagon in da hood, Savage Lateefah and and Gross Tamika!

    2. A street fight on duty and punching a 14 year old in the face, AND NOTHING ELSE HAPPENED. The article doesn’t say “former Philadelphia cop.” Fuck you, dunphy, wherever you are.

    3. She looks like Ruby Rhod.

      1. First I lol’d at this comment for it’s brilliant simplicity — then I of course had to go to the article which I wouldn’t have otherwise and lol’d again.

    4. I can recall a day when cops would organize good, wholesome bum fights.

      Now, do you see how far the profession has fallen?

      1. And they broke the first rule of kid fight.

  9. ..while former News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks was cleared of all charges.

    Her name’s an anagram of “break eh”.

    1. So, how many times did she have to screw senior Murdoch to get off on that? His old wrinkled member is probably mummified with frozen embalming fluid, eww, that’s disgusting!

    2. Kosher kebab?

  10. Dear Prudence: Help! My husband only thought I was an 8 when we met!

    Q. My Husband Tried to Compliment Me by Calling Me an “8”: Am I being too sensitive? My husband and I were reminiscing after a few drinks about the night we met a decade ago. He was telling me about how he told his friend the next day that I was a “solid 8.” I have heard this story before and I was always described as a “9 or 10” until now, and he didn’t understand why I was offended. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I’m a 10 or anything, but if that version of me, the 20-year-old who hadn’t had any babies yet, has gone downhill in my husband’s eyes, what does he think of me now? I can’t seem to get over it and he just doesn’t get it … How do I make him understand?

    Got to love high-maintenance women.

    1. GET OUT!

    2. Um, an 8 is pretty high I would have thought.

      1. An 8 is like totally doable, no alcohol even required. I know we have lots of posters here at H&R that typically only date super models, but hey, come on…

        1. Dude, I’ve always considered that a 6 was no alcohol required.

          1. Hyperion has a Brazilian super model wife. His hotness meter isn’t calibrated for the real world.

            1. Super model isn’t my type, I like curves.

                1. Hah, I know about her. We seen here on Globo TV.

                  She’s a little too favela for my taste.

          2. Wow. I’ve never even been with a woman who could be described as a 6. I might need alcohol for a 2 and under.

            1. Wow. I’ve never even been with a woman who could be described as a 6

              Whether or not a woman is a 5 or 10 or 3 is all perception, for you. It’s about preference. Lot’s of guys say they like women with no boobs or ass and only a pretty face. I wouldn’t even look twice at that, no T&A, no interest, and IMO, body is a lot more important than face. But I’m a totally perverted chauvinist man pig bastard. But hey, I’m ok with that!

              1. Agree completely. My friend and I almost have no overlap on the chicks we’re into. (He’s tall and likes em extremely short. I’m not and like tall chicks. He likes ’em crazy and bisexual and I don’t, etc.)

                Also, almost every woman, no matter how homely has a few things about her that are appealing in the right light.

            2. Is that a 2 on the inflatable woman scale, or the real woman scale?

        2. I’m just gonna put it out there as official that I will never complain about being called an 8.

          1. How many times have you been called an 8?

            1. I have no idea. I don’t think people normally tell you to your face.

              1. Then how do you know?

                1. Because I just won’t?

                  1. Fair enough. You’re an 8.

            2. Niki, you are definitely at least a nine on the Libertarian scale.

              Shave the mustache and you’re a 10!

          2. Well you’re one of the 3 … err, 2 libertarian females on earth, so that’s not totally normal you know.

      2. Seriously. I’d love to be considered that.

        1. Sorry, 7.9 for you.

          1. Aw, mannnn.

            WAIT — how would you know? *narrows eyes*

              1. Wait, so the funding came through?

                1. I put in my $3.

            1. Don’t get sassy, I will downgrade you faceless commenter!

            2. Because of those pics Serious Man has been forwarding aro—oh, shit.

            3. I don’t know how to respond to any of these posts.

              1. Just tell them, “dicks or gtfo”

                1. Can I please sign up for your course on How To Be Awesome?

                  1. For a price…

      3. Prudence gave herself a 7.5. Looks like they’re grading on a curve.

        1. For someone who is 59? Seems about fair.

    3. Am I being too sensitive?


      1. This is why it’s so great to be a guy. We don’t care if we’re a 8 or a 10, or even a 6, as long as we’re getting what we want.

        /why there are no libertarian women, reason number 365,942.

        1. I’ve been grading pass/fail since I was 19. Either I’m attracted, or I’m not. Personality is what matters.

          1. Personality? The fuck?

            1. Well, if you’re going to do them more than once, then yeah, that starts to become very important.

              1. If they’re gonna have pictures of your dick, it also seems to be important.

            2. A good personality usually helps out the fuck.

          2. That’s a new word for tits?

        2. Hell, a lower number is a point of pride for us. “Only” a 6 but still gettin’ some? Good deal.

    4. Hell’s bells, if that’s what has you writing to advice columnists, you have bigger issues than that.

    5. what does he think of me now?

      “I’ll take ‘Questions I Should not Answer’ for $1000.”

  11. According to the feds, being a union organizer means you can swear at your boss. Sweet gig:…..-protected

    1. And if the boss does it, he is obviously abusive due to which workers need union protections.

      1. I still can’t get over those stories about how various unions (public sector I think) get to put flunkies in jobs, they get paid a salary, but only do union work. I think IRS has about 10 people like that from what I remember.

        I used to work with IBEW people and there was always some dickhead enforcer, but he still did real work…most of the time.

  12. “White House intern faints at press briefing”

    Too bad Bill Clinton wasn’t there to give her mouth to mouth resuscitation.…..-protected

    1. oops…..91025.html

    2. “Bill, her mouth is up here.”

      1. More accurately “Bill, YOUR mouth is up here”

        1. ^^This! Bill would give her a jump-start.

  13. This is more AM Links material, but the squirrels were hungry this morning:

    My contribution to why there are no libertarian women: I (almost literally) ran into Nina Agdal at the grocery story last night. She’s taller than I imagined. And further evidence that lycra pants may be man’s pinnacle achievement. Thanks, Koch brothers!

    1. It’s rude not to mention the location of the grocery store.

      1. Fairway on Sixth Ave betw 25th and 26th. It’s, uh, in New York.

        For the ladies (and jesse?), I will probably start running into Jon Hamm on the reg. I wouldn’t be as nervous to snag a couple bulge pics.

        1. Niiiice

    2. Your pics aren’t loading. You did take some creepshots, right? Right???

      1. The creepshots are secured in the safest place I know: my memory vault.

        I do apologize. It was selfish of me to refrain from whipping it out and getting some pics. My creep skills are limited to rubbernecking.

    3. Nina is an 8 for sure.

  14. Story of disfigured little girl kicked out of KFC for being too hard to look at may have been a hoax

    Victoria Welcher, 3, was allegedly asked to leave a KFC restaurant in Mississippi because her scars from a dog attack were frightening customers, her grandmother said. Welcher was injured in an attack by her grandfather’s pit bull in April.

    Welcher’s grandmother, Kelly Mullins, told WAPT-TV she was driving her granddaughter home from the hospital when they stopped at a KFC on May 15.

    “They just told us, ‘We have to ask you to leave because her face is disrupting our customers,'” Mullins told WAPT-TV earlier this month. Victoria “understood exactly what they said.”

    But an unnamed source this week told a local newspaper in Laurel, Mississippi, that surveillance video does not show a customer matching Mullins’ description and that no records could be found matching Mullins’ claim of ordering mashed potatoes and sweet tea around the time when she said she visited the restaurant.

    The owner of the KFC franchise, Hannon Food Services, told WAPT-TV today that hundreds of hours were spent reviewing video surveillance.

    “As of today, neither Hannon Food Services nor the outside firm involved in the consultation has found any evidence to verify that the incident took place at our restaurant on Woodrow Wilson Drive.”

    It’s always too neat to be true.

    1. What was most unbelievable about the story is the idea that she was kicked out of a fucking KFC.

      Seriously? Go for P.F. Chang’s or something.

      1. Very least try Olive Garden or TGI Friday.

        1. Where you would be happy to be kicked out?

      2. This was in the South, it’s either KFC or Popeyes.

        No sweet tea at PFCs

    2. I wonder what the true-to-bullshit ratio on these stories is. Zero or approximately zero?

      1. “I want to hatefuck Meg Lanker Simons so hard. That chick runs her liberal mouth all the time and doesn’t care who knows it. I think its so hot and makes me angry. One night with me and shes gonna be a good Republican bitch.”

      2. If .9999. . . is the same as 1, does that mean that -.0000000000000. . .1 is the same as 0?

    3. Do people still take these stories seriously?

      1. The people who still want to believe THE NARRATIVE do. Krugman, Marcotte, Jezebel, HuffPo, etc. are all over it.

        1. Good point. What matters is that they get a sanctimonious high for a couple days.

    4. I bet it wasn’t really a pit bull either.

      1. Kid lived in a trailer with grandpa and his girlfriend. 1 of 10 ripped open a door, grabbed the little kid and rag dolled her outside.

        It was a pit and the family sounds like trailer trash.

  15. Surprised this wasn’t posted.

    “Federal judge rules U.S. no-fly list violates Constitution”…..EU20140624

    1. I just saw the ruling and am reading it over now.

    2. It’s about fucking time. It’s been unconstitutional for 13 years. The stupid fucking standing bullshit was getting in the way and this judge says it’s unconstitutional because of the standing issue. Good for the judge.

  16. I have a dentist appointment at 2, so allow me to win this thread early:

    Emily Ratajakowski GQ photo shoot (NSFW)

    You are all welcome.

    1. Allow me to once more enter into the record that I desire to motorboat this woman.

    2. She makes me question my non-belief in a deity.

  17. Johnny Football: mutant atomic superman. “Sweet Clyde, laugh derisively at him!”

    1. Warty, I have a question if you’d humor me. Have you ever tried peptides or known someone who has? I’m thinking about buying some for my rotator cuff (had surgery about 9 months ago) and then switching to a fat burning regimen. I was gonna start with igf-1lr3, cjc1295 (no DAC), and ghrp-2, then drop the igf after a few months.

      1. That question is way above my pay grade. I have no experience with any of that. About all I know about IGF-1 is that milk has a lot of it (but I think stomach acid breaks it down), sprinters love it, and it’s undetectable in drug tests. Sorry. Ask an endocrinologist.

        I do have a former bodybuilder friend who still has a ton of various steroids in his house. I’ll ask him about peptides next time I see him.

        As for keeping your rotator cuffs happy after they heal: don’t bench press excessively and do a lot of pullups. But never never never ever those dumbass Crossfit kipping pullups.

      2. Also, my creaky knee hasn’t hurt since I started taking glucosamine daily. Give it a try. It’s good for the connective tissues, supposedly.

        1. Pullups are several times daily, and I haven’t done bench since the surgery (using the perfect pushup for now). I already use a triple strength glucosomine, chondriten, msm blend. Started taking it when my cartilage was wearing down working offshore. Been taking two a day for 5 years.

          And yeah, you’re supposed to directly inject into the injury site. I’ve been doing research, I just like to hear personal stories, as there’s always stuff you miss reading clinical descriptions. Just figured you might know someone who’d used it. As it currently stands, the peptides are completely legal and appear to be very safe. Thanks anyway, though.

          1. This guy is quite open about his peptide use. I’m sure you could pay him a little bit to be your drug coach.

            1. Cool. And yeah, fuck the kippings. Learned that shit the hard way. Fucked up the tendons in my wrists for a bit. Thought I had carpal tunnel.

  18. However Bad You Think the VA Scandal Is, It’s Worse. Much Worse.
    …The problems at Veterans Affairs extend well beyond long wait lists, with a report Tuesday showing the department is plagued with poor care that has cost up to 1,000 veterans their lives and left taxpayers on the hook for nearly $1 billion in malpractice settlements since the beginning of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Some of the problems detailed in the report by Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma are downright ghoulish. They include the case of a former security chief at a New York Veterans Affairs medical center whom the FBI arrested on charges of plotting to kidnap, rape and murder women and children….

    ? Female patients received unnecessary pelvic and breast exams from a sex offender….

    1. What this scandal really shows is that the care of our veterans shouldn’t be left up to the private sector. Their treatment is just too important.

    2. left taxpayers on the hook for nearly $1 billion in malpractice settlements

      That can be fixed pretty easily…

  19. Gigaboom: Obama Adds One More Reason to Like Tesla’s Battery Factories…..ries-.html

    1. Where’s the emails?

    2. What is that one reason? Is he going to become a battery, Matrix-style?

      1. The battery boom got an extra boost from the Environmental Protection Agency, with new regulations proposed this month to limit power-plant pollution.

        I guess that’s the reason?

        1. Well, our own ButtFace is a confirmed proggie, crony capitalist, and scandal denier.

    3. Cronyism and regulatory capture is totally the free market!

      1. Right, because free means deciding winners and losers at the point of a gun.

  20. “A top official at the National Archives said the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) did not “follow the law” when it did not follow records-keeping procedures over the allegedly lost emails of former IRS official Lois Lerner.”

    I’ll bet someone’s retirement gets docked $1.27!

    1. Lerner?
      Burn her.

    2. Congress could subpoena the IT Administrators, threaten them with jail time for losing the records. They would crack like rotten eggs.

      1. But they won’t subpoena the actual admins. They’ll drag in some IT manager who knows no more about their mail server than Lois Lerner, but is good at talking the talk to people who have no clue about the process. He’ll show them reams of official procedures, claim his hands were tied by budgetary problems, and say he was just doing his job.

  21. Krugman continues with his favorite theme, we should fix it tomorrow, cause today’s just not the right time.

    This is the ExIm chapter, not to be confused with the misallocated spending chapter, or the federal deficit chapter, or the entitlement spending chapter.

    So it looks quite likely that the Tea Party will claim a scalp from the business lobby, and kill the Export-Import Bank. And there is a case for doing away with the lender ? except that this is the worst possible time for it.

    Bonus, because he has to reflexively oppose any and all shrinking of govt, he had to contradict a post he made only 4 days ago.

    By the way, I was sloppy in my post about America as a lousy exporter. When I said that the trade balance is determined by savings and investment, I should have added “under conditions where the Fed can achieve full employment.” I was thinking about history there; that’s not the case right now, and may not be the case for a long time.

    1. Reminds me of a New Yorker cartoon, with an executive telling a woman at a meeting – “that’s a good idea – maybe one of the men would like to suggest it?”

      Abolishing the ExIm bank is a good idea – perhaps a Democrat could suggest it?

  22. A woman who had been sentenced to death while pregnant in Sudan for refusing to renounce her Christianity was freed from death row on Monday. Unfortunately, she was arrested again today while at an airport trying to leave the country. She gave birth to her baby while on death row.

    Dear Sudan: fuck you.

    Dear US Gov: Fuck Sudan, cut aid.

    1. So, poppers worked like a charm. And as for the headaches, I think that they’re alcohol dependent. I wasn’t gonna give someone something that I didn’t try myself, so I tried ’em sober. They were used later and caused a headache. I tried em again and got a headache as well. Viagra does the same thing to me. Does not mix well with alcohol. That might account for the variation you’ve experienced with them.

      1. Well I sure missed something.

        1. Presumably a sodomy discussion.

        2. Conversation about a week ago. I’m dating someone with a mental block on anal and wanted to know if he’d ever tried poppers. He was very helpful.

          1. Ah, pooper poppers.

          2. Oh that’s good. You obviously know where to come for help with serious problems like these. (Do you have benzos on hand? Might be similar without the headache.)

            1. Benzos didn’t work.

              1. Huh. How unfortunate. Is alcohol necessary? Or is this now a functional solution?

            2. I recommended that he get a second opinion from you.

            3. Here’s the original thread on it.

              Oddly google’s site search wouldn’t find poppers, benzos or anal for me, but when I searched “jaggy” the article popped up.

              No wonder I couldn’t find nicole’s guide to chemically relaxing oneself for anal from a year ago.

              1. You damn heathens, I don’t know why I keep coming here!

                1. You damn heathens, I don’t know why I keep coming here!

                  Cause you keep commenting with one hand?

              2. google’s site search has completely stopped working for me here. I can never find anything. But since dunphy’s gone, I haven’t argued with anyone who’s main tactic is straight up lying about what was said, so it hasn’t been that much of a burden. I wonder why it quit working?

                1. I’m curious about whether the search filtering is on Google’s side or Reason’s. Anyone know if you can turn off crawling for certain terms?

                  1. Reason’s filtering is listed for everyone to see in their robots.txt file.

                    1. I’m almost tempted to go back and view the posts that make it on their disallow list.

                      So Google is making it hard for me to find the things I want to find?

                      *thinks about sending strongly worded letter to Larry Page, goes back to trying to find Adam Kuhn’s dick pics instead*

      2. I mostly use them sober and always get a headache (though some times milder than others), but like I said, biochemistry and the formula of the brand you buy can make a big difference. Some of them are much jaggier than others and a German brand I tried I had my arms go numb briefly.

        I’m glad they worked, and I’m glad you enjoyed ’em too. Hitting them while you’re getting head is quite enjoyable since you’ve just got a bottle lying around now.

        1. hmmm, good to know.

          1. By the way, what did you end up ordering?

            1. red and yellow label. I forget the name and I’m hesitant to look it up at work. They seemed to be the most common brand.

              1. Ah yes, that’s the most common brand.

        2. Well anything is enjoyable now that he’s got a bottle lying around. Duh.

    2. Fuck Sudan, cut aid.

      What are you, some kind of Islamophobe?!?

    3. Has Tony taught you nothing? Not giving money to Sudan is exactly like taking money from Sudan, and the only way to fix any problem is to throw more money at it. So it’s clear that Sudan will be improved only if we reward them with more aid every time they violate someone’s rights.

      1. I just noticed that you can’t spell Suderman without Sudan.

    4. Ah, what gets the attention of the media and the Obama administration and what doesn’t. If she were a transsexual Muslim they’d be creating hashtags for her.

    5. Hey Jesse, I just recently became aware of this because I wasn’t following the election.

      Did you know that Sandra Fluke came in 2nd in our district’s race? Fuuuuuck.

      1. Jesse, Playa, please stop daring each other to vote for Sandra Fluke and then feeling obligated to actually do so. It just isn’t funny.

      2. I was. It’s part of why I worry about my bet with Sudden.

        1. It’s sort of win-win for you.

          1. 20 bucks is a lot of money!

            1. Seriously. That and losing means Elizabeth Warren has won the Democratic nomination, which would be double plus ungood for my emotional well-being.

              1. We all know what the original bet was. I don’t care what Sudden says.

  23. Ahead of his “charity” trip to NYC (where he will treat 1000 “poor” Americans who applied via his Hotmail — no, really — address to a fancy lunch and $300), eccentric Chinese recycling magnate Chen Guangbiao butchers “We Are the World”.

    I want to be friends with this guy.

    1. SF’d

      1. fuck, here

        1. He looks like asian Frank Grimes

    2. I kind of like the fancy charity lunch bit. It demonstrates how billionaire charity is less about helping people and more about their own vanity.

      1. That’s the beauty of the system – good things come from selfish actions.

        Just as the milkman and bake do not provide you with food out of the goodness of their own hearts but from their own self interest.

    1. Well let’s see, there is video and a bite mark on Chiellini.

      What is there to investigate?

      1. This is, of course, part of an anti-Latin American conspiracy. Chiellini actually shoulder-rammed Suarez to create the incident. During half-time he had one of this team-mates bite him in order to slander Suarez’ character.

        1. WHAT?!


          Raven, c’mon.

          1. He doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt since it’s his THIRD offense. But he clearly went for the shoulder.

          2. Kidding. Did I mention I’m a (non-believing) fan of conspiracy theories?

            1. I don’t think there’s a conspiracy.

              Just the repeated acts of a moron.

              When you look at the one with Liverpool he literally lunges like a dog!

              It’s nuts.

              1. I agree. I was just attempting to add some humor to the PM Links.

  24. Our bestie Daniel Hannan on the Magna Carta

    I’ve described Magna Carta before as the Torah of the English-speaking peoples ? the text that sets us apart while, at the same time, speaking universal truths to the human race. In placing the law above the government, it established, in a written, contractual form, the precept that was to lift us above the run of nations. In creating an enforcement mechanism ? a council that would, within 50 years, become the Parliament that still meets in Westminster ? it ensured that representative government was not a mechanism for the majority to override the minority, but a guarantor of freedom.

    1. Nice.

    2. I’m sorry, what ‘universal truths’ are buried in the Torah, around the ‘what you can’t eat parts’?

  25. Creep refuses to be dumped, packs girlfriend in suitcase to bring home

    Thought your boyfriend couldn’t take “no” for an answer? A Liaoning man, surnamed Wang, was arrested for packing his girlfriend in a suitcase and bringing it home, after she (rightfully, it seems) tried to break up with him. You know, the rational response.

    Wang tied his 1.6-meter tall girlfriend, surnamed Mu, in a suitcase and shlepped it it from Xi’an back to his home in Liaoning. Wang was arrested upon arriving in Liaoning. The police reportedly received calls about the kidnapping from two drivers who were employed by Wang to drive him and his girlfriend back to Liaoning. On their way to Liaoning, the drivers heard crying sounds from the suitcase and discovered that there was a person inside. They persuaded Wang to let Mu go back home alone while calling the police in the meantime.

    1. They persuaded Wang to let Mu go back home alone while calling the police in the meantime

      What’s Chinese for cockblock, duuude?

  26. What if I get into politics and Jesse leaks all the dick pics I sent him? What then?

    1. We post them all here.

    2. Psht, I’m a dick pic VAULT. Being consistently responsible with dick pics is the only way to ensure responsible people are willing to send you dick pics.

      1. This just means you’re prepping for a Snowden level data dump.

        1. That’s hurtful, AD. I’m extremely responsible with any sent nudity and intend to remain that way.

          1. It’s okay, jesse. Some people here understand you.

          2. This new comment only confirms that you’re still in the process of building up the backlog.

  27. The Queen visits Game of Thrones set and fails to sit on Iron Throne. Nerds’ heads explode.

    1. Maybe she is a fan of the books and refuses to sit on that piece of crap.

    2. No dignified sovereign would ever sit on a throne crafted of anything other than the skulls of rivals and adversaries… I don’t blame her one bit..

  28. Rapmaster Charlie Rangel –…

    1. Has he lost his primary yet? Damn, that would be funny.

  29. Uh oh. The ADL is not happy with Gary Oldman. Even worse, neither is Jezebel.

    SprocheteCallie Beusman
    Today 9:30am
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    Yet another libertarian dickhead furious that people don’t applaud bigotry. “So this interview has gone very badly. You have to edit and cut half of what I’ve said, because it’s going to make me sound like a bigot” Yeah, Gary, there’s an answer for that. Stop whining about bigots being oppressed.


    1. Jezebel: “Truly living up to his last name, Gary Oldman went on an obscenity-filled rant…”

      You know, age is just as much a protected class as well as race, religion and sexual orientation.


      1. And so is sex.


      2. Wait a minute. I thought the Jezzies loved obscenity filled rants? I can’t keep pace with kids these days.

        1. Speaking truth to power isn’t obscenity, it’s authentic and passionate.

        2. What the fuck are you talking about? What the FUCK are you TALKING ABOUT!?

          I’m so fucking triggered right now, shitbird. I can’t fucking even

          1. needs more gifs

        3. Jezzies care about the source. The entire site is one giant ad hominem.

      3. Only works for somebody like Hilldog

    2. libertarian dickhead

      Great band name?

      1. Meh.

        1. Oh dear me, Lamouchi is taking a chance taking Gervinho off.

          1. Penalty!

            1. What game are you guys watching?

      2. Redundant?

      3. Librarian dickhead is better…

  30. Slick chick sick of dick pic:

    “WASHINGTON ? The woman who says she received explicit photos and messages from a well-known former intelligence officer and defender of NSA surveillance policies has apologized for releasing the photos….

    “Lesley tweeted on Tuesday that she was “truly sorry” and that “if I could go back and change this I would do so immediately.” She also stated that the photo was not unsolicited and that her aim had been to embarrass Schindler and inform his wife. She then deactivated her Twitter account.”…..apologizes

  31. David Burge ?@iowahawkblog 5m
    I’m old enough to remember when soccer players had to be crashed in the Andes before they started eating each other.
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    1. Oh Iowahawk….those were rugby players…

  32. Light penalty but had to be called.

    Samaras got open and Sio stepped on him stopping the shot.

    Wow. Two big late goals in that game.

  33. Light penalty but had to be called.

    Samaras got open and Sio stepped on him stopping the shot.

    Wow. Two big late goals in that game.

    1. Suck it squirrels.

    2. Saturday: Brazil vs. Chile, Colombia vs. Uruguay. Winners play each other in the next round…

      1. At least one CONMEBOL team guaranteed to semis.

      2. Netherlands has to be drooling over their 1/4 bracket.

      3. Brazil finally looked like Brazil in the 2nd half against Cameroon. I know, not the greatest competition, but they are looking like a different team now.

        Don’t forget US vs. Germany and Netherlands vs. Mexico. Should be good stuff.

    3. I agree. If Samaras didn’t trip on his own feet the ref may not have even called it.

  34. As a whole, the Americas are putting up a heck of a World Cup.

    1. Yep, I would say they are kicking arse. If any of them can beat those bald fucks from Holland, is yet to be seen.

  35. A. Jet Lag
    B. Fans
    C. FIFA ref fixing

    Why do Europeans do so well in Euro WCs and struggle outside it? And vice versa for South Americans.

    Did I miss any explanations?

    1. Jet lag? How long have they been in Brazil now? Are they flying back and forth for each game?

    2. 90% humidity?

      1. In Manaus maybe, there isn’t any 90% humidity in any of the other places they are playing these games.

        Not saying that Brazil is not more humid and hot than most of Europia, for most of the year, it is, but it’s winter there now in the south, so not a good excuse.

    3. Why do Europeans do so well in Euro WCs and struggle outside it? And vice versa for South Americans.

      Well, that’s been the question for a while. Up until 2010, Brazil was the only S.A. nation to win in Europe and only one to win outside its home continent at all.

      You would think if Spain could win in Sth Africa, a European team could win in So. America. However, the domination often extends all the way to the semi-final participants:…..up#Results

      1. South Africa was basically same time zones as Europe.

        1. True. So would you support the argument that the time differential is the main factor?

  36. Oooohhh. Marcotte takes on Reason and Cathy Young.

    Rape apologists are all up in arms over new efforts to clarify the definition of “consent” in California to make it harder for rapists to operate without any pushback. Cathy Young, professional female misogynist and sister-punisher,

    1. It’s easy for Marcotte, who never has a chance if she lived for a million years to actually live a happy life, or maybe have sex with a man, to carry on with non-sense like this, having nothing to lose.

      I doubt there are that many women wishing to jump into a shit hole of misery along side her. And if there are a few, like her, they deserve nothing better than ridicule or being totally ignored.

      Can we just build a misery island or something, where these pathetic wretches can go to wallow in their misery and the rest of us don’t have to hear their whining?

    2. Cathy Young, professional female misogynist and sister-punisher,

    3. If I, say, got to Cathy Young’s house and walk in without knocking and sit on her couch and fart mightily into it while asking her if she could grab me a beer, she can’t, you know, throw a fit, right? I mean, she didn’t say no?in part because she had no idea I was coming, but you know, details?and we don’t want to be Big Sister who is all bossing me around about the “correct” way to socialize.

      Damn. Marcotte is bringing out the big guns. This is like a PHD level takedown.

    4. Amanda_Marcotte Mod Incogneato ? 33 minutes ago
      I’ve had plenty of one night stands.

      Infinite vomit.

      1. Those vibrators never her call back the next day, so now she jaded…

      2. Amanda_Marcotte Mod Incogneato ? 33 minutes ago
        I’ve had plenty of one night stands.

        In other words, “There are lots of people who won’t sleep with me a second time.”

    5. I like this one also:

      Anyone who finds it too hard to bother knowing if the person they’re touching is into it before touching them needs to retire from touching people until their social skills sharpen.

      And when all the experienced men die of old age, and all that’s left of men is frightened virgins, Amanda will finally have to make the first move. And then she will be sent to jail for sexual assault.

    6. Hold on = is this an article calling the California “Sign here for intercourse” proposal, merely ‘clarifying the definition’ of consent?

      And any criticism of that proposal is Rape-Cheerleading?

      Is that what they’re saying?

    7. There’s no reason to believe that consent cannot be given with body language or with verbal language that is more context-driven than legalistic.

      The language in the law didn’t sound vague but it’s vague as hell. There’s no reason to believe that a prosecutor wouldn’t press charges for “ambiguous” body language or verbal language. It could seem that consent is being given, but later one partner can claim that they never meant consent when they did or said whatever. Isn’t that obvious to Marcotte?

  37. Was this incident ever addressed in the threads?

    1. Need more info on that one.

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