Brickbat: Wish You'd Stop Being So Good to Me, Captain


Officials with the Cumberland County, North Carolina, school system say they are investigating complaints that an elementary school teacher forced students to walk on the track for two hours because they did not wear their uniforms on the final day of school. Several parents say children who didn't wear their uniforms were not allowed to eat breakfast and were not allowed any water while they were walking, even though temperatures reached the mid to high 80s by the time they ended their walk.

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  1. The Bataan Death March is a well-known pedagogical method.

    The comments on the news story suggest the school principal has a long record as a bully, none of which stopped her becoming principal. Probably ensured it.

    1. She just wanted to inspire her students to have the same success as a fellow countryman of yours had.

      1. Then she is either a fool or a blasphemer. None can approach that level of greatness, except for another famous pupil from the same school

        1. As I noted on the cover of “Highway to Hell”, which I posted on my door my freshman year in college…

          “Bye Bye, Bon Bon”

          And the world lost another bagpiper singer.

        2. Lol no, fuck that nonsense, Bon Scott died in the back a Renault Le Car, that disqualifies everything he ever did.

    2. The State is the biggest bully of them all.

  2. Several parents asked not to be named because their children will be at Manchester Elementary next year.

    Uh, what? I think I’d make sure that either there was a change in management, or a change in venue for my kid.

    1. Sadly, most parents seem to treat public school administrations the way they consider their elected legislatures: as something to be loudly complained about, but inevitable in its bad performance because of no.real willingness to.change it.

      When the only thing that cause staffing changes in a government institution is discovery of outright criminal behavior, it should be obvious that poor performance will be rewarded.

      1. Bullshit. The Superintendent of the district would find out that I have nothing better to do than show up at every public function he attends until I feel that he has taken all possible actions to guarantee that my child won’t be abused in his school.

  3. Oh, also, “good”.

    That’s for you, Reason.

    *tips hat*

  4. In my day we had to make that march with full kit. And our track was designed by M.C. Escher, so every lap was uphill.

    1. *My* public-school principal forced misbehaving students to eat the cafeteria food.

      1. (I’m kidding; he wasn’t *that* cruel. He merely sent naughty children to the basement rape-dungeon.)

        1. so that’s where Warty got his start

  5. “Let this ground be seeded with salt, so that no stalk of corn, or stalk of wheat shall ever grow. Cursed be the children of this ground, and cursed be their loins. Also cursed be their hams and hocks. Hail Mary full of grace, let us blow this goddamn place.”
    ? Stephen King, The Long Walk

    1. It’s longer than you think.

  6. Sounds like a pretty solid plan to me dude.

    1. Wow. Jack Frapp is jsut NOT gonna like that one bit.

  7. “They said teachers were told not to give the children any water while they walked.”

    This may be a dumb question (there are no stupid questions! Yes, there are but I digress) but are there laws against refusing someone water?

    One tale I was told growing up was you can walk onto someone’s property to use the hose for water because they couldn’t deny it.

    1. Don’t know about the US, but here in Australia, you’re not obliged to give water to random strangers.

      Context, however, is everything.

      Here, the children are not random strangers to the teachers. The teachers (like parents) have a duty of care to the students. Forcing them to move around in the hot sun for hours without water is legally very unwise (as well as being a dick move) because if one of those kids collapses then they could be facing civil and criminal proceedings

      1. “In loco parentis” and all that, which anymore appears to mean “bat-shit crazy stupid.”

    2. Oh, and to quote Mr Garrison, “there are no stupid questions, just stupid people” 🙂

      1. Of course it was a dick move. Give water, spare a lawsuit.

        Garrison’s right.

    3. Less humane than FIFA! Seriously, though. A water break? Did Ronaldo need to touch up his makeup?

    4. I would hope not. Clean water isn’t free.

  8. Mid to high 80’s?!?!?! The horror!

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