A.M. Links: Bombs Over Baghdad Again, Maybe; No Legal Pot in Arizona, For Now; Russia and Ukraine Discussing Ceasefire


  • you know who else bombed iraq just a little bit?

    President Obama is reportedly considering an aerial bombing campaign in Iraq, something the country's prime minister expressed an interest in last week.

  • An initiative to legalize marijuana won't be on the ballot in Arizona this year—the group backing the measure has stopped collecting signatures.
  • The presidents of Russia and Ukraine discussed a ceasefire in southeastern Ukraine after a pipeline fire the Ukrainian government blamed on separatists broke out.
  • Several people were killed in a northern Nigeria venue where the World Cup was being watched.
  • Monday night's World Cup match between the U.S. and Ghana garnered 16 million viewers, a record for soccer in the U.S.
  • The Metropolitan Opera in New York City canceled plans to simulcast The Death of Klinghoffer after concerns the opera, which depicts the 1985 hijacking of a cruise ship and the killing of an elderly Jewish man, could provoke an anti-Semitic reaction.

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