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Tonight on The Independents: Who Didn't Lose Iraq? John Bolton, Michael Moynihan, Gavin McInnes Debate. Plus Dr. Keith Ablow vs. Slender Man, and Meet Lucas Overby, Your Next Libertarian Congressman!


Someone forgot to listen to Bill Kristol. |||

As the world continues to burn, tonight's episode of The Independents (Fox Business Network, 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT) deploys an all-star Party Panel to explicate the fire: Reason Contributing Editor Michael C. Moynihan and filmmaker/TakiMag columnist Gavin McInnes. The Brooklyn duo will talk about the latest awful news from Iraq, including President Barack Obama's announcement this afternoon that he will be sending 275 new combat troops into the wrecked country to help defend the U.S. embassy in Baghdad. Speaking of endless tours of duty, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton will help answer the question of just who got this war so horribly, horribly wrong.

Moynihan/McInnes will also discuss those suspiciously missing Lois Lerner IRS emails, plus why Americans (say they) hate atheists, and whether the new study did indeed prove that being cool in high school is bad for you.

Have you heard of Lucas Overby? He's the 27-year-old Libertarian Party candidate for Florida's District 13 congressional seat who is currently pulling a whopping 31 percent (and climbing) at the polls in his race to defeat incumbent Republican David Jolly.

Have you heard about the Internet apparition known as Slender Man, who is probably trying to make your teens murder people on the social media and whatnot? Fox News psychiatrist Keith Ablow will explain why he wants the Surgeon General to put a warning up on Facebook about the whole thing.

Sexy aftershow begins on a few beats after 10. Follow The Independents on Facebook at, follow on Twitter @ independentsFBN, tweet during the show & we'll use the best of 'em. Click on this page for more video of past segments.

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  1. Moynihan. Moynihan will make it all better.

    1. Hello.

      RIP Tony Gwynn.


      USA! USA!

      A couple of quick thoughts. One, they have to improve the first touch play. Two, Bradley struggled today.

      1. Bradley sucked. If it was anyone else, i would want him benched.

        1. Once Jozy went down, Bradley lost his outlet, and Ghana were all over him.

          Bad touches when he managed to get some.

          Jones was a badass all over that left side, and Beasley was amazing, especially for Ghana picking on that side all game long.

          1. Fine, but Bradley is a key player who should be able to adjust. His ride shouldn’t be hitched to one player. He has to be better.

            1. Just sayin’, it makes it easier. Ghana did a good job on him. Denied him possession and closed instantly.

        2. Yeah, in such a key position it ain’t gonna cut it against Germany and probably Portugal – however badly they played today. And that was pitiful.

  2. I’m taking over for Derpetologist tonight:

    Neo-Liberalism and the de-fanging of feminism, a talk by the author of Pornland: How Porn has Hijacked our sexuality

    Her lecture begins with the following phrase: I was recently invited on MSNBC by Melissa Harris-Perry…

    1. I’m stopping right there.

      1. She claims Reagan and Thatcher undermined a ‘collective society.’ Apparently the 20% inflation in Britain in the 1970’s had nothing to do with it.

        1. I’m still trying to find out why the use and boner for “collectives” and collectivism have gone through the roof over the last year or two. I know that they’re a feature of the left/progressives, but it’s really skyrocketed. Maybe it was just that they used to be careful about saying it because it was generally considered a negative thing, but now they’re not worried about that any more?

          1. I think the Occupy phenomenon and the utter embarrassment that has been Obama has caused a lot of them to go off the deep-end with the commie rhetoric.

            1. It’s weird. It’s like something kindled this desire for “collectives”–maybe it was Occupy rhetoric and Obama, maybe not–but as each attempt at it fails miserably–like Occupy and Obama–they now want it even more. They’re digging in even as they fail more and more.

              1. Obviously they haven’t hit bottom yet. Besides, these are articles of faith, not reason.

              2. Yep, just like the anti-gun people are going off the deep end and doubling down on the same rhetoric and tactics. As they fail over and over they are getting increasingly fanatical about it. It is like a spoiled child who thinks they should be getting something they want and the more they don’t get it, the louder they scream.

                1. Global warming fear mongering has also gone off the rails.

                  It has always been off the rails but now it is infecting more main stream outlets.

                  NPR in particular.

                  Science Friday has now become Global warming doomsday.

                  This might be similar. the more they lose the more shrill the screaming…then again maybe it is just a big push in hopes that El Nino will be a super El Nino…

                  Note: It does not look like there will a “big” one…but it is early yet.

                  1. If a “big one” means a warmer winter then bring it the fuck on.

          2. @Episiarch: I think the end of the USSR has relieved the left from having to distance themselves from Communism, so they are less shy about the term “collectivism,” less shy about referencing Marx, etc.

    2. Neo-Liberalism

      And I’m done.

      1. It is hilarious. She claims free trade destroys the potential for developing countries to compete. It’s awesome because that’s the exact opposite of the argument that nationalists make against free trade. They claim that free trade takes jobs from the developed nation and sends them to the developing nation.

        Of course, neither the dipshit socialists or the idiot nationalists ever offer evidence of their theories.

        1. Well, it is true that free trade lowers labor costs (i.e., reduces wages of specific companies). Of course, that means better prices for consumers. And, what the nationalists don’t tell you is that, by supporting protectionist policies, you must be forced to pay their resulting economic rent inflated wages.

          1. Not to mention subsistence farmers, beggars, and prostitutes in developing countries get to try their hand at assembly lines and the sort, rather than, you know… eking out a living on semiarid land, or begging for alms, or letting strangers fuck you.

            Somehow, seeing poor sods in developing countries coming up to a proto-industrial standard of living is anathema to the Marxists peopling the left. Who knew.

        2. Their preferred solution is to have union wages for the first world that supports the third world with aid and patronizing attitudes.

    3. Is this another article decrying the modern hairless aesthetic of porn? I swear, all modern feminists long for the days of bushy-bush.

      1. They should’ve spent the last 8 years as gay men then. You can be hairier than STEVE SMITH on minoxidil and the boys go wild for it.

        1. Everything old is new again.

          1. I’m going to have so much less sex now that hipsters have ruined beardiness.

            There’s an alternate timeline where evil jesse poisoned the Pabst supply in 2008 and continued being a sexy furball for the rest of time. Sadly this is not that timeline.

            1. Thicken your neck, my hirsute comrade. No hipster has the diligence to acquire a properly wide neck.

              1. Will neck thickening be impaired by a persistent work-related let trap injury?

                1. Nah. Just headbang half an hour a day. Srs (page safe for work, rest of site definitely not).

                  What’d you do to your back, sit and type at a desk too long? Step 1: start fucking a massage therapist. Step 2: start doing some kind of activity that uses those muscles.

                  1. I work at a place with massage therapists. I get worked on if things get too tight.

                    When I first started working where I am now a hostile supervisor had me put together 100, 150 page handbooks with a shitty puncher that was broken and could only accommodate 8 pages at a time.

                    Delightfully only about 1/3 of them were ever distributed.

            2. Middle of America has embraced beards as well.

              To be honest I think the Red Necks beat the hipsters to the punch on “peak beard”.

    4. I’m taking over for Derpetologist tonight

      You’ll be the most unpopular robot fighter commenter since Sergeant Feces Processor.

    5. She may be right, but I’d posit that the problem of porn hijacking our sexuality is self correcting:

      “What, bitches don’t like it when I constantly slap my cock on their face and repeat ‘yeah, you want it bitch’ and then nut in her eye?”

      I feel like these people are not going to a) know where one is supposed to nut, b) get anyone to agree to a second attempt.

    6. Not so fast, my Hibernian friend.

      I took a sick day because of a bad cold. The upshot is that I had the whole day to research derp.

      Behold- Pajama Boy speaks:

      1. Oh god, it sounds like we’re in for treble the derp tonight if you’re doubling down and Irish is “filling in.”

        I’m fixed a G&T, let’s do this.

      2. Wow… that was awful.

      3. Why does he look way more Jewish then his parents do?

        Also why are there sleigh bells in the music?

    7. It’s interesting, though, how the Old Left is making a comeback, isn’t it? This twat sounds like she just got off a plane from 1968 Havana.

      1. Did you get to the part where she gawps in horror at Thatcher’s statement that society is a myth and we’re all just individuals with individual interactions?

        That dirty Thatcher! How dare she tell the truth like that!

      2. This twat sounds like she just got off a plane from 1968 Havana.

        Which really just reinforces the nostalgia for the bushy-bush.

        1. Maybe she just likes really big cigars.


        1. Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be watching this. Instead, I’ll repost this.

          1. wait wait wait…Hitler can’t be a socialist. He killed socialists…

            …please ignore all the other socialists who killed fellow socialists in nearly every socialist regime in history.

        2. wait…she is British.

          Of course she is a Marxist.

      4. But it’s not the Old Left. It’s like what a bunch of New Left dipshits think the Old Left was like or something. They speak the words and focus on the same shit, but it’s as if it’s a parrot spouting it. There’s no there there. At least some Old Left thinkers were pretty smart and actually had some principles. This new shit is so pathetic it’s scary. It’s almost like a nostalgia for when the left had a little more intellectual heft.

        1. Good point. It’s like they think that if they speak the right incantations, it’ll be 1930 again and they can do things right this time.

          1. It’s like people getting nostalgic for the 70s and going out and buying bell bottoms and platform shoes and then wearing them, and then not realizing that that’s just fucking stupid and that time is never coming back. That’s really what it seems like: nostalgia for something that never was.

            1. One of the widely-cited characteristics of fascism is a worship of an idealized past. Just saying.

              1. That makes quite a bit of sense, actually.

                1. It’s all there, isn’t it? Look at Umberto Eco’s definition of fascism.

                  1. The first feature of Ur-Fascism is the cult of tradition.
                  2. Traditionalism implies the rejection of modernism.
                  3. Irrationalism also depends on the cult of action for action’s sake.
                  4. The critical spirit makes distinctions, and to distinguish is a sign of modernism.
                  5. Besides, disagreement is a sign of diversity.
                  6. Ur-Fascism derives from individual or social frustration.
                  7. To people who feel deprived of a clear social identity, Ur-Fascism says that their only privilege is the most common one, to be born in the same country.
                  8. The followers must feel humiliated by the ostentatious wealth and force of their enemies.
                  9. For Ur-Fascism there is no struggle for life but, rather, life is lived for struggle.
                  10. Elitism is a typical aspect of any reactionary ideology, insofar as it is fundamentally aristocratic, and aristocratic and militaristic elitism cruelly implies contempt for the weak.
                  11. In such a perspective everybody is educated to become a hero.
                  12. Since both permanent war and heroism are difficult games to play, the Ur-Fascist transfers his will to power to sexual matters.
                  13. Ur-Fascism is based upon a selective populism, a qualitative populism, one might say.
                  14. Ur-Fascism speaks Newspeak.

                  At least 13 of these are true of these New Old Left idiots.

        2. Like the Left? answer to William F. Bububucklllley.

        3. “They speak the words and focus on the same shit, but it’s as if it’s a parrot spouting it. There’s no there there. At least some Old Left thinkers were pretty smart and actually had some principles. This new shit is so pathetic it’s scary. ”

          That is because the old leftists were trying those theories which might not have been so obviously flawed at the time. All that shit has been tried now over and over and the verdict is in: It doesn’t fucking work.

          What kinds of idiot douchebags would subscribe to a philosophy that has failed so spectacularly so many times, a perfect record even? The new leftists, thats who.

        4. At least some Old Left thinkers were pretty smart and actually had some principles.

          You have to remember we only hear the best. History has forgotten the common man left wing thugs on the street holding axe handles and screaming for blood.

          It is probably an improvement that the Neo-old left have abandoned the street and are now on youtube twitter being just as stupid but thankfully far more bloodless.

    8. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! She’s using China as an example of how horrible multi-national corporations are because ‘they lay waste to a country and then leave when the workers start to organize, like they did in China.’

      Given that the Chinese economy has quadrupled in size in the last 20 years, maybe she should use a country that isn’t doing so well if she’s going to claim corporations are evil.

      1. The Chinese were much happier 40 years ago on their collective farms. Damn that Reagan and Thatcher for unleashing capitalism on them!

      2. I’m starting to notice more and more that these wack way left ways of thinking like this “professor” have almost zero impact outside of academia. Perhaps we should just ignore them and then no one would hear their words outside of their very tiny circle jerk.

        But it is hilarious to hear people that actually believe this crap, it’s hard not to post, I understand. For them it’s like the last hundred years never happened, and they think they actually are looking at things in a new ‘progressive’ way that’s unprecedented.

        1. You’re completely wrong.

          The idiotic ideas of left-wing professors are tomorrow’s idiotic ideas of major left-wing political movements. The day after that we’re fighting to stop the policies from being implemented.

          The current shitheels in the Democratic party are the exact sort of people who sat in that room and nodded sagely while a pseudo-intellectual moron blathered for half an hour about ‘neo-liberalism.’

          1. Irish is correct. The current mainstream media ideas about how terrible Christians are, how wonderful Europe is, how we need to raise taxes on corporations, etc., is straight out of mid-’70s college dorm rooms.

        2. No no no. Humanity needs functioning universities. Academia is far too important to cede to bloated nothings like this twat.

    9. What Neo-Nazis are to Jews, Progressives are to Neo-liberals.

      A small cabal of Jews neo-liberal men who make backroom deals control all the banks, all the governments, and use their Jew gold right-wing talk shows to manipulate the gullible.

      But I see what they’re doing!

  3. ..Being cool in high school – not a topic Michael Moynihan can shed much light on. Because he cannot tolerate sunlight. Him being a vampire and all.

    1. I think he’s just there to drain some of the “vivacity” from McInnes.

    2. I think he’s Slender Man.

    3. So you’re saying he’s a Twilight vampire? You know, a 100-year-old vampire that has to go to high school for some reason?

      1. You know way more about Twilight than an adult man should.

        1. She’s on to me!

          1. I’ve long suspected you are, in fact, a 13 year old girl with a cutting habit and body image issues.

            1. Well this got dark rather quickly.

            2. And now you know why I’m imprisoned in Warty’s basement so often.

      2. Congratulations, you found the least important plot hole in the story.

    4. So:





      Kmele–Van Helsing

      1. And the viewers are zombies. Mindless zombies.

  4. Mary Stack did a drive by on my blog the other day. I asked her how the Botox turned out.

    Beware- she is watching.

    1. Yes, we already know she obsessively stalks and reads H&R even if she can’t post. She’s insane and obsessed. That’s what insane obsessed people do.

      1. Speaking of which, the livestream isn’t working, tho’ it worked earlier today. I am seriously considering not posting on this thread.

    2. Not getting the Botox reference.

      1. Mary was a particularly irksome troll who got banned for spamming & other things. Before she got banned, she accidentally posted her real email address, which is how we learned her name and found her Twitter feed. We found out about the Botox from there.

        1. Spamming? That’s not quite it.

        2. I remember all of that, except for the botox. In fact, she listed my handle (among others) in her YouTube whine about being outed, because I helped track down some of her real-world connections.

    3. I like your stickers.

      1. That was the only part of the car I think anyone else liked.

        1. You mentioned going on a lot of first dates. Did they ride in that car?

          1. Only a few. I can see how the Derpmobile may have hurt my chances, but my reasoning is if they’ll reject me over something as superficial as a car or a bumper sticker, it’s not someone I want to be around anyway.

  5. Mary Stack did a drive by on my blog the other day. I asked her how the Botox turned out.

    Beware- she is watching.

  6. “Explicate the Fire”
    – Reason Contributing Editor Michael C. Moynihan and filmmaker/TakiMag columnist Gavin McInnes.

    Partypanel rap-supergroup! MyMo and G-Mac gawn explicate all over this piece.

  7. This loss in Iraq is the fault of Anti-American issolationists like George Washington.

    1. Why can I not edit for spelling at least? This is my last post!

  8. Tales from the Derp

    I was eating lunch with my brother and his wife. I forgot how we got there, but we ended up talking about electric cars. She said electric cars are better because electric motors are 90% efficient and gas engines are only 40% efficient. I said yeah, but you to look at the whole cycle. That electricity came most likely from a steam turbine. Steam turbines are only about 35% efficient when it comes to turning heat into electricity. So the net efficiency of an electric car is less than a gas engine. A process is only as efficient as the least efficient step.

    Ever seen a frisbee bounce off a dog’s head? That was sort of her expression.

    1. I would’ve smacked her over the head with the following points.

      1. Where the hell did she hear that electric motors are 90% efficient? Maybe some high end research prototype might *approach* that.

      2. Including the steam turbine, how many transformation steps does the energy take from source to car?

      Electric goes fuel to heat, heat to mechanical, mechanical to electricity, electricity to potential energy (in the battery), potential energy to mechanical energy. With huge inefficiencies at every step.

      Gas goes fuel to heat, heat to mechanical.

    1. 48 seconds. I’m done.

  9. Is ‘Neoliberal’ a made-up term to describe ‘not-progressive’?

    1. It’s a made up term meant to describe anything progs dislike, yes. I saw a video the other day where some people talked about Neo-liberalism. One of them claimed that the IMF was the quintessential neo-liberal organization and then a second person claimed that neo-liberalism means hating gay people and fighting for hetero-normativity.

      That would shock all of these gay IMF members who showed up in a video for the It Gets Better Campaign.

      1. yeah, its kind of a basket they use to throw everything they disagree with into, and wrap up in “CORPORATISM!!!”

        I swear, no one has ever explained to me how Procter & Gamble put people into a Gulag.

      2. No it isn’t. A neoliberal is a classic free-trade liberal – a strange creature to the liberals of the mid 20th century.

        1. Palin, please describe to us what you THINK a “classic free trade liberal” is.

          1. Well him, obviously.

            But he can’t expect us peanuts to get it.

      3. Didn’t the IMF like 2 days ago demand that the US raise its minimum wage?

        Also the left should love the IMF. Marx was a big fan of state controlled central banking…an internationalist central bank would be even better.

  10. This weekend was a mixed bag for me. On the one hand, I had a bad cold. On the other, I got a new car and ate lobster. Here are some pics of my former Derpmobile:


    1. I hope you’re new ride is better than that one. I felt it was a sort of financial milestone when my wife and I could afford a decent vehicle.

      1. It’s much nicer. It even has air conditioning!

  11. Prediction: Hoops (but not where you’d think).

    1. You didn’t predict the dozens of items of flair on her collar.

  12. Jailbird Kennedy, with prison manufactured large hoops.


  14. Stream down?

  15. No more Independents for those of us without cable, alas.

    1. EvH has a link for you.

      1. He looked for one, but couldn’t find one.

        1. How about asking St. Clare to suggest a more suitable TV program to watch?

        2. Is the bakiworld one broken?

          1. yes

            1. Unless the Independents is having Laundry Day, and spinning circle I see is actually the washer at the laundromat.

              1. Bummer. I’ll keep an eye out.

                1. If you want to fantasize about being at the laundromat…


  16. Oh yeah, ISIS. International Shithead In Shoes–I had something for this.

  17. “Speaking of endless tours of duty, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton will help answer the question of just who got this war so horribly, horribly wrong.”

    Matt, please stop giving this scumbag a forum.

    I liked it better when we were comparing him to the Abominable Dr. Phibes.

    Or better yet, have him on! …but with Iraq happening all over again in the background, ask him some pointed questions about his role in supplying the “evidence” Powell presented to the UN and the world about Iraq’s mobile WMD labs and its ties with Al Qaeda.

    Ask him about his role in how we got there in the first place! You know he’s dying to brag about whatever he did.

  18. Who is ISIS?

    “And if I wanted to sit around going nowhere I’d be a teacher.”

    1. IIRC Isis was Shazam’s (Captain Marvel) superhero lady friend. I think they had a full hour with episodes for both on a Saturday morning live-action superhero show, the Shazam-Isis Power Hour or something like that. She’d attain full strength by muttering some oath and saying “Oh Mighty Isis”….

      Shazam and some older gentleman benefactor (NTTAWWT) drove around the back country in an RV looking for people in need of pathetic superheroes. I don’t remember Isis’ full gig.

      1. IIRC Isis was Shazam’s (Captain Marvel) superhero lady friend.

        “She’s not my special lady, she’s my fucking superhero lady friend!”

      2. Something about highways and byways.

  19. “Thoughtful human”

    Was any of that true, Kennedy?

  20. You broke it, you bought it.

    1. Ha! I knew someone else would remember!

      1. Dirty Trixie?!?!

        I wonder what her super powers were…

  21. Welch has a hardon for Kristol in this.

  22. Why are they not discussing Game of Thrones season finale?

    1. Cuz I haven’t seen it yet.

    2. Because everyone else is.

      Albeit, I’d rather hear about that than the World Cup.

    3. Because it sucked.

      1. Just as well you aren’t watching since you’d be thinking about sending Gavin to the dungeons of the Dreadfort.

        1. I would send 98% of the world’s population there, let’s be honest.

      2. Arya finally got on the boat to Bravos…that is all that fucking matters.

    4. I just watched it and it didn’t suck, like some people mistakenly think.

      1. Good for you. Ignore those heathens.

        I want a horn like Ramsey Snow.

        1. “Never call him that! Ramsay Bolton, not Ramsay Snow, never Snow, never, you have to remember his name, or he will hurt you.”

          1. 🙂

            I still want a horn. I will blow it endlessly to annoy my screaming neighbors.

        2. Ramsay Bolton. (He wants us back in Iraq, too.)

    5. Yeah, like how was it possible for lithe, 100 pound Dany to lift up a giant dragon collar that must have weighed over 200 pounds?

      1. It isn’t a true story.

      2. Also, was it just me, or were their heads thinner than their necks anyway?

        1. You’re just trying to make Warty hot-and-bothered by talking about how thick their necks are.

      3. She’s been squatting more.

  23. As part of my anti-bordeom program while I was bed-ridden, I watched the entire first season of Game of Thrones. The execution of the Stark guy was a bit of a shock. I liked the fight scenes too. I am left wondering how all the adults are not stricken with syphilis.

    1. It’s a fantasy universe. They have other STDs.

      1. Also, syphilis is a New World disease, which was unknown in Europe until after the Europeans colonized the Americas. Since GoT is inspired by the War of the Roses period in European history, syphilis (or a fantasty-equivalent) wouldn’t have been present.

        1. It’s a fantasy, so there was probably a devastating plague of wand-withering.

  24. Moynihan almost got to get to his point before being cut off.

  25. I’ve never watched The Independents before, but tonight I’m testing the waters. I programmed it into my DVR.

  26. Has anyone asked the NSA for them?

  27. So close, Foster was, to making his joke. Kennedy wouldn’t allow it.

  28. Gavin drops the SCSI word.

  29. They have a backup BY FUCKING LAW!

  30. Fuck John Bolton.

    That is all.

    1. Apparently he started his own SuperPack recently. I am going to find out who they endorse so I can donate to their opponents.

  31. What would I subscribe to this magazine when I’m already getting my opinions fed to me here on Fox Biz?

  32. Exactly. I blame the Iraqis.

    1. Which ones?

      1. My bumper sticker says all of them. Allah apparently has been tasked to sort them out.


  34. In Bolton’s defense, he did start out by saying they shouldn’t get bogged down in who did what.

    1. “Let’s not bicker and argue about ‘oo killed ‘oo…”

      1. “She’s got yoog…..tracts of land”

    2. “In Bolton’s defense, he did start out by saying they shouldn’t get bogged down in who did what.”

      Was he talking about himself?

      I’m very bogged down into what he personally did and when he personally did it.

      1. Yeah, I guess I missed the question that started all that. I thought it was where do we go from here but it was about examining the past to avoid future mistakes. While Bolton wasn’t exactly what difference at this point does it make, he did try to veer into answering the question he wanted to answer.

        1. I think Bolton may be on the short list of worst Americans ever–on the list with people like Aaron Burr.

          No, he didn’t kill a hero of the Revolutionary War like Alexander Hamilton, but to what extent was he responsible for problems like this?


  35. I’m beginning to realize that the thread sucks as much without the show as the show does without everyone’s snarky commentary.

    1. It’s like Rifftrax – you wouldn’t watch the movie by itself, or the snarky commentary by itself, but the two combined…that’s how I got through the Harry Potter movies.

    2. You’ll be missing us this time next week when you’re at work going over bank records and talking to strangers on the phone.

      1. And not sending me a chippy-card!


        1. I think we discussed the terms for this…

          1. Luckily Limerick has lost it’s claim to the name “Stab City”

            1. You’ll have to abandon me somewhere else then, I suppose.

              1. Have you been to Glasgow yet?

                She said there are now more murders in Glasgow than in the whole of Ireland, and said Ireland is a “step behind” the UK in terms of drugs-related deaths.

                1. Are you two planning on absconding to the British Isles without me?

                  1. No. Apparently if I want a chippy-card, I need to take you both to Ireland.

    3. I’ve never seen the show and always assumed this was true.

      1. You’re quicker to catch on to these things than me. =(

  36. Welch turned up to 11 for Orwell.

  37. Tales from the Derp

    I used the phrase “moral hazard” in a conversation. When asked what it meant the example I gave was that in Botswana, AIDS drugs are free from the govt. Since there is less incentive to avoid the disease, this is one reason why the infection rate is high. The other guy says “oh, so you’re a Republican.”

    herp. herp. herpa. derp.

    1. Why the fuck would you use that as an example of moral hazard?

  38. This is better. Finally holding this asshole’s feet to the fire.

  39. Well, I see why the internet chose to not stream this.

  40. John Bolton is like deep dish pizza to these guys.

  41. The Independents Attire Review, 16 June 2014

    Superman is Dead-Edition

    – Kennedy: Our Kennedy Favorites: 1) Neon-Izods 2) Fiyaaa Red-Dress (the one with the sparkly things embroidered @ the neck) 3) the Cabela’s Hunting-Orange Dress, and 4) Her collection of Black/White or Grey/White striped things that always make me think of the opening of the Twilight Zone. Do Not Adjust This Dress.

    – Matt: Pelt + Pink Shirt + GAHHH!! where did that tie come from?? I contemplate this… and decide… its alright! Why? Because at least its *different*. AND the maroon tie is actually a harmonious link between the pink and brown. Matt takes a win!

    – Kmele: The light-grey knit tie with the charcoal jacket is *impeccable*. His short-collar-shirt collection always adds a dose of ‘hip’ that reminds us of 1950s Jazz musicians = men who also wore suits with *style*

    – MyMo: I’ve complained that Matt seems to wear his shirts sans collar-stays; I’m starting to think that this his own personal statement of revolt against enforced formalism.

    – G-Mac: Gavin actually wears sport-coats like he’s *used to them* as 24/7 attire. Meaning = he seems eminently *comfortable* in a jacket and tie in a way that Matt does not. This is almost funny because he’s the one who doesn’t have his own TV show and is hardly ever even expected to show up sober.

    I muted out the whole John Bolton part of the show. I’m guessing I missed nothing.

    1. You forgot to write “thank you” in a foreign language at the end.


    2. oh, i also mistakenly called Mike ‘matt’. Sorry. Mike there.

  42. I was lead to believe this real, but now I think it’s a parody:

    1. The NY Times said it was real:


    2. I hope those white kids are safe.

  43. What if we put warning labels on stupid assholes?

  44. Oh crap, now they’re going to put trigger warnings on the entire internet

  45. Find ooot.

    Figures…a Canookistani.

  46. Has Bolton ever answered the accusations against him?

    “And after Bolton attempted to coerce a state department intelligence officer to agree to an unfounded report about nonexistent Cuban WMD, Powell personally assembled the entire intelligence staff to instruct them to ignore Bolton. When the British foreign secretary Jack Straw complained to Powell that Bolton was obstructing negotiations with Iran on the development of nuclear weapons, Powell ordered Bolton to be cut out of the process….The British also objected to Bolton’s interference in talks with Libya, and again Powell removed Bolton. Powell could not dismiss him because of his powerful patron: Vice-President Cheney.

    The Bolton confirmation hearings have revealed his constant efforts to undermine Powell on Iran and Iraq, Syria and North Korea….The foreign relations committee has discovered that Bolton made a highly unusual request and gained access to 10 intercepts by the National Security Agency, which monitors worldwide communications*, of conversations involving past and present government officials. Whose conversations did Bolton secretly secure and why?

    Bolton was probably spying on Powell, his senior advisers and other officials reporting to him on diplomatic initiatives that Bolton opposed.”…

    *That was a rumor in 2005!

  47. He’s got a consensus Kmele, abandon your heresay.

  48. Are you fucking serious?
    Facebook is a ‘drug’

    If this guy can pretend activity is a ‘drug’, then he’s simply redefining all human activity in the context of “drug use” so that it can be regulated.

    1. Well, if the act of drinking too much (not the drink itself, but the ‘act’) is a disease, why can’t facebook?

      1. Drinking too much can cause liver failure.


        1. Facebook causes Derpatosis.

  49. Bolton shaved himself and came back for this segment.


  51. I think he just got embarrassed. More so than just opening his mouth in general.

  52. I was talking to a prog about the assault weapon ban. I tried to explain how the term was meaningless and arbitrary. He took on a very whiny tone and bellowed at me “no one should have a weapon whose only purpose is to KILL!” I asked him what the purpose of a weapon is, because I thought the purpose of all weapons was to hurt and kill. No response.

    1. I suppose he would also ban the Franklinator.

  53. Wow. What a cluster fuck.

  54. Wow, that might have been the most contentious interview ever on this show.

    1. Dr. Ablow was completely thrown when Kmele questioned his premise.

    2. It was unwatchable.

      1. Yet I watched it. I earned a chocolate milk.

  55. Lex Luthor seemed suspiciously evasive.

  56. here’s the thing =

    If you’re going to *invite* people like John Bolton, or ‘TV psychologist’ who calls EVERYTHING a ‘problem’ onto your show, *please have very simple arguments to present them with prepared in advance*… else it devolves into people just talking over one another and refusing to accept each other’s basic statements?

    I mean, couldn’t they have at least gotten the guy to discuss the issue of defining any kind of ‘human activity’ as a ‘drug’ (his own words!@)

    1. Yes, it really is a preparation issues. Giving Matt, Kennedy, and Kmele credit, though, they all have real day jobs outside of the show.

      1. “they all have real day jobs”



        They also have writers for the show.

        1. And if the show isn’t worth doing right, why do it at all?

          1. Thank you

    2. I think it’s that these guys really haven’t been challenged in any meaningful way on air, ever. Bolton’s throwing out the notion that opposing the Iraq war means you support Hussein was desperately disingenuous. It was pathetic. And Ablow just couldn’t conceive of anyone not nodding appreciatively at his drivel. He seemed genuinely stunned to be having a substantive discussion rather than a tongue bath.

  57. I like to show this video to progs and watch them squirm:

    1. So you’re a sadist as well as a masochist – watching these things yourself and showing them to other people?

      1. I am the author of the Derponomicon. What else would you expect?

    2. Why would they squirm? All the progs I know would cream their jeans over that ad.

      1. The smarter ones realize the unflattering implications of a candidate who promises to be Santa Claus.

        1. The smarter ones

          You lost me.*

          *OK, OK – it’s not that my prog friends are not smart, per se, they’re just unprincipled and idol-worshippers.

  58. Are those lesbians in this Reason Magazine commercial?

    1. Are they kissing? then no, they’re just bi.

  59. Aaaaa…blow me!

  60. Francisco danger ‘Anconia

  61. Wouldn’t a successful papal assassination be a sign from God that he didn’t want that pope to continue on?

    1. I wonder what the Presidential food taster thinks about that?

  62. Those uppity American Catholics.

  63. I think he meant what he said


  64. Santorum then pivoted to foreign policy, where he explained that in the event Russia assaulted Turkey in the rear, Greece would help.

    1. Ninaona kile ulichofanya pale.

  65. Yeah, you can see they totally CGI’d that guy in there.

    1. “the band is already a big name in the jazz scene.”

      no one who is talks like that.

      1. Define “big”. Making a little bit of money playing to hipsters is as decent a definition as any. Wait, no it isn’t.

        1. Warty|6.16.14 @ 9:44PM|#

          Define “big”.

          In “the jazz scene” in NYC?

          You are well-known enough by some of the ‘big deal’ guys that a few times a year you get a random call to fill in for someone at a gig.

          The big-deal guys are dudes like Bill Ware, or anyone vaguely associated with john zorn’s scene… or a half dozen others… if they know your name? you’re someone.

          1. “You are well-known enough by some of the ‘big deal’ guys that a few times a year you get a random call to fill in for someone at a gig.”

            And you get hired for weddings!

            1. there are lots of pretty serious guys (albeit B-team) who regularly do gigs like that because *they need the fucking money*

              my buddy who is a working jazz guy and has played with many of the ‘made men’, got hooked into some of them by subbing for someone @ a junior highschool benefit concert… where he met the guy who played trumpet w/ Bill Ware, and subsequently… boom, a year later he’s playing drums with him too.

  66. I wasn’t cool in HS, but I’m still a worthless drunk. I was robbed!

  67. What was the bumper music 39 minutes in, just before the commercials? Something bouncy with female vocals.

  68. I was a worthless drunk in high school, where am I supposed to go from there?

  69. Atheism, the smuggest of the religions.

  70. RAEKWON!

  71. There’s atheism as a state of being where you do not believe in the supernatural and apathetic about the whole issue.

    And then there are the atheists that say God has no control over their lives while obsessively arguing with religious people in a condescending way.

    1. I’m of the first variety. God or Jeebus or whatever just plays no part in my life. I don’t really give a crap that they do in others’ lives. Same way I feel about heroin junkies.

    2. I describe myself as a devout agnostic. It made a Mormon missionary cry once when she put me on the spot about my beliefs. Deity could exist, but nothing I’ve seen requires it.

    3. And then there are false dilemmas.

  72. Embrace the term evangelical atheist.

    1. “Have you kicked Jesus out of your life?”

        1. Just thinking about an evangelical atheist.

          1. Have you been saved?

  73. Yeah, kids are watching Fox Biz. Even your kids aren’t watching < i The Independents.

  74. The church I attend was largely founded and pastored in its early years by former hippies that came to Christ through their experiences with acid and other drugs.

    1. Could you be more specific about their spiritual progress?

      1. It’s a Calvary Chapel, which was founded by straight-laced Pastor Chuck Smith (he died last year) and also influenced by ‘hippie evangelist’ Lonnie Frisbee back in the 1970s.

        The pastor at the one I grew up attending used to be a drummer in a band before he became a Christian.

        1. Ha. I grew up at Hope Chapel Hermosa Beach. Calvary Chapel is a splinter group from the Four Square denomination.

          Also I saw a Calvary Chapel in Kosovo, it was extremely weird.

          1. It seems rather decentralized. I’ve never noticed anything off-putting or objectionable about the one I attend.

            It’s just a lot of scripture reading and extracting moral and spiritual lessons from the text.

            1. Calvary Chapel is extremely decentralized, more so than contemporary Four Square. There’s weirdness within the Four Square denomination because Hope Chapel HB has been aggressively creating clonal churches that are under their control and Hope Chapel HB has had friction with the Four Square hierarchy. Right after I declined to continue going, one of the youth pastors I really liked got purged from her leadership position because the pastor was “convicted” by the passage 1 Tim 2:12 “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.” Mind you, this is a denomination founded by Aimee Semple McPherson.

              My cousin who stayed involved in that church much longer than I did says they took a hard step toward Calvinism and pulled a lot of the Hope Chapels with them.

        2. Okay, interesting…I’d heard of the “Jesus people,” and this seems to be part of that…I was unclear from your description how the hippies came to Christ “through” drugs, but apparently it indicates that they did drugs but didn’t fulfill their spiritual yearnings thereby, so they found themselves in this church?

  75. Gavin makes a good point

    If i’m at a party and i’m talking to someone who’s a churchgoer, its not like they’re ever going to bring the subject up in conversation. Even if we’re smoking weed. *(note: this has happened)

    An athiest? Will invariably start a sentence prefacing their a-religiousness as the element which makes them uniquely point-of-viewed.

    I’m not making a value judgement about it, its just that the athiest is quicker on the draw. Maybe they’re just happier when everyone else knows it.

    1. You are making a value judgement, and it’s the right one. Preach it, brother.

    2. “I’m not making a value judgement about it, its just that the athiest is quicker on the draw.”

      Tell that to Eddie.

      1. *smooches*

    3. They seem more like the high school kid who just discovered a shitty underground band, and have to let everyone know about it. And, tell them how much their favorite music sucks to “save them”.

      1. antisocial-ist|6.16.14 @ 9:51PM|#
        “They seem more like the high school kid who just discovered a shitty underground band, and have to let everyone know about it. And, tell them how much their favorite music sucks to “save them”.”

        Except for the ones who aren’t.

    4. Unfortunately being an adherent to atheism or any organized religion is not a sufficient condition for not being an asshole about it.

    5. a churchgoer

      Do you only know mainline protestants? I don’t think every evangelical is so aggressive about it, but I can’t get through a conversation with my extended family or the people I grew up around without them thanking God that they were able to get tickets to the movies and wondering how I can even function without God whispering his plan for me in my ear.

      1. Not at all. In fact, in my main circle the ‘religious’ among them include =

        – conservative jews
        – hasidic jews*
        – catholics
        – what I call ‘country-club
        – and some transplants from the midwest who go to some hippy dippy protestantish type thing that is the urban/whole-foods version of Megachurches

        But you could shorten that to “lots of jews and catholics”. Its New Yawk!

        1. The Hasidim don’t need to tell you because they explicitly set themselves apart by garb. They’re the gay kid who’s so flaming he CAN’T be a closet case.

          Also, there are a lot of Christmas and Easter Jews (0:40) and Christians in the US. If you’re going for the tradition and not for the saving grace, you’re probably not that uppity about your beliefs at cocktail parties.

          1. Not all Hasids are the costume-wearing kind. (although they are still identifiable to be sure)

            But i fail to see your point = are you suggesting the people i know aren’t “really religious” or something?

            I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about people who go to church/synagogue on a regular basis. They are maybe 10-20% of my friends. It may just be a city-thing that religious people are *quieter* about it; namely because its not particularly common… and maybe they dont want to have to debate it with the people who think its ‘weird’?

            i don’t know. I’m just sharing my experience, which happens to be that the ‘ostentatious athiest’ is more common than the proselytizing believer… which is actually unheard of, outside of the Lubovitch (which my buddy is one of but doesn’t do that part)

            *funny side note = everyone seems to think the Hasidic guy is somehow more ‘normal’ than the ‘normally religious’ people, in some ways.

            1. But i fail to see your point = are you suggesting the people i know aren’t “really religious” or something?

              No, I’m sorry if it came across that way. I was more getting at the fact that there’s a lot bigger pool of people who self-identify as religious who are not particularly religious than people who self-identify as “athiest” total.*

              I missed that you were already narrowing down to those who are regularly religious rather than just self-identifying as religious. At that point, I don’t know…I’ve been asked if Jesus is my personal Lord and Savior on three continents, I may just be a magnet for this stuff.

              *Pew says that 1.7% self-identify as Jewish in the US, and only 1.6% see themselves as atheists.

          2. So this looks like some fun.

            Oh, cancelled prematurely.

            In 2004.


            1. They had enough of a head’s up that they pulled the end together. It’s a show about someone who graduates college with a useless degree (philosophy) from a good school and doesn’t know what to do with her life, so she goes into retail. I watched it during my last semester of college with a degree in history and it spoke to me deeply, particularly the episode where her life is stolen by a journalist: Karma Chameleon.

              I’ve been rather evangelical about this show.

              1. I’ll try to dig it up. I like her deadpan. I’m a sucker for a girl with decent deadpan.

    6. Q: How can you tell if someone is an atheist?

      A: Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.

      Alternative punchlines include: gay, Jewish, Christian, pilot, Navy SEAL, Marine, teacher, cop, feminist, vegan, vegetarian, & liberal


    7. That doesn’t make sense =

      How do you know an atheist “invariably” will tell you unless you know everyone’s religious beliefs in the first place?

      Unless you are at a very small party = and you know everyone there already.

      (Oh, and by the way, =)

      1. I don’t understand the question.

        I’m just saying, none of the people who turn out to be religious tend to announce it without being asked.

        whereas, i’ve seen people on a dozen occasions start sentences with the preface, ‘Well, *as an athiest* I…’

        I’ve noted in the past how I hate it when people say, “As a libertarian…”

        I just think that’s a really lame way to start any point. just make your fucking point; you should never make some declaration of your ‘credentials’ necessary for a point to make sense.

        1. Amen, can I subscribe to your newsletter? Will you be offering free Brooklyn ale for every new subscription?

        2. I’m simply pointing out that you can’t make a point about the frequency with which atheists make a point of stating their (a)religion without knowing who is and isn’t atheist in the first place.

          If there are 20 people at a party, the fact that 2 tell you they’re atheist doesn’t give you the information necessary to make statements about what atheists “invariably” or even “usually” do if there are still, say, 15 people there whose religions or lack thereof you do not know.

          While you probably weren’t very serious when you said “invariably”, these kinds of statements get made pretty often by others around these parts, so I felt I ought to point it out.

          1. “If there are 20 people at a party, the fact that 2 tell you they’re atheist doesn’t give you the information necessary to make statements about what atheists “invariably” or even “usually” do if there are still, say, 15 people there whose religions or lack thereof you do not know.”

            That was my point above: “Except for the people who don’t”.
            AKA Confirmation Bias.

            1. By niggling over the manner in which i made a simple observation you have confirmed the following =

              That you make a big fucking deal about it just like the atheists who need to announce their personal beliefs while those around me (who may believe a variety of things and which i am generally privy to) tend to think that its not a matter needing to preface comments with.

              just because religious people i know “do not talk about it”, and athiest people I know “constantly talk about it” may mean nothing from a ‘statistical point of view’. It may mean nothing overall in the grand scheme of things.

              Its still what I see. so fuck off.

              1. GILMORE|6.16.14 @ 11:19PM|#
                …”Its still what I see. so fuck off.”

                Strangely enough, I’ve never made a single comment about ignorant superstitionists here, until someone else raised the issue, in which case, I point out that superstitions are not really a good way to approach reality. And those who are superstitious are worthy of derision, being believers in superstitions.
                So, fuck off.

                1. “” I’ve never made a single comment about ignorant superstitionists here””

                  No = you attempted to invalidate any observations i’ve made by claiming some logical fallacy was being engaged in.

                  I never made an argument or claimed to be identifying a universal law = just that in my experience, this is what i see.

                  i can add your current weaselly behavior, and sudden decision to pretend that someone is defending ‘superstitionists’ to that collection of observations.

                  For the record, I am an athiest. i just don’t go around being a dick about it. I notice a lot of others do.

                  take that as you will.

        3. GILMORE|6.16.14 @ 10:21PM|#
          “I’m just saying, none of the people who turn out to be religious tend to announce it without being asked.”

          Tell that to Eddie.

    8. A. How can you tell when someone is a vegan?

      Q: Don’t worry, they will tell you.

    9. If i’m at a party and i’m talking to someone who’s a churchgoer, its not like they’re ever going to bring the subject up in conversation.

      This is not the case in the south. Frequently, the first question people ask upon meeting you is “Where do you go to church?”

  76. It’s a possible Libertarian moment.

    1. It’s always the Libertarian moment.

  77. He can cancel out Bernie Sanders. Uh, from the other chamber.

  78. Welch has seen Kennedy interrupting guests and decided he wanted in on some of that. Overby was at the right place at the wrong time.

  79. HOLY SHITE. A third Reason Magazine ad? How much of my $5 donation is going to wasting time on Fox Biz?

    1. Have we found it on youtube for the people mainlining it almost commercial free from the fox website?

    2. Hey, they got ‘way better ratings than MSNBC!

      1. proof or it didn’t happen.

    3. The Kochs must have left a bag of money on Reason’s doorstep this morning, or else they wouldn’t be able to afford so many advertisements.

  80. Heeeee-ya! DOBBS

  81. That was the fastest after-show transition ever in the history of aftershows.

  82. Geez. That started quick.

  83. Blaufelt? Blow-feld?

    Whatever, Moynihan gets A+ for ball-busting

  84. I presume the show is geared towards the 18 to 34 crowd, and yet the ads are all for denture cream and boner pills.

    It is a puzzlement.

  85. I presume the show is geared towards the 18 to 34 crowd, and yet the ads are all for denture cream and boner pills.

    It is a puzzlement.

    1. You saying we don’t need boner pills?

  86. He can’t sleep because he has to prowl for human blood.

  87. I’m pretty sure that’s anyone in DC for any failure.

  88. Ha, Kennedy is for CIA assassinations.

  89. Yeah, the Germans were efficient, even in defeat.

  90. How to research derp- type in a prog speak buzzword into YouTube and filter the results by view count. I typed in “austerity” and found this:

  91. “Obama considers special forces to help in Iraq”
    [but not to worry, it’s only a couple of suck.. PEOPLE. That’s PEOPLE!]
    “The White House is considering sending a small number of American special forces soldiers to Iraq in an urgent attempt to help the government in Baghdad”…..ationworld

    ‘Cause that Peace Prize is all about, uh, was it $50K?

    1. “Sevo|6.16.14 @ 10:11PM|#

      “Obama considers special forces to help in Iraq”

      Wasn’t it… yesterday? that he said, “no boots on the ground”

      (at the time, i was like, “T-minus 35mins until that no longer applies…”)

      1. Here in DC, the Obama bootlickers are desperately scrambling to show that Obama IS JUST DOING WHAT IS NECESSARY AND WHAT ANY OTHER PRESIDENT WOULD DO. And by bootlickers, I mean all the UC intern progs that reside in my apartment building.

      2. “Boots on the ground” really only applies to infantry being deployed, not “special forces.”

        Special forcers use flippers, or crampons, or skis. Not boots. So the president is keeping to his word. The very definition of his word.


        2. “Special forcers use flippers,”…

          Ballet slippers:

            1. So why is the black guy wearing the Mormon undershirt?

              1. Address your fashion questions to GILMORE, c/o Reason Foundation HQ, L.A..

                1. Do, Kock-funded?

                  1. ARG!
                    So, Kock-funded?

  92. Matt Welch just called Kmele Foster a blame America firster! To his face!

  93. Note to Independents =
    Next time anyone defends the Iraq War? Frame the question thusly =

    “Was part of the motivation of the Iraq War to undermine/isolate Iran? = if so, Heckuva job there!?”

  94. Today in navel-gazing:

    Evolutionary psychology is such a crock.

    1. “Why the people I esteem are generally predisposed to think the things I think.” No post-hoc errors here, sir!

      1. All of evolutionary psychology boils down to is Just-So stories. “Once upon a time in the pleistocene…”

      2. All of evolutionary psychology boils down to is Just-So stories. “Once upon a time in the pleistocene…”

        1. Here’s the thing about Evo Psych. I think it’s obvious that the psychology of people had to have been heavily influenced by evolution, but there’s no way to actually prove it. As a result, virtually all Evo Psych arguments come down to shots in the dark with no evidence whatsoever. People just make shit up and claim that evolutionary psychology explains it.

          1. Irish|6.16.14 @ 10:50PM|#
            …”it’s obvious that the psychology of people had to have been heavily influenced by evolution, but there’s no way to actually prove it.”…

            You’re limited to inferences, but you can show that, in comparison to other incentives, how this trait benefited the survival of the species.

            1. In comparison to other incentives *which are also mostly inferentially derived*

              1. Exactly.
                Can it be otherwise? I mean, we don’t get to replay evolution.

    2. This is especially bizarre because most of the leftists I know hate evolutionary psychology.

      Isn’t Evo-Psych generally used by pick up artists to explain why evolution caused women to like pink and made them so susceptible to negs?


      Holy fuck, I just watched it. There are so many flaws. He argues that liberals are smarter because it’s more ‘evolutionarily novel.’ He apparently doesn’t realize that A) political values don’t come from evolution and B) Something being evolutionarily new doesn’t make it good since the vast majority of mutations actually have a negative impact on the organism.

      Bitch, sickle cell anemia is evolutionarily novel, but that doesn’t mean I’d like to have it.

      1. He argues that liberals are smarter because it’s more ‘evolutionarily novel.’ He apparently doesn’t realize that A) political values don’t come from evolution

        He appears to be under the impression that people who are liberals have compassionate and empathetic personality predilections and that goes hand in hand with supporting a welfare state or whatever he thinks ‘liberal’ means.

        This is garbage, of course, since one can be extremely empathetic (raises hand) and still be rational enough to not let that dominate one’s thinking.

        In fact, I’d argue that people who cannot govern their passions or think clearly when emotionally involved in a situations tend to make poorer decisions, which would not seem to help one’s ability to survive.

        1. That’s a good point. He claims that liberals are smarter because they’re more empathetic, but even if you buy that they’re more empathetic, which I don’t, there’s no connection between empathy and intellect.

          There are a whole lot of high functioning sociopaths and some very caring morons.

          1. Irish|6.16.14 @ 11:07PM|#
            …”He claims that liberals are smarter because they’re more empathetic, but even if you buy that they’re more empathetic, which I don’t, there’s no connection between empathy and intellect.”

            And in fact, there is only recently some connection between empathy a evolution.
            There is no lack of evidence that individual primacy aids survival of the individual.
            The survival of the species (troop? tribe?) is now considered important, but not by any means primary.

  95. “Al Qaeda ain’t all bad.” Ending it strong while justifying all of Bolton’s fears about libertarians.

    1. “Dirka dirka dirka.”

  96. Thrones time. I’m going in.

    1. Let me save you some time by telling you what happens…

        1. I’ve kept up with the books, not so much the series, but so help me God if Martin touches Arya there’s going to be Misery scenario in Santa Fe this winter.

        2. No, they all play vid games and proclaim how they are libertarian!
          Oh, wait, that’s!

      1. I found it awfully disjointed, almost a microcosm for how the show itself sort of came apart at the seams this season as the stories grew more isolated and further apart.

        It become frustrating to see so many good bits like Tyrion’s trial, the duel between Oberyn and the Mountain, the stuff with Ramsay, get lost amongst the crap like everything involving Jon Snow, Bran, and certain parts of Dany’s story.

        1. Well, it was the season finale. Had to touch on each story line.

          1. I bet you’re feeling pretty good about giving up dip right about now… Tony Gwynn was a good man.

        2. Bran’s still yet to amaze us all. I wholeheartedly believe it. Perhaps not this next season, but soonish thereafter.

          Dany’s overrated. She’s somewhere between bureaucratic mistress and Martin’s wildcard. I think he keeps her around because otherwise he’d have to write about Westros’ other extistential threat…

  97. Actually, sadly i am also going to go watch the GoT episode already interpretated to death today.

    I expect all i will see are allegories to Neoconservative Foreign Policy

  98. Stone IPA at 10:43pm. Never lets me down.

    1. I prefer Arrogant Bastard. They also made a porter whose name escapes me.

      1. I had a 22oz Bastard with my overpriced dinner. It was a little much after happy hour.

        1. I haven’t had a drink in over 10 weeks. But my buddy is coming out next weekend, so that will end that.

          1. Weight count? And was it worth it?

            1. Lost 41 pounds. 40 was the goal, but I could still stand to lose another 10-20, but I’m not going to diet my summer away. I’ll hit it hard again next spring.

              Definitely worth it.

  99. I decided to save the really stupid stuff for last. In other news, there will soon be a Paddington Bear movie:

    1. I’m offended that I gave that Mark Fiore drivel a hit.

      1. If that’s the twit cartoonist, now you know to ignore him entirely.
        He makes Tony look like a sincere debater.

    2. I like that he apparently believes Eric Cantor and John Boehner were Tea Party candidates.

  100. The most pure form of prog derp I have yet to encounter:

    1. It’s times like these, if I were a lesser man, I’d find myself rooting for the implosion of American commerce once peak regulatory state/confiscatory taxation hits.

      But then I recall that part of being libertarian means hoping for the best for all people, the moronic statists included, and I settle for watching sullenly while the economy stagnates.

  101. Great moments in Youtube comments:

    1rst Guy: “War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun” – Mao Zedong

    The only way to get rid of these gun nuts is to round them all up using guns and then execute each and every one of them using guns?.

    2nd guy: yea thats not only never gonna happen, it would also defeat the point anti gun people make?

  102. Ooh, looky! A proggy cartoon about net neutrality:

  103. Ooh, looky! A proggy cartoon about net neutrality:

    1. Weren’t progressives against net neutrality at first? I remember Wikipedia running campaigns against it which had a lot of prog support.

      Net neutrality would completely fuck non-profit websites with high traffic. File sharing websites would get hit hard. They’re the ones who would get screwed far more than Netflix.

    2. God damn youtube commenters are worse than Gawker.

  104. Ooh! Here’s one about the San Francisco private buses:

  105. Irish|6.16.14 @ 10:40PM|#
    “The Kochs must have left a bag of money on Reason’s doorstep this morning, or else they wouldn’t be able to afford so many advertisements.”

    Anyone else reading the “Brothers of Wichita”? My copy is growing yellow stickees out the side.

  106. Game of Thrones doesn’t turn me on as much as it does for men, that’s sexist!

    I’m far from the first person to say we need more manparts on “Game of Thrones.” But this isn’t just about penises vs. breasts?seeing Tywin on the john in the finale had certain charms, but not the kind I mean. It’s about situation and camera angle. It’s about who has the right to be turned on. It’s about whose genitals are worth catering to.

    I’m emphasizing that because conversations about sexism on TV have a tendency devolve into the negatives of objectification: how it dehumanizes, marginalizes, decentralizes. The “male gaze” theory is so familiar now that we sometimes let it flow into abstractions it was never guilty of. We all know, thanks to Laura Mulvey’s Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema, that the male gaze eroticizes the object it looks at, and that the camera facilitates that look. But there’s more than visual pleasure or narrative centrality at work. There’s the right to what some have called the female gaze. The erotic?from a female viewpoint?rarely finds its way onscreen, but that scene between Daario and Daenarys shows that the show is capable of doing it.

    So why doesn’t it do it more?

    Who has the right to be turned on? I’ve read that sentence a few times over and I still don’t know what it means.

    1. Shorter OP: I forgot my xtube password and am too lazy to recover it.

      1. There are porn sites with passwords?

    2. Lili Loofbourow

      I refuse to believe that is a real human being’s name.

      1. You’re just being cisnymist.

        1. THAT’S NOT A THING!

          Oh, please let that not be a thing!

    3. There’s the right to what some have called the female gaze. The erotic?from a female viewpoint?rarely finds its way onscreen,

      She clearly has not seen Bliss

      The format of the show?short, sensual vignettes adapted for television?aired on Oxygen in the United States (though heavily edited for American audiences)

      I feel cheated! Oooh there’s an Ep on Youtube

      Too bad I can’t find the one where she rapes a gay man on top of a bunch of stalker pictures she’s been taking of him from the apartment across the street. Yay female empowerment!

      1. From the 5 seconds it took me to fast forward and skim that link, I determined that it was basically a Silk Stalkings that sucked even more.

        1. Did I mention it’s a Canadian show?

          For whatever reason a group of us ended up drinking tea and watching Talk Sex with Sue Johanson and Bliss on Oxygen every Thursday night one year in college. It was a weirdly nice way to wind down the night.

        2. Silk Stalkings…. That sounds so familiar. Did I used to spank it to that in middle school, or am I thinking of something else?

  107. Does anyone else find that Google tries to finish your searches *way too fast* and constantly interrupts your ‘more than 1 word search’ with a bunch of bullshit suggested items?

    This was not a problem before. Recently it has gotten annoying.

    1. Example please? I bet it’s some pretty sick shit.

      1. Or fashion. Your searches could plausibly be about fashion.

        1. for some reason i can’t even make it do it now.

          No, i hardly ever search for anything to do with fashion. Although i wiki the names of shades of colors all the time. I can’t remember what’s called what. poor visual memory? meh

    2. I’m testing a few things and the suggestions do seem faster and shittier. Example:
      Search – How c
      Results- How can I keep from singing,
      how can she slap,
      how can I keep from singing lyrics,
      how can you mend a broken heart lyrics.

      Search – Who
      Results- whole foods,
      who let the dogs out,
      whole life insurance,

      1. Actually i’ve discovered what it is. (idiotically, i never thought about WHY this was happening until i mentioned it here)

        Its because of where i happen to leave the mouse cursor after clicking the text box; i hit space and it grabs whatever suggestion happens to be under the cursor.

        I think its a keyboard setting in windows/ or the new browser that I was unaware of.

        1. Ah, gotcha. I have that problem with the Amazon search box and the Windows Explorer search box. Drives me insane when I go looking for a patient file and I end up with an old patient’s information because windows assumed I wanted the second oldest search based on my cursor-at-rest position.

          I do feel like Google auto fill used to come up with more fun lists with partial searches though.

  108. GoT comment =

    girl’s brother is stabbed to death by animated skeletons – creatures heretofore never mentioned, suggested, or even postulated in the show’s universe.

    Does anyone bother to say “hey, that was weird?” or “shit, sorry about your brother!”


    1. then again, i guess his dead body was blown up by a child shooting fireballs out of their hands …And nobody asked, “hey, how’d you do that?” either.

      i dont know, i’m just thinking that this character here has been wandering through the fucking show for like 10 episodes, and basically all they see is regular people killing each other…

      …and suddenly shit goes Full Fantasy Fucked Up with magic skeletons and fireballs, and nobody goes ‘boo’

      1. basically all they see is regular people killing each other

        What killed Renly Baratheon?

        1. The kids dude. the kids never witnessed any supernatural shit.

          1. Seeing through the eyes of animals, seeing the future and being able to take control of Hodor with your mind isn’t supernatural?

            1. Yes, but that was “private to themselves” and not visible to anyone else. more or less “psychic”. totally different ball of wax compared to stabby skeleton people and flamethrower-children

    2. I wondered how the hell they got enough labor to build the ice wall. Wouldn’t be easier just to relocate to the non-ice-zombie continent?

      1. Actually i think ‘ancient structures of mysterious origin’ are a perfectly acceptable narrative device.

        Its the “children who shoot fireballs out of their fingers” which i don’t think people would so naturally ‘take for granted’

        Speaking of mysterious ancient structures =

        I’m in my local watering hole and talking to this guy who i know as an actor, but rarely talk to. He mentions he just got back from Dubai. I’m like ‘whats the gig’? and he’s like ‘its a bruckheimer movie, its a big deal; i’m playing a iraq vet’ and so we start talking about filming in the desert. and he goes, “here’s where the plot gets interesting = one of my men (i play a sergeant) finds an *ancient crypt*…’…

        …and i go, “oooh! and releases the ancient evil?!” and he looks at me like i’m psychic. i go, ‘Oh, come on man; what, YOU didn’t think it was obvious”?

        And he’s like, “well anyway, so he releases the ancient evil… and then its supposed to cut to where it appears in the city and a detective has to track down all these weird killings”…

        …and I go, “Ahhh. Supernatural detective thriller. Like Seven. Or X-Files. Or Kolchak..”

        He’s laughing, ‘really? its that cliche?’

        I’m like ‘dude, you said ‘Bruckheimer'”.

        I think its called ‘beware the night’? oh, ok here – they changed the title =…..xperience/

        1. Sorry, the movie is now called “Deliver us from evil” (link wasnt posting)

          oh, and Abu Dhabi, not dubai. whatever, apparently it comes out in like 2 weeks. I thought it had come and gone.

  109. It sure will be great if Hillary becomes president. No other public figure is held in such high esteem in the middle east:

  110. In the special election I voted for Jolly because the atrocity known as Alex Sink needed to be put down for good. Now that Overby is running with no Democrat to spoil the fun I’m finally going to tick the box for a libertarian that’s not a protest vote.

  111. Next GoT quibble =

    no rational explanation why the blonde woman-knight and the hound immediately set to blows without any discussion.

    1. That said = he kicked her in the twat, so all is now forgiven.

      no one ever does that in movies, so they get points for that.

    1. Good Morning Francisco, this is your 6:20 AM wake up call.

  112. I like the sound of that dude. Way Cool.

    1. You’re not even trying anymore, are you?

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