Airstrikes for Iraq?, Tea Party Freeze-Out, $500 Billion V.A. 'Fix': P.M. Links


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  1. In its rush to “fix” the troubled Department of Veterans Affairs, Congress passed a bill that may cost more than $500 billion over the next decade.

    No debt is too good for our vets.

    1. Piling more (of other people’s) money on the fire is their go to solution.

    2. Surprise, surprise, surprise!

      /Gomer Pyle

    3. I heard that on the radio, something like $50B a year for giving them private insurance!! Not sure I believe the CBO, but we are talking about mostly old guys (it’s not IRQ/AFG vets, remember).

      Still, if the VA budget is 76B, they should just take it out of their hide since that is the point, like a school voucher, make the VA compete for that money.

    4. I’ll pass, thankee – let the taxpayers keep their money.

      1. Oh, most of that money wasn’t going anywhere near actual veterans anyway.

    5. Even the Repubs aren’t paying lip-service any more to reducing spending, pay-as-you-go, increases here have to be paid for by cuts over there, etc.

      1. True – see the quick death of sequester.

  2. Haha, fuck Spain.

      1. Oh man. The Spanish haven’t fallen this fast since Napoleon.

        1. They helped *beat* Napoleon.

          1. By inventing guerilla warfare tactics after the army fell.

    1. That second goal from Robben was simply exquisite.

      The fourth and fifth Dutch goals on the other hand were just taking the piss

      1. Wasn’t even best goal of the game though. Van Persie’s header will be tough to beat for goal of the tournament. Perfect cross too.

      2. I axed my Mex-American friends why they root for Mexico and not the US: they all laffed and didn’t really know.

        1. The US team is a bunch of lame dweebs?

          Maybe it’s like how a German-American will “root” for German beer over Miller and Budweiser? Maybe?

          1. German beer is pretty crappy, and many Germans know it. Those who have traveled to the US love the variety of craft brews instead of the cookie cutter pils und weisen.

            Most of the Mex-Amis that I know, and some are here in Germany with us, see it as having two home teams to root for. When the two national teams play against each other it splits families apart and leads to a lot of spanish cursing at the TV.

            1. I agree, but I’ve yet to have an American brewed hefeweizen better than my favorite German ones, Schneiderweisse and Franzikaner. And yes I know that American Hefeweizen is pretty much a different style now but some craft breweries do try to make German style ones.

              In my obersvation of mexican-americans (and other central americans) here in Houston they tend to transition more to cheering for the US with each generation with the middle stage of cheering for both being pretty common. Know plenty of Italian americans who still cheer for Italy even though they’re far more generations in.

              1. Shit *I* (vastly) prefer the Mexican side the the American one, and I’m not Mexican descended at all. Why? Maybe its because Mexicans submit their best athletes to play soccer, while the US team gets the losers and fags who weren’t good enough to cut it in any of the other multitudes of lousy sports played in the US. These are dipshits who couldn’t cut it in American football, basketball, baseball, or hockey.

                Of course, soccer, being the shitty game that it is- even a team full of unskilled reject lamers like the US soccer team can make it to a world cup full of prima donnas and dedicated soccer playing fools like teams Italy and Germany…

            2. You’ve either not had much German beer or are high if you think there’s an American variety that’s better than a good brand of any of the varieties of bock, marzen or dunkel, or that there is a U.S. brewer that makes a better one of those. Don’t get me wrong; therevare some very good U.S. versions and varieties out there, but the top level does not match up. Also, Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier is great.
              For clarification I am not a fan of the overly hoppy IPA/APA styles many Americans seem to favor.

    2. *nods head in agreement*

      /The Ghost of William the Silent

  3. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid proposes a tax cut for multinational corporations to convince them to bring trillions of dollars stashed overseas to the United States.

    And to contribute to certain campaigns? No, that’s not it. IT’S A TRAP.

    1. Under his plan, if a company borrowed money domestically to fund its operations to avoid tapping foreign earnings, that money would be treated as if it had come from overseas and subject to the 35 percent levy. The proposal would enforce that by examining the ratio between a companies’ debt and equity, so that if the ratio increased even though the business had money stashed overseas, then the borrowed money would be considered as good as repatriated.

      Yeah, definitely a trap.

      1. Soooo, typical big gov solution. Instead of fixing the double taxation problem, we’ll add a new tax to make people and corps do what we want.


        1. Company needs money to expand domestic operations. Company can;t bring in overseas money without losing over a 1/3 of it. Company can’t borrow money without losing over a 1/3 of it. Solution? Lawyers are hired to create thousands of little spin-off companies.

          You see, they’re just trying to increase diversity!

          1. Like I said, genius at work.

        2. It does not matter if the USA’s absurd corporate tax policies are creating perverse incentives for US corporations not to invest their foreign earnings in the States. That money belongs to the federal government and, by God, Harry Reid is going to see that it gets that money!

        3. It does not matter if the USA’s absurd corporate tax policies are creating perverse incentives for US corporations not to invest their foreign earnings in the States. That money belongs to the federal government and, by God, Harry Reid is going to see that it gets that money!

      2. Thank God my Swiss masters have the money flow in only one direction – away from Harry Reid.

  4. …but airstrikes are a distinct possibility.


    1. I don’t think they can pull off the synchronized swimming nuns scene.

    2. Don’t bother….they’re here….

  5. Washington, D.C. considers loosening restrictions on medical marijuana.

    Also a trap.

    1. At-Large Councilmember David Grosso added, “If it were up to me, we wouldn’t even stop at 500 (plants), we would allow the businesses to decide.”


    2. The one voice of dissent at the hearing was Dr. Krishna Upadhya, an assistant professor of pediatrics at John Hopkins Pediatric Specialty Clinic who brought up concerns about the use of a plant that she said has no medical benefits. She also argued that medical marijuana legislation sends the “erroneous signal to youth that marijuana is beneficial.”

      1. I guess he prefers kids having seizures all day instead of taking cannabidiol.

        1. Are you a doctor like her, hmmmmm???

      2. about the use of a plant that she said has no medical benefits.

        Narrative trumps science, eh, doc?

        1. I could be wrong, but my impression is a lot of (especially professional/upper caste) Indian people are cannabis unfriendly because of the belief it’s a lower class/caste drug.

      3. Dr. Krishna Upadhya, an assistant professor of pediatrics at John Hopkins Pediatric Specialty Clinic who brought up concerns about the use of a plant that she said has no medical benefits. She also argued that medical marijuana legislation sends the “erroneous signal to youth that marijuana is beneficial.”

        And she is clearly an evil fucking cunt and should be called such at every opportunity.

  6. The U.S. military is pondering how to “reintegrate” Bowe Bergdahl?bureaucratese for, “what the hell do we do with this guy?

    Bus tickets for him and his parents to Dearborn?

    1. time hanging out with unaccompanied aliens currently in detention?

      1. in Area 51?

    2. Guantanamo?

    3. United States Correctional Barracks – Leavenworth, KS.

    4. Visit Osama Bin Ladin’s grave?

  7. For those of you who think the Tea Party is just some SOCON astro turf that just wants to keep their freebies, ask yourself if that were true why does the GOP establishment hate them so much? The reason why the GOP establishment hates them so much is that they are terrified the Tea party might actually result in smaller government and reduce their opportunities to steal. Sometimes you can judge people by their enemies.

    1. And it takes the party’s sway as king-maker away in heavily red areas. Establishment vetting of candidates is the de facto election. Can’t have the icky electorate having a say.

    2. Tea Parties seem to vary by region. TPers have no qualms cozying up to the established Republicans and neocons here in the Upper Midwest.

      1. Thats because the upper midwest is filled with suck. And good beer. But mostly suck.

  8. Airstrikes!

    Brilliant! Why has this never been tried before?!

    1. Maybe if we set up some sort of air support denial area. Maybe call it a “No Fly Zone”…

      1. Not bad, not bad, but it still doesn’t seem quite enough.. Oh! We can send in a few people to advise them to top it all off. That should do the trick. Ha, this foreign policy stuff is a breeze.

        1. I’m still trying to figure out why we didn’t just turn the place back over to the Turks at the end of the Gulf War. That’s what kept radical Islam under control before the First World War, right?
          (I expect this to go over really well here… Really. Well.)

          1. The Turks: “Oh, wow, yeah, you shouldn’t have, no, really, thanks but… no.”

            1. Last time I was in Turkey the Turks still remembered Suleiman the Magnificent. Their Ottoman Empire lasted 600 years and surrounded half the Mediterranean, and stretched to the entrance of the Red Sea, to the Persian Gulf, to the Caspian Sea and surrounded the Black Sea. It was their favorite subject, next to the glory of the Atat?rk.

          2. Are you suggesting the Kardashians should move to Iraq?

            1. My God, man, haven’t we done enough to Iraq already?

            2. Are you suggesting the Kardashians should move to Iraq?

              Not far enough. Bajor, maybe.

          3. Probably because they would slaughter the Kurds by the trainload, unlike Saddam…oh wait…

        2. If we go with air support, we’re going to have to have “boots on the ground” to call in the strikes. And that’s assuming we don’t have an airbase in-country.

          We could well have US personnel seconded to Iranian units and training Iranian soldiers, the way things are going.

          1. Well, as long as we’re on the right side (nobody’s) when the Saudis and Iranians finally decide to settle who the regional power is.

            1. Can’t we just carpet bomb that meteorite with pigs blood already and end their stupid sectarian war?


  9. Ron Paul warns that maybe this is just a continuation of lousy policy.

    “Ah, but, Dr. Paul, these will be *random* airstrikes!”

    1. “Once the rockets are up, who cares where they come down? That’s not my department.”

      1. +1 Werner vB

  10. BTW, Tim’s Vermeer is available on Amazon now.

    1. Well, Tim IS a whore…

      1. So, in this case, Vermeer is a euphemism?

        Rather than an artist?

        Is this one of those disgusting things to look up in the Urban Dictionary?

        1. I didn’t even know there was such a things as “Urban Dictionary” until I started looking at H&R…

          1. At least until “urban” becomes a trigger word.

  11. Under his plan, if a company borrowed money domestically to fund its operations to avoid tapping foreign earnings, that money would be treated as if it had come from overseas and subject to the 35 percent levy. The proposal would enforce that by examining the ratio between a companies’ debt and equity, so that if the ratio increased even though the business had money stashed overseas, then the borrowed money would be considered as good as repatriated.

    Alternatively, the proposal may be tweaked to instead disallow the interest deductions companies would be otherwise allowed to take on that money. It would not affect companies that borrow more money so long as the ratio between their debt and equity does not change.

    Reid also attempts to answer complaints that companies used the 2004 holiday to plow repatriated money into benefits for shareholders. The proposal would place new limits on increases on stock buybacks and dividends as well as tax-deductible executive compensation.

    Backers say the proposal would generate budget savings by increasing the amount of money brought back to the U.S., both in response to the temporarily reduced tax rate and because of the limits on borrowing. Reid’s office says businesses would repatriate $500 billion that would otherwise remain locked abroad amid lawmakers’ ongoing impasse over reforming the corporate tax code.

    Sounds sucky.

    1. That sounds so fucking complicated. And that is just one tiny little section of a proposed change to the existing tax code.

    2. I sense a major pullout of nearly every major company operating in America.

  12. I think at this point:

    1) The compromise that pisses off everyone: an Admin Sep.

    2) Putting on my ex-naval-officer’s cap: court martial for desertion.

    3) What the administration would like to do to save face: honorable discharge due to physical disability

    4) The awesomely discordian measure: name him secretary of the army

    5) The jingoistic solution: trade him back for 10 taliban to be named later and a first round draft pick in the next proxy was between the Shia’s and Sunnis.

    BTW, if Obama wants to maintain good order and discipline in the military, he really has no choice but to do (2). He might be able to pull off (1). But given the moronic way he rolls, he’ll channel King Arnulf of Hybrasil and go with option (3).

    1. Do what the British did with Sigfried Sassoon, declare him crazy. Run a mental board on him and declare him unfit to be responsible for his actions, discharge him and put him on one of those secret VA waiting lists. That should ensure no one hears from him for at least a decade.

      1. I was going to go with (2) and hope he gets a big chicken dinner, bust to pvt and forfeit back pay (though the parents probably spent it already), but I like the VA wait list plan.

        Maybe an unpaid internship with OFA as well?

      2. Do what the British did with Sigfried Sassoon

        Was he Vidal’s father?

    2. I can see (3) b/c this administration has a strong FYTW element to it.

    3. I thought Hybrasil was something they want you to “ask your doctor about,” followed by a list of side-effects.

      “Do not take Hybrasil if your pregnant or left-handed. Stop taking Hybrasil immediately if it poisons you and you die.”

    4. Uh, if Obama want’s to maintain good order and discipline he’ll keep his happy ass out of it and let the chain of command work it. At least if he wants Bowe to not win a ‘unlawful command influence’ appeal.

  13. Portland city council approves Google Fiber

    AT&T has also announced plans to bring fiber to (IIRC) Winston-Salem.


    1. Is google fiber to be trusted?

      1. What do you mean? If you’re talking about government surveillance, then no ISP can be trusted. Some may be better at challenging surveillance orders than others — though it is hard to tell since so many of the cases are sealed — but overall, they don’t have much choice.

      2. Does it make you poop better?

        1. I would think that using almost any metric, a google of fiber wouldn’t be too good for you. I wouldn’t want to go past a bowl of Super Colon Blow.

    2. I just want someone to prod Verizon to extend the FiOS build out by a half-mile so I can be free of the Dolans until hockey season starts again. Fuck Cablevision.

      1. I stood on the sidelines for 2 years while the rest of my city got Fios, mostly because my HOA couldn’t get their shit together. It was so awesome when I finally got it.

        1. Don’t you have the fanciest of FiOSes? I seem to remember you shaming me with a speed test at one point.

          My office is still waiting for Busines FiOS to cross Hawthorne Blvd. It’s been coming soon for something like 5 years.

          1. 300mbs down 150 up.

            1. I officially hate you now.

              1. I officially hate you now.

                The only thing wrong with this is that you didn’t hate him earlier.

                1. I did. It just wasn’t official.

                  1. I can respect this position.

              2. Wait wait wait, we need to know his ping time so we can tell exactly how much we hate him.

            2. 300mbs down 150 up.

              They keep offering me that, but I can’t imagine why I would need it.

              Are you running Pornhub from your house?

              1. I wouldn’t say I need it. I am running a few servers, but nothing that needs that kind of bandwidth. It was only $10/month more than what I had, so I figured what the hell.

                1. They’re really slick with the “only $10 more/month.”

                  I’m at 50/25, which I just went to, and they’re pushing another upgrade, (75/35?) for only $10 more per month!

                  1. It’s an “irreversible” upgrade. You can’t go back.

                    I can’t think of a good reason to have it other than bragging rights. I enjoy sending links to my dad and brother, and that’s about it.

                    1. Awww, now I feel like family.

                  2. Add six inches to your penis for only $10 per month!

                    1. It feels like 12 inches.

                  3. Same here… they’re downright evil with the “only $20 more for TV, only $15 more for DVR, only $10 more for higher speeds” crap. It’s hard to justify cutting the cable when TV & DVR only costs $35 a month.

                    1. I’m getting the Playboy channel for free. Hard to argue with that.

    3. The fact that they have to be approved to do business is proof enough that it’s not a market.

  14. Atlanta City Council Member/Municipal Court Judge shouting match

    Municipal Court Judges make $155k a year, don’t have court on Friday. Council Member wanted (loudly) to know why.

    1. You know who else held court on Friday?


    2. Fuck that judge.

  15. Dave Brat may have pulled off a political upset by ousting Rep. Eric Cantor, but the Republican establishment remains committed to freezing-out the tea party.

    The establishment hasn’t realized that the game is up.
    Nobody is being fooled by spouting free-market rhetoric while secretly handing sweetheart deals to big business.

    If they “freeze out” anti-tax, limited government conservatives, they will lose all the voter they used to get by claiming to champion small government.

    The only way they can get those voters back is by *actually* delivering limited government. Attempting to freeze out people that advocate those values at the behest of established interests just reinforces the fact that they aren’t living up to those values.
    They aren’t going to convince those people to become obedient footsoldiers by attacking them.

    1. “Then fuck those people! Let ’em vote Democrat!”

      1. Establishment Reps will be happy for that to happen as long as they get their vig from the Chamber of Commerce types and good lobbying jobs when they retire.

    1. Forget the Jews. Why the hell wasn’t I told about the Buddhist menace?

      1. Cuz you live in New England and the west could give a crap about what you know or do not know about us.

        Plus Buddhists believe that by telling someone about a spiritual moment or experience that the very act of doing so destroys it.

        I have angels and devils visitation, dimensional plain shifts and UFO abductions happening to me at least twice a week but am I going to tell you about it? No. I will simply shrug and tell you I am an atheist.

        1. John lives in New England?

          1. Yeah, isn’t he in the PROM?

          2. Maryland..

            That is New England isn’t it?

            1. Cool, I thought I had never been to New England.

              1. It’s the happenin’ mid atlantic, home of chicken farms, blue crabs, and a bunch of overpaid ticks who work for the government — when they are not comparing their law degrees with each other.

            2. CT is the southernmost state in New England.

    2. What are so many Muslims doing in Amarillo?

      1. Amarillo takes in a lot of refugees because meat-packing plants don’t mind people who are happy to show up for work and don’t speak a heck of a lot of English.

        1. For Thuraya Lohony, who came to Texas seeking political asylum from Iraq, learning she was going to Amarillo came as a shock. She had never heard of the city.

          “It’s totally different from my country,” she said. “We have mountains, rivers and hills, and it’s green. But when we came, we found everything was just plains.”

          Sounds about right.

      2. They can play a mean tyrone.

      3. Petrochemical industry?

    3. AZ and SC are very interesting, didn’t know that.

      1. If you look at the breakdown of AZ, it’s only Maricopa County (most of Metro Phoenix) that has Hinduism as its second largest religion. American Express, Wells Fargo, PayPal, University of Phoenix, etc. all employee large Indian-born populations. I guess Tucson is too defense industry oriented to hire H1B employees.

    4. The largest denomination by county map is interesting. The Catholic/SBC line at the Ohio River is pretty damn strong. The American Baptists failed to do their job north of the river.

      1. I was wondering how TN got so many Jews.

        “Hey, y’all! Let’s go mudboggin’ before Shabbas!”

      2. It’s interesting that the Confederate states are so religiously homogeneous. Culturally, southern Ohio and West Virginia are fully Southern. But not religiously, apparently.

        1. Be careful. The denomination with the largest number of adherents could still only constitute a plurality, and not necessarily by a wide margin.

          1. I’m aware of that, and I don’t care enough to get the raw data and slice it more finely. Still, the boundaries are interesting.

          2. Exactly. SBC isnt a majority in a lot of those places, but is a plurality across the southland.

            Also, you know, thats what happens when you are evangelical. You actually grow.

        2. Culturally, southern Ohio and West Virginia are fully Southern.

          While I really don’t want to be “Wartyed”, WTF? Um, no. Sorry, dude, but you are yankees.

        3. Culturally, southern Ohio and West Virginia are fully Southern.

          There’s a difference between Appalachian redneck and Southern redneck. It’s the difference between the Beverly Hillbillies and The Dukes of Hazzard.

          1. A lot of Appalachian rednecks are also Southern rednecks. Or do the mountain people of NC and SC not count as southern?

  16. The Solar System is big: If the Moon was the size of 1 pixel.

    Interesting thoughts as you scroll along.

    1. I scrolled to Mercury and said to myself “fuck that i am done”.

      1. Guess who’s not going to be the first astronaut to Mars?

        1. Do they have the two new super planets they now think are outside the orbit of Pluto?


          1. It stops just beyond Pluto.

            If you just want to see the planets and large-enough moons, you can click on the appropriate symbol at the top of the page.

          2. Wait…

            We are calling Pluto a dwarf planet now?

            When the fuck did this happen?!?!

            1. 2006.

            2. More politely, it’s a little person planet

    2. “When it comes to things like the age of the earth, the number of snowflakes in Siberia, the national debt… Those things are too much for our brains to handle.”

  17. I learned something interesting about China’s acquisition of the Soviet-era hull it used for its first aircraft carrier:

    In April 1998, Ukrainian Trade Minister Roman Shpek announced the winning bid of US$20 million from Chong Lot Travel Agency Ltd., a small company based in Hong Kong. They proposed to tow Varyag out of the Black Sea, through the Suez Canal and around southern Asia to Macau, where they would moor the ship and convert it into a floating hotel and gambling parlor.[8] It would be similar to the attractions Kiev in Tianjin and Minsk at Minsk World in Shenzhen.

    Emphasis mine.

  18. This is what bullshit looks like:

    IRS Claims to Have Lost Over 2 Years of Lerner Emails

    Washington, DC ? Today, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) issued the following statement regarding the Internal Revenue Service informing the Committee that they have lost Lois Lerner emails from a period of January 2009 ? April 2011. Due to a supposed computer crash, the agency only has Lerner emails to and from other IRS employees during this time frame. The IRS claims it cannot produce emails written only to or from Lerner and outside agencies or groups, such as the White House, Treasury, Department of Justice, FEC, or Democrat offices.

    1. Whoa.. Imagine that.

      1. That’s such an unfortunate accident. I guess will never know now. Just have to move on. No one could have seen this coming.

        1. I plan to have my lawyer tell the judge when I get audited that due to an unfortunate accident I lost information vital to my audit defense, but they should just take my word for it that every deduction was legit, and that my income really was only what I stated on the submitted form.

    2. Due to a supposed computer crash, the agency only has Lerner emails to and from other IRS employees during this time frame. The IRS claims it cannot produce emails written only to or from Lerner and outside agencies or groups, such as the White House, Treasury, Department of Justice, FEC, or Democrat offices.

      Any IT guys care to comment? Because that just seems like so much mendacity.

      1. There are a lot of different mail servers out there and I don’t have any specific experience with any of them, BUT…

        IRS IRS messages would never need to leave the server, whereas other messages would.

        If the two classes of messages are handled by different mechanisms, then while there’s no inherent reason they must be stored separately, it wouldn’t be too surprising if they were.

        1. But why would they be backed up differently?

          1. I dunno.

            I assume, as tarran does, that they are lying.

            I was just pondering a teensy-tiny-bit plausible alternate explanation for fun.

            1. Shouldn’t the servers at Treasury, Justice and WH also have backups with the received mail?

            2. In the meantime, on my Pandora stream, the live version of Tool’s Jerk Off was playing. It seemed very appropriate to the IRS revelation:

              Jerk Off

            3. Certainly the NSA has a copy.

        2. They don’t ‘leave’ the server. They are stored for retrieval by distributed email clients.

          And since there are all sorts of laws and regs that are based on when an outsider received a particular communication from the IRS and what the communication contained, it beggars belief that they weren’t storing them.

          THEY ARE LYING!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. They don’t ‘leave’ the server. They are stored for retrieval by distributed email clients.

            I know that — what I wrote was unclear.

            When I talk about “leaving the server” I am referring to the IRS’s mail server establishing an SMTP connection with the DOJ’s, Google’s, etc. for outgoing messages (and conversely, other mail servers establishing SMTP connections with the IRS’s for incoming messages).

            Whereas an IRS-to-IRS message doesn’t require connecting to any host outside the organization.

            Hence, it’s not too hard to imagine those two classes of messages being stored separately from one another, even if there’s no particular reason that I can think of to affirmatively believe that.

            And as robc pointed out, that doesn’t explain why the backups would be separate.

            As I said in my response to him, I also assume they are lying.

      2. This is bullshit.

        It only makes sense if you’re using an Earthlink email address for your email and using Outlook Express to access it.

        I presume they are using something like Exchange, which stores the emails on a database. And the database is stored on multiple disks with some fault tolerant system to prevent a hard-disk failure from losing data.

        The people saying this are so full of shit that it has to be oozing out of the pores below their comb-overs!

        1. This.

          Plus, you know, the off site backups of key data that cant be lost.

          1. I’m sure they also lost copies she sends to her off the books AOL account that she used to communicate with leftist front groups.

      3. Seems like the only way that could even begin to be true is if mail to addresses outside the IRS were routed through a different server. That seems strange to me.

      4. But surely, the Treasury, DOJ, FEC, etc. would turn over all emails with her address on THEIR backups, right?

      5. Any IT guys care to comment?

        Not an IT guy but it seems pretty absurd that: 1. the server had no back up and 2. that the emails can’t be recovered from the crashed possibly corrupted hard drive.

        To delete stuff off a hard drive you have to really work at…like intentionally overwrite it or physically destroy it…not just some simple crash.

    3. THEY ARE LYING!!!!!!!!

      The IRS has a mail server system that is designed with legal discovery in mind (because so much of what they do can end up in court).

      The only way a computer crash could have killed the emails was if they were being only stored on her personal desktop, which violates internal regs.

      It would be lovely to see the Congress subpoena the IT arm of the IRS and go through the moronic evasions.

      1. It would be lovely to see the Congress subpoena the IT arm of the IRS and go through the moronic evasions.

        The problem is, does the congress know how to ask the right questions?

      2. Yeah, that shit would never fly in a civil suit between corporations that are used to litigation. Sure, some tiny business probably doesn’t plan ahead for litigation but bigger ones that do have plans would look silly in front of a judge saying shit like that.

      3. THEY ARE LYING!!!!!!!!

        I am an IT guy and while her story is as fishy as her withered taint, I know of backup horror stories that make it very plausible.

        That, and this is the IRS we’re talking about. They are one of the most technologically incompetent departments in the fedgov and that’s a very low bar to slide under. I think that only Interior is worse. They were the ones who shut off their internet a few years back, because they couldn’t secure their servers.

        Still, she is lying through her lying teeth.

    4. This had jolly well better get the airplay it deserves.

      Yes, yes, I know — “Deserve’s got nothing to do with it”. 8-(

    5. No problem, they will just put in a nice little request at the NSA data center. Right?

      Stop laughing, you there in the back.

  19. In its rush to “fix” the troubled Department of Veterans Affairs, Congress passed a bill that may cost more than $500 billion over the next decade.

    You know you are fucked when McCain offers the most reasonable solution, close VA hospitals and give vets health care vouchers, and it can’t even pass the Republican controlled house.

    1. “Guys, I’ve had thousands of orgasms but there is one I will never forget. The one I had together with all of you”


  20. For all you fancy-schmancy “sophisticated” types here: Google Cultural Instituted

    Of course one of the first comments I read about it was “YEAH BUT THEY’LL JUST GET RID OF IT LIKE GOOGLE READER!!!”

    Some people…

  21. I’m off to the beach as soon as my wife picks up the little poop factory. Hmm. Maybe I’ll just run across the street to the liquor store while I’m waiting. She’s driving. I can start early.

    1. Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads on here, BTW.

      1. Stop Othering the non-breeders!

        1. Apatheist ?_?? 5:50

          Apatheist 5:40, 6:28

          Wait, do we have two commenters going by Apatheist now? I thought ?_?? was rebranding with a simpler handle, but now I don’t know!

          1. No, fuck that impostor!

  22. Ah so as I said last night Ontario voters love their free shit. I guess our libertarian moment will have to wait.

  23. Came in to say “Suck it, Spain!” but its already been covered.

    1. Go ahead. It really can’t be said enough. Spain is freaking boring. Like 1990s NJ Devils boring to watch.

      1. Also, those first couple Netherlands goals were amazing. I think my jaw actually dropped for the header goal.

  24. “the Republican establishment remains committed to freezing-out the tea party.”

    If Brat is the “tea Party” guy, and Cantor USED TO BE the ‘tea party’ guy (according to numerous sources), what the fuck is the “tea party”?

    At what point is there going to be a delineation on a specific policy, rather than this bland, ‘new guy = TEA PARTY’?

    Its the most bullshit term in politics since ‘neocon’. *(note = neocon WAS not bullshit. People like Bo have made it so in how it gets flapped around with no regard to what it actually fucking meant)

    1. neocon the term was dead the day I heard someone call Ashcroft a neocon.

    2. Cantor was a tea party guy when he was saying the right things about spending and taxes.

      He stopped being the tea party when he was caught doing the wrong things on spending and taxes.

      Its not that complicated, although the concept of principles before principals is difficult for many to grasp.

      1. Is it like ‘snitches need stitches’?

        1. It’s more like “government bitches gonna take your riches.”

  25. Quote of the day:

    China invaded Vietnam seventeen times. The US invaded Mexico only once, and look at how sensitive Mexicans are about that.

    Disclaimer: I have not read the surrounding post, just that quote.

    1. Wars are rarely fought over resources anymore.

      If China didn’t suspect that there was a lot of oil under the South China Sea, I don’t think they’d be as insistent in their claims.

      1. Actually I guess the article agrees with me. Never mind.

    2. 1 -“China” is thousands of years old
      2 – Vietnamese politicians probably don’t have much perspective on how ‘sensitive’ mexicans really are about anything.

      Quick glance at the story though seems a very legit and interesting piece.

      2 books i can not recommend highly enough =

      Forgotten Armies
      Forgotten Wars

      which are kind of a 2-volume history of South Asia at the end/transition of WWII into the early 1950s

      Every single nation in the region went through a ‘revolution’ of one kind or another in that period. all of them had ties back to historial colonial issues as well as longstanding regional ethnic and geopolitical strife. its an incredibly complex and fascinating story of world history that isn’t even glossed upon in 99% of most people’s history-classes, and provides huge amounts of depth to understanding what the issues are between india, burma/myanmar, indonesia, malaysia, vietnam, cambodia, etc. and their relations with china (and Japan, in retrospect)

      If people had understood this stuff at the beginning of the vietnam war (aka ‘the *third? indochina war’), the vietnam war would probably not have happened. We never realized that their ‘communism’ was really just ethnic-nationalism of a sort.

      1. You really think Ho Chi Minh was not a communist? Of course all commies never got rid of their nationalism (Russian, Chinese, Yugo, etc), but they still indoctrinated and pushed/murdered their people towards Marx’s goal.

        Better understanding of nationalist impulses (and the ethnic divisions – Chinese vs. Vietnamese, Catholic vs. Buddhist,) may not have done much good when you still had a communist army and insurgents trying to dominate the whole country.

        1. “Root Boy|6.13.14 @ 5:27PM|#

          You really think Ho Chi Minh was not a communist?”

          I love how people do that thing were they say something you didn’t say, then respond to the thing they said which you didn’t say.

          How about you just go read the books I mentioned and maybe not worry too much about my vastly-oversimplified one-line comment.

  26. “Congress passed a bill that may cost more than $500 billion over the next decade.”

    When has “throwing huge amounts of money at something sans any actual debate or careful scrutiny of the problems” ever NOT worked??

    1. Can we please stop saying $X/decade? Since Congress isn’t required to fund shit from one to the next, we only know about the current cycle.

  27. Over a year into the investigation into the IRS being weaponized to attach Obama’s enemies, we suddenly learn that they mysteriously lost 2 years of Lois Lerner’s emails.…..tID=384506

    Hey, sometimes email just disappears. Natural causes.

    1. Subpoena the NSA.

      1. That would be fucking priceless.

      2. Can’t. National security, you know.

    2. “We need $200 million for squirrel control.”


    4. Reminds me of when the Bushpigs “lost” 22 million White House emails.…..ontroversy

      1. Is there anything that happens that you can’t respond to with “Boooooosh”??

        It’s like pulling the string on a talking doll that’s stuck on the same sentence.

        Just checking, do you have a pull cord on the back of your neck?

        1. Shrike doesn’t understand nuance. If you don’t like Obama, it must be because you love Bush, because that is the only possible alternative. So his response to every Obama story is some variation on, “Yeah, but!”

      2. “Tu quoque” is not actually a logical form. It’s a fallacy. You keep digging yourself deeper with this stupid shit.

    5. You can’t explain that.

  28. MLK’s case for reparations.

    This one has some doozies (and they’re not from MLK, just the author):

    For example, William Bradford Reynolds, who served as assistant attorney general for civil rights at the Department of Justice under Reagan for eight years, attacked affirmative action as a cruel departure from King’s uplifting vision of color-blindness. Reynolds contended that “the initial affirmative action message of racial unification ? so eloquently delivered by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in his famous ‘I Have a Dream’ speech ? was effectively drowned out by the all too persistent drumbeat of racial polarization that accompanied the affirmative action preferences of the 1970s into the 1980s.” Reynolds continued, writing that what had “started as a journey to reach the idea of color blindness” had been sidetracked by infighting among competing racial or ethnic groups. While excesses and mistakes of the sort that Reynolds outlined surely occur, they do not express the fundamental aims of affirmative action:

    Intentions are all that matter (unless you say something that could be construed as “offensive” of course)

  29. many conservatives recovered from the shock to their system of belief by going on the offensive. The sixties may have belonged to the liberals, but the subsequent decades have been whipped into line by a conservative backlash. After eroding the spirit of liberal racial reform, conservatives have breathed new life into the racial rhetoric they successfully forced the liberals to abandon. Now terms like “equal playing field,” “racial justice,” “equal opportunity,” and, most ominous, “color-blind” drip from the lips of formerly stalwart segregationist politicians, conservative policy wonks, and intellectual hired guns for deep-pocketed right-wing think tanks. Crucial concepts are deviously turned inside out, leaving the impression of a cyclone turned in on itself. Affirmative action is rendered as reverse racism, while goals and timetables are remade, in sinister fashion, into “quotas.” This achievement allows the conservatives to claim that they are opposed to the wrong-headed results of the civil rights movement, even as they claim to uphold its intent ? racial equality. Hence, conservatives seize the spotlight and appear to be calm and reasonable about issues of race. In their shadows, liberals and leftists are often portrayed as unreasonable and dishonest figures who uproot the grand ideals of the civil rights movement from its moral ground.

    1. Remember, black people, that you can’t succeed in America without FedGov’s (in whose grand wisdom it was proper and just to enslave your ancestors) helping hand. You just can’t do it. You’re not capable. It simply isn’t in you. Now, take this EBT and get out of my office.

  30. “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid proposes…..


    Next question

  31. “At the World Cup opening ceremony, a paraplegic walked with the assistance of an exoskeleton developed by a Brazilian neuroscientist.”

    Hold the fuck on.

    Who leaked the script from Spiderman 4? This is an outrage.

    1. “And then Samba Man will attempt to seduce Mary Jane Watson away from Peter Parker…”

        1. “Peter finds his Spiderman skills insufficient, and so seeks out and learns the Brazilian martial art capoeira.”

  32. Reason summary:

    Dave Brat may have pulled off a political upset by ousting Rep. Eric Cantor, but the Republican establishment remains committed to freezing-out the tea party.

    From actual article:

    In the early afternoon, other conservatives began to get word that Hensarling was out and Sessions was treading water. They had no playbook of what to do next. Reps. Tom Price (Ga.), Paul Ryan (Wis.) and Jim Jordan (Ohio) ? three popular House conservatives ? had already made clear they weren’t interested. Labrador was still thinking it through.

    So the tea party candidates appernetly expected the rest of the House to spontaneously throw themselves to the floor at their feet and beg them to take up the mantle of leadership. They sat around doing nothing while waiting for this to happen.

    The fact it didn’t == “being frozen out by the party”.

    1. What the fuck are you talking about?

      1. Reason seems to be blaming conspiracy on the part of the everpresent boogeyman that is “The Republican Establishment” for the results of the Tea Party’s failure to act.

      2. Let me translate: Everything the Tea Party, as defined by me, does is evil, everything it doesn’t do furthers some evil, and everyone who denies being involved with the Tea Party is lying except when I find it useful to agree with them.

        1. *applause*

          You forgot to complain about Kickstarter, though.

      3. It is tricky to pin down what the Tea Party is, but one thing is objective fact: it did not exist prior to 2009. Certainly you can quibble about what a Tea Party politician is or believes in, but you cannot in any seriousness argue that Jim Jordan (won election in 06 midterms), Paul Ryan (1998 midterms), or Tom Price (2004 election) are Tea Party in any way shape or form.

        I’d say that if they’re genuinely conservative, were first elected in 2010 or 2012, have a history of activity other than politics, and in general seek to change the status quo, that’s a pretty good description of the Tea Party politician. So Rand Paul is an obvious example.

        1. Is Ron Paul a tea party politician? If not, how can Rand be, after spending more than a decade campaigning for establishment politicians?

  33. Is anybody aware of a mod for Crusader Kings 2 that gets rid of all the BS about your vassals constantly rebelling and needing to upgrade all your properties and shit, and focuses only on the breeding of heirs? Maybe with the heirs being champions that face off 1-1 against other duchy/kingdom leaders to determine ownership?

    1. Why would you want to do that? Murdering your rebellious vassals is the best part. Well, besides murdering your distant relatives, your close relatives, your unsuitable children, your enemies, your allies…

      1. Because another one always just takes their place. Even if I give me own kinsman the title, he’ll rebel too. Its tedious.

        1. The Starks send their regards.

    2. And does the mod visualize the aforementioned breeding?

    3. You just seriously asked for a mod that takes away like 95% of the game most of it fun.

  34. Kathy Young stirs some shit up

    Karen DeCrow, the feminist attorney and author who served as president of the National Organization for Women from 1974 to 1977, died of melanoma last Friday at 76

    DeCrow raised eyebrows in 1981 when she served as defense counsel to Frank Serpico, the former New York detective and whistleblower, in a paternity suit. Serpico claimed the plaintiff had used him as a “sperm bank” and lied about being on the Pill while knowingly trying to conceive, and asserted that he had a constitutional right not to become a parent against his will. (The family-court judge, a woman, ruled in Serpico’s favor, but he lost on appeal.)

    DeCrow, by then a lawyer in private practice in Syracuse, New York, endorsed Serpico’s argument on feminist grounds. “Just as the Supreme Court has said that women have the right to choose whether or not to be parents, men should also have that right,” she told The New York Times, calling this “the only logical feminist position to take.”

    1. When it comes to reproduction, women have rights, men have responsibilities.

  35. logical feminist position

    They used to make those?

    1. It’s a punch line like “military intelligence.”

  36. Hilary looks like a haggard hog. I’m getting pretty skeptical that she can walk to the election in a country that so fixated on perceived charisma and image. Granted, her party nominated Lurch, but he didn’t win them the general. Could be the same with her?

    1. I can’t see how anyone but the TEAM BLUE diehards could vote for her, just based on her looks and her anti-charisma. But no opponent is so lame that TEAM RED can’t srew it up.

    2. What if the team stupid runs Christie against her (eeeewwww)?

      1. What difference, at the point, would it make?

  37. Still no mention?

    “Obama Administration Tells Local Police to Stay Quiet on Surveillance Technology”
    “The Obama administration has been quietly advising local police not to disclose details about surveillance technology they are using to sweep up basic cellphone data from entire neighborhoods, The Associated Press has learned.”

    Just one more in the series.

  38. Crap, 2-0 Chile after 13 minutes. This is not looking good.

    1. Not sure why ours is called the group of death. It’s clearly the group of humiliation, with Spain, Chile and the Dutch taking turns to make us their bitches.

      I’m going to cook some sausages for breakfast in the hope we’ll get the equalisers. That’s my usual superstition in these situations.

      1. Yeah, a friend of mine works for FFA & I asked him if we had any chance of scoring. His answer was fairly long and involved a lot of “if maybes.”

        BTW: did you decide to go to DARK MOFO?

        1. Nah, have to stay in Sydney this month, but will be going down to Melbourne next month for the traditional winter art exhibition at the NGV, maybe go the G for a game, etc, so I might pop over to Hobart for the hell of it.

          How did your trip end up?


          1. AWESOME – let’s at least avoid humiliation.

            Trip went pretty well. Missed catching up with a few friends in Brisbane. Apparently kids take up your time or something. But overall good.

            The biggest shit was the 5 hour layover at LAX becoming 8 hours. I friggin’ hate that airport.

            1. Sitting on your arse seething about the sheer fuckwittery of it all is the default libertarian position.

              Glad to hear re the trip, but am horrified your friends didn’t ditch the kids for you. They’ve known you longer, after all

              1. I was only in Bris a few days and spread myself kind of thin so the window was small.

      2. F’n a Cahill!

    1. IRS fake scandal.

  39. Here is a Forbes article about Maryland Democrat would is coming around on taxes and growth. That, combined with Reid’s capitulation, means we’re inexorably winning this argument. Or, more accurately, reality is winning.

    Bonus: apparently Maryland is seeing a red tide at the county level. Only 8 of its 22 counties are Dem-controlled.…..-tax-cuts/

    1. Reid’s capitulation? Have you seen Reid’s bill? It’s coercive bullshit all the way down.

      1. It sucks but it being sold with ‘our’ language, which means he basically caves to our premises.

        1. That is something which is something close to nothing.

          1. You lack an understanding of how the war of ideas is fought.

            1. I understand that if the other side is appropriating your rhetoric but implementing their ideas then you have a moral victory and an actual defeat. ?Until you can translate their propaganda choices into policy victories you are losing the war.

              How did the left steal and trash the word “liberal” again?

        2. It sucks but it being sold with ‘our’ language, which means he basically caves to our premises.

          I can advertise a used Prius with the same pitch I would use for a spanking new Mercedes AMG.

          That doesn’t mean I am selling a new AMG, or that I want people driving AMGs, or anything other than that I am a goddam liar trying to pull a fast one.

  40. OK wow there is a dude that knows what time it is.

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