More Gun Violence at Schools Doesn't Mean We Should Panic


In the past couple of weeks, gun violence at the University of California, Santa Barbara and Seattle Pacific University resulted in the deaths of seven innocent people. These criminal acts have also, inevitably, led to new calls for gun control. However terrifying these stories are, they need to be put in context. As Nick Gillespie pointed out in a Reason TV program released in the wake of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, there are five basic facts about guns, schools, and violence that are worth knowing.

"5 Facts about Guns, Schools, and Violence," Written by Nick Gillespie and produced by Amanda C. Winkler. Approximately 2:30 minutes.

Original release date was January 10, 2013. The original writeup is below.

In the wake of December's horrific mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, Vice President Joe Biden is chairing a panel of experts that will make gun-control recommendations to President Barack Obama by the end of the month. The president has said that enacting new restrictions on guns will be one of his highest priorities.

No one wants to ever again see anything like the senseless slaughter of 26 people—including 20 children—at a school. But as legislators turn toward creating new gun laws, here are five facts they need to know.

1. Violent crime—including violent crime using guns—has dropped massively over the past 20 years.

The violent crime rate—which includes murder, rape, and beatings—is half of what it was in the early 1990s. And the violent crime rate involving the use of weapons has also declined at a similar pace.

2. Mass shootings have not increased in recent years.

Despite terrifying events like Sandy Hook or last summer's theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, mass shootings are not becoming more frequent. "There is no pattern, there is no increase," says criminologist James Allen Fox of Northeastern University, who studies the issue. Other data shows that mass killings peaked in 1929.

3. Schools are getting safer.

Across the board, schools are less dangerous than they used be. Over the past 20 years, the rate of theft per 1,000 students dropped from 101 to 18. For violent crime, the victimization rate per 1,000 students dropped from 53 to 14.

4. There Are More Guns in Circulation Than Ever Before.

Over the past 20 years, virtually every state in the country has liberalized gunownership rules and many states have expanded concealed carry laws that allow more people to carry weapons in more places. There around 300 million guns in the United States and at least one gun in about 45 percent of all households. Yet the rate of gun-related crime continues to drop.

5. "Assault Weapons Bans" Are Generally Ineffective.

While many people are calling for reinstating the federal ban on assault weapons—an arbitrary category of guns that has no clear definition—research shows it would have no effect on crime and violence. "Should it be renewed," concludes a definitive study, "the ban's effects on gun violence are likely to be small at best and perhaps too small for reliable measurement."

The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting is as horrifing a crime as can be imagined. It rips at the country's heart and the call to action is strong and righteous. But as Joe Biden and his panel of experts consider changes to gun laws and school-safety policies, they need to lead with their heads and not just their hearts.

Over the past dozen years, too many policies—the Patriot Act, the war in Iraq, the TARP bailouts—have been ruled by emotion and ideology.

Passing sweeping new restrictions on Second Amendment rights won't heal the pain and loss we all feel but just may create many more problems in our future.

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  1. And you may find yourself, living in a shotgun shack..


    2. I often think about the shotgun shack I nearly rented. The place was cozy, lots of light, steeple-roofed, with the doorways running straight down the middle. I spent hours furnishing the place in my head before I turned it down.

  2. Didn’t the guy at Seattle Pac U (funny, local story, I know less about it than the California stabbing spree) use a Joe Biden-approved weapon?

    1. Wait, he used a shotgun? A plugged shotgun? Oh shit, that means the idiots will be claiming “see? Without magazine restrictions the gunman would not have been tackled. Bloomberg saved lives!!!”

      1. They already have.

        Gun grabbers are already using the Seattle storyto say that the guy was ‘stopped’ more by his magazine-shortcomings(?)* and the Pepper Spray; ERGO – no one needs ‘guns’ to defend themselves! QED, game/set/match.

        There was a link yesterday to a story about the incident where comments all concurred on this point. (‘SEE! No guns needed to stop shooters!’)

        Here is a typical example i found in 2 secs…

        “ Meis demonstrated yesterday, it is possible to stop a gunman without the use of another deadly weapon.”

        *(i note = the Derp is thick amongst the people who do not understand typical shotgun actions, and how ‘restrictions to few shells’ aren’t really at play here. Many seem to think the reason the shotty only had a limited capacity was because of ‘law’; they also don’t understand that things like semi-auto “10+” Saigas are by far the minority, and relatively uncommon)

        1. “ Meis demonstrated yesterday, it is possible to stop a gunman without the use of another deadly weapon.”

          He ceased to be a “gunman” the second his gun ran out of ammo, you mendacious shit.

          1. “ Meis demonstrated yesterday, it is possible to stop a gunman without the use of another deadly weapon.”

            And yet it’s still more probable that a gunman will be stopped by someone else with a gun.

          2. Seems to me, then, that police should no longer carry guns.

            Hell, lets take them away from the National Guard.

            Or we could just go FULL RETARD and equip our military with nothing but pepper spray and hope.

            1. “Pepper spray and hope.”

              Hillary 2016.

      2. more

        “Shooter thwarted by ‘limited’ number of bullets”

        Again – they don’t understand how shotguns work, and readily say things like how a ‘high cap’ 9mm is somehow ‘more destructive and deadly’ than a #(*$@ 12g Shotgun.

        1. Lucky for me how i SF’d the link

        2. That is some high level crazy.

          I mean, he does know that gun ownership has never been higher, and crime is lower then it’s been in five decades? Right? Like, he knows that, right?

        3. Hmm, not the best hoplophobic derp I’ve ever seen, but nothing to sneeze at.

          On Derpbook, a prog tried to tell me that it was harder to get pepper spray or a stun gun than a gun because of the evil NRA. Turns out it was a reading comprehension fail on his part. States that have strict gun laws also have strict laws on other weapons. There are without fail, gun-hating Team Blue strongholds like NJ, IL, and HI.

          1. An anti-gun person I used to have in my Facebook network (back when I was on Facebook) claimed gun laws are laxer today than they ever have been.

            I told the person about my father buying his first gun at age 6 in a sporting goods store in Center City, Philly. He was with his 12 year old brother, who also purchased his first gun. No adults. No questions asked, no problems. No permits needed, no background check.

            I told the anti-gun person to try that today. You can’t. Therefore, gun laws are nowhere near as lax today as they used to be.

            The anti-gun person said something along the lines of “That story doesn’t show that gun laws are laxer now than they used to be”.

            1. My brother and I ordered our deer rifles out of the Sears and Roebucks catalog. These were surplus mausers from the Argentine army. If I recall, we paid $29.95 plus shipping for them.

              Or, you could buy from Herters (est. 1762, closed by the GCA of 1968).

              … Hobbit

              1. At one time I had my eye on some surplus Argentine Mausers. I decided on a different purchase.

                How did those Mausers work out?

                1. How did those Mausers work out?

                  Poorly. Despite Dad’s custom stock work, both guns were retired.

                  … Hobbit

                  1. Ouch! Sorry to hear those Mausers didn’t work out.

              2. Fear not Hobbit! Herter’s still makes ammunition.

            2. Until GCA 1968 many firearms didn’t have serial numbers. I have a couple of NSN .22 rifles.

              Needless to say there also wasn’t any registration or such. Even in California and New York.

              1. THIS would explain a couple of my dad’s firearms. I decided to FINALLY catalog everything. Was baffled when I couldn’t find serial numbers on some.

                My dad died in 1974, and I’m thinking the last gun he bought was several years before that. I never bought a gun myself till I got a Glock a couple years ago.

                Anyhoo – yeah – silly me. “I’ll bet the Kentucky long rifles didn’t have serial numbers either, come to think of it….”


                1. Fuck you’re old!

          2. MA requires a Firearms ID Card to carry mace and pepper spray. DC requires you to register your pepper spray with the PD because of all those drive-by sprayings. For the children or something.

          3. I used to carry pepper spray when I lived in Buffalo – it was illegal AFAIK.

          4. Jesus, it wasn’t until just recently that IL (I live there, btw) allowed us to carry pocket knives over 3 inches long.

            Illinois has a huge “Kill Me” sign hung on it’s back.

            Jesus, our store just put up a “No Guns Allowed” sign, mandated by the state. I get nervous thinking about it, because I KNOW for a FACT that I’m going to get robbed now.

            It’s almost as if they think that telling people not to have guns will stop criminals from having guns. Derp.

    2. Any bet this guy who used pepper spray would have been disciplined if the school admin found out he had it prior to this incident?


      Conduct Code
      Community expectations are the general standards that govern the personal conduct of all students and student organizations at SPU. Behaviors for which students or student organizations are subject to disciplinary action include, but are not limited to the following:

      Possession, use or display on University property of any firearms, weapons, fireworks, live ammunition, incendiary devices, or other items that are potentially hazardous to members of the campus community.

      Bold mine.

      1. Sooner or later there will be a shooting in a gun free zone stopped by a good guy who broke the law and carried a weapon in. Some history teacher with a CCW will put a bullet in the head of the psycho kid wandering the halls shooting people, and that will be the final nail in the coffin of the gun free zone lunatics. I hope.

        1. ..and that will be the final nail in the coffin of the gun free zone lunatics.

          I wish I shared your optimism. I was cruising the CNN comment section last night and the very same people that were calling this guy a hero in one post, started calling him names after it was pointed out that he “liked” firearms on his FB page. I doubt they even verified the random claim (which turns out to be true), it just “triggered” them.

          1. One of the funnier kinds of antigun idiots is the kind who recognize the need for armed self-defense, but still thinks guns are icky. So they argue incessantly that martial arts, pepper spray, tasers, etc. are just as effective as a good firearm and that no one needs anything stronger.

            It’s a whole weird “Batman is a good guy because he doesn’t use guns” thing.

            1. I know the type. The thing that really irritates me is their argument against CCW boils down to “you’ll never use it because those events just don’t happen that much.” Then in the next sentence, they proclaim something along the lines of “these incidents happen all the time so we must ban guns!” They never see their contradiction and they never even stop to think that I might not want to sit, cower, and wait to be killed if that admittedly rare event ever occurs.

              1. “you’ll never use it because those events just don’t happen that much.”

                My reply to that is always the same: “It’s not the odds, it’s the stakes.”

                I usually have to explain the meaning, but mostly they get where I’m coming from.

                1. “It’s not the odds, it’s the stakes.”

                  Simple. To the point. Stolen.

                  1. Haha I stole it from some gunblogger on the Internet myself. Which is why it’s quoted. I wish I could come up with stuff that good.

                2. The chance I’ll need my auto seatbelt today is small.
                  The chance I’ll need my auto seatbelt sometime in the future is high.
                  The chance I’ll have time to put on my seatbelt after I discover I need it is zero.

            2. and that no one needs anything stronger.

              Yeah a 130 lb woman with pepper spray would not have stopped this guy.

              The hero used pepper spray AND tackled and subdued the gunner.

              Now a 130 lb woman with a gun would have been as effective as the hero.

              1. God created Man. Sam Colt made them equal.

                1. Then came Dirty Harry Callahan, and he Un-Created God

          2. For a minute, I thought your handle was the tail number from a GA aircraft.

            1. Well, it does start with November and I am a pilot.

              1. Where in AZ?

                1. Right next to NM

                2. Phoenix

          3. Fortunately, there are still some people that view him as a hero and back it up properly: Strangers pay for SPU hero’s wedding registry and honeymoon

            Although I guess now the guests are kinda gonna look like assholes for not getting him anything.

            1. They look like a cute couple. Good to see him getting such rewards.

        2. It’s happened several times at private businesses, for instance convenience stores and pizza delivery. End result is a fired employee.

          1. I’ve never really understood that. But I don’t really grok a lot of things people do.

            If I owned a convenience store, I’d give a guy who shot someone taking my money a bonus.

            1. I can understand why some business owners would fire someone that shot a robber. Insurance companies can be a bitch to deal with, and shooting a robber sounds like something that an insurance company would raise rates for.

              Despite that, I’m with you Virginian, if I were a business owner I’d reward an employee that shot a robber. It’s the principle of the thing.

      2. He was a hall monitor (and, no, I have no idea why a university has a hall monitor) which may have given him some right (?) to carry the spray.

        From the Seattle Times:

        Meis typically carries pepper spray with him because he likes to be prepared wherever he goes

        1. , I have no idea why a university has a hall monitor

          Maybe they had a problem with running.

          1. God, I hope the student code of conduct forbids student access to scissors!

        2. “He was a hall monitor (and, no, I have no idea why a university has a hall monitor) which may have given him some right (?) to carry the spray.”

          You may be right, but that’s not how it reads. From the Seattle Times:

          “Meis typically carries pepper spray with him because he likes to be prepared wherever he goes, Salgado said.”

          (Salgado is Meis’ roommate)

          1. Agree, I was just speculating that his role may have permitted that. I don’t think such an exception would be listed anywhere on the public side of the website.

  3. What would mean we should panic?

    1. When they’re using a signal to syncronize their efforts, and in 5 hours the countdown will be over.

      1. +1 Jeff Goldblum

    2. Nothing. Panic is not an effective survival technique. It also sucks as a legislative incentive.

  4. The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting is as horrifying a crime as can be imagined.

    For the life of me I can’t figure out why it’s more awful for children to be killed than it is for adults to be killed. The adults don’t deserve it any more than the kids do, and the adults often have other people who depend on them.

    1. It’s one of those things that just are.

    2. From a cold analytical standpoint, you can view it as a child’s life being more valuable based on life expectancy relative to that of an adult.

      Of course, that’s not why anyone views it as such. It’s more about defenselessness (as if an unarmed adult is substantially better defended than a child from a firearm-wielding madman). That’s why killing seniors or women would be considered more egregious than just killing able bodied adult males.

      1. plus, able bodied adult males are rapists.

  5. In the past couple of weeks, gun violence at the University of California, Santa Barbara and Seattle Pacific University resulted in the deaths of seven innocent people.

    Cite? There were three fatally shot at UCSB and one at SPU. That’s four.

    I mean, I’m used to seeing mainstream media include the three stabbing deaths, which occurred before the shooting started, as “gun violence,” as well as counting the people who were run over. I wasn’t looking for it at Reason.

    1. Everybody makes mistakes, of course Nick did call Biden and his panel of experts……experts….so there’s that.

    2. Got to it before I did.

    3. He only committed the stabbings because the gun compelled him to. We all know that guns exert an aura of murderous influence to which all gun owners will inevitably succumb. So, really, the NRA is just as responsible for those stabbings. Along with Judd Apatow, and MRAs/PUAs.

      1. The NRA is responsible for Judd Apatow, or Judd Apatow is responsible for stabbings? I’m fine with either, by the way.

    4. I guess if you count the shooter at UCSB that brings it to 5.

      1. I’d have a problem counting him as an “innocent person.”

    5. I wasn’t looking for it at Reason.

      I wouldn’t expect any less from Nick.

      1. KOZMOZ!!!

  6. So I was on a couple sites looking for prices on powder a few days ago just out of curiosity and noticed the out of stock situation for powder looked similar to that of handgun ammo six months to a year ago. Does anyone know if this is starting to loosen as well? I didn’t spend a lot of time looking but was unaware that situation was so bad.

    1. Are you talking about black powder? As in muzzle loading flintlock muskets? If so, I’ve been seriously considering purchasing one, (I’m a huge “nerd” when it comes to flintlock rifles, I just love their firing process) but here in CA, it’s ridiculously fucking hard to find a flintlock rifle in a “firing state” available for purchase.

      1. I was basically talking about smokeless powder used for reloading. But I would be curious about black powder for muzzle loaders as well.

      2. If you want to get into muzzleloading I’d strongly suggest an NRA basic muzzleloading class, or something by the National Muzzleloading Rifle Assn.

        “Black powder” comes two ways, true gunpowder which is unstable and requires a lot of safety measures, or blackpowder substitutes like Pyrodex. Start with a substitute. Do not use modern smokeless powder in muzzleloaders.

        There are actually more replica muzzleloading firearms being made today than were manufactured during the Revolution.

      3. They are out there, though some are pretty proud. If you’ve got the skills and the opportunity, kits aren’t a bad way to go:…..92_186_190

        You can find some there for pretty reasonable prices.

    2. The reloading components drought is definitely a thing. You might have better luck at the fun show but prices have been pretty steep there too.

      On the bright side, depending on what you were planning to reload, ammo prices are starting to fall again.

      You can google for more but some of the gunnies have gotten pretty damn conspiratorial about the reasons for the lack of reloading supplies. Tin foil hat definitely optional.

  7. Pffft- Panic Early, Panic Often is the new American credo.

    We should replace e pluribus unum with it.


    Where I wish I was tonight.

    1. “Its Great When You’re Strait”

  9. Violent crime — including violent crime using guns — has dropped massively over the past 20 years [,as o]ver the past dozen years, [we have had] the Patriot Act, the war in Iraq, the TARP bailouts

    Ah, HA!! Obviously we need more such policies to keep the trend going.

    1. the Patriot Act, the war in Iraq, the TARP bailouts



      1. Which your goddess Hillary Clinton all voted for.

      2. Shut the fuck up, Donny.

  10. Goddamnit boys! I’m back from a shitty round of golf ready to watch the Belmont.

    Any of you Peanuts have a wager on it?

    1. what’d you hI’ve just started golfing again after almost a year and a half sabbatical and finished up a twilight round on thursdaY at 103

      1. Hit the green hut happy hour early today, did we?

        1. You assume he ever left?

          1. If by “left”, you mean stuff the oysters and beer into his trousers and stumble back to his apartment, then yes.

            1. Trouser oysters.


        2. Yeah, that kind of drunkenness is uncalled for at 5pm.

          I haven’t been on a cocaine bender in a while though. So I can’t talk shit to Sudden.

          1. Check your east coast time zone privilege, arseplug, we start the drinking early here on the west coast.

    2. Goddamnit boys! I’m back from a shitty round of golf ready to watch the Belmont.

      Not able to get it through the little windmill this time, huh?

  11. If psychos can’t buy guns because of stronger gun control, then they can buy it on the streets. Canada has like 9 mil weapons, and Mexico is self explanatory.

    So how to stop straw purchases? Oops, you can’t do Bloomberg’s patented stop and search on crime stricken neighborhood because that’s racist (also probably unconstitutional, but that’s not what matters, you know).

    Border control to stop the flow of weapons into the country? No, that’s racist too. What are you gonna do, stop Mexico, Canada, AND cartels in Europe?

    Leland Yee received like 300 thou votes. That’s the guy who allegedly took bribes from arms dealer! Give that guy a few mil and your illegal guns would flood the black market! But the NRA has blood on their hands, you know, for opposing gun control measures on privacy grounds. But it’s not ok for the fed govt from collecting meta data from known criminals.

    America, you so weird.

    1. “Border control to stop the flow of weapons into the country.”

      Well Holder did try to balance exports with imports!

      1. Don’t give palin’s buttplug ideas.

        He will use this to claim Obama is “the mostest free trade President EVA!!!”

        1. I LOVE the free trade free flow of guns in the Obama administration.

          I approve Fast&Furious; 100%.

          Just let the gun trade flow, bro!

          1. This is why we love you. You combine the self-control of Keith Richards with the interpersonal skills of Ty Cobb and the keen intellect of Paris Hilton.

            1. I’m a gun loving bastard! I own TWO of them.

              1. How nice. Do you go to the gun club or did the big meany rednecks scare you off?

              2. So you’re basically our very own version of Bill Maher? Another reason people here dislike you.


              3. I’m a gun loving bastard! I own TWO of them

                Super-Soakers don’t count as guns, dummy.

              4. I’m a gun loving bastard! I own TWO of them.


  12. Popular science: Stop looking for differences in the male and female brain.

    See, nothing says ‘science’ like banning scientists from studying neurological differences.

    1. God, this article is fucking stupid.

      In the rare cases where actual psychological differences exist, they cannot be attributed to innate neurology alone. Everything in the brain is a combination of nature and nurture. Culture comes into play, which affects behavior, which then affects the brain.

      No shit. Solid strawman you demolished there. No one is arguing it’s only innate differences in neurology, just that there may be some differences that impact behavior.

      If women have major physical differences from men, there’s no logical reason to assume there are no psychological or neurological differences. That doesn’t mean either men or women are ‘better’ just that there may be some neurological differences which are attributable to biology…just like there are sexual differences which are attributable to psychology.

      Unfortunately, since discovering such differences would make progressives sad, we should just pretend there’s no way they can exist.

      1. just like there are sexual differences which are attributable to psychology biology.

        1. Differences between people are just a right wing construct to fight against the worker’s paradise.

      2. Look, reality has a progressive bent, or else it just isn’t reality and must be ignored.

      3. In hard science, nurture has been beaten back pretty severely. No one in an actual hard human science would buy any sort of equivalence between nature and nurture. Not in decades.

        Popular Science, yeah.

        1. I just looked this woman’s CV up online.* She does have a B.S. in neuroscience, but her M.A. is in science writing.

          Science. Writing.

          All of her work experience is in writing and as a producer at NPR. She has literally done zero work on neurology since getting her B.S. 8 years ago. She did teach some classes at Johns Hopkins though…classes in expository writing and narrative storytelling.

          So she has no actual scientific work experience, and is telling actual neurologists what they should spend their time researching.

          *I’m not posting it because she’s dumb enough to have put her cell phone number on a resume she’s posted on the internet. That strikes me as a moronic thing for a writer to do, since if you write something that really pisses someone off they have an easy way of contacting you personally.

          1. * She does have a B.S. in neuroscience, but her M.A. is in science writing.

            A B.S. in neuroscience is nothing to brag about. I wonder what the ratio of psych to organic chemistry classes is?
            I’m gonna guess 6/0.

        2. Rank nonsense. The current schwerpunkt of the biological sciences is epigenetics.

          1. Yeah, it’s idiotic to argue that nature is vastly more important than nurture.

            It’s obviously a mixture of the two, and it’s not really possible to tell which is more important.

            If I locked a kid in a dark room for his entire childhood, it’s not particularly relevant what his ‘nature’ is since he’s going to end up fucked in the head.

          2. No, not at all. Nurture is beating a retreat.

  13. OT: The US team is sloppy. They act like their not used to playing on a team, let alone with each other. They run in packs, pass to no one and take the ball from each other. They’ll be lucky to not lose every game in Brazil if they keep playing like this.

    1. Somehow I read that as “The US team is Sloopy.” Oddly, the paragraph makes just as much sense this way…

      1. It’s true, sloopy does have trouble sharing the ball.

  14. Holy crap, Thomas Piketty’s book is 21.99 FOR THE KINDLE EDITION.

    No trees needed to be harvested, no bookbinders employed for each copy. It’s a set it and forget it distribution model. How can anyone justify that?

    The hardcover is $23.98

    1. You see, once Monsieur Picketty gets rich off his book sales then we can set about making it impossible for anyone else to get wealthy and increase inequality.

      1. I cannot help but wonder if anyone is going to hold him to writing a check to the Fraunch government if he makes more than $200,000 on this book. You know, just to keep that filthy old Capitalism where it belongs.

    2. “But his intentions are good.”

    3. My favorite example of this is Michael Moore when his capitalism movie premiered. He asked the audience not to bootleg because it would hurt his business. I can’t find a clip of it, so here’s this:

      1. Michael Moore is currently locked in a bitter divorce dispute over his money.

        Why doesn’t Red Mike just let his wife have it all given that capitalism is an evil system to which he is opposed?

        1. [raucous wheezing laughter]

          Thanks. I needed that.

          You forgot to work in a reference to patriarchy.

        2. Is the working class everyman going to lose his ridiculously expensive Manhattan apartment? I guess he’ll have to spit out some more lies make another movie to make ends meet. I know, GMOs are secretly killing everyone. Or, maybe some edited video showing the Koch Bros. keeping Obama from fixing the economy and making everyone equal through socialism.

      2. Michael Moore is a fucking imposter. He is an ‘Elmer Gantry’ type who does not drink his own shit syrup.

        1. It’s good you’re here to tell us who the true Scotsmen are.

        2. It’s good you’re here to tell us who the true Scotsmen are.

          1. I don’t believe anything Michael Moore says.

            Are you a big fan?

            1. I like him because he has cast off the mask with aplomb and trampled it into itty, bitty pieces. It my great hope that he continues making movies.

            2. I don’t believe anything Michael Moore says.

              Considering the way neither one of you can keep your lips off of Obama’s sack, I seriously doubt this.

              1. Moore hates Obama, you stupid fuck.

                1. Yet, funnily enough, hasn’t made a movie poking at Obama for his continuation of the very same policies he slammed Bush on.

            3. No, I’m a windmill.

              Learn to tell the difference.

    4. Because no-one would buy the HC if the ebook was too cheap.

      That shit is why I was so disappointed in my Kindle. ebook versions of *paperbacks* selling for the same damn price PLUS no old books and shitty new book selection, even today.

  15. Battle of the Derpy Davids: David Sirota vs. David Frum

  16. This is another of those “Don’t look at it, Marion!” videos. Rachel Maddow vs. David Frum.

    1. Rachel has the bigger brain and dick in that matchup.

        1. That is disgusting. Progressives fall into psychotic hero worship so easily it’s unbelievable.

          If that isn’t a joke, then there is no hope for the left. They are utterly brain dead and will worship any demagogue who comes their way.

          1. You could watch the video? I opened the link in a new window, saw the title bar, and closed the window.

  17. Bill Watterson returns for a cameo…..?hpt=hp_t2

    1. Dang, I saw this just now and wanted to be the one who linked to it. I loved it. If it really was Watterson, he did it humbly, and it made for a fun diversion from the comic’s usual style. If it was a fake, they still did a decent job making a tribute to Watterson’s style (like the attacking space aliens).

      1. It was a pretty awesome story.

  18. Hey California Chrome, why the long face?

    1. That was really too bad. I remember watching Secretariat and Seattle Slew (what a beautiful horse he was) winning the Triple Crown when I was a teenager, and managed to get my 12-year-old son in front of the TV in case history was made.

      This horse had the best back story and most compelling characters in quite awhile, right along the lines of Seabiscuit. And he even wore my favorite color combination, purple and green. I thought this was going to happen, but it looks like he got stuck in the middle outside during the back stretch and didn’t have enough to overcome it.

      1. He simply ran out of gas in the longer race and with a well-rested horses in the field.

        Unfortunately his owner, the Wilfred Brimley look-alike, had to lash out at the field post-race by saying it is unfair to let horses that skipped the other Triple Crown races to participate in the Belmont.

      2. I’m a horse-hater but I would have been more accepting of Secretariat receiving honororary human status than any bush meat great ape or Japanese sea food cetacean.

  19. Retrieved from the Memory Hole- Black conservatives praise the NRA:

  20. No Triple Crown winner this year and Steve Coburn is pissed. Also, it’s been 15 since the end of the race, the results are official and yet NBC still hasn’t shown them because they’re so focused on California Chrome.

  21. Cali Chrome – you gave it all you could.

    And Cali is our Golden State. I am from Georgia where we have nothing but stumps and rumps.

    Shine on, you crazy Cali!

    1. Did you see the tirade his owner went on? I think that was his wife trying to calm him down and keep him from embarrasing himself.

      1. I bet the owner wishes he could do this.

  22. Beer thread time?

    I was working in the yard all day. I decided to stay in tonight and drink a little beer.

    Lavery’s 1847 Rye Stout. I brought it back from a trip to Pennsylvania. I can’t remember if I bought it in State College or in the Philly area. It’s not bad.

    1. Never heard of that one. Are they new? Rye stout is also different.

      1. Their website says Lavery started in 2009:

        I can’t remember on what trip to PA I bought the beer, otherwise I could give you a rough idea how old it is.

        1. New for me. Does the rye stand out much in a stout? Seems to me like it would be easy for it to get lost.

          1. For this one, it does. My first impression was of an overhopped stout, but then it changed. Ryes taste a litlte spicy to me, and as I drank the beer I realized the flavors had a spiciness to them.

            I probably should have cleansed my palate before trying this beer. Like I mentioned elsewhere, this isn’t the first one I’ve drunk tonight.

    2. I’ve never had that. Looks like it’s from Erie? I’ve never seen it in Philly. Sounds good though.

      I just drank a pint glass full of whiskey sour.

      1. Yes, Lavery is in Erie.

        If I got it in the Philly area, it would have been at the Craft Ale House.

        But, like I said, I can’t remember if I was in State College or the Philly area when I bought it.

    3. Sierra Nevada makes a good rye. That’s the only one that sticks out in my memory. Real Ale makes a pale rye that was OK.

      I’m more into stouts & porters. Hefeweizens can be nice too.

      1. I haven’t had Sierra Nevada’s Rye. I haven’t seen too many Rye beers. I pick them up when I find them. I think in NH I can only get one, Founder’s Red Rye.

        Hefeweizens are awesome.

          1. Better than Big Sky? Damn, that must be good beer.

          2. That looks tasty.


    Follow the status quo and you will be enslaved. We need to rise up; not with violence but with peace… no, maybe there will never be peace, but if we sit silently by while fathers and husbands are force fed in Guantanamo, while 7 year old boys and girls are sold into slavery (sex slaves to be more precise) to pay off the smugglers because GI Joe burned down mommy and daddy’s opium fields, while sons shed their blood for the empty ideals of our leaders (religious and/or political), and while millions are spent to prevent the terrorists from poisoning our waters while the coal company walks away scott free after poisoning the water of 10’s of thousands, then we are worse off tan a bunch of mindless sheep being led to the slaughter house.?

    I love leftists, because even when I agree with them on an issue, such as the problems with Guantanamo, the way they way they express the argument is invariably so fucking stupid that it’s still laughable.

    I’d also love to see a citation about Afghanistani children being sold into sex slavery to pay off opium smugglers.

    1. They seldom actually put up an argument, they just emote and engage in hysterics.

    2. WTF does “rise up with peace” even mean?

      1. I’m still confused by his claim that terrorists are trying to poison our water.

      2. It means standing in place and waiting for someone to kill you.

    3. I forgot who said it, but the gist is:

      Leftists aren’t just bad at thinking. They don’t even know what thinking is. They emote and then they rationalize.

    4. I forgot who said it, but the gist is:

      Leftists aren’t just bad at thinking. They don’t even know what thinking is. They emote and then they rationalize.

    5. Even slightly drunk that makes no sense.

      1. This beer is not the first beer I’ve had tonight.

  24. “Hitchens, Dawkins and Harris Are Old News: A Totally Different Atheism Is on the Rise

    “It’s absurd to think these white males represent all organized atheism….

    “Just as in any other group, there are scores of people in atheist and skeptic communities who don’t want to have discussions about racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and other bigotries, or say they’re irrelevant to the agenda at hand. The increase in diversity isn’t happening quietly or easily, and it’s often brought out the ugliest sides of people who base their entire identities on being rational and humane. Direct challenges to racism and sexism haven’t traditionally been the domain of the large organizations like American Atheists or the Secular Coalition for America. It’s been far more typical to fight incursions against separation of church and state or educate against pseudoscience like homeopathy….

    1. I hate organized atheists.

      Very rarely are they any better than the religious people they despise. I’ve seen atheists argue that no ‘true atheist’ can be anything other than a leftist. Gee…that almost seems like atheist organizations are erecting the exact same sorts of nonsensical doctrines that they criticize religions for adhering to.

      I’m an atheist partly because I despise rituals. The attempt to ritualize atheism is one of many reasons to hate the American left.

      1. I left an atheist forum a few years ago when it became clear that only leftists and leftist views were welcome.

      2. Yet you give the theocrats a pass?

        You are a fucking statist-loving traditionalist.

        1. Retard is checking in.

      3. There has always been a element among atheists who think that Religion is holding back the TOP. MEN. from creating utopia. See Revolutionary France for example.

        1. There’s always been a percentage of atheists who wrongfully think they’re not religious when actually they worship the state.

          That’s the default state of most American atheists.

          1. That percentage is roughly 90% in my experience. All praise to the TOP. MEN.

      4. I’m an atheist partly because I despise rituals.

        I’m the opposite. I’m an atheist despite an appreciation, even love, for religious rituals.

        But yeah, the modern organized atheists are the worst kind of douchebags, caricatures of what they purportedly hate.

    2. I am a rationalist/atheist.

      I despise the fucking MAGIC DUDE IN THE SKY types.

      They sponsor stupidity 24/7.

      1. I’ll take a society run by the dumbest Christians over the one run by the smartest atheists any day.

        Many atheists tear down religion because they want to make themselves gods on the earth. At least faith serves to limit the narcissism of the bleevers.

        1. But you are a proven idiot.

          You dispense rational thought in support of MAGICAL thinking just to vote for Team Red.

          1. I have not nor will I ever vote for Team Red. I voted for Kerry in 2004, Obama in 2008, and Johnson in 2012.

            I am reluctant to vote, but as long as there is a genuine small govt guy on the ballot, I feel an obligation.

            Someone tried to tell me I shouldn’t vote for so and so. Why? Because they won’t get enough votes. Circle logic works because circular logic works.

            1. I have not nor will I ever vote for Team Red. I voted for Kerry in 2004, Obama in 2008, and Johnson in 2012.


              That is exactly how I voted.

              OK, I apologize to you. For real. I can’t fault you for doing what I did.

              You got me this time!

              1. I’m as shocked as you are- provided that you are being honest.

                On my absentee ballot, there was picture of a rooster next to Obama and an eagle next to McCain:


                1. Since we are being honest I have been wishing for a libertarian emergence for 30 years.

                  But I am getting old.

                  Now I am would be happy with just legal drugs and hooking.

                  All I fought for in the 80s is just not possible now.

                  Yeah, I am jaded. I don’t have a lot of hope for real liberty any more.

                  1. There is hope. Step 1 is to stop aligning yourself with Team Be Ruled.

                  2. I don’t get you, Butt. You claim to be libertarian. You say you VOTE libertarian. You even, sometimes, speak as if you’re a human being rather than a sock puppet.

                    So, for fucks sake, how can you be so incredibly FOR regulations, laws, and the strangulation of freedom?

                    You constantly spout about corporations being evil (which they wouldn’t have the power to be without government), you seem to think that cops should be given a pass for corruption, malice, and mutilation of the populace, and you always go on about how the government should stick its nose into our business for one bullshit reason or another.

                    None of the things you usually spout are even remotely libertarian.

                    What the actual fuck?

            2. “Peas in a pod”

          2. I’m a Roman Catholic (gasp we worship the pope111!1!1!), and have never voted team Red. I either vote libertarian, or abstain from voting and drink instead. Because us Catholics aren’t partial to the bottle, you see.

        2. The Smartest Atheists, like myself, are neither religious nor statist. I guarantee you Emir Cytotoxic will deliver the greatest society evar!

          1. The Smartest Atheists, like myself, are neither religious nor statist.

            Except when it comes time for your war boner, anyway…

            1. I don’t have a war boner I just don’t accept peacenazi lies or let it go unchallenged.

        3. The creator of the ENTIRE universe cares about me personally and wants to give me milk and honey and virgins for eternity…

          Yep, that’s what I call humility.

          1. Yet you inexplicably think that anyone in the .gov gives a fuck about you.

      2. I am a rationalist/atheist.

        I despise the fucking MAGIC DUDE IN THE SKY types.

        They sponsor stupidity 24/7.

        Every totalitarian state does one of two things: They either make the Church an aspect of the government, or they try to eliminate religion.

        The reason is obvious. Church (or any other sort of worship) creates a secondary power center which can be opposed to the government. That’s why the Polish Solidarity movement started in the Catholic Church and why the only person who voted against forced sterilization in Buck v. Bell, the case where the Supreme Court argued that it’s okay to sterilize retarded people, was a Roman Catholic who felt it was against his religion.

        I disagree with religious people and if they try to force their religion on me, I will fight them. However, I respect the many instances where religious individuals have fought against tyrannical and violent governments and liberated people.

        That’s what separates me from most atheists. I don’t live in a universe of narcissistic delusion and am capable of applauding the good actions of people I disagree with.

        1. Ah “rationalist.” In my experience that is usually code for TOP. MEN. hence what I posted earlier.

        2. Bullshit.

          So as a rationalist I am by your automatic decree a totalitarian?

          You are completely full of shit.

          1. Palin’s Buttplug|6.7.14 @ 8:15PM|#
            “So as a rationalist I am by your automatic decree a totalitarian?”

            Shit pile, you’re a “rationalist” like you’re a “libertarian”, which is to say not at all.
            Anyone worshiping Obo like you do is just one more bleever.

          2. So as a rationalist I am by your automatic decree a totalitarian?

            You’re insane because at no point did anyone say that.

            My point was that religion is often a counterforce that stops violent government action and opposes tyranny. I gave you just two examples, but there are dozens of others I could come up with fairly quickly. There are probably thousands of examples throughout history.

            What I’m saying is that a rationalist would realize the obvious truth of what I just said and wouldn’t hate all religious people or hate religion. He’d hate religious people who are trying to oppress him, but there aren’t many such individuals in modern America.

            In fact, the most oppressive government worshipers in modern America are atheists. Who’s more likely to try and run your life, some old lady at the local church bake sale or Cass Sunstein?

          3. Also, PB, who’s done more for freedom: Hyper-rationalist atheist Palin’s Buttplug or Father Jerzy, a Catholic priest who was beaten to death by Polish Communists for his anti-government sermons?

            He was a staunch anti-communist, and in his sermons, interwove spiritual exhortations with political messages, criticizing the Communist system and motivating people to protest. During the period of martial law, the Catholic Church was the only force that could voice protest comparatively openly, with the regular celebration of Mass presenting opportunities for public gatherings in churches.

            Gee…that almost seems to prove my point.

            A car accident was set up to kill Jerzy Popie?uszko on 13 October 1984 but he escaped it. The alternative plan was to kidnap him and it was carried out on 19 October 1984. The priest was beaten and murdered by three Security Police officers. Then, his body was dumped into the Vistula Water Reservoir near W?oc?awek from where it was recovered on 30 October 1984.

            Father Jerzy was a martyr for freedom, and I’m not going to pretend he’s undeserving of praise just because his primary reason for opposing the Soviet regime was religious. He’s done more to liberate his people than I have, and more than I probably ever will.

            1. Soros has done the most by far, then Father Jerzy, than lagging far behind – me.

              1. You’re obviously a sock-puppet, because that’s far too fucking stupid for even the dumbest person to say in earnest.

                1. You’re an idiot, Irish. Soros has spent over $8 billion fighting fascism, communism, and socialism.

                  Look at the Velvet, Rose, and Orange Revolutions.

                  You are SO fucking TEAM RED!

                  1. Gee, yet when the K brothers spend similar dough to advance free market and liberty philosophies, they are evil devil-spawn that we need to have a constitutional amendment so they can be stopped.

                    Or is it only a national crisis when billionaires spend money on the wrong side of the political spectrum?

                    1. Tell us about American Exceptionalism PB.

              2. Soros has done the most by far

                The Nazi? I guess you’re counting the Jews he helped get burned as “doing something”?

                I just can’t understand why you think it’s a good idea to idolize a Nazi, but you do it.

                1. You’re a queer Neo-Nazi, obviously. Why do you enjoy sucking Nazi Cock, you Stormfront dude?

                  1. You’re a queer Neo-Nazi, obviously.

                    No, I am not George Soros.

                    1. Hydra, you are fucking Neo-Nazi queer right wing terrorist type. A Bircher – a fucking idiot Sovereign Citizen.

                      Love yourself, you are alone.

                    2. God damn look how pissed you are.

                    3. You shouldn’t make fun of his nazi boyfriend!

                    4. Apparently PBP is a self loathing jew that wishes he could contribute to the extermination of his people as did his hero, Soros.

                    5. Hydra, you are fucking Neo-Nazi queer right wing terrorist type. A Bircher – a fucking idiot Sovereign Citizen.

                      Love yourself, you are alone.

                      Holy shit, this is amazing. I think Tulpa just broke PB’s brain.

                    6. How would you know?

                    7. That’s rich coming from a nazi loving demfag assplug.

    3. Atheism is often a means for stupid people to feel intelligent. That’s why so many of the militant atheists are left-wingers: it isn’t about truth or being a rational person, it’s about being superior to those Bible-thumping bitter clingers in flyover country.

      Like with so many positions taken by left-wingers, it’s a fashion statement.

      1. Atheism is often a means for stupid people to feel intelligent.

        This is very insightful. Some of the least intellectually curious people I know are suddenly all against religion and all about science.

        1. And yet their ‘science’, too, is without intellectual curiosity as well, and so often superficial and just in agreement with leftist fashion or what movie stars think. Global warming science is settled. Organic good, corporations bad. GMO bad, farmers market good. Immunizations cause autism. The FDA and Big Pharma don’t want you to know Chinese/herbal/green tea supplements are superior to expensive drugs.

      2. The most rational position to take with respect to the existence of a deity is that one doesn’t exist. Hence atheists are more rational than religionists. Most atheists are liberals. Hence rationalism and liberalism are correlated.

        Apart from this, everyone knows libertarians are fucking morons except libertarians.

        1. Hahahahahaha

          Fuck you’re stupid.

        2. 11% of liberals are atheist though. Is it then safe to say that almost 90% of liberals are irrational?

  25. “made me ultimately accept my atheism as an identity is that about the same time I began to fall away from Christianity, I began to be concerned about social justice. Atheism appealed not only as a logical conclusion, but as a more humane and just way of living. To make ethical decisions without the revelations from a deity means that the responsibility for those decisions ends with you, and no one else. Even more importantly, when you accept that there is no world beyond this one, you have to turn your eyes away from the sky and look at the people around you.

    “When Elliot Rodger went on his shooting spree in Isla Vista, the harm was not to the immortal souls of the people he shot and killed. His bullets tore into their bodies and devastated the lives of people in the real world. It was not a crime against god, or the spirit world, or Allah, or karma, but against fellow human beings who were alive and breathing and may have lived for decades more if he hadn’t pulled the trigger.

    “But those gunshots didn’t kill just because of chemistry and physics; the bullets were driven just as much by Rodger’s poisonous misogyny as by a sudden expansion of gases in the barrel of the gun…”…..1#bookmark

    1. “But those gunshots didn’t kill just because of chemistry and physics; the bullets were driven just as much by Rodger’s poisonous misogyny as by a sudden expansion of gases in the barrel of the gun…”

      Leftists have completely lost the ability to write. I don’t think I’ve read a well-written left-wing article since Hitchens died.

      1. Saying misogyny propels bullets is like saying the sun rises in the west.

        It just ain’t so.

        1. But if we could invent misogyny-propelled bullets, imagine the potential! I would reload just by browsing H&R!

    2. Alternet, really? What do you expect to find there?

      1. Reason has some monetization click-widget that links to alternet stories

  26. “WHEN politicians have trouble spinning their own glories, that’s a problem.

    “So it was bizarre that Hillary Rodham Clinton, asked at a forum in April about her legacy at the State Department, had trouble articulating it. That feeds into a narrative ? awaiting her memoir on Tuesday ? that she may have been glamorous as secretary of state but didn’t actually accomplish much.

    “In fact, that’s dead wrong, for Clinton achieved a great deal and left a hefty legacy ? just not the traditional kind….

    “Pinstriped foreign and prime ministers looked on, happy to be considered important enough to be invited. They listened with increasingly furrowed brows, as if absorbing an alien language, as Clinton brightly spoke about topics such as “the business case for focusing on gender in agricultural development.”…

    “Today it’s routine to use social media in multiple languages to communicate American diplomatic messages to the world.”…..share&_r=0

    1. From the Memoirs of RussianPrimeMinister

      Early in the year of 2014, secretary of state Hillary Clinton and I were brunching at the Kremlin. I remember her clearly, for she was being pompous and rude.

      “This beet is terrible, Prime Minister.” She said with a scowl.

      “It is traditional Russian beet, grown on traditional Russian farm.” I return.

      “Well,” she says, “your traditions are awful and your beets suck ass.”

      I glared at her. “You are ugly and fat.”

      “That’s it!” She rises from her chair, quite obviously angered. “Why don’t you just go and invade the Ukraine, if you think I’m so fat!”

      And with that, she stormed out, her backside jiggling under her poorly chosen skirt.

      I call my assistant to my side. “Make a note, Dmitri. The Americans want us to invade the Ukraine.”

  27. So I’m guessing this is going to be the Saturday night thread? Oh, well then….because of the sequester, I’m drinking some rolling rock, and, surprisingly, it’s not that bad. I much prefer it to any of the other cheap American pale lagers.

    1. I drank a whole 12 pack of Rolling Rock once and then tried to lift weights. Bad things happened.

      1. Bad things? Did you at least max out???

        1. I benchpressed 225 5 times. I had trouble getting it back into the rests.

          I tipped the bar to slide the plates off.

          1. I benched 140 twice once. I was 6’1″ and 160 lbs.

            I thought I was a fucking stud.

            1. You need a counseling session with Warty.

              1. Shriek is too disgusting even for Warty to handle.

              2. No thanks. I got plenty of chicks. Warty is a homo.

                1. Shriek rapes chickens? I should have known.

              3. I can barely do 10 reps of 50 pounds. I don’t get stronger.

    2. I’ve never liked Rolling Rock (although I’ll still drink it if it’s offered). I guess I’m from the wrong side of the state to have developed a taste for it. Yuengling 4 life!

      1. Yuengling black and tan is nice.

    3. I bought 30 cans of Rolling Rock for 8 dollars once. There is not a better beer at that price point.

      1. Very nice. I bought a 30 can cube of PBR for 12 dollars once. I drank it all in the 3 day period covering Election Day in 2012.

        Man, I was depressed that week. Chicago will do that to you.

        1. Central Illinois 1979: You could buy a case (24 bottles) of Pickett’s beer in reusable bottles for $1.99. The deposit on the bottles, 10 cents each, came to $2.40, more than the case itself, but of course you got that back when you returned the bottles.

          It’s what you drank when you were really broke (which, as college students then, we often were). It was pretty bad, but it was still alcohol, and was enough to drive a small party. Made you fart like you wouldn’t believe though.

          Pickett’s brewery in Iowa later became famous for another reason, as the employer in the movie Take This Job and Shove It.

    4. Rolling Rock? What a shitload of fuck.

      1. A CHEAP and POTABLE shitload of fuck.

        1. I’m getting butt-fucked up the dick!

      2. +1 diarrhea dump in the ear

    5. The Rock is what we drank when we couldn’t afford beer. 😉

      $5.00 for a case of ponies at The Rathskeller, back in the day.

      1. I was only in The Rathskeller once. I prefer Zeno’s.

  28. The reference to the French Revolution made me think of their Goddess of Reason, which brought me to this site:

    “To improve awareness and logical abilities, tuck a bay leaf in your shoe today so the Goddess of Reason walks with you. Or, wear any garment with predominantly blue or red coloring to invoke Her powers through color therapy!”


    1. “Goddess of Reason” seems like it should be worthy of the drinking game. Or an obscure insult.

      1. Don’t forget the “Cult of Reason.”

      2. If you like that one, I’ve joked off and on that I pray to the “God of Self-sufficiency”.

        1. For a Goddess called Reason…

          Cancel my subscription to this cult!

          1. You Know Who Else didn’t like the Cult of Reason?

    2. Put a pinch of sage in your boots, and all day long a spicy scent is your reward.

  29. I noticed that crowd shots at Belmont that they allow SMOKING!
    Hope Bloomberg didn’t see that.

  30. So is On The Road to Mandalay proof that a coarsening society has limits? And shouldn’t he be in Rangoon now?

    1. What a pretentious and overly long moniker. I pretend his name is On the Road to Hooters.

      1. I prefer to think of Lon Chaney and Tod Browning.

    1. So how libertarian paternalism any different from regular old paternalism?

      1. Shh! You’re not supposed to notice the contradiction.

  31. No such thing as peak derp: Chinese park to tear down replica Sphinx because Egypt complained

    A replica of Egypt’s iconic Sphinx built in northern China will be dismantled after an Egyptian ministry complained about the structure, state media said Sunday.

    A massive replica of the ancient statue was built in Hebei province, the official Xinhua news agency said.

    But Egypt’s ministry of antiquities complained to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) about the Chinese imitation, it cited a source as saying.

    1. I was in Xi’an in 2007, and saw a park with several smaller models of world landmarks.

      I don’t see what the big deal is. Las Vegas had pyramids and an Eiffel Tower too.

      1. Don’t let the Egyptian ambassador near Legoland.

      2. There is also a Sphinx at the fucking Arkady Fiedler Museum in Poland (as well as a replica of the Santa Maria and of that Buddha statue the Taliban blew up, among other things), for crying out loud.

        P.S., why did you go to China? If you don’t mind me asking.

        1. Post-graduation fun time.

    2. We’re they afraid people would think it was the real one?

      1. I think the culture minister or whomever was afraid his superiors would fire him if he didn’t find something to do in his useless capacity.

  32. Cass Sunstein discusses the ultimate oxymoron of libertarian paternalism:

  33. Cass Sunstein discusses the ultimate oxymoron of libertarian paternalism:

  34. What are the best pilsners out there right now if you’re looking for something clean and crisp and not too hoppy? I’ve sworn off ales and can’t seem to find anything better than our local Pontchartrain Pilsner.

    1. Dundee makes a good pilsener. Pilsener Urquell is hoppy, but not overly so.

      1. And of course, there is always Labatt Blue…

        1. I never knew much about beer and recently realized I liked the lager style beers over the ales. When I lived in New Orleans I had much better access to many varieties of German and Czech beers but now that I’m in the burbs, not so much.

      2. I’ve had Pilsner Urquell and it was pretty decent. I’ll have to look for the Dundee.

        1. I’ve only found it in variety packs. Usually, it has ale, pilsner, IPA, and either a stout or a bock.

      3. Dundee

        That’s not a pilsner, this is a pilsner!

        1. I see you’ve played knifey-spoony before.

  35. Philosopher King Cass Sunstein says we need a time machine to understand the Constitution:

    1. Cass Sunstein’s name always reminds me of Mitch Cumstain, the Chevy Chase character in Caddyshack‘s old college roommate. The one who was ‘night putting’ with the 16-year-old daughter of the dean. Nice guy.

      1. Where are the Earls of Douglas and Northumberland when you need them?

      2. There’s a character named Mitch Cumstain? Damn, it’s a good thing Mitch Mustaine never made it to the NFL…

  36. You Know Who Else argued said to not panic?

  37. You Know Who Else said to not panic?

    1. The Kevin Bacon ROTC officer in Animal House?

    2. Ford Prefect?

      1. Did you know his creator wrote in a character played by the future Mrs. Richard Dawkins in a TV show about a man who doesn’t use guns?

    3. J.P. Morgan?

  38. More projection:

    Instead, however, Paul, Gillespie and dozens of other “liberty loving” right-wingers like them have either cheered on the mob or stepped quietly aside, hoping to let the throng do its dirty work and waiting to later pick up the pieces of whatever is left. To call this cynical is not enough; because of how fundamental the civil libertarian creed is to Paul’s brand, such a degree of hypocrisy transcends run-of-the-mill cynicism and becomes something much worse: fraud. So next time you hear Rand Paul exhort a sympathetic crowd to “stand and be heard” in defense of liberty, just remember what he said during the past week of mania, when the presumption of innocence was abandoned and the desire to close Gitmo was depicted as a nefarious plot to “free the terrorists.” The answer is, not a damn thing

    There’s no other way to read this other than Salon’s desperate attempt to the keep the sheep in line by attempting to tarnish Rand Paul, Nick Gillespie and Reason for having the audacity to steal the civil liberties mantel from the Democrats.

    1. I even found a link:….._bergdahl/

      1. Google Translate doesn’t have a Prog-to-English feature; could someone interpret the article for me?

        Is he suggesting that a *true* civil libertarian would have no problems with a prisoner swap of five Taliban for one deserter, without notice to Congress as required by law?

    2. for having the audacity to steal the civil liberties mantel from the Democrats.

      Is it really stealing if you found it abandoned, tarnished, dented, and rusted laying discarded in the dirt?

    3. Is this even projection? Because it doesn’t make a goddamn bit of sense.

  39. Women exposes her vulva in a museum–for art

    According to Le Monde, the racy act took place on May 29 at the Mus?e d’Orsay’s Room 20. De Robertis entered the room in a gold sequin dress and proceeded to expose her own “L’Origine du monde” to a crowd of unsuspecting security guards and applauding gallery goers. The artist was eventually taken away by police and, as Artnet reports, the museum and two of its guards subsequently filed sexual exhibitionism complaints against the bold woman.

    “This is a typical case of disrespecting the museum’s rules, whether for a performance or not,” the Mus?e d’Orsay’s administration said in a statement published in Artnet.

    De Robertis feels differently. “If you ignore the context, you could construe this performance as an act of exhibitionism, but what I did was not an impulsive act,” she explained to Luxemburger Wort. “There is a gap in art history, the absent point of view of the object of the gaze. In his realist painting, the painter shows the open legs, but the vagina remains closed. He does not reveal the hole, that is to say, the eye. I am not showing my vagina, but I am revealing what we do not see in the painting, the eye of the vagina, the black hole, this concealed eye, this chasm, which, beyond the flesh, refers to infinity, to the origin of the origin.”

    1. Pretentious t___.

      1. Watch it with the P-slur!

      2. From her lips to God’s ears, right?

        1. I shouldn’t have tried that lame pun – I did the difficult task of lowering the tone at H&R. Mea culpa.

          1. At least you weren’t playing the vulvazula.

    2. 2edgy4me

    3. Well that’s a very interesting way to think of one’s vagina.

  40. ‘Hydra’ is a fucking neo-Nazi homo (upthread). Just in case there was any doubt.

    1. Then we should get along since you admit to idolizing another Nazi, George Soros.

      And it’s funny how butt-hurt you got, not only did you spew invective “upthread” I pissed you off so much you came here and whined AGAIN.

      You must be PISSED.

    2. I imagine you are about 5’4″ tall, have a 70s pornstache, wear a Member’s Only jacket, Aviator sunglasses and drive a Pontiac Firebird.

      1. This is at PB.

      2. You think he’s Mahmood Ahmadinejad?

    3. Hydra is Tulpa.

      1. You’d think that, but you’d be mistaken. Tulpa stupidly left hydra available when he was sockpuppeting one day and I commandeered it.

        1. Hmm…I could almost believe that. I haven’t seen “Hydra” going full Tulpa for a while.

          But it’s also what Tulpa would say.

      2. And given the viciousness of the tone he might also be Mandalay guy.

  41. Christ, the trolls are out tonight.

    1. Shut the fuck up old man.

      1. As I said earlier. He’s gone off the deep end. Mary-level stupid. Nothing but insane rambling designed to disrupt.

        Time for PB to move on down the memory hole.

        1. No one cares what you said, take your dementia meds and fuck off.

          1. You have gone completely bat-shit crazy. Time to join Mary, whack-job!

            1. Are you still alive gramps?

              1. This is an imposter Buttplug!

                1. I don’t think anyone cares, it’s not like he’s destroying your rep.

                  1. “it’s not like he’s destroying your rep.”

                    Let’s see, Maybe one spells better than the other?
                    But it’s doubtful that any claim to higher stupidity is harmed; nothing suggests that one is less stupid than the other.

      2. Shut the fuck up old man.

        “This post is only 8% coherent.”

        1. “This post is only 8% coherent.”

          We saw, but it was still nice of you to admit it.

  42. I collectivize all Rangers’ fans as people I want to be disappointed. Go Kings!

    1. AH! Good redirect hockey-man!

  43. PB changed the lowercase “l” in his name to a capital “I” to evade blocking. What a pitiful being.

    1. Must be nice to have so much time on one’s hands, right? I guess they took away his crayons because he kept eating them & now he’s got nothing better to do…

      1. Oh joy, it’s kibby, please, bore us with tales of the latest random dude you’re banging.

        1. Palin`s Buttplug|6.7.14 @ 10:50PM|#
          “Oh joy, it’s kibby, please, bore us with tales of the latest random dude you’re banging.”

          So, shitpile, how many handles do you have? It seems your slimy prose is spread far wider than the daddy-hating, asshole-plugging PB handle. I guess it could be imbeciles who are easily confused with you, since stupidity is not unique. But tell us, are any of the other pathetic losers your doing?
          BTW, are you proud that you still blame dadddy for your assholishness? Does it make you happy to blame everyone else for the fact that you’re still a slimy loser at middle age?
          Inquiring minds want to know.

            1. Palin’s ButtpIug|6.7.14 @ 11:12PM|#
              “Impotently rage more.”

              Yes, yes, you are. We got YOUR number, DD:

              1. Yes just like that. I love that I stole a small fraction of your life making you go chase down a video.

                1. Palin’s ButtpIug|6.7.14 @ 11:27PM|#
                  “Yes just like that. I love that I stole a small fraction of your life making you go chase down a video.”

                  yes, just like that, I love that I stole a small portion of your life to make up some slimy retort.
                  Has you daddy let you fuck him yet?

                  1. You’re old, for you it’s practically a death sentence.

                    No one will miss your spittle filled rants when you croak soon.

                    1. Palin’s ButtpIug|6.7.14 @ 11:59PM|#
                      “You’re old, for you it’s practically a death sentence.”
                      You’re stupid; you could easily die tomorrow.

                      “No one will miss your spittle filled rants when you croak soon.”
                      This from either the real of fake shitpile? Amusing…

          1. That is an imposter Buttplug.

          2. It’s Mary masquerading as PB. Maybe they’ll fight.

      2. And now a backtick instead of an apostrophe. What a bore.

        1. What a bore.

          And yet you keep posting about it.

          1. You’re a fake.

            Honing in on the good name of buttplugs everywhere! Shame on you!

            1. It was fun watching Carl think he was clever and pretend to be bored, I have to admit.

              1. You changed your URL to match mine, you fucking asswipe!

                I am the one and only true Buttplug! Do you want the olde English?

          2. Why this is interesting. That sounds like the Tulpa voice.

            1. Tulpa can sound like a lot of people. The Great Impersonator…much like syphilis.

              1. That’s an insult to syphilis.

  44. Lot of blank spaces on the page right now. Reasonable is truly a godsend for people that don’t want to watch a retarded orangutan fling his shit around.

    I think it’s best we just ignore it from now on. It crossed the line long ago and is now no different than ‘Merican.

  45. Not feeling so clever now are you fuckboy?

    1. So you got the hots for Carl? Carl called you on your bullshit and now you’re trying somehow, someway to get an audience to think you’re something other than a sock loser who got called?
      As pathetic as shreek is, are you the even more pathetic loser who grabbed his handle?

      1. are you the even more pathetic loser who grabbed his handle?

        I don’t need you defending me asshole, I can take care of myself.

        And how are you still alive? How have you not stroked out by now?

        1. Palin’s ButtpIug|6.8.14 @ 12:00AM|#
          …”I don’t need you defending me”…

          Uh, shitpile, find a remedial reading class near you.
          And, again, has your daddy let you fuck him?

  46. Wow, this is all very Mary-sounding, even the regular PB is not this wack. I think she found a way to log in under his handle.

    Mary, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

    1. I kinda miss when they actually tried to argue legitimately about said article. Now that its just degenerated in to ad hominem attacks all the time,
      and they krep trying to hide under new names it’s just taken the fun out of proving them wrong. Except Tony, I don’t miss him. His arguments made my head hurt. Full on derp 24/7 365.

      1. Toki Wartooth|6.7.14 @ 11:56PM|#
        “I kinda miss when they actually tried to argue legitimately about said article.”

        Who offered an honest, sincere, counterpoint and when was that?
        I’ve been posting for at least 5 or 6 years; we had MNG who (cleverly) shucked and jived, we had (and have) Tony who flat-out lies. I missed Lowell, but not long after, there was another twit here who claimed it was not his job to provide evidence for his claims.
        Shreek is here to lick Obo’s ass with one excuse after the other. A.s. is honest in his preference for those who murdered millions, as is craig, but neither tells us why anyone else should be so stupid as to agree. Road-guy is just a loose cannon.
        It would be nice to deal with an honest argument, but I haven’t seen one.

        1. I don’t think Road-guy was our old Road-guy. I think the last few nights has been Mary masquerading. I don’t recall OTRTM being such an ass.

          1. “I don’t recall OTRTM being such an ass.”

            I do in that the first time I asked for a cite to support the claim that Ukrainians were notorious as Nazi collaborators, I got the
            Since then, road-guy’s posts have tended toward that link, and even a day or two ago when I asked for support for a controversial claim;
            But the new shreek at least matches the old shreek in asholishness.

    2. I think you might be right, but there has been a run of trolls recently who have impersonated Mary for whacko, MNG for sophistry and Murkin for racism, and none have been wiped off.
      I’m ignoring the worn-out lefty trash of craig and a.s., and the incoherent rants of the road guy.

    3. I wish Mary would just on her inevitable shooting rampage hopefully in Texas where she will get ventilated thanks to concealed carry.

    4. You nailed it C.A, it’s Mary. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was her as Mandalay last night either. Same MO.

    5. I think she found a way to log in under his handle.

      Not even necessary, given what I said about “PB” using the uppercase “I” instead of lowercase “l”, and later the backtick.

      1. Probably did the same with the “L” in Mandalay.

        1. I’m not sure Mandalay is being socked? He said the same things he said before, particularly to Sevo?


    6. It’s hard to say it’s Mary, because we also have Hydra and (fake?) PB arguing above. And fake PB doing the whole “wow I made you mad” thing. Both are very Hydratic.

      Perhaps this is more fuel for the unified troll theory.

  47. I think at least a couple of them are in cahoots. The exchange between PB/hydra above about Soros seems incredibly tongue-in-cheek. It’s quite the puppet show. I hope they get bored enough to let slip who’s who one day.

  48. I saw Les Mis live tonight, so I came back and started listening to some of the songs from the movie on youtube.

    As a result, it’s time for Real Youtube Comments of Genius: Les Mis Edition:

    211Anon2 months ago

    This song makes me think of the righteous anger of working people (red), the smashing of the barbarism of feudalism in the French and American revolutions (black), the promises of a future of world socialism (red), and how the barbaric logic of capitalism will be, in the future, seen for what it is (black).

    Onward to socialism! For the 99%! We can do it people! ?

    1. Les Mis Youtube Videos: Even dumber commenters than other youtube videos:

      Travis Kopplinger1 month ago (edited)

      no one hears the Americans sing cause the general population won’t open their eyes and see that if we don’t rise up the ideals of democracy and freedom that we believe in will be crushed not because of Obama but the cowardly puppet masters in congress TO ALL WHO WISH NOT TO BE OPPRESSED PICK UP A WEAPON AND FIGHT beside the ones you call crazy when we say a revolution will come?

    2. Well to be fair that is pretty much what Victor Hugo was saying with Les Miserables?

  49. Sammy Dolittle aint gonna like that.

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