Interview: Daniel Schulman Talks About Sons of Wichita, His Biography of the Koch Brothers. Plus: Libertarianism 3.0!


"Sons of Wichita: Q&A with Daniel Schulman About His Koch Brothers' Biography" is the newest Reason TV video. Nick Gillespie talks with Schulman about the Koch brothers' libertarianism and the future of American politics.

About 15 minutes. Click above to watch or click below to go to the full video page with links, resources, and more.

Related: "Libertarianism 3.0: Koch and a Smile," Nick Gillespie's take on how the Kochs helped build the modern libertarian movement and how their "visionary paradigm could frustrate the left and alter the right by fusing social tolerance with fiscal responsibility."

NEXT: Libertarianism 3.0; Koch And A Smile

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