A.M. Links: Bergdahl Fallout Grows, Republicans Warn of Impeachment, Obama Deemed Less Competent


  • Credit: Steve Rhodes / Foter.com / CC BY-ND

    The fallout continues from the Obama administration's controversial decision to swap five Taliban fighters held at Guantanamo Bay in exchange for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. On Wednesday, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said President Obama might face impeachment if any other Guantanamo prisoners were released without congressional approval. Former Obama official Leon Panetta, meanwhile, has come forward to say that he opposed the prisoner swap when he was serving as secretary of defense.

  • According to a new poll, a majority of Americans now believe the Obama administration to be less competent than either the George W. Bush or Bill Clinton administrations.
  • The Senate is expected to vote shortly in confirmation of Sylvia Mathews Burwell as the new secretary of health and human services.
  • A military jet crashed in Imperial Valley, California, destroying three homes.
  • Chester Nez, the last of the original Navajo Code Talkers who served during World War II, has died.

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  1. According to a new poll, a majority of Americans now believe the Obama administration to be less competent than either the George W. Bush or Bill Clinton administrations.


    1. Hello.

      Ouch for real.

      42 quotes from Germans about Americans after WWI.


      1. Imagine if Justin Williams would have been healthy throughout his career.

        1. Yes. He’s always been pretty productive but this is crazy. He’s in Gretzky, Anderson, Lemieux (Mario and Claude) territory at this point.

          1. Psh, whatever. Those guys were monsters in the regular season too. Is he clutch? Sure. But bringing your A game in the playoffs is different than bringing you A game day in, day out.

            1. So, the Robert Horry of the NHL? (Dude’s got at least as many rings as Jordan)

      2. said something about the Americans after a war?

          1. He died before the end of the war…

            didn’t he?

      3. Those quotes from the Germans are really interesting, thanks.

    2. Either of them or both of them?

      1. Sixty-eight percent say the Obama administration is less competent that the Clinton administration. Forty-eight percent say it is less competent than Bush’s, compared to 42 percent who say it is more competent. Seven percent judge Obama’s and Bush’s the same.

        1. Thanks.

    3. Meh. What does “a majority of Americans” know about *anything*?

      Am I being sarcastic?

      1. Yeah, right, I bet they really care about sarcasm.

      2. Would love to have seen Michelle’s face and subsequent comment after reading the poll.

        1. #pollssuck

        2. #BringBackOurNumbers

    4. Fake scandals + fake outrage = poll damage.

      Like Whitewater, Vince Foster murder, TravelGate, chubby intern BJ, cattle futures – all INCOMPETENCE!

      1. Okay, Baghdad Bob.

        1. Aren’t you nostalgic for 90’s fake scandals?

          They seem so innocent now.


          1. BUSHPIGS!!11!!CHRISTFAGS!!111!!

            FAKE SKANDULZ!!11!!!!

      2. blamed fake scandals on their declining poll numbers?

      3. Palin’s Buttplug|6.5.14 @ 9:06AM|#
        “Fake scandals + fake outrage = poll damage”…

        At least one our our slimy turds no longer lies about being a ‘classical liberal’.
        Go lick that ass, shreek!

    5. And yet, Rasmussen has him at greater.than 50% approval. WTF?

    6. I can only imagine how furious Weigel the Shrieking Idiot is right now.

  2. No picture?

    1. I knew something looked weird. I thought maybe it was missing bullet points.

      1. Now I see one, I say we go back to no picture.

  3. First they took my alt text. Now they take my photo…

    1. If you like your photo, you can keep your photo…

      1. You said it, and it’s true!

    2. First they came for the Alt-Text, I said nothing, I was not a texter.
      Then they came for the photos, I said nothing, I was not a photographer.
      Then they came for the silly blog-handles and I

  4. The Senate is expected to vote shortly in confirmation of Sylvia Mathews Burwell as the new secretary of health and human services.

    She’s got a ready made and well tested excuse. “The last guy sucked.”

    1. Key to her hiring is the inherent difficulty in adding an -ie to her last name.

      1. You’re not doing a heckuva job, Burpoor.

  5. A military jet crashed in Imperial Valley, California, destroying three homes

    There’s a whole lot of nothing out there. That’s fantastically unlucky.

    1. Were they aiming for the houses?

      1. Holder’s “homegrown terrorism task force” is JOKE to you?!

        1. No, it’s a political weapon.

  6. The fallout continues from the Obama administration’s controversial decision to swap five Taliban fighters held at Guantanamo Bay in exchange for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

    David Burge ?@iowahawkblog Jun 3
    “What kind of scum would slander this fine brave patriotic US soldier!”
    “His platoon mates.”
    “And you actually believe those baby killers?”

    1. Dave Burge was born to rule Twitter.

  7. Chester Nez, the last of the original Navajo Code Talkers who served during World War II, has died.

    Sadly, no one understood his last words.

    1. +100 words for snow sand.

    2. Sadly, no one understood his last words.

      I chuckled, but Navajo is still spoken.

      1. The best jokes grow out of faked ignorance.

        1. The best jokes grow out of faked ignorance.

          Which is why I chuckled. It was well done.

        2. If you made planes out of stuff they make black boxes out of, they’d be too heavy.

          1. Make the black boxes out the stuff they make planes out of.

            1. Then we’d never find them!

              1. paint some tits on them and sarcasmic will find them

  8. Here’s a case of stupid all the way around. But I would be willing to bet one of the parties will not even get penalized…unless you consider a paid vacation a penalty.


    Also, the comments are what you would expect.

    1. Wow that’s not suspicious at all.

    2. If you’re in VA now, what happened to all your animals?

      1. They ended up with a Portuguese neighbor. The goats are probably safe for now but I would imagine the sheep, ducks and chickens are gonna be on his table by mid-summer.

          1. Now the Squirrelz are attacking, aiieee!

            1. No shit, that was my first post in like 2 weeks.

        1. The goats are probably safe for now

          Goats are never safe around the Portuguese. It is known.

      2. They are a feral pack, roaming CA. I think a vicious chicken is leading them.

        1. You mean they ate the portugese guy?

        2. I heard it was the duck to be feared.

          1. That particularly foul duck was on a pate within a week of that assault.

            in retrospect, I should have put in his application to Occidental College.

            1. He ate with hate

            2. Now who will lead them to freedom?

  9. http://www.yourtango.com/20142…..-world-cup

    Brazilian prostitutes prepare for the World Cup.

    1. So what are Brazil’s sex workers doing to prepare for increased traffic during the World Cup? At the top of the list: learning English.

      I was disappointed…I had thought there might be some kind of workout program involved.

      1. Learn the following any they’ll be fiine:

        Me so horny.

        Me love you long time.

        Everything you want.

        No boom-boom soul brother. Soul-brotther too beaucoup.

    2. Can’t follow the link now, but I’m imagining some.sort of.’80s training montage, but for Brazilian whores?

        1. Thanks Ted. Now I’ll be watching 80s Commblock television all day.

          OT (but perhaps of interest) – Last night I sat, totally enraptured, through the Boulting brother’s Private’s Progress, I’m Alright Jack, and Heavens Above!. Delightfully subversive and IMO reminiscent of the most excellent Yes, Minister/ Prime Minister.

    3. Are they still putting out the tired myth of 40 thousand prostitutes heading to the Wolrd Cup to service the increased demand?

    4. Presumably a lot of waxing is involved

      1. Little.known fact about Brazil: the chief reason they have been.promoting corn-based ethanol fuels.is that they are fast exhausting their natural supply of retractable hydrocarbons to feed their insatiable hunger for snatch wax.

        1. “Retractable” s/b “extractable”

          1. Well, that’s OK, db. You had us at “snatch”.

    5. Wonder what the Watermelon Woman will be up to.

  10. The beautiful a moment curious baby sperm whale swam up to photographer and son and got close enough to touch the camera
    Photographer Ellen Cuylaerts, 44, was looking for whales to photograph in the Caribbean with her teenage children
    Was swimming with son Max, 14, when baby sperm whale calf approached and started swimming with them
    At one point it came close enough to touch the camera lens which is rare because they are naturally skittish animals

    Good thing that didn’t happen in waters off the coast of the freest country in the world, or they’d be in prison right now for harassing a marine mammal.

    1. Ellingson was sitting next to Piercy when suddenly he stood up, took a few steps to the boat’s right side and went in.

      Right. Sure.

      1. Wow, did I screw that up. Meant for sloopy.

        1. I was quite confused.

    2. Those are amazing! Thanks for sharing.

    3. Uh, yeah, a whole lotta nope. Baby or not, people sometimes forget those are the largest predators on earth (at least of prey larger than krill).

      1. Anything that swims down a couple miles to fight giant squid in total darkness is pretty badass.

        1. Yeah, my 7 yr old is fascinated by them. He’s got sperm whale/colossus squid stuff all over his room.

          1. wait till he’s 14

  11. Two women have been jailed for a year after their neighbor was “literally eaten alive” by their hungry dog.


    1. Where are the dog shooters cops when you need ’em?

    2. Police said that when they arrived at the scene the dog was so crazed that he started eating the end of the rifle and even after being shot, got up and started attacking again.

      They should have used silver bullets?

      1. They should have used silver bullets?


        1. ^excellent!

    3. They.must have run out.of.peanut butter.

    4. They look like a lovely couple

    5. Good lord. That is horrific. And they only got a year in jail for that?

      1. Well, the actual killer got death.

        1. Yeah, but I think if you starve your dog to the point that it is eating plastic and then let him get out, you are a world-class piece of shit who deserves manslaughter.

  12. http://www.thesmokinggun.com/d…..lea-576324

    Bus Sex Teen Cops Plea In Queef Beef Case

    1. The student will not be identified by name in these pages. Because nobody needs to be linked to the nickname “Teen LaQueefa,” which was coined by one Facebook wag.

      No, I think having sex in front of 13 year-olds on a public school bus then kicking them in the balls for laughing at you is deserving enough for the sobriquet.

    2. “The student will not be identified by name in these pages. Because nobody needs to be linked to the nickname “Teen LaQueefa,” which was coined by one Facebook wag.”

      I did laugh.

    3. I know I’m getting old when I had trouble deciphering that headline.

  13. A military jet crashed in Imperial Valley, California, destroying three homes.

    Was there a volleyball game involved?

    1. That’s the Navy.

      Marines – they do their homo-erotica prison style.

  14. Making the rounds of DerpBook this morning, posted by female friends who constantly post pics of themselves…..

    A Gentlemen’s Guide To Rape Culture
    …If you are a man, you are part of rape culture. I know ? that sounds rough. You’re not a rapist, necessarily. But you do perpetuate the attitudes and behaviors commonly referred to as rape culture….

    …Here’s a bullet-point list of examples of rape culture.

    ? Inflating false rape report statistics

    ? Publicly scrutinizing a victim’s dress, mental state, motives, and history

    ? Defining “manhood” as dominant and sexually aggressive…

    1. ? Defining “manhood” as dominant and sexually aggressive?

      Wait. “Manhood” in what sense?

      1. We all know manhood is measured with a ruler.

        1. or a car.

    2. What. A. Beta.

      1. Why would anyone try to appeal to a group of harpies that inexplicably will hate your guts regardless of your stance on the issue?

        1. False hopes

        2. Worse still, volatile people who will sell you down the river for the mildest provocation.

          And then write a Jezebel article detailing your sordid microaggressions against her.

          And twitter to have you fired from your job/excommunicated from your church/disbarred from your profession/hanged by the neck until dead, may God have mercy on your soul.

          No, really, thanks anyway.

    3. I SO already covered this.

      1. And then I othered you by not reading down.

    4. Check your own RAPE CULTURE. This got posted days ago by a woman.

    5. Holy fuck. Just replace “rape culture” with “thug culture”, “men” with “black people” and “women” with “white people”; and see if it still seems okay to stereotype.

    6. ? Teaching women to avoid getting raped instead of teaching men not to rape

      Well, they are mutually exclusive. This is why I never lock my doors. Because people should be taught not to steal.

    7. So, it’s OK with him with we take action #3 and make him STFU?

  15. to swap five Taliban fighters

    Aren’t they a bit more that just “fighters?” They seemed very high on the food chain to be released for a private.

    1. They were never charged with a crime against an American. They were just caught up in the wide 2002-03 dragnet for reward.

      1. ^^THIS!!!!!!^^

        This is how you lick a set of balls, people. Take note.

        1. That, and I appreciate such expertise on the Taliban. I wish I had some sort of experience, training or knowledge to draw on regarding them!

          1. You forgot to thank PB for HIS service 🙂

        2. We’ve released over 400 of these bums since 2006, you idiot. Five more mean nothing. Some of them were tortured back in the dragnet days just for looking like Duck Dynasty types.

          1. We’ve released over 400 of these bums since 2006, you idiot.

            Khair Ulla Said Wali Khairkhwa
            Khairkhwa was an early member of the Taliban in 1994 and was interior minister during the Taliban’s rule.

            Mullah Mohammad Fazl
            Fazl commanded the main force fighting the U.S.-backed Northern Alliance in 2001, and served as chief of army staff under the Taliban regime.

            Mullah Norullah Noori
            Noori served as governor of Balkh province in the Taliban regime and played some role in coordinating the fight against the Northern Alliance.

            Abdul Haq Wasiq
            Wasiq was the deputy chief of the Taliban regime’s intelligence service. His cousin was head of the service.

            Mohammad Nabi Omari
            Omari was a minor Taliban official in Khost Province. According to the first administrative review in 2004, he was a member of the Taliban and associated with both al Qaeda and another militant group Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin. He was the Taliban’s chief of communications and helped al Qaeda members escape from Afghanistan to Pakistan.

            Not exactly bums. And to release these guys for a private. On top of the other idiocy related to this, this just floors me.

            1. Not exactly bums.

              What a shock, shrike is caught as as being a liar. This is only like the 500th time.

              We can’t even get any decent dipshits to troll this place.

            2. Well, to be fair – all the other military members have been smart enough to *not* get captured.

          2. I guess if only 8% of them return to the battlefield you’ll be satisfied, right?

          3. We’ve released over 400 of these bums since 2006,

            When the military and intelligence agreed they weren’t much of a threat.

            This time, the military and intelligence were vociferously opposed. With, looking at their CVs, good reason.

            They weren’t charged with a crime, PB, because Obama refuses to try anyone at Gitmo, and insists on holding them indefinitely. Until he, in his beneficence, releases them.

            By claiming the unilateral authority to release them, he is saying this is a national security issue, not a civil/criminal/judicial issue. Which is kind of the opposite of what he used to say, and which you, I seem to recall, used to be bitterly opposed to.

      2. Wow. Is that really what they told you to say?

        What a lying, reeking piece of shit you are.

        Who is gonna buy that shreek?

        1. Shreek as Reek:

          “Only a fool humbles himself when the world is so full of men eager to do that job for him.”

      3. “They were never charged with a crime against an American.”

        Neither was al Alwaki or his son. But it is ok to murderdrone them because they’re Americans or something.

        Jesus wept, you’re a mendacious fuckhole.

  16. Who wants to hear the juicy details on how a cheerleading squad was suspended for inappropriate hazing?

    Before you unzip:

    the women were told they had a choice between doing cocaine or heroin, to test their understanding of team rules. “Although no drugs were provided, this was done to let the new members on the team know that the team was drug free,” investigators wrote.

    The new cheerleaders were given the choice to either funnel a beer or take a shot of alcohol, and all the women obliged, according to the investigation. They were taken to a room in the apartment where they were blindfolded and given adult diapers to wear over their shorts.

    The freshmen were then led into the apartment’s living room, where the blindfolds were removed, and most of the women performed a brief individual dance wearing the diaper in front of the rest of the team. The team then danced together, investigators wrote.

    Is this the worst hazing ever?

    1. It’s certainly stupid hazing.

    2. Gee, and I thought hazing was stuff like having your warfare qual pin hammered into your chest, spending a couple of hours duct-taped to a stanchion, getting a chemlight shoved in your butt crack.

      Who knew it covered taking a shot and dancing. Without the diaper, that sounds like a Friday night.

      1. Damn, we really do need to cut the military budget.

        Wait, you are referring to the military, right???

    1. I first misread that as “allegedly armed man…” I’ve got to stop multitasking.

      1. I think you’re accustomed to American cops throwing around the “armed” allegation like mardi gras beads.

    2. Ugh, it will inevitably lead to more.

    3. It would be tough for an unarmed man to shoot anyone, wouldn’t it.

      1. Not really.


  17. On Wednesday, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said President Obama might face impeachment if any other Guantanamo prisoners were released without congressional approval.

    Or, alternately, Congress might STFD and STFU. History suggests maybe that one.

  18. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said President Obama might face impeachment if any other Guantanamo prisoners were released without congressional approval.

    Might and if, a lawmaker’s favorite words.

    1. Nobody is going to impeach Obama. It would play straight into his hands. Instead of talking about his neverending multitude of fuck ups for the next two years all we would hear is how mean Republicans are.

      1. And racist, don’t forget how racist it would be to impeach the first black President.

      2. We’d hear that anyways. At least impeachment would serve as a justification for the GOP’s existence (to some).

  19. Geoengineering WON’T stop global warming, warns study
    This is according to a Canadian-led report that looked at 100 climate studies
    The authors found that some approaches are more promising than others
    These included forest management and geological storage of CO2
    Others are less appealing, such as filling oceans with iron to absorb CO2
    It follows a similar report in February that found schemes to deliberately manipulate the Earth’s climate could prove useless, and at worst harmful
    This report found that geoengineering techniques would be unable to prevent surface temperatures from rising more than 2?C (3.6?F) by 2100

    Bah! There’s a consensus! No amount of studies can prove settled science wrong! It’s settled!

    1. filling oceans with iron to absorb CO2

      That’d do more damage than the problem, evne if CO2 were as powerful as the cultists claim.

      1. That won’t stop some politician from doing it anyway.

    2. There can be only one solution…drop CO2 emissions to zero!

      1. So… stop breathing?

        1. So… stop breathing?

          Yes, but only the wrong people…or is it the right people?

      2. Imaging what that would do to agriculture.

        Where are all the damn greenie tree-huggers when you need them …

    3. it’s a one way street. while the engineering in our world definitely causes global warming it’s foolish to think man could change the weather with his puny efforts.

      1. I noticed that too. Doublethink, anyone?

    4. Reminds me of my middle school science class days where they said with a straight face that we could terraform other planets to make them habitable. We can’t even comprehend the resources necessary to tweak this one and we’d still just probably fuck it up.

      1. Eh, I mean it would be a lot easier to terraform Mars. It’s a lifeless world, no property rights to worry about. Just drop a bunch of O2 producing stuff on the surface and let it go to work.

    5. http://www.nationalreview.com/…..ert-zubrin

      Geoengineering brings back the Pacific salmon.

    6. They’re right you know.

      Geoengineering can’t stop global warming, any more than the brakes on a car can stop the car if its already up on cinder blocks.

      If it ain’t happening any more, there’s nothing to stop.

    1. done broke the link son

      1. No, the jackass just deleted the tweet. Or his account.


        1. Brandon Friedman of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development public affairs office (and formerly an official at the Department of Veterans Affairs)

          His tumblr account

          Prior to that, Brandon served as an infantry platoon leader and executive officer in the U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne Division, completing combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq between 2001 and 2004.

          Sounds like somebody else went off the reservation

  20. Free the nipple! Topless women inspired by Scout Willis take to the streets of New York City to protest internet censorship

    Hooray for pixelated titties!

      1. Um?

    1. That is a damn shame.

    2. What got squirreled away:

      Strength in numbers: Some male protestors even stepped out to join the demonstration

      Which I thought was a hilarious caption.

      1. Seinfeld did it 20 years ago.

    3. How sad is it that NYC is more permissive than most websites in this respect?

      1. Look, DM has standards.

  21. Also making the rounds on DerpBook – OMG GM Fruit Flies. Boycott!!!

    1. So all the ‘wild’ fruit flies destroyed, leaving the world with GMO fruit flies?

      I smell a SyFy movie of the week.

  22. The one in a million case where a “civilian” walks after assaulting a cop. I guess the boys over at P1 think we’re all even now, right? Er, not quite.


    The comments are so full of salty ham tears, they may sustain the entire H&R commentariat for a month. At the same time, they’re a terrifying glimpse into the collective mind of American police officers.

    1. Holy shit I’m actually sympathetic towards the PoliceOne members. This is a very strange feeling.

      1. Me, when they start in with saying she should have been shot dead on the spot even after being subdued…and when they say juries that don’t convict should be overridden by judges? They can go fuck themselves. They get away with shit 100x worse than this every day.

        If they want to express anger, do so toward the grandstanding DA that overcharged with attempted murder because a cop got a nick on him.

    2. Okay, am I missing something here? It sounds like this is actually a case where she deserved to be convicted.

      1. I think the jury didn’t believe attempted murder charges were appropriate. Based on her testimony she was holding the officer hostage in an escape attempt and not trying to kill him.

        I guess she was really convincing, though I don’t know why they vote guilty on the lesser charge that was offered.

        Thing is, if I were on that jury, I would have a hard time with letting someone go who grabbed a guy and held a knife to his throat (cop or not) to escape charges for ‘possession of a stolen credit card’.

        That’s just some psycho shit there.

    3. Uh…I am not buying this shit. Something is missing from this story.

      1. Yeah, the salty ham tears are good, but there is definitely aspects of the story not being told in that report.

        Did she try to slit the guy’s throat, or was it just a matter of how she was holding the knife and it gouged him? Is there something else in the story that would signal 12 people that it was acceptable for her to try to escape custody (presuming this was a lawful arrest)?

  23. Europe’s Landscape Is Still Scarred by World War I

    Photographs of the abandoned battlefields reveal the trenches’ scars still run deep

    1. was scarred by World War I?

    2. Interesting. WWI is often overlooked due to WWII but it was such a brutal war that devastated a large majority of Western Europe and introduced “dog fights” w/ airplanes, which had to just be insane considering how primitive the planes were at the time.

      1. I recall reading somewhere that, before they figured out they could mount machine guns on planes, pilots would shoot at each other with pistols and rifles.

    1. Where’s denial? I can’t find it.

      1. Where’s denial? I can’t find it.

        in Egypt of course!

    2. “Stupidity” wins despite the influx of old people who die of natural causes. Yay, FL

  24. Former Obama official Leon Panetta, meanwhile, has come forward to say that he opposed the prisoner swap when he was serving as secretary of defense.

    Apparently Leon knows that he’s not one of the ones the administration has dirt on.

    1. I’d like to see the dirt Panetta has on the administration.

  25. Central Planners and TOP MEN at Work…what could go wrong?

    Draghi Takes ECB Deposit Rate Negative in Historic Move

    On a side note, a bank I deal with started noting a ‘maintenance fee’ tied to amount of money in teh account about 6 months ago, which they offset with a credit each month (given the balance)…sign of things to come to the US banking system I wonder?

    1. I noticed that too. Always had and still have free checking, but now it shows a debit and credit for the fee each month.

    1. This article just made my day. Especially this

      Just like guns, knives, bleach, alcohol, pills, and chocolate cakes, marijuana edibles should be stored out of reach from children and pets. If you need help figuring this out, I don’t know what else to tell you.

    2. You must not be around in the afternons. 🙂

  26. George Will: When a president goes rogue

    If the military stalls on turning over files to Congress pertaining to the five years of Bergdahl’s absence, we will at least know that there is no national institution remaining to be corrupted.

    Hope springs eternal!

    1. no national institution remaining to be corrupted

      Spoken like a true believer in the holiness of our military.

    2. Not for George Will because at heart, he’s a Cubs fan. Poor bastard grew up in Central Illinois and he chose…poorly…regarding his favorite baseball team.

      1. You don’t “choose” to be a Cub fan. You grow up with them and then you are stuck with them. And then your entire sports fan life is a blistering hell of constant disappointment. Too often, it spills over into your choices of career, spouse and automobile.

  27. Mont-Sant-Michel is trying an extreme makeover to save its dreamlike setting

    “One needs to be eight centuries old to know what this mass of encrusted architecture meant to its builders,” wrote Henry Adams in his book Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres.

    Yeah, I’m kinda stuck on Smithsonian this morning.

  28. Sweden Central Bank Governor Proposes the Obvious: Mortgages Should be Paid Back in One’s Lifetime

    In Sweden, it is very common for mortgage repayment to occur at such a slow pace that the life expectancy of the borrower must be 140 years on average repay their mortgage. And household debt is expected to reach 177% of disposable income by 2015.


    “In Sweden, approximately 40% of borrowers do not pay down mortgages at all. Among those who do, more than 40% do so in such a way that it will take 50 years or more to avoid being indebted,” he said. “We know it is not uncommon for households to have debt ratios of 600% (annual disposable income),” Ingves added.

    Holy shit. Another central bank success.

    1. This tells me Sweden needs to build more houses to lower the market rate.

      1. Or a bunch of people in Sweden are making the quite reasonable assumption that their houses might eventually be socialized out from under them in the name of equality and would rather the bank take in the ass.

        1. You’d need to be pretty confident. At 5%, the payment on a $100K 30 year mortgage is $537 and the payment on a 300 year mortgage is $417. Even risk adjusted, it’s hard to imagine that the savings are worth the lost equity. It’s far likelier that you’re going to sell property before the government socializes it.

  29. Behold the grotesque spectacle of Tulpa. He accuses an unfamiliar handle as being “Tulpa” under one of his known puppet-handles, and then insults them under another.

    DrAwkward|6.4.14 @ 7:08PM|

    There does seem to be contrarian bias with many writers here. Not everything is the opposite of how it appears guys.

    How about some supporting facts, Zenon?

    Rollo|6.4.14 @ 10:24PM|

    Jesus Christ Tulpa, you stupid fuck.

    The sockpuppets are bad enough, but making other socks to respond to yourself is fucking pathetic.

    DrAwkward|6.5.14 @ 12:43AM|#|?|filternamelinkcustom

    Who are you and what the fuck are you rambling about?

    Hydra|6.5.14 @ 12:49AM|

    Shut the fuck up Tulpa.

    So, either Tulpa is randomly accusing people of being him while knowing for a fact they are not him, or he is creating new handles so he can “out” them as being his own from a different handle he is running.

    He has clearly gone insane.

    I have broken him. Look at the shattered remains of his feeble mind and know that it was I, SugarFree, who destroyed him.

    1. Why did you not destroy him with fiction, as is your wont?

      1. I destroyed him with the truth about himself. Quoting his own words back to him flayed his consciousness back to the snarling whoreson I always knew him to be.

        1. And somehow, the truth about himself is even worse than your fiction.

          1. I was just are surprised as the rest of you. I figured he would just slink off, like so many other assholes we have driven off. Instead he cracked, like a cheap window pane.

            The best part is that every time he posts, he proves that I was right about him all along. Some argue that he should go away. I don’t. I want him to keep providing ample evidence of his inferiority.

            1. I want him to keep providing ample evidence of his inferiority.

              Have you ever awakened in the morning after Tulpa and found you could not remember some or all of the prior evenings events?

            2. Henceforth, Tulpa shall be known as “Reek”.

          2. But is it worse than you, Nicole?

            1. Don’t be absurd.

      2. Because truth is stranger than fiction?

    2. How do I know you’re not Tulpa and have not simply broken yourself?

      1. That’s exactly what I was thinking.

        1. Me too, which just proves that I am also waffles and.Fist of Etiquette.

          1. The point is, FoE thought of it first.

            1. It doesn’t count if I don’t post it first.

        2. Because SugarFree is capable of engaging in long threads without any evidence of the Tulpa way.

          Tulpa can’t go three posts without exposing himself as Tulpa.

          1. You’re right but that’s no fun. I want to believe Sugarfree contains multitudes. Mea Tulpa.

            1. Incidentally, while we’re on the subject, I was reading the Slenderman wiki and noticed that it included a reference to “the Tulpa effect:

              “Currently, the two leading theories as to what the Slenderman may be are the Tulpa Effect and Quantum Theory.”


              The Tulpa effect and the Tulpa way, I don’t think they’re the same thing, but they’re definitely related.

              1. Apparently there is something in folklore/mythology called a tulpa and it is said to be a created spirit which acts as a servant. I’m not clear on the details, but this usage of the word seems to predate the commenter who posts as Tulpa and perhaps provides a clue to the motivation of that commenter.

    3. He can’t hide himself.

      What it is about being Tulpa that everyone recognizes almost immediately, the Tulpa way, it really isn’t just something he does. That’s who he is.

      1. You are shifting the goalpoasts, Ken. Tulpa never claimed he wasn’t who he was. To say otherwise is to pander to the echo chamber. Also something something strawman.

      2. Exactly.

        If you haven’t read the thread I posted above, it is illuminating to do so. All he is now is a hate-troll, spewing vile nonsense under multiple handles.

        He is reduced to being Edward or Mary or American now, handle-hopping to trick people into thinking he is someone worth talking to.

        And like Mary, he thinks getting a response–any response–means he has won some perverted victory, that he has made “the puppets dance.” (And talking about himself in the 3rd person as well.)

        Dances-with-Trolls|6.4.14 @ 10:52PM|

        Ah, I see. Translation: I made a bunch of comments in a dead thread go look at me! Look at MEEEE!

        You are pathetic.

        Hydra|6.4.14 @ 10:56PM|

        You are pathetic.
        You responded to him. Twice. In the same subthread.

        1. SF, this may have been asked of you somewhere else, but do you know if those 12 year-old stabbers ever read any of the WartyFic?

          Because, if Slenderman had that kind of effect on them, I shudder to think what they would make of even Li’l Warty…

          1. No evidence so far. It’s a weird sort of envy I feel. If Hit and Run was as popular as reddit, the media might be currently talking about the STEVE SMITH Murders.

            1. Hmmm…excellent point. Maybe STEVE SMITH affects a different demographic.

              Lumberjacks, maybe.

      3. It’s stunning actually. And a good defense against solipsism. By the posts I see from recurring handles at H&R there is a uniqueness to each person’s writing that is so difficult to duplicate or hide. It is like a fingerprint. No wonder the NSA wants to parse text.

        1. Every writer has a voice, even if they only write comments on the internet.

        2. That’s why *I* first run my comments though an algorithm that converts them to “Rich” style.


        3. What.the.duck are you.talking aboht?

    4. I am so rarely struck speechless by his antics…

    5. I have broken him.

      And for your next trick?

      1. You may think you are pulling a hankerchief from my pocket, but they will just keep coming!

        1. I’m not touching anything that’s been in your pockets.

          1. And that is NOT a handkerchief…

    6. Correction: he did it under two of his known puppet handles. He’s as unhinged as Shrike at this point.

      1. Every time somebody is described as unhinged I think of a snake trying to eat a capybara.

        1. Guy I work with does reptile rescue. They found a 20 foot anaconda in a trailer, emaciated. Took months to nurse her back to health, but once they did, she was eating fifty pound pigs, alive.

          1. Alright, I wanna see that on youtube.

  30. U.S. Imposes Steep Tariffs on Importers of Chinese Solar Panels

    The Commerce Department on Tuesday imposed steep duties on importers of Chinese solar panels made from certain components, asserting that the manufacturers had benefited from unfair subsidies.


    The decision, in a long-simmering trade dispute, addresses one of the main charges in a petition brought by the manufacturer SolarWorld Industries America.

    Does anyone in this administration have even an ounce of intellectual honesty? Just admit that cronies gotta get paid.

    1. It’s unfair to American consumers that the Chinese government is subsidizing solar panels, making them less expensive. The only fair thing to do is to tax those solar panels and make them more expensive, because nothing benefits the American consumer more than higher priced goods.

      1. Yeah, it’s hilarious to hear them constantly derping about global warming and then doing shit like this. OBAMA HATES MOTHER GAIA!

        1. ^This. If it were really about the clean, green energy they’d give these guys a total pass. This climate thingie is, after all, an existential crisis, according to them.

      2. I recall reading somewhere, wish I sould find the cite, that per megawatt, the manufacture of solar panels is the dirtiest, most toxic and least productive mode to create electricity.

        I say let the Chi-Coms make them over there and drop the heavy metals in their water supply …

        1. Shut your Koch-whore mouth, Gaia-hating denialist!

      3. While subsidizing *American* solar panel manufacturers, natch!

      4. Why should we let the Chinese government subsidize our solar panels when we’re perfectly capable of subsidizing them ourselves!?!

  31. Zoo Mistakenly Shoots Guy in Gorilla Suit With Tranquilizer Dart


    1. Did they notice before putting him in with the silverbacks?

    2. Good thing they didn’t take a chainsaw to him and feed him to the lions as the Danes are wont to do …

  32. Schumer strikes again

    The same Schumer who thinks the three branches of the U.S. government are House, Senate and President.

    1. Just…ugh…I despise that man

      1. He’s the worst. He went straight from college to a position as an aide. Dude has never worked a real job in his life. He is the definition of a parasite.

        1. Actually, he went straight from law school to the NY Assembly (I think; it might have been NY Senate) in the election of 1974.

          1. I must have been thinking of some other shithead. But that’s even worse. At least someone who spent a couple years working as an aide might have some empathy.

            A bullet exploding out the back of his head would fill me with great joy.

            1. Dick Cheney, I believe.

  33. “According to a new poll, a majority of Americans now believe the Obama administration to be less competent than either the George W. Bush or Bill Clinton administrations.”

    I don’t understand.

    It’s isn’t like the American people haven’t been fed a steady diet of pro-Obama propaganda by almost every single media outlet.

    If you say it enough times, it’s supposed to become true.

  34. Canada’s Rambo on the loose.

    One flew over the cuckoo’s gun-control nest I guess.


    1. Hell, no, I’m not watching that. I get sad when I see two dead raccoons next to.each.other on the side.of the road, because I know their tendency to do the same and get.hit doing.it. like the world needs.more.heartbreak.

      1. Good idea. I now have to walk to the coffee room with puffy eyes.

    2. Jesus, what a Debbie Downer.

    3. Holy shit. Same here.

      1. The 1:08 mark is what pushed me over.

    4. Racist!

    5. No way am I watching that. Damn you! Even the title is a nutpunch.

    6. I ain’t watching that. A cat ran in front of my car a couple weeks ago, and while I saw it pick itself up and shuffle away in my mirror, I know that it couldn’t have survived two tires at 55mph. People who live near busy roads should keep their fucking pets inside.

      1. A few years ago during a routine grocry trip, I saw a cat out of the corner of my eye dash right at the car just before I ran over it; I didn’t even have time to react.

        I felt really bad about hitting it, but sometimes there isn’t anything you can do.

        1. I know there’s nothing that you can do. I’m not going to swerve and wreck my car to avoid some stupid animal. I blame the owners from letting it out next to a busy road.

        2. I hit a cat years ago. It was night and literally did not see it until…I saw it spazzing and spinning in my rear view mirror. I clearly killed it.

          That image has stayed with me.


          My brother in law accidentally ran over his kitten about 35 years ago. It had decided to take a nap behind the wheel nestled under the tire. He backed out and next thing he heard his brother screaming. Til this day he always checks his wheels before leaving it marked him that much.

          1. Cats do that shit. I heard of one crawled into the engine block of a truck to soak up the warmth.

          2. You guys are pikers. One drunken night back to my house in Luquillo, PR from the local bar ( El Flamboyan, IIRC), I was rolling along talking to myself and watching this very pretty horse gallop along the road inside its fence. Well, the gate was open and the horse came out just in time for me to hit it, flip it into the transom of my VW Beetle and off the side of the road.

            The cops came after a local pulled a shotgun on me. They asked if I was from Rosie Roads (no) or if I was working at the ElCon (yes) to which I promised them dinner on me that weekend. They played some Puerto Rican version of rock-paper-scissors and one went over and shot the horse in the head and then drove off.

            That was a surreal night.

    7. 🙁

  35. Speaking of the Bergdahl affair… the nodders on Morning Joke seemed to be having some trouble coming to grips with the inescapable truth that the Talibans are providing more useful information than The Most Transparent and Open Administration EVAR.

    It’s almost as if what they do is completely the opposite of what they say.

    1. It may be because the truth helps the Taliban and hurts Obummer.

    2. the nodders on Morning Joke seemed to be having some trouble coming to grips with the inescapable truth that the Talibans are providing more useful information than The Most Transparent and Open Administration EVAR

      For some reason I am reminded of this.

  36. And for your next trick?

    Make him disappear.

    And then, do Shreeek.

  37. http://twitchy.com/2014/06/03/…..otos-vine/

    Why even wear a dress? Just go naked.

    1. At least Twitchy didn’t pixellate her “glittery” nipples.

  38. http://twitchy.com/2014/06/01/…..her-earth/

    Hey Californians? Latest earthquake 2 remind u 2 vote against anyone against mother earth. Study up. No excuses. June 3rd?

    They’ll want us to sacrifice virgins in a volcano inside of 20 years.

    1. They can’t, just cannot be serious.

      1. She’s a soap opera person. About as serious as Calculon.

        1. Don’t talk shit.about.Calculon.

    2. Anyone who used 2 instead of to….oh, for fuck’s sake, what a dolt.

    3. I’m really hard on myself at work. Whenever I fuck something up I tend to make a bigger deal of it than it really is.

      Reading shit like this makes me feel better about the time I forgot to add that one line of code to that one site.

  39. Who are you and what the fuck are you rambling about?

    HnR’s unofficial slogan.

    Now, we need a graphic. Maybe some sort of amalgam of the Grateful Dead goose-stepping teddybears and an ouroboros.

  40. After the story about the Catholics-against-libertarianism conference, here’s a more uplifting story.

    A few weeks ago, the Acton Institute sponsored a conference at the Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome. It’s one of several conferences exploring the link between religious liberty and economic liberty.

    A Cardinal, an Archbishop, a priest, and an Acton Institute researcher explored the topic. The Cardinal, who is a former bishop of Hong Kong, “explained how the combination of crony capitalism and the centralization of power and wealth in the hands of the Communist Party of China was a great danger. The centralization of power and lack of economic freedom, according to Zen, has led to the erosion of religious autonomy, particularly among Chinese Christians.”


    1. A Cardinal, an Archbishop, and a priest walk into a bar…

      1. Damn you, you freaky antipodean!

        1. *sigh*…why do I even bother?

          1. Why do any of us?

            Seriously, it is an interesting story. The Church’s social justice teachings have always given me the shits, so seeing any of the hierarchy engage seriously with economic liberty is pleasing.

            1. 🙂

      2. …and the bartender says, “We don’t serve twelve-year-olds.”

  41. Solitary confinement in jeopardy?
    (sorry, nyt story).

    More than 200 inmates at Pelican Bay, California’s toughest prison, have spent over a decade locked in windowless 8-foot-by-12-foot cells for 22 hours or more a day. Dozens more have been in solitary confinement for 15 years ? or even longer.

    But in a ruling this week, a federal judge in Oakland, Calif., agreed to consider whether, as a lawsuit against the state’s corrections department maintains, holding prisoners in such prolonged isolation violates their rights under the Eighth Amendment.


  42. Egregious puppycide. Probably the worst I’ve heard of.

    1. Not even close to the worst. I’m not defending them, but in close quarters, a big Rott appearing in a doorway, it’s understandable.

      Wasn’t there one a while back where the cop shot a 30 pound dog on the other side of a fence because it was making aggressive movements on the other side of the fence?

      1. It is only understandable if you are a trigger happy moron who likes killing dogs. Firing a weapon potentially puts lives in danger. You don’t do it because a dog is standing there. Suck it up and wait until he attacks you. If you don’t like that, get a new line of work.

        1. Right, I’m not saying it’s not bad, I’m just saying it’s not even close to the worst we’ve ever seen.



          Both those are worse.

          1. http://www.ronpaulforums.com/s…..-ever-seen

            That one right there is probably one of the worst. They tackle the guy for no reason whatsoever, and then shoot his dog. For walking on a sidewalk.

      2. The cops were intruders into the dog’s home.

    2. Do not get an alarm system that calls the cops if you have a dog. They are just sick assholes. There is no way that dog charged them. They just say the dog and murdered it because they could and that is what cops do.

    3. OK, let’s say there’s a viscous killer Rottie in that house… Is the burglar dead already? If he isn’t, why not leave the killer beast to finish him off?

      The cop “logic” are work here can only be “I’ll kill this family’s dog in order to save a burglar it might have already mauled.” Fucking dipshit cop.

      1. Not to mention that there wasn’t a burglar.

      2. There’s no logic at work. They have the guns in their hands, they see a big dog, and one of them fires. The rest follow suit, because cops are retards, and there’s a dead dog.

        1. The “s around logic meant I was being sarcastic.

          You fail again, NSA.

      3. The dog was the burglar, caught red-pawed cracking the safe. Didn’t think of that, did you smart guy

        1. Curses, foiled again. [melts away]

      4. The lubricative qualities of the dog aren’t relevant to it being in the house, SF. Well, maybe in Lexington but not in the rest of the country.

  43. Greenpeace isn’t there to save the baby seals, but hunter is

    Or at least, to try to save the baby seal; he was too late:

    Gu?mundur shot and killed the vixen. “First when I noticed it on the beach the baby seal could rise up but the vixen had locked its jaws around its neck and was shaking it, like when dogs are killing minks,” he described to bb.is.

    The baby seal was still breathing when Gu?mundur got to it but as it had stopped moving he was forced to put it down. “[The vixen] was incredibly bold. It wouldn’t have hesitated killing week-old lambs that are smaller than the baby seal,” he stated.

    1. Today I learned female foxes are called vixens.

      1. And a group of foxes is a “skulk”.

        1. And a group of progs pretending to be libertarians is called a buttplug.

    2. And now that vixen’s kits will die from starvation.

    1. What the fuck? There’s not one mention of Dr. Who in this article.

      TutUnderfootUCharlie Jane Anders
      Yesterday 12:35pm
      jShare to Facebook
      iShare to Twitter
      rGo to permalink
      One of the things that I think often gets forgotten or ignored by predominantly male writing rooms are female friendships. Since there are fewer women on screen, they’re needed as a love interest or a foil to the (usually) male main character. As a result, so many movies are completely missing this fabulous natural bond that real women share with other women.

      I love that you call out Rose’s natural inclination in Dr. Who toward speaking/interacting with other women, and wish that was the rule instead of the exception.

      Ah, that’s better.

    2. But yes ? the Bechdel Test is just the start of a conversation about how marginal women still are (in front of the camera and behind). And that, in turn, is part of an even larger conversation about how to have genre movies that 1) represent the human race more fully and 2) are less boring.

      I don’t apply the Bechtel test to anything I watch, and am quite capable of having dumb fun with genre movies. Having said that, I find nothing objectionable in those two aims generally. They’re not the main aims of any art form, but they’re not idiotic ones either. The real problem is that genre movies have never been about representing the human race. They’re fucking cartoons

    3. Now I have to go and edit two whole books to take out the female characters to fit my role in the patriarchy.

      Or I can continue to ignore the dumbasses and just create characters like I always have. I think that’s just easier.

    4. Let’s admit the Bechdel Test is not fool-proof, since Gravity fails and a film where women talk about pedicures for 30 seconds would pass. The Test is still invaluable ? precisely because so many films (and books) fail it. It’s not a film-by-film metric, it’s a barometer showing where we are in general. And it forces you to think, in aggregate, about why so many films would fail.

      So, it’s useless, but important, because feminism.

  44. “According to a new poll, a majority of Americans now believe the Obama administration to be less competent than either the George W. Bush”…

    Boy, there’s some slow learners around!

  45. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol reports two of their own were shot. OHP says the accident happened during a training exercise. It’s suspected a handgun malfunctioned.


    1. Bullshit is right. But suppose it really is that. Why would the handgun malfunction other than those baboons didn’t properly maintain it? And how exactly does a malfunctioning hand gun RESULT IN TWO PEOPLE BEING SHOT?

      1. What type.of gun was it? If it hadn’t been maintained properly, or had bee.improperly modified, it is possible that it went full auto and the shooter failed to properly control it. An unexpected run-away is a possibility, but almost certainly would have been brought on by lax maintenance or improper.modification.

  46. http://newsbusters.org/blogs/j…..oe-plumber

    Liberal Tough Guy wants to have a duel with Joe the Plumber.

    I’d pay good money to see that.

  47. On Wednesday, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said President Obama might face impeachment if any other Guantanamo prisoners were released without congressional approval.

    To paraphrase: “If you break the law or piss on the Constitution one more time, we might have to think about considering maybe discussing some possible potential consequences, assuming we have absolutely no other distractions happening.”

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