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As subscribers to the print and electronic edition of Reason already know, the latest issue is all about "Marijuana on Main Street: The long, hard road to safe, legal pot."

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We're also happy to point all of you right now to a special online landing page that includes all the relevant stories from the new issue of Reason plus another half-dozen of stories and videos about the difficulties in shifting out of the failed drug war and into a post-prohibitionist America.

Among the offerings:

  • Jacob Sullum's cover story about how Washington state's pot regulators are trying to bend the law of supply abd demand to their whims.
  • What counts as drugged driving? And what financial institutions will accept money from legal marijuana business in Colorado and Washington?
  • 10 Really Successful Potheads. (You'll never guess who's number one.)
  • Watch the feature-length, award-winning Reason TV documentary, America's Longest War: A Film About the Drug War.
  • Best online tools for evaluating legal weed.
  • California's continuing crackdown on medical marijuana.
  • William S. Burroughs' drug-fueled anti-authoritarianism.
  • Our archive of our the very best pot-related articles and videos that we can remember.

There's plenty more at our special landing page for "Marijuana on Main Street."

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