Miami Beach Cop Says Mayor Tried to 'Instigate' Confrontation Along With Democratic Fund-Raiser During Party Crashing Incident


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Miami Beach

Last December, police in Miami Beach, Florida, responded to a call from a resident holding an invitation-only art party on Star Island. Up to 1,000 uninvited guests looking to crash the party showed up anyway, according to an Internal Affairs (IA) report on the incident. The newly-elected mayor of Miami Beach, Philip Levine, filed a complaint when he witnessed one officer, Giordano Cardoso, firing his Taser into the ground in an attempt to control the crowd and allegedly waving the Taser around.

IA found the use of the Taser by police appropriate. In the report Officer Cardoso claimed the mayor was trying to intimidate officers on the scene. Via the IA report:

As the crowd dispersed, Mayor Philip Levine was overheard by them "encouraging" a male known to the Mayor to try and enter the residence again. According to witness Marquez, Mayor Levine "witnessed his friend excite the crowd and described the friend's actions as very strange (challenging the officers as he looked back at the crowd)." According to witness Marquez, "the friend seemed to be "putting on a show" by arguing with the officer and looking back towards the Mayor."

The Miami Herald fills in some details:

Though the report doesn't identify him, the man is Christopher Korge, a high-level Democratic fundraiser who hosted President Barack Obama at his Pinecrest home in 2012.

Cardoso told Korge that "if he continued to try to enter, that it would be considered trespassing." That's when, the report says, Levine approached Cardoso, shook his hand and said, "I'm the new mayor of Miami Beach," and repeated it several times.

The mayor claims he spoke to someone with the police department the next day but could not provide a name. Police say they attempted to contact him several times for a sworn statement but could not reach him.

Levine was endorsed last year by Bill Clinton, and his official bio describes him as an "integral" member of the Miami Beach community for the past 30 years. The homeowner who threw the party said the mayor was a friend and had been among 300 invitees. He called the party crashing scene "absolutely insane" and a "horror." 

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  1. I don’t get it.

    1. *If* this story is accurate (and I’m not saying it is), then it’s a case of politicians out-dicking the cops.

      I’m not automatically going to rely on the reporting, because it seems like one of those complicated stories reporters don’t want to put in the time to investigate.

      1. Was he drunk or just preening for attention?

    2. This was my reaction. Why do I care?

  2. If he’s the mayor, instead of an investigation, why didn’t he simply fire the officer in question?

    I don’t live in a town/city, nor have I ever, but I was under the impression the mayor was the chief executive and the town clowns work for him? Is that incorrect?

    1. I think they have the power to replace the Chief of Police, but the Unions control if the Officers get fired.

      1. Sort of. If there is a CBA then the union is sort of like an agent for the government employee, an agent who will go to court to enforce the provisions of the contract. The contract itself, and how the courts interpret it, ultimately control what happens.

    2. Some cities have a council and / or manager who hold the real power.

    3. It depends. If the city government is a “council-manager” type, then the mayor, sometimes called a “city manager” is like a prime minister. So he’s just first among the alderman, but not separate from them. If the city is a “mayor-council” government, then the mayor is separate from the aldermen. And within that, there are weak mayor/strong mayor systems.

      I have no idea how Miami Beach is run, no do I really care, to be honest. It’s just fun watching two vipers bite each other in a snake pit.

    4. There are contracts and civil service protections going on. I don’t think it would be a good thing at all for mayors to fire police or any government employee at will.

    5. Thx all, for the info.

      I choose to hate everyone in this story.

      1. I always thought you were a lover, not a hater.

        1. I thought he was a doctor, not a bricklayer.

    6. Being the mayor doesn’t exempt him from laws like trespassing. If he fired the officer in question, it would be abuse of authority, and he could be prosecuted and/or recalled. The fact that there is an investigation is covering the mayor’s ass, so he can “nudge” the investigators but retain deniability.

  3. So many douchebags, so hard to tell who the bad guys are.

    1. I don’t know. The cop in this case seems somewhat of a sympathetic character. Instead of actually firing his taser at anyone, he fired it at the ground as a sort of warning to the 1,000 people trying to crash a private, invite-only party.

      In police behavior terms, that seems altogether saintly.

      1. Pretty much what I was thinking, although given it was the mayor’s house, he might simply have realized some of the people there had enough juice to get him fired.

        1. Wasn’t the mayor’s house.

    2. “Are the bad guys the police or the Mayor?”


  4. Sounds like rent-seeker infighting. I wish giardia on all involved.

  5. Ed, it hurts my brain trying to understand your articles.

    1. That’s got to be the most confusing headline I’ve seen in a while.

  6. So is Korean bbq the fucking bomb or what?

    1. Yes. Yes it is.

      1. It doesn’t taste so good when coming back up after a night of reckless drinking.

        1. What does, though?

          1. Jell-o?

            Without direct experience I’d guess that stomach acid would actually make Sunny Delight better.

          2. Actually, pho isn’t so bad coming back up. Another reason it’s the perfect hangover food.

    2. It is known.

    3. And fun to consume if you’re doing it from the table-top grille with family or friends!

      1. Well, family no, but friends yes.

    1. “What’s this I hear about you not making your annual contribution to the Party? By the way, how’s your liquor license doing?”

      1. PS – I’m just commenting on his appearance, not suggesting he actually *does* this.

        1. I mean, he could be a lovable guy like Balko, who has a somewhat similar appearance and is totally a nice and law-abiding individual.

          1. Yes, a rough exterior but in fact a wonderful man and citizen.


            1. Seriously, I don’t know this guy and I assume he’s above-board.

              I actually knew someone who was in the construction business, and he was an upstanding person, no joke.

            2. His wife looks like the bottom of my foot.

              1. That was cruel.

                Pretty funny, but cruel.

      2. By the way, how’s your liquor marijuana license doing?”

        1. I wish I hadn’t made that joke. And it *was* a joke.

  7. I don’t even know what this story is.

    Hey Francisco….I have a personal question for you. My father introduced me to a guy he went to high school with. The guy flew B-1s. He is retired now…I figured you might know him.

  8. Not only is the cop the least dickish person here in this confusing mess, but there is insufficient data to even condemn his taser threat. Controlling a crowd of assholes can totally require it.

    1. I’m kind of thinking he might have been within his rights to start firing real bullets into the crowd.


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    “Two California counties sued five of the world’s largest narcotics manufacturers on Wednesday, accusing the companies of causing the nation’s prescription drug epidemic by waging a “campaign of deception” aimed at boosting sales of potent painkillers such as OxyContin.

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    1. Yes, pain sufferers should be happy to make sacrifices and be denied relief, for the sake of saving drug abusers from themselves!

      1. I agree with you totally on this one Eddie. Those smug DAs are going to be responsible for putting many people in terrible, terrible pain.

    2. Jesus Christ. On a related note, if you haven’t read Radley Balko’s series on the living hell that people suffering from chronic pain experience, thanks in large part to the War on Drugs, you really should. It will fill you with rage.

      1. I have read some of it, and it is rage inducing indeed.

    3. derp

      Also, as if it needed to be said AGAIN – fuck Claifornia

      1. If you say ‘fuck California’ you’re saying ‘fuck public sector unions’? What do you have agin the workin’ man?

        1. What do you have agin the workin’ man?

          Stop being such a cisgendered chauvanist!

    4. Make them prove there actually is a prescription drug epidemic. BTW, how the fuck can counties sue on behalf of the entire country? Is this anything other than petty tyrants wanting to become less petty?

  10. Hey! Watch me not care!

    What a waste of me time. Shame on you, Ed!

    1. Shame on him for making you type that too!

  11. Last December, police in Miami Beach, Florida, responded to a call from a resident holding an invitation-only art party on Star Island [Miami Beach].

    Tom Wolfes’ novel “Back to Blood” explains this. I mean an art party getting crashed.

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