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School Hands 13-Year-Old Over to Cops for a Doodle of a Man Hanging, Lawsuit Alleges


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Another child victim of zero tolerance policies by schools around the country. The law of contagion led to a freak out over a 13-year-old boy's doodle at a school in Beaverton, Oregon. Via Courthouse News Service:

[Robert] Keller, suing for himself and his son, B.R.K., claims that on May 2, 2013, his 13-year-old son "was interviewed at his school, Raleigh Hills, K-8, by officers of the Beaverton Police Department regarding an alleged threat of harm based on a doodle [showing a person being hanged ] that was drawn during class. B.R.K. was removed from his classroom and placed in the principal's office of Raleigh Hills K-8 to be questioned about offenses that he was alleged to have committed…"

The doodling incident occurred on April 30. Keller says his son was suspended pending a "risk assessment" and that despite telling the school they were not allowed to interview his son without a parent present, a school psychologist and police interviewed the boy. Keller is seeking $100,000 for violations of his son's Fourth and 14th Amendment rights.

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  1. Was it a Hangman game? We played that all the time when I was a kid. Still around, too.

    1. My wife played it with my son the other day. Nobody was harmed, to my knowledge.

      1. Oh, yeah?! Wait’ll CPS gets wind of this!

        1. That’s okay, we can use the CPS agent for the live action version of the game.

          1. “Dang me!”

            1. It’s a slippery slope. Pretty soon he’ll be drawing pictures of guns.

      2. I have contact the Southern Poverty Law Center and informed them of your racist child rearing. Expect a knock any minute now.

    2. It must have been really hard when you had to guess from 3000+ hieroglyphics.

      1. It was the last appeal for those sentenced to die. The guy with the rope around their neck had to guess the word. Each wrong glyph raised the bar holding the rope a little.

        1. The Antikythera mechanism served an unknown purpose. . .until today.

          1. I heard a guy speculate that it somewhat matched the description of a legendary machine that Mithradates Eupator had. I want to say it might have been Archimedian, but I forget the province of it. I’ll go dig around the internets for a while. Anyhow, the positioning is right because the Roman general lost something like four galleys worth of treasure to a storm coming home from the conquest of what is now Turkey.

            1. Aha!

              Mastrocinque suggests that a mysterious astronomical mechanism — a prized trophy looted from Mithradates’ capital Sinope by Lucullus and referred to by the Greek philosopher Strabo (64/63 BCE-c. 24 CE) as “the globe of Billarus” — was in fact the famous scientific instrument now known as the Antikythera mechanism (named for the Greek island near the site of the shipwreck). We know that Mithradates attracted the finest engineers, philosophers, and inventors to his court and that he had a strong interest in technological innovations and machines, collecting all sorts of precious things. I think there is little doubt that the Antikythera mechanism belonged to Mithradates himself or to someone within the king’s circle.

              The book in the article is excellent. I really enjoyed it. The first couple of chapters are slow, but once it gets going, it really hits a great stride.

            2. I’ve heard that one, too. There was a NOVA on the mechanism in the last couple of years.

    3. I recall playing it on a chalkboard in school. It may have only been during recess and the like, but I think a teacher would take part too.

      1. Yeah. I actually think we learned it from a teacher.

        1. Undoubtedly.

  2. I’m very glad I graduated from high school nearly 20 years ago. There’s no way in hell I’d survive schooling nowadays.

    1. I can’t imagine it based on cellphones alone. You parents could call to find out where you where at any time of the day?

      Hoo boy it would have been a different childhood for me.

      1. Yep. “Going over to Tman’s house.”

        *** goes to Tman’s house, then who the hell knows where else ***

        1. Exactly. It was a 15 minute bus ride + five stops on the the subway to reach downtown Boston where I grew up. I can’t even remember the number of times I told my folks that I would be at “a friends house” and instead would actually be getting in to trouble downtown somewhere.

          OH THE HUMANITY.

        2. My parents worked, they weren’t home until after 6. We watched ourselves. So long as no injuries were sustained and we didn’t burn down the house, what we did wasn’t a source of concern.

          1. Now you’d end up in foster care once some pearl clutching busybody neighbor found out your “negligent” parents had left you home unsupervised for a few hours after school. We truly live in derp-tastic times.

          2. Both my parents worked so we (my younger sister and I) were in after-school “self-care” from my 5th grade year onwards. This was in 1967 when rational thought still held sway in America. Amazingly, both my sister and I lived to reach adulthood with no one maimed. We also learned self-reliance, along with learning how to cook, clean and generally help out around the house.

      2. The advent of social networking makes being alive at all less attractive than the alternatives. I can’t imagine what social networking + high school would be like.

        1. I just missed that combination, but seeing it with the people I know just a couple of years younger seems awful.

        2. The She-spawn steadfastly avoids any social networking beyond Tumblr and even that is with complete strangers.

          The Boy gets a weird tic in his eye if his Instagram account doesn’t have another post within 15 seconds of the last.

          1. Try operant conditioning – a painful shock every time he checks instagram.

            1. Too late. He’s already been conditioned by the vibrate on his phone.

              “I’ve got over 200 followers!” That may have been his proudest moment in his life.

              1. Does he pay the bill on the phone? If not – take it back.

                1. What? And lose an effective parenting tool option in the form of punishment? No way, Jose.

  3. Obligatory “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore” Futurama meme.

  4. Sticks an stones can break my bones but doodles can never hurt me.

  5. ‘It was awful’: Watch as sheriff’s deputy throws woman to floor and tries to force her mouth open after she took a TYLENOL for her tooth infection

    Siobhan Householder, 35, was in a holding room while waiting to make a court appearance last week when the incident occurred
    The mother of three insists she was unaware she was in custody because she showed up to the courthouse on her own
    The sheriff’s deputy is seen on the video throwing Householder to the ground, pulling her hair, squeezing her mouth and jamming his fingers in


    1. Thank God the deputy made it out of that situation alive. But next time he shouldn’t hesitate to draw his weapon. I hope he takes some paid leave to recover from this incident.

    2. He restrained her for her safety and she was transported to a local hospital where she was treated and released.’

      The bruised woman says she showed up to the courthouse May 8 on her own and was unaware she was in any kind of custody, that she felt free to take pills.

      Householder was treated for a bloody mouth and handed summonses for resisting arrest and obstructing official business.

      So he felt she would be safer getting thrown to the floor and having his fist down her throat than if she swallowed a Tylenol?
      And she wasn’t resisting arrest, she was resisting a baboon assaulting her with his fist down her throat. I guess that was also the official business she was obstructing, because that’s totally legit.


      1. He commanded her to spit it out, and she didn’t obey. As we all know, failure to obey authorizes any use of force, up to and including deadly force.

        She’s lucky she wasn’t killed.

        1. She’s lucky she wasn’t killed.

          Sadly, that’s not an exaggeration.

      2. Then the hospital gave her Tylenol for the pain.

  6. Hangman is a gateway drug to Wheel of Fortune, so I can understand the concern.

    1. “People who annoy you:”


      1. “I’d like to buy a vowel.”

      2. NEGGERS?


      4. NAGGERS annoy me too. 🙂

        Which is why I’m happily unmarried.

    2. I assume we’ve all seen the same WOF video?

  7. his son was suspended pending a “risk assessment”

    If only the actual “risk assessment” and the names of everyone involved in it would be made public, a lot of this bullshit would go away.

    1. Weird. You’d think he might suspending after the risk assessment. Especially since a drawing does not pose an imminent danger to anyone.

      1. It’s the precautionary principle in action. You can’t allow a child to interact with others until after you can prove beyond any doubt he’s not a threat to them.

      2. a drawing does not pose an imminent danger to anyone.

        Come on, R C. You *know* that’s crazy talk!


          1. They’re just fortunate that he didn’t draw a picture of a gun! It might have come to life and randomly shot a bunch of people!

  8. Does that mean I can’t wear my House Bolton T-shirt?

  9. I fully expect to learn that he drew the hanged man after the mandatory class on white privilege and racism, where lynchings were discussed for several hours and all white children present were required to confess their racist sins and apologize.

  10. I’ve heard rumors of so-called “cootie catchers” on elementary school playgrounds across the nation. Somebody dispatch the CDC tactical assault teams.

    1. LOL

      Hey, do elementary schools still have those, um, special classes for the girls or is that stuff now discriminatory and illegal?

    2. There’s some sort of game where they “smear” the homosexual as well.

      1. Sensitivity training for all!!!

      2. Whats funny is I don’t think any of us who played that game as kids had any clue what queer meant or what a homosexual even was.

    3. They are all performing unlicensed wedding ceremonies at the tetherball court at noon! Where is my fainting couch?!?

  11. OT: Civ. pro. exam in two hours. Any of you lawyers have some words of wisdom for me?

    1. IANAL, but: “Avoid the appearance of evil.”

      1. Hanna Part I spoke of the “twin aims” of Erie as avoiding the evils of forum shopping and the inequitable administration of the laws. Thanks!

        1. Glad to be of help.

    2. You can never go wrong with some diluted vinegar and a drop of dish soap.

      1. Hmm, International Shoe dealt with shoes; maybe vinegar and dish soap would makes shoes cleaner?

    3. Always settle on the first tile and immediately churn out another settler. Early expansion is the key, imo.

      1. Nope, totally wrong. Build a worker first. That way you can start improving the land and make settlers quicker.

        1. OMG worst Civ III advice EVER.

          Maybe that works in the later, bad versions. But not in the GOOD version.

          1. Was there a version after Civ 2?

          2. It’s sad to see someone so mired in the video game past, like those island civilizations that are two or three eras behind. Don’t worry Fluffy, your conquest will be swift and brutal, but relatively painless.

            1. Civ 4 sucked. On another thread, Scott S rec’d Civ 5, but I decided to try EU 4 instead because of the mixed bag of reviews.

              1. V is much better.

    4. If you aren’t ready to go to trial because you’ve been boozing it up down at the saloon, just tell the judge your grandmother died and you need a continuance. If the judge asks for your grandmother’s death certificate, break down crying for his insensitivity. That should do it. The rest is common sense.

    5. Siempre aqui seperare los drogos.

    6. Go in-house. Pay lesser attorneys to handle the drudgery of litigation.

      1. Yes, if one must go to law school, in-house is the best.

    7. Yes. Withdraw and go get an engineering or other technical degree.

    8. Don’t become a lawyer?

  12. So, Hangman is now illegal because of TEH VIOLENSE!!!11!!! or is it because of TEH RASIZM!!!!11!!11!?

    Which is it? I don’t have my derp decoder ring on me at the moment.

    1. Racism. He used black ink.

    2. Patriarchy. Obviously that is a woman or there would be another line.

  13. [Robert] Keller, suing for himself and his son, B.R.K

    You know, BRK is only one letter away from BTK, the infamous serial killer. We should probably be thankful that these selfless public servants nipped this little psychopath in the bud. /sarc

  14. $100,000 award won’t cause the administrators to review their policies.

    1. It would pay for a decent private school however.

    2. Maybe if it came out of their own pockets, but since it’s just taxpayer money they don’t have to give a shit no matter how large the award ends up being.

  15. OT: Sudan woman faces death for apostasy

    The judge also sentenced the woman to 100 lashes after convicting her of adultery – because her marriage to a Christian man was not valid under Islamic law. This will reportedly be carried out when she has recovered from giving birth.

    I suppose the infant will then be stoned to death for *some* reason.

    1. What Sudan needs is a shipment of those “coexist” bumper stickers and t-shirts. And some hashtag memes. Because that shit does a lot of good.

      1. Because that shit does a lot of good.

        It helps rich white liberals feel better about themselves and assuage their white guilt without requiring them to lift a finger doesn’t it? Sounds to me like they’re working exactly as planned.

  16. It’s like these scum read the news and decide, “Hey, that story is really outrageous. We can go one better. Watch THIS!”

    Very strange phenomena. Anyone got a word for it?

    1. “Sudan”?

  17. Props for the Law of Contagion link.

  18. He should have told them the hanged figure represented himself and the criminal treatment was likely to send him over the edge.

    1. Then you get suicide councelling that is likely to create suicidal thoughts.

      1. No, the important thing would be to put him on a list that would bar him from every owning a firearm and make it easier to institutionalize whenever authorities wanted to.

  19. If you are the PR person for the school, do you invoke the memory Columbine, Newton, or both?

  20. Because Reason doesn’t kick you in the balls enough, let the guys out at the Hoover Institution do it a few more times.


    1. Codevilla is almost always a good read.

      However, he concludes:

      “The difference between America and Oceania, however, is all-important. Oceania’s subjects were Europeans who suffered their rulers’ miserable wisdom without question. Americans don’t do that.”

      Does he not understand that 99.99 % of what he has described as the “country class” are sheeple?

      1. I think the people know what is up and are getting tired of it. It is the political and media class who are sheeple and are loving every boot they lick.

        1. Regarding your first sentence, from your fingers to God’s ears.

          1. Go to a party sometime where you don’t know many people there and tell everyone you work for the NSA. See how popular you are.

            1. My friend and I used to jokingly put things like “Dear NSA guys, just kidding” in chat after saying something like “I’d really like to shoot these idiots at a client” back in 2005, and it just kind of became tradition. Now I’m really glad I have all those disclaimers in there.

            2. I don’t get invited to parties outside the office. And the people there know who I work for.

    2. Oceania’s subjects were Europeans, who suffered their rulers’ miserable wisdom without question. Americans don’t do that.

      Since when?

  21. I wonder what they would have made of my fascination with tying actual hangman’s nooses at around that age?

    There was a rumor that it was illegal to tie a noose with 13 twists (supposedly the official number for hanging people). Anyone know if that’s true?

    1. I heard that too. Ive seen them made in school.

    2. There was a rumor that it was illegal to tie a noose with 13 twists (supposedly the official number for hanging people). Anyone know if that’s true?

      Assault knots! I, apparently, was inadvertently “skirting” the law by tying a 7-turn San Diego Jam.

  22. OT: I just got an email survey from the “Commission on the Status of Women” from my school. Should I answer it as rampantly misogynistic as I can, or like a feeble girl in fear of the patriarchy?

    1. Status of Women: Far too high. They get treated like they’re better than men.

    2. Don’t respond at all.

  23. Welcome to amerika, the land of stupid.

  24. He could have said he was drawing a new state flag for TX.

  25. By the Hanged God, what has happened to religious freedom?

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