Obama's Brother Backs Out of Interview, First Female Native American Federal Judge Confirmed, Aaron Hernandez Accused of Two More Murders: P.M. Links


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    President Obama's half-brother Mark Obama Ndesandjo backed out of an interview with Dinesh D'Souza because D'Souza has been indicted for violating federal campaign financing laws.

  • The Senate confirmed Diane Humetewa as the first ever female Native American to become a federal judge.
  • General Motors today announced a recall on 2.7 million cars, bring their total recall count this year to 10 million vehicles.
  • Hundreds of workers from McDonald's, Burger King, and other fast food restaurants went on strike for higher wages in the U.S. and worldwide. Line cooks of the world, unite!
  • North Dakota is appealing a decision by a federal judge who in April struck down the state's anti-abortion law. It prohibits abortions after a heartbeat can be detected.
  • Former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez has been indicted for a double homicide drive-by shooting that took place in 2012 (not to be confused with the 2013 slaying he's already accused of). 

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  1. Hundreds of workers from McDonald’s, Burger King, and other fast food restaurants went on strike for higher wages in the U.S. and worldwide. Line cooks of the world, unite!

    Bring on the automated cashiers

    1. Huffpo says I am supposed to show this to you:

      The city with one of the highest minimum wages in the country has had faster job growth than any other big city over the past 10 years.

      San Francisco’s small businesses are growing faster than those of any other big city or the nation as a whole, according to new data from payroll-processor Paychex and research firm IHS. And this is happening despite the fact that, as of January 1, San Francisco’s minimum wage was $10.74 an hour, higher than any state minimum wage or the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour.

      1. But then, in the same article:

        Of course, these data are limited, measuring only businesses with fewer than 50 workers. They don’t account for broader economic trends, such as the tech boom affecting West Coast cities like San Francisco and Seattle, that might affect job growth, noted James Diffley, chief regional economist at IHS, who helped make these charts.

        It might be flawed, but throw it in those antiminimum wage guys’ faces anyway!

        1. the numbers also don’t account for SF’s cost of living. Regardless, the article hints at causation when it does not even show correlation.

          1. I can’t find a link to support myself, but I would assume if you adjusted for cost of living, SF would probably drop to the bottom for minimum wage.

        2. Daggermouth is the meanest, most ruthless creature that’s ever inhabited the sea. Legend has it he dwells out by Fish Stench Cove. He’ll kill any man that comes near there.

          I saw him once. Sure I’m blind in one eye, and my other eye was infected that day from picking at it, and I was tired, and I’d been swimming in a pool with too much chlorine, and that was the hour my glasses were at Lenscrafters but I seen that fish!

        3. Weird that they didn’t look specifically at min wage job growth of new and unskilled workers.

          Almost as if they didn’t want to get a clear picture of what is going.

          1. If a tech startup that pays every worker $60,000 is expanding, that means the minimum wage has had no negative impact on anyone!

            I’d also point out that the expansion of San Franciscan businesses is largely the result of the tech workers who are moving there with their huge salaries and high skill level…you know, the same tech workers leftists are trying to drive out of the city because those mean old Google workers are raising rent prices.

            They’re literally trying to get rid of the driving force behind San Francisco’s growth, but then they claim credit for that same growth they’re effectively trying to eliminate.

      2. Typically, they aren’t clear on which way the causation arrow points.

        Personally, I suspect that the city with biggest demand for labor is likely to have a higher wage base. You know, supply, demand, all that?

        And what drive that demand for labor? Perhaps this would be one of those “broader economic trends” that aren’t accounted for?

        1. And what drive that demand for labor? Perhaps this would be one of those “broader economic trends” that aren’t accounted for?

          Don’t be ridiculous.

          Clearly, employers are buying more of what now costs more. Isn’t that how economics works?

      3. San Francisco’s small businesses are growing faster than those of any other big city or the nation as a whole, according to new data from payroll-processor Paychex and research firm IHS.

        This is fucking idiotic because San Francisco is a far wealthier and better educated city than the average. Only relatively wealthy and well educated people can live there because the majesty of Democratic economic policies has priced the city out of the budget of 95% of Americans.

        Since most San Franciscans are well educated, they can obviously command a wage well above $10.50 an hour, regardless of what the minimum wage is. If, on the other hand, you put a $10.50 minimum wage in the far poorer and less educated city of Oakland, even though it’s just across the bay, you would see unemployment due to the fact that no one wants to pay an Oakland fry cook with no skills $10.50 an hour.

        This reminds me of the dumbass leftists talking about how Australia has a high minimum wage and is doing fine. Yes, because Australia is one of the best educated countries on Earth, has virtually no low income immigration, and is almost entirely middle class.

        A minimum wage ONLY results in unemployment when the wage is placed above the wage that an employee can command. Well educated and wealthy places can therefore have a higher minimum wage without suffering the negative effects that would occur in a poor area.

        tl;dr, liberals still don’t understand their opponents’ arguments.

    2. It’s, of course, about as small a “movement” as it could be, seeing how any real “strike” my nonunionized, unskilled labor is simply another word for “unemployment,” but if it works at all, automation galore.

      1. Did you see the pictures? None of them are fast food workers. It’s full of SEIU agitators and students.

        1. Yes, I suspected as much. I was being generous. Those fuckers will be replaced by robots, too.

            1. Ha! We have robot whores right now. In Japan. I’d bet money on it.

              1. Well, they have sex dolls that you can rent. Home delivery as part of the deal. You kinda have to trust the rental company to clean them between uses.

          1. “It’s full of SEIU agitators and students.”

            Well, Mr. Smarty Pants:”Many said they are employees, at this store or another McDonald’s.”
            So THERE!

    3. The guy on NPR assured me that increasing minimum wage would provide a million-billion-dy dollar stimulus to the economy.

      1. He’d be right, if a million-billion-dy is a negative number.

    4. I seriously doubt Amanda Kooser has a 56 Desoto.

    1. Seriously. He has balls to call Weise a ‘baby’ when he acted like a baby and bully.

      Enjoy the summer sore loser.

      1. Getting prepped for the upcoming riots?

    2. Wait, there are black people in Canada?

      I thought the lack of sunlight made *everyone* pasty white.

    3. I have nothing personal against Lucic but on ice he’s a vile asshole. Glad he’s done.

      As an aside, as one who has spent 58 years in states bordering O Canada it’s good to see they have a squad in the hunt for the Cup. It’s been awhile.

  2. SIAP: http://www.mediaite.com/online…..ith-crazy/

    But I don’t think I have seen a more clear cut documentation that Progressivism reverts to out-right Stalinism behind closed doors.

    The article itself is pretty shocking, but the video will make you question if this is a losing battle on our part.

    1. So, Critical Race Theory is effectively UFOlogy secret government crap without the aliens.

      1. I wish there was an X-Files episode featuring Scully’s skepticism regarding Critical Race Theory.

    2. Keep in mind that for them this is war and they treat it as such. They are a determined enemy. For progs it is all or nothing.

      Their opposition does not see things that way. Many of them believe it is an adversarial system, but that in the end we are all on the same side. Progs can be reasoned with and compromise can be had.

      I hope that by the time everyone realizes this it won’t be too late.

      1. Keep in mind that for them this is war and they treat it as such. They are a determined enemy. For progs it is all or nothing.

        The Salami Strategy?


      2. I hope that by the time everyone realizes this it won’t be too late.

        Um this thing is edited by Gillespie and Welch? It’s already too late for Reason.

    3. I think I’m going to go gun shopping this weekend.

      1. Get a big one?.lots of ammo?you’ll need it!

    4. I hate Wisconsin communists.

      1. I love that white people weren’t allowed to even observe the “black” meetings.

        In order to facilitate the segregation policy, the token guilty white academic argued that white people would be seen as “threats” to the black attendants.

    5. Privilege: The card you play when the “race” card is all played out!

    6. Prof Stephanie Baran:

      Nothing says “Serious Scholar” like your hair appearing as if Barney the Purple Dinosaur spooged all over it.

    7. This sentiment was echoed at another seminar on capitalism in which the participants insisted that this system of laissez-faire economics “maintains white supremacy.”

      The derp is so strong on this statement. These people who think they’re anti-racists are actually stating that in a completely meritocratic system, whites outgain everyone else, and they are therefore actually espousing the very notion of white supremacy.

      1. Yes, they’re saying that whites are the best at making money and creating a stable home life, and therefore need to be legislated a bit of dysfunction so that the minorities can keep up.

        This exposes the utter racism/sexism/bigotry of the average progressive, even if they don’t recognize it in themselves. “You’re better at life than me, so you deserve to be punished!!!”

        1. The Prog doth protest too much.

      2. Did you see where they said “Capitalism makes cultural co-option the norm”?

        Let’s unpack that statement a bit, shall we?

        Translated, it means:

        “When people are free to do what they want, they are liable to imitate what people from other cultures do, if it looks cool or interesting or useful or practical or fun.”

        And remember – the progs by their own admission want the OPPOSITE of this.

        1. There have been numerous and abundant critiques of CRT and other Left-Wing pseudotheories.

          A lot of smart people hate the CRT and have called it out for the anti-intellectualism that it is. Despite this, CRT has spread rampantly throughout the country’s academic institution.

          It’s the academic equivalent of HYDRA infiltrating S.H.I.E.L.D. Only Robert Redford went down without much of a fight compared to what CRT is going to take.

    8. That is terrifying. These people have real influence, there are people hanging on every word.

    1. Ive been hearing that for 15 years now.

      And its been true in years with major crop damage.

      1. The last shortage led to new hop varieties, new fields being planted, and some more brewing of lower hopped styles.

        1. You mean there was a market for more hops, and somehow farmers responded?

          1. It makes no economic sense, I know. The top men in DC didnt even tell them to do it.

            1. I think hops should be banned because they kill dogs.

              The police don’t need any competition.

    2. Maybe people should stop drinking overhopped IIPAs all the goddamned time and have an occassional stout, saison, sour, or kolsch

      1. I donno, I’ve had some pretty good dry hopped saisons and porters before, though I generally prefer the more traditional ones. I drink enough that I can drink both extra hopped DIPAs and those you listed.

        1. Apatheist has it right.

          WAY WAY WAY too many beer snobs out there. This isn’t wine for christ’s sake. This is beer. Enjoy it. Enjoy the crisp lagers. Enjoy the esthers in your Heffeweizen. Enjoy the malt profile of a scotch ale. Enjoy the citrus aromas of a hoppy IPA. I’ve had plenty brews that aren’t my taste, but I’m always annoyed that people think their personal taste in a beer ought to be some sort of indictment on the style or brew itself. There are no perfect beers, and no evil beers.

          (Except PBRs. That swil is an abomination. There should be a law!)

          1. Enjoy the beechwood aging.

          2. We’re living in a golden age of beer variety and availability and people are bitching about some people like DIPAs. Madness.

            I had two locally brewed Berliner Weisses in the past week for fucks sake. That’s not exactly a common style.

            1. I wasn’t bitching about people liking DIPAs, I was bitching about people drinking exclusively that.

              You’re damn straight we live in a golden age of beer. And as such, people should try a variety of beers outside their norm from time to time. I have no issue with DIPAs, even having that as the proverbial go-to/stand-by (honestly, it is mine, especially during these hot ass summer months).

              1. It is amazing – we have a place down the street that has a beer club. When you’ve had 500 different beers from them you get a T-shirt.

                When I was growing up we had maybe a dozen total, almost exclusively American lagers. The only real exotic was Heineken. Wrap your head around that, younglings.

                That being said, just throwing in another bucket of hops doesn’t make it artisanal. I personally prefer a more complex blend of flavors than “bitter and more bitter”.

          3. I like Coors.

            1. We’re talking about beer here, OK?

    3. Sooo…

      Why are hops even used.

      “hey i know here is something we can add that will make alcohol taste even worse. brilliant!!”

      1. Because it’s THE LAW.

    1. I hope he gets an extra sue-happy attorney.

      1. I hope he gets a platoon of them!

    2. The new scarlet letter

    3. “Accordingly, we asked this staffer to permanently and immediately resign from their position”.

      I think there’s a word for that.

      1. Even playing field?

      2. I hope he refused.

    4. Due processed

    5. Due processed

    6. 1) There’s a delicious irony in the staff writer of a publication obsessed with “rape culture” getting named on a Campus Rapists! bathroom stall list. You fuckers created and nurtured this monster, don’t be surprised that it’s turned into Audrey II and won’t mind consuming you too;

      2) It’s obvious they haven’t learned a damn thing from this and will continue to encourage this type of behavior even though a lot of innocent people will get hurt by it. Because MUH FEELZ.

      Nuke universities today.

    7. This all could’ve been avoided had they been more careful in naming their helpful “Therapists on campus” list.

  3. President Obama’s half-brother Mark Obama Ndesandjo backed out of an interview with Dinesh D’Souza because D’Souza has been indicted for violating federal campaign financing laws.

    What if the interviewer had been indicted for, say, violating a stupid sodomy law. What would the left say if someone backed out of an interview in that case?

    1. They obviously need submachine guns to put down the evil genetically modified Killer Tomatoes.

    2. There aren’t a whole lot of SMGs chambered for .40 S&W, are there? I guess they couldn’t just order them from H&K, they need to follow the process.

      1. I have their USC in .45. Fun toy.

      2. There aren’t a whole lot of SMGs chambered for .40 S&W, are there?

        SIG has a new one I think.

      1. Man Eating Cows!

        That cow has tasted human blood!

    3. Who the fuck uses sub guns anymore? I guess they have their place if you need something very compact, but most door-kickers are moving to 5.56 platforms; they’re more powerful, still fairly compact, and 5.56 rounds actually penetrate structures less than pistol bullets, provided they’re constructed right.

  4. False notion of ‘checking your privilege’

    Here’s the real privilege: if you’re an American, you are free to apply to places like Harvard where, if accepted, you are free to spout ideas like checking your privilege. All Americans are privileged: privileged to live in a country where we won’t get beheaded if we don’t convert to a specific religion, where homeless kids can end up at Harvard, and where navel-gazing can be taken to stupendously stupid levels. You can blog, hold up a sign on a street corner, post YouTube videos, comment on Facebook pages, and generally rant and rave to your heart’s content. See, our privilege is this: our Founding Fathers had the foresight to protect our rights as Americans ? rights like free speech and the free exercise of religion. Go ahead, Harvard. Check your privilege. Just realize that it’s a privilege that began by a bunch of straight white men about 240 years ago.

    1. “Privilege” is an inherently unfalsifiable concept.

      If you are part of the supposedly “privileged” group, you’re very mind is tainted by the privilege of which you are accused. Therefore, it is impossible to defend yourself.

      This clears the way for the proponents of the concept to be the only ones with any legitimate right to give an opinion about it.

      1. *your very mind

      2. “Privilege” is an inherently unfalsifiable concept.

        Why else would you use it?

      3. It is just a modern version of the ad homonim fallacy. The point is to say certain people are not entitled to a dissenting opinion because of who they are.

        1. It’s a derivative of false consciousness applied to the “victimizer” instead of the victim. Plato strikes again.

        2. Ad homonym: Argument by using the word that sounds like the one that would make syntactic sense. :-p

          1. Ad Houyhnhnm: Arguments where the one arguing refers to his opponent as a horse.

    2. bunch of straight white men

      I don’t know. Those whigs and pantyhose look kind of fruity

      Also look how that one guy is standing!!!


    1. Previous research has suggested that’s because fewer blacks know how to swim.

      Good Lord.

      1. Tautologies gonna, umm, tautologize?

    2. My friend down the street is just now getting swim lessons for is 4.5 and 2 year old. My kid, on the other hand, will be a true Floridian. We’re starting him next month.

      1. Yup. My youngest was in swimming lessons at 6 months. I take both my boys (5 and 3) to swimming class every Sunday.

        I struggled with swimming in the military and a good buddy of mine missed some very cool assignments in the Army due to his not being a good swimmer.

      2. We did it around six months. I mean, it’s Florida.

    3. Many people I have known in the past were convinced that black people were less buoyant than whites.

      I shit you not.

      1. There are a lot of studies that support the contention that blacks tend to be less buoyant, due to lower body fat and higher bone density.



        I don’t think there is anything racist about that, but researchers do seem to be afraid of standing behind any studies.

        1. I’m pretty sure acknowledging that each individual human isn’t exactly the same physiologically and mentally is bigoted.

      2. A guy in the navy told me this.

        He said the navy has everyone in basic jump in the pool no matter if they know how to swim or not. He said all the black guys sunk to the bottom before the Seals would pull em out.

        No idea if this is true…and even if it is true it does not mean blacks are less buoyant. Pretty sure lots of 18 to 19 year olds blacks and whites are skin and bone. I know i was at that age. The only thing that kept me above the water was my ability to swim….now my belly can keep me up with very little effort.

        1. From my experiences in the military and around a lot of vets – and this is coming from a bunch of people from different ethnicities – black dudes in general just seem to have less of an afinity to water than the average white dude. No idea why – culture, experience, I dunno. Navy SeALs are just about all white guys with a few Latinos and Asians thrown into the mix.

          I remember a group of us talking about some kind of swim qualification which required the candidate to swim 25 meters through an underwater tube. The black guys there reacted like the idea was simply crazy – couldn’t pay them enough money to do it. Small sample and anecdotal I admit but it made an impression on me.

          I’m not dissing them because I am an admittedly poor swimmer myself.

          1. When I was at UNC they required all graduates to pass a swimming test. My ex wife was an athlete and cheerleader when we were in school there. Being black and 92 pounds and female, you can imagine where her only stores of body fat were.

            She was not able to do the required dead man float, because she would sink until she reached neutral buoyancy at about 3 feet under the water and float there, suspended rear-end-up like a jellyfish.

            My roommate, also black, had a tough time with the swimming test as well, due to lack of experience swimming and low buoyancy. He had a tough time with the back float and with the 15 minutes treading water.

            Neither of them had near the experience in the water that I would have expected as normal. My ex had never really been in a pool before she was 20 years old. I think her experience was the norm for people of her race and economic background at the time.

            So maybe the answer is both.

      3. A black woman in my wife’s family is claims this.

        We are moving someplace with a convenient pool next month and my 6-month-old will be in it all the damn time along with my wife.

        1. “is claims this”


    4. NO WAY!!

      Lack of pools are racist! According to our pols, swimming is a civil right:


      Trigger warning: Picture of the agitator is extra infuriating

      1. Those are some bad looking dreads. I mean, even for dreads on an old white lady.

  5. Noteworthy:
    At WIRED they ran a standard panic piece about plastic printed guns but surprisingly the readers overwhelmingly called them on it in the comments.

    1. Wired makes me ill. For supposed technologists, they are completely Malthusian and avowedly liberal.

      1. The commenters went after them.

        1. I was referring to the magazine itself, but I see your point.

    2. I like how there is a huge debate about using machine shops to make guns and people arguing that making a gun at a machine shop takes skills so therefore not everyone can do it…

      Never mind that anyone can walk into a walmart and buy a shotgun for like $100…hell you probably don’t even need to walk into the walmart. You could get shit ass drunk crawl in, hop on one of those motor carts and drive tot he gun area and buy one….

      Actually that would make an awesome youtube video…too bad I don’t need or want a $100 shotgun.

  6. Royal Visit Itinerary

    12 p.m. CT: Charles visits the International Polar Bear Conservation Centre at the new Journey to Churchill exhibition at the Assiniboine Park Zoo and meets Hudson the polar bear.

    They’re gonna chat about the lack of polar bear habitat?

    1. “And kindly mind your pronunciation of ‘Assiniboine’, Your Highness.”

  7. Former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez has been indicted for a double homicide drive-by shooting that took place in 2012 (not to be confused with the 2013 slaying he’s already accused of).

    This actually means the Patriots will probably be able to get out of the cap hit on his remaining $3.25 million bonus. Since he had a bad faith clause, they should be able to withhold the money, and thus not get charged the cap.

    On the other hand, it means they probably had someone who already committed murder on the team for the whole 2012-2013 season.

    1. As if Roger Goodell wasn’t up Bob Kraft’s ass far enough already.

      1. You might as well be nikki.

    2. His smart move now would be to come out as gay, and claim that his checkered past was his attempt to deal with rampant anti-gay bigotry.

      He should cap off the news conference by stuffing some guy’s mouth with cake and French kissing him.

      1. Been done.
        Trans is the new Gay. He needs get up some girly clothes and pumpin’ the estrogen.

        1. IDK, maybe he should jump even further. Has anybody important come out as an inanimate object-phile? I bet if he came out as in love with the Statue of Liberty, and had the lewd photos to prove it, he would get the progressive tolerance engine revved up.

          1. I bet if he came out as in love with the Statue of Liberty, and had the lewd photos to prove it, he would get the progressive tolerance engine revved up.

            Statue of Equality, ya. But Liberty? Surely you jest.

        2. I’m not sure I would be stepping on that path of I was facing serious time in prison.

  8. General Motors today announced a recall on 2.7 million cars, bring their total recall count this year to 10 million vehicles.

    “Governor Romney, the taxpayers are calling and they want their bailout money back.”

  9. Government Motors!!!

    Actually, Im not sure how many of the recalled cars predate the bailout.

  10. An absolutely fascinating article on a group in Iceland who got railroaded for two 1976 murders. Essentially, the police used isolation cells and interrogation to get a group of people to believe that they might be guilty of murder.

    1. Didn’t find that funny at all.

  11. The secret Wehrmacht army of West Germany.

    Newly discovered documents show that in the years after World War II, former members of the Nazi Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS formed a secret army to protect the country from the Soviets. The illegal project could have sparked a major scandal at the time.

    1. The file was code-named “Odessa”, if I remember correctly.

    2. I was watching some show the other day on nazi hunters and they said that there were tons of real life inglorious bastard type organizations that were going around and killing former Nazis. I didn’t know that,

      1. John did you catch the NOVA episode on the Colditz Escape?

        1. Its on my DVR. I can’t wait to watch it

        2. Wait, that’s the one where they were going to glide out, right? I thought they were freed before they could use it.

    3. Oh that Gehlen, always engaging in covert activities.

      Interesting article. I guess the Nazis were always more afraid of the Soviets than they were of anyone else, even after the war was over.

  12. Not sure if this was noted here or not: More than 1,000 lbs of marijuana found abandoned on Pescadero State Beach on Monday. (note: autoplaying video at link)

    Not as funny as The Beach Girls, which weirdly I saw on broadcast TV back in the day, without the nudity, of course.

    1. I just don’t get the whole smuggling marijuana into CA. You can pretty much grow it here, and yet people are risking life in prison to smuggle it.

      My favorite hiking spot has pangas coming ashore several times a month. The smugglers always fuck it up, too.

      1. We can stop talking about carrying coals to Newcastle and start talking about importing weed into California.

        1. Even better, weed is carbon neutral, unlike the evul coal…

        2. “Ferrying bales to Bakersfield.”

          A bunch of weed washed ashore in Daytona when I was a kid, and the cops didn’t get all of it. For a couple months, there was weird tasting bud in Orlando at a discount to the regular stuff.

    2. Ahhhhh, Debra Blee.

  13. “The Senate confirmed Diane Humetewa as the first ever female Native American to become a federal judge.”

    Elizabeth Warren is angry that this women got in first.

  14. So a Pope, a rabbi, and an imam* plan a trip to the Middle East.

    The Pope will use a Popemobile that isn’t bulletproof, at least until someone talks some sense into His Holiness.

    *I’m not 100% sure he’s an imam, but the joke comes out better that way.


  15. North Dakota is appealing a decision by a federal judge who in April struck down the state’s anti-abortion law. It prohibits abortions after a heartbeat can be detected.

    Please start the abortion arguments below…

    1. Seems like a reasonable compromise line to me.

      Probably better than the algebra line.

    2. “The heartbeat begins at conception!”

    3. Is there actually an argument here? Are there people who think abortion should be legal *after* a heartbeat can be detected?

      1. Are you really asking?

        1. Yes, actually. Lots of people here say there’s a point in fetal development when it becomes a person with rights.

          I rarely hear the legal-until-birth position defended.

          I could be wrong!

          1. Our usual trolls come to mind, but Cytotoxic (?) has also off the top of my head been one to be pretty abortion happy.

            1. Cytotoxic supports infanticide.

              1. Infanticide is perfectly reasonable under select circumstances.

                Are there people who think abortion should be legal *after* a heartbeat can be detected?

                Is this a fucking joke? Is the womb-control brigade down to fucking heartbeats? Because personhood totally rests on the rhythmic contractions of the cardiac pump. I love it when anti-choicers pretend they can grok science. Like watching little kids playing karate.

                1. Not heartbeats. Brainwaves. Just like judging death. All else is murder.

                2. Infanticide is perfectly reasonable under select circumstances.

                  A 6 toed baby in 500 BC Sparta comes to mind.

            2. Good point. He’s very…passionate.

              1. …but in a way, rigorously consistent!

          1. Sorry! Here, let me post this:

            “Why I Didn’t Choose Circumcision”


              1. Why not more like this?

    4. More Huffpo:

      Here’s How Long You Have To Wait For An Abortion In Each State

      26 states make you wait, which is apparently outrageous.

      1. Having to wait to see an oncologist is just something we are going to have to live with. Having to wait to see an abortionist on the other hand is a national scandal.

        1. My grandfather has skin cancer, which will not be removed until June (discovered weeks ago of course).

          He should be fine, but I think you get the point.

  16. Old story, new video! (You thought I was through posting these, didn’t you?)

    Here’s a story about the retiring Catholic high school teacher who stages Civil War re-enactments on campus, complete with musket fire (with blanks).

    Guns on campus!

    “”McQueen said he has never had any complaints or concerns from parents about the reenactments, but he also noted that the live-action lessons probably would not be allowed at public schools.

    “”There is more academic freedom here than in the public schools,” he said.”


    1. There’s more academic freedom in prisons, probably, than in public schools.

    2. You are a bit.. obsessed with this lately Eddie.

      1. Nonsense! I just want Reason to pick this up, and then I’ll drop it.

  17. Chefs who use square plates are trying to divert the focus from their own inadequacies, believes William Sitwell, who is holding a ‘square plate amnesty’

    1. That is…the…I dont even…sigh, I surrender.

    2. I agree. I believe only irregularly shaped plates properly enhance the presentation of food. Circles, squares, rectangles, triangles–bourgeois nonsense.

      Better yet, M?bius strip plates.

      1. Better yet, M?bius strip plates

        Be perfect for an all-you-can eat buffet.

        1. +100 Klein bottles

      2. Isn’t having food to eat a bourgeois luxury in itself?

        1. No, only if the food is fancified somehow.

    3. So whatever is put on the offending plate will clash with those sharp edges.

      Waffles, Motherfucker! Do you eat them?

    4. Chefs who use square plates just hate the wait staff.

  18. “Women Get Interrupted More?Even By Other Women…

    “According to a paper published Sunday in the online edition of the Journal of Language and Social Psychology, both men and women are more likely to interrupt and to use dependent clauses when speaking with a woman than with a man.”


    1. “I’mma let you finish, but…”

    2. Women, said Hancock, “are thought of as more elaborate in their language, whereas men are really succinct and to the point.”


    3. Women get interrupted more because they are more likely to speak in run-on sentences that run around and around the essentials of a point.

      They are also more likely to continue to propound their argument in excruciating detail even after you have got the gist of it, and even after you have conceded to it.

      Source: Married 14 years.

      1. That could be part of it, but I get interrupted by my husband all the time and he’s the talker in our relationship.

        However, I agree that women tend to be less concise overall. Part of it is that it seems more accommodating and friendly. Women have to be nice, men don’t.

      2. Preach it, brother!

      3. I thought you were talking about my mom…wait…

      4. So all Englishmen are women? That explains some things…

      5. It is important for some women to be able to drive the point right into the fucking ground.

        Married for 22 years.

        1. Married for 22 years.

          Never married…but the truth you speak is a large part of the reason.

          “Fucking shut up already!!”

          Pretty much heralded the end of the relationship for many of my potential wives.

  19. Innovative Soho (London) clinic streamlines sexual health testing.

    An innovative self-service sexual health clinic has opened in Soho, London, where anyone can be screened “free” of charge six days a week, while only waiting six hours to get their results back. The NHS Dean Street Express clinic was designed by Penson architects and features a high-tech system that allows patients to log themselves in, before being given a self-test kit and shown to a screening room. The clinic is also home to the first on-site Infinity machine, which quickly tests all samples and allows for results to be sent back to the patients within six hours of testing.

    1. Definitely the coolest STD clinic I’ve ever seen.

  20. Chinese beekeeper Ruan Liangming sets world record

    1. Will history blame me or the bees?

    1. So when’s that reboot coming?

  21. A southeastern Pennsylvania man charged with breaking into a neighbour’s house says he was only borrowing eggs to make breakfast.

    1. Hmm.. I grew up in se PA and once broke into a house, ate, washed the dishes and left.

  22. Hundreds of workers from McDonald’s, Burger King, and other fast food restaurants went on strike for higher wages in the U.S. and worldwide.

    Which is why I had breakfast at McDonald’s this morning.

    1. You crossed the line?

      1. …crossing more lines before breakfast than most people do all day…

  23. President Obama’s half-brother Mark Obama Ndesandjo backed out of an interview with Dinesh D’Souza because D’Souza has been indicted for violating federal campaign financing laws.

    Seems legit.

  24. If anyone knows women who are willing to trade some of their company for money (in totally classy ways), Seattle appears the place to go.

    Based on the 2010 census data, Seattle has 119 single men for every 100 single women, slightly better than San Francisco at 121 ? but equal if you add in the impact from nearby Bellevue, which is an awful 144.

    1. Bonus in the comments:

      I’m not too sure about the correlation with Amazon, but I will admit the dating scene in Seattle is horrible. I’ve tried being the “nice guy” so many women claim to want – I’ve never been rejected so much in my life (about 99%). Then, I tried being the “cool, unreliable jerk”. That’s helped a little, but I still have a rejection rate of about 95%.

      1. He probably needs to work on his negging.

      2. This is the greatest comment I’ve ever read.

        1. It is too perfect.

          I am thinking some feminist used a sock puppet to write it so she could whine about “male privilege” and “men thinking they have a right to sex” in response to it.

  25. Remember Michelle Fields from the Matt Damon interview? She’s at PJ media now, giving young Hillary supporters just enough rope…


    1. Jesus, that is both funny and depressing. Especially the dude that said Hillary would represent a ‘new, fresh face’ in the White House.

      1. That’s not true on any level whatsoever.

    2. The US will trailblaze by having a black or woman head of government…

      Oh man, that wasn’t even the punchline.

      1. The way she handled benghazi was remarkably


        Cynical? Sociopathic? Bigoted?

      2. Mmmm…Condi Rice…mmmmm….

    3. It’s her turn!

  26. Sassie and some other TP guy won their primaries. Are they any good?

    1. Dunno. There’s a guy running against Cantor in the GOP primary, he’s an economics professor. He’d be better than Cantor at least. Fuck Cantor.

      Cantor trolled him hard though, called him some kind of liberal college professor, which has the guy spitting nails, because he’s very much a conservative.

      1. I know Tuesday before last was very bad for TP candidates and I basically called TOD for the TP but maybe I was premature, or maybe this is just post-mortem twitching.

  27. So who ever would have thought of that I wonder?


  28. News from A.D. 2030:

    “First Nigerian-Malaysian-Kamchatkan Female-to-Male-back-to-Female Gay-Divorced Single Parent of Three Puppies Judge appointed.”

    Because how can we be a just society until this happens?

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