Andrew Napolitano on Timothy Geithner's New Revelation


Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner revealed something in a new memoir that has caught the public's attention. In 2009, shortly before his first round of interviews as Treasury secretary on the Sunday morning television circuit, Geithner endured a prep session administered to him by Dan Pfeiffer, then the senior adviser to President Obama. Pfeiffer instructed Geithner to suggest to the American public that Social Security is operating in the black and thus is not a contributing cause of the ballooning federal deficit. He stated that the president needed that message to go out to his base as a "dog whistle to the left."

Did Pfeiffer ask Geithner to lie? The secretary apparently thought so—and this requested deception is telling, writes Andrew Napolitano. The Geithner allegations bring to sharper focus the litany of Obama administration lies.