Andrew Napolitano on the Truth About Benghazi


Al Jazeera English/Wikimedia

The tragedy in Benghazi consisted of an organized, fatal assault on the American consulate there that resulted in the deaths of the American ambassador and three State Department contractors assigned to protect him. It also includes a White House-orchestrated cover-up involving profoundly misleading statements after the attack, followed by an only-in-Washington cover-up of the cover-up, Andrew Napolitano writes.

Now that the truth—that the Benghazi attack was an al-Qaida-organized assault complete with military hardware and sophisticated planning—has become known, Speaker John Boehner asked the House of Representatives to form a Select Committee whose sole goal is to get to the bottom of this and to grant it a serious budget and a full legal and investigative staff. And so, here comes Watergate, 21st-century style, Napolitano writes—except this time around, innocent people died.