L.A. NAACP Head Resigns, GOP Benghazi Probe Continues, Prostitution Sting to Be Livetweeted: P.M. Links


  • Dude, that was two years ago.
    Credit: Medill DC / photo on flickr

    The head of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has resigned following the controversy regarding Clippers owner Donald Sterling's racist language and his proposed (second) lifetime achievement award from the organization.

  • House Republicans will convene a special committee to investigate the Obama administration's handling of the attacks on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, says House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio). House Oversight Chariman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) has subpoenaed Secretary of State John Kerry to testify.
  • The family of the boy who nibbled his breakfast pastry into the shape of a gun is still fighting with his school a year later over their disciplinary action against him.
  • Two Alaska State Troopers who appeared on a National Geographic channel reality show have been shot and killed after responding to a call in the small village of Tanana.
  • The Prince George, Maryland, Police Department says it's going to livetweet a prostitution sting.
  • The mayor of Seattle has announced a deal to raise the minimum wage there to $15 an hour, the highest in the nation.

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  1. The head of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has resigned…

    Because of what the C in his org’s acronym stand for.

    1. The “C Word”?

    2. perhaps I’m just ignorant (always a good bet), but aren’t we all a color? Just aksin’.

    3. Hello.

      1 hour 35 minutes to get to work today.

      Usually takes 12 minutes.

      Other than that. Boston impressed on Twitter last night. 17 000 times the word ‘nigger’ was recorded after PK Subban scored the OT winner for the Habs over the Bruins.

      I know this is a fierce rivalry – among the most in pro sports – but that’s taking it too far for a prog town like that. No?

      1. Boston is a pretty racist city. As a kid (late 70’s), my dad rented out the upstairs apartment to a black woman, and her teenage daughter was afraid to go there.

        1. Well can you blame her, you did live downstairs.

      2. I heard on weei (Boston sports radio) that the number of tweets from the original hashtag was low and not even from the Boston area. It wasn’t until a Fox affiliate picked up the the story and retweeted the comments did the number explode. Blame the media for the over reaction to a non story because of a few dumb asses who obviously don’t follow hockey, because? Two words “‘Jerome Iginla” Boston forward, 30 goal scorer and guess what color he is?……. Ron white is right, “you can’t fix stupid”.

  2. The mayor of Seattle has announced a deal to raise…

    The unemployment rate.

    1. Awesome.

  3. The Prince George, Maryland, Police Department says it’s going to livetweet a prostitution sting.

    It’ll be great if they catch cops at the whore house.

    1. What could possibly go wrong?

      1. They might find Al Capone’s vault instead.

    2. It’ll be great if they catch cops at the whore house.

      “Look guys, this shit’s going live. The SWAT unit will assemble at at 1600 hours, so if you’re inside, please make sure you’re done and out of there before that, OK?”

    3. STRETCH!

    4. I wonder what Cheye Calvo thinks of this particular use of resources?

    5. “Holy crap, guys. This is our own headquarters!”

  4. Milwaukee cop rolls through stop sign, slams into another car, then arrests the perfectly sober driver for OWI. Video evidence, lo and behold, later disproves his claim that he stopped at the sign:


    1. If I ever see her out at a bar, I’m buying her a drink. How is that dude still employed?

      Oh, right.

    2. And, of course, nothing else happened.

      I really should’ve been a cop. Everybody loves you no matter what you do and you’re completely above the law. How can you beat that?

      1. I don’t know where all the cop suckers come from, unless they are just dedicated internet trolls. Everyone I talk to, and I mean everyone, thinks police are dangerous animals who do more harm than good. And one of my neighbors is a police dispatcher.

        1. I know 3 ex-cops who say the same thing.

        2. They exist. I have a relative that used to work as an emergency dispatcher. She told me, in response to me telling her about the Seattle cops that shot and killed the homeless guy who whittled as he walked down the street, “There are two sides to every story.” As the conversation continued, even though she did not come right out and say it, it was obvious that she believed the cop’s story is always true.

          1. I used to work with this woman who had a fetish for cops. She wouldn’t date anyone else.

            She wasn’t very bright.

            1. I used to work with this woman who had a fetish for cops. She wouldn’t date anyone else.

              My ex-girlfriend was married to one for several years. Dumber than a bag of hammers, according to her. Which was weird, because she was a software engineer at a large aerospace outfit. My guess is that she was simply a bit of a badge bunny.

              1. One of my best friends is a C-level executive in the financial industry. She only dates Camaro-driving macho working-man types. We are close enough that I give her crap about it on a regular basis.

                You can’t “intellectualize” chemistry. If a wife-beater T and handlebar ‘stache get you hot, well, that’s what gets you hot. Suits and grooming apparently are a big turn-off for her. Plus, she’s about 5’10”, so she only goes for guys 6’3-6’4″ and up. She’s pretty picky that way. Which helps explain why an attractive blonde with a 10 figure bank account is still single.

        3. I don’t know where all the cop suckers come from, unless they are just dedicated internet trolls.

          Hang out around some gun owners and gun discussion boards.

          Shit one board I used to frequent would do raffles and fund drives to raise money to buy patrol rifles (ARs) and advanced firearms and tactical training for cops. Nearly every firearm trainer I have any exposure to offers significantly reduced pricing for cops, whether they are training in an official capacity or not.

          Barfcom and M4C are chock-a-block with cop fellators.

          1. You don’t have to go that far to find them. All the parents at my little league games are 100% behind the first-responder hero meme. So are all of the PTA parents. So are most of the members of our local church. I might be able to scare up a handful of skeptics among the “regular folk” I know.

            You either have to go really high on the social ladder to find skeptics, or really low (as in people who have lived on the fringes). Most folks in the middle are kinda sheep in that way.

            The only receptive audience I have for the police state conversation is, ironically, a police officer friend.

    3. The most galling part:

      He was officially suspended for nine days for violating traffic laws and damaging County equipment. He was never disciplined for the inaccurate report that caused Weyker so much trouble, despite a previous history of discipline for filing reports written by someone else.
      This son of a bitch broke someone’s neck, blamed it on them, and there isn’t a thing being done about THAT?!

      1. damaging County equipment.

        This was the only reason he was actually punished at all.

    4. OWI? What the fuck is OWI?

      1. Operating While Intoxicated, is my guess.

        1. So, we’ve gone from DWI, to DUI and now OWI. I’m seriously beginning to think the justice system is just fuckin’ with us.

          1. Chief Wiggum: Uh, Mrs. Simpson, I have some bad news. Your husband was found DOA.
            Marge: Oh my god. He’s dead?
            Chief Wiggum: Oh, wait, I mean DWI. I always get those two mixed up.
            [a woman walks in]
            Woman: My name’s Mrs. Phillips. You said my husband is DWI?
            Chief Wiggum: Uh… why don’t you talk to that officer over there? I’m going out to lunch.

        2. Probably widens the type of things you can be nabbed for doing.

          “I wasn’t driving anything, I was just riding this bike. [hiccup]”

          “Wrong, you were operating that bike. Blow this.”

          1. In my state, riding a bicycle while drunk is an arrestable offense.

            In some states, DUI and DWI are two separate offenses, with DWI being the more serious charge. As far as I know, the difference lies solely in your BAC when stopped.

            1. Can they test BAC by just taking a sample from the bullet holes in your back?

              1. Can they test BAC by just taking a sample from the bullet holes in your back?

                Yes. But if they’re doing post-mortem toxicology, they prefer a sample of liver tissue or some bile. Brain and lung tissue will do in a pinch, though.

    5. As rescue workers tended to Weyker, police and Sheriff’s deputies started asking questions.
      “One asked if I had anything to drink that night,” she said. “And I told them a few sips from a friend’s drink.”



      Gotta have another talk with my daughter…

    6. When asked about her use of prescription drugs, Weyker says she told the truth.
      “I just got my wisdom teeth pulled out, so they gave me Vicodin for that. I told them it was little over a week since I took the Vicodin,” Weyker said.




      1. It’s almost like being mugged, handing over your wallet, then just as the guy turns to leave, saying, “wait, I almost forgot, I have a twenty in my sock.”

    7. Her lawyer, Todd Korb, says the arrest is surprising, since there was virtually no evidence that she was drunk.
      “I can’t say it is necessarily a cover up, but it is suspicious,” Korb said.

      Fire him, and get your own personal Johnny fuckin’ Cochran in there. You need a lawyer who LOOOVE to fuck with the Po-lice.

      1. If Chewbacca lives on Endor, you must dismiss these charges against my client.


  5. The mayor of Seattle has announced a deal to raise the minimum wage there to $15 an hour, the highest in the nation.

    Progressives rejoice- more young people will be freed from the burden of work.

    1. Yeah man.

  6. The mayor of Seattle has announced a deal to raise the minimum wage there to $15 an hour, the highest in the nation.

    I hope this goes through so Epi can finally have a living wage. If somewhere has to be a laboratory for this madness let it be those who deserve it most (sorry Epi).

    1. Collective guilting is a pathetic character trait.

      1. Just like the communists who declare real communism was never tried don’t you think it would finally settle the debate about a “living wage”? Maybe not. Maybe it would spread. Like a cancer.

        1. Strange how you don’t hear people say, “Real Nazism has never been tried.”

        2. No. And wishing it on people who are just trying to make a living makes you a fuckwad.

          1. Or real Roman imperialism has never been tried.

          2. I think it’s a terrifically stupid idea and agree with your politician aimed rage below. But what is it going to take for these fuckwads to give up fighting for this? Emily Elkins has shown us week after week that 50% of Americans are fuckwads. How do you stop this massive wad of fuck?

            1. American constitutionalism, on the other hand, really hasn’t ever been tried.

              1. It was, but I think Hamilton made it better.

              2. Actually I guess by the time of the Alien and Sedition Acts we had already jumped the shark. Maybe you’re right.

                1. I suppose maybe it was tried for a little while.

                  1. I think Washington’s terms were decent from a Constitutional standpoint. Except for the slavery thing.

        3. They wouldn’t be doing this if they didn’t already have their next expansion of power planned. If a bunch more people in Seattle end up unemployed, they’ll just trumpet it as proof that capitalism has failed the working man, and that’s why we need the government to guarantee everyone a job.

      2. An individualist would say that.

    2. I always assumed blowing SugarFree paid really well.

    3. $30k a year for flipping burgers at McDonald’s is just fair.

      1. Like anyone is working more than 29 hours a week for Mickey D’s now that the employer mandate can be reimplemented at whim.

      2. I think it’s fitting that Seattle, a city known as the home of some important technology companies, is leading the charge to roboticize the food service industry.

        1. “Enjoy your EXTRA BIG ASS FRIES! Would you like to try an EXTRA BIG ASS TACO? Now with more MOLECULES!”

          1. “Your kids are starving. Carl’s Jr. believes no child should go hungry. You are an unfit mother. Your children will be placed in the custody of Carl’s Jr. Carl’s Jr… “Fuck You, I’m Eating.” “

  7. I apologize in advance, this might attract Bo, but this is a real thing.

    Donate to The DC Abortion Fund, receive a coat hanger pendant.

    1. Pure. Fucking. Class.

      1. Also their slogan “Her Rights Shouldn’t Depend on Her Wallet.”

        1. Soo.. they should be buying me guns?

    2. I just can’t fathom why so-cons take issue with pro-choice groups.

      1. But there’s a level of self-awareness in this stunt. I like it.

    3. Yeah, I saw one of those yesterday. I should have congratulated the wearer for carrying her portable abortion tool at all times.

  8. The family of the boy who nibbled his breakfast pastry into the shape of a gun is still fighting with his school a year later over their disciplinary action against him.

    The children he almost shot with that assault pastry are still traumatized, aren’t they? Dig in, school district. This fight is too important.

    1. Oh, for fuck’s sake. I hope the jury bankrupts the district and state, and forces the entire chain of command involved in this decision into indentured servitude for his family for a minimum of 20 years.

    2. “First of all, it wasn’t a Pop-Tart,” she said. “It was a breakfast pastry.

      Thank God the facts have finally been established.

      1. Important distinction.

        Because no one would ever mistake a Pop-Tart for a gun.


    Look, I get it. I really do. I understand the motivation behind your beardedness. In fact, I even pity you. Thousands of years of evolution priming you guys to kill stuff, and chase stuff, and f**k stuff….and now what? You’re stuck at a desk all day. No battles to fight. No wars to wage. So you assert your masculinity the only way you know how. You brew beer. You grow some hair on your face. I’ve seen you, hipsters, sitting in downtown eateries, with your rock chick girlfriends, dipping your truffle fries, trying not to get the aioli in your mustache. I’ve seen the quiet desperation in your eyes. I know you’re screaming into the void.

    1. That is quality trolling…

    2. Best line:

      The beard has turned into the padded bra of masculinity.

      1. So where does this put Duck Dynasty?

        1. At least those guys actually hunt and fish (well, on TV anyway) – hipsters never engage in such pursuits

          1. yes they do — they hunt for crumbs in their beards and fish them out

          2. See i think there is more to this beard thing then is being recognized by the reason commenter Illuminati.

            I think many of the Urban dandies here only see the hipster beards because you never leave your urban jungles.

            Us who live in the wilds of these Americas are seeing men from all walks of life shun the razor. It is not just those crazy kids and their artisan mayonnaise.

            1. Haven’t shaved or cut my hair since I moved to Austin in December.

              GF likes it. Gets me laid. Nuff said.

      2. That aptly describes my nephew. It bugs the shit out of him that I use a pink disposable razor on my face everyday and dont partake in impotent symbolic rituals to express my manliness. I was born with testicles, what else is there to prove? I mean, what standard can possibly exist that wasn’t born of submission to the will of others which itself negates manliness?

        1. Killaz! We missed you.

          I spent several years earning my living climbing on I-beams. Now I prefer to be (relatively) clean-shaven. Sorry hipsters, affecting a beard because it’s currently fashionable does not trump steel climber for manliness points.

    3. Don’t forget the tats. You can always shave.

      1. You seem to have your finger on the pulse of southern culture.

        Are the Georgian red necks shaved or unshaven these days?

        And has there been a rise or fall of hairy faces over the past two or three years?

        Note: Eastern Washington rural culture has seen a rise of hairy faces…though I am behooved to call them red necks on technical grounds. Conversely they are definitely not hipsters.

        1. GA rednecks love their beards.

    4. Well fuck. Peak beard has come faster than I’d hoped for. As long as we don’t hit ’90s levels of waxed below the eyebrows I suppose I’ll survive.

      1. I imagine it will go back to being for gay men, hoboes and men who don’t interact with strangers on a regular basis only. Like the 90s.

      2. The bear-sex will just be that much hotter once it’s more subversive.

        1. Yes, but then all I’ll have is bear-sex. With my current beard I get chatted up by people from all the sub-cultures.

          1. Ha, this didn’t even dawn on me, because I fucking hate facial hair so much I would never even think about talking to a guy with any (in that way).

            1. Oh really?

              “How’d you do, boys? Better go get your moisturizing shave gel. It’s time to stop playing at being a man. But don’t throw all those perfectly good whiskers in the trash. Give them to your upcycling, DIY girlfriend and let her decoupage some photo frames, or something. But please, just get rid of it. Another trend will soon come along to occupy your technology-addled attention span. And me? I have some beard-ogling to get back to.

              Thanks in advance,

              Spelling it with a “ck” vs a “kk” is clearly not enough to cover your tracks.

          2. It’s not so much the beards being popular, it’s how many of them have shitty beards. Seriously, would it kill you to trim it, Theo McBeardsly?

    5. Sort of on topic:

      Remember when all the reason staff tried to grow facial hair for like 6 months and only Nick succeeded?

      Good times.

      1. They can’t grow any facial hair? That would be awesome. I hate shaving, but I hate having a beard more.

        1. Technically it was hair and it grew on their faces….but i would not call it facial hair.

          for example:


      2. Postel’s was the best.

    6. Beards are popular because they hide neck fat. Period.

      1. My currently obscured double chin, which will never go away regardless of my personal level of fitness, agrees.

    7. Damn. That stings a bit. I feel like I need to go hunting now, but mule deer is out of season.

      1. Yeah that hit a little close to home for me too, as I sit here at my desk with my glasses and beard.

        1. This all puzzles me. I am clean shaven and I hunt avidly.

          1. same here.

  10. The mayor of Seattle has announced a deal to raise the minimum wage there to $15 an hour, the highest in the nation

    And you know why he’s doing this? Not for workers or misguided thoughts of helping people. It’s so he can brag that he’s the mayor of the city with the highest minimum wage.

    Seattle pols are all alike. The prominence of the city becomes their prominence, and they get all agitated that Seattle isn’t in the “big city” class of a New York or a Chicago. So they are constantly trying to make Seattle the first in various idiotic things. It gets tiresome. Go be insecure on your own time, fuckwads.

    1. Seattle: 1st in jaded Episiarchs

      1. Nobody wants to brag about some things.

    2. Want to have a great city? Don’t worry about whether other people think you have a great city.

      1. Don’t worry, they’re well on their way to Detroit status.

        1. Actually, not at all. Seattle is in a serious boom right now. There is massive construction, expansion of big hitters like Amazon, the housing market is off the charts, and Microsoft has so many people working that they’re running out of room at the Redmond campus.

          If this passes, it won’t help, but I think part of the reason the scumbag pols think they can get away with it is because Seattle’s doing really well right now.

          1. Seattle has an interesting history of booms and busts.

          2. I’m not suggesting that financial ruin is right around the corner for the city, but they’re definitely laying the groundwork for decline in the years to come with their collectivism. Who could have foreseen the Detroit of the 2000’s in 1960?

            Granted, different forces are at work, but people will only be stand by and be milked for long. Eventually, it will make sense to be elsewhere, presuming you can’t distort the politics to your favor or a disruptive change doesn’t negate the value of these companies, if the trend continues.

            If Boeing and Microsoft were to leave Seattle, there goes probably 20% of the workforce.

            1. See California as an example.

            2. Boeing and Microsoft aren’t in Seattle. This minimum wage shit wouldn’t affect them regardless. That’s partly why Seattle pols can be such assholes. They can’t really hurt the cash cows (other than, say, Amazon). So they don’t see certain repercussions for their actions.

              1. Note that Amazon’s highly paid office folks are in Seattle.

                The packaging plant where the low paid grunts are is in North Bend.

              2. No, they aren’t literally in Seattle, but neither were the auto plants. They’re as much a part of the economy as the auto plants were to the Detroit metro area.

                My point was that they won’t stop at a $15 min wage and they won’t be the only city to try it. That’s only symptomatic of the larger reality-denying politics at work on the area.

                1. That’s only symptomatic of the larger reality-denying politics at work on the area.

                  The last 3 floating bridges sank…LETS MAKE A NEW ONE!!

            3. If Amazon and Microsoft left, you might as well turn out the lights. The number of very high paying jobs to very well educated folks that those businesses provide is staggering.

              Boeing started leaving years ago and will be mostly gone in another decade.

          3. the housing market is off the charts

            If I had to guess it is only a price bubble and new housing starts are actually flat.

            Getting permission to build a single family residence in Washington state is hard…Seattle is even harder.

            Artificially constraining supply does not a boom make.

    3. I really don’t understand why any city would want to be like New York or Chicago. They both suck ass.

      1. “Cities” don’t want anything. Politicians do. And from the view of a statist asshole politician, New York and Chicago are the shit. Their politicians are so far above the plebes that they can’t see them; they are powerful as shit; and they get more respect because their cities are bigger and more influential.

        I has nothing to do with what you understand. It has to do with scumbag politician egos.

      2. Agreed on Chicago. Disagree on NYC. I’d never want to live there, but it’s fun to visit.

        1. Granted I am a bit jaded after living in and around NY for so long but I find other cities to be far more interesting.

    4. Seattle isn’t even a Dallas, so their frustration is understandable.

      1. If only they could get a TV drama made about a family involved with the coffee business, full of double dealing, conniving characters. Might put the city on the map, give them a little more uh, city-esteem.

        1. The only show I remember about Seattle is “Here Come the Brides” featuring Bobby Sherman. I think the official city song is even the theme song from that show. Can’t access Wikipedia right now.

          1. How about The Killing?

      2. Seattle isn’t even a Dallas, so their frustration is understandable.

        Other than the fact that Russell Wilson won more playoff games in one season than Tony Romo will win in his entire career.

    5. they get all agitated that Seattle isn’t in the “big city” class of a New York or a Chicago

      It is amusing that Seattle’s big industries, Microsoft and Boeing, are not even in Seattle.

      1. Ford wasn’t in Detroit, and Chrysler hasn’t been since Lee Iacoca’s days.

        1. Detroit reached for utopian progcity only for like 2 years during the 50s.

          Seattle has a better shot at it then Detroit ever had…even if it is pretty far fetched.

  11. House Republicans will convene a special committee to investigate the Obama administration’s handling of the attacks on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya…

    Hopefully it does the same fine job others have done getting to the bottom of IRS targeting and federal agency gun running and Associated Press reporter monitoring.

  12. House Republicans will convene a special committee to investigate the Obama administration’s handling of the attacks on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, says House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio). House Oversight Chariman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) has subpoenaed Secretary of State John Kerry to testify.

    “Dude, that was like two years ago!

    We’re talking about editing talking points. That is what bureaucrats do all day long.”

    (that guy should replace Jay Carney)

    1. Fake scandal! Bushpigs!!!! Christfaaaaaaags!1!!11!!!!

      1. Obama lied, people died, and the Sec of State and future Dem Presidential Nominee said who cares.

    2. Replace Carney? The other guy doesn’t seem any more or less nonresponsive to basic questioning than Carney.

      1. Carney is a dishrag.

        They need someone with creative fire in the gut. Someone with a nasty edge.

        They need ME.

        1. They already have Susan Rice as the public pants-shitter.

        2. Well Buttplug is good at sucking Obama’s cock – a needed skill for the job.

          1. How often do you say “they rammed it down my throat” like conservatives are known to do?

            1. Sooo… they ease it in, nice and gentle for you? I guess they wouldn’t have to “ram it down your throat”, if you beg them for it without a fight…

          2. The scumbag Weigel wouldn’t last too long as Press Secretary. Calling people ratfuckers would almost certainly get him fired for real, unlike the last time where it got him a sort-of lateral move.

        3. Dude, you’re a towel.

  13. The Chinese know how to handle abusive cops:

    At least 4 Chengguan, the most hated police-inspectors in China, were beaten to death by angry people in Cangnan County of Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province (located in the industrial southeast), after they killed a man with a hammer. The police-inspectors hit the man with a hammer until he started to vomit blood, because he was trying to take pictures of their violence towards a woman, a street vendor. The man was rushed to hospital, but died on the way.

    WARNING: Graphic photos after the text

    1. The best part?

      Turns out they were temp workers illegally hired by the government.

    2. We’re such pussies in this country…

  14. It’s Australia night on TCM. At 8 PM EDT, Breaker Morant, followed at 10 by Gallipolli, then a Mel Gibson movie called Tim, followed by Mad Max at 2 AM. If you’re still on a cinematic walkabout, you can catch Stacy Keach and a young Jamie Lee Curtis in a suspense movie called Road Games at 4 AM. I’ve seen it before, it’s pretty good but not great.

    1. Isn’t Mel playing a slightly retarded guy in Tim?

      Gallipolli is depressing as hell. Good, but depressing.

      1. Re: Tim, I think so, haven’t seen it. Haven’t seen Gallipolli either, for that matter.

      2. On my top ten list.

    2. No worries, mate. You’ll have the service pistol in yer mouth after watching Breaker Morant and Gallipolli back-to-back. But my wife is gonna be pissed at you when she finds out why I’m watching those “stupid old movies” on TCM.

      1. I thought that’s why DVRs were invented.

        1. Then she’d just bitch about me watching them “on DVR”. I love my wife, but she has no taste in cinema. She called Heathers terrible.

          1. What is her fucking damage, Brett?

            1. I think she ate a brain tumor for breakfast

              1. Don’t worry, my wife-unit can’t understand why anyone would want to watch a movie more than once.

                1. Just buy one of those cheap touchscreens and down load a copy of Shawshank Redemption on it that plays a continuous loop then give it to her for Christmas.

                  Lawrence of Arabia and Jeremiah Johnson would also work.

                  1. Lawrence of Arabia: The Musical! How is it this has not been done yet?

                2. Okay, that’s weird.

          2. The honeymoon is over.

          3. She called Heathers terrible.

            In fairness it is terrible…but terrible in a away that makes it really fun to watch.

            1. I always thought Heathers was supposed to be a send-up of how mawkish and dopey all those other 80s movies were.

              1. Isn’t that the movie where Christian Slater plays Jack Nicholson as a teenager?

                1. Yes. It’s okay, but I hesitate to suggest that it’s a movie people simply cannot hate.

    3. Breaker Morant is a great movie.

    4. What, no Young Einstein?

      1. Maybe later in the month. Maybe on TCM Underground. Maybe never.

      2. No Paul Hogan either!

      3. I’m highly annoyed at their exclusion of Sirens.

        1. That’s a good one, too, and not just because of the, uh, scenery.

          1. There was that one about the listening post in Australia. With Damien.

            1. They can make up for it with a marathon of Quigley Down Under.

              1. Laura San Giacomo says hello. Whatever happened to her?

                1. According to IMDB, a bunch of TV. Looks pretty good for a woman in her early 50s.

                2. I don’t know, but I’d like to go on a vision quest to her house to find out.

                  It’s cool if I stalk her on a vision quest, right?

                  1. I believe so, yes. Keep it all new-agey, and it’s not creepy.

              2. The man from snowy river

                I had to look up the name to remember it. Anyway it is about an Ozy cowboy who becomes a man and save the farm..lots of horse back riding down mountains and shit.

            2. “There was that one about the listening post in Australia. With Damien.”

              Attack Force Z. Haven’t seen it in years, but I seem to remembering it being a pretty good flick..

    5. What about Quigley Down Under?!

      My high school World History teacher referenced it quite frequently.

      1. I believe TCM is spotlighting movies made by Australians. QDU and Young E aren’t on the list.

        Possibly AMC has the rights to show them.

        1. Yahoo Serious is most definitely Austrailian. In fact, he’s more Austrailian than Mel, since Yahoo still lives there.

          1. Mel Gibson was born in the U.S. and lived here for quite a while before moving to Australia. He’s an American.

            1. And yet there’s a statue of him in Scotland.

              1. No, that’s William Wallace. Wallace means “man from Wales.”

  15. So you were thinking of sending your orphans on a vacation, but don’t want them to get comfortable above ground?

    Giz has you covered: These Incredible Salt Mines Are Like Another World Beneath Our Feet

    Don’t worry Ted S., it isn’t organized as a slide show.

    1. There seems to be a lot of perfectly good salt being used to support the roof. Fucking OSHA.

  16. Local cult mandates drug testing, cultists are overjoyed. The idiots in the comments are fun.

    1. Students at three area Catholic high schools found out this morning that they will each have to part with a bit of their hair for drug testing when they return to class in the fall.

      Don’t do it, students! Everyone knows that if Catholic school administrators have a lock of your hair they can control you using arcane rituals the Vatican stole from the pagan peoples they conquered.

    2. These are Catholic schools, so for some reason, this surprises me. I’d have thought that Catholic school administrators would simply assume that they’d instilled enough Jesusly fear into their charges as to ensure they would go nowhere near drugs.

      1. Jesusly fear or Nun with a Ruler fear?

        1. Jesusly fear or Nun with a Ruler fear?

          I imagine to the penguins, they’re one and the same.

          1. “I may hit you with a ruler, but my *husband* can let you burn in Hell for all eternity. Think about that.”

      2. Don’t you just have to tell the pedophile in the box that you’ve been using drugs, and… Poof!

        All is better?

        1. Don’t you just have to tell the pedophile in the box that you’ve been using drugs, and… Poof! All is better?

          That’s actually a very good point.

          It also raises another question: should some poor you man’s results come back positive, will the priest offer him a “plea bargain”?

          “Blow into Gabriel’s horn, my son, and this whole little matter will just . . . go away.”

          1. Hmm, would using drugs actually be classified as a *sin*?

            Where’s our resident catholic theologian when you need him?

            1. Matthew 15:11

              What goes into someone’s mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of their mouth, that is what defiles them.”

              1. Thank you jesse. I now have a biblical quote to throw at southern baptists to encourage them swallow.

                1. Alternately: performing oral is fine, stopping is a sin.

  17. I saw a headline that some states are bringing back the chair, gas chamber, and firing squads(!). Given that we can anesthetize someone so completely as to cut open their chest and tinker with their heart, why is it so hard to kill someone without them suffering?

    1. Because, while technology has advanced, the character of our elites has devolved.

    2. Because its not *just* about ‘no suffering’ – it can’t be too gruesome either.

      Can’t offend the delicate sensibilities of those who will never see an execution anyway.

  18. If you haven’t seen it, today’s Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal features Karl Marx.

    1. NAKED Karl Marx, at that.

  19. “In Monument Builders of New Jersey v. Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark, (NJ Super., April 29, 2014), a New Jersey trial court upheld the right of the Newark Catholic Archdiocese to sell monument inscription rights and burial rights in mausoleums at Catholic cemeteries. Commercial monument builders argued that the Archdiocese has engaged in unfair competition with them, and that the sale of monuments by the Archdiocese is ultra vires and against public policy. (See prior posting.) The court held first that the state’s statutory ban on cemeteries selling monuments or mausoleums is inapplicable to religiously owned cemeteries that restrict burial to members of the religious faith and their families. Secondly, the court concluded that if the Archdiocese is statutorily authorized to engage in its monument and mausoleum programs, its alleged competitive advantage is irrelevant. The court went on to conclude that the state’s religious corporation law grants the Archdiocese the authority to acquire and install mausoleums and monuments and to sell inscription rights. Newark Star-Ledger reports on the decision.”


    1. Fake commercial idea.

      (sing-song)”Monument Builders of New Jersey” “Because hey, just because you’re dead, it’s no reason not to be classy.”

    1. Ah yes. If only some strong, noble person were to give us all a comfortable serfdom. I despise these people.

      1. Basically, treat those who disagree w/ you with total contempt, then complain when they, OMIGOSH!, don’t think you can be trusted w/ almost total power over them.

    2. Is it wrong to suggest that they curb their personal greenhouse gas emissions by tying a plastic bag over their head?

      1. “Is it wrong to suggest that they curb their personal greenhouse gas emissions by tying a plastic bag over their head?”

        Not. at. all. If it could save just one life, I think it would be worth it…

  20. Chinese counterfeiting reaches its logic conclusion:

    Fake government busted in China

    Of course, much like Emperor Norton I, this just raises the question of, to the extent that people were still obeying it, how is a “fake” government less real than a “non-fake” government?

    1. It wasn’t anointed with the magic government fairy dust.

    2. Comments are decent

    3. Can we get one of those?

    4. It would be cheaper than the real version

    1. Delicious.

    2. It’d be better if the whole incident had sparked even a tiny iota of self-awareness in one of these knuckleheads.

  21. Kenya liberalizes marriage laws!

    Nairobi (AFP) – A law allowing men in Kenya to marry as many women as they want was signed into law Tuesday by President Uhuru Kenyatta, despite criticism from women’s groups.

    “Marriage is the voluntary union of a man and a woman, whether in a monogamous or polygamous union,” the presidential statement added.

    There are so many good quotes in this…

    The initial bill had given a wife the right to veto the husband’s choice, but male members of parliament overcame party divisions to push through a text that dropped this clause.

    “We know that men are afraid of women’s tongues more than anything else,” female legislator Soipan Tuya told fellow MPs when the bill was passed.

    The National Council of Churches in Kenya (NCCK), which groups more than 40 churches and Christian organisations from across the east African nation, has also spoken out against the bill.

    1. And right after Uganda and Nigeria cracked down on homosexuals. See SOCONS? It’s BANNING gay marriage that leads to polygamy!

      1. Or Muslims.

        1. Not as big a role as I was expecting in Kenya:

          As in many parts of Africa, polygamy is common among traditional communities in Kenya, as well as in the country’s Muslim community, which accounts for up to a fifth of the population.

          But yes, Islam did play a role.

  22. Seattle’s city council is wall-to-wall progressive. I’d say the chance of this not passing is about the same as Episiarch getting off my Mom: Zero.

    1. What about me getting your mom off?

      1. That you can’t.

  23. Most of you are probably too old for this joke, but I for one laughed out loud.

    1. Not too old.

      10/10 would laugh again.

    2. I’m beyond sad that I got the reference.

    3. Yeah, I don’t get it. Is 28 too old, or am I just lame?

      1. You’re the right age, never had a gameboy?

        1. No. Was not having a gameboy one of the privilege categories from that dumbass privilege quiz? Cause now I feel like you all need to check your gameboy privilege.

          (I had a sega genesis.)

      2. It’s a Pokemon reference. I’m 30. I got the joke, but never really got into Pokemon. I think our age group just missed that particular fad.

        1. Was ist pokemon?

          1. Bro, are you serious?

            1. I have seen this strange word before, but do not understand its connotation.

              1. Pok?mon is a video game / trading card game / TV show / general merchandising empire owned by Nintendo.

                You catch creatures called Pok?mon and train them to fight each other.

                The joke is that in the original games, there are 8 themed “gyms” where you need to defeat other Pok?mon trainers and then the “gym leaders”. When you defeat the leader you get a badge corresponding to the gym.

                Hence, “I already have all 8 badges”

                1. I’m actually glad that I’m old enough, that it went right over my head.

                  I weep for our nation.

                  1. Oh, lighten up.

          2. It’s a game that trains children to enslave creatures and make them fight for their amusement.

            1. Basically cockfighting.

            2. There’s a libertarian version – “Pokemonocle”. Instead of creatures you collect orphans and make them fight in the salt mines.

        2. Yeah, I’m your age and thinking if anything I’m too old to get it. That was my little brother’s shit.

          1. I’m 30 too and I remember watching the TV show ironically with my younger brother, but I never played the game. Also didn’t get the reference.

  24. Insufferable hipster lives in a dumpster.

    1. Wilson will sleep inside the dumpster for an entire year, to make a point about sustainability.

      Do tell me more.

      1. How many hipsters can you fit in a dumpster, anyway?

        1. Are we allowed to use compaction and/or dehydration to find out?

          1. No, no, that would be inhumane. How many can you get in a dumpster without killing them?

            1. Regular dumpsters or the big roll-away kind? Also, skinny hipsters or ones fattened on a diet of PBR and artisnal mayonnaise?

              1. Whatever kind you have on hand.

            2. Are we stuffing them in with or without their hipster accoutrements?

              1. What’s the point of doing that? Look, if you aren’t committed to the scientific method, maybe we should get someone else to do this.

                1. No, no, I’m very committed to this study. It’s important to understand how the rules work because I want to stuff as many of them in there as possible.

                  1. They have to survive the experiment, and what we want to test is the maximum number that can be stuffed in a standard dumpster.

                    1. I’m going to estimate the final number will be approximately 40% more than the number of college students you can cram into a Beetle.

    2. Shame that folks be throwing out a perfectly good hipster like that.

      1. I don’t understand, what is a “perfectly good hipster”?

      2. Should you really be making an 80s John Cusack movie reference when poking fun at hipsters?

        1. Seemed more like a early ’90s Sheen brothers movie reference.

    3. “I have three pairs of pants, and one of them’s bright orange.”

      “I have three jackets, and one of them’s strait.”

    4. This makes no statements whatsoever about sustainability, but it does tell everyone who cares about sustainability that this guy cares about it more than they do.

      1. So can the other dumpster divers eat him?

        1. Zing!

      2. Someone should SO drive off with his house with a garbage truck.

    5. Dammit, why couldn’t he be named Oscar?

    6. Insufferable hipster lives in a dumpster.

      You take that back about Dr. Zoidberg!

    7. Here’s some more about Professor Dumpster
      He’s even more insufferable than you can imagine!

    8. . . . an average about 2,500-square


      I live in a place with cheap planning permissions and lots of cheap land and homes here average 1300-1800 ft2. When I lived in San Diego 1300 foot homes in El Cajon were going for a quarter million and up. There’s no way the ‘average’ size of us homes is 2500 ft2.

      1. Actually, it probably is. I’ve worked with a ton of property data (data about all the residential properties in the US) and square footage under 2000 isn’t that common, and under 1500 is really rare. If I still had access to it I’d run an AVG on the square footage, but 2500 sounds quite accurate to me. Houses tend to run bigger in a lot of areas.

      2. When I lived in San Diego 1300 foot homes in El Cajon were going for a quarter million and up. There’s no way the ‘average’ size of us homes is 2500 ft2.


        In middle America (ie not California) a 2500 square foot home is about $250,000.

    9. And I’m happier, you know. There’s not a whole lot of decisions I have to make in the morning on what to wear to work,” Wilson says. “I have three pairs of pants, and one of them’s bright orange.”

      Some people just want to be enslaved.

      Idiot doesn’t realize that he has just as many decisions to make on what to wear as before – one of those decisions is ‘should I buy more pants?’

  25. I don’t know how it is that no one has posted this work of beauty yet.

    1. If you turn off the volume, the girl in the glasses ain’t too bad to look at.

    2. Avril Lavigne still exists? And she’s stealing Katy Perry’s style?

      1. The best part is that she’s married to Nickelback’s lead singer. It’s like a shitty music singularity.

        1. I thought she married the lead singer of Sum 41.

          1. Nay. Chad Krueger or Kroger or whatever the heck his name is.

          2. She’s on husband #2 already

            1. Her taste in men is impressively bad.

      2. She’s hot shit in Asia. Millions of chinese teenage girls are probably listening to this right now.

        1. I wasn’t sure whether to believe you. You are right:

          According to an article posted May 1 at Billboard.com, “Kitty,” which was intended as an official single release in Japan only…

          …accusing Lavigne of stereotyping and racism. The acidic remarks prompted the “Girlfriend” hitmaker to respond on her Twitter account, writing, “RACIST??? LOLOLOL!!! I love Japanese culture and I spend half of my time in Japan. I flew to Tokyo to shoot this video specifically for my Japanese fans, WITH my Japanese label, Japanese choreographers AND a Japanese director IN Japan.”

          Did you know? Avril Lavigne’s new self-titled album was huge in the Asia-Pacific region, where it hit No. 1 in China and Taiwan, as well as No. 2 in Japan and South Korea while cracking the Billboard 200 top 5 in Canada and U.S.

          Emphasis mine

          1. The racism complaints are retarded.

            1. The racism complaints *are* retarded, but so is her defense ‘but there were *Japanese* people involved in the production’.

              I’m sure you could find black people who would star in a KKK recruiting video if the pay was good enough.

              1. Well, to give her some credit, that’s not all she said. She prefaced it saying it was done for her Japanese fans (which the album’s popularity make quite evident do exist), so I read the rest of the statement as saying that to that end she went to great effort to make something authentically Japanese.

                Which I think is slightly different from saying, “I can’t be racist because I hired a Japanese person”, which seems to be your interpretation.

              2. The Birth of a Nation anyone?

    3. Oh, Canada.

    4. I kept waiting for Badtz Maru to show up and hit her with his bass or something, but no!

    5. This video needs some tentacles.

  26. Sudden, I think you might appreciate this.

    An artist did an entire exhibition where the placards are the art and there’s nothing really to see. He essentially calls bullshit on the art world. claims the Earth and Venus as found object art and the placard for Some Crazy Bullshit is particularly funny.

    In part:

    He claims to have no rationale, inspiration, hidden motivation, or ideological justification for this act whatsoever. Even so, in this work Hannaham throws aside all codified notions of artistic merit and craft, including the conceptual requirement inherent in the phrase “conceptual art.”

  27. The gay humblebrag

    What’s your boyfriend’s name?

    I don’t have a boyfriend.

    You should have a boyfriend. You’re cute.

    This was the end of a conversation I had yesterday with a bartender who — maybe because he was significantly older than me, or maybe because he had my credit card in his possession — felt this was okay.

    He greeted me at the bar by telling me it had been so long since he had seen me. I was confused because I had never seen him before, but it became clear that his opening was part of a larger narrative he probably uses with a lot of guys. The tenor of his story was this: It had been so long since he had seen me after we spent such an amazing night together, and then he never heard from me again. I wanted to close my tab and get back to my friend, so I pretended to be amused by his bizarre roleplaying.

    But I wasn’t.

    What I experienced is an under-discussed and under-researched form of street harassment — or public harassment more generally — and it’s a problem.

    1. What I experienced is an under-discussed and under-researched form of street harassment — or public harassment more generally — and it’s a problem.

      Clearly we need million-dollar research grants to root out the scourge of dumb pick-up lines.

      Seriously, whether from men or women, I can never discern a point to stories like this other than “come-ons from people I don’t find attractive are harassment and should be prosecuted”

    2. I want to read the article when he’s 30 years older, I’m guessing his early 50s based on his huffpo bio pic, and every self-entitled younger guy he talks to thinks its harassment.

    3. “You must be pretty mediocre or I’d remember you.”

    4. What I experienced is an under-discussed and under-researched form of street harassment — or public harassment more generally — and it’s a problem.

      Why the fuck are people so traumatized when a stranger tries to pick them up?

      1. In general, I don’t believe they are. They’re hunting for attention and sympathy from the right people.

        1. This. No further comment necessary.

      2. They’re not. There was a very interesting article the other day here that linked to some paper someone wrote about how victimhood has become socially valuable, and so people play up their own for that social value, even though they may not actually feel like or be “victims”.

        1. Will this have run it’s course when someone writes an article about how victimized they feel by not having been victimized?

          “People have always treated me decently, fairly. Don’t they realize how hurtful, how much of an outcast I feel because of it?”

        2. It was ostensibly about the child molester witch hunts in England. But it describes the SJWs perfectly. All flavors of their activism follow that script.

        3. victimhood has become socially valuable,

          So you’re giving my mother social value?

    5. Did huffpo buy up that microagressions blog that used to get posted a lot around here?

    6. So… I’m confused here. Gay people are now complaining about harassment from other gay people?

      Is this a younger generation thing? Is the younger generation becoming completely sexless? There’s so many ways to interpret what’s going on here…

      1. Not the younger generation. Progressives.

      2. Patrick McNeil is a feminist, nonprofit worker and anti-street-harassment advocate living in Washington, D.C. His work has appeared on Washington Blade, Feministe, Role/Reboot, Thought Catalog, Stop Street Harassment and Fem2Pt0, and his gender studies M.A. thesis focuses on the street harassment of gay and bisexual men. Follow him on Twitter @patrickryne.

        Everything about this makes me stabby.

        1. Follow him on Twitter @patrickryne.


        2. Everything about this makes me stabby.

          No ssshhhhitt… he is ground effing zero for the indignation industry.

        3. Is he cute?

          1. Is he cute?

            Finally a pertinent question.

  28. I came across this at a gray market used parts dealer in Shenzhen. Round, high density circuit boards with big FPGAs and ceramic packages tend to catch my eye, as they reek of military or aerospace applications.

    I have no idea what this ware is from, or what it’s for, so it should be interesting judging the responses ? if there is no definitive identification, I’ll go with the most detailed/thoughtful response.

    Jam says:

    Obviously I’m not the first, but maybe this is the only clear evidence. These circuits are from the guidance section of an AIM9 Sidewinder air-to-air missile. Here’s a photo of the next generation:


    I think the file name says enough.

    emphasis mine

    1. I’m sure the Chinese make their own version of a Sidewinder. I’d think the parts from that would show up on the Chinese grey market before copies of the newest American version would.

      At least I hope so.

      1. They’re not listed on Wikipedia as a current or former users, though the list is stipulated as being non-exhaustive.

        1. They got it the old fashioned way: the Taiwanese fired one and it didn’t blow up.
          “On the 28th, a similar engagement resulted in one of the missiles becoming lodged in a MiG without exploding, allowing it to be removed.”

          That was the (comparatively) primitive AIM-9B version. The most recent Chinese IR homing missile is the PL-5.

          1. But then there’s this:

            Woah there. Those guessing missile system component are probably correct.

            That “15090? looked suspiciously like a CAGE code (—-), so I punched it into the search at —-

            It yields the Tucson division of one large defense contractor, let’s say “R”, which is known for missiles. My hope is that this was part of an U.S.-exportable system, but a federal agency might be interested in knowing where you found this kit.

            following CAGE lead , and the R result, considering cristek is specialized in aerospatial and mil product, i found this —– Assembly.htm looks similar but older design , same components lines and R* company mention in the JPG filename. Rely to the same filename , i found SM3 is related to Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System SM3 missile —-, the “LEAP” part of the filename related to Lightweight Exo-Atmospheric Projectile. Definitly part of a missile for me, but why not as told by f4grx, from the vision system. Keep working on this.

            1. hyphens are URLs I took out because of the stupid 50-character word limit

            2. I don’t know, then. I guess you CAN get anything in a Chinese market.

              1. I don’t know either, I’m just going by the comments.

    2. Roomba.

      1. There’s a yearly festival in Japan that basically consists of nothing but giant penises.

        1. Japan I’m used to. You don’t (or at least I don’t) hear about this stuff coming out of Taiwan as much, or China and Korea.

          1. What about Jeju Loveland on Jejudo (???)

            Ted S. trigger warning: slideshow.

            Besides there’s the giant penis forest that is outside the Andong traditional village

            Trigger warning: me without a facial hair.

            1. That’s pretty gay, Jesse.

              1. I want to post the one of a coworker doing the Major Kong rides the bomb on the wooden cock behind me, but I wouldn’t want to get in trouble in AZ. So I’ll post this one instead.

                Incidentally she had never seen Dr. Strangelove and the rest of the group was upset by this.

            2. Way to mind the stepchildren.

    1. That’s the same kind of camera Avril used, Fuji’s version of a Polaroid.

  29. House Oversight Chariman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) has subpoenaed Secretary of State John Kerry to testify.

    Shouldn’t they be subpoenaing Hillary? Since she was the one actually there at the time?

    1. Likely they’re after records, too, which Her Royal Clintonness no longer has access to.

  30. Too tired to slug through 233 comments.

    What did I miss? Who can summarize for me?

    1. Avril Lavigne released a Japan-themed pop song and, according to Jesse, has bad taste in men.

      There is a pervy sex-themed restaurant in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

      kinnath doesn’t know what Pokemon is.

      Shit about the minimum wage in Seattle.

      Some gay dude doesn’t like it when other gay dudes hit on him.

      There are going to be some Australian movies on TCM.

      1. according to Jesse, has bad taste in men.

        Objective reality. Chad Kroeger, Deryck Whibley

        1. “Deryck” (really?!) looks like Sting’s pudgy cousin.

      2. kinnath was aware that there was a merchandizing empire involving odd creatures, but since kinnath’s children are actually older that Carl, kinnath was unaware of the intricacies of the associated game play. Now git off my fucking lawn 😉

    2. Episiarch is going to be priced out of Seattle
      Beards are on the cusp of not being hip
      Hipsters are getting evicted from dumpsters
      Catholic school girls won’t be able to get their clandestined drug use on anymore
      A mob beat up some Chinese cops
      Episiarch is unable to satisfy Paul.’s mother anyone.
      Grey market missile guidance systems

      1. Priced out?!? Like this would affect me. The only poor people I want to hear about are the people who tend to my pores at the spa.

        1. Do you make them bring their own hazmat gear?

          1. Ask your mom, jesse. She knows.

            1. Her leathery skin makes her largely immune to radiation and other environmental hazards, but she’s atypical.

            2. Whose mom hasn’t Episiarch defiled?

              1. Raises his hand sheepishly.

                But then again he knows better than to fuck with a Calabrese being a paesano and all.

              2. Whose mom hasn’t Episiarch defiled?


                He draws the line at fucking Jackals.

              3. I think the lack of response to that question is telling.

                1. I think the lack of response to that question is telling.

                  You use that Reason hit and run Chrome plugin and block my posts don’t you.

                  1. Nah. Uncharacteristically busy at work. Shoulda hit refresh before posting.

                  2. You use that Reason hit and run Chrome plugin and block my posts don’t you.

                    Who doesn’t?

                    Oh wait…

    3. Mary Stack got elected to the board of the Reason Foundation.

    4. Rufus asked for a summary of prior comments, which were helpfully provided yet still led to discussions about each other’s moms.

      1. Rufus asked for a summary of prior comments pics of flye’s mom, which were helpfully provided

        1. ……..Dad?

  31. Cops are dump. People who talk to the cops are dumber. Pokemon is, apparently, a thing. Some hipsters live in dumpsters. Nikki hates facial hair.

    1. Nikki hates facial hair.

      She just has an anti-hipster bias.

  32. Cyclist Arrested For Videotaping Cop During Red Light Stop

    While in the back of the car, Paybarah says he asked the officers why he was arrested for taking video. One officer responded memorably:
    I was told by another officer while in the car that recording a police officer was illegal because people are using iPhones as guns and shooting cops through the camera lens…I told him that I have the right to be recording a cop and he said that there were incidents, specifically in uptown Manhattan where a kid shot a cop with his iPhone. Straight face. Very serious.

    1. I’m not sure if I’m more worried by the possibility that a cop is that dumb or the possibility that a cop is so corrupt he thinks people will believe such a preposterous lie.

      1. I’m thinking both are possible(likely).

  33. That’s it, I’m keeping my beard for the IRONY

  34. The players are losing their make-up.
    It looks like rain, is headed their way.

  35. “Issa opposed subpoenaing then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in 2007 in the years-long investigation of phony Iraq War evidence, during which Issa then decried ‘the inappropriateness of hauling the secretary of state ? out of the performance of her job.'”

  36. Sam Jacobs said that is not going to happen.


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