Hit & Run

A.M. Links: U.S. Wants African Intervention in South Sudan, De Blasio Agrees to Multi-Billion Dollar Contract for Teachers, Suicide Bombing in China


  • sosu

    The U.S. is pushing for the deployment of African troops in South Sudan, the continent's youngest country, warning of the threat of a genocide there.

  • Fifty-five colleges and universities who say they are cooperating with the Department of Education are being investigated for the way they handle sexual assault complaints.
  • The city government is proposing to turn pay phones in New York City into wi-fi hot spots. Bill de Blasio also agreed on a $5 billion-plus contract with the teachers union.
  • Authorities in China believe suicide bombers were behind a blast at a train station in the Xinjiang region.
  • At least 15 were killed outside of Abuja, Nigeria, when a car bomb exploded.
  • Malaysia released a preliminary report on the disappearance of Flight 370 and said the search might continue for up to a year.

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