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2 Progressive Puritans

From e-cigarettes to sex classifieds, the once-transgressive left tries to criminalize fun. Matt Welch

6 Contributors

8 Letters and Reaction

They Lied

10 Citings Farm bill redux; encryption under threat; firearms makers exit California; the war on porn continues; choose your own education

60 Reason TV: The Wrong Cure for Sex Trafficking

Prohibition of prostitution does not make it safer. Zach Weissmueller


18 Hung Up on 'Stand Your Ground'

The absence of a duty to retreat does not explain the outcome of Michael Dunn's murder trial. Jacob Sullum

20 Department of Cronyism The Economic Development Administration is a favor-dispensing machine. Veronique de Rugy

24 The Menace of Secret Government

Obama's proposed intelligence reforms fail to safeguard civil liberties. Ronald Bailey

78 The Myth of Economic Immobility

Americans are actually more mobile than we've ever been. Greg Beato


26 Port Authoritarians

The shadowy bureaucracy behind Chris Christie's Bridgegate scandal is a signature failure of Progressivism. Jim Epstein

32 The State of Marijuana Legalization

A 50-state guide to the legality of pot. John K. Ross

44 Stifling Commerce

How the Department of Commerce smothers what it's supposed to promote. Sonny Bunch

52 The Original NSA Whistleblower

Intelligence analyst William Binney's revelations preceded Edward Snowden's by more than a decade. Why didn't anyone listen? Interview by Nick Gillespie

Culture & Reviews

62 Sex Slaves and the Surveillance State

Why 'human trafficking' is a dangerous term. Thaddeus Russell

Briefly Noted

64 Matthew Feeney on the documentary The Square

66 Ed Krayewski on the graphic novel Fury MAX: My War Gone By

68 Scott Shackford on the film Short Term 12

70 Matthew Feeney on the TV show House of Cards

72 Katherine Mangu-Ward on the podcast Welcome to Night Vale

67 Forgetting Jefferson The long decline of the decentralist political tradition. John McClaughryPolitics on a Human Scale: The American Tradition of Decentralism, by Jeff Taylor

72 Arrested Development

Economists who set out to help the world's poor may actually be part of the problem. Brian Doherty

The Tyranny of Experts: Economists, Dictators, and the Forgotten Rights of the Poor, by William Easterly

76 'That Kind of Luxe Just Ain't for Us'

The progressive lineage of Macklemore's and Lorde's attacks on the pleasures of the poor. Thaddeus Russell

80 Beyond Male and Female Facebook's new gender options. Zenon Evans

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