Election 2014

How Will You Remember Meeting the President?


The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is hocking a chance for a free trip to San Francisco to meet President Obama, if you give them money! An email sent out by the DNC in infographic form that leads off with the question in the headline and also includes the gif below:

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The subject line: Get your photo with the president.

Earlier this month, Obama advisor Daniel Pfeiffer released into the media wild a story about the White house mulling a ban on selfies when he said as much on the Sunday morning talkies after a photo David Ortiz took of himself and the president was used for Samsung promotions. He has since assured he was joking but White House press secretary Jay Carney did stress an objection to the "commercial use" of the image.

But this is completely different. The product is political

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  1. OT:

    Peak Derp is real and it’s here now:

    Leave fossil fuels in ground

    1. Is that the Madcow fill in?

      That bitch is in need of some slapping.

      1. I thought it was real life Pajama Boy.

        1. I was always in the camp of conspiracy theorists who thought that Steve Allen cheated death.

          Seems as though we wuz right bitchez……

  2. Remember, not donating money to TEAM BLUE is the same thing as donating money to TEAM RED.

  3. That poor girl. “…crap, this one still has Barry in it. *delete* *takes another* why won’t he go away?”

    1. At least she had the decency to not hand him her father’s resume.

  4. I remember meeting George HW Bush in 1988. I was a high school senior and sucked up to my local congressman so I could get into West Point. I tagged along with him to a fundraiser dinner in Cincy where he introduced me to Bush. He was really gracious and asked me a little about myself and then cracked a joke about baseball vs basketball that I can’t remember and then he was off.

    Nice fellow and very courteous.

    Side note: my brother in law met GWB several times while he was the MP commander at Ft Belvoir since Bush biked there all the time. Said he always asked him how his kids were, by name, and asked about their sports teams, also by name. He said when Obama came the first time, he dressed them all down and made them go to the pro shop and buy golf attire on their own dime because he didn’t want to see them all around him in uniform every time he was there. He was also known to clear out the entire range and not let people photo him when hitting balls because he was so awful. He also never once asked him about his family or returned a salute.
    Oh, and lastly, he made every single man on the detachment work on Fathers Day so he could play golf. Almost all of them had returned from Iraq less than a week earlier and the old crew had just rotated out.

    1. For all his mistakes and faults you could at least tell Bush was sincere in his love of the troops and general persona of a down to earth guy.

      With Obama everything seems so artificial.

    2. Sure, sure, but you left out the important part. Did they get their pictures taken with him?

      1. He has pictures with him and Bush as well as with his family and Bush (plus wife)…because he told him to have all his soldiers bring their families out one weekend if they wanted to. Obama never once offered, but he probably would have declined anyway.

    3. I liked both GW and Jeb Bush, personally when I met them. I wouldn’t elect either one dog-catcher again, but at least they acted like real human beings when I met them (both as governors).

    4. I used to work in a seaside town where the Bush family has a nice little compound, and (politics aside) everyone I ever came across who had dealings with them only had good things to say.

    5. then cracked a joke about baseball vs basketball that I can’t remember

      Please tell me it was an off-color joke about hispanics and blacks…

    6. Bo is right! You’re just defending Team Red!

  5. I’d sneak in a camera that takes pictures across the light spectrum. Just in case that lizard thing is true.

  6. You know, if you wear the right glasses the picture ends up looking like this.

    1. I’m not wearing your damn glasses, man!

  7. President People Magazine.

  8. Moon him like Forrest Gump did to LBJ.

  9. Back before the 2012 election I was invited to a meet and greet with the President. Was something like $1000 to get in the door, $2500 (I think?) to get close enough to shake his hand, and around $5000 (maybe $10k, can’t remember for sure) for a picture (background check required). I… politely declined.

    1. That’s not really an invitation, more of a sales pitch.

  10. President Selfie. Pretty much sums up his reign.

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