Zenon Evans in The American Conservative: In Ukraine, All Uprisings Are Not Equal


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President Obama is stumbling out sanction after sanction against Russia while neoconservatives are striking empty poses on Ukraine. More interestingly, though, some notable advocates of limited government are defending the pro-Russian separatists in Crimea and the east, suggesting that their uprising is as valid if not more so than the pro-Western Euromaidan revolution. Zenon Evans writes that this view overlooks the real circumstances by which the revolutionaries came to power in Kiev and the separatists in Crimea, and what these different groups have done with their power.

Read the article here.

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  1. Ukraine democracy = One masked man, one vote.

  2. Thank you!

    The fact that such an article needs to be written says much of the paleo-con tendency to argue in favor of any regime, provided it is sufficiently anti-American.

    1. The most anti-American regime is the one in Washington, the one who wants to get the US involved in Ukraine and waste billions of dollars there.

      1. I fail to see how writing an article critical of Russia magically transfers billions of dollars out of the pockets of American taxpayers, or how writing an article praising a dictator restores those funds to their rightful owners.

        1. It has to do with what is anti-American. I deny that anti-American equals anti-US government since the US government is one of the most anti-American organizations that exist. The billions that the US government wastes and the lives it wastes in wars and conflicts are anti-American

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