A.M. Links: Kathleen Sebelius Resigning, Eric Holder Complaining, Hillary Clinton Ducking


  • arrested? what difference does it make?

    A classified Senate report on CIA torture practices reportedly questions the practices' legal foundations and accuses the agency of not having kept track of its detainees or how many were tortured.

  • Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius will be resigning over Obamacare's poor roll-out, more than six months after that roll-out started.
  • At a speech to Al Sharpton's National Action Network, Attorney General Eric Holder insisted that criticism directed toward him and President Obama was "unprecedented, unwarranted, ugly and divisive," displaying an astounding lack of historical literacy even for a self-serving federal official. 
  • The director of the Federal Air Marshal Service, Robert Bray, has resigned amid an investigation into his attempts to secure discounts and free guns for his officers' personal use.
  • American journalists Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras are returning to the United States for the first time since breaking the news of Edward Snowden's surveillance disclosures.
  • A woman who hurled a shoe at Hillary Clinton at a Las Vegas scrap recycling meeting was arrested, admitting to reporters she threw the shoe but declining to explain why.
  • A 6.1 magnitude earthquake in Nicaragua injured at least 23 people.

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  1. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius will be resigning…

    Always leave them wanting more.

    1. Hello.


      That’s the first sound I hear this morning.

      It seems the wife cracked my exterior mirror on my Jeep coming out of the garage.


      Ask me if I’m pleased.

      1. Are you pleased?

        1. $200 to replace.

          Ask again.

          Was thinking of selling it and this is just an added expense I didn’t want.

          1. Make sure you tell your wife “I only want to be with you.”

            1. *Narrows gaze and prepares to throw Hootie and the Blowfish disc like a shuriken*

          2. And hassle. My girlfriend is cleaning up her car to put it on the market and the other day someone sideswiped it. The person came into the office to let her know and their insurance is covering it. But, that’s another two weeks before she can get things moving on the sale.

            1. There are honest people out there.

      2. Was the Jeep coming or your wife?

        1. They keep the washer and dryer in the garage, so take a guess…

          1. Who keeps the W&D in the garage in general? That happens?

            1. In places where it doesn’t freeze and cooling the house is the major climate control expense, putting one of the two or three giant heat producers outside the climate controlled part of the house is a good idea.

              1. Ah. Learn something new every second month.

      3. She looked in it?

        (sorry it was wide open)

        1. Heh. ‘Honey, have you been looking in the mirror again? This is getting expensive!’

          1. ….why don’t you kill yourself like your mother suggested?

            1. Always with the dark turn RJ.

              1. Dark?

                Such a racist.

      4. I bought a replacement mirror on eBay for $35 when someone broke mine. Wasn’t too hard, at least on a 2002 Mazda.

        1. Know what? You’re right. I went to check it out and could find one for $50.

    2. Ol?.

      Why would she quit? My Obot Facebook friends keep telling me what an unalloyed success Obamacare is.

      1. She’s leaving to spend more time fucking up with her family.

  2. A woman who hurled a shoe at Hillary Clinton at a Las Vegas scrap recycling meeting was arrested, admitting to reporters she threw the shoe but declining to explain why.

    Hillary’s ninja reflexes from dodging all that that sniper fire in Bosnia remain razor-sharp.

    1. I wonder if it’s okay to make fun of her for this like it was to make fun of Bush for the same?

      1. Depends – was the shoe thrown at Hilary a platform stilleto heel? Those things look much more dangerous than the average dude shoe. And it is Vegas…

        1. Assault shoe? We need a ban!

          1. This is why my orphans perform all their tasks barefoot, although on Fridays they’re allowed to wear shower shoes in the mines.

            1. I don’t think a shower shoe would be much protection against Bouncing Betty!

          2. I saw some gun-grabber say that the only way to combat this was to let everyone carry shoes.

            1. Get it? She was wearing shoes and she still had a shoe thrown at her!!! Take that you fucking gun nuts!!!

              1. Why would anyone need more than two shoes?

                  1. a rudimentary set of male genitalia


                  2. a rudimentary set of male genitalia


            2. Wow, I used to say the same thing about guns but that witty remark made me realize how ridiculous I’ve been! It makes so much more sense to rely on the good intentions of our betters for self defense.

              1. Imagine a shoe being thrown at your head…forever.

              2. Wow, I used to say the same thing about guns but that witty remark made me realize how ridiculous I’ve been! It makes so much more sense to rely on the good intentions of our betters for self defense.

                Only cops and military can have shoes. The rest of us are S.O.L.

        1. Real it is!

          Don’t think Madrid can handle Bayern’s attack. Ramos is good but not that good. He’s no Nesta or Baresi.

          Chelsea-Atletico is gonna be one slug fest. Defense versus physicality. Wouldn’t be surprised if Chelsea pulls this off.

          Juventus-Benfica is not a bad tie either. I’m hoping Juve win this effen title so as to bolster their line-up and take a run at Champions next year.

          1. And Bayern get the second leg at home.

            Will Cristiano Ronaldo be ready for the tie?

            1. He will be. Real is balanced. Better than in recent years but Bayern is simply a notch above in my view.

              Pains me to say as a Milan fan but they are. Sometimes you just have to tip your hat. And at the moment Bayern and La Liga rule soccer.

              1. …don’t forget Liverpool Rufus. : )

                (I realize by outing myself as a Red, I can no longer attempt to engage you in conversation about Serie A.)

                1. Ah, the Liverpool Debacle!

                  Always had a soft spot for LP but I just found out it’s damn near impossible to get tickets to go watch them?!

                  1. I can’t answer that, unfortunately, as I have not yet made my pilgrimage to Anfield. Should they secure Champions League, though, I’m thinking I’ll pony up and do it.

                    Sunday against City is the biggest game I can remember. I only started following at the start of the 2007-2008 season, so I missed out on Istanbul and Athens. I’m already an anxious wreck.

    2. The woman should say she did it because everybody cheered the guy who did it to Bush. 🙂

      1. Well. That, and Hillary voted for the Iraq war.

    3. Who throws a shoe? Honestly?

      1. Shoeless Joe Jackson?

        1. *snicker*

        2. Shoeless Joe throws GAMES


      2. it’s a substantial insult in other parts of the world

      3. It is apparently a thing with symbolic meaning in the mid east

        1. So, CULTURAL APPROPRIATION!??!!??

          I don’t know why the progs aren’t calling for the death penalty.

      4. Who throws a shoe? Honestly?

        So you’re saying that this lady is really Random Task from Austin Powers?

        If so, then why isn’t she in prison for rape and torture and about to stand trial for murder?


    4. “This is a farewell kiss from the Iraqi people, you b$*%. This is for the widows and orphans and all those killed in Iraq.”

    5. Is the scrap recycling business moving into a new market, the recycling of old politicians? Is this because the toxic waste dumps won’t accept old politicians anymore?

      1. Are we moving to a new phase where scrap recycling doesn’t mean “shipping scrap to China for a pittance to keep the global container ship cycle going”?

    6. Are you kidding? Compare this video to the one of President Bush ducking a shoe. Whatever one may think of him as a president, he’s got catlike reflexes.

  3. A woman who hurled a shoe at Hillary Clinton at a Las Vegas scrap recycling meeting was arrested…

    Sounds like someone was recycling protest tactics.

  4. …displaying an astounding lack of historical literacy even for a self-serving federal official.

    They expect that at NAN.

    1. I could go for some naan right about now.

  5. Heroic Mulatto – I caught up on the comment hydra for Dalmia’s article last night, and I am impressed by your knowledge of Eastern religions and Indian history.

    1. I respect HM in these areas as well.

      Anything else, though …. 😉

      1. He has a double major in Theater and World Languages!

      2. His knowledge of bizarre, esoteric, and ass-notyzing Youtube videos eclipses his knowledge of those other subjects.

    2. How the heck does “thread” get autocorrected to “Hydra”?

      1. Autocorrect is a mystery sometimes

      2. I thought it was a riff on the multiheaded and unpredictable nature of H n’ R comment hydras, I mean threads.

        1. LOL.

      3. The phrase made perfect sense. I simply thought it was clever.

        1. LOL.

        2. Likewise, I assumed it was deliberate and quite clever – take a little credit.

      4. How the heck does “thread” get autocorrected to “Hydra”?

        HAIL HYDRA!

      1. Several languages…Knowledge of music…knowledge of literature…knowledge of… knowledge of…you’re an interesting man there’s no doubt about it

        1. But is he the most interesting man in the world?

        2. He’s also a respected scholar of DAT ASS.

          1. And Ram Dass.

  6. The director of the Federal Air Marshal Service, Robert Bray, has resigned amid an investigation into his attempts to secure discounts and free guns for his officers’ personal use.

    At least he was well liked by his employees.

  7. Have you heard the news from the…Salt Lake Tribune?

    “University of Utah weighing changes to ‘discriminatory’ fight song
    “Students, faculty, alumni and fans will be invited to chime in on the debate about possible changes to the 1904 lyrics.

    “University of Utah student leaders are ready to reopen the discussion on revising the school’s fight song, “Utah Man.”…

    “Originally written in 1904, the song is four stanzas long. It begins and ends with variations on the line, “Utah man am I,” and declares “Our coeds are the fairest and each one’s a shining star.”…

    “”This isn’t the first attempt to change the song, which is based on a burlesque or folk tune called “Solomon Levi.” In 1984, a U. vice president floated changing the lyrics “Who am I, sir? A Utah man am I” to “Who am I, friend? A Utah fan am I.” And, in 2000, there was an effort to repeal and replace it with a ditty written by a Mormon Tabernacle organist.

    “Those changes never caught on, but at least one switch did. The song once contained the line, “We drink our stein of lager and we smoke our big cigars,” a sentiment that was replaced with the line about fair coeds.”


    1. “We drink our stein of lager and we smoke our big cigars,” a sentiment that was replaced with the line about fair coeds.”

      Can’t win for losing, it seems.

      Maybe just hum that segment of the song.

    2. What the fuck is going on with you Yanks? You’re turning into fucking pussies in front of my Canadiana eyes!

      1. I’m a lumberjack and I’m ok…

      2. Hey, at least we still don’t have a Human Rights and Feelings Commission, or whatever the hell you people have up there.

      3. Turning?

        You haven’t been here in a while, have you?

        1. Trying to be nice.

          Oh Canada turned pussy a long time ago.

          1. Do Canadians get offended when people speak negatively about the Queen? I mean, she let you off leash in 1982, so that’s nice if her.


            1. Anglos do. Not me and pretty much all of Quebec. Couldn’t care less if I tried. The whole Monarchy thing is beyond me to comprehend.

    3. My schools fight song is full of drinking and cussing and sexism. And thats the way it should be.

      1. So, it’s a Nickelback song?

        1. Kruschev (sp?) and Nixon didnt sing Nickelback.

    4. I wouldn’t call it discriminatory, but it does sound more than a little dated.

    5. The USAFA finally caved a few years back and changed their iconic “Bring Me Men” ramp. Since understanding context is not a priority. Also, PATRIARCHY!1.

  8. Vlad warns of a possible cold European/Ukrainian winter:

    In such conditions, in accordance with Articles 5.15, 5.8 and 5.3 of the contract, Gazprom is compelled to switch over to advance payment for gas delivery, and in the event of further violation of the conditions of payment, will completely or partially cease gas deliveries. In other words, only the volume of natural gas will be delivered to Ukraine as was paid for one month in advance of delivery.
    Undoubtedly, this is an extreme measure. We fully realize that this increases the risk of siphoning off natural gas passing through Ukraine’s territory and heading to European consumers. We also realize that this may make it difficult for Ukraine to accumulate sufficient gas reserves for use in the autumn and winter period. In order to guarantee uninterrupted transit, it will be necessary, in the nearest future, to supply 11.5 billion cubic meters of gas that will be pumped into Ukraine’s underground storage facilities, and this will require a payment of about 5 billion US dollars.


    1. The natural gas holodomar?

      1. What’s the difference between a Ukrainian and a pizza?

        A pizza doesn’t get so hungry it resorts to eating other pizzas, ha ha ha!

        1. You couldn’t work deep dish in there?

          1. Ukraine does not have dough for deep dish! Is part of famine joke, no?

            1. They can’t even afford definite articles.

              1. In new Soviet Ukraine, articles define you!

    2. Once again Putin shows how markets work

      No money, no gas

      No gas, higher gas prices

    3. I propose we ruthlessly fight back by lifting the export ban on natural gas and selling gas at a lower (but still profitable) clearing price to Europe.

      1. Our oil and gas companies can make up the difference when the Europeans become addicted to American crack rather than Russian.

      2. All we need to do is spend several years and billions of dollars on the infrastructure, Brett.

        Not saying we shouldn’t. Just saying we can’t today.

        1. Maybe if it weren’t illegal to export natgas….

  9. American journalists Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras are returning to the United States…

    More of a layover in the U.S. on their way to Gitmo.

  10. I can’t believe people aren’t supporting this:

    OCCUPY vs 1% Board Game

    1. Is it free?

      1. And does it come with rape tents?

        1. “OK, I am building another Rape Tent on Zuccotti Park, land there and your azz is mine!”

      2. Yes, but not when homeless people try to take one.

    2. How this game is going to portray pepper-spraying cops? Are the unionized heroes in blue going to represent the 99% because unions are pro-people, or are they going to act like the Pinkertons and represent the greedy 1% and their non-people corporations?

      1. You have to roll to find out.

    3. I seem to recall an article about Elizabeth Warren who would buy foreclosed homes and resell them at a profit just like the square on the board shows.

      Now, I’m just guessing out loud here, but I’m pretty sure these people vote for her.

  11. admitting to reporters she threw the shoe but declining to explain why.

    One person’s declining to explain why is another person’s isn’t it obvious.

  12. Short and sweet video of Holder getting contemptuous about contempt.

    (Link where I found it.)

    The man really is quite a piece of work.

      1. Yeah, sorry ’bout that.

    1. Wow. The pointing of the finger was not professional AT ALL.

      What a punk.

      Didn’t the left treat Alberto Gonzalez shabbily?

      1. Yep. The sad thing is, based on the audio clips I heard, Holder absolutely and sincerely believes this is true.

        Plus, this was obviously a “dog whistle” i.e. “they criticized me because I’m black.”

  13. Make your life easier with The New Age Bullshit Generator

    1. “Quantum” means an awakening of the non-dual.


      1. Of course, it’s Slap-Ass Friday!


        1. It’s so nice to be attending the H&R School, which is truly tolerant.

  14. “Political Ties of Top Billers for Medicare”

    Dr. Melgen appeared on investigators’ radar when a Medicare contractor noticed that he, a single practitioner, was billing for Lucentis at a significantly higher rate than his peers, Justice Department lawyers wrote in response to a suit the doctor filed against the Health and Human Services Department.

    Each vial of the medication comes with up to four times the amount that a patient requires. Investigators said the doctor was using one vial to treat three or four patients, and billing as if he had purchased a new vial each time. The doctor would be reimbursed $6,000 to $8,000 for a vial that cost him $2,000.

    The investigation concluded that in 2007 and 2008 alone, he overbilled by $9 million, which he was forced to pay back.

    The doctor, federal lawyers said, “seeks to game the system by seeking reimbursement of three to four times its actual costs.”


    1. Will there be any outrage? Will anything else happen?

    2. Investigators said the doctor was using one vial to treat three or four patients, and billing as if he had purchased a new vial each time.

      The real problem here is reusing the vials on different patients. An absolute no-no.

      He was billing as if he were providing good treatment. If he had been, the feds would have spent exactly the same.

  15. Put one in my hand and I’m never leaving the house.

    Doctors implant lab-grown vagina

    1. Is it dishwasher safe?

      1. Are real ones dishwasher safe? If only there was a libertarian woman here to answer that one.

        1. Do you not watch Archer? Why? Its brilliant.

          1. Well that one was in the sink, so I presume Woolite?

    2. Everyone will want to shake your hand.

      1. Apart from straight women, gay men, and anyone with OCD

        1. And, of course, gynecologists will just want to *look* at it.

    3. The pictures in that article were disappointing…

    4. Get back to me when they have pancreaii and kidneys, stuff I actually need.

      1. And what’s your liver? Chopped…. Gall bladder?

        1. I would guess his liver is still working.

          1. Then he obviously isn’t doing it right.

  16. …and accuses the agency of not having kept track of its detainees or how many were tortured.

    The NSA can tell you.

    1. They can tell I was what?

    2. “You see, for security purposes, we put all of our data into write-only memory. So no unauthorized persons can access that information.”

  17. Carolla tears apart The Huffington Post, left-wing Hollywood and racist-baiters
    …”Me asking somebody?to engage in a behavior that I know would lead to a path to success is not racist? Look, listen, there’s a club in this town? The cool guy comedy club is super left-wing, throws around a lot of terms like ‘the pipeline from schools to prisons’ and ‘voter suppression’ and things like that,” Carolla continued. “The little things that you and I wouldn’t think of as a big issue, such as getting valid ID in the state that you live in, or focusing on schoolwork and education and homework and things like that. These are the things that they don’t think that certain cultures are up to. And so they use that and they sit up on top of Mount Pious, and they look down, and they throw around these terms, and then they all go to their parties that don’t involve any of these nationalities, and they smoke weed and they talk about what a racist I am.”

    1. Additionally, Carolla attacked what he saw as the narcissistic attitude that leads people to call others racists, sexists or homophobes.

      “You have to understand, every time somebody says, ‘you’re racist’, ‘you’re sexist’, ‘you’re homophobic’, really what they’re saying is, ‘I’m not’, ‘I’m better.’ It’s not really about me, it’s about them,” Carolla said. “It’s much more to do with them than does with me? It’s mainly a narcism. ‘You are fat. Thus, I am skinny.’ ‘You are racist. Thus, I’m evolved.’ ‘You’re homophobic. Thus, I am not.’ You see what I’m saying? All the finger pointing is really about self-congratulation.”…

      1. Projection is denial in its highest form

      2. He nails it. “Racism” today is really just about liberal whites using the term to feel superior to other whites. It is totally a white on white issue.

    2. Dang, he’s pretty cool.

      And he’s right, as well. Pointing at people and screaming “RACIST!!” isn’t gonna solve one goddamn problem. Other than the problem of the finger-pointer not feeling sufficiently smug, that is.

    3. I had no idea Carolla was a decent guy. He is also a huge gear head. He is a Leno level car guy, just has a lot less money. He has a really good car series on You Tube.

      I always figured he was a typical leftist moron. Sometimes people really don’t fit the mold. Good for him.

      1. Didn’t you ever see The Man Show? He was great on that.

        1. I never watched it. I probably should have. I was overseas a good amount of the time it was on and just never took the time to watch it when I got back to the states.

          I can remember him when he did Love Line with Dr. Drew back in the 90s. That was a great show. Dr. Drew was much less of a douche bag then than he is now. They made a great team. People would call in with serious questions and Drew would handle it and when clowns or nuts called in Carolla would take it. I miss Love Line.

          1. I enjoyed Love Line too.

          2. Just don’t get Carolla started on anything construction related.

      2. Holy shit, John. He has the most successful podcast in history. It’s hard to have missed that.

        Carolla is bang on with a lot of what he says. He’s also pretty funny and makes solid movies. As a matter of fact, I even kicked in $55 for his film on Fundanything because that’s one guy I actually have no problems supporting.

        1. He has the most successful podcast in history. It’s hard to have missed that.

          I am increasingly old and out of touch. I am slowly disappearing down the various worm holes of culture that are now available thanks to the interwebs.

          I used to really know pop culture. It wasn’t really because I was young them and am not as young now. It was because there just wasn’t much else going on and I couldn’t avoid it. Now with the internet I can and do avoid it as I go off on whatever tangent interests me. Lately it has been classic F1. A while back it was Edward III and the 100 years war, before that World War I. Who knows what will be next. It is amazing how out of touch you can be these days.

          1. Yup.

            But with a 10 year-old daughter, I figure to be in the loop for the next little while.

            One Direction, Disney Radio etc.

            1. Um. Make that NINE years-old.


      3. He worked as a contractor for years. Got a show on the satellite where he tracks down contractors who ripped people off and busts their balls.

  18. She (Hillary) is no George W Bush.

    That shoe would have killed her if it had been on target.

  19. So, I wasn’t sure how to handle a situation that occurred this week. I was finishing up in the bathroom at my community college, drying my hands, when a young black guy said to me “I’ll suck your dick so good” and gave me his “Oh, yeah” face.

    1. Well, was he any good?

    2. You should have found out how much he was willing to pay.

    3. Was it a class assignment?

    4. Write to Dear Prudence and maybe somebody will repost your letter here. 🙂

    5. “You’ll suck my dick so well – adverbs, dear boy, adverbs

      1. AAVE, you racist.

        1. Don’t drop your aitches, it makes you sound like a cockney chimneysweep

          1. Like a saucy Angela Lansbury in Gaslight.

    6. That all depends on what you want out of the situation.

    7. Just say “No, thank you”.

      Was that so hard?

      *** bites lip ***

      1. This was my response. No “it” was not hard. If there is a next time, I’ll use Brett L’s line.

    8. I believe the proper response is: “Have you been taking lessons from your mom? She’s my favorite.”

    9. I was finishing up in the bathroom

      Just to be thorough, finishing up what?

      1. Maybe he/she was hoping that you had to take a dump and wanted to give you a plumpkin?

  20. accuses the agency of not having kept track of its detainees or how many were tortured.

    Whatever. What’s a couple of broken battered Islamofascists more or less?

  21. These are my lasy AM links as a single man.

    That is all. Back to business as usual.

    1. And in the distance we heard the lonely sound of a saxophone playing a funeral march while the bonfire roared to life. Rob was gone. He was really gone.

    2. lasy AM links

      If that’s a typo of “last”, mazel tov!

      If that’s a typo of “lazy”, then it’s business as usual I suppose

    3. Congratulations!

    4. So did you knock up a woman, or did they make gay marriage legal in your state? 😉

      Seriously, congratulations.

    5. My whole life I never wanted to get married. I openly mocked the institution. Then I met the one. Changed my life. Congratulations.

      1. Take it from me: nothing livens a rehearsal dinner like giving your intended a pre-nup just before the dessert course.

    6. Ave, Reason, morituri te salutant is the traditional salutation for this occasion.

    7. You plural now or something?

    8. So, are you and your SO going to become the new sloopy and Banjos?

    9. Congrats. And don’t forget to watch “Old School”. It has good advice on how a newlywed man should behave.

    10. A happy wife is a happy life. Remember that.

    11. Congratulations and good luck. Being married, assuming you married a nice woman which I assume you did, is nice. As fun as dating and all of that can be, it is awfully nice not to have to put up with the bullshit that goes with it. It makes life less stressful I think.

    12. Congrats, rob, best of luck.

  22. Titillating! 67 year-old Cher stuns fans with daring outfits during live show – including heart-shaped NIPPLE PASTIES

    I wish I hadn’t clicked that.

    1. Not even with my Bea Arthur fetish will I click that.

      1. Awww, poor Johnny. Looks like he was let down once again.

  23. Which passwords should you change because of heartbleed?

    Unfortunately no word on Reason.com, and I am pretty skeptical about the government’s understanding healthcare.gov well enough to know that “Healthcare.gov consumer accounts are not affected by this vulnerability.”

    1. Healthcare.gov consumer accounts are not affected by this vulnerability.

      I imagine that one of the developers has a post-it note sitting on his monitor that says “upgrade site to use SSL”. Or more likely, they read about this and said: “what the heck is SSL?”

    2. “Healthcare.gov consumer accounts are not affected by this vulnerability.”

      …because the rest of our security is so bad they won’t have to resort to Heartbleed.

        1. Or because the bug can’t be exploited while the website is down.

          1. “It’s a Denial of Denial of Service Attack Attack!”

      1. But does this test the current state? Because that wouldn’t say anything about whether you need to change your password, since they could have patched it recently.

        1. Correct.

          And, from what I read, it seems impossible to know whether any of your stuff has been “stolen”.

          Maybe we should just rebuild the intertubes from scratch.

          Think of the JOBS!!

          1. But then we’d have to build and destroy geocities again for the ruins.

  24. Is that your lucky outfit Kate? Thrifty Duchess of Cambridge recycles Sloaney outfit we’ve now seen THREE times as she beats William in sailing race
    Kate, 31, enjoyed friendly sailing race in New Zealand
    Wore similar outfit to play volleyball last year
    Also wore for visit to athletes’ village during 2012 Olympics
    Her favourite ?245 Russell & Bromley wedges made another outing
    Covered up with ?79.99 Zara jacket
    Wore skinny J Brand jeans, one of her favourite denim labels

    You mean she doesn’t throw her clothes away after wearing them once? What kind of dutchess is she? Has she no respect?

    1. I thought Diana donated many of hers to a charity auction.

      1. Only 10, but they were pretty great and were rendered notable because of the occasions on which she wore them.

        A bigger point is that for her day-to-day appearances Kate Middleton usually wears what the poms call “high street fashion” – stuff sold in shops that most people can afford.

        1. She certainly is more humble than America’s royal family.

          1. She probably won’t rip your arms out of socket when she loses, too.

          2. Well that’s a pretty low bar.

  25. Now THIS is how to fight a speeding ticket: Man fighting speed camera violation makes creative arguments in appeal
    Man received letter in mail saying he was caught on a camera speeding in Plano, Texas
    He says that the chargesshould be dropped ‘out of respect for taxpayers’
    Man writes in appeal that he has no way to face his accuser at the accuser is a camera
    He also argues that according the Institute for Transportation Engineers, a yellow light in the intersection in which the camera was situated lasted shorter than recommended

    Last time I went to contest a speeding ticket, the judge basically said “You’re all guilty. I don’t accept any defense arguments. The law says that the radar is right, even when it is wrong. Now lets get on with it, but you’re all wasting my time.”

    1. Judge Eatmydick was it?

      1. I was hoping the cop wouldn’t show up so it would get dismissed. He showed. He told me “I’m going to tell the judge that the radar was calibrated that morning…” in other words, he was going to lie knowing the judge would believe him even if I could prove otherwise.

        1. Well, he IS a pig.

        2. Correction, the judge would PRETEND to believe him. Most judges are ex prosecutors, and well aware of, and in favor of “testilying.”

    2. If the law can make piles of cash a defendant, then it can make a camera the accuser.

      The law, sir, is an ass.

    3. Last time I went to fight a ticket the cop continued to interrupt the defendant after the judge warned him to remain silent. The judge automatically dismissed the next three cases, including mine, just to get the cop’s attention.

    4. you’re all wasting my time.

      That’s rich. The fucking arrogance kills me.

  26. Harry Reid on immigration…in 1994:


  27. They’re pussy cats really! Tattooed heavy metal rockers risk their tough reputation to out themselves as kitty lovers with pets named ‘Princess’ and ‘Fluffy’


    Crockett admitted that the majority of her subjects were white men as the scene and area the photos were taken has lacked much diversity

    must… apologize… for… for… must… apologize… white… guilt… apologize… must…

    1. Warty adores kitties and he is a metal head. I wonder what it is about metal and kitties.

      1. They like pussy. Duh.

  28. The novice, the dilettante, the journeyman and the master: Revealed, the four types of HIT MAN, according to criminologists
    The study has been done by criminologists at Birmingham City University
    They interviewed criminals, police and studied newspaper reports of hits
    They have come up with a framework of four types of hitmen to explain who gets involved in the profession and why


    1. They forgot the on type that exists in more prevalence than all of the above: The Undercover Cop.

        1. “I’m not a rat!”

          /Whitey Bulger

          1. “I’m not a rat!”

            /Whitey Bulger Al Sharpton

  29. ‘It’s a war zone’: Pregnant woman and cancer survivor assaulted by feds in battle with southern Nevada’s last rancher as private militias join the fight
    Cliven Bundy is appealing for help to stop the Federal Bureau of Land Management and the FBI from removing his 900 cattle
    He claims his family have owned 600,000 acres of Gold Butte since 1870
    The federal government claims that the cattle are trespassing and have seized about 350 of the animals
    Heavily armed federal officers equipped with 9 helicopters and backed up with snipers have have removed hundreds of the cattle
    Claims of violence against the agents have spurred private militias to pour into the area

    BLM claims dude owes them a little over a million dollars, while they say it will cost three times that to impound the cattle. Not to mention all the overtime their thugs. So it’s not about money. It’s about power.
    Article says militias from as far as FL and NH are mustering. This could get interesting. And bloody.

    1. The NH guys better not try to transport their arms through NYC.

      1. They can transport through NYC as long as they stay on the road. It’s the airport where they get nabbed.

        1. If you get pulled over by the NYPD transporting your firearms through andy of the boroughs, you will be arrested and your firearms confiscated.

          1. Even if you are in compliance with federal law? Oh yeah. FYTW.

            1. Exactly. Because they can. Sure, maybe the charges will be dropped, and maybe (doubtful, though) you will get your gun back, but only after legal expenses that would make it economically foolish; it’ll just be cheaper to buy a new one.

              When I applied for my NYS pistol permit, a former NYPD cop that gave the safety instruction course made it absolutely clear that under no circumstances should you attempt this, despite the Federal law, and if you do expect tot be arrested and your firearm confiscated.

  30. Gym teacher ‘fired because she refused threesome with boss’
    Carisa Gaylardo was canned last month after being suspended last year for a ‘flirtatious’ relationship with a student
    Gaylardo claims in a lawsuit she was terminated because she refused sexual propositions from boss Sofia Memos
    The student and her mother both defended Gaylardo, calling her a ‘role model’ and a great influence


    1. Gaylardo?? That’s a real slow pitch over the plate.

      1. I’m guessing these girls could hit a fast pitch if it were thrown underhand.

    2. For once one of these scandals involves two people that the thought of them having sex isn’t disturbing.

    3. Why do they always make a big deal over the number of texts?

      1000 texts in 30 days is an average of 33 texts a day, 33 texts is something like 500 – 750 words and maybe a 5 – 10 minute conversation each day? Would they fire her if she was spending an extra 10 minutes a day talking to the student?

      The number of texts is never an issue, what is an issue is the content of the texts which there was apparently nothing wrong with.

      1. Exactly. If it was 1000 texts that were just things like, “Keep it up!” “Did you bring your book to study on your way to that track meet?” and the like then what’s the big deal? If it was a single text that just said, “I want to feel you from the inside,” then yeah, there is a problem. The number of texts is irrelevant.

    4. ‘I have observed a rapport between them that had made me feel uncomfortable,’ wrote Memos, calling their relationship ‘flirtatious.’

      ‘Gaylardo’s unprofessionalism has only encouraged it by allowing (the student) to come into our office on many occasions to just chat,’ she continued. ‘I have witnessed them giggling and laughing together many times.’

      Oh noesz! A student went into her office to just chat. And Memos was uncomfortable!

  31. Black Peggy’s got the brains and the honey to get all the money

    Mad Man: The blaxploitation version

    1. +1 Bad motherfucker.

      1. Shut yo mouf

    2. That was funny. Thanks

  32. Meet Sebelius’s replacement

    But perhaps what attracted Obama to nominate her for current position is … her proven record of problem-solving.

    [She was asked] if she “wanted to go on a 100-mile, two-day bike ride. Even though my bike still had the sticker on and flat tires … I said ‘absolutely.'”

    1. Does her ‘thinking beanie’ come with a propeller? Weeeee!

    2. Well, that settles that. She’s swell as NBC’s puff piece reveals (love how they shove in ‘she often butt heads with Republicans’ after setting the narrative up as her being a genius thus making the reader accept that the GOP are ignorant assholes). Is this one of those articles we need to save and store for posterity for if and when she doesn’t live up to the hype?

      I’ve grown to view such hirings and glowing reviews with much skepticism.

    3. I don’t know, anyone who can succeed at the Gates Foundation and Wal-Mart Foundation is probably not the light-weight we are used to from the Obama administration. Its a low bar to clear, but it would be a good start.

  33. A woman who hurled a shoe at Hillary Clinton at a Las Vegas scrap recycling meeting was arrested, admitting to reporters she threw the shoe but declining to explain why.

    Time for common sense shoe control.

    1. Nobody needs a shoe that can fit 10 toes.

  34. Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras Returning To U.S. For First Time Since Snowden Revelations

    Shit’s about to get real.

  35. This morning I saw a cop pulled over, helping someone change a tire on the side of the highway. I’m still in shock.

    1. I see this once in a while with the sheriff’s police in rural areas… other times I see IL State Troopers just sitting there watching people struggle with that.

    2. Probably hoping to find something “in plain sight” that would give him an excuse to fire his weapon.

    3. Was the other person one of the cop’s personal friends, or a verified member of the public?

    4. You see that sometimes. Usually it is the highway patrol or the county sheriff though. If it was a city cop, that is rare.

      1. I think it was a city cop. Another odd thing is that I saw a lot of unmarked police cars pulled over at different points. I only know they were police cars because they had their lights flashing; they were all really unusual makes/models for cop cars. One was a Nissan. That’s not fair at all.

        1. I hate those things. They are dangerous. You can’t see them even when they have their lights on. It is just sleezy bullshit. You want to put cops out there, fine. Put them in cars and uniforms so people know who they are. Last I looked they were there for public safety and you know to deter crime. You can’t deter crime if no one sees you.

          Yeah, I know they are not there for public safety. They should be though.

          1. My thoughts exactly.

            For a profession that makes a big stink about officer safety, they sure don’t want to do anything that might address the biggest danger cops face, well besides choking on a doughnut when no ones is around. The Brits for once have the right idea. Cop cars with lots of reflective striping, lime green jackets with reflective striping and uniforms that clearly identify the person as a police officer.

            1. The reality is that my action will beat your reaction every time. If someone means to kill a cop and they are a good shot or get lucky, chances are they will do it. No amount of bravado will change that.

              The biggest protection cops have is the fact that few people want to turn a traffic stop or a drug conviction into a capital murder case. That means their uniforms and badges are the best guarantee of safety.

              You want cops to be safe, the answer is not to arm them more or make them more trigger happy. The answer is to put them all in uniform, get rid of three strikes and minimum mandatory so as few suspects as possible have nothing to lose, and make killing an LEO in the line of duty subject to the death penalty.

              That system would make them and us a hell of a lot safer.

              1. Yep.

                Here’s one of those rare occurrences from last summer. A tacticool uniform wouldn’t have made a lick of difference. The shooting only lasts five seconds. The cars on the roadway are still the biggest threat.

        2. One was a Nissan. That’s not fair at all.

          Ford performed a tremendous public service by producing the same model of Crown Vic for as long as they had.

    5. On New Years some stranger knocked on my door. He had a flat. Shitty day for flat since it was like twenty below and windy. I tried to help him, but he didn’t have the tools to lower the spare. While we were fiddling around a trooper pulled up and he wasn’t much help, but he tried. While looking around the back the driver uncovered a rife of some sort. The cop didn’t even blink. Anyway, dude ended up calling a tow.

    6. Meh. I’ve seen DC cops jump people off. They just want to clear traffic as quickly as possible.

  36. Why the long face Kathleen?

    1. Heh.

    1. “Me love you long time”

    2. “conduct codes of whiteness”

      Because we all act the same to you?

    3. My favorite excerpt:

      We think people are surprised to see that their monolithic view of Asian Americans as a model minority is being challenged.

    4. Maybe it’s not about “codes of whiteness”. Maybe there are just more effective ways of communicating.

      Unless you just think that white people are inherently superior in some way, there must be some cultural reason why they have been so successful in the world. It’s not as if other civilizations lacked for violence and colonial tendencies.
      But I guess it’s racist to suggest that people look at people who have succeeded for ideas on how to achieve similar success.

    5. Is there a ‘crazy/angry Asian archetype?’ I’m only aware of the ‘crazy intelligent Asian archtype,'(common, but not a majority of Asians) and a ‘poor driver Asian archetype’, of which all non-American born Asians are a member.

      1. “Not ‘Craw’! CRAWWW!!”

      2. When I was in college, there were a few students of Asian descent who went bat-shit insane over the lack of a hyphen (or was it the inclusion of a hyphen, I can’t remember) in “Asian-American” in something someone else wrote.

  37. Rand Paul just tweeted a Pat Buchanan article. It’s now clear that he’s a racist anti-semite like his father.

    Senator Rand Paul ?@SenRandPaul 3m
    “Reagan never wanted to be a war president, & there were no wars on his watch. None. The Gipper was no neocon.”

    1. To be fair Grenada wasn’t a war under the current definition.

      1. The action that gave us Heartbreak Ridge wasn’t an act of war against the American people?

        1. It might make a difference if that name meant anything to me.

          1. It’s a decent movie if you like Clint Eastwood.

        2. Heartbreak Ridge was an act of culture war.

        3. “Sir! That is the AK-47 Assault Rifle!”

          “The preferred weapon of our enemy…”

          “And it makes a distinctive sound when fired at us, Sir!”

      2. So, kinetic military action?

    2. Grenada was knocking over a taco stand with an aircraft carrier. I don’t see how you could call it a war.

      Reagan was no neocon. Reagan believed in freedom and democracy and believed in a confident America that expressed those values in no uncertain terms. He did not however believe it was America’s duty to use its military to enforce those values across the world. Reagan believed people would choose the values on their own if the US and the free world were confident and lived by them.

      Reagan was a cold warrior. He fought communism. He generally did thought through rhetoric, diplomacy and in directly. A neocon would have sent troops into central America and fought the war down there for them and tried to rebuild the countries in the US image. Reagan sent them arms and helped them fight the war themselves. He never tried to transform their societies from the outside.

      Reagan is a great example of how you can be an internationalist who defends US interests abroad and not be a NEOCON. Paul is absolutely dead on to point to Reagan as his role model for foreign policy. The GOP voters will eat that shit up.

      1. Plus, there was also the symbolic/propaganda action. Carter had warned the Soviets about certain things and then retaliated by boycotting the Olympics. Reagan made it clear that there was a limit to how Soviet shit he would put up with.

        1. Yes. The reason why Ron Paul fell so flat with many GOP voters was not because they were all NEOCONs wanting to rebuild the world. It was because he came across as too critical of the US and American values. Regardless of its truth, GOP voters do not want to hear about how hard the US makes it on the rest of the world. They just don’t care number one. And they also feel the need to defend the country because liberals are constantly attacking the country and its history as racist and all of that.

          Just because they don’t want to hear that message doesn’t mean they want to go out and get in every war or try to save the world. They don’t. The winning message is America is great and our values are great and it is up to the world to follow not for us to force them or for us to settle every dispute and right every wrong with our military.

          Like I said in the Ukraine threads. If the GOP establishment things they can stop Ron Paul by saying he won’t go to war to save Ukraine or Israel, they are more deluded than even I thought they were.

      2. I thought Paul would try to take on the Reagan mantle (on some topics, anyway). I agree about it being a smart move.

      3. Grenada was knocking over a taco stand with an aircraft carrier. I don’t see how you could call it a war.

        No mustard stains for the Airborne Alcoholics.

  38. Ayaan Hirsi Ali- Here’s what I would have said at Brandeis

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