Brickbat: You Aren't Invited


Officials with the Olathe, Kansas, school system have apologized after inviting only black students on a field trip that included visits to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and an exhibit on the Civil Rights movement at a local museum. Well, actually, they say it was all a "misunderstanding" and that the invitation mistakenly "suggested" the trip was open only to blacks. But the actual invitation specified that it was for "our African-American sophomores and juniors."

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  1. Doug Bonney, legal advisor for the area ACLU, said inviting only African-American sophomores and juniors is discriminatory based on race. He said he didn’t think any ill will was meant.

    “I think the school’s heart is in the right place. They’re trying to provide an enrichment experience for these students,” he said.

    They’re enriched by experiencing racism that can’t be called racism.

    1. I wonder if Doug would see a whites-only field trip as a good-hearted attempt at enrichment for those students. Perhaps it’s unfair of me, but I think he’d probably be a hypocritical prick if a different ox were being gored.

      1. But this was ok because we have to make up for past aggressions against black people and white people have all the other privileges, like being white, so it’s ok to discriminate against white people now because it’s just evening in out, or something.


  2. Afterwards they watched a documentary about the Old Negro Space Program.

    1. The Negro-American Society of Space Astronauts!

      1. NASSA’s in de cold, cold ground.

      2. yeah, I remember when we launced chimps into space!

        1. that would be launched

          1. You musta been thinking of Lancelot Link.

  3. Is not having to go on a yet another moralizing lecture about why the racist past of America must be forever on their heads supposed to be some sort of punishment for the white kids?

    Or is the school mad at themselves for not bringing the scapegoats along?

    1. I dunno, sports followed by a civil rights exhibit could be sweet, especially if the latter was about these guys

      1. But it never is. It’s always the same three speeches by MLKjr, a standee of Rosa Parks, a bunch of Depression-area pics of rural blacks, and some poor bastard getting hit with a firehose. The main variation seems to which picture of a segregated water fountain they use.

        As for the Negro Leagues, that wouldn’t be too bad, assuming you want to see a bunch of pictures of Happy Chandler and hear a scratchy recording of him singing “My Old Kentucky Home” on an endless loop.

  4. “our African-American sophomores and juniors.”

    Where are the freshmen and seniors? This sounds like a classic case of classism.

    1. freshmen

      See the sexism inherent in the system.


      1. “TIWTANFL”?

        1. This Is Why There Are No Female Libertarians.

          1. I thought is was cause you needed a penis to join, and while some women may be pricks that just doesn’t meet the litmus test

        2. “This is why there are no female libertarians.”

          Oh sweet irony.

        3. This Is Why There Are No Female Libertarians

          Dammit people, get with the program.

          1. Dat post time. GFG neoteny and Rebekah. GFG

  5. The fact is that there is group of people whose primary agenda involves perpetuating “racial consciousness” (racism)so they can milk this cow perpetually. The last thing in the world they want is a “color blind” society.

    1. Rather than freedom from oppression, most oppressed people simply wish to exchange places with their oppressors.

  6. “Misunderstanding” Once again, reach down grab ur balls and admit it was a mistake. ‘Miscommunication’ and ‘misunderstand’ DO NOT APPLY when it is in black & whi…. I mean printed. Your mask slipped, we all saw it.

  7. Just think of it as an experiment in segregation.

  8. Tolerance means not tolerating intolerance. White kids are intolerant. Thus they were only being tolerant.

  9. They can make up for it by taking the white kids to a NASCAR game and a Wonder Bread factory.


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