Rep. Ryan Reveals Latest Budget Plan, Mudslide Death Toll Rises, NATO Suspends Cooperation with Russia: P.M. Links


  • Savings offset by refrigeration costs of trying to keep snowballs intact in Hell.
    Credit: Gage Skidmore / Foter / CC BY-SA

    Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has introduced the latest Republican plan to balance the budget, calling for $5 trillion in reduced spending over the next decade, and of course, the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Read more about the proposal here.

  • The death toll for the mudslide in Washington state is up to 27. There are still 22 people believed missing in the slide.
  • Mississippi's Supreme Court has tossed out the capital murder conviction of a woman on death row since 2000 and ordered a new trial. She's convicted of killing her husband, but it's possible her son is responsible.
  • NATO is suspending cooperation with Russia over its annexation of Crimea. NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Russia's actions were "the gravest threat to European security in a generation and it challenges our vision of a Europe whole, free and at peace."
  • The Pentagon says there were no U.S. military casualties in Afghanistan for the month of March. It's the the first casualty-free month there since January 2007.
  • Airbnb, the home-as-hotel rental connection service, will start paying hotel taxes of 14 percent in San Francisco. This follows news they'll also start paying taxes in Portland, Oregon.

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          Personally, I like the sliced because I cut it thinly and it gives a supple feel to it.

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            1. That’s a good combo. I make it too. My daughter loves that stuff.

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              After I roast my brussel sprouts, I like to toss them in a balsamic glaze. I wonder if pancetta would work with that.

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                As long as it’s authentic balsamic from Modena.

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          Pizzoccheri is a type of buckwheat/durum based pasta. You toss it with cabbage or potatoes and parmagianno and sage.

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  2. NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Russia’s actions were “the gravest threat to European security in a generation and it challenges our vision of a Europe whole, free and at peace.”

    Remember back when it was the Soviets?

    1. In European Union Soviets remember you!

    2. That was a generation ago.

      1. Wrong. The last time Europe was “free” people lived in caves.

    3. Why the fuck do we still have to be dragged into Europe’s problems?

      News flash – they have 300+ million people.

      News flash – they are Rich.

      News flash – they have the know how to train and equip a military that can stand up to anyone in the world.

  3. Yeah, what the hell is this? The only reason I checked 24/7 is because of the AM links.

  4. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has introduced the latest Republican plan to balance the budget, calling for $5 trillion in reduced spending over the next decade…

    He must own stock in granny cat food.

    1. LOL.
      +1 Friskies

    2. Ryan included the Obama spending cuts that he and Romney campaigned against.

      1. Who doesn’t love compromise?

      2. You mean the cuts that aren’t cuts at all but are just decreases in the rate of spending increase.

  5. Links lost. News at 24/7.

  6. Airbnb, the home-as-hotel rental connection service, will start paying hotel taxes of 14 percent in San Francisco. This follows news they’ll also start paying taxes in Portland, Oregon.

    What a ripoff. There is no place to hide from the fangs if these vampires.

    1. I’m sure there’s some grey-market alternative to Air BnB. Just putting your space on Craigslist is not a bad idea.

      1. You could try to use CouchSurfing with side-payments.

  7. There we go.

  8. ? Dontcha wish your kid was creepily brainwashed like mine ?

    Them blaspheming Allah would warrant a death sentence in more than a couple countries.

  9. Tax the Childless: We should slash taxes on parents by jacking them up for nonparents.

    So now, as a childless professional in my mid-30s, I often reflect on the sacrifices working parents make to better the lives of their children. And I have come to the reluctant conclusion that I ought to pay much higher taxes so that working parents can pay much lower taxes. I believe this even though I also believe a not inconsiderable share of my tax dollars are essentially being set on fire by our frighteningly incompetent government. Leviathan is here to stay, whether I like it or not, and someone has to pay for it. That someone should be me, and people like me.

    Good lord.

    1. Oops, link.

    2. I have two kids and I think that’s stupid. But if he wants the burden…

      1. I’ll ask this person if they can pay my taxes for me next year; you know, to relieve my burden as a parent. Maybe then I’ll be able to afford private school.

    3. Un-fucking-believable. How can anyone conceivably believe that the childless are not already fleeced enough for the benefit of those with children? How can he even fucking try to articulate such a ridiculous argument?

      1. I find it more concerning that he admits that the government is a giant money pit but we should shovel more money in anyways.

        1. Oh and that this is coming from a conservative.

          1. I’m shocked that nobody else has taken this perfect opportunity to post this.


      2. Somebody said it yesterday: property taxes.

        1. I’m sorry, I don’t understand you; was that a response to me? As in, the childless aren’t being fleeced to support those with children because property taxes?

          You’ll have to expand on what you mean if that is what you are saying.

          1. Sorry. I was saying that there already is a system in place to fleece the childless: property taxes.

        2. And there’s a federal income tax (a large one) for not having kids.

    4. Those without minor children should start filing grievances at work at having stuff dropped in their laps when those with children take off because the kid got sick or something.

      1. Retype that comment, and put ‘sick’ in scarequotes.

      2. Just get a dog and a cat. My boss lets me off to take care of my animals whenever I need to (vet visits, digestive issues, etc.).

        1. Or just get a BullShitzU. Works every time.

      3. I’ve said this many times: Any childless person, with their sex-filled, carefree lives, who complains about leeway given at work to parents for taking care of their kids, are welcome to switch lives with me at any time.

        I’ll be waiting right here.

        1. Ummmmmm……………………….. No.

          1. C’mon! It’ll be a hoot! Only for a couple weeks and then we’ll switch back.

        2. with their sex-filled, carefree lives

          wait, what?

          1. You’re doing it wrong.

            1. its not supposed to be sex-free and care-filled?

    5. Given how social security is structured based on population growth, and given how payments are a generational transfer, I think that people who choose to be childless are doing only one part of what the government actuaries expect of them. It is their choice, of course, to be childless. But it breaks Social Security in a fundamental way when that trend gets big. The solution is to not tax the childless more, but to allow the system to be fully voluntary and (the horror!) private.

      1. A ponzi scheme is a ponzi scheme is a ponzi scheme is a…

    6. I often reflect on the sacrifices working parents make to better the lives of their children.

      Fuck this guy and his “sacrifices”

      /also a parent

      1. This is why I need an edit button…

    7. In fairness, I am not sure how taxing the childless is not better than “taxing the renters” which is what we do now with the home mortgage deduction. At least this penalty wouldn’t distort the entire housing market.

      Just saying.

      1. Yes, the home mortgage interest deduction is a fucking horrorshow.

      2. I pay a decent amount of interest on my home mortgage, but after getting married and having a kid, the standard deduction was bigger than itemizing. So… I guess I need a bigger mortgage to “save” more money on taxes?

        1. This is true for me as well. Yet my wife still insists on going through the itemization process every time…

        2. You just didn’t go into enough debt Brett. Don’t you see the genius of such a system that encourages people to go into debt?

        3. Now you understand the math!

    8. the sacrifices working parents make to better the lives of their children

      I’m sorry, did those people choose to have kids? Because that sounds like a fucking personal problem to me.

      1. I agree, that’s really the point of my post above. I’m so tired of parents acting like martyrs.

    9. For the love of God they never stop.

      They think taxes are the problem. Taxes: The cause and solution of all problems as Homer would say.

    10. As a parent, I’m ok with this. Because I’m non-emotional and I believe in justice.

    11. What about those of us who wanted kids, but were to socially inept and unhygienic to mate – you punishing us again?

    12. Leviathan is here to stay, whether I like it or not, and someone has to pay for it. That someone should be me, and people like me.

      So write the Treasury a check, and keep your greasy mitts out of my wallet.

  10. This seems awfully fishy. Three random guys recognize someone from a news clip and proceed to randomly beat her? Reminds me of that Nebraska case.

    1. That stinks to high heaven.

    2. Who knows. It would be nice if the media didn’t have a long history of lying about these cases so that we wouldn’t have to wonder if they are lying now.

    3. I suspect her spouse did it and the story about the three guys is a cover-up.

      1. This wouldn’t surprise me at all. I’ve met quite a few lesbians over the years, and what I found most shocking was how ill-tempered and combative many of them were.

        1. Partner abuse is massive in that community. Of course, that doesn’t matter because PATRIARCHY! is more important than individuals.

  11. Mississippi’s Supreme Court has tossed out the capital murder conviction of a woman on death row since 2000 and ordered a new trial.

    You won’t even link to Elizabeth’s piece, Shackford, you misogynist bastard.

  12. Sounds like a job for more government intervention?

    New data on racial gap in school children…..02563.html

    1. “We must view all children in America as our own ? and as key contributors to our nation’s future.”

      I don’t view your children as mine. Kindly reciprocate.

      1. We must view all children in America as our own

        OK, I’m in.

        When will your little crumbcrunchers to scoop the dogshit and pull the weeds around my house?

    2. “Outcomes varied for different subgroups of Asian and Latino children. For example, in terms of family income levels, children of Southeast Asian descent ? Burmese, Hmong, Laotian, Cambodian and Vietnamese ? faced greater hurdles than children whose families came from India, Japan, the Philippines and China.”

      Or in other words, once you REALLY break it down it doesn’t fit the narrative as much, but we’ll still act as though it all fit nicely.

  13. British sniper kills 6 Taliban fighters with a single shot

    A British sniper killed six Taliban ? a would-be suicide bomber and five others ? in Afghanistan with one bullet, the Ministry of Defence has said.

    The 20-year-old marksman, a lance corporal in the Coldstream Guards, hit the trigger switch of the device from about 900 metres away, causing the bomb to explode.

    The blast killed the would-be bomber and five men around him, an MoD spokesman said. The incident in December in Kakaran, southern Afghanistan, has been disclosed as Britain prepares to leave the country by the end of the year.

    Lieutenant Colonel Richard Slack, commanding officer of 9/12 Royal Lancers, told the Daily Telegraph the unnamed shooter also prevented another major attack as a second suicide vest packed with explosives was found nearby. “The guy was wearing a vest. He was identified by the sniper moving down a tree line and coming up over a ditch,” Slack said.

    “He had a shawl on. It rose up and the sniper saw he had a machine gun.

    “They were in contact and he was moving to a firing position. The sniper engaged him and the guy exploded. There was a pause on the radio and the sniper said ‘I think I’ve just shot a suicide bomber.’ The rest of them were killed in the blast.”

    God damn dude. Hitting a trigger from almost 1000 yards. He should never have to buy a drink again.

    1. Pretty good. I read a story today about the last confirmed longbow kill by a British soldier in 1940.

      Churchill resumed his commission after Poland was invaded. In May 1940 Churchill and his unit, the Manchester Regiment, ambushed a German patrol near L’Epinette, France. Churchill gave the signal to attack by cutting down the enemy Feldwebel (sergeant) with a barbed arrow, becoming the only British soldier known to have felled an enemy with a longbow in WWII.[8] According to his son Malcolm, “He and his section were in a tower and as the Germans approached he said ‘I will shoot that first German with an arrow,’ and that’s exactly what he did.”[2] After fighting at Dunkirk, he volunteered for the Commandos.[9]

      1. WTF is wrong with that dickhead? gahhhhhh

      2. One of the commenters claims that the guy wasn’t a suicide bomber if he was shot by the sniper.

        1. Well in all fairness he could’ve been a sloppy combat engineer…. Just sayin

          1. Or just some guy in the crowd that a British soldier “accidentally” fired into.

      3. No, dingos aren’t wild dogs, despite being feral and able to breed with other dogs.

        1. Speaking of which:


          Never visit Australia.

          Just DO NOT GO.

    2. Not bad, but remember it only took one Confederate soldier to lick ten Yankees!

    3. Well, what is the initiating velocity of the explosive the bomber was using? The shot may simply have set off the explosive directly. Plus, the sniper may have been using incendiary or explosive rounds.

    4. Dude, that is right out of a video game. He hit the bonus target that blew up and gave him extra points or something.

    5. That’s a great shot.

    6. How many virgins and boys does that translate to in the afterlife? Can someone familiar with the Religion of Peace (TM) please enlighten us dirty infidels?

    7. I’d just like point out that a Canadian still has the record for longest sniper kill at 1.4 Km.

      1. Moose are alot easier to hit than humans.

        1. Fuck you.

      2. It’s called Canadian Gun Control.

        BTW, my casual browsing shows it at 1.5 MILES.

        1. He is Canadian.

          They do not recognizing that ours is bigger.

  14. Holy fuck. This “real work” shit sucks. I would definitely be underpayed if I worked like this all the time. Hopefully, only another week or two of working like a dog. Luckily, I got booted off the remote server, so I’m calling today a win and heading to the PM Links.

    1. Deadline?

      I have a crazy couple of days before vacation.

      1. Yeah, deadline combined with starting up two new projects. Severely underestimated a major piece of the project. Whoops. Still gonna deliver on time.

        1. And didn’t you just fly to Texas for the Miley Cyrus concert?

    2. I’ve been doing almost nothing so far this week. The big project I’m on just implemented a ton of automated testing, so I’m just waiting for it to run before I see if my code caused any problems.

      Ironically, the version before my code is not that stable so we’re having trouble getting it through all of the testpoints, but the changes I want to commit bypass most of these problems.

  15. Apparently Deadspin was doing a Bitchy Bracket.

    Readers vote on who is the bitchiest. Libertarians were in the tournament. We beat Hardcore Atheists but lost to Vegans.

    1. This being a Gawker site, I’m surprised we didn’t win in a rout.

      (WTF, Koch Brothers? You couldn’t have bought this election for us?)

      1. I did notice the political region was heavy on conservatives and light on liberals.

    2. Meh. We were bumped in the first round.

    3. Everyone loses to vegans.

      1. Ho ho, Paul. Not Gun nuts! They’re the worst!

        1. I don’t bitch. I just sit there quietly with my guns.

        2. If ‘bitchy’ is just sort of sitting here… bein’ right, then ok, we’re bitchy.

  16. Ah. There it is. In 5, 10, 20 years from now you sons of bitches will all come to see how great Obama and his care really is. That’s the line they’re using. No kidding. In 10 years everyone will have forgotten how rotten it is and by then it won’t even matter. It’s always easy to claim ‘you’ll see’ when you’re the government since, you know, coercion.

    1. Well it worked for Truman.

      And if libertarians can pine for Carter and Clinton then they can pine for Obama too.

      1. What about pining for the fjords?

    2. Goddammit. I am trying not to start fights on FB about these bullshit statistics.

      1. The Hit-and-Run commentariat is my personal antidote for Facebook. That is why I come here so often.

      2. The sad part about the bullshit statistics is that everyone knows they’re bullshit, but they’re the only numbers out there to work with, so they’re treated as if they were true, because we have to have something to argue about and it might as well be numbers pulled out of a DC staffer’s ass.


    Most of what I’ve read from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity (the real name of his institute) is criticism against the American foreign policy being pursued in Eastern Europe and the anti-Putin propaganda being disseminated which only serves to antagonize his government

    So is Old Mexican saying that any criticism of Putin at all is pro-war?

    1. Pretty much. Reminds me of ‘anyone who thinks Islam is a dangerous religion is encouraging violence’. Remember, OM is member of a the noninteventionist Faith Cult, and his sect has Ron Paul as its unquestioned patron saint. Infidels and heresy will not be tolerated.

    2. I didn’t see that till now. I also saw this in his post:

      “Again, it is a demonstration of crass intellectual dishonesty to say that justifying the actions of a government in the face of the aggressive actions of another (Russia’s in the former case, America’s in the latter) is the same as “giving praise” to a single man.”

      How the fuck do you spin the Crimea situation to where the US is an aggressor, and Russia isn’t?

      1. How the fuck do you spin the Crimea situation to where the US is an aggressor, and Russia isn’t?

        Easy. Russia is in Europe. The US is not.

  18. Fewer than a million people who had health plans in 2013 are now uninsured because their plans were canceled for not meeting new standards set by the law, the Rand survey indicates.…..z2xfYXx5Va

    Another wingnut lie exposed.

    1. But if you believe that, Commander Derp, then the 7 million signups means nothing, because the actual net gain in the number of people with insurance is close to nil.

      1. The net gain according to my link is +9 million.

        That is just bodies.

        GDP has a 1/2 point net gain.

        Taxpayers have a $110 billion/yr NET LOSS.

        (yes, I look at both sides)

        1. That includes Medicaid. So now you’re a fan of it, since TEAM BLUE expanded it?

      2. Can it be the number increased suddenly because there’s a deadline and people don’t want to get in trouble?

    2. You’re having another 8% moment. Or a conflict minerals moment. Take your pick.

      1. That one was pretty classic.

    3. Gosh, maybe many of the people who lost their insurance due to Ocare bought new insurance (that is more expensive and shittier because of Obamacare). I bet it’s more than 8%.

    4. Didn’t you say there were only 10,000? Now there’s about a million? Which is it?

    5. Fewer than a million people who had health plans in 2013 are now uninsured because their plans were canceled for not meeting new standards set by the law, the Rand survey indicates.

      So those people don’t count? What a lame defense. only a MILLION people got fucked! It’s a success!

    1. Agreed. People can be weirdly fragile.

    2. I wonder if he didn’t have an underlying medical condition. That wasn’t very much stress on the leg.

      1. I heard on the radio this morning that he had bone cancer (at least once, maybe twice).

        1. That would make perfect sense. Poor guy.

          1. I can’t imagine how painful that must be. I wouldn’t wish that on a mortal enemy.

    3. For those who don’t recall Don Baylor’s toughness: He was hit by pitches 267 times, and famously did not react when ball bounced off him.

  19. Prog Derp: You’re worth as a human being is based on having health insurance

    I waited until two hours before the March 15th deadline to complete the enrollment process that I’d started in December 2013, because every time I thought about choosing a specific plan, my heart would stop and somewhere far away an orphaned kitten would cry out and I’d feel it in my soul, and then I’d need to lie down. Actually I was just beyond confused about the pros and cons of each plan’s details ? copays and deductibles and monthly payments and what’s covered or not covered and so many things. I finally decided on a plan that seemed like A Good Plan and I paid the first month’s premium, and then four months of agonizing and eight years of being uninsured was over. But none of it seemed real until I got the packet with the card inside ? with MY INSURANCE CARD inside.

    I sat in the bathroom floor and ripped it open and straight up cried like someone on Extreme Home Makeover, and it hadn’t hit me until then how awful it had felt to be without insurance ? like my life and health had been worth less than other people in this country. I didn’t even know how much of that I’d internalized until I had the stupid little card in my hand, and when it all went away.

    1. Crazy thing: On a Queer, Feminist, Independent site that is basically socialist, the comments are pretty 50/50 for/against the ACA. People are calling it too expensive, bashing the website, and saying that it makes no sense for young healthy people to sign up. Pearl clutching ensues.

      1. . People are calling it too expensive, bashing the website, and saying that it makes no sense for young healthy people to sign up.

        ‘Social Contract’ is the correct response.

    2. How does this evolutionary deadend exist?

      1. Every evolutionary dead end had two parents that weren’t.

    3. I wish she could internalize proper apostrophe usage.

    4. Her wall must be filled with participation trophies.

    5. If having health insurance is soooo crucial, how could she possible have waited 4 months to pick one, let alone have survived 8 years without it?

  20. MSNBC’s Joy Reid nicely encapsulates the ignorance of the left about Hobby Lobby

    But remember, Fox is the stupid channel. MSNBC is for the enlightened.

    1. If my employer doesn’t pay for it, I can’t buy it myself. Didn’t you know that Geoff?

      And I am not sure that is dumber than Linda Greenhouse saying that allowing the Little Sisters of the Poor to not buy birth control is letting the “school yard bully win”.

  21. Obama should have worn a codpiece and flightsuit with a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED banner overhead for this presser.

  22. The End of Capitalism is Nigh

    What’s undermining the capitalist system is the dramatic success of the very operating assumptions that govern it. At the heart of capitalism there lies a contradiction in the driving mechanism that has propelled it ever upward to commanding heights, but now is speeding it to its death: the inherent dynamism of competitive markets that drives productivity up and marginal costs down, enabling businesses to reduce the price of their goods and services in order to win over consumers and market share. (Marginal cost is the cost of producing additional units of a good or service, if fixed costs are not counted.) While economists have always welcomed a reduction in marginal cost, they never anticipated the possibility of a technological revolution that might bring marginal costs to near zero, making goods and services priceless, nearly free, and abundant, and no longer subject to market forces.

    Evidently scarcity is going to somehow disappear.

    1. Not only is scarcity going to appear, these goods are going to magically appear without the free market driving their creation.

      It is not only the end of scarcity, it is apparently the end of the need for anyone to work as well.

      1. Sounds like a description of the Islamic Paradise.

        1. Or the description of the Star Trek universe.

            1. +1 Lake of stew and one of whisky too!

    2. needs moar collapse under the weight of its own contradictions

      1. And more rope with which it will hang itself.

    3. Capitalism has never been stronger. This Rifkin is a fool.

      1. We can’t trust the market to manage health insurance, or money supply, or finance, or energy though, right, Mr. Uber Capitalist?

        1. We can’t trust all who participate in the market.

          Example – BP. Obama went light on those assholes at $30 billion for that horrendous spill that deprived millions of property and likelihood.

          It should have been $80 billion at least.

          1. Nice dodge. Obamacare, the Fed, Dodd-Frank, and green energy subsidies have nothing to do with protecting people from force and/or fraud.

    4. I’ll but that technology will likely advance sufficiently one day to make marginal cost of many things close to zero, some things already have it, but to believe that the angels in Man’s heart will be the primary driver of that progress is a sign of some kind of serious mental defect.

    5. Evidently scarcity is going to somehow disappear.

      Well, duh. Warp drive.

    6. Evidently scarcity is going to somehow disappear.

      Actually one of the powers of a capitalist society is that products due become less scarce overtime and the US has seen this more than any other country on Earth where products considered extremely scarce 100 years ago, are ubiquitous in all households.

      TVs, phones, cars, plumbing, *healthcare, etc, etc, etc

      The only places on Earth this doesn’t hold true is authoritarian governments which routinely run shortages on items other countries have considered “always available” for generations.

      Then the quasi-socialistic countries have seen this momentum, but at the same rate as the US due to lack of regional productivity gains.

      *On healthcare – this was true of health care in the US – tests considered rare/scarce 50 years ago are now routine, surgeries, vaccines (even opt-in ones like flu), better drugs, etc, etc, etc… but given O-care, this trend is likely to reverse for obvious reasons.

    7. Evidently scarcity is going to somehow disappear.

      It will.

      And after i build my space ship and hust when I am about to blast off some fucking bureaucrat is going to issue me a 2000% “leaving the assholes behind” tax because “roads”.

  23. How dare you hold individuals accountable for rape!

    The RAINN recommendations open with the assertion that rape culture is an “unfortunate trend.” The report reads,

    “..there has been an unfortunate trend towards blaming “rape culture” for the extensive problem of sexual violence on campuses. While it is helpful to point out the systemic barriers to addressing the problem, it is important to not lose sight of a simple fact: Rape is caused not by cultural factors but by the conscious decisions, of a small percentage of the community, to commit a violent crime.”

    By dismissing the idea of rape culture (and setting it up as mutually exclusive with holding perpetrators responsible for their actions), RAINN disregards years of activism and advocacy that has demanded acknowledgement of the role of sexual violence in maintaining patriarchy, white supremacy, and colonization. Rape culture is not just the pervasive undercurrents in media and society that teach men that they are entitled to women’s bodies. It is also the legacy and current reality of rape being used to oppress marginalized racial groups, particularly black Americans and immigrants; and as a tool in the colonization of native peoples in the Americas. This is not a “small percentage.”

    1. Also, it’s all a corporate conspiracy:

      Why would RAINN cater to these college’s financial needs? Isn’t it the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization? Big non-profits, like RAINN, rely on corporate sponsorship and the cooperation of the large financial institutions, like colleges and universities, that they advise to sustain their national reputation as a resource and charity (its tagline just quotes Worth magazine calling RAINN, “one of ‘America’s 100 best charities,'” nicely illustrating their incentive to maintain their image). It’s a lot easier for RAINN to help colleges divert the blame for the pervasive issue of campus sexual violence away from some of its main funding streams, than for RAINN to advise colleges to invest in doing the potentially expensive long-term work of picking rape culture out of some of its most traditional institutions. This phenomenon is a piece of the non-profit industrial complex (NPIC), which explains how non-profits are tied more closely to the financial interests of their funders than the realities of the people they claim to serve.

      I would be remiss if I didn’t also implicate the mainstream, corporatized feminist movement in the RAINN recommendations…This idea of sexual violence as anonymous and isolated was used as a tool at the start of what is recognized as the anti-sexual violence movement by the predominantly white feminists…the idea that rapists belong behind bars.

      1. I recognize these as English words, but they make no sense put together.

    2. See we can have a culture that is to blame and that in no way alleviates the individual responsibility of the rapist.

      Has anyone told the other progs who are busy claiming that crime is the result of poverty and not individuals who commit it this? Or has anyone told the NCAACP that the disproportionate number of black men in prison in now way alleviates the responsibility of those individual black men for being there?

      1. John, one thing I’ve learned: Progs love to blame systems, not individuals. In fact, they are deeply uncomfortable with the idea of individuals having free will that is separate from the system. That’s probably because if individuals have free will, no matter the system, then the progs can’t perfectly mold the world to their liking by creating a “perfect” system.

        1. They love to blame systems instead of individuals right up until the individual in question is a white male or some other Goldstein. Then they are all about individual responsibility.

          1. All white males are to blame, just by being white males.

            1. Unless they’re progs.

              And Ted S. Did you know that Lyle Talbot’s son was one of the founders of

              1. I knew he was a writer and wrote an interesting book on SF in the 70s that goes into some detail about the influence Jim Jones had over people like Harvey Milk. (If I’m not mistaken, Jones is amazingly not a character in the movie Milk.) I don’t think I knew he had co-founded, though.

                1. Well Lyle had two sons. David founded Salon. Are you thinking of Stephen?

                  1. I think this is the book I was thinking of. So it’s David.

                2. …Jones is amazingly not a character in the movie Milk.

                  Can’t spell hagiography without hag.

          2. They blame the system any time they dislike the result.

            So if people with the right views, say Occupy is having troubles with the police, it’s a problem.

            If TeathugLibertardNazi is getting hammered over the IRS though – that’s cool.

            Zimmerman not convicted – system must be to blame.

            Citizen’s United


    3. I am honestly in 100% shock that they are turning against RAINN. This is one of the scariest and craziest things I’ve actually ever read us making fun of on here (that wasn’t done by a state).

      1. So, RAINN really is that big a deal?

        1. Rainn has been manufacturing the fake statistics for them for years. It is truly odd to see the split.

      2. Scary how? Do you mean the potential threat to RAINN’s work, which I understand includes a lot of important help supporting and networking abuse victims?

  24. So what happened to Reason 24/7? Now it’s just a bunch of posts they don’t feel like putting on the main blog?

    1. What’s a Reason 24/7?

    2. What’s a Reason 24/7?

  25. Edge to Bayern and Atletico.


      1. Oh, like Bayern having an edge after the first leg against the scum could be considered a spoiler.

        1. Bayern certainly made hard work of it though. Now I get to have heartburn for the next eight days waiting for the return leg.

          1. Most complete team Bayern. I don’t think United can overcome them.

            On aside, a moment of misery.

            It really is ridiculous Serie A is struggling to the point of not getting a team in the quarters.

            How the mighty have fallen. Milan and Inter in particular.

            Hopefully Napoli, Roma and Juve will bolster their lineups and make a go of it next year.

            1. Last year, David Spice (n? Beckham) was the only English player in the quarters, and he was on PSG.

              1. David Spice. Heh.

                PSG should take Chelsea but Chelsea are good at soaking up offensive attacks.

        2. Archduke and I came to an agreement not to spoil CL games for those of us that DVR them. The games are not totally spoiled yet but ya’ll are coming damn close.

          1. Sorry. Will endeavor to do so.

            I watch soccer even if I know the score.

            1. I do too but if I know it’s a blowout, for example, it’s pretty tempting to just fast forward a lot on a weekday with limited tv time.

              1. I hear you. Same here.

    2. You motherfucker.

    3. I’m sure you were orgasmic for about nine minutes. 😉

      Bleah, Bayern played badly.

      1. They got a result.

        Not saying the score or if they won or loss, just saying they got a result.

        1. And now the football scores:

          Three. One. Nil. One. Two. Two.

          And now, on to the pools news.

  26. Don Boudreaux of Cafe Hayek posted this quote a few days ago, attributed to Donald Sassoon. I think it’s good enough to share:

    Socialism’s appeal, when it had one, was to say, at one and the same time, that its mission was to transcend capitalism while improving it; that everyone was equal but that the proletariat was the leading class; that money was the root of all evil but the workers needed more of it; that capitalism was doomed but the capitalists’ profits were as high as ever; that religion was the opium of the people but that Jesus was the first socialist; that the family was a bourgeois conspiracy but it needed defending from untrammeled industrialization; that individualism was to be deplored but that capitalist alienation reduced people to undifferentiated atoms; that there was more to politics than voting every few years while demanding universal suffrage; that consumerism beguiles the workers but they should all have a color television, a car and go on holidays abroad.

    1. Correction – religion is the opiate of fools.

      Like Hayek noted, conservatism will fail because it is dependent on myth. And Myth is a lie that only fools aspire to.

      1. You need to go back and read Hayek.…..vative.pdf

    2. WOW. what a jaw-dropping takedown!

    3. Awesome, but I do have a problem with:

      that there was more to politics than voting every few years while demanding universal suffrage

      Saying there’s more to politics than voting and supporting voting are logically consistent.

      1. Yes, that jumped out at me too.

  27. Also, I’m really tempted to post the biggest internet idiot I have so far encountered. She’s a Latina EcoFeminist. She calls her period her “moon”, calls it “judeo-kkkristianity” and hates the living shit out of white people.

    Also, she calls it a “mxnstrual” cycle, because she doesn’t like the “men” in the word. She stands by this, even after it was pointed out to her that “menstrual” is from Greek, and has nothing to do with men.

    She’s written an article, which is AMAZINGLY bad… but her tumblr is something else.

    I’m saving it for a rainy day, though. This person makes Tony and PB’s love child look like a non-‘tard.

    1. Has she written about how PIV sex is always rape?

      1. Sample tumblr post:

        a couple of days ago i did my first capoeira class, i was SO hungry at the end that i went crazy on traitor joes. i ended up eating half a bag of cheese puffs(i hardly ever ever ever eat cheese) i also ended up eating hella white flour and white sugar that day.

        the next day my pussy was telling me i totally gave ma self an unbalance. bummer. i hate unbalanced pussy smell? so i went ahead and put a garlic in for a whole day. OJO garlic is not always the best thing? it really depends on what you have whether is bacterial vaginitis or yeast infection or whatever other imbalance. in my case, i LOVE sticking garlic up my vaginal canal so i decided to go ahead and do that. i abstained from eating any more dairy/white four/sugar the day my pussy started smelling ‘off’. today is the third day, it feels good but i still want to treat it good and make sure that it is happy and well balanced. i am taking this opportunity to do a vaginal bath, something that i think we should all know how to do and make sure to do it at least once a month. there are many advantages, people use it for post-partum care (specially for episiotomy or natural birth scars), to bring on their moon, to heal itchiness/redness, aid to balance vaginal Ph and more.

        1. Con…

          I was introduced to vaginal baths when i was pretty young, in chile they call them vahos and in peru they call them ba?os vaginales. I later was introduced to the name ‘mayan vaginal baths’ in CA, which is very similar to vahos and ba?os vaginales, the only difference is that in mayan vaginal baths the persxn covers their entire body with thick colchas while places their genitalia on the vapor coming from the pot with hot water and herbs. it seems to be a whole body experience, rather than just focusing on the genitalia. people sometimes put intentions to their baths and meditate while they are having them.

          today my purpose is to cleanse, promote a balance vaginal pH and focus on the many projects that i have coming up in the next couple of days. besides making a LOT of moon pads/reusable moon pads (get yrs here), i have to start doing the whole green card application process and continue doing community organizing?. vaginal baths, as well as womb massage, help me focus and ground. the herbs i will be using today promote skin healing and have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. i am using calendula (from my garden), white sage, romero, rosemary and mallow. although, my intention is to promote uterine and vaginal health, you do not have to have a vagina to enjoy this baths. the name ‘vaginal baths’ is tricky pero i know folx that do not have a cis-vaginal and have used genital baths to complement their abuelita health care practices.

          1. Reusable moon pad? What is this, 1920?

          2. My life would have been infinitely better without having read this.

            1. You didn’t just skim and scroll past?

            2. I kind of liked it.

              It was like a screwed up feminist wrote a Carlos Castaneda book.

          3. AuH20. I hate you.

          4. What’s he name?

          5. i have to start doing the whole green card application process

            Clearly INS and CBP aren’t doing enough to prevent idiots from getting into the country.

        2. I really wish you hadn’t shown me this.

          1. It probably would have been kinder to just post her article, where she shits on white environmentalists and talks about how “brown” people having been being sustainable since, like, forever. Also, she calls it abuelita knowledge, and blames white hippies for making sustainability so ridiculous that now Latin Americans and such won’t practice it.

            It’s gross because of racism instead of being plain gross.

            1. Yeah, I’d probably rather read about her “imbalance” if I had to pick one or the other.

    2. So is she hot?

      1. Based on the above, it is metaphysically certain that she is not hot enough.

      2. I’m skimming… she’s definitely crazy which gives her five points towards hot. But if she’s not…

        1. Internet crazy is never hot.

      3. I don’t know. Even if she’s hot I’d have a hard time getting pass the garlic in her pussy thing.

        For a plethora of reasons and imaginings.

        1. That’s where I stopped reading.

        2. Yeah. Everyone knows that even garlic in your pussy doesn’t ward off Warty.

        3. Don’t tell her garlic is European.

      4. SugarFree needs to incorporate her into his stories.

    3. Let’s not give this any page hits.

      1. If the 10 or so that clicked on it from here didn’t triple her normal daily traffic (excluding family members and mental health professionals) we’re in much deeper trouble than her idiotic rantings alone infer.

  28. What asshole decided Slashdot should read every article OUT LOUD for you when you open it, w/ no way to turn it off?

    1. I presume it’s just an April Fools thing?


    Pointing out a real misstep in Vikings. Christians have never crucified their own or anyone, yet Vikings portrays them as doing so.

    It is an annoying inaccuracy in an otherwise kick ass show. As compelling as the portrayal of the Vikings is, the portrayal of the Anglo Saxons is just flat. boring and inaccurate. Still a good show. But it drags when the Anglo Saxons are on screen because the show seems to want to become a polemic on how horrible the medieval Christians were rather than tell a good story.

    1. Needs moar Katheryn Winnick.

      1. No kidding. I am not digging her not being in every episode.

    2. It’s in keeping with the romantic revisionism of Vikings.

      Good show, but not sound in terms of history.

      1. I keep waiting for the Anglo Saxons to hire the Vikings as mercenaries, which is what they did.

        1. Didn’t a King – was it Wessex? – try to enter a deal with the leader of the Vikings (before he had to leave to fight his brother) in exchange for land in one episode. Sorry, I don’t know the names off hand.

          Anyway. It’s what the Romans and later the Italian city-states did as well earning much scorn from Machiavelli.

          1. They were hinting at it but it never happened. And the Vikings were opportunists. They would roll into a port and depending on how well armed the place was be either raiders, pirates or traders.

            The truth is a lot more interesting than the fiction as it usually is.

      2. I like the show, but it has trouble with historical accuracy. I thought they would encounter some issues, because the Vikings weren’t, after all, the good guys.

    3. Particularly executing someone they considered an apostate and a traitor. Christians of that time would consider that method of death close too much like what Christ suffered. They would have used a different method though one that would make the after the last minute stay in the episode less plausible.

      I suppose when your protagonists are glorified thieves, rapists and slavers keeping the audience sympathetic to them is tricky.

    4. the show seems to want to become a polemic on how horrible the medieval Christians were rather than tell a good story.

      Not just medieval but the darkest part of the dark ages.

      Also Medieval Christians were horrible.

      Also the people crucifying him (aside from the priest) probably really weren’t Christian. Most of the common folk just did what their lords told em and probability just told each other tales of faeries and other weird shit rather then taking Christ into their souls.

      I don’t think it is out of the question that in the dark dark darkest part of the dark ages some sadistic priest used an apostate to demonstrate the Crucifixion of Christ to commoners who were probably pretty shaky religious wise.

    1. I saw that and thought it was another April Fool’s article, but nope, it’s totally real. You can’t make this shit up.

    2. Alexander Graham Boner on the line!

      …Because AGB worked with the deaf, and invented the telephone… Get it?

      1. Watson…come here…I *need* you…

  30. Miranda Kerr (NSFW)

    Like really, even by Daily Fail standards I’m surprised they’re going that softcore.

    1. Miranda split from her husband of three years Orlando Bloom six months ago, and says since she has not been able to have regular sex she has become less toned

      Further proof all men in Hollywood are gay. NTTAAWWT

      1. He already hit that. Time to move on.

    2. Nice. Very nice.

  31. I thought this was funny: an exorcism in Hell

  32. Old Man With Candy, the other day, posited that he could give the Colbert china girl the best 14 seconds of her life.

    I defy any of you to last more than 14 seconds of this interview.

    1. What a miserable bitch.

    2. If you mean 14 seconds from when she started talking, then yeah, I bailed.

    3. ‘Of course I know what satire is, I’m a writer.’

      No honey, you don’t know what fucking satire is.


      Go read Juvenal and get back to me ignoramus.

    4. Yeah, I bailed after 45 seconds or so. She’s a dumbass.

      1. She actually said something like “Asian Americans are the butt of all jokes.” No, honey, the stereotype of them is that they are intelligent and work hard.

        I know she’s not the first, and I’m guessing the second doesn’t apply, either.

        1. Well, they are bad drivers. And scream ‘pay me now’ all the time.

      2. 45 seconds? You stud.

        1. I am reminded of some recent Klondike bar ads.

    5. The end is great.

      “What’s your take on this?”

      “well, as a white man, I’ve learned that I’m not allowed to have an opinion?”

  33. For home brewers: BrewNanny monitors your beer.

    Lyon Labs’ BrewNanny replaces the air trap, or fermentation lock, a component common in typical beer brewing and wine-making kits. This seal works to release carbon dioxide produced as fermentation takes place, while preventing air from entering the container.
    With a built-in microcontroller and sensor to monitor C02 pressure, BrewNanny can determine the current alcohol content of the brew, the rate of fermentation, how much sugar remains to be turned into alcohol and when the process should be completed.
    Along with the ability to gauge C02 release, BrewNanny also features sensors to monitor air temperature, brew temperature and light level. All this data is collected and transmitted over Wi-Fi to a dashboard, accessible through a web browser and an iPhone or Android app.

    1. Wait until the NSA gets this information.

      1. Or the revenoors.

    2. At $248 it’s hard to justify, but this is one device that would actually be useful for my apartment brewing. If it was a finished product and not a kickstarter I might consider it.

      1. When it’s finished they sell the company to Facebook so your beer can post status updates as it ferments.

        “6.5 ABV, beotches! I iz gonna git dr&nk; up in dis shitz tonite!”

      2. Welp I was impressed by their presentation, and it’s basically a pre-order not like usual kickstarters. So early birthday present.

    3. I need dis.

  34. Reich: Address inequality, or else!

    In order to ensure that future productivity gains don’t go overwhelmingly to a small sliver at the top, we’ll need a mechanism to give the middle class and the poor a share in future growth.

    One possibility: A trust fund for every child at birth, composed of an index of stocks and bonds whose value is inversely related to family income, which becomes available to them when they turn eighteen. Through the magic of compounded interest, this could be a considerable sum. The funds would be financed by a small surtax on capital gains and a tax on all financial transactions.

    We must also get big money out of politics — reversing “Citizens United” by constitutional amendment if necessary, financing campaigns by matching the contributions of small donors with public dollars, and requiring full disclosure of everyone and every corporation contributing to (or against) a candidate.

    If America’s distributional game continues to create a few big winners and many who consider themselves losers by comparison, the losers will try to stop the game — not out of envy but out of a deep-seated sense of unfairness and a fear of unchecked power and privilege. Then we all lose.

    So I guess they’re banking on a great proletariat revolution now to scare us into adopting more socialist welfare policies.

    1. How about we stop subsidizing college and get rid of the CRA so that businesses can hire on objective ability rather than credentials so poor and middle class kids don’t have to face the choice of going into enormous debt to pay for college or not having an economic future? How about that Robert?

      1. Reich is a statist idiot like Dumbya was/is.

        Just admit that fact and we can finally agree on something.

    2. Sounds like Dumbya’s SS plan. Each recipient would get a free “private contribution” other taxpayers would have to pay for.

    3. I thought dwarves were supposed to be happy and productive, whistling away their toils? Not a whiny little bitch, like Reich.

      1. Tricksy little hobbitses.

      2. Those are Disney Dwarves. Tolkien dwarves are obsessed with wealth and treasure, which is why they dug too deep.

        1. Reich has certainly unleashed his share of horrors.

  35. Libertarian Police Department

    “Now, which one of you punks is going to pay me to investigate this crime?” No one spoke up.

    “Come on,” I said. “Don’t you all understand that the protection of private property is the foundation of all personal liberty?”

    It didn’t seem like they did.

    “Seriously, guys. Without a strong economic motivator, I’m just going to stand here and not solve this case. Cash is fine, but I prefer being paid in gold bullion or autographed Penn Jillette posters.”

    Nothing. These people were stonewalling me. It almost seemed like they didn’t care that a fortune in computer money invented to buy drugs was missing.

    I figured I could wait them out. I lit several cigarettes indoors. A pregnant lady coughed, and I told her that secondhand smoke is a myth. Just then, a man in glasses made a break for it.

    I’m surprised it wasn’t based in Somalia.

    1. I suppose it is too much to expect the retarded to know “Libertarian” is not the same word as “Anarchist”.

      It is just fucking pathetic.

      1. That’s unfair to anarchists too John. No need to throw someone under the bus instead of just acknowledging this is just retarded.

        1. The point is that there is no need for a police department or laws and how funny that is, allegedly. And that is what anarchists actually believe. And progs are too stupid to understand how that is different from libertarians.

          1. What kind of anarchists?

            1. If you think there should be laws, a government, and a police force, you are not much of an anarchist.

              1. What if all that was done on a voluntary basis? Can it still be anarchy anarchism?

          2. John –

            Really, anyone who reads that crap and believes it are too far gone to worry about.

            Because basically they wrote – “a political movement in the US which is gaining popularity and trying to gain power actively wants to get rid of all cops and firefighters and laws and..”

            It’s as stupid as “Republicans want your grandparents to starve to death”…

            Because both can be easily dismissed with “is it likely that any political movement in the US openly desires things they know will completely end their chances for being elected/re-elected/gaining power/etc?”

            Anyone who reads that tripe and doesn’t ask themselves that question and answer it – already believed it before they read it.

            Even if they’ve never encountered the idea before – they already believed it because it was written by “their team” so belief is assumed.

      2. I found it kind of funny but mostly in an unintentional way.

        Was anyone beaten to death during this short story?

        1. Was anyone beaten to death during this short story?

          Good point. I thought they would have shown some Mad Max-style dystopia or show the Libertarian Police being all corporate employees slaughtering striking workers and union members or letting a bunch of rednecks lynch blacks and gays and heretics.

          1. +1 Ludlow Massacre

        2. Worse: the guy was smoking IN DOORS!

          1. Well… indoors, not in doors.

      3. An anarchist is just an honest libertarian.

        1. Juice –

          Serious question for anarchists – and feel free to send some links if that works best – but…

          I think natural progression of an anarchist society would be towards government.

          I think in an anarchist US, where everyone nominally agreed with that – multiple LEO and judicial systems would inevitably be standardized to the point of having a “government” solution. Likely not the size and population of the full US….

          But I think many things the government does such as standardize contract readings/enforcement would be more expensive if this function were served by multiple competing companies.

          And if the incentives lend themselves towards standardization/centralization and nothing prevents it, that in the end this will happen.

          Meaning if you took a nice size island, say Australia with 25 million people all of whom agree anarchy is the way to go – what would stop the natural progression we’ve seen since man left tribes to create institutions to handle/standardize certain activities required in a fee, capitalistic society (such as property protection or fiduciary responsibilities or corp officers or contract dispute resolution or….).

          I am seriously interested.

    2. Even their parodies are frighteningly retarded. Seriously. It screams of one chromosome too many.

      At least they know that their faithful won’t call them out for their mangling of objective reality. Just nod your heads in agreement, like good little drones.

      1. I wanted to post a reply with a ton of links to news stories of “progressive” cities’ cops beating the living shit out of minorities, but even if it wasn’t taken down, there would be recognizance of their own hypocrisy.

        1. Nope. They’d just process it to the bit bucket and go one with their day.

          “They mean to protect us…it’s just one bad apple…they mean to protect us…”

          1. Thanks for reading the invisible “no” in my previous comment.

            1. Ah, I thought that was overly optimistic of you.

              “go one”? WTF is with my typing lately?

    3. This is pretty much what happened when my car got broken into. Do I get a refund?

  36. British philosopher calls creationist museum a ‘human rights crime’

    “On my travels around the states last year I visited the Creation Museum in Oklahoma,” Professor A.C. Grayling said last month at a humanist convention. “I kid you not. My gast was flabbered the minute I set my foot across the threshold of that place. They have these sort of electronic vegetarian Tyrannosaurus rex playing with the children of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.”

    “The really dismaying thing about it was the troops and troops and troops of small schoolchildren being taken through and presented with all this as fact. That seems to me to be a human rights crime,” he added.

    “And that’s part of the reason for saying that it’s important that we should have the humanist message at our fingertips,” Grayling continued. “When you debate, as one sometimes does, it might be on the tele or the radio or some public setting, with people who are invested in a religious commitment, so with bishops or mullahs or rabbis or whoever, you are not going to change their minds. Jonathan Swift said, ‘There is no reasoning a person out of a position they weren’t reasoned into,’ and this is the case with religion, because of course the vast majority of religious people are religious because of their early experience, they were indoctrinated as children.”

    1. The idea that parents teaching religion to their kids is “abuse” such that the state has a right to step in and take children away from such parents is pretty popular among European atheists. Dawkins loves the idea.

      There are some seriously sick fuck Atheists out there.

      1. Well Public Schools were primarily created to make sure kids weren’t taught Catholic dogma so I guess that is the logical conclusion?

        1. Perhaps so.

      2. Plenty of reasonable atheists here. But good Zod, the Raw Story comments:

        SmotPoker ? 22 minutes ago
        Religious inculcation of children should be considered a crime against humanity. It not only has a detrimental effect on the child, but it harms society as a whole decades in the future.

        I stopped treating these halfwits as if they were special decades ago. I would urge all of you to do the same. Insanity should not be tolerated let alone encouraged.

        JacktheBaptist ? an hour ago
        Traditionally, the liberal view tolerates alternative beliefs, opinions, and attitudes. We believe in the freedom of inquiry and the free exchange of ideas! Of course we take care to note such ideas with our “critical thinking” techniques. Why some among us are even able to go a step beyond mere tolerance, and even respect beliefs and ideas different from their own.

        And yeah. We’ve really fucked up. We’ve let these fuckers get way out of control. For my part, I’ve been practicing zero tolerance for these pigheaded theocrats and Christian Nationalists.

        Goliadkin ? an hour ago
        We should have a law against false proselytism. Religionists who cannot substantiate their claims should be prosecuted for fraud. Judaism is a good model in this respect. Though they may be very firm in their beliefs and practices, Jews do not proselytize, except in certain cases amongst themselves. They fully exercise their freedom of religion without committing fraud upon others.

        1. Those reasonable atheists may be plentiful here, but this is one of the few places they are.

          If atheists are going to make Christians answer for some SOCON idiocy, then they are going to have to answer for this.

        2. Way out of control! They’ve created a museum!

        3. Though they may be very firm in their beliefs and practices, Jews do not proselytize, except in certain cases amongst themselves. They fully exercise their freedom of religion without committing fraud upon others.

          Really? I think a case can be made for Judd Apatow committing fraud by promoting Lena Dunham as both funny and attractive.

      3. John –

        Yeah, I know a young African-American – upper middle class, born, raised, and lives in a upper-middle class liberal suburb of STL, will likely go to a good college and has never seen racism ever – believes full well that his ability to succeed is hampered by institutional racism.

        Given his background and knowing the area – I think it’s child abuse as the only thing that has convinced him is his parents.

        Having said that – I only reluctantly use the term abuse as it implies it shouldn’t be allowed and I believe parents should have total domain over their offspring’s education….

        But I understand the desire.

  37. Fewer than a million people who had health plans in 2013 are now uninsured because their plans were canceled for not meeting new standards set by the law, the Rand survey indicates.

    I’m one of them.

    Fuck you, buttlicker.

    1. And he doesn’t mention, OBAMA waived the employer mandate to keep that number low.

    2. You didn’t have real insurance, anyway. Shriek will tell you that TOP MEN know what’s best for you.

    3. That’s pretty fucking brazen. They are *bragging* that only ONE MILLION people lost coverage because of the law.

      What was the point of the law again?

      1. And wasn’t the whole reason for the law “the scourge of seven million uninsured”?

      2. You’d best shut up and enjoy your chocolate ration.

        1. Chocolate? That’s because he’s black isn’t it? Racist.

    4. Only SOME people got shafted by this poorly-thought through disaster of legislature. In government terms, that is a SMASHING success.

      1. Didn’t someone here last week post about an acquaintance of theirs gloating about a 53% success rate in their government position?

        1. When the leaders of a Country shoot about as well as Shaq at the free-throw line, you know you have a real issue.

    5. Brooks, you should know your policy expires each year anyway.

      No one “canceled” your policy.

      1. I think Brooks understands his policy a lot better than you do shithead.

      2. No one “canceled” your policy.

        So, the insurance company is free to reinstate his policy?

      3. Needs more boooosh.

  38. “NOGALES, Ariz. ? Roman Catholic leaders made a rare visit to the border and celebrated Mass on Tuesday in the shadow of the fence separating the U.S. and Mexico, offering Holy Communion through the steel barrier to people on the Mexican side as they sought to bring attention to the plight of immigrants….

    “The Catholic leaders believe that immigration is a humanitarian issue that deserves urgent attention by Congress. They cite the dozens of immigrants who die each year in the brutal desert terrain while trying to cross illegally into the United States along the roughly 2,000-mile-long border with Mexico and note that the immigrants are simply trying to find better lives in America.”…

    1. Whoah! Catholicism being good for something other than denigrating capitalism and diddling little kids? Now I’ve seen everything!

  39. “”60 Minutes” has apologized for an editing error in Scott Pelley’s feature on Tesla founder Elon Musk Sunday night.

    “As an electric car, the Tesla Model S doesn’t make a typical engine noise, so the editor added some sound for effect.”

    “editing error?” Someone pressed the “fake” button instead of the “real” button?


    1. Presumably the error they refer to was hiring such an abject moron for the editor position.

    2. Happens all the times in editing rooms. Just like Zimmerman’s 911 tape was mistakenly edited.

  40. In case we didn’t get enough OKCupid insanity earlier today, here’s a tidbit from a profile I just came across:

    Honestly, if we don’t share at least the same musical taste spectrum, I probably won’t message you back because our souls speak different languages.

    1. I don’t think anyone is going to be upset over this guy or gal not messaging back.

      No two people are going to completely agree on music. So anyone who dates this person is condemning themselves this douche bag endlessly lecturing them about the errors of their ways. Jesus, I would rather date a Hari Krishna.

      1. Any girl that would go out with someone who has a Van Dyke beard, wears a fedora and a vest, and likes his idea of “jazz” deserves the douchiest person they can get.

        1. Sometimes justice is served I guess.

        2. I assume that is “social” justice?

      2. No two people are going to completely agree on music.

        I disagree. I like absolutely everything. Even badly created and performed music, because i realize that despite being bad, the creator is doing the best they can at expressing themselves musically. I have met other who share the same view.

        1. The moment you “liked” something this guy or gal found objectionable, you would get a long earnest lecture on how mistaken you are.

      3. Something tells me she wouldn’t think it was normal if she tried to message me and I replied “Sorry, you like Two Broke Girls, I can’t date someone with a soul like that.”

    2. One of the most depressing things on OK Cupid: Finding out how many chicks think sharing a politcal alignment (and it is ALWAYS “liberal/left wing”) is very important to mandatory.

      Fuck “the personal is the political”. I could hypothetically date and marry someone I politically disagreed with… but apparently other people are less broad minded.

      1. I see this disclaimer as a real time saver.

        You don’t want to be in a relationship with a progtard. You. Just Don’t. As a libertarian or anarchist, you want someone who doesn’t give a shit about politics.

        And those of you who found a libertarian honey, FUCK YOU. :::runs sobbbing:::

        1. I’ve found that for me it doesn’t have to be a girl who “doesn’t give a shit about politics” (though that works), but “realizes politics doesn’t have to be your entire life”.

          1. Oh, sure. But, the longer you’re with them, the more the the cracks will form, if you vocalize your political beliefs, which is inevitable.

            I can recall this one chick in college, who, after we decided to go out on a date, got into a mild political disagreement with me in class. I still remember the sneer on her face when she found out what I believed. Never did go out on that date, which I count as a save.

            1. if you vocalize your political beliefs, which is inevitable.

              That’s what I don’t believe to be true. I can’t remember the last time I felt the need to vocalize my political beliefs, outside of this outlet which is specifically for that purpose.

              1. Just stay in the closet, you won’t get in trouble 🙂

        2. And those of you who found a libertarian honey, FUCK YOU. :::runs sobbbing:::

          -Nelson Muntz

          1. You monster.

            In all seriousness, I think it’s awesome that you 2 found each other. You have to find some way of bottling that essence, Ken, and sell it to me.

        3. JW speaks the truth.

          1. And that’s the reason why when I answered that question, I answered it marking everything except “Liberal/Left-wing” as mandatory.

            OKCupid will still show me women that answer that question “Liberal/left-wing” as 90+% matches. Sigh.

      2. I wouldn’t say it’s *always* libs, though it’s far, far more common for it to be. This would agree with the actual tolerance I’ve seen from people across the political spectrum. It’s possible that it’s partially demographics though: a conservative chick around here would refused to date liberal guys wouldn’t have that many options.

    3. I’ll raise you this, which your post just reminded me of:

      Which best describes your political beliefs?

      Liberal / Left-wing

      My patience for conservatives has really run out. If you think it’s ok to take away access to birth control, food stamps, education assistance to people who really need it, then you’re a shitty person and I don’t want to know you in any capacity.

      Such a shame.

      1. Ooooh, just noticed this one:

        1. For you personally, is abortion an option in case of an accidental pregnancy?


          I have zero tolerance towards pro life opinions.

          She’s like a really hot, Middle Eastern version of Amanda Marcotte. Such a tragic waste.

          1. She is Middle Eastern? The Taliban really missed an opportunity with this one. She has all the closed minded idiocy necessary. They just didn’t get her set on the right track.

      2. Progs want everything in society to be determined by politics. There is no safe area of life with them. You can never just agree to disagree with them. Not all of them have bought into the party line yet. But more and more are and are deciding that they no longer consider those who disagree with them human beings worthy of respect. The only thing that is keeping them from starting the killing is they lack the means.

        1. And yet strangely OkCupid says we are a 88% match. Probably because I listed my political beliefs as “Other”.

          1. That just means she might slip you some extra food once you are in the camp where you belong.

    4. Auric, you give me a great idea.

      OK Cupid users should start sending profile clips like the one you indicated to OK Cupid, asking them to ban such “intolerant” people.

      Sadly, I doubt the powers that run OKC will be smart enough to pick up on the idea of irony.

    5. Teach your soul Esperanto, Auric.

      1. According to this chick, my soul is mute.

        1. What’s the problem? Who wants to be around someone whose soul never shuts up? How are you supposed to sleep with that damn thing chattering all night?

    6. Reason could devote a whole week to posting about the broken souls that compile the OKStupid clientele and still not cover one-tenth of their lunacy.

  41. Has anyone else here noticed that the whole Crimea-Russia thing is basically the plot of Fire Emblem?

    1. Which one? Aren’t there, like, 20 of those games? And isn’t the plot of nearly all of them “big country invades little country and you get stuck in the middle of it”?

      1. The one where one of the main countries is named fucking Crimea.

    1. An Edgewood Independent School District police officer is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with the same student who was impregnated by another district employee, officials said Monday.

      Forget the age of consent debate for a moment and just assume that anyone under 18 is legally off limits and anyone over 18 who screws them is a sex offender.

      Basically, this school has so many offenders that two of them managed to victimized the same girl. And sending your kids to public school isn’t child abuse?

      1. I think sending your kid to a private school over a public school is a form of tribalism and speeds up the demise of a society.

        1. No. You are making a decision based on which product you like. Refusing to send your kids to an otherwise good school because the principle said something unrelated to education that you don’t agree with would be tribalism.

          Hey, don’t let that stop you from allowing politics to determine every decision you make. And Grand Moff Serious Man may have found you a date.

          1. Lighten up, Francis. We’re all in this together. One of these (Serious) men may save your life one of these days, understand?

            1. My apologies. My sarc meter was off.

  42. Indiana police officer beats the shit out of a man because he continued for 6 houses before he pulled over in his own driveway. The man and his mother were arrested for resisting arrest, although the man spent four days in the hospital.

    The department has taken the default position of defending the officer even though the witness to the attack says she thought the cop’s victim was going to die. Community group is up in arms but the chief says they are gonna have to wait on the cop’s co-workers to finish their investigation whitewash is complete.

  43. What could possibly be more dangerous than Florida Man?

    I give you…Florida Cop!

    1. Florida Cop would have to arrest himself for domestic abuse and then disappear a puff of illogic.

    2. He was actually charged an arrested. Is the victim still alive?

  44. Latest feminist crusade:

    Last month, middle-school girls in Evanston, Ill., rebelled against their school dress code by showing up to class wearing leggings en mass. Administrators at Haven Middle School say that girls in leggings are “distracting to boys”; girls counter that they simply want to attend class in the comfort that leggings provide and don’t deserve to be penalized for how boys respond. I talked to Sophie Hasty, 13, one of the leaders of the protest, about the agony of getting “dress-coded” at school, the political power of Instagram, and the benefits of leggings.

    Cameltoe- the final frontier.

    1. And yet, if boys stair at them, it will be a national scandal and the school’s fault. Girls RULE, except when they are delicate snowflakes who must be under adult supervision when in the presence of boys.

      1. John, is “stairing” at them where as a young lad, you stand at the bottom of a stairwell and try to glance up their skirts?

        1. That too. And also staring.

        2. Teenaged boys deserve no sympathy for anything today. It’s just too fucking easy for them to get some eye candy.

    2. The “agony” of getting “dress-coded”?|

      Jesus tapdancing Christ, have these people ever worked a real job? Y’know, the ones where you have to take out your piercings, cover your tattoos, and dress a certain way?

      1. It is called first world problems Goldwater. Don’t you know those are the worst? No one has it harder than, well off attractive white girls from good American families.

      2. It’s Evanston, Illinois, so no. The median home value is a measly $340k.

        1. Who is going to look out for the rich white girls gimmeasammich? Who?

          1. Obviously not their parents. They are apparently too busy simultaneously standing on the necks of the poor while attending their cocktail parties. On their yachts of course, since Evanston is on Lake Michigan.

    3. Slate: I think it can be much simpler for men to find comfortable pants that fit than it is for women.

      Hasty: Oh, yeah. It’s way easier for them.

      1. Spoken like a couple of chicks who have never tried to find a size 32/34 pair of pants. I swear, it’s like I’m the only man left in the world who’s taller than he is wide…

        1. You almost have to go to a Boot Barn to find them. I know as I suffer the same affliction.

        2. I’m still coming back from surgery, so I’m at 34/34 now. It’s great. No tailoring jeans.

        3. Are JNCO jeans still around? That might solve at least *some* of your problems while leading to a whole host of others.

          1. Apparently you can still find them in JC Penny and Sears stores “in certain regions.”


        4. This is pretty much impossible.

  45. Fran Drescher’s vagina

    “There have been people who have approached me about running for political office and I am now seriously considering it,” says Drescher. “Women should be rallying together to demand better gynecologic healthcare. We need to hold Washington accountable when it comes to women’s health issues.”

    Women’s health is a topic with which Drescher is all too familiar. The 46-year-old actress chronicled her victorious battle with uterine cancer in her book Cancer Schmancer. Now Drescher is hoping to write a new chapter in her campaign against women’s cancers.

    “Women have to have an extra loud voice at almost every level, but especially when it comes to our health,” Drescher says. “Improving basic gynecological healthcare is extremely important. It’s like when women weren’t allowed to vote. It’s a no-brainer.”

    1. Well, I respect her overcoming cancer, but I’ll say that she shouldn’t have a problem in the loudness department.

      1. I’m still wondering what politics has to do with it.

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