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2 Mourning in America

So much for Obama's dreams of being a Democratic Ronald Reagan. Matt Welch

4 Contributors

5 Letters and Reaction

Crowdsourcing social problems; slouching toward bankruptcy…

6 Citings Legal prostitution; 3D gun ban; kidnapped by feds; armed and polite; Bitcoin stamped out; Obamacare in the ER; paleo libertarians…

44 Reason TV: Cellphone Justice and the Killing of Kelly Thomas

Fullerton cops go free after beating an innocent man to death. Paul Detrick


12 Uncle Sam's Drinking Game

The federal government's definition of excessive alcohol consumption mixes medicine with moralism. Jacob Sullum

14 The French Implosion Tax-and-spend politics has driven Paris to the brink. Veronique de Rugy

16 Obama: Wrong About Income Inequality

The problem is joblessness, not rich people. Ronald Bailey

62 The 3D Economy

Forget guns, what happens when everyone prints their own shoes? Greg Beato


18 Should Vaccines Be Mandatory?

A libertarian debate on immunization and government. Ronald Bailey, Jeffrey A. Singer, and Sandy Reider

28 Five Gun Rights Cases to Watch

What the courts still have to decide about the Second Amendment. Brian Doherty

36 Diplomas vs. Dirty Jobs

TV host Mike Rowe on the educational bias against unglamorous, good-paying work. Interview by Nick Gillespie

Culture & Reviews

46 The Battle of New Orleans

NIMBYs and newcomers threaten to regulate the Big Easy's music into extinction. Chris Kjorness

Briefly Noted

48 Zenon Evans on the coloring book Ted Cruz to the Future

50 Ed Krayewski on the movie Mandela

52 Matthew Feeney on the documentary 12 O'Clock Boys

54 Peter Suderman on the online comic series The Private Eye

56 Jesse Walker on John McClaughry's Promoting Civil Society Among the Heathen

54 Is Skynet Inevitable? Artificial intelligence and the possibility of human extinction. Ronald BaileyOur Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era, by James Barrat

56 Central Intelligence Arabists

How the CIA tilted toward the Arabs in the 1950s and '60s. Michael Young

America's Great Game: The CIA's Secret Arabists and the Shaping of the Modern Middle East, by Hugh Wilford

60 The War on Fun

Go outside and play, already! Abby W. Schachter

64 Thank You, Edward Snowden! Bus ads taunt bureaucrats and politicos in D.C. Ronald Bailey

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