Bill de Blasio

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Booed at Mets' Opening Day, Approval Rating Down to 39 Percent


New York City's Bill De Blasio (D) has only been mayor since January 1, but his approval rating is already at 39 percent. De Blasio targeted charter schools, for example withdrawing three agreements with Success Academy schools in an apparent bit of political score-settling. His "vision zero" traffic plan earned one elderly jaywalker a beating at the hands of cops, while the mayor himself got caught jaywalking. He proposed taxi meters stop running when cab drivers speed but was caught speeding himself. So it shouldn't be a surprise New Yorkers booed "their" mayor at the New York Mets' opening day in Queens.

Video from the New York Daily News:

The Mets went on to lose 9-7 to the Washington Nationals in 10 innings.

Via the twitter feed of Instapundit