A.M. Links: North Korea and South Korea Fire Shells Across Sea Border, Obamacare Site Pages Undergoing Maintenance, GOP Hawks Preparing Anti-Rand Paul Campaign


Credit: Gage Skidmore/wikimedia
  • South Korea returned fire after North Korean shells landed in its waters during live fire exercises. According to a South Korean Defense Ministry spokesman hundreds of shells were fired in the exchange.
  • This morning some pages on Healthcare.gov were down for maintenance. Today is the enrollment deadline.
  • Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott says that the he's not putting a time limit on the hunt for MH370. Dozens of objects have been spotted in the search area west of Australia, but none have been definitely linked to the missing plane.
  • Secretary of State John Kerry met with his Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov yesterday to discuss the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Kerry said that any resolution to the situation must include pulling back the buildup of Russian military forces on Ukraine's eastern border.
  • Republican donors who don't agree with the non-interventionist foreign policy advocated by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) are reportedly preparing for a counter-campaign aimed at preventing Paul from securing the GOP's 2016 presidential nomination.
  • French socialists have suffered losses in local elections. The center-right Union for a Popular Movement and the nationalist National Front made gains.

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