Bitcoin Branded Ecstasy Exists



Sure, drugs and cryptocurrency go together like Reddit users and baseless conspiracy theories, but here's a little twist on the relationship. Via Dazed & Confused, it seems that Bitcoin branded ecstasy has been making the rounds in Europe.

Reddit user omnibrain shared a photo of the pills, which he was introduced to in a club bathroom. "I heard some guy in the restroom of a club talking about bitcoins," wrote omnibrain. "After a short, extremely confusing conversation, he showed me what he was talking about…"  

Drug review site noted that the Bitcoin ecstasy tablets have been circulating in Europe since last year. According to commenters on Reddit, the pills are a mix of MDMA and caffeine "that have been going around on the dark nets for a while now" and all "part of the revolution man."

Not everyone was excited about the discovery, however. "You people are incredible," Reddit user SilverShibe lambasted his fellow commenters:

"You claim you want to legitimize bitcoin, but this is the type of crap you up vote? Bitcoin is a BRAND like any other right now. If you don't protect your brand image, you're gonna be worth about as much as one of those pills pretty soon. This community should be ashamed."

Other users suggested the Bitcoin ecstasy was schemed up by Bank of America and the Federal Reserve or "someone very rich with an anti-Bitcoin agenda." 

I suppose there is a slippery slope argument to be made: First you're taking Bitcoin ecstasy from strangers in a Swiss bathroom, next you're in some seedy Finnish motel mining Dogecoin tablets (as Dazed's Thomas Gorton writes: "Wow. So drugs. Very fucked"). Mostly, however, commenters in the Bitcoin subReddit seemed amused and enthused.