Hit & Run

A.M. Links: Hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Sentenced to Death, Ukraine Withdraws Forces From Crimea, Feinstein Says She Has Votes For Release of Interrogation Report


Lucas Cranach the Elder
  • A ship has been sent to the area where an Australian plane spotted objects that could be debris from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.
  • 529 supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood have been sentenced to death for the murder of one police officer.
  • Ukraine has ordered the withdrawal of its forces from Crimea. Interim President Olexander Turchynov said the move was prompted by Russian threats to military personnel and their families.
  • Taxpayers in 14 states will be contributing almost $1 billion in tuition for private schools, some of which teach young Earth creationism.
  • Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) says that she has the votes to reveal the executive summary and conclusions of a report on Bush-era interrogation techniques.  
  • President Obama has sent additional troops and aircraft to Uganda in the search for Joseph Kony, the leader of the Lord's Resistance Army.

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