Young Brony Gets to Keep His School Bag

Friendship could stand to be a little more magic in North Carolina.


If you look for more images, for heaven's sake, turn "safe search" on. Some people.

What do we do about a boy who likes pretty pastel ponies? Well, what do we do about the thousands of boys (and men!) who like pretty pastel ponies?

It's time to talk about bronies! For those who don't know who they are, bronies are male fans of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, a reboot launched in 2010 of the popular cartoon/toy from the 1980s. Despite ostensibly being girl-centric, the show has garnered a significant cult following among guys—not just boys but men. There's even a documentary about them, and they have their own conventions.

Bronies ended up in the news this week as 9-year-old Grayson Bruce found himself bullied for carrying his backpack emblazoned with flying pony Rainbow Dash at his elementary school in Buncombe County, N.C. The school initially responded to the bullying by banning the kid from carrying the bag, saying it "triggered" bullying, granting his schoolmates a heckler's veto rather than dealing with inappropriate behavior. His mother responded by yanking Grayson out of school and homeschooling him.

The school got a lot of negative publicity over the decision and now they're backing off. According to USA Today, the school will let Grayson bring his bag to school and work on initiatives to address bullying.

So why are bronies, anyway? When the phenomenon developed, I hunted down the first two episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic on YouTube. I didn't find the show compelling enough to start watching but it definitely had decent depth, characterization, and humor. If there's one thing I'm envious of millennials (and the generation after them) for it's how much better cartoons have gotten, starting around the mid-1990s. My god, cartoons during the Gen X-era were so awful. I think the current animation renaissance is in part created by Gen-Xers who didn't want their kids to have to sit through the same mindless crap.

But that doesn't really answer the bronie question, does it? I think bronies are a reflection of a show that acknowledges that girls like girly things and objects (like ponies) but that doesn't mean girls aren't interested in interesting stories, adventure, danger, and fun. I recall watching a number of girl-oriented cartoons and found them to be dreadful, unfunny affairs. They all felt like they were being written by Marge Simpson. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic presents the idea of a show targeting girls that can also be funny, zany, and adventurous.

The press coverage of bronies seems to suggest a generation of young men who are just more sensitive and care more and face criticism for it. While that may be true, I think such an argument downplays the idea that perhaps entertainment that targets girls is improving, and because the show treats girls like they also enjoy adventures and fun, it's naturally going to start drawing in guys as well. It's probably an important lesson for everybody working in entertainment.

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  1. cartoons during the Gen X-era were so awful

    FUCK. YOU.

    1. I knew this would either be G.I. Joe or Transformers.

      1. As long as Ducktales and the other Disney afternoon shows aren’t included in your blithe dismissal, I’ll let it slide.

        1. They were ’90s, weren’t they? Part of the start of the new renaissance.

        2. Ducktales started in the late 80’s but is generally considered to be the start of the comics rennaisance of the 90’s

          While us early gen x’ers got old Bugs Bunny, the passingly decent GI Joe, and Transformers and reruns and the truly awful Thundar the Barbarian and Dungeons and Dragons cartoons the kids who came after us got the brilliant Ducktales, Darkwing Duck, Gargoyles, Batman, and so on right up to today.

          even Transformers got significantly better in the 90’s with better plots, better dialog, better acting and better animation

          1. Not to mention Animaniacs. Best cartoon series ever produced.

            1. You are worse than Hitler.

          2. The fact that you left out Jonny Quest, The Herculoids and Space Ghost as FUCKING AWESOME, makes you a monster.

            1. The New Johnny Quest was not very good in retrospect and I was kind of a fan.

              Not to mention Animaniacs. Best cartoon series ever produced.

              Not quite the best but pretty damn good. HM is just bitterly clinging to his pre-Abrams Trek and bowties.

          3. Talespin was pretty solid too. I appreciate the high concept of putting the cast of The Jungle Book into 1920s a bush pilot cargo plane dancing around in the Caribbean. Good stuff.

            1. I had forgotten about that one! Yeah, that was fun.

            2. The only one of those late 80’s early 90’s disney afternoon cartoons which wasn’t awesome was Rescue Rangers. Ducktales, Darkwing Duck, and Tailspin all rocked

              1. What! You didn’t like Rescue Rangers?

            3. Talespin was the fucking shit. I drew many pictures of heavily armed yellow seaplanes shooting down Bf-109s and Zeroes. Cuz that’s how the Wartlet did things.

          4. The full Gargoyles series on YouTube now, for anyone interested.

        3. Hugh, your affinity for Flintheart Glomgold is well known and you are not forgiven.

        4. Everyone is aware that there is a ridiculous Finnish metal album about Scrooge McDuck coming out, right?

          1. Well now I’m conflicted. Nightwish is extremely talented, but metal Scrooge McDuck? Thats odd to say the least.

      2. Why couldn’t it be the Gummy Bears?!?

        1. I have a mix of pride and shame at knowing the whole Gummi Bears intro song.

          And now it’s stuck in my head.

          (I’m pissed at the audience in the video, it took them until the chorus to realize what she’s singing). *shakes fist, yells “get off my lawn”*

          1. It was a good cartoon!

          2. No fucking way I’m clicking that link, Jesse.

            1. Psht, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you ever watched the Gummi Bears.

          3. Goddamnit. Now its in my head, and I didn’t even follow the fucking link.

            1. Dashing and daring,
              Courageous and caring…

              Follow the link, it’ll actually help. It’s a different enough rendition that it won’t get stuck, and listening to it will help take you off repeat.

          4. Funny the Gummy Bear song reminds me of the Barbie song.

            Speaking of which here is a metal version of the Barbie Song…

          5. This makes me start to realize how many cartoons I hate watched back then.

        2. Gummi berry juice just primed your young mind for a deviant drug-abusing lifestyle, eh Epi?

          1. I certainly hope so.

      3. To have done otherwise would have been truly outrageous.

        1. Jem’s boyfriend was the whole reason I watched that show.


          1. The fuck?!? Is it a gritty reboot where they depict Jerrica snorting lines backstage before a concert before twerking with the Misfits at the VMAs?


        1. Hey – you girls had “Wonder Woman” – that’s not enough? chicks….sheesh…

          1. They also had smurf-ette. One female character should be enough!

            And I would be amiss if i didn’t link to Donnie Darko explaining the philosophical import of Smurfette


      5. My favorite ’80s cartoons were Robotech and Thundercats.

        1. 1. Jem was hot.

          2. The Transformers were awesome (original series).

          3. Let’s not forget Star Blazers and some of the pre-Robotech manga stuff with funky robots.

          That is all.

          1. Starblazers. I ran home to watch that.

            Did anyone else dig Gigantor even further back in the recesses of time?

            1. Oh, and Battle of the Planets. Ran home to watch that too.

              1. The Battle of the Planets theme song is my ringtone. I loved that show with a passion.

                1. I managed to catch that at the tail end of my youthful cartoon watching days. Not bad.

            2. Never got into Gigantor, but Speed Racer, Prince Planet and 8th Man were the shit.

              Honorable mention to Ultraman, Thunderbirds and Fireball XL5.

              1. I loved Speed Racer when I was a kid. Then I saw it a few years ago and…it was awful. I was bitterly disappointed.

                1. As a kid, knowing nothing of physics and residing mostly in a fantasy world of jets and explosions, it was the most amazing thing ever.

                  I could probably still make the jumping sound.

          2. Something something nearest star
            something something Iskandar

        2. I never got to watch Robotech, it was only on in the morning where I lived and my parents did NOT allow TV on before school unless there was a snowstorm and they needed to find out of school was closed.

          Starblazers and Force 5 (a mix of 5 different giant Robot anime shows each shown on a different day of the week) were my favorites

          1. Force 5! That’s it! I’ve been trying to remember the name of that goddamn show for years now!

            Which one of them had Johnny / Orion Quest?

            1. Grendizer I think, but that might have been it’s own stand alone show separate from Force 5

              1. Nope, it was part of Force 5…


                Force Five: Gaiking (26 episodes), adaptation of Divine Demon-Dragon Gaiking (44 episodes)
                Force Five: Dangard Ace (26 episodes), adaptation of Planetary Robot Danguard Ace (56 episodes)[1]
                Force Five: Starvengers (26 episodes), adaptation of Getter Robo G (39 episodes)
                Force Five: Grandizer (26 episodes), adaptation of UFO Robot Grendizer (74 episodes)
                Force Five: Spaceketeers (26 episodes), adaptation of Sci-Fi West Saga Starzinger (73 episodes)

        3. Loved Robotech. My Dad loved mocking the constant dialog of : Huh?Oh.

        4. Robotech was awesome because it was serious. People died and there was real action and drama. What a change from the rest of the crap that was being produced.

          “Hey look, we just shot down one of Cobra’s choppers, but it’s OK! All the bad guys parachuted out!”

          1. This is why the Transformers movie was better than the TV show. All it needed was Arcee stripping down to make it a modern cinematic masterpiece.

            1. I cried when Optimus Prime died.

              1. DUDE SPOILER ALERT

          2. Robotech was awesome because it was serious. People died and there was real action and drama. What a change from the rest of the crap that was being produced.

            Exactly. And even at my young age, I was able to discern, and appreciate, that difference. Hell, the script even alluded to sex on a few occasions.

          3. “Hey look, we just shot down one of Cobra’s choppers, but it’s OK! All the bad guys parachuted out!”

            I never watched G.I. Joe. because I couldn’t take seriously the notion of wide-scale military conflict that resulted in no death. It’s the same issue I had with The A-Team.

            1. Well, you see, at least the A-Team was working with its full crew. You had the brains, the muscle, the looks, the wildcard, and the useless chick.

              1. Well, you see, at least the A-Team was working with its full crew. You had the brains, the muscle, the looks, the wildcard, and the useless chick.

                As much as I didn’t care for the show, I will admit one of the coolest events of my young life was the day they filmed an episode behind my house (I lived in L.A. in the ’80s) and I got to meet Gerge “Hannibal” Peppard. When they were done filming, they threw away a copy of the script, which I quickly purloined. Now that we have stuff like eBay, I’m kicking myself for having lost it years ago.

    2. This makes me start to realize how many cartoons I hate this .really.

  2. When the phenomenon developed, I hunted down the first two episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic on YouTube

    Sure you did, Scott. You didn’t already know it. *cough* closet Brony *cough*

    1. I think this is Scott’s way of coming out. Don’t bully him for it.

      1. I thought Scott was the “way openly gay Reason staffer TM”.

          1. Wait, we don’t have tolerate that too, do we?

          2. So brave.

    2. If it’s a closet, it has no doors.
      Come on, Epi – Scott’s been pretty bropen about bronyin’ up.


      1. All respect, I wouldn’t probe too far into the Venn Diagram of Teh Cozmotarianz and bronies.

  3. how much better cartoons have gotten

    WHAT? You telling me “Johnny Quest” (my fave from the 60’s/70’s) was not superior entertainment? AND ahead of its time: the obviously-gay relationship of Dr. Quest and Race Bannon; the diversity Haji brought; and even early-onset pet-o-feeelzia with Bandit, that stupid fucking dog.

    Bleeding-edge stuff right there! Schackford, I am disappoint.

    Also, Scoobie Doo. And Fat Albert. And Sherman and Peabody and Fractured Fairy Tales. And Tennessee Tuxedo.

    That is all.

    1. Jonny Quest is one of the best kids’ cartoons of all time. Guns, adventure, monsters, you name it. Awesome stuff.

      1. EXACTLY

        I really loved that show.

        I fucking HATED the Flintstones, but I used to watch. I think cause I was kinda hot for Betty….

      2. I associate that one with the Boomers, though I did see old episodes still on the air when I was a kid. I felt like making a comment that Boomers got all the fun violent cartoons before everybody got scared of it, but ended up not including htat.

        1. Well, duh – I’m 52, so, yeah, BOOMER.

          WHATEVER, SCOTT – NOW COME ALL THE EXCUSES – “ended up not including that” blah blah blah….

          The world didn’t exist before 1980, RIGHT SCOTT???

        2. I found that in the 80s, prior to infomercials and widespread cable programming, that there would always be one or two channels that pretty much did nothing but play syndicated reruns of anything under the sun. I happened to have access to some channels that would play nothing but older cartoons all day, ranging from Mighty Mouse and Popeye all the way up to all the 70s Hanna Barberra stuff. In watching that range, the older stuff was always more entertaining, because it was usually 1) violent, 2) non-PC and solely designed to entertain and not “teach”, and 3) partially aimed at adults as well (in the Muppet Show vein where that stuff was supposed to fly over the kids’ heads).

          1. I neglected to mention the Bugs Bunny and some early Disney stuff that was all of that. REALLY funny, with the semi-buried adult themes that the cool kids understood.

            PLus, Roadrunner and Coyote.

            realizinf there were more good cartoons than I initially remembered…

          2. Did you watch Drawn Together?

            There was an episode where a shadowy figure was sanitizing cartoon history by killing off the chinamen, lazy Mexican mice and mammy cartoons.

            1. No. Other than the Simpsons, Ren and Stimpy, and Liquid TV, I pretty much stopped watching cartoons for all of the 90s. It wasn’t until Futurama that I started watching anything else. Then Aqua Teen. And that’s all that really matters anyway.

              1. Clone High and Drawn Together jump out as cartoons for adults you might have liked.

                Raisin The Stakes is a a delightful skewer of the drug war.

          3. Thansk to growing up in Pennsyltucky, I was exposed to virtually the entire Harveytoons catalog in my youth. That and probably every Popeye episode ever. And Ma and Pa Kettle.

          1. Speedy Gonzales wasn’t racist! He was a folk hero defending his people against the gringos!


      3. Damn you and my brother seriously have the exact same taste in cartoons.

        1. I hope that’s all we have the same taste in.

          1. Well, he thinks anal is gross, so probably.

            1. Thank god.

            2. oh so it turns out I’m your brother. weird.

              1. Those are probably the only two things you have in common with him, though.

            3. I didn’t realize you were related to Auric, Nicole.

              1. Isn’t Auric a ginger? It’s well known my people are swarthy.

                1. It’s well known my people are swarthy.

                  Well of course! I must’ve missed Auric’s big ginger reveal.

        2. I’m your…brother???!


    2. You forgot The Herculoids.

      1. I am not familiar with that show. Is it epic?

          1. I prefer animation that looks…good.

        1. It has a rhino-thing that shoots explosive rocks from its horn. It’s phenomenal.

          1. That’s not a rhino horn!

      2. You forgot The Herculoids.

        I cried the day they cancelled them.

    3. You know, everyone brings up Scoobie Doo, they always forget that really only the first 2 seasons were any good. The second 2 seasons where they had all the guest stars were hit or miss and everything after that pretty much sucked

      1. The later ones with Vincent Price were good only because of Vincent Price.

      2. Once Scrappy Doo came on the scene, all I wanted to do was strangle him.

      3. Everything by Hanna Barbara from that era is terrible.

    4. Batman: The Animated Series, Ren & Stimpy, Rocco’s Modern Life, Dexter’s Laboratory, Pinky & The Brain, Samurai Jack

      Sorry, but the 90s/early ’00s has any era beat.

      1. Yup. These comments are filled with Gen-Xers who have welded nostalgia goggles to their heads.

        1. Um, given that I was 20 by the time any of these shows came out it is hardly *Nostalgia goggles* for me.

          Hell if we had social media in 1989 I would have been one of those military “Duckies” who were big fans of Ducktales and Darkwing Duck cause I always watched them in the Barracks common room

    5. You telling me “Johnny Quest” (my fave from the 60’s/70’s) was not superior entertainment?

      I’m not sure if Scott is, but I will: it wasn’t.

      Also, Scoobie Doo. And Fat Albert.

      This is a joke…right?

    6. Meh, only good thing about “Johnny Quest” was that it inspired “The Venture Brothers”.

  4. If there’s one thing I’m envious of millennials (and the generation after them) for it’s how much better cartoons have gotten, starting around the mid-1990s. My god, cartoons during the Gen X-era were so awful.

    I blame the Russians.


    Yeah, commenting works again – huzzah! Now I keep getting fucking autorun ads.

    Again – FUCK. YOU.

    *throws away hardcopy of teh Reezan and vows not to contribute in the next Beg-a-thon…….retrieves hardcopy from trash, runs over and hugs Reason…”I can’t quit you….”*

    1. Adblock Plus, dude.

      1. I have it and it is turned on, still didn’t stop the damned ad

        1. Maybe NoScript, then. I run both and I don’t see any ads, autoplaying or otherwise.

          1. Yeah I can’t use NoScript because it screws up some of the pages I need to use for work

            1. I’ve had good luck with a HOSTS file from MVPS.org

              The only downside is I occasionally can’t click through on sponsored links and have to manually copy the target url to get there.

            2. Do those pages have scripts that run globally or something? Because other than that, you can generally whitelist pages with NoScript.

  6. The school initially responded to the bullying by banning the kid from carrying the bag, saying it “triggered” bullying, granting his schoolmates a heckler’s veto rather than dealing with inappropriate behavior.

    Let’s ban tight skirts on hot women, as these are clearly “triggers” for rape. Really, that’s the same logic the school initially applied to this situation.

    1. Banning tight skirts would make me get violent with those banning the skirts.

  7. Kill all autistic bronies

    purge the gene pool

    1. purge the gene pool

      I’d say that your choice to become a Brony pretty much purges yourself from the human gene pool.

      1. But I have a kid!

        1. Prisoners don’t count.

    2. Hey, you wanna come after my brony son you’re gonna have to get through me.

      Yes I admit it my son is a Brony

      1. “I love my dead, Brony son!”

        1. Lol well I don’t let him drink evian so he should be safe

            1. People who don’t get Heathers references make me sad.

              1. Those people exist?

                1. Those people exist?

                  Was there an Evian reference in Heathers? It’s been a while since I saw it, so I’m not recalling it.

                  1. He screwed up, it wasn’t Evian, it was mineral water. I guess Evian might technically be mineral water, too, though I don’t think so, just bottled water.

                  2. When they killed the 2 jocks and made it look like a gay lover suicide pact bottles of evian were part of the evidence that they left behind to show they were gay

                    1. No, I remember that, but I was focusing on the brand name, overlooking the obvious connection.

                      Still, a good excuse to post that scene.

                    2. :::looks it up::: …Perrier was the brand.

              2. What’s their fucking damage?

                1. Killer pate, but I gotta motor.

  8. Speaking of excellent kids entertainment, I have been watching Justice League Unlimited recently. Good writing, excellent voice talent, and strong long-form storytelling. Also the intro theme kicks ass.

    1. I don’t watch it regularly but when I do manage to catch it it is always excellent.

      Honestly it is probably the best DC comics adaptation ever and that includes all of the prior live action and animated movies/tv shows

      1. JLU was an amazing series.

        I think Young Justice at least gives it a run for it’s money. More complex plots, and some big payoffs at the ends of seasons.

  9. I want to dress my kid up as one of those ponies and send him to school. Except his costume will have an enormous glittery pony schlong.

    1. Make fun of THIS, mfer!

    2. this made me LOL…at work…

      “Oh, nothing!”

  10. BTW, this isn’t a “Google Safe Search” kinda crowd, Shackford.

    1. To be fair, I’m not sure I could think of a search that, without safe search, wouldn’t turn up porn.

  11. So as H&R’s resident brony, I feel compelled to post here.

    I’m not sure why. But I’m all ears if any of you want to ask me something, like what the hell I’m thinking with this MLP thing.

    1. I’ll wager it has something to do with an activity with your kid or meeting babes. Not necessarily in order of priority

      1. Started watching it with the kid, yeah. I liked it. If you ignore the connotations, it’s high quality animation. I grew up in the 80s on He Man and GI Joe and such. I’ve remained a huge animation fan since, so MLP drops into that. I figure I’m 37 years old, who gives a crap about what other people think of what I watch.

        (As for meeting babes… good gawd, you should’ve seen some of the cosplayers at Bronycon last year. Sure, you see the pictures of the fat neckbearded ones… and they were definitely there. But man oh man, there were some jaw dropping female cosplayers)

    2. OK…so what does it feel like to be a furry? Is it yiffy?

      1. Not a furry. Furries are probably less than 10% of the population of the fandom (judging from the relative populations on Reddit comparing the completely SFW /r/mylittlepony and the NSFW pony picture subs).

        1. So how many full size pony suits do you have?

          1. Zero! But like 4 t-shirts.

        2. Yes you are. Brony is a subset of Furry, even if Bronies get all pissed when it’s pointed out.

          It’s like a Trekker claiming they aren’t a sci-fi nerd.

          1. Not really. Furry implies sexual interest, and that’s not what most of us are in it for.

            1. No, Furry just means media involving characters combining human and animals traits. Talking horses that live in human houses counts.

    3. Don’t have to, I have an 11 year old Brony along with 11 and 5 year old girls at home who are all huge MLP fans. The show is on all the time at my house.

      While I would not consider myself a fan of it in the way I would say I am a fan of Avatar:The Last Airbender I gotta admit MLP is a REALLY good kids show, one of the best I have ever seen. The rest of the shows on the Hub pretty much suck, even the current incarnation of GI Joe sucks but MLP ranks up there with Phinnias and Ferb for the best kids shows on TV today.

      1. It’s actually good? I had no idea.

        1. I’ve heard that from a number of non-bronies.

      2. Phineas & Ferb is fucking excellent.

        1. Phineas and Ferb is also a favorite of mine.

      3. I’ve heard The Hub was basically a bust and that’s why MLP got made in the first place. It was basically a Hail Mary.

        Cartoons are not as good now as they were 10 years ago. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy were real funny.

        1. MLP debuted the same day the network did. Though I doubt it’s still around without MLP.

          1. So The Hub = XBox and MLP = Halo. Hmmmm…

        2. I don’t know I think the current batch of cartoons has some really high quality shows that rank up there with the best from any prior era (MLP, Phinnias and Ferb, Avatar, etc.) and then a huge mass of generally forgettable dreck.

          What does seem to be missing is high quality Superhero/Giant Robot shows. From the early 90’s through about 2006 there was pretty much always at least 1 good animated show in at least 1 of those Genre’s in production

          1. Cartoon Network has basically devolved into a never-ending sluice of poorly thought out and even more poorly executed cartoons, that no one will ever fondly look back upon, if they even remember them at all.

            I get that Adventure Time is a big hit, but the appeal of it eludes me, since I’ve never seen it when I’m drunk.

            1. CN has been in the Dark Ages for years. At least they don’t have live-action shows anymore…*shudder*.

            2. Adventure Time is my favorite modern cartoon due to it’s subversive psychedelia. Then again I can’t really name any other modern ones.

          2. The current batch has *some* really good shows but not many. And there’s no in between second-tier of good but not great.

            What does seem to be missing is high quality Superhero/Giant Robot shows. From the early 90’s through about 2006 there was pretty much always at least 1 good animated show in at least 1 of those Genre’s in production

            I wish I had watched more Gundam and Megas XLR.

          3. Genndy Tartakovsky came up with a great Giant Robot cartoon, Sym-Bionic Titan. It ran for one season but was cancelled because Cartoon Network couldn’t figure out a way to make merchandise for it.

            1. I heard this one of the only good shows left on CN.

  12. Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

    1. The Brak Show.

      1. Both excellent.

  13. His mother responded by yanking Grayson out of school and homeschooling him.

    Well at least some good came of this.

    If there’s one thing I’m envious of millennials (and the generation after them) for it’s how much better cartoons have gotten, starting around the mid-1990s. My god, cartoons during the Gen X-era were so awful.

    THANK YOU. Contra HM’s typically terrible taste, ’90s cartoons were awesome. Beast Wars was, at least for the first season, absolutely superior to the original transformers. Not only were cartoons better in the ’90s but we also had Toonami which kicked multitudes of ass. It was so unique we may never see anything like that again.

    Unfortunately, the later aughts have seen mostly decline in that regard (God the aughts sucked). Toonami died and was brought back only for a single red-eye time band on Saturday I think. Cartoon Network went to hell and at the low point of 2009 actually-I kid you not-had live action shows that sounded absolutely terrible. In summary, I’m glad I was my age when I was my age.

    1. If there’s one thing I’m envious of millennials (and the generation after them) for it’s how much better cartoons have gotten, starting around the mid-1990s.

      I think Ren & Stimpy (1991) had a huge influence on this later new wave of cartoons. First time I saw SpongeBob I was amazed at how much they had borrowed from R&S–the surrealism, the retro 50s style.

    2. Beast Wars was, at least for the first season, absolutely superior to the original transformers

      You’re nuts. Like raving lunatic, clawing his eyes out in his cell at Bedlam nuts.

      1. Does your shitty taste know no bounds? Original transformers had characters die only to come back. Every time. Pacing was lunacy too.

  14. Since no one has yet mentioned Rainbow Brite…RAINBOW BRITE, MOTHERFUCKERS

    1. Girl cartoons don’t count, nicole. If you weren’t the worst you’d know that. Now why don’t you go watch some Strawberry Shortcake?

      1. Maybe she can cap it off with a Smurfs marathon.

        1. “No, no, Papa Smurf! Take it out! It’s too big!”

          1. I think my first encounter with slash fic on the internet was Smurfs, circa 1996.

      2. Because Rainbow Brite has an awesome horse. God, you’re an idiot sometimes.

        1. Sometimes?!?

          1. Other times you’re just a dick.

            1. Just?!?

    2. Yeah they sexxed her up and brought her back too…


  15. From what I have gathered, a healthy amount of the attraction is the fact that the stories are interesting and its just good old fashioned “wouldn’t it be nice if everybody was nice” fun. Media targeted at men is typically pretty bad with its ugliness. Its all die hard without the yippee ki yay, frat-boy sexuality, jackass, formulaic car shows, or family shows which teach my job in life is to be an abused house pet… because penis.

    Maybe guys want media that is fun and feel good too. And not “feel good” in the misery tourist sort of way.

    I know this dynamic drives a lot of my media consumption. The real world is ugly cynical and broken enough, without it having to pollute my escapism too.

  16. Re debates above about what the best children’s show is: ReBoot has them all beat. /thread

    1. You should feel bad about that statement. Terrible.

      1. Why? For being right? For having superior taste?

    2. That CGI looked bad even when it was current, but I did really enjoy the show.

      1. It looked ‘bad’ in the context of anything in the real world, but it was brilliant for its setting in a computer (named after the Mainframe they used to make the show).

    3. Reboot rocked, Dot’s CGI unibreast notwithstanding.

      Now, how you can like that, but yet have no taste at all (hating Jonny Quest?), baffles me.

      1. Old JQ I barely saw any of but I can’t stand the shows from that era. It’s just so…bad. New JQ I liked at the time it was coming out but retrospect is not kind to it.

        1. This will tell you everything you need to know.

      2. Dot’s unibreast was due to the censors thinking she was too sexy.

  17. I’ve only run into one real-life bronie. It was on a hot summer day in a large retail outlet where I happened upon this. I was on a mission. A mission to buy some ponies for my little girl. Colorful, sparkly, named, cute ponies with vivid manes. I targeted the aisle and closed in for a multi-second spree. In and out, wham-bam, thankya ma’am, did the deed won the button… This is not what unfolded. I stopped dead in my tracks. What was this?! My fervor to target and harvest dashed into a thousand smithereens. By what you ask?

    … a geek. A motherfucking bronie. A motherfucking SLOW bronie. A motherfucking bronie who had to pick through every single goddamn package of ponies while I was forced to redirect, stand down, and wait. Wait I did… not understanding, but cautiously evaluating the creature with my peripheral powers. He seemed captured in a world… Floating about an inch above the tiled floor he gazed into the eyes of his plastic friends, caressing their plastic windows while seemingly yearning for rainbows with small horses dashing across them tittering about dreams and castles…

    With one bold move and an arm jammed full of baby mares he disappeared in an aurora borealis that dipped and hovered then flickered for an instant until poof…

    This strange wizardry gone I dipped in, acquired, purchased, then left… musing on the bronie that I saw one hot summer day in an Ohio town no one will ever give a single shit about.

    1. My girlfriend (now fiance) convinced me to go to a Brony picnic one summer afternoon 2 years ago. The adult-sized people there were painfully socially awkward as they shared their homemade pony stuff and cupcakes. There was a 10 year old kid who’s mom had brought him. My girl and I played frisbee with the kid for a while then left. It was fun.

      1. You’re either incredibly nice or unspeakably cruel. I can’t tell which and it’s awesome.

    2. You talking about the blind bags?

      The first couple sets of those somebody figured out how to tell what was in them before you opened them, so that’s probably what he was doing.

      (I don’t generally go for the toys, though my house is full of them thanks to my daughter)

  18. My daughter went through a My Little Pony phase, is still kind of in it but has moved on to mostly watching Spongebob, for which I am grateful. I don’t really get the MLP thing.

  19. I just…
    I don’t know where…

    39, no brony

    Road runner and Wile E. Coyote, Super Genius
    And old Hanna Barbara in General. Smoking and firing squads FTW.
    Agree with epi’s assessment of GI Joe. A tv screen filled with star-wars laser bullets and no one dies. Ever.
    Although I liked MASK better. Although I’m sure it’s unwatchable now.
    Batman the animated series was awesome.
    JL unlimited was awesome
    Toonami in the early 2000’s with DBZ…. Ah yes, I feel old.
    I’m going to watch the abridged parody of DBZ on YouTube now for lunch. Ooh, episode 40 came out!

    1. DBZ abridged was pretty rad.

    2. And old Hanna Barbara in General.

      This is the only bad thing in this list.

      DBZ was…overrated in retrospect. The abridged series is not only brilliant, it has better voicework.

      1. Oh, the original is almost impossible to watch after seeing the abridged parody.

        I know it all has to do with wasting time until the actual manga was written but sheesh so many epsiodes where nothing happened. at all. but fucking scared-breathing noises.

    3. Agree with epi’s assessment of GI Joe. A tv screen filled with star-wars laser bullets and no one dies. Ever.

      If you want realistic portrayals of war in a children’s cartoon: Exo-Squad

      1. Exosquad was excellent.


  20. If there’s one thing I’m envious of millennials (and the generation after them) for it’s how much better cartoons have gotten, starting around the mid-1990s. My god, cartoons during the Gen X-era were so awful.

    I blame history’s greatest monsters, Hanna-Barbera.

    1. With a 2 year old, I guess I better get back into all this crap so I can make sure he won’t watch anything horrible.

      And BTW the Smurfs was all a giant acid-induced delerium of Gargamel’s. Which is why he could never catch them… you never make it to the oasis, do you?

      1. There was a whole other paragraph referencing the hanna-barbara so it actually made sense that I reply to you. Now that it’s gone, it looks clearly misthreaded.

    2. THANK YOU


    Also maybe some of Walt Disney’s junkie era stuff.


      Thank you. I was just scrolling through all the comments getting ready to post something about him, and I am ever so happy that someone here beat me to it.

  22. One of the bad things about ’90s cartoons: LOADS of eco-propaganda. Captain Planet, that weird show with the weird people on the island…I can see why my generation is poisoned in the head.

    1. “One of the bad worst things about ’90s cartoons: LOADS of eco-propaganda.”

      Couldn’t even hate watch Captain Planet. Even then, as a kid, it was obnoxious and preachy.

      1. Even then I knew something was wrong. It was so forceful in its messaging it may have turned me away from environmentalism. Thank God.

        1. Me too. I have to wonder if the over the top preachy message of the enviromental movement has finally backfired.

          Wasn’t there a poll out recently about how Millenials were less concerned about the enviroment then previous generations?

          It was the first issue I noticed in school that really started me questioning what my teachers, and school was actually teaching me.

          1. Wasn’t there a poll out recently about how Millenials were less concerned about the enviroment then previous generations?

            Yes there was and I posted it here! Just be happy you weren’t ‘schooled’ in British Colombia. Looking back Jesus it is breathtaking the politically correct indoctrination they force-fed us. Brazen propaganda. My generation sucks but they could be a lot worse.

      2. Captain Planet was just about the only cartoon my mom didn’t let me watch for this very reason.

        On a different note, she also flipped out when my aunt, who had moved from Chicago to Vegas, had told her about the handgun ban (before it got struck down). I guess that’s where I get my libertarian leanings from.

        Back on topic: I haven’t seen anyone talk about the Adventures of Zelda cartoon yet. I think it was only aired on Fridays as the last segment of the Super Mario Brothers Show with Captain Lou, so I didn’t get to see very much of it.

    2. I’ll just leave this here.

      1. Don Cheadle for the win at 1:08.

    3. 90s PC was such a fucking disease. It was basically the shockwaves from the carpet bombing that progressives were doing before they finally chased liberals out.

  23. Okay, I was never the biggest consumer of cartoon shows, even back when I was a lad, but at least I was aware of all the cartoon fads out there. But I honestly don’t know what My Little Pony is about and no one will tell me. I mean, I have a vague recollection of the thing riding on a rainbow or something, but as far as I know it was on its way to Asgard.

    1. Unfortunately, no one can be told what the My Little Pony is. You have to see it for yourself.

      at Andrew’s.

    2. A talking horse, of course.

  24. My younger brother was into My Little Pony for a while in the 80s, before it was a thing.

    I don’t think I have ever seen either the old show or the new one.

  25. Did anyone else watch Clutch Cargo ? They had the static images with actual human mouths speaking. Kind of creepy.

    1. Yep. And there was at least one other show that used that technology. Fucking weird.

  26. My god, cartoons during the Gen X-era were so awful.

    Surely you’re not suggesting that shows like G.I. Joe, Tansformers, He-Man, Thundercats, and all the other 30 minute toy commercials weren’t the paragons of awesomeness they so clearly are?

    If those shows weren’t awesome, then how come most of them have had one or more live action movies based on them? Some of which were even directed by Michael Bay? Huh? MICHAEL. FUCKING. BAY… Game, set, match, motherfucker! /sarc

  27. In some sense, I think the Brony culture as a reaction to “Bro” culture, in that there’s a segment of the young male population that desires more emotionally available relationships with other male friends, in contrast to the rather then the rather shallow form much young male bonding has devolved into.

  28. His mother responded by yanking Grayson out of school and homeschooling him.

    This was ultimately the correct response. I mean, yes, you want the school to which you’re sending your kid to respond correctly to the threats, but pulling your kid out of public school is, like buying IBM back in the 70s, probably never a bad decision.

    1. Coming to this thread very late…but due to my grand daughters I have watched ALL of MLPFiM and I can totally see why a little boy would like Rainbow Dash. It took me 4 or 5 episodes to confirm that Rainbow Dash is in fact a girl. Her behavior, likes and dislikes is 100% little boy: racing, practical jokes, hates “girly” things, Rainbow Dash’s fondest ambition to be a professional stunt flyer etc.
      Now if a little boy had a Rarity or Pinkie Pie backpack then I’d have to wonder. (For those who haven’t been through the whole series: Pinkie Pie is “special” and likes to throw parties and make people laugh. Rarity designs pony costumes. Apple Jack is a farm girl who raises apples. Twilight Sparkle is a magical nerd who spends all her time reading books.)

      1. Oh and Spike (the baby dragon) is as far as I can tell Twilight Sparkle’s indentured servant and/or orphaned monocle polisher.

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