Reason Nominated for 12 Maggie Awards!


I'm happy to announce that Reason scooped up a whopping 12 nominations for Maggie awards from the Western Publishing Association this year


In addition to being nominated for the best in our print category, Politics & Social Issues (where we are up against Mother JonesPacific Standard, and Sierra), we also grabbed finalist slots for Best Blog, Best Video Channel, and Best Use of Social Media.

We picked up specific nominations for:

Jacob Sullum's "Pot Goes Legit" cover story from November.

Our "Be Paranoid" cover package in October, including Brian Doherty, Ronald Bailey, and Scott Shackford on "what we should have known about government spying before Edward Snowden's leak, why even innocent people have plenty to fear, and what you can do about it" in "Be Very Afraid," Shane Harris on "Drones Away," and the rest of the issue.

Matt Welch's Editor's Note in that same issue also won a finalist spot.

July's cover interview with Shereen El Feki, "Sex in the Arab World."

Two videos were selected:

Amateur Beats Gov't at Digitizing Newspapers: Tom Tryniski's Weird, Wonderful Website


LA County Sheriffs Hassle Photographer, Trample Constitution, Get Lauded by Bosses

Our "Three Reasons" feature also got a nod, specifically: 

Three Reasons Not to Go To War with Syria

And Three Reasons All Kids Should be FORCED To Watch South Park!

Winners will be announced on May 2.

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