US Sending Destroyer To Search for Missing Malaysian Flight in Indian Ocean, Russia Sending Over 10,000 Troops to Ukrainian Border, TSA on Pittsburgh Public Transit: P.M. Links


  • Gage Skidmore / Foter / CC BY-SA

    The missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 may have plunged into the Indian Ocean, U.S. officials believe, so the Pentagon is sending the USS Kidd destroyer ship on a search mission to the area.

  • Russia is building a front along the Ukrainian border that includes upwards of 10,000 troops accompanied by artillery and helicopter units. 
  • An independent commission found "no compelling medical reason" to prohibit transgender individuals from joining the U.S. military and suggested that President Obama could end the current ban without Congressional approval. Maybe they're exactly what we need to scare the Russkies all the way back to Red Square without firing a shot.
  • "This cannot happen in a free country," said Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), who slammed the CIA's spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee, adding that the agency is "arrogant."
  • The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is conducting training exercises on Pittsburgh's buses and light rail. As if public transportation needed anymore gropers. Meanwhile, promotional material from South By Southwest is to blame for delays at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport today, an airport spokesman said, apparently because the ink obscures TSA scanners and is setting off alarms. 
  • An Alabama judge stopped two women, who got married in Iowa but are Alabama residents, from getting a divorce, because the state doesn't recognize same-sex unions in the first place. 

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  1. TSA, gotta love ’em

    1. BTW, FIST!

    2. HelLO!

      1. Always a pleasure, Mr. Firefly!

        1. H&R comments need at least 30% Can-Con or Cauckistan will block it.

  2. “This cannot happen in a free country,” said Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)…

    If only there was a free country somewhere to test that theory.

    1. Fuck you man! This was a free country.

    2. Beat me to it (of course), Fist.

      Anyhoo — nice tautology, Rand.

    3. Maybe you should start supporting Pro Lib and I more seriously.

      1. “A new life awaits you in the Off-World colonies.”

        1. “A glorious flaming-rock filled death awaits you here on Earth.”

      2. As your hetero life-mate?

        1. He refers to our plans to dominate the Earth from space, as you well know. For that crack, one fifty-ton asteroid for your home.

    4. Golden Rule of Political Power: The power you give government to do unto others will be used to do unto you.

      1. Pish, man. We covered that years ago with an Iron Law:

        Me today, you tomorrow.

        You’re welcome.

  3. “This cannot happen in a free country,” saidSen. Rand Paul (R-KY), who slammed the CIA’s spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee, adding that the agency is “arrogant.”

    I wonder if the CIA and NSA are already tapping the one guy who could be the biggest threat if he does get elected as President.

    1. ^their biggest threat

    2. Of course they are! In America, *anyone* can become President!

    3. You must be kidding. I have little to no doubt that they are.

      1. “Sen. Paul, we know what porn sites you like. We know everything about your sex life. We even have pictures of you from your smart phone, which we commandeered remotely. You do what we tell you to do, or else…”

        1. Can’t have the general public knowing that he’s a fan of WARTY HUGEMAN AND THE CHRONICLES OF THE DOOMCOCK. Completely unelectable in the primaries at that point.

          Might win him a few points among progressives though…

          1. It’s Doomcock of Doom.

    4. already tapping the one guy

      If he picks up momentum, they may even double tap him.

      1. For the good of the country

    5. They’re tapping everybody.

      1. I wonder if they even tap themselves. That would be deliciously paranoid.

        1. 1) Only unwittingly.

          2) They only store their metadata.

        2. I don’t think we’re at the stage of Soviet paranoia, yet.

        3. Ever read about CIA Deputy Director James Jesus Angleton? Didn’t trust anybody -especially people in the intelligence agencies.

          1. Yup, he was fantastically paranoid.

            Angleton in the Laundry series is named after him.

          2. Many years back, when I was maybe 10-12 years old, I read a paperback copy of Orchids For Mother, which was supposedly based on Angleton. The only thing that still sticks out all these years later was when somebody (a new recruit?) was taking a polygraph test and was asked the question, “Do you masturbate?” Thankfully, I didn’t go to my parents to ask what the word meant.

            (To show how warped I am, I also did a book report on Ian Fleming’s Doctor No back in fifth or sixth grade.)

      2. only the tip, only for a minute

    6. Yeaaaah…..I was just thinking that Rand should stay away from grassy knolls.

    7. This cannot happen in a free country

      Well, it happened. So I guess this isn’t a free country.

    1. There’s no need to yell.

      1. Sure there is. Fuck Emanuel!

        1. In any case, if something else isn’t done, Mayor Emanuel is warning that he’ll have to double property taxes to fund the payment.

          Seriously…are property owners solely the ones on the hook for this? Is there some state constitutional violation in play if it is funded through a tax on everyone via income or consumption?

          1. Because renters don’t pay property taxes, nope, not at all.

            1. Yeah I get that. I’d say the rental mechanism’s transmission of increased costs are delayed though what with lease agreements and such. And in the case of rent controlled areas, not straightforward to pass along to renters in the short term. Anyway, do you know if there is some reason a more distributed and incremental form of taxation can’t be applied in municipalities where pensions are unfunded?

              1. I’m not aware of a legal issue. Chicago already has municipal sales taxes (and the highest sales taxes in the country, counting state, county, and municipal), and IL state income tax rates already went way up last year, so perhaps that’s why property taxes sound like a better plan. I don’t know. I also don’t think we have any rent control here at all, but don’t quote me on that.

                1. The Illinois legislature in 97 passed a bill banning municipalities from instituting rent control. I suppose they could repeal it, but that wouldn’t happen until after the presumed property tax raise, rendering this null and void.

              2. They could tax pensions.

                1. many of our retirees flee to Arizona already – that would drive many more out of state.

    2. “That’s fucking retarded!”

    3. Pretty soon only government employees will live in Chicago proper, and then I really don’t care how much they’re taxed.

      1. Oh no no. They will bolt to Florida once they retire, and won’t pay a penny in income taxes. Remember, the burden of taxation is for dumb, productive, proles like us. They are royalty.

        1. I know it’s totally not libertarian, but I wouldn’t mind a law that says you aren’t allowed to move away from the city/county/state you were a “public servant” in. Ever.

          1. I know it’s totally not libertarian

            Not libertarian at all–but as long as the current system is in place, it’s really the only option left to play extend and pretend with these pension systems a while longer.

            And hey, if someone wants to work for the government, in any form, they’re in no position to bitch if that government changes the rules to keep the government solvent. If that means retirees take a massive pension/salary hit if they move out of the city/county/state that they work for, then so be it. Right now, a lot of places don’t even get the “kiss from your sister” value of having at least some of that pension money sunk back into the community in the form of sales and property taxes.

            Maybe Detroit would have taken a little longer to decline if the city employees weren’t immediately retiring down south or west once they hit their 20 years.

          2. Hell, let ’em move away. Just stipulate that their pensions won’t be going with them.

            1. Pay the pension in free rent in choice Chicago apts … on the south side.

              1. South Side is bad, yeah…but on the West Side they will kill you and do shit to your body after you are dead.

                So sayeth a 6’5″ 275lbs parole officer who didn’t want anything to do with the West Side back in the mid 1990s.

        2. Illinoisans pick AZ first, FL second…I have no idea why.

  4. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is conducting training exercises on Pittsburgh’s buses and light rail.

    Uh-oh. The only people who use public transportation in Pittsburgh are, um, voters Democrats will need in November.

    1. That’s why they’re training those people to be given new TSA jobs, DUH.

    2. Pittsburgh – hotbed of terrorist activity and Steelers fans

      1. But I repeat myself.

      2. You repeated yourself.

        1. You repeated yourself.

          1. So I’ve heard. I hate being a slow typist.

            1. Have you considered typing faster?

  5. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is conducting training exercises on Pittsburgh’s buses and light rail.

    It’s funny because hardly anyone uses the light rail in Pittsburgh. I guess that’s the point of the exercise. No once cares if the smallish percentage of yinzers who use public transportation is inconvenienced.

    1. Exactly. Pittsburgh’s light rail is unused enough that the only people who use it regularly are probably brain dead enough to not care.

      Plus, the TSA has to.justify its.Pittsburgh presence somehow, what.with.the seemingly continuous reduction in KPIT.

      1. When I read your posts, in my head, you are

  6. Maybe the Russians are looking for the missing Malaysian airplane on the Ukrainian border?

  7. An Alabama judge stopped two women, who got married in Iowa but are Alabama residents, from getting a divorce, because the state doesn’t recognize same-sex unions in the first place.

    You’re not truly equal until you’re free to throw away your hard-fought-for marriage.

    1. This is what happens when you turn over your personnel life to the government.

      If they had kept their marriage personnel they could divorce at anytime, but no, they wanted a government issued license, just like the one their dog has.

      1. If they had kept their marriage personnel

        How do you keep the people who officiate your wedding or provide the cake and flowers? 😉

        1. Under threat of discrimination lawsuit.

          1. That comment may be a homerun, but you did hit that one off the tee.

      2. Dogs can get married now?

      3. I don’t think they call ’em “personnel” anymore, they’re “human resources.”

        1. First it was Personnel, because your employees were people.
          Then it was Human Resources, because your employees were things.
          Now it’s Human Capital, because your employees are money.

          And supposedly the new big term is Human Geography, so your employees will all be dirt.

          1. Odd, we just get called “serfs”?

      4. Lets have a State dating license too.

        Before you date you have to go down to a government office and get the license

        Before you break up you have to do before a judge

        1. Form B, Notification of Romantic Entanglement

          1. It was a regulation date that ended in regulation disappointment.

      5. If they had kept their marriage personnel they could divorce at anytime

        Or not because they’d still need a way to allocate joint property, child custody, etc.

        1. This is why civil unions across the board make a lot more sense than state-sanctioned marraiges. With the pervasiveness of no-fault divorce, most “marraiges,” gay or straight, have really been reduced from a social standpoint to low-grade contracts of association now.

          With civil unions, the parties could also use the process as a mandatory pre-nuptial negotiation to determine what will happen with children and property if/when divorce occurs, and potentially save themselves a few headaches down the road.

  8. An Alabama judge stopped two women, who got married in Iowa but are Alabama residents, from getting a divorce, because the state doesn’t recognize same-sex unions in the first place.

    I wonder if states recognize marriages performed in foreign countries, hetero or otherwise.

    1. Generally, yes. Divorces, too.

      Decades ago when no-fault divorce was rarer in the US, and there were waiting periods, the Haitian Divorce was very popular among a certain set of people due to the 24-hour residency requirement. You used to see ads for those services which featured the promises of “separate accommodations” and “after-party”.

      1. Crap. SF’d the link, which is supposed to be a video of the song “Haitian Divorce” by Steely Dan.

        1. Link is fine, reasonable is even previewing the correct video.

        2. Thanks for the link. I had no idea.

          1. You had never heard of Steely Dan before? You poor man.

              1. There was a link to “Do it Again.” in the sidebar. I clicked on that.

      2. A Haitian divorce judge turns you into a zombie so that you’re considered legally dead and the marriage ends that way!

          1. That would be cheaper, wouldn’t it?

            1. Cheaper, but the property split is rather one-sided.

              1. Yeah, all that one party wants is “brrrraaaaains”

      3. There was an industry for a while where you would head the the Caribbean for a short winter vacation. Get divorced before Christmas; get remarried after New Year’s; file as a pair of “single” taxpayers in April. This was when the “marriage penalty” for dual-income families was greater than the cost of a 10 day vacation in the Caribbean.

        1. I think Haiti is in the Caribbean, dude.

          1. Yes, and your post was about quickie-divorce for the purpose of divorce..

            My post was about gaming the IRS for a free vacation using a quickie-divorce.

      4. In old movies, they’d go to Mexico if not Reno.

        1. Marry in Nevada, Divorce in Mexico was the gold standard.

      5. I recall hearing about this in Mad Men. Someone does or is encouraged to take a week in the Caribbean so that they can get a divorce that NY would recognize.

    2. An Alabama judge stopped two women, who got married in Iowa but are Alabama residents, from getting a divorce, because the state doesn’t recognize same-sex unions in the first place.

      The logic is pretty solid. As far as Alabama is concerned, they aren’t married.

      If you aren’t married, then you can’t get a divorce.

      1. And granting a divorce would be recognizing the marriage.

      2. And if the state doesn’t recognize you as married, why do you need a divorce? Just split.

        1. There could be property issues from the Iowa union.

          There should be other procedures available, such as voidance or annulment.

  9. Bloomberg News:

    Poll: 64% Of Americans Say Obamacare Should Remain Law…..-obamacare

    But John and Episiarch say LANDSLIDE! DOOM! BLOODBATH! is coming for Dems in the midterms due to this Obamacare disaster!

    As admittedly shitty as the ACA has been polls show the public is not listening to the media screamers.

    1. Bloomberg news. hmm

        1. Thirteen is bigger than eight.

    2. sqrt(64)

      1. *Negative* 8?!

      2. I’d like to see margin of error in polls listed like sqrt(16)%.

    3. Is this the same 64% who because of postponements and exemptions have not yet been effected by the ACA?

      The ACA works so well that the administration keeps on pushing it back past elections.

    4. Re: Palin’s Buttwipe,

      Poll: 64% Of Americans Say Obamacare Should Remain Law

      Yes, yes, but what does the 8% say about it?

      Anyway, I am thinking that 64% of the population want to keep the law in the books as a monument to man’s folly. Have you even considered that, Buttwipe?

      1. I should also point out that Chris Mathews has said the Dems will be punished come November.

        it is not just Conservative libertarians like John or anarchists like Epi who think this.

        Saying Dems will be punished for Obamacare is not a controversial claim.

        Obviously Shrike you have a different opinion. no problem but no need to single out Epi and John when they are making pretty standard claims.

      2. Not a bad idea – keep the law as written, just ;rem it out.

    5. polls show the public is not listening to the media screamers.…..32718.html

      Uninsured Rate Drops, Thanks To Obamacare…..58164.html

      Watch This Doctor Totally SCHOOL An Anti-Obamacare Senator On Health Care

      Yeah, the media is totally biased against Obama, and it’s the anti-Obamacare side that is screaming.

    6. Hey shreek, wasn’t there an election yesterday? I missed…. who won?

    7. So I guess this means 64% of Americans are opposed to the delays, exceptions, exemptions, and waivers being handed out by the White House.

    8. Reason has already looked at this stuff with their analysis and their own polls.

      basically most Americans want to change it but keep it and they want to punish the dems for fucking it so much.

      John and Epi are correct in saying the dems are probably going to be punished come November.

  10. An Alabama judge stopped two women, who got married in Iowa but are Alabama residents, from getting a divorce, because the state doesn’t recognize same-sex unions in the first place.

    There’s something incredibly humorous about this.

    1. “It’s the LAW, bitches!”

  11. Russia is building a front along the Ukrainian border that includes upwards of 10,000 troops accompanied by artillery and helicopter units.

    This has got to send shivers down the collective spines of Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Kazkhstan…. I wonder if there will be a new NATO like organization to counter the Russians.

    1. “”””Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic””

      Since these ones are already part of NATO why would they want another NATO?

      1. Of course NATO is not what it once was.

        Since the end of the Cold War NATO has expanded into Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Albania, Croatia.

        Except for Poland, non of these countries could fight their way out of a wet paper bag.

        While at the same time the older NATO countries have been massively cutting defense spending, I don’t think Germany, /France, Great Britain have more then a couple of hundred tanks each. The US has no tanks in Europe except 50 or so for training.

        1. Are tanks really necessary when we have tank-killing drones?

  12. An independent commission found “no compelling medical reason” to prohibit transgender individuals from joining the U.S. military…

    They’re going to point out the only one we know of is currently serving time at Fort Leavenworth.

    1. As hard as I typically am on them on this board, there is no reason to prevent them from joining the military based solely on them thinking their body is wrong.

      1. I’m guessing the real problem for the military is the special accommodations that would likely follow. If not the “threat to unit cohesion”.

        1. I’m guessing the real problem for the military is the special accommodations that would likely follow.

          Yeah, those are where I still start to disagree.

        2. But there was plenty of unit cohesion on MASH.

      2. Relatively unisex, sexually frustrated, and socially maligned?

        Welcome to the military.

        Suicidal with a desire to mutilate yourself or others?

        Here’s your gun, go get ’em.

        1. Yeah, all trannies are suicidal.

          1. Cause that’s what I said.

            To say all would be stupid, clearly, not all of them are suicidal. In reality, the number is *much* lower, only ~30-40% of them attempt suicide.


            I’m sure the kumbaya’s around the campfire and strict and decisive handling of sexual assaults that the military is notorious for will work wonders for those transgendered individuals lucky enough to be chosen.

            1. If you’re using it as a reason that transexuals should be excluded, then yes you are saying that. Otherwise you would just say “if they’re a suicidal transexual don’t let them in”.

              1. I didn’t even say transexual.

    2. I don’t keep current on the latest proggie/luvvy/PC cant, but isn’t a transgender person someone who dresses like the opposite sex, while a transsexual person is someone who has had surgery and hormone treatments to better mimic the opposite sex?

      So, yeah, transgender, whatever.

      With transsexuals, though, you start getting into the physical ability to do the job.

    3. Of course, that may be because the dude would be murdered in prison otherwise if he did not live as a female.

  13. Kerry: Russia has until Monday to reverse course

    “If there is no sign [from Russia] of any capacity to respond to this issue … there will be a very serious series of steps on Monday.”

    1. Obama is going to climb the Washington Monument in protest.

      1. Sorry the Washington Mounement is closed for repairs, all photo opps must be done outside.

      2. Admit Ukraine into NATO and put a US military base on the part of the border closest to Moscow?

        1. How many billions will this cost?

          1. Doesn’t matter we’ll just print more.

            1. Until we find out that we bought the printing presses from HP and the toner ran out and a replacement cartridge costs a trillion billion dollars.

              1. We will just pay in trillion dollar coins!

      3. A strongly worded letter will be written. If that gets no response, a duplicate will be sent to make sure Putin actually got it. If still no response, Obama will begin leaving passive-aggressive messages on Putin’s voicemail.

    2. That quote.made me chuckle sadly to myself. It sounds like a doormat parent vainly trying to discipline an unruly alpha child in the.middle of the mall.

    3. there will be a very serious series of steps

      To Obama’s teleprompter?

    4. Very serious series of steps? Like crying? Kicking and screaming? Complaining to an elder or a parent nearby? Saying “Uncle”?

    5. [elmer fudd]

      “We will take vewwy sewius steps”

      Honestly, this ought to be funny.

  14. Oppressed minority takes matters into his own hands, fights back against the people who rob him.

    Great line: “What is the cruelty of man, that we envy and steal what is not rightfully ours?”

    1. You Know Which Other Minority Group That Felt Oppressed Fought Back Against A Group They Felt Was Robbing Them?

      1. The Sioux?

  15. Working hard is racist.

    Maybe it was my overachieving self. Maybe it was my inferiority complex as a poor womyn of color who doubted whether she was good enough. Who was trying to ensure she was a good job candidate to help her family pay rent they couldn’t afford. Who dreamed of graduate school, but was unsure of what it looked like or how to get there. Who tried to shout, “Fuck you!” to stereotypes and barriers. Who was trying to bring change NOW because she was impatient and tired of experiencing oppression.

    An inferiority complex is described as a lack of self-worth, a doubt and uncertainty, and feelings of not measuring up to society’s standards. It is often subconscious and is thought to drive afflicted individuals to overcompensate, resulting either in spectacular achievement or extreme asocial behavior.

    I have an inferiority complex.

    I believe my inferiority complex to be an effect of white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy. I was driven to overachieve, to defy uncertainties brought on by the dominating standards of white supremacist capitalist patriarchy, at the expense of my body’s wellbeing.

    1. Maybe she has an inferiority complex because she’s a whiny loser?

    2. She forgot heteronormative

    3. At least she’s not bossy.

      1. The title of the post was “quit glorifying hard work”.

        1. “Stop the Glorification of Busy”

          Which, frankly, could potentially have been legit. But wasn’t.

          1. It would make a good title for a post condemning rent-seeking and subsidies for unproductive labor. Instead we get attacks on the various bugaboos and mythical beasts that are always invoked to justify aggression.

          2. Is getting drunk, fucking around, and then realizing at the end of the semester you have an exam really “busy”?

            1. No, it’s biz-zay!

          3. My bad, that was the tagline that sent me to the page. Still, a very bossy title.

            1. I honestly could see a decent piece there. You know, something like, “Let’s stop patting ourselves on the back for running around doing pointless bullshit just to appear like we’re working but we’re not actually being productive.” Sometimes productivity doesn’t look “busy.” But…yeah, that didn’t happen.

    4. She’s not only a whiny loser, but a flake as well.

      My wife can’t stand these kind of women.

    5. You have a gift for finding the worst websites.

      1. That and my culturally-appropriating belly-dancing are my only real talents.

    6. I believe my inferiority complex to be an effect of white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy.

      People are able to find comfort in the most interesting of platitudes for their lack of talent or productivity. This “womyn” is no different.

      By the way, I am fascinated by the fact that the Chrome spell-checker found the word “womyn” perfectly acceptable. This is the end of the world as we know it. I am now carrying an umbrella to cover my head from the falling fire and brimstone. Any day now.

      1. Nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

      2. People are able to find comfort in the most interesting of platitudes for their lack of talent or productivity.

        I am a lazy, tired, fat fuck.

        Maybe I should start taking testosterone shots. Anyone know if those testosterone booster shakes and/or shots work or is it bullshit?

    7. Chio is a free spirited queer xicana feminist. She is a fighter who laughs in the face of a world that tries to break her spirit. She believes that another world is possible and is eager to create it.

      1. She believes that another world is possible and is eager to create it.

        As long as it doesn’t take too much effort.

    8. I left the University of California, Santa Cruz a few months ago and I have been restoring my body and reclaiming it from the white supremacist patriarchy ever since.

      Is this satire?

      1. Well UCSC is a hotbed of white supremacist patriarchy. I don’t know how she survived.

    9. Holy shit. Practicing victimism has become an art form.

    10. I believe my inferiority complex to be an effect of white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy. I was driven to overachieve, to defy uncertainties brought on by the dominating standards of white supremacist capitalist patriarchy, at the expense of my body’s wellbeing.

      I remember a study that found people who are the least competent are often the most confident.

      I don’t know if they looked at the possible race bating blame shifting among competent people who judged them self harshly or at incompetent people who race bate to justify their own lack of success.

      1. It’s not my fault! I ran out of gas. I had a flat tire. I didn’t have enough money for cab fare. My tux didn’t come back from the cleaners. An old friend came in from out of town. Someone stole my car. There was an earthquake. A terrible flood. Locusts! IT WASN’T MY FAULT, I SWEAR TO GOD!

      2. Yeah, maybe it’s not a complex at all. Maybe she really is just inferior.

    11. Chio is a free spirited queer xicana feminist. She is a fighter who laughs in the face of a world that tries to break her spirit.

      It doesn’t look like she’s laughing.

    12. So what does my drive to overachieve and overcome obstacles at the expense of my body’s wellbeing mean? You know, being white and male?

      1. It means you’re an oppressor.

  16. For Ted:…..hone-area/

    1. I suspect a slideshow.

      1. For the record, I’ve eaten at Mandy’s. It’s a tiny, tiny place that makes home made soups from scratch with ingredients of your choice. It’s quite good.

        Now imagine a creepy bureaucrat sitting there. Watching. Taking notes.

        Soviet Russia or Cuba is what it is.

        1. Mendy’s? I hear they have good soup.

          1. It’s not really a meal though.

            1. no soup for you!!!

          2. Very good soup.

          3. The best, Archduke, the best!

        2. I’m just…trying to wrap my head around the fact that there is a place where the taxpaying public pays to have people go around making sure that there aren’t too many visible signs of the language which a very sizable portion of the population there speaks.

          Who are these people? How do they get through the day without killing themselves for being so abjectly worthless?

          1. We ask ourselves the very same question, paranoid.

            Unfortunately, they have POWER as the state sanctions this sort of discrimination. If this wasn’t the case it would just be a social irritant and we’d just beat the shit out of them. But because they have the law on their side, they act like they do.

            It’s benign brown shirting. Nothing less, nothing more.

            Worse, the only party we’re stuck voting for – the liberal party under Jean Charest (a former federalist politician – INCREASED the number of inspectors whose sole duty is to make me a criminal with MY OWN TAX DOLLARS.

            THAT’S Quebec.

      2. It’s a reference to something we discussed in the AM Links; to wit, Quebec’s language police have a conniption fit over English-language apostrophes used in possessives such as “Mandy’s Salad Bar”.

    2. Get video of the language police using force to remove the sign.

      1. People are starting to ask what’s the best way to fight back.

        For me, shunning and posting links where possible – even here – is a good start.

        1. How about posting incorrect and vulgar translations next to the signs?

    3. We have a double-sided menu, same sized English text and same size French text, [but] the English has to be significantly smaller than the French text.

      Just… wow.

      I wonder – when Quebec finally gets what it wants does that mean Ontario can stop wasting its time pretending to be bilingual?

    4. I don’t get it. The Cajuns here, many of whom still have relatives there, are the most delightful people you can imagine.

      1. Quebecers were once pretty cool, laid back people. Legendary for their hospitality. Since 1976, the PQ have done a great job scary the shit out of them with lies and appeals to emotions.

  17. Has anybody here signed up for the Global Entry traveler program? After a nightmarish wait in line I’m considering it despite the information I have to give them. I figure they already have all that stuff and track my travelling anyways.

    1. What does this program do for you?

      1. Skip the line at customs, skip the line at security on many domestic flights. In this particular instance I could have avoided standing in line for an hour with a bunch of beady-eyed flappy-headed Canadians.

    2. Yeah. Pre-check is nice. Regular metal detector, don’t have to unload your crap, and can keep your shoes on. It’s ridiculous to be thankful for it.

      1. It’s ridiculous to be thankful for it.

        Slowly turning up the heat.

    3. TSA PreCheck alone is worth getting the Global Entry. However, any prior arrests or expunged convictions will make the approval more difficult.

    4. The best $100 American Express ever spent on my behalf.

      1. Yes, I’m pretty much 99% of the way there. I was hesitant before about sending in fingerprints and wasting time on the interview but in the long run it will be a net reduction in government intrusion.

        1. The interview wasn’t that bad — they know all the answers, they just want to see if you lie about anything.

          What was cool was AMEX refunded the $100 each for the wife and two kids, as well, even though that wasn’t a stated benefit of the card.

          The last time we used it we were in the car and heading home while family were still in the immigration line.

    5. So the US Gov’t program has offices in Ontario and #$%#$4 Quebec, but nothing less than a 6 hour drive away from my part of the US. Glad they waited to tell me that until after I created an account. Now I have to decide if driving to DFW is worth it. Heck, maybe we’ll take a vacation to Great Wolf Lodge and do the interviews from there.

  18. Russia is building a front along the Ukrainian border that includes upwards of 10,000 troops accompanied by artillery and helicopter units.

    And Tom Clancy is missing it.

    1. I need to re-read Red Storm Rising.


    WEEP for Rufus.

    This is what goes on in Quebec.

    1. The Bank of Canada should change the currency for the rest of the country, and then flood Quebec with the now-void notes and coins.

      (This isn’t entirely a joke.)

    2. So when is this going to turn into a shooting revolution?

      1. I’m surprised it hasn’t. Mind you, the population attacked is too small and scattered to mount any meaningful revolt.

        Ottawa remains silent on the abuses Quebec perpetuates under its flag.

        However, Montreal has started to agitate for special status from Quebec City. They want secession from Canada? We want out of Quebec. And the Natives want nothing to do with Quebec and its asshole nationalists.

        1. The last revolt we had were the St. Leonard Riots in the 1970s – led by the Italians. Long story but that one had lasting implications. We won that one.

          1. long story short (what it was about demands an explanation of some length).

    3. Parizeau had also said the idea of creating a Quebec currency “invariably sparks widespread panic among people.”

      Maybe Quebec wouldn’t make a very good country, then?

      1. There’s a common inside joke among ethnics that stipulated ‘Quebecers go mad with power.’ They’re not meant to be leaders. They’re followers and make for horrible bosses. It’s a stereotype but it sticks.

        Parizeau is an asshole.

      2. It is Canada, wouldn’t it spark Tragically Hip among the people?

  20. Russia is building a front along the Ukrainian border

    It’s time for economic sanctions against Russia’s economy! Obama should threaten to mandate an increase in Russia’s minimum wage and make it easier for russians to get Overtime pay….that ought to sink their economy.

    1. He should also give US taxpayer money to Ukraine so they can pay their Russian gas bill. Oops, never mind, he’s already done that.

      1. Lastly, he should unilaterally force all Russians to get universal health insurance

  21. Your daily dose of idiocy from a person wjho constantly lectures that you can’t talk about another groups experiences.

    An assumption that has dogged me for as long as I can remember in real life is the supposition that I’m aloof or arrogant, because I can be extremely shy.

    If I were a dude, I’d be mysterious. But because I’m a woman, I’m a bitch.

    1. This is pretty ridiculous. Apart from the goofy generalization her entire point rests upon, the generalization is not, in my experience even true. I can not recall experiencing someone calling a woman that because she was shy, but guys that are really shy are often called quite horrible names.

      1. Yes, it’s a real head scratcher. If anything it’s completely the opposite.

        1. If anything it’s completely the opposite.

          That’s their primary rhetorical tactic now. Just bold-faced lying by completely inverting the truth.

      2. but guys that are really shy are often called quite horrible names.

        “Creep” comes to mind…

    2. Whoah, she’s definitely ugly.


    3. Melissa McEwan: “An assumption that has dogged me for as long as I can remember in real life is the supposition that I’m aloof or arrogant, because I can be extremely shy.”

      Yeah, like it has happened to me so many times! I hate it when people think I’m either cantankerous or haughty whenever I keep things to myself!


    4. Some people make negative assumptions about shy people, but it’s usually women who are doing the assuming. So maybe she could learn to appreciate the opposite gender.

    5. What erroneous assumption do people most frequently make about you?

      hey waddya know? the assumption I made wasn’t wrong at all.

    6. I love how men’s lives are just so awesome compared to women’s in these people’s delusions. They appear to believe–not just propagandize, but actually believe–that all men are arrogant ubermenschen whose arrogance is empowered by a society designed to meet their every whim.

      1. I thought you guys all had a secret cabal where you spend all your extra man-income and plentiful leisure time on extravagant deep dish pizza parties while the women are changing diapers they bought with the measly change they scraped together from their secretary jobs? And of course you toss them some pennies from time to time to get something pretty.

        1. Mom?

    7. So she thinks people should only talk about themselves?

      Imagine something like that coming from her.

    8. Maybe you’re called a bitch because you act like a bitch to people just trying to socialize with you.

    9. People may call you a bitch, but it ain’t because you’re shy.

  22. Dianne Feinstein is the Worst, Most Despicable Congressperson, Exhibit B

    Feinstein voted for the Iraq war resolution in the vote of October 11, 2002; and when it became unpopular later claimed that she was misled by President Bush on the reasons for going to war. However, former UN Weapons Inspector in Iraq Scott Ritter has stated that Feinstein in summer 2002 acknowledged to him that she knew the Bush administration had not provided any convincing intelligence to back up its claims about the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, and still voted for it with her ‘eyes wide shut.’…..558434.php

    1. This is going to be a fun series.

      1. Let’s just say it is a shame there are only 26 letters in the alphabet…

        1. No need to stop at Z. Exhibit AA, BB, CC … AAA, BBB, CCC … etc.

    2. Ritter isn’t exactly the most credible.

      1. He was right about the absence of WMD in Iraq. Just don’t trust him with your kids.

        1. He’s very slimy — the kind of guy you don’t need to be told about the kid thing.

  23. Whether you want to notify others that you have a danger dog or an enlightened dog, they’ve got you covered.

  24. Some pigs dogs are are more equal than others.

    HARRISBURG ? The House Judiciary Committee advanced legislation sponsored by Rep. John Maher (R-Allegheny/Washington) that would strengthen felony charges for anyone who deliberately harms or kills a K-9 officer in the line of duty.

    Because not allowing a police dog to eat your dick is worse than manslaughter.

    1. K-9 officer, huh…I wonder if they collect a pension?

  25. More Than 500 Economists Slam Minimum Wage Hike as a Jobs Killer

    Five hundred economists, including three Nobel laureates, on Wednesday urged Congress to junk President Obama’s proposal to boost the minimum wage to $10.10, claiming it will cut jobs and raises prices, reports The Washington Examiner.

    No Austrians or free-market economists among the bunch, though.

    1. Five hundred economists, including three Nobel laureates

      The only economist whose opinion matters is Krugman, and he says it’s all good. /prog-derp

    2. It has Donald Boudreaux!!

    3. Settled economics!

  26. “An Alabama judge stopped two women, who got married in Iowa but are Alabama residents, from getting a divorce, because the state doesn’t recognize same-sex unions in the first place.”

    How can this be? John and Notorious B.I.G. have assured me this fight is over and now the only thing being debated is whether we all have to bake gay newlyweds cakes.

    1. I recall accepting, for purposes of argument, that Reason was right in claiming victory on the SSM recognition front.

      It’s good news for me that the recognition fight isn’t over. Though I don’t expect the H&R crowd to be with me on this.

      1. You said something about how currently the fight is not about SoCons restricting marriage recognition but SoLibs trying to force ENDA type laws. John and pretty much every conservative organization opposing gay marriage is pushing the same line.

        1. Do you have a link to my exact remark?

          1. Hello?

            1. Anyone there?

              1. Did I scare you off?

                1. I’m beginning to think you’re not going to give me a link.

      2. Yeah, the longer it take for those icky fags to call their “union” a “marriage” the better, amirite ?

        1. Gay marriage is a national tragedy, Tim. The Grand Enabler of Boy-Fucking, Cardinal Dolan said so.

          1. He’d know all about it…

            1. And he hates the competition!

          2. A quick Wikipedia check showed that he tried to shield some Church assets from claimants, and that he cut deals with some of the Judas priests to get them immediately defrocked, forfeiting their salary, in exchange for a one-time lump sum payment.

            But of course there was also this: “Dolan dismissed abusive priests, which earned him the ire of some St. Louis parishioners who remained loyal to their dismissed priests and referred to Dolan’s investigation as a “witch hunt”.” And asking then-cardinal Ratzinger to hasten the defrocking of some Judas priests through expedited procedures.

            But “Cardinal Dolan, the over-hasty defrocker of abusive priests” doesn’t carry the same punch, does it?

            1. Yeah, he just cheated those lying fags out of their settlement money. And of course we have no idea how many kiddie-diddlers he quietly shipped off to out-of-the-way parishes before finally having to admit the rape hootenanny that had been going on for centuries and defrock a few priests.

              But gay marriage is a national tragedy. Like having a 9/11 every single day.

        2. No actually, you’re an asshole who intentionally poisons the debate.

          1. Says the sockpuppet that just shows up to be condescending…

    2. Then couldn’t it be anulled?

  27. Why the fuck would you send a destroyer to look for a crashed plane? In case there are a bunch of arms and legs floating around that spontaneously organize and attack?

    You’d think there would be some ships available that don’t have a whole bunch of unnecessary weapons and crew on board.

    1. To fight the aliens that have captured it, duh.

    2. Destroyers (or uh, “destroyer ships”) are small(-ish), fast, versatile. They also frequently have helicopters and can cover a lot of ocean in a hurry.

      1. OK, not as silly as I imagined.

        Second question, why does the US navy have anything to do with this?

        1. When you are the World’s Policeman you have to take missing persons cases too.

          1. That, and you can treat it more or less as a training exercise.

        2. why does the US navy have anything to do with this?

          Meh, at least they’re not lobbing Tomahawk cruise missiles at some third world hellhole. I can’t really get that worked up over this particular use of Naval assets. Other than general concerns over our tax dollars being spent looking for a lost Malaysian aircraft, but I figure that money’s gonna be spent anyway, and this is one of the least objectionable uses of it.

          1. There were a few Americans on board, too, weren’t there?

        3. A Force for Good, remember?

          1. A Global Force for Good! HAHAHAHA Finally, something dumber that “Army of One”.

    3. “Zeb|3.13.14 @ 4:43PM|#

      Why the fuck would you send a destroyer to look for a crashed plane?

      Speed and Range.

      1. I apparently had the wrong idea about what a destroyer is.

        1. Go watch Das Boat. The destroyers are the boats that aren’t subs and aren’t getting blown up.

          1. NEIN!! DAS BOOT!! DUMMKOPF!

            1. Crap. It’s because I have the book called The Boat and the movie called Das Boot. Or is it the other way around? I don’t speak Nazi.

              1. You have it right, the english dubbed version of the movie was called ‘The Boat’ as well.

              2. +1 Fox Mulder

          2. The other point being that one of the destroyer’s major missions is detecting submarines.

            IOW they use sonar and other technology to look for large metal objects under the water.

        2. I know, right? Its like, “ZAXON, DESTROYER OF PLANETS!”…. whereas a largeer ‘Cruiser’? Man, you’d think of the Spinners in a Cadillac… “its a cruiser, man = chill…”

          I believe the way to think about it is = the most numerous ‘ship’ in the US Fleet – small, long range, fast, multipurpose – from radar/anti-missle/anto-aircraft, anti-submarine, surface warfare, search and rescue*, etc. Most navies around the world currently ONLY have ‘destroyer-class’ ships, not being able to afford any larger vessels.

          I personally want one of my own. 1st Amendment Of the Ocean!

          1. So when a navy has a midlife crisis do they get a corvette?

            1. (rim shot)

            1. I was fucking awesome at that game. Seriously. It was some kind of bizarre gift. Strangely, my Zaxxon talents did not translate to anything else, except ‘Tempest’, which I was really only above-average at.

              1. I, too, was oddly skilled at it. Something 3-D, I think.

                My big game was Galaga. We rented a cabin in Gatlinburg a couple of years ago that had a Galaga machine in it, and the kids were appalled at how much better than them I was. Fools!

      2. To double check the results of the Phildelphia Experiment.

    4. Why send a destroyer indeed!

      We have hundreds of drones doing nothing. Why not turn them loose. You could cover the entire area in a single day.

  28. So right now the Toronto Mayoral race is heating up. Opposing Rob Ford includes the likes of John Tory and Olivia Chow. Who is better?

    1. “Getting high on the public interest!”

      “Dude, it’s Toronto – we can have a pile of white stuff in Toronto without using cocaine!”

    2. Debates would be a lot more entertaining if the candidates had to throw back a couple of shots and smoke a rock before answering.

      1. Oh no. They might tell you what the REALLY think. Some truth would out. I love it!

    3. Chow is a left-winger who was married to Jack Layton.

      In other words, they’re masters of do as we say, not as we do.

  29. Maybe they’re exactly what we need to scare the Russkies all the way back to Red Square without firing a shot.

    “there was a cop on his stomach in his tactical uniform with a drag queen straddling him. She was beating the hell out of him with her shoe, whether it was a high heel or not I don’t know, but she was beating the hell out of him. It was hysterical”

    Remembering Stonewall

    You jest, but…

    1. An elite squad of Ukrainian drag queens versus the Russian army.

      That’d be one helluva movie.

      1. Or American ones.

        “””Commission Finds ‘No Compelling Medical Reason’ To Exclude Transgender Americans From Military”””


        1. “We are not about to send American boys drag queens 9 or 10 thousand miles away from home to do what Asian Ukrainian boys drag queens ought to be doing for themselves.”

        2. It really was better in WWII when men were men and there was none of this drag nonsense in the military.

          1. Look, jesse, that was wholesome dressing up like women, not the perverted kind you do. You do wear women’s underwear, right? Just like Ed Wood?

            1. Have you seen Jesse’s beard? The guy’s a lumberjack, through and through.

              1. I thought a beard was for guys who haven’t come out of the closet yet?

          2. Hey, when life is short ya just gotta go for it.

    2. I know I wouldn’t want to get into a firefight with a bunch of heavily armed bitchy queens…

    3. I had an openly gay friend back in the early 80s, a time and in a place where that was very rare. He was kind of a badass. Anytime someone would try to insult him he replied with ” Yeah, I’m a fag and the only thing I like to do more than fuck is to fight. You want a piece of me, take your pick which one we are gonna do.”

      Invariably they retreated.

  30. The missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 may have plunged into the Indian Ocean, U.S. officials believe, so the Pentagon is sending the USS Kidd destroyer ship on a search mission to the area.

    The Indian Ocean is pretty darn big. Hopefully they have a bit of a more specific indicator, or this could take a while.

    1. I thought the USS Kidd destroyer was the name of the drone program?

      1. LOL.

  31. How do court reporters keep straight faces?

    ATTORNEY: What gear were you in at the moment of the impact?
    WITNESS: Gucci sweats and Reeboks.
    ATTORNEY: Are you sexually active?
    WITNESS: No, I just lie there.

    1. ATTORNEY: Doctor, before you performed the autopsy, did you check for a pulse?
      WITNESS: No.
      ATTORNEY: Did you check for blood pressure?
      WITNESS: No.
      ATTORNEY: Did you check for breathing?
      WITNESS: No..
      ATTORNEY: So, then it is possible that the patient was alive when you began the autopsy?
      WITNESS: No.
      ATTORNEY: How can you be so sure, Doctor?
      WITNESS: Because his brain was sitting on my desk in a jar.
      ATTORNEY: I see, but could the patient have still been alive, nevertheless?
      WITNESS: Yes, it is possible that he could have been alive and practicing law.


    NBC News reporter Richard Engel was reportedly captured by “pro-Russian militia” forces while reporting on the escalating situation in Ukrainian Crimea.

    Engle took to Twitter after his release where he said that he is safe and that he was to be “deported” back to Ukraine.

  33. Just in case: what should you do if a nuke goes off near you (assuming you’re not vaporized)?

    Short answer: don’t be downwind.

    1. Hide in a fridge?

      1. +1 crystal skull.


        …Dude, include a trigger warning next time.

    2. Make sure you’ve got your admission letter from Vault-Tec.

      1. you don’t want to become a mutant or a ghoul? Ghouls are somewhat immortal, afterall.

        1. The ones who.stay sane, yes.

        2. Not in my playthrough of FO2, they’re not.

  34. Thanks gizmag, aka Captain Obvious.

  35. I think that the Navy realizes that by now they are, for all intents and purposes, searching for a submarine.

    1. There will still be a lot of floating debris.

  36. SoCons: Disney’s Frozen Secret Gay Propaganda

    “The hit movie ‘Frozen’ has come under fire from conservative conspiracy theorists for having a secret ‘gay agenda.’ Conservative parents and grandparents are being warned not to let their impressionable young children watch the 108-minute Disney musical because it’s allegedly pure gay propaganda…

    Kathryn Skaggs said she discovered the movie was promoting the gay lifestyle after seeing it three times with various grandchildren…Skaggs said the ‘gay messaging’ is clearly indicated in the central character, Elsa’s, magical powers, which the blogger calls a metaphor for homosexuality.

    Elsa is ostracized by the public and her family, just like the ‘demonization of homosexuals by society,’ said Skaggs, adding that Elsa’s non-magical sister Anna’s shotgun wedding to a man she barely knows illustrated how ‘heterosexuals diminish marriage.’

    National Catholic Register writer Steven Greydanus said the rejected Elsa is a symbol for oppressed gay people, while he also pointed out that Elsa, unlike her boy-crazy sister, shows no interest in dating and, therefore, must be a lesbian.”…

    1. Oh, no! They’re on to us.

      1. It’s not like anyone was hiding it…

        Top billing went to:
        Kristen Bell
        Idina Menzel
        Jonathan Groff

        Might as well be watching Glee at that point.

        1. Using just Kristen Bell’s voice is a travesty and a waste. And now I want to watch some House of Lies.

    2. These people have to be closeted. If you see homos everywhere, you are probably seeing it in the mirror.

    3. She’s got magical powers, just like some guy who could feed five thousand people with a few loaves of bread. She gets ostracized for it. The shotgun wedding sounds like the way some woman named Mary got knocked up even though she was married to some Joseph.

      Sounds like it’s fundie Christian propaganda.

    4. Eh. Homophobic idiots need click bait too.

      They’ve had a crossboner for Disney since gay day in the parks.

    5. I only found one gay reference in the Steven Greydanus review, and it’s this parenthetical reference:

      “(I’ll leave it to others to ponder the possible homosexual subtext of Elsa being born different, told to conceal her nature, and finally coming out; my concerns are along other lines.)”…..ews-frozen

      leave it to others…possible…wow, he sure seems obsessed!

      1. Just because one spends an entire article dancing around the subject and JAQing off doesn’t mean that wasn’t their obsessive point all along.

        1. Shorter Andrew: I didn’t read the article 🙂

      2. You’re not reading enough articles and comments then cause my wife read me about five different ones last night.

        1. I’m kind of curious to see this movie now. From the clips I’ve seen I can’t imagine it being even vaguely controversial, but I keep seeing clippings of pastors slamming it from the pulpit and commentators writing op eds about its agenda.

          Now Mulan I can understand people getting worked up about…

          Female Ancestor: My children never caused such trouble. They all became acupuncturists.

          Male Ancestor: Well, we can’t *all* be acupuncturists.

          Old Female Ancestor: No! Your great-granddaughter had to be a cross-dresser!

    6. They said the same thing about frickin’ Harry Potter. Who gives a shit?

    7. I suspect chain emails. My social conservative aunt is an otherwise delightful person, but sends the most despicably conspiratorial emails that can usually be debunked by a 2 minute google search. That conspiracy sounds just like the sort of thing those email forwards usually contain.

      1. Holy shit, you must be my cousin! I have an aunt just like that!

    8. The best part is that the movie is also hated by the SJW crowd for not having enough black people.

    9. I didn’t know the Socons became university professors trying to find gay subtext in everything.

    10. Kathryn Skaggs said she discovered the movie was promoting the gay lifestyle after seeing it three times with various grandchildren

      Hint: If teGay isn’t obvious after you’ve seen the movie twice, it isn’t there.

    11. I think we are about to be scolded for not being sufficiently outraged by this.

      Also, I will be inaccurately accused of defending it.

      All of the anti-gay screeds I see are on par with Jew hating and Athiest bugaboo bullshit. They are so ridiculous it is hard to take them serious enough to really get outraged.

  37. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is conducting training exercises on Pittsburgh’s buses and light rail. As if public transportation needed anymore gropers.

    This is defferent. Now you can get felt up by a perverted wierdo before getting on the train.

  38. LOL of the Day, Facebook Edition: A particularly fact-free proggie acquaintance posted a screed to FB about how the NJ/Tesla situation was the fault of the Koch brothers and the oil companies. Because they aren’t selling Toyota Priuses (Prii?) and Nissan Leafs in NJ? Because Tesla is so affordable? And the whole concept of cartels and barriers to entry went whooshing past him. Heh.

    1. I get the oil companies thing (that’s been a nice conspiracy theorist bit for a while), but where do the Koch brothers fit in? I mean, is it now the TEAM BLUE meme that they are literally behind everything, ever?

      1. Team Blue has gotten as bad as Team Red with their George Soros CT.

        (got some of those Team Red ‘Soros is behind everything’ idiots here)

        And don’t fucking respond to this, asshole!

        1. Team Blue has gotten as bad as Team Red with their George Soros CT.

          Oh bullshit.

          The craziest Soros blame around can probably be found here at Hit and Run comments and we are way tamer then the Blame the Kochs gets from crazy heard about the Kochs on large news and opinion media like the NYT and MSNBC.

          Hell even mainstream Dem leaders are screaming about the Kochs. I don;t think i have ever heard even the most crazy republican elected official talk about Soros.

          there is no Catching up.

        2. The only time I recall seeing Soros’ name here is when you bring it up.

          You really do live in an alternate universe. How are you able to post on blogs in our universe?

          1. Hey, I’ve brought him up.

      2. Koch Industries is a pipeline operator and therefore involved in the oil industry. It’s just a redundancy.

        1. So they are behind everything, ever!

      3. Not everything. Apparently some dude named Bush is to blame for everything.

        1. Ha ha! Bush and Koch getting it on together. Nice.

    2. Ha. I saw a proggie bitching earlier about chicken laws in her area. Apparently, she wants a chicken, town says no. You know the deal.

      But she used the phrase, “I don’t like being told what to do.”

      It’s so hard in those situations not to call her a bossy cunt and smash my computer screen.

      1. You kind of just have to laugh at people with the “Don’t they know who I am!?” attitude and no actual power to back it up.

      2. There is always a glimmer of hope when it comes to food.

  39. Fox Affiliate Cut A Reference To Evolution From Neil deGrasse Tyson’s ‘Cosmos’…..son-cosmos

    Oklahoma, of course. Not exactly a bastion of enlightenment.

    1. I watched the first episode. It was ok, but very dumbed down (Saturn’s rings are snowballs, yay!), and I thought too much time was wasted on the Bruno history. The impression one got was that Bruno was a martyr for his heliocentric views when it was more for his pantheism.

      It was at least visually interesting.

      1. Catholic League “Inquisition a good thing – it kept people in line” And they said Cosmos was just a smear job on Catholics.

        Because the Inquisition brought order and justice where there was none, it actually “saved uncounted thousands of innocent (and even not-so-innocent) people who would otherwise have been roasted by secular lords or mob rule.”…..tholicism/

        1. I’m not dying on the hill of defending the Inquisition, but one thing historians tend to note is that witch-hunting was way more common in Protestant areas than in areas where the Inquisition had jurisdiction.

          An accused witch was in much more danger from a secular court than a church court.

          1. BUSH DID IT TOO!

            You and Buttplug should get gay married.

            1. But then they might not be able to get divorced… think of the implications.

          2. Secular* court or not, it was Christians who did the torture and the killing, as the Bible commands.

            “Suffer not a witch to live.”

            *There was no separation of church and state back then.

  40. Yeah!!! Yet another “all men are rapists” campaign.

    Would it have killed them to make one poster with a girl? Yes, yes it would.

    1. The idea that the burden of preventing rape falls not just on the shoulders of potential victims is still a relatively new one.

      Sure. Sure it is.

      But, Coeus, come on. The second example is, “I listen when a guy says no. Do you?”

      On its site, the We Can Stop It campaign explains the updated changes to the law, including explicit definitions of consent, and the fact that a “victim can be male or female.”<?blockquote

      1. The person saying that is also a man. look at the actual poster. No woman has ever been warned off having sex with a drunk man in any feminist campaign ever created, despite the fact that, according to the CDC, both sexes are nearly equal perpetrators of that.

          1. I get it now. Their new definition of rape excludes women.

            The Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act 2009 states that rape occurs when a person intentionally or recklessly penetrates another person’s vagina, anus or mouth with their penis, where the victim does not consent and the person responsible has no reasonable belief that the victim is giving consent.

            No penis, no rape.

            1. Also the feminist dream clause:

              In circumstances where penetration is initially consented to but consent is later withdrawn, the person responsible will have committed rape.

              Notice how there’s no time frame or talk of having to continue for it to be rape?

          2. We Cans Top It?

            Damn youths with their made-up grammar…

  41. I’m keen to know what clue the Govt. has leading them to the Indian Ocean for the lost Boeing. I’d read a report about tsunami buoys showing a disturbance, but I suspect their source is something more shadowy and clandestine.

    1. There’s been tell that the military of various governments picked up the plane on radar but have been reluctant to share as they don’t want to expose their capabilities.

    2. Lojack?

  42. An Alabama judge stopped two women, who got married in Iowa but are Alabama residents, from getting a divorce, because the state doesn’t recognize same-sex unions in the first place.

    “Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate!”

    1. What about what the state of Iowa hath joined?

  43. Gay theatre student who claimed he was beaten by homophobic thugs admits he got his injuries when he fell over (and WON’T face action for wasting police time)

    But police said Kennedy will not face any action for wasting police time as they were convinced he actually believed he had been assaulted when he spoke to police.

    Detective Inspector Paddy O’Neill said: ‘We managed to recover some CCTV footage which shows the injured party falling face-first onto the pavement. We have showed him the CCTV and he now accepts his injuries were caused during the fall.

    ‘Having had oversight of the investigation… I accept his report was made in good faith.’


    1. What a drama queen.

      1. Hay-ooooooo

    2. Good news for our gay commenters. Now you guys aren’t responsible for your actions either!

      1. Eh, if I’m going to do something I could get in trouble for, I’m usually going to convince a proxy it’s a good idea and watch them take the fall anyway. Is there an alternate benefits package?

        1. Is there an alternate benefits package?

          Banging people with an equally high sex drive isn’t enough for you?

          Don’t get greedy.

          1. Don’t get greedy.

            I’m not bisexual…

    3. If he really did “actually believe” that he had been assaulted he needs to get professional mental help.

      1. No, its the other way around, and no, it doesn’t make sense that way either.

        He confessed to cops that he’d made it all up, but they are refusing to charge him because … well, I suppose political correctness, but maybe just because they want this shit to die a quick death and vanish into the memory hole. Which is probably the same thing.

        I think Shaun Ryder might have something interesting to add to this story.

        1. I was saying if we go with the cops’ version of reality where they are convinced he thought he was being truthful, he’s clearly got some kind of mental issue. So even if we accept their lie they should be doing something.

      2. Is it possible he staggered drunk out of the club, felt a horrible blow, then when he sobered up and regained his alertness he fond himself injured and assumed someone attacked him?

        1. I suppose that’s possible, but I’m pretty sure the cops would’ve liked to know he was just assuming a homophobic beatdown with no evidence.

      3. How did he figure out he had made a ‘mistake’ on his report?

    4. So, Outright lie = in good faith. Got it.

      1. He didn’t lie. Those homophobic steps tripped him intentionally.

    5. Detective Inspector Paddy O’Neill

      Way not to be a stereotype, Paddy.

      1. Heh. Stereotypes exist for a reason.


    Canada’s universal public health. A cult.

    For the record, we have the worst wait times in the OECD.…..-1.1647061

    They lie and lie and lie these left-wingers. All they do is lie.

    1. You’re a democracy. Vote it out. Canada has a healthy economy and low UE. Cut the riff-raff off.

      1. Actually the Canadian Supreme Court voted some of it out.

    2. HuffPo, as usual, is more enthusiastic about the cult than its actual members.…..58164.html

      Watch This Doctor Totally SCHOOL An Anti-Obamacare Senator On Health Care

      1. And, of course, what they mean by “totally school” is “ignore the Senator’s question and revert to rehearsed talking point.”

        1. Facts on not on their side when it comes to wait times.

          Simple as that.

      2. Not clicking on the link, what does Obamacare have to do with Canada’s healthcare system, unless even Dr. MapleLeaf knows that Obamacare is a stalking horse for Single Payer?

  45. Oh, it’s so cute how they’re exposing her to arbitrary police authority early.

    I wonder if she’ll be put in solitary time out if she fails to appear?

  46. An independent commission found “no compelling medical reason” to prohibit transgender individuals from joining the U.S. military

    Sure! “In times of war, any hole is a foxhole.”

    […] and suggested that President Obama could end the current ban without Congressional approval.

    “Anybody else wants to add something to the Christmas wish-list? Here’s the pen.”

  47. Low UE? It’s chronically around 7% or higher.

    1. And in Quebec, it runs higher at around 9% historically. Montreal brings the figure down but the outer-nether regions that vote PQ it goes as high as 20%.

    2. So the 7% freeloaders force single-payer healthcare on the rest of you?

      1. You do realize that entrenched govt. programs are notoriously difficult to end, right?

      2. Yes, Palin, 7% unemployed people do that.

        Are you retarded or something?

        It’s a fucking government initiative that goes back decades. What’s it got to do with unemployment?

        That we have a ‘democracy’ means shit in this issue.

  48. Trigger warning: Weigel link…..peaks.html

    Are you pleased about the surge to the health care site?

    Aukerman [Between Two Ferns director]: I think it’s great. My No. 1 responsibility when I did this was to make a funny comedy video. But I don’t think Zach nor I would have gotten involved had we not believed in the subject matter. I personally think the Affordable Care Act is a great thing. I have a lot of empathy for people who’ve had their lives destroyed by medical bills, who couldn’t get health insurance because of pre-exisiting conditions, young people whose lives have been destroyed by terrible accidents. On a personal level, I really wanted to get involved to get the word out.

    They wouldn’t do an episode with POTUS if they couldn’t make it a PSA? Pathetic.

    1. I’m already pissed off today. Is that link going to make me put a fist through my monitor?

      1. That’s the only really objectionable part.

        1. also the only interesting part

          1. It was also the boring part of that video.

            1. I couldn’t make it past the first minute or so.

              1. I thought it wasn’t awful, until it got to the more obvious shilling.

                1. Have you seen other episodes? I didn’t think it was so much objectively bad as an obvious, radical departure from the usual host-guest relationship.

    2. So you feel so sorry for them you’re willing to jack up their bills and punish them for not having insurance as long as you can say you “did something”?

    3. Slate: So that’s an open invitation?come on, Hillary Clinton, come on, Ted Cruz?

      Aukerman: I pray that Ted Cruz never gets to our chairs, that he never gets that far. But hey, if he runs and he’s around.

      We love liars here, but fuck that guy who does what he says he will.

      1. “Ted Cruz!? Why, we’d sooner do a video with a guy that drops bombs on children than that nutcase!”

    4. How wonderful that premiums increased 40% in the worst economy in more than a generation. Or that young, healthy people–the people that you’re specifically targeting with your productions–have been incentivized not to have coverage at all now that insurers may not reject applicants on the basis of pre-existing conditions. It really is nothing but good intentions and us-good, them-bad with these people.

      I have a lot of empathy


  49. Here, look at pictures of cute dogs.

    1. That pug and chihuahua is an abomination.

    2. Those sons of bitches.

  50. An Alabama judge stopped two women, who got married in Iowa but are Alabama residents, from getting a divorce, because the state doesn’t recognize same-sex unions in the first place.


    As of January 2013, Alabama is not a community property state. They are an equitable distribution state.


  51. “You put them first and they put you last. ‘Cause you’re a chump. A political chump!?Any time you throw your weight behind a political party that controls two-thirds of the government, and that party can’t keep the promise that it made to you during election time, and you are dumb enough to walk around continuing to identify yourself with that party, you’re not only a chump but you’re a traitor to your race.”

    Malcolm X

  52. Patriarchy strikes again!
    Fired Johnston Officer given suspended sentence for breaking and entering, assault and battery, and disorderly conduct

    If she was a man, she would have been given a medal. Or at minimum given desk duty to overcome the traumatic experience.

    1. These are the only people we trust to own guns.

  53. I think Rand Paul needs to get away from the mock turtle necks.

    1. I think it’s some sort of Starfleet uniform.

      1. Maroon and grey is very Wrath of Khan.

        1. Do you think he’ll be endorsed by Khan, then? “His is the superior. . .politics.”

          1. Who cares about what some washed up despot from 1997 thinks?

            1. I hear you, but he did offer the world order.

              1. I hear you, but he did offer the world order.

                I’m told the inquisition did as well.

                We bring the world to order
                Heil Hitler’s world to order
                Everyone of foreign race
                Will love der fuehrer’s face
                When we bring to the world dis order

            2. Who cares about what some washed up despot from 1997 thinks?

              Marla McGivers 2016!

  54. Cop takes down a deranged man holding a very lethal weapon

    Okay, to be fair, he was quite apologetic about what happened. But holy shit did he overreact! I feel bad for the old man 🙁

    1. “You done what you had to do”? Are you fucking kidding me?!

    2. I think what’s important is that America is full of thoughtful people who will see that video and then speak out intelligently in the comments…


      I’m going back to building my underground bunker now.

    3. The cop fired …what 8 rounds?

      … at a stationary old man holding a cane at a distance of maybe 7 yards…

      … who was fully and clearly illuminated by the patrol car headlights …

      …and of those 8 rounds, at least 2 went through the rear window of the truck where the woman was sitting…

      ..and one hits the guy in the gut, making him turn and sit down.

      And the cop’s only reaction other than shooting wildly was to yell, “OH WHOA WHOA!!”-incoherently, which no one listening would have interpreted as “stop or I will shoot you”

      After shooting the guy, he then seems to think he should go and apologize and act hysterical rather than immediately give medical attention. The woman is screeching and the cop is repeatedly apologizing, the old man is the only calm one, and says, “aw, i’ll be alright…”

      THAT get paid leave.

      Imagine what might happen if he’d *screwed up*?

  55. Further proof that proggies have no independent thought.

    Everything should be up for debate, right? It’s the hallmark of an open society. Nothing should be off the table ? that way tyranny lies.
    So. Why shouldn’t bigger stronger people just take what they want when they can get away with it? #UpForDebate
    Why shouldn’t bigger countries invade smaller countries and take all their wealth? #UpForDebate
    Why shouldn’t rich people work poor people to death? There are always more poor people. #UpForDebate
    Why shouldn’t companies make their workers operate in whatever conditions happen to occur? Why bother with safety regulations? If some workers die, others will take their place. #UpForDebate
    Why shouldn’t companies sell whatever product they can? It’s the customer’s job to figure out if the products are safe or not. #UpForDebate
    Why shouldn’t countries refuse to let people of the wrong race or ethnic group immigrate? What’s wrong with filtering people out according to how viscerally you dislike them? #UpForDebate

    Apparently they believe strongly about all these things. But not enough to be able to argue for them.

    New hash tag #proggielogic?

    1. And to make it perfectly clear:

      I thought this was pretty clear in the original post on the abortion debates, and most people seem to have gotten it. But I’m going to spell it out more blatantly for those who seem to be having trouble with reading for comprehension.
      I did not say anywhere in this post that no pro-choice advocates should ever debate abortion anywhere. What I am saying is this:
      1) I want pro-choice advocates to respond to anti-choice arguments (when they choose to do so) with the same level of outrage, ridicule, and moral revulsion they would treat arguments for imprisoning gay people, enslaving black people, marital rape, and other violations of bodily autonomy. We debate and discuss morally repulsive positions that violate people’s bodily autonomy differently than we do positions we disagree with but can see the value of (or just don’t see as morally repulsive). When it comes to arguing against anti-choice arguments, I want us to do the latter.

      Just not logic, cause it ain’t our strong suit.

      1. Former/latter doesn’t seem to be much of a strength, either.

    2. “….and you, Straw Man, I think I’ll miss you most of all!”

  56. The Kidd is one of what was known as the Khomeini class. The Shah paid for the ships but before delivery he was….removed. So the US kept them. I was attached to the Callaghan, the Kidd’s twin, back in the 80s. The ships were made for the Middle East so the filtration and AC systems were upgraded and they made a space for a gate pen, a gym on the Callaghan. I think the Callaghan was sold to Japan or Taiwan a decade or so ago.

  57. Gate Pen = Goat Pen, d’oh

    1. A holding place for petty officers?

      Oh, Goat Locker…

  58. There is a dude that knows what time it is. WOw.

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