Brian Doherty on Set of Atlas Shrugged Part III: Who is John Galt?


Judd Weiss/Atlas Shrugged III

Despite losing money on the first two films in his trilogy based on Ayn Rand's individualist classic Atlas Shrugged, businessman John Aglialoro is finishing what he started. Reason Senior Editor Brian Doherty visited the set of Atlas Shrugged Part III: Who is John Galt?, where Aglialoro and his team are wrapping up their cinematic version of Rand's beloved (and also widely hated!) novel.

With a new cast and a new director, Aglialoro insists that despite the novel's theme of the sanctity of money fairly earned, he's doing this out of "love" for the ideas and inspiration of Ayn Rand. "Someday I just want to go visit [Ayn Rand's grave] and say 'I got it done.' What a magnificent mind, what a great contribution," he says about the author whose works jolted him and helped him understand the world.

He's not as sure as the rest of the world is that this filmmaking endeavor will lose him money. But that's less important to Aglialoro than completing the contribution to the spread of Rand's message that he began.