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Don't just tell folks you work at the bestest publication, ever. Actually do it!

Reason has three open positions through our Young Journalist Fellowship Program. Fellowships are full-time, year-long, salaried positions with benefits. They are appropriate for working professionals, and are offered in both our Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. offices, as well as through potential telecommuting arrangements.

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Please direct questions about the fellowship and application process to

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  1. totally hope this improves video game coverage here at reason.

    The jezabelification of polygon and kutaku has become unbearable.

    Some dude today at polygon has decided that some JRPG is promoting eugenics with its pokimon style breading mechanics.

  2. Which of the above fellowships is actually code for “proofreader”?

  3. You know what would be cool? A Reason blog site where the users could rate both authors and individual posts.

  4. Reason could post their stories in fuckin’ Wingdings and I’d still come here just for the comments. Hey Reason, you should hire those three journalists as intellectual trolls to replace those fuckwits Tony & Shriek.

    1. Waitasecond…. there are articles?

      1. Dunno….I’ve never actually read one.

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