A.M. Links: Private Sector Creates 139,000 Jobs in February, Russia Says Soldiers in Ukraine are "Self-Defense Forces", Lindsay Lohan Getting OWN Reality Show


  • what's tv got to worry about?

    The private sector created 139,000 jobs in February, according to payroll processor ADP.

  • John Kerry is set to meet with the Russian foreign minister, who claims unmarked soldiers in Ukraine are Crimean self-defense units over which his country has no control.
  • A judge in New Jersey ruled against an 18-year-old suing her parents, including a former police chief, for more financial support. She moved out of her home, suing her parents with help from a county freeholder. The judge did rule the teen's parents had to keep her on their health insurance and couldn't liquidate any college savings accounts they set up for her.
  • A new study published this week claims eating meat and cheese could be as dangerous as smoking.
  • The internet of sky things is coming; Facebook is interested in buying a drone maker while Google is working on balloons to deliver internet access to remote areas.
  • Illegal downloads of 12 Years a Slave have tripled since it won an Oscar for Best Picture.
  • Lindsay Lohan is getting her own reality show on the Oprah Winfrey network.