Are You an Academy Awards Fashion Criminal?


Still depressed that "Hangover 3" wasn't nominated for Best Picture? Don't worry. At least you're not an Academy Awards fashion criminal!

On Feb. 23, 2011, Reason TV looked at the push to extend copyright protection to the creations of fashion designers. The policy, had it been adopted, would've helped successful fashionistas like Diane von Furstenburg, who supports a three-year monopoly on new fashions.

But the Innovative Design Protection and Piracy Prevention Act would've hurt bargain-hunters, while putting young designers under constant threat of legal action.

The original text follows:

Say you don't have the dough to add the fashions you see at Sunday's Academy Awards ceremony to your closet. If you buy knockoffs instead, are you shopping smart or stealing?

Today it's perfectly legal to copy whatever you see on the red carpet and sell it yourself. To some, such as Diane Von Furstenberg, this sounds a lot like theft. The former German princess is one of the world's most successful fashion designers and she's teaming up with Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to push a bill that would give designers a three-year monopoly on new creations.

The whole point of intellectual property is to spur innovation, and that, according to supporters, is exactly why the fashion industry needs such a bill. Without tougher protections, they say designers will have less incentive to create new looks.

But is the fashion industry really hurting for innovation? And are top-tier designers like Von Furstenberg really getting ripped off by bargain hunters? And even if they were, who's to say whose look is truly original?

Johanna Blakely of USC's Norman Lear Center worries that the relentless push for more intellectual property protection could lead to a situation where big design houses lawyer up and sue young designers. Designer Galina Sobolov, head designer and owner of Single by Galina Sobolov, agrees.

"If this bill was in effect as we grew our company, we would have faced probably millions of lawsuits," says Sobolov, whose designs have been worn by celebs such as Katy Perry and Rachel Hunter. "And we would have never actually had a company."

Approximately 6.30 minutes.

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  1. teaming up with Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY)

    I’m agin it.

    1. I’m intrigued by skepticism regarding the validity of ADHD. But anti-stimulant hysteria is one of the more odious paternalistic movements of the day.

      1. You think children should be forced to take meth?

        1. No one should be forced to do anything against their will. Now, when it comes to children, I’m not sure how you balance parents’ custodial rights and their children’s autonomy, but I tend to lean towards the side of strict autonomy.

          I am not currently an ADHD-denialist. I remain open to any contradicting evidence, but as of right now I think ADHD is an actual condition.

          But whether or not ADHD is real or not, people have a right to take any stimulants they want. I tend to see paternalistic, statist authorities pushing the anti-stimulant pushing these statements about the supposed addictiveness of the chemicals.

          Personally, in my own experience and that of others, I have never actually seen addictive or destructive behavior from people taking ADHD stimulants.

          1. By the way, I didn’t take a 2 minute exam. Mine was a pretty comprehensive 60 minute evaluation.

          2. I am not currently an ADHD-denialist.

            Nor am I. I do get mighty suspicious though when “new” diseases appear out of nowhere and are suddenly all the rage. I’m also sceptical about the prevalence of autism. I suspect it is greatly overdiagnosed, albeit my position is unsupportable.

            1. I don’t “deny” that people often feel, perform or behave better on low-dose stimulants but the idea that they have a physical, neuro-disease is absurd in the absence of any “scientific” evidence whatsoever.

              The burden of proof is not on the “deniers”.

              1. *sigh* There is abundant scientific evidence for psychiatric illness, SIV. I’d prefer to hear your “evidence” that psychiatric illness doesn’t exist.

                Whenever you get on one of these anti-psychiatry benders I really have to wonder if you are a Scientologist. You certainly seem to parrot their point of view.

  2. #normcore

  3. Hmmm, should I watch the Academy Awards or ‘True Detective’ tonight? Life often presents such tough choices.

    1. If only there were such a thing as a PVR that would let you record one show while watching another!

      1. I don’t have a PVR or PBR or DVR. If I end up permanent comatose, however, I do have a DNR.

    2. 1. Are you a woman?

      2. Are you a homo?

      3. Do you have HBO?

      A “yes” to either question 1 or 2 indicates you should watch the Oscars.

      If “no” is your answer to both proceed to question 3.

      1. you’re thinking of the Tonys.

      2. SIV’s going to be watching America’s Funniest Home Videos. He just loves that shit.

      3. The Oscars have that splendid ‘In Memoriam’ portion in it where I can catch up my favorites who kicked the bucket.

        Unlike most of the Peanuts I don’t reflexively hate everyone in the motion picture business so I will silently applaud PSH.

        Also, the achievement awards like the one that went to Ennio Morricone are worth watching. That guy is pure musical genius.

        1. Only 8% of the people here actually hate motion picture oriented individuals. Try to pay closer attention.

          1. Yes, but Shrike would be quick to claim that only ~8% of the people here actually comment. The other 92% are government agents monitoring us for the good of society. You know, since we’re all dangerous reich-wing birther/preppers and all.

        2. The Oscars have that splendid ‘In Memoriam’ portion in it where I can catch up my favorites who kicked the bucket.

          TCM’s annual “TCM Remembers” piece is much more comprehensive, and better produced.

      4. Ahem, I’m watching True Detectives now. Thank you very much. No interest in the Oscars.

        1. No spoilers. Waiting for the wife to get done gaming.

          1. RED WEDDING!

        2. You’re not missing anything. I just switched to Boris Karloff’s Thriller.

    3. Serious, have you starting reading The King in Yellow yet? Because the show will expand to even more for you if you do. I suggest pounding it out (not your penis, the book) before the finale next week.

      1. just the story entitled The King In Yellow or the whole collection?

        1. There is no story called “The King in Yellow”. I would say that the more stories you get into it, the more you’ve covered, but the earlier stories are more important.

          1. It’s also public domain so you can get it free. I should have mentioned that.

            1. Yes, I looked it up on Google and read the first story, ‘The Repairer of Reputations’.

              It’s interesting and I’ll have to read the other stories when I have time for it. It’s still kind of over my head with regard to True Detective since I haven’t put nearly as much thought into it as other people on the internet have.

          2. found it.

      2. you can also read this summary.

    4. Oscars, TD, or The Walking Dead……?

      I’ll watch WD then switch to the Oscars.

      I get TD on HBOGO.

      1. Walking Dead is doing a balancing act for my interest right now. On the one hand, it’s nice to see Glen, Rick, and others be resourceful and cool again as they hack it out on the road.

        On the other, that ginger Army guy is an idiot if he believes the government “scientist” with a mullett. And the actress that plays that other girl with them is hot but even in a non-zombie situation wearing such a scanty outfit in the Georgia backwoods would be absurd given the number of bugs.

        I just find them annoying at this point.

        Anyway, for me it’s TWD at 8, TD at 9. I’ll flip over to the Oscars just to see the big winners at the end.

        1. Yes, Abraham, Eugene and the chick seem lame, but, according to my son who’s read the complete TWD series, the Abraham story line gets really good. We’ll see.

  4. OT:

    Hmmm….back in 2008, Sarah Palin posited the extremely far-fetched scenario that Russia would invade Ukraine…

    1. You know, I’d feel a lot better about this Russia-Ukraine situation if the President would just draw a red line in the sand.

    2. In 2008 Russia had just invaded Georgia and McCain’s war boner was at half mast so Sista Sarah obviously tried to point out the other woman to him.

      1. Is it your position that Pres. Obama should be listening to Sarah Palin, then?

        1. If Obama is sporting a war boner after his 90 minute talk with Putin then I say yes – send Sista Sarah in to talk to him.

          1. Because a nagging “I told you so” bitch will kill any boner!

            (I can’t believe no one finished that joke for me)

  5. Venezuela wants Jimmy Carter to stay home

    Please, desist from your trip: you have absolutely no credibility in Venezuela.

    Your last actions in Venezuela have had disastrous results for the democracy here. When these became obvious you remained strangely silent for years, and only suddenly you wake up again.

    I can assure you that half of the country has no respect nor credibility for you and the other half thinks you are a mere fool that they can use and discard as needed.

    I think that not only you should desist from your trip, but should never mention us again. You have cursed us enough as it is. We will appreciate your future silence since nothing good ever comes from your statements on Venezuela. Worry not, I am sure we will find more worthy mediators.

    1. I am more worried about this Archduke Ferdinand trip of Kerry to Kiev.

      1. Are you saying that Pres. Obama is sending Kerry to Kiev to be assassinated, so that we can then invade Russia?

        1. Why would we invade when they did us a favor?

          1. For Dear Leader’s greatness, of course.

        2. No way. Killing diplomatic personnel is just something that happens. Anyone found an anti-Russian video on Youtube yet?

    2. Jimmy Carter shouldn’t go to Venezuela if he values his freedom. I think he’d be arrested pretty quickly for “subversive activities” and trying to “destabilize the government”.

    3. Hell I can’t believe I agree with Venezuela’s about Carter.

      1. I think the blogger is in the anti-Maduro camp.

        1. Funny thing is it seems to work either way.

  6. As anyone seen Dallas Buyers Club and can recommend it? I’m intrigued because it is ostensibly anti-FDA and anti-corporatism, but does the movie fence-sit on the issue of government involvement in medicine?

    1. *Has?

    2. Saw it last night. It was good, but hard to watch. I’m not sure that it deals with whether government should be in medicine. It’s definitely anti-FDA and they rip the Feds for using the IRS to hassle folks.

  7. Harold Ramis: Anti-liberal filmmaker for Reagan and the One Percent

    Drink, take and lie: translate it into Latin and it could be the motto of the One Percent. It is no coincidence that P. J. O’Rourke, who was editor of National Lampoon when “Animal House” was made and is currently a wisecracking critic of liberalism at the Cato Institute, recently declared that the release of the movie in 1978 marked the moment when his generation “took over” and started to make the world “better.” It is also no coincidence that the fraternity at Dartmouth which served as one of the models for “Animal House” has of late become a kind of pipeline into the investment-banking industry, nor should it surprise anyone that Wall Street is home to a secret Animal House-style fraternity of its own, a place where the anarchic captains of finance come together to slurp likker and howl their admiration for their beau ideal: the self-maximizing asshole . . . who got bad grades in college.

    Thomas Frank was obviously Dorfmann in college, only he never managed to make it into Delta.

    1. Correct me if I’m wrong, Aykroyd wrote all the paranormal material in Ghostbusters and Ramis wrote all of the comedic lines, including the anti-EPA stuff?

      “Yes, it’s true. This man has no dick.”

    2. On Caddyshack:

      who else makes fun of country club grandees except for us lefty authority-questioners?

      Well, free-market conservatives do…

      These same conservatives are also the most likely to understand class conflict in the way “Caddyshack” does: as a rivalry between WASP old money and differently pedigreed new money. In fact, this is one of the themes of George Gilder’s 1981 book “Wealth and Poverty,” the manifesto of the “supply-side” revolution, and of countless wealth-celebrating books that followed. That’s why “Caddyshack” seems in retrospect like a piece of crypto-Reaganite social commentary. Rodney Dangerfield’s character, for example, is a clear symbol of the crude power of markets

      Yeah, God forbid conservatives admire people who build stuff people want. Not to mention the hilarious notion that liberals question authority.

      And needless to say, Frank can’t enjoy ‘Ghostbusters’:

      Jack Abramoff and his College Republican pals got together a troupe of “Fritzbusters” to warm up the crowds at Republican events, mocking Democratic presidential candidate “Fritz” Mondale with an offensive take-off on the catchy “Ghostbusters” theme song. And why not? What Mondale was promising?yes, promising?was to raise taxes, balance the budget, get responsible, and close down the party.

      Such people are worthy of our pity more than anything.

    3. That is pretty fucking retarded. Perhaps Thomas Frank is more like Pinto than Dorfmann. Bluto is more like the parody of a liberal.

      “Captains of finance”? Sheesh. What does that mean?

      The biggest shits in the financial world I know about are liberals – and they are greedy fuckers too. So what?

      1. Apparently Tommy Boy hasn’t gotten the memo that some hedge fund money is GOOD.

    4. I’ve always had the impression that the 80s were pretty much a rebellion against the 60s, which is why so many of the Baby Boomers and their acolytes seem to hate 80s culture.

  8. Academy Awards: Skipping it. Watching DVDs of “The Wire.”

    I would rather see the desolation known as West Baltimore than see Matthew McConaughey and Jonah Hill win awards for acting.

  9. Philip Roth has a great takedown of PC culture.

    When asked about people who claim his work is misogynistic:

    It is my comic fate to be the writer these traducers have decided I am not. They practice a rather commonplace form of social control: You are not what you think you are. You are what we think you are. You are what we choose for you to be. Well, welcome to the subjective human race. The imposition of a cause’s idea of reality on the writer’s idea of reality can only mistakenly be called “reading.” And in the case at hand, it is not necessarily a harmless amusement. In some quarters, “misogynist” is now a word used almost as laxly as was “Communist” by the McCarthyite right in the 1950s ? and for very like the same purpose.

    1. I agree with Roth. I am a Larry Flynt freedom loving liberal and if you want to jack off to the female form (like a Roth character) then why let some dykeish bitch make you feel guilty?

      1. Only 8% of that comment was true.

  10. I have seen only two of the nine films nominated for Best Picture (‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ and ‘American Hustle’). Both were highly enjoyable but failed in many ways.

    Interestingly, both are based on true stories. And both offered up human nature as our fatal flaw whether it appears in the markets or in government.

    For the hot chick factor I have to go with Wolf even though Hustle had Amy Adams and J-Lo in it.

  11. I’m maybe half-way to being a Duck Dynasty fashion criminal. T-shirt, bluejeans, boots and Barmah Squashy Bronco with Cooper Crossing band.

  12. Ooooo… Which handle will Tulpa post under on this thread to enlighten us? Sure none could survive without his insight and wit?!?

    1. Maybe he’s the one who posts under regulars’ names with one letter changed. Warrren, etc.

      1. There are no depths to which he will not sink

  13. Trailer for generic Academy Award winning movie, courtesy of Cracked…..rc=fanpage

  14. Which handle will Tulpa post under on this thread to enlighten us? Sure none could survive without his insight and wit?!?

    But- underrepresented viewpoints!

  15. I’m sitting here watching some lame movie called Drive. Aside from the usual eyerolling incongruities, the soundtrack has been annoying the shit out of me since the beginning. The super-ultra-awesome “I’m an excellent driver” just t-boned a Lincoln at about fifty miles per hour, sailing it off some sort of retaining wall. Guess what- HIS HEADLIGHTS STILL WORK.

    Who the fuck is responsible for this bullshit?

    1. Everyone is watching Ellen!

      1. By everyone, you mean 8%?

    2. Isn’t that Epi’s favorite movie?

    3. I’ve said it before. The original version was better with Shu Qi and madeleines.

  16. Amy Adams tits are the clear winner!

    (vote for American Hustle!)

  17. Sound like a pretty good plan to me dude. Wow.

  18. I just checked out some Diane Von F’s designs. Out of curiosity. There isn’t one original idea in the bunch. Everything she has is a ripoff of somebody somewhere.

    This bill would be a lawsuit waiting to happen, and is just being written to stop competition.

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