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2 The Prohibitionist Curse

Success softened drug warriors' arguments. Now failure has exposed them. Matt Welch

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7 Letters and Reaction

The unstoppable plastic gun; just say no to college…

10 Citings Guantanamo data ditched; cool new tools; an unconstitutional search; NSA spurs secrecy; Sriracha's spillover effects; football's hidden fees…

46 Reason TV: The Feds vs. Craig Zucker

Regulators pursue a vendetta against the creator of Buckyballs. Jim Epstein


16 Mass Murder Myths

A prosecutor's report debunks misconceptions about the Sandy Hook massacre. Jacob Sullum

18 Time for a Guaranteed Income? The pros and cons of a welfare idea championed by liberals and libertarians alike. Veronique de Rugy

20 Leave 23andMe Alone

The FDA should stop obstructing consumer-driven genetic testing. Ronald Bailey

62 Online Higher Education Retools

MOOCs aren't dead; they're evolving. Greg Beato


22 Better Medicine

Overcoming 20th-century regulations to allow 21st-century cures. Peter Huber

32 Laboratories for Prosperity

A comprehensive study confirms that free-market principles work outside Washington. John Hood

38 Addicted to Brain Scans

The debate about sex addiction reflects a larger cultural confusion. Stanton Peele

Culture & Reviews

48 'We're Creating Our Own Evolutionary Next Step'

Wired co-founder Louis Rossetto on the digital revolution and the death of the megastate. Interview by Nick Gillespie

Briefly Noted

50 Peter Suderman on the TV show Tremé

Briefly Noted (cont.)

52 Zenon Evans on the Facebook page Libertarian Humor

54 Jesse Walker on Ray Davies' Americana

56 Jess Remington on the documentary Narco Cultura

58 Zenon Evans on Deborah Solomon's American Mirror

54 Greenspan's Blindness The former Fed chief seems oblivious to his role in the housing bubble, the financial crisis, and the recession. Steven HorwitzThe Map and the Territory: Risk, Human Nature, and the Future of Forecasting, by Alan Greenspan

56 How Writers Coped Without Copyright

Intellectual property and piracy managed to co-exist in 19th-century America. Tom W. Bell

Without Copyrights: Piracy, Publishing, and the Public Domain, by Robert Spoo

60 Who Gives a @$%! About Vulgarity?

Society is coarser-and better. Nick Gillespie

64 The Orphaned Rug The genocide that dare not speak its name. Matt Welch

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