A.M. Links: Harry Reid Claimed Obamacare "Horror Stories" Untrue, Union Workers in Pennsylvania Exempt From Anti-Harassment Laws, Google Street View Now Has Polar Bears


  • back to your iceberg!

    Harry Reid claimed none of the "horror stories" about Obamacare were true, leading to well-deserved mockery. He's now revised that to the "vast majority" being untrue.

  • A candidate for lieutenant governor in Texas mistakenly sent out an anti-"activist judge" tweet that insisted marriage was between ONE MAN & ONE MAN.
  • Union workers in Pennsylvania are using a law that immunizes them from charges of harassment and stalking during labor disputes to harass and stalk their opponents.
  • A car bomb today hit a tea shop in Mogadishu known to be frequented by intelligence agents , killing at least 11.
  • Several European countries have begun the process of cutting foreign aid to Uganda over its anti-homosexuality law.
  • Google Maps' Street View has expanded into the arctic with images, some including polar bears, taken from a trip through Churchill, Manitoba.

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