Ukraine Begs for Foreign Aid, Rep. John Dingell to Retire, GOP Leaders in Arizona Oppose Religion Law: P.M. Links


  • Dingell began serving years before color was invented
    Public domain

    Now that Ukraine has pushed out its president, interim leaders say the country needs $35 billion in cash in foreign aid over the next two years to avoid default.

  • Michigan Democrat Rep. John Dingell has announced he'll be retiring at the end of his current term. He's 87 years old and the longest-serving congressman in U.S. history, 58 years. That's a lot of pork to push through!
  • President Barack Obama's latest effort to bypass a Congress uninterested in advancing his agenda is to try to get governors on his side. Instead, they're arguing among themselves.
  • Several prominent Republicans, including Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake, are encouraging Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer to veto legislation allowing businesses to deny service to customers (any customers, though it's being touted as an anti-gay bill) on the basis of religious beliefs.
  • The Supreme Court heard a case today to consider limits for the Environmental Protection Agency's authority to set emission levels to trigger a requirement for certain companies to have to get federal permits.
  • Streets in Caracas, Venezuela, are blocked by protests ahead of planned meetings between President Nicolas Maduro and opposition leaders to try to ease tension there.
  • Actor/Director Harold Ramis, known best for Ghostbusters, has died at age 69.

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  1. Actor/Director Harold Ramis, known best for Ghostbusters, has died at age 69.

    The buster will become the busted.

    1. Hello.

    2. No sequel for Groundhog Day.

      1. We truly do live in the best of all possible worlds.

        1. Silly. It’s its own sequel.

    3. Hello.

    4. I have an odd desire to see Animal House.

    5. Ramis. Don’t forget ‘Stripes.’


    6. Let’s all say a silent prayer, and toast to world peace.

    7. RIP Harold.

      Say hello to Lou Reed.

      1. What the hell happened to Lou Reed?

        1. He killed Nelson Mandela, I think.

          1. And Abe Vigoda lives!

        2. He took a walk on the wild side, or so it’s rumored.

  2. Now that Ukraine has pushed out its president…

    This is the curse of being so stable. We’ll never get our leaders to flee in disgrace.

    1. It has been 40 years since we had a President leave the White House in disgrace on a helicopter.

      I can’t lie, the thought of Obama and Jerrett absconding the country on some Soros Private Jet (leaving Holder behind at the air strip) to some third world shit hole that until the day before few Americans knew existed but is the only place that will have his sorry ass is not unpleasant.

      1. Even doing more like Nixon and going in disgrace back to an obscure life in Chicago would be OK with me.

        1. If you can throw in as many of his aids as Nixon’s going to prison and Holder going there as well, I will take that deal.

      2. A place like…Kenya?

        1. They would never take him. They have had their fill of anti colonial communists.

    2. Heard one guy on the radio who represents the Ukrainian community through an organization explain that Ukraine was divided by pro-Ukraine and pro-Russia and that the pro-Russian Ukey’s have now swung into the pro-Ukey side which makes Mother Russia very nervous and leaving everyone wondering what Russia’s move will be.

  3. How tax attitudes change ? over time and around the world

    Low taxes were a point of pride among pre-Confederation Canadians, says Mark Milke, a senior fellow at the Fraser Institute and author of Tax Me I’m Canadian.

    Some argued against joining Confederation because the new nation would take too big of a cut out of their income.

    And they were right.

    1. Taxes are sort of like the mafia and protection money. Except with the mafia, if you pay them, they don’t bother you and tend to also actually protect your business. In the case of the government, you can pay them, but they still reserve the right to fuck you up.

    2. Fraser? Canada’s teabaggers.


    3. For the record, the irony is Canada imported its socialist ideals from…anyone? Bueller?

      The USA.

  4. President Barack Obama’s latest effort to bypass a Congress uninterested in advancing his agenda is to try to get governors on his side.

    Federalism! At last.

  5. First it was going to the oceans, then there was no “hiatus”, but now volcanoes contributing to hiatus in global warming

    Small volcanic eruptions help explain a hiatus in global warming this century by dimming sunlight and offsetting a rise in emissions of heat-trapping gases to record highs, a study showed on Sunday.

    1. Clearly we need to encourage volcanic eruptions to save the earth, then.

    2. yes, and the modellers will claim that they are only now discovering volcanoes as something to put in their model…like the sun.

        1. 9/11 chemtrails something something.

    3. Or… The emission variability of the giant, unlicensed fusion reactor in the sky, 8 light minutes away. For the love of science!

      1. How absurd. Fusion reactors are impossible.

        1. What do you mean? We’ll have them in 20 years.

          1. I have one now! [Throws open the blinds.]

          2. Jesus, I give you guys a chance at Ghostbusters quotes and you fuck it up. If Harold Ramis wasn’t dead, he’d die of shame, today.

            1. I don’t want to overdo the tributes, less they fade with repetition.

            2. Don’t cross the beams.

      2. Well, everything was doing fine until dickless here shut off the power grid.

    4. Fortunately there will never be another volcanic eruption and we can get back to regulating industry.

      1. The Free Market is the most brutal, merciless regulator there is. If people don’t like your crap, you go broke. Government is basically the only criminal mob any more.

    5. Absolutely shameless.

      Have any of the bleevers even considered the notion that their theory, may in fact, be wrong?

      WHat’s the second to last step in the scientific method? Make excuses, wasn’t it?

        1. Faith trumps facts.

        2. Faith trumps facts.

      1. They at least need to admit that some aspects of their theory are wrong. Their models gave incorrect predictions. An honest scientist says “opps, we got that wrong” when that happens. Models always need tuning, but you don’t claim to have the answer while still working on that.


        Charles Krauthammer publishes an editorial claiming they want to stifle debate and their response is to put together a petition demanding the Washington Post refuse to publish it.

        Shameless is one way to put it.

        1. Talk about a punchable face:

          I almost punched my computer.

          1. The 80s called. They want their split hair back.

            I had split hair back then. FYI.

            1. I still have a buttcut but that’s because my hair won’t do anything else.

            1. Maybe so, but he worked just fine for my team in 2002.

          2. No one carrying a giant papier mache prop is entitled to look half as self-important as he does.

          3. Wait a second, how did he underline “lies” in giant, red magic marker, when it was already on a giant, red magic marker?

            You don’t think…could there….be another giant, red magic marker?

        2. Perhaps the “progressives” can have him sentenced to house arrest for heresy for the remainder of his life, as the church did to Galileo?

          1. Krautheimer in response to the petition wondered if they had figured out away to get Kindles to burn since they have degraded to the level of the book burners of the past.

            1. Don’t be absurd. That’s not even close to being carbon-neutral.

            2. John, I have to ask. People.give me shit.for all theperiods and.typo misspellings in my posts. Why only seem to misspell people’s names, and then so, so, badly?

    6. Holy shit, those fucking idiots just wont quit.

      They keep getting busted over and over and over and they keep pretending we dont already know it is a con.

  6. interim leaders say the country needs $35 billion in cash in foreign aid over the next two years to avoid default.


      1. Hey, kid, you wanna make 10 bucks?

        1. Let’s go do those crimes.

          1. Yeah. Let’s go get sushi and not pay.

    1. Huh. Wonder if Facebook could buy Ukraine?

      1. I think Apple has a bigger pile of cash laying fallow.

        1. Apple, Google, Facebook. . .really, any company with excess cash or overvalued stock to give away.

      2. “Why does the Ukraine keep sending me Farmville requests!?”

        1. Ukraine is new social media country.

          1. “You know what the Ukraine is? It’s MySpace. A, ProL. The Ukraine is Friendster. It’s feeble. I think it’s time to put the hurt on the Ukraine.”

            1. Ukraine is game to you?! How ’bout I take your little board and smash it?!

              1. Russia is going to unfriend you, if you keep talking like that.

      3. If Facebook bought their debt? That could be interesting. But the Ukraine gov’t would have to allow Zuckerberg to be the President, Finance Minister, or at least the head of the Central Bank.

        1. Yes, perhaps Google would be better. Ukraine has a new name: GoogleNation.

    2. Here is an alternate idea to the bailout.

      Send a letter to every major company in the world that just says ” Our taxes are lower than Ireland’s and we show up for work every day.”

      If they could truthfully say that they would be the world’s next superpower in a couple of decades.

    3. What’s the golden rule of lending… you never just the borrower give an extension.

      Either let them default, or restructure the debt. Don’t throw good money after bad.

  7. Several prominent Republicans, including Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake, are encouraging Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer to veto legislation allowing businesses to deny service to customers…

    The legislation weakens property rights?

    1. I’m probably missing obvious historical examples, but when we’re passing legislation to allow things, isn’t the game over and BigGov has won?

      1. I suppose it could be described as government stopping government from doing something to certain people, bigoted as they may or may not be.

    2. Fist, dude, there’s a whole other thread about that shit from earlier today.

      1. Its in the links above, which makes it fair game.

        If you can make up rules about fist posts (typo intentional), I can too.

      2. Yeah, yeah, I read that and the one from the other day (but not the comments). I just think sometimes liberty is as ugly as the people who own it. Or something like that.

        But like robc said, they put it in the Links so I have to try to get a thread going here on it.

  8. Am I too irked by the following interaction with a cop?

    I was pulled over Saturday night for going 55 in a 30. Only the second time I have been pulled over in 12 years of driving. I cooperated and was polite, but when the cop came back to the car the following phrase is uttered:

    “Here you go, I am letting you off with just a citation.”

    As opposed to what you prickly cunt? Am I to be grateful you didn’t arrest me? Go fuck yourself.

    I have been stewing since.

    1. “I could have stated later that I misinterpreted your furtive movements as an attack and straight up murdered you but instead I’m issuing you a citation.”

    2. Personally, I would be thankful that a cop used discretion.

    3. In some states going more than 26 mph over the speed limit is some kind of “criminal speeding”. For which they get to beat you silly, impound your car, and hold you for 12-120 hours.

      I jest, but interactions with police are fucking dangerous.

    4. Thank the guy and get on with your life.

      Are you upset because he pulled you over? Or are you upset because a cop pretended to be doing you a favor while fining you?

      I suspect it’s the latter, and that stewing won’t profit you anything. It’s the way of the world. Once you pay the fine, the matter is closed, and you can get on with your life. If you keep stewing over it, it will continue to mess you up.

      1. It is the latter, but it was just the way it was said. Of course too, if I was let off with just a warning I would have been grateful.

        But letting me off with just a citation still means I need to show up for court in hopes that the fine is reduced or the points are dropped.

        1. He has the power to kill you and probably get away with it. Consider yourself fortunate.

          1. I was going home after a soccer game so I had a duffel bag in the front seat. Very suspicious I am sure, so there could have been good reason to kill me.

            1. He’s just using the same excuse that the Austin police did, when defending their thuggish actions on the jogger.

              She’s lucky we didn’t sexually assault her.

    5. I suspect that what waffles said is what he meant. Over 25 over is a more serious violation in many states and sometimes an arrestable offense. I have heard of more than one instance where a cop lowered the speed on the ticket as a courtesy (more likely to cut down on his own paperwork, but whatever, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth). Just happened to my wife actually.

      So he probably did actually save you a few hundred bucks by not getting you for 56 in a 30. As much as I loath cops as a class, I have to admit that they really aren’t all out to fuck you as much as possible all the time.

      1. Nah, in MD I was in the 20 to 29 mph over range, so I didn’t receive any special treatment in that regard.

        1. Well, then I don’t know. If you had been in NH it would have been a favor.

          1. I feel like it really was them telling me “I can really fuck with you right now, but here is your ticket.”

            1. Well, doesn’t that go without saying? We all know that’s their main shtick but at least she used discretion as gaijin mentioned.

              More importantly, what position do you play?

              1. It’s indoor, but I generally play forward which is odd because I rarely score, just rack up assists.

                1. Oh, so you’re an English footballer…whoa!

    6. Dude, you got lucky. Enjoy the moment.

  9. Ten most miserable US states list dominated by red states (LA, TN, KY, AL, MS, WV, OK. AR)…..s/5729305/

    1. Since the President hates the people who live in these states guts and would put them in camps if he could, that is not surprising. Good to see Obama get some news. Maybe he will be in a better mood, or at least Michelle will be.

      1. pst…ask Screechy what the top 3 states were. Then ask him why he chose to not report that as well.

        1. In fairness, those states’ names probably had too many syllables for him to be able to sound out so he knew what they were.

        2. HM, the guy thinks he’s a classical liberal. He’s like ‘Alien’ Burt. Remember Alien Burt?

    2. From the “newspaper” with really big pictures.

      1. Be fair, it is not like Shreek can read.

        1. Of course he can. He just wrote a letter to the NY Post in support of his high school.

    3. Consider the political makeup of America’s blighted inner cities, or is that the point at which correlation stops equaling causation?

    4. West Virginia, the RED state with:

      A Democrat for Governor
      Two Democrats for US Senators

      One of the three Reps is Democrat.

      But ok.

      1. Ha! They’re red blooded!

      2. Kentucky is a red state too, apparently.

        Democratic governor and a democratic majority in the state house. I think the latter has been literally true my entire life. And only two GOP governors in my lifetime.

        And until 2008, it has voted for the winning president every time since 1960, which makes it as neutral a state as you can get from that perspective.

        1. And was a borderline state during the Civil War too.

          Dunno why but Kentucky is a state I want to visit.

          1. Dunno why but Kentucky is a state I want to visit.

            Bourbon and horse gambling. Duh!

      3. I’ve seen progs refer to Maryland, of all places, as a red state. Small-t truth must never be allowed to get in the way of Capital-T Truth.

        1. We did have 2 Rs out of 8 House Reps, but then redistricting took care of half that pesky problem so now we are down to 1.

        2. I’ve seen progs refer to Maryland, of all places, as a red state. S

          That’s a good way of telling the truly dangerous idiots from the run-of-the-mill idiots.

    5. Dammit PB, you’re right. We should end welfare and entitlements so the poor red staters find happiness through newfound autonomy and personal responsibility! Brilliant! Oh wait… or is that not what you meant?

    6. They didn’t ask anyone how they feel, they just saw that they were fat and had lower incomes than other states. I was happy in TN. I’m miserable in MD.

    7. In Louisiana, “… nearly 9% of those surveyed in the state noted they did not have easy access to clean and safe drinking water”.

      So, uh, move to the places in the other 90%+ areas in the state where they do have access to that, dumbasses. What are you, in prison? Who are these people?

  10. Fuck me. If Flake and McCain agree with me and Brewer disagrees with me, how can I know if I am right or wrong?


    When you can’t even believe in Hall and Oats anymore, what do you have left to believe in?

    1. I doubt the girlfriend cover story. I think it was a direct relationship. NTTAWWT.

    2. I saw a billboard for them when I was coming back from Palm Desert yesterday. They will be playing the local Indian Casino soon….

      1. …with an acoustic version of ‘Kiss on my list.

    3. Poison?

    4. OATES. FFS.

    5. Nooooooo!

      Good song though.

      ‘She’s gone’ too.

      ‘Maneater’ less so.

  12. Don’t let your Dingell dangle in the dirt…


    This is a very good point. If corporations, due to their duty to shareholders, can’t have religious beliefs, then they can’t have any of the various bullshit “social responsibility” values liberals are constantly demanding.

    1. And that seems right. If you want to run your company as some sort of religious or social justice organization, don’t go public.

      1. I disagree. As long as you are upfront about what you are doing, the burden is on the shareholders to either sell or launch a proxy action to replace the board and stop you.

        There is no general duty to make shareholder’s money. There is a duty to manage the company in a way consistent with the shareholders’ demands. If the shareholders are fine with what you are doing, then there is no problem.

        1. Maybe. I suppose it depends on what the rights of minority shareholders are. If someone takes a controlling interest in a company and turns it into a semi-charity, the minority share holders get fucked and I think one could persuasively argue that they were wronged. I’m no expert on corporate law by any means, so I could be missing something.

          And if someone starts a new publicly traded company with some kind of new charter that allows for that sort of thing, then I guess I have no problem with that as long as everyone knows what the deal is up front.

          1. They are fucked. But they are not fucked any worse than if someone takes over a company and runs it in the ground by other means.

    2. No. Because social responsibility is compassionate and trendy, whereas religion is evil and old-fashioned. Unless it’s a trendy eastern religion.


    Wendy Davis down by 11 points in latest poll. She is a hopeless candidate, but will make up for it by sucking all kinds of money from other Democratic candidates.

    1. I ask this not to play devil’s advocate here, but out of genuine curiosity: what is supposed to be so bad about Wendy Davis compared to any other mainstream politician? Absolutely nothing about her views that isn’t related to the abortion filibuster never seems to make it into coverage about her, so I’m kind of scratching my head. Even if you’re not a dyed-in-the-wool pro-choicer, the filibuster was in opposition to overbearing business regulations, so I have to think she’d deserve some kudos from libertarians just for that.

      Unless there’s some interview I missed where she pledged her whole-hearted support for the rise of international socialism, I don’t see what she’s done that would get so many around here riled up, at least compared to any other standard-issue Republican or Democrat.

      1. She is a liar and a poser who was picked up by various prog fanatics for grand standing on an abortion bill a majority of the country would agree with.

        You are right, she is not the worst Democrat. It is really more schadenfreude at the butt hurt over her losing that will be experienced by the Progs who decided she was their hero.

        1. Yeah–it’s not so much her politics as it is the goddamn cult of personality for her that makes me want to see her crash. It’s the same one the media and the progs built up for Obama and what they’re currently building for Elizabeth Warren as the Great Leftist Hope.

          Politically speaking, Davis is really nothing more than a cynical bandwagon-hopper. She saw an opening with the War on Women nonsense and stepped up to exploit it in a state that could potentially turn back to the Dems in the next 10-20 years.

      2. Nothing. She’s just as much a relative lightweight as GWB was in 1994. It will be interesting whether she and her team can learn the state-wide campaign game quickly enough to close a gap. But she’s awfully inexperienced to run for governor.

    2. There’s a bunch of national candidates jerking off at the Sexist Texas columns they’ll be able to write. Not that Abbott is a great candidate, but it really doesn’t matter since the governorship is so weak.

      1. And where a lot of that power actually is, Lt. Governor, we have a slate of challengers to Dewhurst who are trying hard to put a bad taste in my mouth. And I fucking hate Dewhurst and his retarded ads/mailings. I’ll be staying home this year for the primaries.

        1. Yeah, at least the people of Texas had enough of Carol Keeting-Rylander or whatever she called herself a couple years ago.

          1. Yes and we get George Bush 3.0, now with more hispanic!

    3. That said, the slate of candidates in this year’s primaries are pretty uninspiring and very annoying. The entire Hockey final was filled with ads upon ads. Apparently the only issue in the state is how we need to crack down on illegals more and salute the Texas flag.

    4. Shit. Read that as ‘will make up for it by sucking all kinds of cocks…’


    5. She’s way better looking than the other guy, though.

  15. Not sure if y’all have seen this. I sincerely hope pressurized flammable gas containers in the US are a lot less prone to blowing up quite so spectacularly.

    1. Ain’t nothing wrong with explosion videos. Meanwhile, in Russia….

    2. Russian dash cam videos are da bomb!

    3. I just love Russian dash-cam videos.

    4. Inflammable means flammable? What a country!

    5. Fire Brigade not coming. Bribes first, then come.

    6. US gas containers also blow up. One of my closest friends died in the resulting fire when his truck loaded with oxygen and acetylene tanks (he was a welder) crashed. His partner who managed to get out of the truck before it blew up said that my friend survived the crash but not the explosions.

    7. What happened to the truck driver?

      1. If you look closely shortly after the fire starts you see a guy running away and jumping over the median wall. I think/hope it’s the driver.

  16. Three North Georgia militia men arrested by FBI:

    During the online conversations they discussed using guerilla war tactics and planned to launch the attacks against the government this month. They specifically targeted several federal agencies, including the Transportation Security Administration, Department of Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency.

    Peace talked with an FBI “confidential human source” on Feb. 8 about getting several explosive devices, including a thermite-mix charge strong enough “to go through the engine block of a MRPA.”

    That same day, Cannon had a conversation with another source and stated the group was planning to “start the fight” with the government by strategically sabotaging power grids, transfer stations, and water treatment facilities ? in hopes of a declaration of martial law.


    Here is what I don’t get:

    Terry Eugene Peace, 45; Brian Edward Cannon, 36; and Cory Robertson Williamson, 28 ? all of 22 Tumlin Drive ? have each been charged under federal law with conspiracy to receive and possess a firearm.

    1. Yes shreek, the FBI framing people in the name of creating “terrorists” to arrest is the kind of thing you can get behind. We already knew that.

      1. Thank goodness the word came down for the FBI not to conduct their false flag attack yet. I’m guessing they’re waiting until they are certain as to who the Democratic presidential nominee is.

    2. Peace talked with an FBI “confidential human source” on Feb. 8 about getting several explosive devices…

      I’m guessing that confidential human source will turn out to be the one who suggested and arranged for the explosive devices in the first place.

    3. Dude’s last name is Peace.

    4. Peace talked with an FBI “confidential human source” on Feb. 8 about getting several explosive devices, including a thermite-mix charge strong enough “to go through the engine block of a MRPA.”

      If you aren’t smart enough order some iron oxide off of Amazon, you might want to reconsider launching anything.

  17. You’re in trouble Shackford, those links aren’t going to 24/7. (thank god)

  18. Connecticut Democratic Gov. Dannel Malloy took over the microphone from Jindal and responded sharply, “Wait a second, until a few moments ago we were going down a pretty cooperative road. So let me just say that we don’t all agree that moving Canadian oil through the United States is necessarily the best thing for the United States economy.”

    How could it be bad for the economy?

    That article is pretty hilarious, love all the Malloy butthurt over Jindal’s comments.

    1. The pipeline is going through Connecticut?

    2. So let me just say that we don’t all agree that moving Canadian oil through the United States is necessarily the best thing for the United States economy.”

      It will hurt the US economy by preventing it from investing in more expensive and less efficient forms of energy.

      This is what they actually believe.

    3. Right now the regular Keystone pipeline (not the XL) transports that Canadian sludge to Midwestern refineries where it is landlocked – holding down midwest US gas prices 8-10%.

      Fuck the Canucks – we don’t owe them a route to the LA/TX refineries.

      1. Because “we” were just going to give it to them for free?

    4. I love the assumption that “cooperation” is doing what Obama wants, and suggesting anything different is by definition uncooperative.

  19. So, the death of Harold Ramis makes the PM Links, but nothing about how Uganda made homosexuality illegal (yes, CarolynP, illegal-illegal, as in actual criminal penalties and shit). And nothing against Ramis but I’m surprised that such an egregious act on the part of Uganda didn’t at least get a mention.

    It’s almost as if those people who criticize libertarians are on to something.

      1. No, this is a big fucking deal. Just as it would be a big fucking deal if, say, France started rounding up Buddhists and imprisoning them.

        1. So, I tell them I’m a pro jock, and who do you think they give me? The Dalai Lama, himself. Twelfth son of the Lama. The flowing robes, the grace, bald… striking. So, I’m on the first tee with him. I give him the driver. He hauls off and whacks one – big hitter, the Lama – long, into a ten-thousand foot crevasse, right at the base of this glacier. Do you know what the Lama says? Gunga galunga… gunga, gunga-lagunga. So we finish the eighteenth and he’s gonna stiff me. And I say, “Hey, Lama, hey, how about a little something, you know, for the effort, you know.” And he says, “Oh, uh, there won’t be any money, but when you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness.” So I got that goin’ for me, which is nice.

        2. Ramis dying is a bigger fucking deal.

          If never been to Uganda (nor plan to go) nor stuck my penis in another man’s ass (nor plan to do this either). I have been entertained by Ramis. And would be in the future if he continued to live.

          Priorities, dude, priorities.

          1. If never been to Uganda (nor plan to go) nor stuck my penis in another man’s ass (nor plan to do this either).

            Thanks, robc. I’m a huge fan of unconscious self-parody. It’s the cruelest form of humor, and therefore the funniest.

        3. Just giving you trouble for minimizing Harold Ramis’ death, Tonio. And, incidentally, you must go watch Stripes now.

          Uganda’s move is not a good thing, but it has gotten coverage here–I learned about it here first.

          1. I learned about it here first.

            That too. Without the Ramis link above, I wouldnt have known.

          2. No, for the record I’m a fan. Ramis will be missed.

            His death was unfortunately contemporaneous with an event which I care a lot about. Granted, there’s been a liminal period between passage of the bill and the president signing it into law.

    1. Jesse has been posting that on the PM link comments for like a week.

      1. Not to mention there was a thread about Uganda’s proposal a week or two ago

      2. I think I’ve only done the one-off roundup of Africa is a shithole for everyone but particularly for gays recently.

        The Uganda bit is here.

        Gambia and Kenya got shout-outs too.

        Money quote from Museveni:

        Am taking all these precautions because am historically answerable for whatever I do as a leader. There were mistakes made in the 1930s by Hitler because he wanted to make Germany strong. Some of these issues are very crucial and should be handled objectively not emotionally.

    2. Somehow, I seriously doubt Scott Shackford is a homophobe.

      Jus’ sayin’

      1. Everyone beat him up over the Collins post.

    3. Homosexual acts are already illegal in Uganda

      It’s almost as if they never watched Queer Eye for the Straight Guy in Uganda.

      1. They can’t; it’s illegal.

    4. You can read about Uganda extensively in Reason 24/7, which mercifully no longer seems to have anything to do with PM Links.

    5. I thought they did that a while ago. Or was it just the proposed legislation I heard about?

      1. I first read about here, so yes, they’ve covered it. It’s terrible, but there’s a whole of oppression going on besides that in Uganda and other parts of the world, so I’m not sure it’s bigger news than everything else.

      2. I thought they did that a while ago. Or was it just the proposed legislation I heard about?

        The legislature had passed it but there was a bit of a will-he-or-won’t-he on whether the president would sign it. He made it clear last week that he would and made an odd reference to needing scientific guidance because mistakes were made in 1930s Germany while trying to keep the country strong. Yay!

        1. Yeah, um, mistakes were made. Because Germany was so much stronger slaughtering its own citizens.

          1. Mistakes were made. Trains were boarded. Gases were released. Procedures will be reviewed for adjustments.

            1. procedures were followed, every camp guard got home safely. it was a good gas, hth.

        2. Is there a reason why these crappy African countries are wanting to shove gays into a barb-wired closet now? Are they just deciding “Well, they’re doing it in Senegal so we might as well too?”

          1. I think there are a few things that feed into it. Russia and some of its satellites have been posting up anti-gay legislation and Uganda had theirs on the table for a while. With that much activity, passing new laws doesn’t seem as abnormal as it would have a few years ago.

            There’s also the influence of incredibly shitty people, like Scott Lively, who feel like they’ve already lost in the west and have been actively trying to stop The Homosexual Agenda in other countries. Lively himself has bragged about helping push for the Russian law and Peter “Porno Pete” LeBarbera has a fucking clone in execrable Martin Ssempa who helped push the Uganda law.

            I would also go so far as to say that there’s a touch of mass hysteria at play in some of the countries (particularly Nigeria) where this went from being a minor issue to a really big deal with riots and threats of stoning because the prosecutions haven’t been executing homos fast enough.

  20. Why you can’t do feminism on a science website.

    You have to lie too much.

    Now there are absolutely a few things about this system that are good for women (I don’t know that I can think of any counterparts for trans* individuals). These things include getting free drinks and having doors opened for them. In exchange for this, women get paid less, sexually assaulted more, gaslighted, hired less often, sexually harassed both on the street and in the work place, abused by partners more often, and have their rights to reproductive freedom restricted. Great trade off huh?

    I mean seriously we could list out every single bad thing that could happen to a person and statistically that thing is way more likely to happen to trans* individuals and women than it is to cis men (with the exception of completely rando things like genetic illness).

    1. “Rando”?

      WTF???!?!?!?!?!?? Are we destined to both dress and speak like a nation of 5 year olds?

      1. That is an insult to 5 year olds everywhere. At least a 5 year old has the potential to grow up and learn that genetic illnesses aren’t random, let alone “rando”.

      2. It’s what plants crave, randomly.

    2. What about dying in a fight or an accident? What about getting injured at work or dismembered? Don’t these things happen to men more often?

      Whoa, almost fell for it. Fuck grievance studies.

      1. Or getting shot the fuck down in the street by a gangbanger over a drug beef?

        Feminists are primarily white middle and upper class whiners who complain too fucking much.

        Cry me a fucking river.

        They’re like a disgruntled cult of rejected women.

    3. gaslighted

      What is that? Is that where you hold someone’s head under the covers and release flatulence?

      1. It’s a term that refers to this movie.

        1. ah. So the plot seems interesting. But it’s just a movie right? A fictional story. I don’t get how that fits in with the list of other things.

          1. and I read below after posting this and see the excellent answers.

          2. As far as I understand, people who gratuitously use the term seem to be under the impression that “gaslighting” happens on a constant basis to tons of women. I don’t know if there is the slightest evidence for that, but what you gonna do.

            1. And isn’t it pretty misogynistic to think women are so weak willed that they can effectively have their memories altered by any man willing to make the suggestion?

              I thought girls rule and men were stupid and obsolete? Or is only on the Tuesday and Thursdays and on Mondays they are weak and constantly victimized by predatory men?

            2. People who little grasp of reality frequently find themselves wondering if everyone else is playing an elaborate hoax on them.

            3. Is there such a thing as casablancking? Or notoriousing? Or forwhomthebelltolling?

              1. I thought that was the Jedi mind trick.

              2. Casablanking: Convincing a woman you love that you don’t love her so that she remains with a rival lover and escapes to safety.

                1. I think it was more like convincing the rival lover that his wife didn’t love Rick anymore. Ilsa just kept up a brave front for the war.

                  1. I just rewatched Casablanca. In a real sense, the hero of the movie is Victor Laszlo. Everyone admires him, he influences Rick and Renault so much that they cast aside cynicism to become rebels, etc. He even knows about Ilsa and Rick way before anyone says anything to him about it.

                    But yeah, that’s what happened–Rick was fooling Laszlo, in a way, though I think he was also trying to make it true. There’s a slight hint left in the film, too, that Ilsa was trying to manipulate Rick into giving up the transit papers.

      2. We always called that a Dutch Oven.

      3. What they mean is someone manipulating you to make you think your concerns aren’t valid. What they use it for is any argument that actually shows factually that their concerns aren’t valid.

      4. No. Gaslighting is a really nasty thing.

        Gaslighting is a form of mental abuse in which false information is presented with the intent of making a victim doubt his or her own memory, perception and sanity. Instances may range simply from the denial by an abuser that previous abusive incidents ever occurred, up to the staging of bizarre events by the abuser with the intention of disorienting the victim.
        The term “gaslighting” comes from the play Gas Light and its film adaptations. The term is now also used in clinical and research literature.

        It’s one of my ex’s favorite tactics against vulnerable people she wants to hurt, so I am pretty familiar with it.

        1. That describes pretty much every twelve step program I have ever heard of.

        2. It’s one of dozens of valid, potentially useful terms/concepts that Internet Feminists have grabbed hold of and turned into caricatured memes.

          1. As a Chiefs fan, I was under the impression that the Reid Technique was wastefully burning timeouts in the wrong situations, situations where the usage of a time out actually materially harms your own team and provides the other team with the advantage of additional clock time to score the game winning points at the end.

            1. You leave Andy alone. He got them to 11 wins. I will take that after Crenel and the girls’ golf coach Pioli hired. And it wasn’t his fault what happened in Indy. Both his top running backs went down. How do you hold a lead with Carlton Grey as your only healthy running back?

              1. Cyrus Gray, but point taken. I don’t blame him for the Indy debacle (although I do wish he would’ve ran more screens/easy completions to burn clock there, but I can’t fault him for the defensive collapse, that’s on Sutton). I’m still smarting over the loss we took at home to SD when we were clearly about to drive in for the go ahead TD and instead of letting a little time run off he takes a time out with 1:15 left and throws a TD leaving Rivers a full minute and two TOs to launch the game winning drive.

                1. He is still Reid. But my God after what we have been through, i will take him.

                  1. I’ve always respected Andy Reid and think he’s a fine coach. Kansas City is lucky to have him.

                  2. Hell, I didn’t realize there were other Chiefs’ fans here.

        3. The Patriarchy is gaslighting!

      5. No that’s a dutch oven.

    4. ‘Cis men’? Do I want to know?

      I would Google it but I’m afraid of what Google’s algorithms would think of me.

      1. It means men who aren’t gay or trans or bi or whatever. It’s their way of saying “straight” without accepting the idea that straight is normal.

        1. Not quite, Mad Scientist. As I understand it, “cis” doesn’t denote anything about sexual orientation, only gender identity. A gay man who doesn’t experience any gender dysmorphia would also be “cis” in this taxonomy.

          1. Oh, that’s interesting. I find it odd that feminists use it as a pejorative then.

            1. Oh, that’s interesting. I find it odd that feminists use it as a pejorative then.

              I’d imagine that in the places you’re seeing it used as a pejorative, it’s in the context of criticizing “cis men”. The purpose of the clarification is to avoid including trans men (that is, female-to-male transsexuals), who feminists would generally consider an oppressed class (unless they are TERFs).

          2. dysmorphia

            “Dys”?! Who are you referring to, you privileged cis-male?

            Get these people out of my head!

    5. Is the new correct spelling of “trans” with the asterisk, or was there some unintelligible footnote?

      1. Apparently they’re using the asterisk now.

      2. The new correct spelling, such that it includes both transgender and transsexual.

    6. My very successful and happy mom, sisters, and wife will all be shocked to learn how much their lives suck.

    7. They are words that people made up to describe individual actions that they took to be threatening and paint them as a society wide vendetta

      Irony meter exploded?

    8. The article has now been amended to remove that bolded part. And no recognition of the change was posted. I suspect they’ll wipe the comments talking about it next.


    Even The Guardian has turned on the thugs running Venezuela. Somewhere in Lowell Massachusetts, a really short guy is drafting an angry “cancel my subscription” email to them as we speak.

    1. But first pointing out its a democracy so that makes everything a-okay.

    1. Once they pick a target they never give up do they?


    The Hannah Arendt Center now says your elites are decadent and compares them to Weimar Germany. That is decidedly not encouraging.

    1. They’re banal, too.

      1. Noonan wrote a good column. She told the truth and that of course got the liars at KOS all butt hurt. But she missed the problem. It is not that our leaders are stupid, though some of them are that and more, it is that they have no imagination. They have no understanding of catastrophic unfairness. They don’t hate the country or institutions they serve, they just don’t understand them or have any idea how delicate they are or how quickly they could go away. They assume the country and the institutions they serve will always be here no matter what. So they never worry about the effects their actions have on them. They lack the imagination to see that sometimes horrible things happen or countries or societies collapse even though the people in charge mean well and are smart.

    2. What is more important than the decadence on display is the self-satisfied irony. The elites in Washington and Wall Street seem not to care about their decadence and even take joy in the revealing of their decadence. It is as if a burden has been lifted, that we all in the outside world can now know what they have borne in secret. With the secret out, they can enjoy themselves without guilt.

      I know we all have a good laugh amongst ourselves about diamond mines and monacle-polishing orphans, but just to be clear, we are all aware those are jokes, right? Because what this article seems to be telling me is that you can’t satirize something without idolizing and embodying that same thing, so I’m a little confused.

      1. No. It is not that you or I can’t do that, it is that people in power and people who represent the institutions of government can’t do that. If you are one of those people, you have to take yourself and your duty seriously.

      2. What is more important than the decadence on display is the self-satisfied irony. The elites in Washington and Wall Street seem not to care about their decadence and even take joy in the revealing of their decadence.

        Not wholly unlike the welfare prince who shows off his Gucci jacket and $3000 dental grill. Or the poor, rural Southern guy who shows off his museum quality NASCAR collection. Or the suburban housedad who shows off his wine collection. Or the 23 year old college graduate who was the first among her peers to afford a BMW.

        It’s human nature to reveal decadence. Noonan is just a prudish, jealous, and unhappy person.

        1. Not true. She is talking about people in power. Complaining about people who are tacky and show off their own money makes you a prude. That is not what she is doing. People in power cannot go around rubbing everyone’s nose in how corrupt and powerful they are. They can. But they won’t do it forever. That is her point.

    3. Random aside: An old man sat next to me on the subway and rather intrusively started reading my book. It was a series of essays by Anthony de Jasay. The man no doubt sees the mention of Adam Smith and starts asking why I’m reading it, what I study, etc.

      It turns out he was a student of Arendt’s, and his wife had made a documentary about her. He starts going on and on about how I have to read Arendt, and Foucoult, and Kierkegaard. I shouldn’t bother with this nobody I’m reading (said jokingly, for the most part). And everything we need to know about today’s situation can be found in Marx. And Thatcher destroyed all that was good about Britain. Etc.

      Still, he was fairly nice and not too condescending. It didn’t help that I’m an anarchist, so I couldn’t say he was wholly wrong when he asked if we’re all just anarchists. But it was pretty funny that, in trying to get a libertarian to read the work of his idol, he would try to woo me by repeatedly praising Marx.

      1. I have to read…Foucault

        Nobody should have to read Foucault.

  23. Best article I’ve ever read about “women in tech”.

    When we call a man a “technologist”, we mean he’s a programmer, system administrator, electrical engineer or something like that. The same used to be true when we called a woman a “technologist”. However, according to the new breed, a female technologist might also be a graphic designer or someone who tweets for a living. Now, I’m glad that there are social media people out there?it means I can ignore that end of things?but putting them next to programmers makes being a “woman in tech” feel a lot like the Programmer Special Olympics.

    It used to be that I was comfortable standing side by side with men, and no one cared how I looked. Now I find myself having to waste time talking about my gender rather than my technology…otherwise, there are lectures:

    1. The “you didn’t have a woman on the panel” lecture. I’m on the panel, but I’m told I don’t count because of the way I dress: t-shirt, jeans, boots, no make-up.

      The “you desexualize yourself to fit in; you’re oppressed!” lecture. I’m told that deep in my female heart I must really love make-up and fashion. It’s not that I’m a geek who doesn’t much care how she looks.

      The “you aren’t representing women; you’d be a better role model for girls if you looked the part” lecture. Funny, the rest of the world seems very busy telling girls to look fashionable (just pick up a magazine or walk down the girls’ toy aisle). I don’t think someone as bad at fashion as I am should worry about it.

      With one exception, I’ve heard these lectures only from women, and women who can’t code at that. Sometimes I want to shout “you’re not a programmer, what are you doing here?!”

      I’ve also come to realize that I have an advantage that female newcomers don’t: I was here before the sexism moral panic started. When a dozen guys decide to drink and hack in someone’s hotel room, I get invited. They’ve known me for years, so I’m safe. New women, regardless of competence, don’t get invited unless I’m along. That’s a sexual harassment accusation waiting to happen, and no one will risk having 12 men alone with a single woman and booze. So the new ladies get left out.

      1. The “you desexualize yourself to fit in; you’re oppressed!” lecture.

        I thought wearing makeup and sexualizing yourself made you subject to the male gaze and was bad? So feminist now say women must wear makeup and dresses and look feminine? How Victorian of them.

        1. We’re through the looking glass here, people.

          1. We’ve gone back and forth through the looking glass a dozen fucking times on this.

            Feminists will never be happy, because it’s no longer about being equally respected…it’s about hating EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY. I swear to Christ, if the world completely capitulated and did everything feminists asked, they would change their position just so they could be miserable.

            FUCK THEM!

            1. There are millions of Americans whose entire identity and sense of self worth is based on being butt hurt and miserable and being a victim. Feminists are the largest but not the only group of these people.

            2. I’m a happy feminist.

              1. Then you are not doing it right waffles.

      2. I’ve also come to realize that I have an advantage that female newcomers don’t: I was here before the sexism moral panic started. When a dozen guys decide to drink and hack in someone’s hotel room, I get invited. They’ve known me for years, so I’m safe. New women, regardless of competence, don’t get invited unless I’m along. That’s a sexual harassment accusation waiting to happen, and no one will risk having 12 men alone with a single woman and booze. So the new ladies get left out.

        What’s that they say about totally foreseeable consequences?

      3. That last part is definitely true, my wife has had to go through that in a more limited sense as an engineer. Fortunately, especially with the other engineers she can break through but it frustrates her that it’s even necessary. Still doesn’t seem nearly so bad as described in the article. The O&G industry doesn’t have time for that shit and is much more resistant to pressure from feminists groups.

      4. Sometimes I want to shout “you’re not a programmer, what are you doing here?!”

        Go with, “You’re not my supervisor!”

    2. WTF is the comment spam tributes to the doctors at the spell temple specializing in love spell casts? Can we get those spam bots here?

    3. I’m a graphic designer who thinks social media is largely bullshit, so I don’t like being in the same sentence as someone tweets for a living. However, I’ll readily admit that neither should be in the “technologist” category.

  24. I just received my annual Girl Scout cookie order. Expiration 9/2014.
    Maybe I’m misremembering, but didn’t the cookies used to last a couple of years?

    1. Who takes that long to eat up the entire order?

      1. ’tis a big order.

    2. That was before all of the deaths and the attendant Big Scout coverup.

    3. I hope the Girl Scout Cookies last longer than that. I had some from 1960 and it didn’t harm me in the least. In the contrary, it heightened my alertness so that I can see the Lizard People as they’re trying to sneak up on me.

  25. I’m not a motorcycle guy but this limited edition 200 hp Lotus looks very cool.

    1. It looks cool, but I can’t imagine riding it on anything but the Bonneville Salt Flats. You would have to lay down.

    2. It’s hideous. And look at the fork rake. $100 says it handles like a truck.

      1. At 200hp is that a bad thing?

        1. I think it is. If I’m riding around with that much power in my right hand, I’d like to know I could also turn the thing if the need arose.

          1. Not a motorcyclist, so it was an honest question. I wondered if softer handling might be more forgiving under high torque.

    3. First thing I thought when I saw that is: drowning in massive bug splatter. but maybe there are no bugs where you live…

  26. I can’t recall if the Modern Farmer article on the first Opium War was discussed here.

    On last week’s Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson asked (and has wondered several times, I believe) why Hollywood likes to portray English people as evil. I don’t know, Jeremy, hundreds of years of historical evidence?

    1. I saw that. I am not sure if Clarkson is really such an ass or plays one for his ass British audience.

      1. I suspect once the empire crumbled the Brits wanted to forget what evil bastards they had been. The Beatles came along and suddenly they (the English) had a new image – they could seem slightly flaky but lovable and unoffensive. You can’t picture Ringo bayoneting a Zulu or John and Paul being indifferent to the starving Irish.

      2. Clarkson is an ass about Americans and the US in general (though I’m sure he plays it up for his public persona). But I forgive him because he is funny and clever and resists the complete pussification of Britain.

        1. That is about how I feel Zeb.

    2. On last week’s Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson asked (and has wondered several times, I believe) why Hollywood likes to portray English people as evil.

      That sound you hear is Germany, Russia, and China collectively telling him to put a sock in it.

      1. You say that, but what sort of actors often play nationals of at least the first two?

    3. It’s the other way around. Hollywood likes to portray evil people as having English accents. Totally different.

      1. Hollywood also treats evil people as intelligent, composed leaders, who just happen to have some childhood event that made them evil. If certain British accents (the bad guy is never a Cockney) sound intelligent and composed, the Brits should take it as a compliment.

        1. Bad guy never a Cockney? Mark Sheppard would like to talk to you.

          1. I didn’t say never. I said rarely. You’re remembering it incorrectly because someone else has been gaslighting you.

          2. Sheppard has landed such a sweet niche career. He can be in just about anything, looking and sounding the same as the last, and no one is bothered.

            He’s typecast, but in a very good way.

    4. There is a car commercial with a couple of British actors asking that question. That is probably why Jeremy is asking about that.

      1. Yes, the dude who plays Odin was in the commercial (in the helicopter) and was the guest. JC’s asked the question before, though.

  27. New record on the S&P 500 today – this Obama market is smoking hot.

    If you don’t like profit – then fuck you.

    1. I am sure the tens of millions of long term unemployed are really happy about that.

        1. That is right shreek. Your side won and is now free to destroy the Republic and inflict untold misery as the Village Idiot you worship goes past the point of giving a shit.

          You should be proud. And most of the people without jobs and losing their insurance are bitter clingers anyway.

          Every day you manage to be more grotesque than the next.

    2. But everything bad is still Bush’s fault.

    3. What if you don’t like QE bubbles?

  28. WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Fannie Mae said on Friday it would soon send the U.S. Treasury a dividend of $7.2 billion that will make taxpayers whole for the 2008 bailout of the mortgage-financing giant and its sibling company Freddie Mac.

    Unlike other companies rescued during the financial crisis, however, the firms will remain under government control until Congress or the courts decide their fate.

    Paid off the Treasury – wow.

    At $30 billion/yr profit they are worth over $500 billion today. Great job, Treasury.

    Now who to sell them to? Or just let them bring the deficit down with Freddie?

    1. You should be saying Great Job Federal Reserve, since the Treasury was paid off because the Fed basically crushed savers’ accounts so that Fannie/Freddie could make billions.

      But yeah, “great job.”


    The graph in this article should be shoved in the faces of every brain dead prog at every opportunity. Poverty was dropping like a rock from 1951 until LBJ declared war on it.

    1. I tried that on Tony once. He said the graph proves the War on Poverty was a success because poverty continued to drop before stabilizing.

    2. The War on Ending Poverty because Poor People Vote Better.

      1. I am not really sure if that graph shows that the war failed or that it succeeded but the people behind it will forever lie and pretend it is still a problem to justify getting more power.

        1. Super-aliens could land here, give us advanced technology that gives us a post-scarcity society, and these people would still try to make political hay out of the poor. It’s about political power and not about making things better. Because if it were the latter, they’d want to unleash the power of the free market as widely as possible and to stop the trillion in waste the government blows annually.

          1. And don’t even bother them with good news. They’ll call you a shill and a liar.

            All they seem to know is misery and contempt for progress.

  30. “If Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer allows a controversial bill letting businesses refuse to serve gay customers to become law, the NFL should consider moving the 2015 Super Bowl, Delaware Gov. Jack Markell said Monday….

    “The 2015 Super Bowl is scheduled to be played next February at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Ariz.”…..03855.html

    Mr. Markell went on to say: “We had our legal people go over that bill, and we’re particularly concerned about the part which says a “person” entitled to religious freedom includes “any individual, association, partnership, corporation, church, religious assembly or institution or other business organization.” We would prefer to limit the term “person” to individuals and religious organizations.

    “We also dislike the clause saying that “state action” includes the application of state or local law “whether the implementation or application is made by the government or nongovernmental persons.” We would prefer not to afford religious freedom to people who get sued for ‘discrimination’ by private litigants.”

    Ha ha, I’m just kidding about the previous 2 paragraphs, I somehow doubt this guy has read and understood the bill.…..ion_ID=112

  31. A U.S. Senate candidate is facing fierce criticism after saying ranchers should be free to shoot “wetbacks” on sight, using a derogatory term that the candidate describes as “normal” in his home state.…..49184.html

    Why does the GOP have a Latino problem again?


      That is so important. Anything to cover up for the complete failure of the ideology. Lets talk about someone we haven’t heard of and no one cares about.

      1. You agree with him, don’t you?

        You are disgusting.

        1. Of course I don’t. You are the racist one on here. Why don’t you go tell Justice Thomas’ white wife and how no conservative black man could ever be qualified.

          You are the only white supremacist on here. So don’t look at us.

      2. This is a good example of how shitty the Republican Primary season in Texas is this year though. It’s all about how the incumbents don’t crack down on illegals enough. Most of them aren’t going to unseat anybody, including this Mapp guy, though.

    2. Apparently, you managed to ct and paste the talking points KOS sent you properly. That is pretty good considering your challenges.

  32. Those crazy Arizona legislators!

    “PHOENIX (Feb, 24, 2014) ? Today, the Arizona State Senate passed a bill that would legalize gold and silver as legal tender, moving the legislation on to the House for consideration….

    “SB1096 passed by a vote of 18-12

    “A similar bill was introduced last year. The bill passed both the House and Senate and made it to the Governor’s desk ? where Jan Brewer ultimately vetoed it. It’s important to note that SB1096 is not a mandate, but simply would allow the people in Arizona to exchange goods and services, for gold or silver, without additional fines and taxes.”


    1. Those crazy Arizona legislators!

      First “your papers please”; now *this*!

      Paging Eric Holder ….

    2. If it’s legal tender that means I cannot legally refuse it as payment? Fuck legal tender laws.

  33. Does being right matter if the outcome is that the entire world is worse off?

    Best possible world.

  34. Choicer Will Saletan in Slate mentions a recent development which, he thinks, should borrow the choicer zealots.

    “”after-birth abortion” is a term invented by two philosophers, Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva. In the Journal of Medical Ethics, they propose:

    “‘[W]hen circumstances occur after birth such that they would have justified abortion, what we call after-birth abortion should be permissible. ? [W]e propose to call this practice ‘after-birth abortion’, rather than ‘infanticide,’ to emphasize that the moral status of the individual killed is comparable with that of a fetus ? rather than to that of a child. Therefore, we claim that killing a newborn could be ethically permissible in all the circumstances where abortion would be. Such circumstances include cases where the newborn has the potential to have an (at least) acceptable life, but the well-being of the family is at risk.'”…..cide_.html

    1. The article proves my point that all the pro choice people have left is the magical birth canal argument.

      don’t buy this argument, in part because I agree with Furedi that something profound changes at birth: The woman’s bodily autonomy is no longer at stake. But I also think that the value of the unborn human increases throughout its development.

      Saletan explain why any of that is significant and justifies throwing out all of the other evidence of life. He just asserts it like it is true or magical.

      1. But I also think that the value of the unborn human increases throughout its development.

        I guarantee she would be more appalled at the murder of a five year old than the murder of a twenty-five year old, so she is simply full of shit.

        1. It is a he, but absolutely. And what the fuck does “value” even mean? Either there is life or not. There is no sliding scale of being a human. If there is, then handicapped people like Shreek and Tony are less human than other people. And I don’t want to go there, though I bet Saleton being a prog would.

      2. The article proves my point that all the pro choice people have left is the magical birth canal argument …as opposed to the completely non-magical conception argument.

        I don’t buy the birth canal argument either, mind you, but that’s “all the pro choice people have left”? Honestly?

        1. Against late term abortions, yes Marc. And there is nothing magical about the conception argument. It just says you can’t judge what a human is by anything other than it being created by humans and having human DNA. That is not a magical argument at all.

          Beyond that, at any point past viability, the pro choice people are left with the argument that at one moment a fetus is nothing but a lump of cells entitled to no protection at all and the next by simply traveling down the birth canal or being removed via C section is a full human being entitled to all protection. What changed?

          I would also note the pro life side is generally the more scientific argument. Pro life talks about the science of fetal development. It is pro choice that has been reduced to pathetic bullshit philosophizing about personhood and such.

          Yeah, past viability, the pro choice side has nothing left but faith.

      3. don’t buy this argument, in part because I agree with Furedi that something profound changes at birth: The woman’s bodily autonomy is no longer at stake. But I also think that the value of the unborn human increases throughout its development.

        This is why artificial womb technology, whenever it arrives, is going to blow the whole abortion issue wide open.

        1. It should. But it won’t. The pro choice side are fanatical. It has long since stopped been about being a choice and is just a death cult.

          1. I’d certainly like to see what they do if/when an artificial womb is invented. While it may seem Brave New Worldish, it’s certainly better than killing.

            1. At this point, given what we know, I can’t see how anyone can endorse a third trimester abortion. But they do.

    2. Some people see a slippery slope and their first instinct is to look for a sled.

    3. The comments are truly telling of the leftists decisions. Now they get to define personhood well after birth. So, terminating a newborn for convenience is a-okay for them.

      If that shit becomes law, we might as well leave this shithole. If there is any justice, this country would be destroyed.

      1. They also end up murdering people Matrix. It is what leftists do. This movie always ends the same way.

    4. This article proves that “progressive” means progressively more evil.

    1. “Some pig got our camera!”

  35. Social liberals in Colorado threaten baker, saying he will be fined if he continues to follow his conscience.…..d=21136505

    1. Don’t worry. Reason has assured me they won’t get a taste for coercing people to violate their consciences. This won’t go anywhere bad. And that guy is a fundie anyway so fuck him. Rights are for the people we like.

      1. Don’t be peevish.

        NO commenter on this site who isn’t a troll supports the notion of forcing business owners to serve anyone they don’t feel like.

    2. In concluding that Masterpiece Cakeshop acted unlawfully, a CCRC investigation also showed evidence that Phillips was willing to bake a cake for the “marriage” of a pair of dogs, but not for two women.

      We must protect the sanctity of marriage! Wait, what?

      Standard disclaimer: The baker should be able to sell to or refuse to sell to whomever he pleases. I don’t want to force anyone to take money off of my hands, and non-descrim laws interfere with me being able to know that upfront.

      1. Wtf? I’m trying to imagine a scenario in which it would be normal for people to want their dogs to get married. My only guess is that some crazy dog show types are having some kind of party/ceremony to commemorate their dogs breeding.

        1. It was one of the lesbian complainants posing as a dog breeder.

        2. I was thinking more the crazy cat-lady type. The pet owners who think their pets are their actual children or are adorable little people just trapped in animal bodies.

          The sort of person who would commit this atrocity.

    3. If I were that baker, I would accept their order.

      I would then craft their cake… A chocolate frosting interior shaped like a long irregular cylinder between two narrow sheets of angel food cake. Perhaps add some green fondant that resembles lettuce, and some red that resembles tomato.

      Put a sign on it- “Enjoy your shit sandwich”.

      When questioned…”I’m so sorry they didn’t understand my “artistic interpretation” of what they requested.

      I would then happily refund their money.

      1. But then you wouldn’t get outrage and legal briefs.

  36. Ooh, NPR is covering Baby Boomer divorces. Twice as many divorces as the same age group 20 years ago.

    1. That is, for instance, more 50 y/os divorcing today than 50 y/r divorcing 20 years ago.

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