A.M. Links: NYC High School Students Appear Semi-Literate in Letter-Writing Campaign, Piers Morgan Losing His Show, Arrest Warrant Issued for Ukrainian President


  • tin pot dictators last longer

    Susan Rice admitted information she helped disseminate after the Benghazi attacks wasn't "100 percent correct" but that she has no regrets because she's doing her best.

  • Students at a high school in Manhattan were encouraged by administrators to write letters defending a "blended learning" program that allowed them to earn full credit without attending a class. Those letters are brimming with not just grammatical errors but signs of illiteracy.
  • Piers Morgan is expected to lose his CNN show as early as next month. Ratings have been shot since the British television personality started obsessing over gun control.
  • An arrest warrant has been issued for Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych, the new interior minister announced.
  • Egypt's military-backed prime minister and his cabinet have resigned.
  • Somali security forces are going door to door in Mogadishu, searching homes for suspected militants.
  • Jason Collins was signed by the Nets, making him the first openly gay player in the NBA.

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