Obama Not Dealing With Entitlement Spending in Budget, FCC Backs Off Newsroom Study, For Now, Utah and Colorado Looking to Raise Minimum Smoking Age: P.M. Links


  • send at least four cops?
    Kamila Gornia/flickr

    President Obama will be dropping any attempt at controlling the growth of entitlement spending from his proposed 2015 budget.

  • The Federal Communications Commission is temporarily suspending a planned newsroom study, so it can be "corrected" to alleviate concerns.
  • Ted Nugent said he was apologizing for calling President Obama a "sub-human mongrel," but not to the president but "on behalf of much better men than" himself.
  • Detroit's filed a debt restructuring plan that includes cuts to what it owes to pensioners and creditors.
  • Utah and Colorado are moving forward on proposals to raise the smoking age to 21.
  • The Ukrainian parliament approved a new constitution, part of a deal struck between the government and opposition to end months-long street demonstrations.
  • Venezuela sent paratroopers into the border town of San Cristobal to crack down on protesters and "restore order."

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